Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cuckold, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of a couple venturing into real time cuckolding for the first time after some FemDomme games and fantasy cuckolding with toys. Reflecting on how they got there and more

... watching her playmate's car going down the road her mind was in turmoil.

This was the last day of their agreed to three months trial of the cuckold life style.

Tomorrow at noon I have to unlock hubbie's CB and give myself to him - no holes barred. Will he be vengeful or the caring and considerate lover he's always been? He had watched her a couple of times with a playmate. Knew how she responded to rough sex. Heard the trash talk. It became too painful for him so he begged off from having to watch any more by using one of his safe words.

I didn't want to hurt him more than he could stand, so I relented and let him leave and cut down on the number of times that I brought some one home with me.

How did we ever get to this point? He is a great lover, always makes sure that I get off at least a couple of times before seeking his own release. But I've always taken the lead in the bedroom. Played games, made him "earn" his orgasms from time to time. Teased him with that big vibrator, telling him that was MY lover. ONLY that big plastic cock could satisfy me.

This would go for hours and when I finally was totally wiped out I would send him off to the bath room and tell him to jerk off. Even made him sleep in the guest room from time to time.

The thing is that I noticed how much harder he got when I got into one of those modes and our lovemaking the following couple of days was even better than was the norm because both of us were so turned on by all the teasing.

I guess it was a slippery slope, because I got more bitchy, made him sleep more often in the guest room after having my needs fulfilled and again denying him release. I got turned on when he begged me to let him have intercourse. Sometimes I relented other times I sent him off pointing to my dildo, telling him I didn't need him.

I started reading about cuckolding and male chastity and got really excited about the idea. So I sent for a CB 3000 and one night after driving him crazy with desire I sprung it on him. Told him that I wanted to lock him into the CB for three days, then give him the weekend of hot sex without denying anything but on Sunday I would lock him back up. That Sunday after dinner we sat and talked about what was happening to us. It turned out that my darling husband was just as turned on by what I was doing to him as I was. We agreed that at the stroke of midnight I would lock him back up – this time for full a week. The next weekend was a long one, no work on Monday. So I told him that I would unlock him after lunch on Sunday 'til midnight Monday. Then the cycle would start again.

The bitch in me that night decided that I would lock him up horny without letting him cum first. It was the first time that I introduced bondage to the game. I tied his wrists and feet shortly after ten, promising him that it would make the teasing so much more intense if he was helpless. I promised I would make it special, have a surprise for him.

Only I could see the clock in our room and five minutes before midnight I climbed on top of him and very slowly slid my pussy over his pulsing cock. I had to go slow in order to avoid having him ejaculate. It helped that I had fucked myself with my biggest dildo as part of the teasing so I was a bit stretched and friction was reduced. Once settled on his cock, I just rested. He tried to get some action going but between my full weight and the restraints, it was not going to happen. There he was at my mercy, not knowing what I was up to. His eyes fixed on my breasts while desperately trying to wiggle to get some friction on his cock. I could feel it getting even harder. Then there was a jarring noise – a timer went off.

I jumped off the bed, slammed an ice pack on his cock and balls that made him howl from the shock and I guess some pain and in no time flat his cock was back in the cage and I back on top of him. He could feel my pussy juices flow from the orgasm I was having while sliding my pussy and clit up and down over the ridges of the CB.

He started to cuss and scream at me, so I just slapped him hard a couple of times and told him to shut up or I would not untie him 'til morning and if he peed in the bed all sorts of hell would have to be paid.

He forced himself to calm down and started to beg. I told him that I loved him and had lived up to our deal for the weekend. Tough luck if time ran out for one last orgasm for him and to just deal with it. To look forward to the next weekend.

The week was rough on him. I was constantly teasing him, changing into sexy lingerie or go braless with tight and semi transparent tops as soon as I got home from work. Thing is, it was rough on me too. Even though hubby spent hours pleasing me with massages and oral worship by Wednesday I missed his cock. The dildo wasn't quite cutting it by then. That's when I decided to take the whole thing a step further. To see if I could get him to agree to letting me have a playmate.

In the past we had talked about swinging but never got around to actually trying it. I have to be honest, I was the one dragging her feet. I knew deep down in my mind that I could never deal with seeing the love of my life with another woman – So why was I willing to force him to accept that I could have a playmate while he was locked into a CB? I wasn't willing to share but he should. That was not the foundation that we had built our relationship on going back to the time in college when we decided to become exclusive. I never cheated on him from that day on. So why did I want strange cock now? Was it a power trip? I just don't know.

All I know is that I had to try.

By Thursday I had a plan.

"Hon, let's go out for dinner and dancing on Saturday. Maybe that new club on Main Street. I hear their food is great and they're supposed to have a really cool band after nine o'clock. It will be fun, a nice prelude to when I unlock you on Sunday after lunch for lots and lots of hot sex."

So it was agreed. Saturday I went to the local spa for a full treatment from nails to facial to hair cut plus a shopping trip to the local sex shop for a special red pushup shelf bra what would keep My boobs in place while dancing but fully exposed my nipples, matching panties and garter belt.

The trip to the mall netted a hot red dress with lots of cleavage but not too slutty so hubby wouldn't raise too many objections, 4inch fuck me pumps and dark stockings with a seam in the back completed my ensemble for the night.

When I got home I went upstairs, stripped and headed for the shower calling hubby.

