The Highwayman's Daughter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, CrossDressing, Fiction, Historical, Spanking, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young Meg is certain she has found the ideal way for both she and her father to pay their way in the world. Unfortunately, it involves robbery on the King's highway and that is a "Hanging" offense.

Introduction: Meg is motherless and much in need of reliable sustenance and excitement to chase away her boredom and depressed state of mind. She takes to the roads and highways to relieve the rich of their burdensome jewels and purses. Her father is her partner but she leads from behind with her sharp brain and daring spirit. Her closest friend is Earnest, the banker who tends to her ever increasing investments which multiply with each dangerous encounter.

Young Meg was a pretty child. Everyone remarked on how cute she seemed to be. She grew up in a nice little house on a quiet street in a little village that never ever had a problem of any sort whatsoever. Her mother was the picture of a virtuous and kind woman and her father was a happy sort of fellow who always had a smile and good word to say about everyone.

When Meg reached the tender age of 18, she noticed that things were beginning to change all around her. The people in the village were frightened because the rich people had started to hoard their money and even took employment away from many of the lower classes. She didn't know exactly what a rich person was except that they lived in big houses and had carriages with lots of nice horses.

Her father was found redundant at the village carriage-making plant and her mother took ill with some sickness that required the attention of a skilled physician. Of course, the family had very little money to pay for such fine services and her poor mother soon succumbed to the insidious affliction.

At eighteen, the young girl found herself motherless and tasked with tending to a distraught parent grieving a dead spouse and loss of employment.

The weeks sped by and soon the father and daughter faced the fact that they were totally destitute and without a crumb of bread in the house. It was a dire situation and one that demanded immediate attention.

About the only thing of value they still owned was a chest in the corner that contained her father's things from the time he spent in military service under the command of the King's Army.

Meg searched the trunk and discovered a fine pair of silver embossed pistols with both powder and a large supply of lead missiles. The flints were in perfect condition and no rust was in evidence. It was surprising to her to find another side to her father that she never suspected.

At the very bottom of the trunk lay two blades which had seen plenty of use but were still in excellent condition.

At first, Meg thought they could sell the tools of violence and make enough coins to see them through the fast-approaching winter months. Then, a germ of a thought flitted through her mind that perhaps she and her father might employ these items to secure a lot more capital than just the value of the tools themselves.

When she first broached the thought to her father, he scoffed at the idea, telling her,

"Are you crazy, child, do you want us both swinging from the crossroads gibbet?"

Meg used her powers of persuasion to convince her father to show her how to properly use the pistols and even the rudiments of swordplay to scare an opponent and defend her person.

She began to wear her father's cast off clothing taking up the trousers to her correct height and slender waistline. Suddenly, she felt stronger and more powerful in the trappings of male attire and she tried to disguise the budding breasts under her shirt with a long strip of tightly woven cloth. Several times she was mistaken for a young boy when getting water at the well and bending over to draw it from the depths. One burly fellow who was much taken with sport of young boys lowered her britches in the rear and availed himself of her virginal posterior. Meg was furious with the effrontery but powerless in the grasp of the much larger man. She found that after a short period of uncomfortable stretching, the fullness she experienced was not at all unpleasant and she was quite unhappy when it concluded without her full satisfaction.

She decided after that episode to keep both pistol and sword close by to deter any unauthorized use of her person.

Hearing in the square that a rich estate owner was planning to return to the city with his wife and daughter caused her to implore her father to action. She saddled two nags borrowed from her cooperative uncle in the next town and they hastened to a spot adjacent to the road to be traveled by the rich estate owner and his family.

They waited in the woods watching anxiously for the approaching carriage.

Meg's heart was beating rapidly. She was exhilarated with the anticipation of danger. Her female parts were tingling like they had never tingled before not even when she was being sodomized by the perverted villager.

Her father was utterly calm. He had been in danger many times before and never let his emotions lead him astray.

"Look, father, here comes the carriage!"

It was difficult for Meg to curb her enthusiasm.

"Hold! Stand and deliver!"

Meg's father's voice rang out with authority as clear as a bell. The driver immediately reined the horses in and held his hands up high. He was far too concerned with his own safety than to interfere with business between rich people and thieves on the road.

Meg opened the carriage door and saw the older gentleman cowering behind his wife and daughter. She jumped up into the carriage and relieved both of the females of their jewelry and instructed the gentleman to hand over his purse. He did so with a visible shaking hand.

The young female looked haughtily at Meg and told her,

"You are a cad, sir! The very idea of preying on defenseless women on a public road."

