Chaos of Epic Proportions
Chapter 1

Nobody knows what happened first, or for that matter if it was all linked. One thing was for sure it was catastrophic and that night put nine-eleven to shame. First there was the emergency session of the house and senate both, about what else the budget.

It was all a matter of patience on my part, I knew what I wanted and would get it, I was sure of it.

Everything began right on time I couldn't ask for better timing really. But just to think when it is all over no evidence will be found, unlike nine-eleven. Oh yeah I have a plan and it is just a matter of timing and again patience. There was movement as I looked through my high-powered night-vision goggles. I had to smile he was coming out the door, must be tired. I was surprised he came back to town and left the family in Hawaii but this was his job and it was an important one.

I reached down then and without looking hit a button, it was almost time.

At that same time beneath the water of the Detroit River radio controlled subs were navigating to a preconceived place off in the middle half way between the United States and Canadian shore line when the signal came in fireworks would begin. First was one click

At the same time this was happening on the other side of the country in the waters of the San Francisco bay were sea-breachers and in the pre dusk evening nobody thought nothing of the dolphin shaped submersible water craft seemed out of sync everyone that lived in the area was used to seeing them in the water, but these were modified for a special purpose. I was just waiting for the signal, the one thing that set everything else of my target was in sight. I felt the slightest vibration in my pocket and then two clicks in the ear followed by a swaying of the tree that was my sanctuary from the blast to start everything.

"Okay time to get ready," I said in almost a whisper as I waited and soon saw what I wanted a fury of activity in my scope as nobody knew what to do. I could hear sirens all around me just as my target stood up straight from where he had been leaning against a column and that was the last movement he consciously made as I squeezed the trigger lightly and then seconds later saw the man fall to the ground.

Now it was time to beat feet and get out of there I rolled to the side and lowered myself to the ground with the rope that had been wrapped around my waist. In five minutes everything was clear and there was no sign I was ever there. I went off into the mall and joined others that was there all of them looking toward what was making the glow in the sky at the other end,

"Oh my God!" somebody gasped near me. "It's the capitol," and yeah it was I mingled with the crowd of onlookers for only a few minutes as I went toward where my car was parked.

I got in turned to the back seat hit the bottom and a door came open so I quickly stowed the bag with the rifle out of sight and then started off while turning on the radio and hearing.

"The Mayor was injured and in emergency surgery at George Washington hospital at this moment. Chief of metro Police has issued a statement that road blocks have been put up and police are trying to find the people responsible for this catastrophe." I shut off the radio then as I came to a stop at a hastily put together road block and endured the questioning with all the right answers and such then I was off once again and in five minutes on the beltline and headed for Dulles international.

I parked the car in the parking lot and headed for the terminal. With everything in order and ticket in hand an hour later I was in a window seat of a Boeing 777 Business class destination Tokyo the first stop as the plane took off after a small delay, at first I was worried the FAA was going to shut all flights down like they did for nine-eleven, but was relieved once we started rolling down the runway and got to cruising altitude as we flew off into the night I looked out my window you could still see it all lit up. Once the stewardess said that it was all clear for us to move around I wanted to get the news.

A smile came to my lips as I read on the CNN website that all but one senator was dead and no representatives survived, nothing though on the president and I was getting ready to shut down just as a special breaking news report came on, the president was dead along with the Vice president who was at a meeting in Detroit with the heads of the Big three auto makers. It was confirmed that he was in the renaissance center where a fire had broke out on one of the top floors and in no time had engulfed the whole building. 'Having Blue Prints helps, ' I thought to myself and then another piece came up. There had been a massive explosion at Dulles many people hurt or killed.

I shifted to the west coast news and instantly saw a picture of the golden gate bridge missing a section the same as the bay bridge. I shut everything down then and looked at my phone that had been on silent several messages on there all 'jya mata ne' I replied back the same and set the seat back for sleeping it was going to be a long flight and I needed to get some rest.

When the plane touched down I would be in the land of the rising sun, and meeting people I have never met before in person, but we all have one thing in common, the destruction we caused in the land we left behind. We all found each other for me it was simply by reading a story making a compliment to the author, we started talking then via the internet about how we felt with the way the country was going and such. He told me he knew others who felt the same way and that was how the 'network' came together. It all started with a dream I had and snowballed from there. Nobody knew who the others were all correspondence was through e-mail or text messages, mostly for me texting and I had a new phone and number every week, you can't take any chances really especially in the last two weeks before D day.

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