"Hey babe, I need help with my bath, I don't want to get my hair wet so you will have to wash and rinse me using the handheld shower head."

He always likes doing that, but with the CB on his cock it will not be quite as much fun.

We got started and my baby started to moan.

"What's the matter darling? Oh my that does look tight. Well babe if you are a very good boy tonight and let me play, I'll repay the favor by putting in a couple of extra spacer rings. Make the whole thing a bit longer. Just remember, it can go the other way too. You got two rings in there now, I can always take them out and make it really tight."

"Now pay special attention to my ass and pussy. Make sure they're extra clean. You'll spend quite a bit of time there once we get home from dancing."

And so it went, once I was dry – "babe, go get your clothes for tonight out of our room and use the guest shower. I want privacy while getting dressed and putting on my make-up. I want to surprise you."

I took extra care with my make-up and stuff. I was dressed to impress when I headed for the stairs and the 'reveal' for hubby.

"Babe, make me drink please, I'll be right down. I want to talk with you a bit before we head out to dinner."

I wish I had a picture of hubbie's face when he saw me stepping into the living room. I think his chin fell down to his chest and his eye were the size of saucers.

I just smiled and sashayed over to the couch to sit down where he had parked my drink. Making sure to give him lots of leg and a glimpse of the stocking tops and panties.

"WOW" he finally was able to speak. "You look stunning – a true Goddess."

"Why thank you kind sir. I hope you remember that as the evening progresses, I mean the Goddess part.

Tonight is for MY pleasure and MY pleasure only. I want to make that quite clear. Your sole purpose is to be my cash box, chauffeur and security guard. Nothing else. Don't worry, most folks will never notice. I'm hoping that you will have some fun too tonight and remember that tomorrow you'll get unlocked for some hot sex. Thing is while I won't deny you anything. I'll stick to our agreement. It's not going to be a lot of fun fucking ME when I'm there on the bed like a log, letting you hump whatever orifice your cock happens to be in without any action on my part."

"Keep me happy tonight and it will be the hottest 48 hours of your life. Now let's finish our drinks and get going I'm getting hungry."

My darling was the perfect gentlemen, opening doors, holding the car door open for me while I practiced showing maximum cleavage and leg getting in. The valet at the club was in for a real treat.

During the drive there was the usual chatter and yes the valet did get an eyeful as he helped me out of the car. With a certain sadistic pleasure I noticed the frown on my darlings face when he realized what had just happened.

Dinner was spectacular, we were in a semi secluded area and between appetizer and main course I told him: "Darling I want to play, be a dear and pull down your zipper and pull your caged package out of the boxers and your pants. Just make sure you're well covered by the napkin."

By that time I was already rubbing my stocking foot on the inside of his legs and the facial expressions made it clear that his cock was getting uncomfortably hard in its confinement. A concerned waiter must have spotted his facial expression and came over.

"Sir, anything wrong? The wine OK? Your entrées will be out shortly. Can I be of any assistance?"

This increased the discomfort of my baby and I was having the time of my life. Damn, being a Goddess with a hubby in a CB is great fun.

Hubby just grunted and I turned and smiled at the waiter making sure to give him plenty of cleavage that everything was just fine and thanked him for his concern.

"Please darling..."

I held up my finger to my mouth. "I thought we had settled on GODDESS for tonight but if that makes you uncomfortable in a public setting, PRINCESS will do."

"My darling Princess, why are you tormenting me like this? Please give me a break. That CB is starting to hurt. Please."

"Because I can and it is fun, that's why I do it. Endure a bit more babe – do it for me. I'll stop when the food comes so that you won't choke by accident. I love you and don't want you to come to harm. After all I'll need your cock and lovemaking very badly by lunch time tomorrow."

We ate in relative silence just making an occasional comment about the quality of the food and were just about finished eating when the first sounds of the band drifted over from the other section of the club.

"Babe, go ahead put yourself back into order. I don't want to be embarrassed by an open fly. We'll skip dessert. Take care of the bill. I need the ladies room. I'll meet you at the bar."

With that I got up and sashayed through the room certain that the eyes of ever guy and some of the ladies were riveted on my swaying butt or focused on the nipple pressing against the thin fabric of my dress.

On the way, I ran into our waiter, passed a ten dollar bill into hand and asked him to be extra slow with getting the check to my husband and later his credit card back to him. "My good man I need about 10 minutes from the time I get back from the ladies room."

"No problem Ma'am."

Game on.

By the time hubby finally paid our bill and came looking for me at the bar, I had three guys chatting me up, bought me a drink and were competing for my attention.

"Hello darling, what kept you? Boys this is my hubby Terry. These boys have kept me company, bought me a drink. I think you should reciprocate and buy them one. Also I promised them several dances. So be a dear and find us a table. One near the dance floor but not too close to the band. I'll stop by in a little while when I need a rest from dancing."

At that point one of the guys made a mistake "yeah run along hubby, we'll take good care of your lady".

I saw the storm clouds forming on Terry's face. He can be a fright when angered and would have taken all three on. I had to do something quick.

"Excuse me boys, I need to have a word with My husband" while pushing him away for a bit.