The highwayman's daughter was swift to grasp the furious girl and pull her mouth up for a searing kiss that caused the handsomely dressed young girl to flutter and pout her lips wanting more of the same.

It was only a lark for Meg but she did feel a bit of compassion for the girl and hoped none of her jewelry was of a sentimental value.

The very next day, Meg traded some of the jewelry for two very fine and speedy horses with plenty of bottom for a tiring ride. Then, she exchanged the remainder for coins with a crafty Jew who had a reputation for having a closed mouth.

After that initial encounter, Meg and her father roamed far and wide and soon there were wanted posters looking for two men, one tall and strong and the other slender and shorter than the average male person.

She had fallen into the habit of bussing the female victims of their thievery as if to compensate them for their loss of baubles. It was rumored that some females of a more desperate circumstance commenced traveling the public roads in search of the famous "Kissing" bandit with hot and eager lips.

Meg went into the city to secure an investment opportunity for their accumulated capital. She went to a much respected banking firm in the downtown area and sat across the desk from a young man with bright clear eyes and a pleasing demeanor. His name was Earnest and he informed her,

"This is my first real account of my own. I hope you won't mind if I make some mistakes in setting it up for you but I will do my very best."

She saw he was being quite straightforward and wondered if he had a wife or a girlfriend stashed away somewhere.

When he queried her about the size of the investment principal, she placed her purse on the desk and said,

"Right at the moment, it will be this amount. There is a total of five thousand pounds sterling and my father and I will be adding to it from time to time."

Young Earnest seemed a bit flustered at the extent of the investment but concluded the transaction without further ado and asked,

"Would like to join me for tea at my mother's town house?"

Meg accepted without hesitation and found herself seated in a comfortable drawing room not far from the bank. Young Earnest told her,

"My mother is still in the country right now, but the cook will furnish us with some tasty pastries to go with the tea."

They sat and talked about different things but Meg was unable to remember a single word of the conversation. She was most distracted by the bulge in young Earnest's trousers that informed her that his emotions were in a state of physical arousal. Meg hoped that it was due to the revealing cleavage she had chosen to show on her first trip to the city.

When Earnest sat next to her to show her some etchings of the ruins in Italy, she let her hand rest innocently on his inside leg. They both made some fumbling adjustments and she soon was in full possession of his rampant cock and churning ball sacs ready to spill their seed.

He jumped up to lock the drawing room door to prevent unwanted entry by the servants and told her,

"Stand up and bend over the settee. I will attempt to enter you from behind after releasing you from your underthings."

Meg followed his instructions and saw his engorged cock from the corner of her eye.

She was trembling a bit but it was not from fear. She wanted his beautiful long shaft buried deep inside her channel so that she would be in all respects a woman in every sense of the word.

The cool air in the parlor raised goose bumps on her bare flanks but Earnest's heated body covered her up nicely and she felt his protruding cock slide easily into her slick wet channel from behind. She hoped he was not offended with the view of her pucker hole with its quivering sphincter anticipating some action of its own.

She took the impalement well and allowed that the deposit of Earnest's upper-class creamy cum inside her happy vagina was an experience long over-due.

Meg was quite satisfied with the performance and fell to her knees on the multi-colored carpet.

When she looked up, she saw Earnest standing in front of her with his still stiffened cock waving right in front of her face. He didn't say anything to her in the way of encouragement, but she knew instinctively that the young man wanted her to gobble up his dripping cock deep inside her mouth. She had seen many of the young village girls do the same for men in darkened doorways and behind the barns when they thought nobody was looking. Not being experienced in these matters, she simply grasped the shaft firmly with one hand and cupped his swinging balls with the other hand. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and being very careful about the placement of her teeth, she sucked the pungent rod between her lips tasting her own scent so nicely familiar to her nostrils.

She heard her young man call her naughty names and tell her she was a very "bad girl" indeed. It spurred her on to more frenzied efforts and her saliva drooled down from her lips and chin like a torrent of depraved lubrication.

Earnest began to hold her head tightly in his grasp and he humped into her pretty face with a frantic pace. She knew it could not last much longer. The frenzied breathing from young Earnest changed into a shout of triumph and she felt her mouth flooded with his newest load of man juice sliding down her gullet like soothing sauce on a nice cut of meat.

When she took leave and headed back to the central station, Meg determined to keep her promise to visit Earnest each time she made a deposit of cash in his bank. Hopefully, he would make a deposit of his own in her cum-thirsty and clutching vaginal channel.

She did not take a bath or shower that night or the next night as well because she wanted to keep the scent of Earnest and his manly juices on her person and inside her clothes for as long as possible.

(Next chapter – Meg lands in prison)

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