I hugged him, and lightly pushed my leg into his crotch. "Babe, simmer down. I love you and I promise I'll save the last dance for you. Remember what I told you earlier tonight. This is all about ME, not YOU even though I think deep down you might subconsciously enjoy the 'game' and not US, just ME your Goddess. So be a good boy and do as I told you. I'll be by and talk to you when I need a break from dancing."

"Princess, I rather go home, please."

"No, I'm staying 'til the last dance. They close at two. So have a drink while you wait for me but just one. After that only non-alcoholic beverages since you are driving."

I gave him another hug and short but searing kiss before turning back to the guys. I was confident that he would follow orders and I was right.

It was fun, there he sat close to the dance floor with a clear view. I made sure we always stayed close to him so he could watch as the guys had their hands all over me. One of them was especially aggressive grabbing my boobs. Terry saw it and was just about ready to get up and take him apart but I quickly diffused the situation by slapping the guys hand away and placing it on my ass as I plastered myself against him feeling his erection pressing into my pussy. By that time my pussy was flooded. This was soo hot.

After a couple of hours, I needed a break. "Boys, I'm going to spend a bit of time with my hubby but don't worry I'll be back. I'm having too much fun dancing."

I grabbed my glass and went over to were Terry was sitting with a sad face. He wasn't angry, just sad. Looking at him I almost gave up and asked him to take me home but then I had a wicket thought. More fun and a bit of humiliation for my darling.

"Darling, I need to go to the ladies room. Remember your job tonight is security guard so you need to come with me. If not, I'm afraid one of the guys might try to grab me and do something that I don't want. They are pretty turned on and hot from the cock teasing I have been doing. Maybe I'll cool it bit longer. Now let's go."

I got up and he followed me. As we got to the door to the ladies room, I stood there waiting. Finally he got it and opened the door for me. That's when I struck and pushed him inside and quickly closed the door behind me blocking his escape.

There was another woman there, she sort of squealed when she saw Terry.

"Hi, please excuse us but I need to check something on my hubby. I've been pretty mean to him and I have make sure there is no injury. I couldn't do that out in the hallway."

With that I pulled down his zipper and grabbed his cock cage and balls and pulled them out. I had never seen his cock bulging like that, trying to push through the grid of the CB.

"Damn babe, that must be uncomfortable. If you remain a good boy for the rest of the night, I'll add extra spacer rings to make the whole thing a bit longer."

Excuse me, is that what I think it is?" that from the lady who at first was scandalized when I pushed Terry into the room.

"Yes, that is a chastity device. My darling has been wearing it since Sunday night. He's horny as hell and I'm trying to make sure there is no chafing."

"Cou... , could I please have a closer look?"

Sure, go ahead, you can touch it – you don't mind do you babe? By the way my name is Clarissa and this is my husband Terry"

Nice to meet you. My name is Jean. I sure would like to talk to you some more about that thing but I need to get back to my date."

"Darling, give her one of your cards and put my cell number on the back. Give me a call during the week. Maybe we can have coffee together and we can talk about the chastity device and stuff. Thanks for being a good sport and not run out screaming when we busted in here."

Terry handed her the card and she left.

"WOW! That was exciting my panties are sopping wet. I wish I could stay a bit longer and have you take care of things. But you better zip up and wait for me outside the door. I'll be out in a minute. I do have to pee."

when I got out of the ladies room "Hon, I really do need your tongue. I was going to make you stay and suffer some more but I can't stand it any longer. Dance with me the next set and then we go home. See I keep my promise even it is not the last dance for the band, just the last dance for me."

As we sat down, the waitress stopped by and asked if we needed anything.

Please, a chardonnay for my wife and another O'Douls for me and please bring the bill too. We'll be leaving as soon as the next set ends."

When she came back, I pulled her over and said. "There could be trouble when we try to leave. Please alert the bouncers. We don't want any but see those three guys at the bar glaring at us, they might be a problem."

"Yeah, they could be, I've been watching you trying to figure out what kinda kinky game you guys were playing. Did you have a coat?"


"Good, go out the rear entrance, it's just past the bath rooms. If you give me your valet ticket I'll have the guys bring your car around the back. That way we can avoid any kind of confrontation."

We thanked her and Terry added an extra ten to the usual tip for her.

After the second dance I couldn't take it any longer and grabbed Terry, "let's get out of here now. I need you and need you really bad."

As I grabbed my purse one of the guys came over "hey babe, what's up? You didn't come back to us."

Sorry Dave, gotta make another trip to the ladies room. After a while the stuff just seems to run through me. I'll be back in ten."

Terry was already be the hallway and I quickly joined him before Dave could get his wits about him, we were out the back door where our car was waiting for us. This time I didn't make a show for the valet but got in as quick as possible and we took off. Just at that moment I saw Dave at the same back door we had escaped through. I bet he was pissed.

"Hon, you need to find a dark place to park so we can get into the back seat. I need you to take the edge off. I'm not going to make it home. I need to cum and I need it NOW."

Luckily there was a bank parking lot at the next corner and my darling hubby pulled in. In a flash I was sitting in the open door of the car and had my panties off.

"Babe, no one will see us here. Get down on your knees and work on my pussy. If we go to back seat, I'm afraid it will get messy and the car will smell like sex for the next week or so. You can grab the floor mat from the back. It will protect your pants and knees from the rough pavement."

I came twice before I told hubby that he had done good and we could go on and drive home.

I was anxious to talk about his feelings but decided to wait 'til tomorrow. Things were pretty raw and I didn't want to push.

Time enough tomorrow – maybe after he's had his first hard earned orgasm, I get him to open up about his feelings. It's clear to me that at least on some subconscious level he enjoyed the whole thing. I've never seen his cock try so hard to escape that CB when we were in that ladies room and when Jean fondled the thing. That had to be so humiliating. Some strange woman exploring the CB. Maybe my darling is more of a subbie than either of us realizes.

Some place a horn beeped and pulled me out of my reverie. I looked at the clock. What, only five minutes since he left? It seems like hours. My thoughts drifted towards Terry. He was coming home late from a business trip tonight. We had agreed that he would take a cab. I'm going to leave him a note where he can't miss it.

"Go straight to the guest room – under NO circumstances do I want to be disturbed. I'll see you in the morning. Sleep in. I'll take care of breakfast."

That will set him wondering. It's been a long time since I made breakfast on a weekend for the two of us. The norm is, since we started the cuck thing that he would bring me breakfast in bed if I was alone. I would sit in "regal glory" on the bed with my boobs on display taunting hubby while my darling cuckold "slave" would sit on the floor eating his.

So the big question is, what will happen tomorrow? Will we find a way to continue what started three months ago? Maybe with some modifications. More "rights'" for my darling?

Will we drift apart and eventually divorce if he insists on going back to monogamy with maybe an occasional fantasy play using my dildos, not a real life lover? I guess time will tell.

With that in mind my thoughts drifted back to when it all got started.

After he had satisfied my most urgent need in the parking lot we drove home without speaking.

As soon as we got into the house

"Strip darling down here and then come up to my room. Pick up whatever I dropped on the way."

Poor boy was so emotionally and sexually charged that he never picked up on the phrase 'MY ROOM'. That's OK, he'll learn about that meaning pretty soon.

By the time I got to my room, all I was wearing was the garter belt framing out my new "trim" – a small "V" of short pubic hair pointing at My pussy. Yes that was part of the spa treatment earlier today. This time it was a wax job but I was seriously considering permanent hair removal, just leaving that "arrow".

By the time hubby came into the room – he had to take off more stuff and guess he made a bathroom stop, I was on the bed legs and arms wide open.

"Come here my darling, I need some kissing and hugging and then you need to get to work with some serious ass worship."

When he came up on the bed "Eew, where have you been with your mouth. I'm not going to kiss that. Go brush your teeth and use plenty of mouth wash."

Just a bit more teasing. I really have no issue with kissing him after he's been serving My pussy or ass. But now it was all part of the game.

When he came back – "Sorry..." I just put my finger on my mouth to hush him and then crooked it to get him on the bed.

In no time flat there was a "world championship" tongue wrestling match going on. Finally both of us had to come up for air.

I looked into his eyes – "Babe I want to thank you for a wonderful evening. I had a lot of fun. Please believe me when I say that I love only you and always will. I know it was pretty rough and I'm proud of you, that you listened and paid attention and not let your emotion get carried away. I just needed to tell you this."

He started to say something.

"No darling, not now. Now is for ass and pussy worship and cuddling. We will talk about tonight in the morning or maybe later in the afternoon after you had your first well deserved orgasm. Of course you'll have to 'work' for that but you know that."

"I just needed to tell you that I love you – that's all. Now get busy on my ass."

I really don't remember how many orgasms I had that night. What I remember is falling asleep with my ass pressing against his CB and one of his hands gently massaging my breast and nipple.

I know that I was out very quickly but I do remember a few wistful sighs from my darling. I'm sure things were very tight inside that plastic cage.

I don't know how much sleep he had but when I woke up it was to the smell of delicious coffee, some warm croissants and OJ. My darling was serving me – his Goddess – breakfast in bed.

My wicked streak showed itself because I just shook my head and pointed at floor by my side of the bed when he was going to climb back into bed with his tray. He didn't look too happy but complied without grousing. Score one for ME.

Rather than letting him join me in the shower after breakfast as was the norm most Sunday mornings for us, I sent him off to the other bathroom to do his thing.

We met in the living room but instead of our usual routine of dividing the Sunday paper...

"Darling, why don't you go to the club, hit some balls or even better maybe hook up and play a round. Have lunch at the club and give me a call before you start on your way home. I've got a few thing to do this morning to make sure that your release from chastity later on will be truly memorable for you. Come give me a kiss and then off with you."

Sneaky me by doing this I managed to delay his release by at least another two hours. Add to that the teasing I have in mind the after lunch release and orgasm will probably be at 'cocktail time', but heck it's after lunch.

As soon as Terry had left I went to work fixing up the spare room. First I stripped the bed and placed a big vinyl kind of sheet on the mattress. It was part of a plan that I hoped I would not have to implement but I was at one time a girl scout – just like the boys – we like to be prepared. Next came ropes on the four corners but his time with faux fur lined leather cuffs.

Something more substantial compared to the old ties and silk scarves I used the first time I tied him up last week. I hid them well under pillows on the head end and between the mattress and foot board at the other.

I don't think I'm a sadist but I was looking forward to teasing and torturing my love to get what I wanted – his permission to take a playmate while he lingered and suffered in chastity. Just thinking about that got me all wet and I had to take a break – good thing that the warehouse stores sell big packs of batteries.

Once the bed looked like just an innocent spare, I set out some candles for the mood later on. Got an ice bucket ready for some water and wine. Gotta keep my guy hydrated.

After everything was set in the room, I took care of getting myself ready. A nice bubble bath – impeccable make-up just like last night. Now what to wear. I had something in mind for later on or tomorrow but for right now I went with the same kind of outfit like last night – only in black and my bra had the thinnest kind of lace covering my nipples. I wanted to put another "stress test" on that CB.

Around 3:30 I got a call from Terry telling me that he was ready to come home.

His eyes popped out when he saw me in essentially the same outfit as yesterday, just in black and minus the dress.

"Hey babe, welcome home darling – here have a drink and then take a shower and meet me in the spare room. That's where we'll play. I don't want to have to change sheets on my bed when we're finally ready for some sleep. Oh and don't bother putting any clothes on and don't forget to shave. I don't want any 'rug burns' in some sensitive places. Here have a taste – just give you some incentive to hurry up."

With that I slipped my finger into my wet pussy and held in front of Terry's mouth. He just grabbed my hand and started sucking on it doing a really good job of cleaning it.

"Darling..." "No Terry, it's still Goddess or Princess, at least as long as we are not in bed making love. I kinda like the way that sounds."

Yes Goddess, I was thinking maybe you could unlock my dick now so I can give a really good cleaning you know. It's kinda hard to do that with the CB on."

"I appreciate the thought but I'm not ready to do that just yet. You might get too excited and have an accident cleaning it. I have plans for every drop of accumulated cum and those do not include getting flushed down the toilet or the shower drain. Call me when you're ready and I'll come up and clean it myself."

While Terry took his shower I lit the candles, filled the ice bucket got some bottled water and wine ready as well as a tray of snacks that I had prepared earlier. I was ready.

"OK babe, let's get your beautiful cock unlocked and cleaned up."

I washed Terry's cock very carefully because it was ready to pop with very little stimulation but then I had a wicket thought. I turned the handheld shower head to pulsating massage and aimed it at the head of Terry's cock. That pulsating water was enough stimulation to drive him crazy but not enough to make him cum.

Oh how sweet his begging to just let him cum – he no longer cared how – sounded to my ears.

Eventually I relented, slipped a cock ring over his 'steel mast' and helped my love to dry himself.

Grabbing my boy by his cock as if it were a leash "Come babe, time to play and give you some relief. I promise this will be very special if you just go along and let me have my fun."

I was pleasantly surprised when all I heard was "yes Goddess".

I just loved the expression on my darling's face when we walked into the spare room. The drapes drawn, soft candle light and the bed clearly ready for action.

"Go on babe up on the bed right in the middle, make sure you're comfy. Spread your arms and legs out. I'm going to play with you for a bit. Don't worry, nothing we haven't done before and then there will be the reward."

By this time I was up on the bed too and between his legs licking his cock that so proudly pointed towards the ceiling.

His breathing got sort of ragged and I realized I better stop and secure him first before continuing my teasing.

"Babe, I'm going to tie you up, just like before. You are so horny and I'm afraid that you might hurt me, not on purpose mind you but by getting carried away by your need to cum."

With a 1000 watt smile I slithered up his body making sure to briefly rub my boobs over his cock, taking a break half way up so that I could kiss and gently bite on this nipples. They are so responsive and sensitive that they figured pretty heavily in my plan to seduce my baby into long term chastity and being a cuckold – yes that was the plan. By tomorrow night I wanted to have his agreement that I could take playmates whenever the mood struck me while he would be locked into a chastity device.

I gave him a searing kiss – "Love you darling" and then moved to first one side of him and then the other to secure his arms by putting the cuffs on his wrists and tightening the ropes so that his arms were spread wide. Not to the point of being uncomfortable but not leaving much wiggle room. After another kiss, I went to the other end and secured his legs the same way.

"Comfy babe? I want you tell me if you get stiff or a cramp. I don't want to hurt you."

Terry just nodded and started to moan because I had gotten busy licking his balls and cock. Right then and there I made up my mind that hair around his balls and cock had to go. But that could wait 'til tomorrow. I don't want push my baby too hard.

I no time flat I had him begging to let him cum.

"Soon babe, very soon – we need to talk a bit about last night. Please be honest what did you feel and think."

By now I had poured some lube over his cock and was gently stroking it, paying close attention not to over stimulate him but I figured with the cock ring on, I was pretty safe so looked deep into his eye.

"Go ahead, tell me babe. We've never had secrets. Did you like what happened? I have to be honest, I have never been so turned on."

He hesitated a bit – "I'm so confused. Part of me absolutely hated it but on the other hand? I don't know, I guess I was turned on too. You were so hot looking and I was so proud walking into that place. Thinking eat your heart out guys and ladies. Yes I noticed how some of them looked at you as we walked to our table. She is mine."

"But then you left me and I couldn't get the bloody waiter to bring the bill and once I had it had to wait again what seemed like an eternity."

"Darling, I have to be honest" I interrupted him. "It was part of the game I was playing. I tipped him and told him delay you up to the point where you would get up and complain to the manager."

"So what about when you got to the bar?"

"That's when it hit me – I suddenly was so insecure. You aren't 'mine'. I'm just someone you decided to grace with your presence. I was consumed with jealousy and when that guy made that remark I was ready to flip out and take on the whole group and beat the shit out of them. I'm glad you realized how dangerous it had gotten and managed to calm me down."

I was really hurting when I sat at that table having to watch you ignoring me and dancing with those sleazy guys and when the guy grabbed your breast..."

"I know babe, he crossed my line too. (thinking but soon he won't and you dear will have to accept it. But those thoughts are for later.) My sweet man I want you to know that it was and is all a game. I will never leave you. I'm way too much in love with you. That's why it is important you will always be honest with me about your concerns and feelings. Last night was one of the greatest thrills in my life. I think the only thing better was when you asked me to marry you. But please go on."

"Like I said I was hurting but for reasons that I don't understand I was also turned on. Darling what is wrong with me?"

I decided to ignore the 'darling'. I didn't want to ruin the mood by insisting on the Goddess thing. I really don't care much what he calls me. All part of the mind game I'm playing with him.

"There is nothing wrong with you babe. It's natural that you are turned on when you see me flirt with other guys. Look that's why animals fight each other during mating season." (What a line of crock but with my hand gliding up and down his shaft it might have made sense to him.)

"I was really happy when you decided to take a break and sat with me for a while. I was getting some of my confidence back but I was also concerned about those guys at the bar. I think one was just about ready to come over to our table. I don't know what I would have done. Maybe you sensed it too and decided to defuse the situation by asking me to escort you to the ladies room."

"Now that was very traumatic, I've never been so mortified or humiliated in my life ever when you pushed me inside that room and the other lady was there. I almost died when you invited her to look at my CB and even touch it. How I wished at that point that the earth would open up and swallow me. But the strange thing, the pressure of my dick trying to get hard inside that CB was getting really painful. Why? I'm not an exhibitionist by nature. Why was I turned on by being humiliated? I don't understand it."

"Babe, I believe each of us has a couple o different personalities in us. In some case the less dominant never comes into play because the situation to bring it to the forefront never occurs. You are tiger in business, have the capability to best any one in business but at the same time you are very fair and believe that a deal has to be good for both sides, so unless someone betrays you, you give your opponent always a fair shake. That trait makes you darn successful."

"Now on the other hand when it comes to sex, you are quite compliant, happy to let me take the lead. In other words your 'submission' offsets your alpha business persona. So overall you have a balanced and harmonious life. I am different, I'm demanding when it comes to my comforts and always look for instant gratification, especially when it comes to sex but very happy to for you take care of our financial house. I bath and glory in the devotion that you heap on me and the care you take when we make love, making sure that I'm totally satisfied before you give yourself the pleasure of release. I think that the very humiliating act in that ladies room just opened the door for an inner subbie to peak through."

"Of course you are confused. It's only natural but have no fear babe we will work through this and clear up some of the confusion. I really enjoyed having total control over you. During the last couple of weeks did some reading, even talked to some sorority sisters that have a FemDomme relationship with their spouse and..."

I paused, because a saw some fear in my darling's face.

So I intensified my stroking of his cock, taking his mind of the Domme thing and told him.

"Relax babe, I'm not going to turn into leather clad and whip swinging bitch. That's just not me. But I think it would be very interesting to explore very carefully and slowly my taking a bit more dominant role in our relationship. We are off to a good start with me taking control of your orgasms."

I'm not sure he caught that because my mouth descended on his cock and started to give him a blow job like never before. In no time my baby was begging, almost sobbing, for a chance to cum. At that moment I tried something, I took one of his nipples and twisted it quite hard, he cried out but at the same time what I had thought would be impossible happened. His cock got even harder. It didn't take much longer before his cum flooded my mouth and throat. I swallowed a good part of it but held some back.

I was surprised by the amount of cum because the cock ring was still in place, but I guess it was not tight enough to restrict the pent up pressure completely.

I slid up to him and got into his face, grabbing it firmly and holding it in position.

"New rule babe, every time you cum, you will have consume it, no matter where you deposit it."

We had never done this before but I forced the cum I had left in my mouth into his and then held it shut with my kiss 'til he started to swallow. It's not that I never kissed him before after giving him a blow job, just never with a fair amount of cum residing in my mouth.

"See babe, that wasn't so bad now. I swallowed most of it before I gave you the 'snow ball' – that's what it is called when cum is passed between mouths. Admit it, you were maybe shocked but not grossed out. Besides you've licked some of your cum from my pussy before and it hasn't killed you."

I gave him another loving kiss before continuing.

"Yes the new rule. From now on, you will have to make more of an effort to clean up your cum. Deposit it in my pussy or ass and you'll try to suck most of it out and swallow it. I'll try to help the process by having orgasms as your work my pussy. If you spray your cum on my boobs during a tittie fuck, you'll lick up every drop or it will be the last time I'll let your cock between my 'girls'. I think it's only fair since I swallow your cum after a blow job. I'm a caring kinda girl and like to share."

"Now that we have your first big O out of the way, it's time for you to take care of my pussy".

With that I swung around and sat on his face, almost smothering him and commanded.

"Worship your Goddess!"

Damn, if his cock wasn't still or again hard as an iron rod pointing straight at the ceiling. I guess the cock ring helped contain the shrinking after he came in my mouth.

"Come on baby get me off and then I'll ride that lovely cock to a couple more orgasms before we take a break."

My sopping wet pussy just slid down his 'pole' like 'greased lightning' but when I hit bottom I just sat there smiling at my baby who was totally at my mercy. Terry tried to get some action going but between my weight and the way he was tied down there really wasn't much he could do.

Time to tease some more, so I started to tease and tweak his nipples again, making them hyper sensitive.

"So baby, do you think you would like a repeat of the ladies room encounter? It would be easy to arrange. I'm having lunch with Julie sometime next week. How about we come up to your office afterwards, lock the door and give her chance to really explore your cock in that CB."

This was the second hint for him that I wanted him be locked up again after these two special two days.

"Oh, I don't really know about that. Please don't..."

"OK darling, relax we'll talk about that another time but I'm surely excited about the idea of exposing you to my friends.'

He started to object.

"Slow down babe, I'm not going to expose you to friends with whom we have ongoing social interaction. I'm not going to embarrass you in front of our friends at the club or with whom you do business. I was thinking of some of my sorority sisters. Our annual meeting will be here in town in the fall. You'll see them that one time and probably never again. I'll make sure that I pick only those that live far away and chance meetings are not likely. Maybe I go with you on one of your trips and we visit my former roommate in San Francisco, show it to her. She'll understand. She's got a special arrangement with her husband."

I knew I had Terry worried, better take his mind of that conversation for a bit but I also knew that I had him thinking. I noticed that his cock twitched when I mentioned Julie to him and coming to his office. I do think that my darling has some submissive tendencies beyond what we had done in the past. We'll go slow but I need to find out.

Anyway to take his mind off the conversation I started to slide up and down his cock. Terry started to moan and wiggle as I started to pick up speed. It didn't take very long for my first orgasm to hit me. It was a whopper and I collapsed on Terry's chest and needed a few moments to regain my composure.

But soon I was back for another ride on that lovely 'pole' but suddenly stopped and got off.

"NO, please don't stop, please I need to cum Goddess."

I was pleased by the term Goddess. My baby was learning.

"Hang in there, I want you to cum. I'm going to take that cock ring off so that you can have a proper orgasm."

It was quite a struggle to get it off after all this time but eventually I managed. Terry let out a sigh of relief. I got right back on and started a mixture of going up and down and undulation on that lovely cock that drove me closer and closer to my orgasm.

"Come on babe, cum with me. Blast that cum up my love chute."

I think that Terry actually blacked out for a split second when his orgasm hit him. It was that intense. I finally managed to roll off him and get myself together. I almost forgot the new rule. So before he could react I had my cum dripping pussy over his face and settled on his mouth.

"Remember the new rule. Do a good job and I'll ease your bonds, get you something to drink and a little snack."

My baby at first was a bit reluctant – there was hell of a lot of cum – but eventually got into the spirit of things and worked really hard. I had a couple of mini orgasms before I was satisfied and got off, gave him a big kiss.

"You've been a good boy, so let's ease those bonds."

I loosened the ties to his hands quite a bit, just not long enough so that could release himself. Then I helped him sit up and put some pillows as support behind his back and held a water bottle with a straw in front of his mouth.

"Here babe, have a drink, I don't want you to get dehydrated. You lost a lot of fluid with the way you came and through perspiration. Let me cool you off a bit while you sip from that bottle. I'm a woman, I can multitask, holding the bottle and..."

That's when my darling yelped and almost choked, because I had grabbed a big chunk of ice and rubbed it over his nipples.

I just laughed at him "don't be such a baby" while continuing to torment his nipples with the ice before taking the bottle away.

"Here, let me make it all better" and started to kiss and suck on the hard cold nipples and every so often biting them pretty hard. Such fun. Just loved the way he was moaning. I couldn't help but notice that by that time he was getting hard again.

"You sure seem to like this Terry, look at your cock is getting hard already. Is it because you lost control and you like it? Is it because of the bit of pain I give you between the ice and my biting your nipples. What's the turn-on for you here? We need to explore that."

"I really don't know, of course feeling your lovely breast pushing against my body does not hurt at all. You know that any contact with them is a big thrill for me."

"I know babe – one of my power sources". Smiling I moved up on the bed and held my nipples within millimeters of his mouth. My poor baby was desperate to lick and suck them. Yes, I thought to myself, withholding them will give me some real leverage when it comes to getting my goal of cuckolding you. But for now I kept those thoughts to myself.

Eventually I relented and went to almost the opposite by trying to smother him with breasts.

When I let up he surprised me by saying "Thank You Goddess".

Looks like I'm on the right track.

"Time for some nourishment babe" and started to feed him some crackers with smoked salmon, making sure that after each morsel he lovingly sucked and cleaned my fingers.

After a while I went back to his cock – got it good and hard, poured some lube over it and started the game of edging again.

"So darling, tell me the truth – remember, your cock is like a lie detector. It will tell me if you're fibbing."

"Did you enjoy this week of chastity? I know it wasn't easy for you but it's not supposed to be."

"Dar... , sorry Goddess"

"No it's OK right now. Use whatever endearment you want. We're having a conversation as a loving couple, trying to figure things out. Go ahead babe tell me all about it.

"Like you said, it was pretty tough not being able to have intercourse. I really missed that part. The part of being allowed to cum like I did today. And that blow job earlier was the best ever. Yes I was a bit upset, no not the right word. Shocked is better, when you gave me that snow ball. But you're right, it wasn't all that bad. I'll be OK in the future with cleaning up my cum. Now that I know it's part of the game, I'll be fine with it."

What was extra hard were the nights that you sent me off to this room after your needs were satisfied. That really hurt mentally. Every time you did that, I questioned your love for me. I didn't dare to say anything but I didn't like it even though once I fell asleep, it was a bit easier because my dick stayed down, not like when you spoon with me when we're sleeping together. It's automatic, I feel your lovely breasts against my back and I can't help but get hard, especially if I haven't cum that evening."

"After four days in chastity, I had a hard time concentrating because I was so horny from your constant teasing. I know it's not really the case but by Friday it seemed like every lady and girl was wearing extra sexy clothes, just to torment me. The only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that there was a fixed day when my torment would end."

I was kinda shocked at my darling's revelation about how much my sending him off to other room hurt him. I'll have to watch that. Find ways to reassure him that no matter what I do, I will always love him.

"Babe, I think I understand some of your feelings. See it was just as hard for me – well not quite true since I had your fantastic tongue giving me plenty of orgasms. But all kidding aside, yes I did miss feeling your beautiful hard cock inside my pussy pulsing loads of creamy cum."

"Baby, I want you to think about letting me lock you up again after your 'free time' is over tomorrow night. Just think how much more intensive your orgasm was after having been locked up for a while. You know maybe even for a bit longer period. The problem is what about me? You get a certain thrill out of being locked up, but me, I don't cherish being without a cock in my pussy for long times."

My honey looked a bit scared but his cock was twitching. There certainly was a mixed message.

"We don't have to decide right now. Just think about it. Maybe we need to establish some kind of safe word, something you can use when things get too tough. It may not change things for you but at least you could freely express your concerns. I really wished that you had said something about your fears when I sent you off to sleep here. To make this journey work, we need to communicate more. I see that now."

"Please believe me when I tell you that no matter where we go with our exploration of chastity and domination – yes babe, let's call a spade a spade. If you're locked into that CB and I have control when you get release, I'm dominating you is some form. Not with whips and chains but certainly mentally. You are at my mercy. But I got off track. What I was going to say is NO matter where we go with this, I will always love you. I'm going to make sure that you know it. Nothing is going to change my love and admiration for you. See babe, giving yourself to me the way you did this last week and the three days before that made my love grow even stronger. I'm truly honored and blessed to be married to the most wonderful man in the world."

"So what else stood out for you this last week."

"Again, it's so confusing. It really hurt when in a way you disrespected me. Hardly acknowledged me when I walked into the lounge and the way you sent me off to find a table. Then that thing about having just one drink. It really was humiliating. There was no need for that. You very well that I'm a responsible drinker when I'm driving and on my own I would have had just that one drink – no need for you tell. I was really getting pissed and was almost ready to tell you that we are going home."

"But like I said, I was confused because my dick was pushing against the CB. You looked so hot but had that cold demanding demeanor. I just froze and did what you told me. Later on, while sitting there watching you and brooding about what was happening, I almost walked out on you. I was really close. Called myself a wimp for putting up with your stuff."

"I hate myself for being such a wimp. I never thought this would happen to me. I mean I love you and do anything in the world for you but being treated with such disdain hurt. What hurt even more is that I didn't have the guts to rebel. I'm so afraid of losing you if I don't give in to your whims. I don't know what I would do without you."

Wow, that is some revelation. My baby thinking of himself as a wimp because he didn't stand up me. I have to be careful. I really want this cuckold thing but I don't want him to have some sort of mental meltdown.

How do I deal with his insecurities. Do I let the whole thing slide for while. Give him lots of TLC for the next couple of weeks before broaching the subject of chastity again. I guess I'll have to see how it goes. I can always back down. Just need to watch it.

All the time we were talking I kept up stroking my babies cock. Most of the time just very lightly but every so often a bit faster and with a tighter grip. I could see that he was getting agitated and since I had loosened the bonds he could move more.

"Baby, I'm going to release you from your bonds and let you have your way with me – any way, any hole. I'm going to be your 'slut' for the next hour or so. Just one thing – I need your promise to let me secure you again at one point should the mood strike me. Like I promised, no CB but I may want to play some more 'truth and consequences' with you tonight. I just love the way your cock keeps telling me the truth."

"You know darling that I do anything for you even if it means some more chastity. It will be hard, really hard but I'll try. I like the idea of some safe word. I feel extremely insecure when it comes to our relationship. You could have had any guy but you picked me, picked me at a time when I wasn't as successful as I'm now. At the time I kept wondering why me and I kept pinching myself when you agreed to be monogamous with me and later agreed to marry me. Now, I keep worrying that you only stick around because of my money. It may sound wimpy and whiny but I need to hear that love me, especially if we go the route I think we may be heading. It scares the crap out of me."

This got me angry – "how dare you question my love for you? It was you I chose at the time when we were still in school and while I was positive that you would be successful, I also knew that the first few years would be tough. I stuck with you – I could have had any guy, could have gone for one of the trust fund guys but I went with you, struggled with you. That should tell you something about how much I love you. So right not I'm pissed at you."

Boy, he played right into my hand, I couldn't have planned this better. His insecurity got the better of him and he started to ramble and stuck his foot into his mouth.

"I need to cool off, I'm going to leave tied up for now. I'll be back when I've calmed down."

"Babe, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean..."

I didn't hear the rest because I slammed the door shut as I left.

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