The Day My Life Changed
Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Lesbian, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: In the Beginning - My life changed forever the day that my car died and I wandered into a bar to get some help. Her name was Dani, and she showed me a world that I never knew existed.

The day my life changed forever was the same day that I lost my job, and my car died. Surprisingly, losing my job wasn't the life-changing event—the death of my car had more to do with that.

My day started normally, although there seemed to be a strange vibe in the air at the office when I arrived. No one said anything, and everyone was at work like usual, but something just didn't seem right. I found out what was going on just before lunch time.

At about 11:30, I was called into one of the conference rooms. There were a couple of people sitting at the table, with a pile of folders in front of them. Almost as soon as I sat down, I was informed that the company had been bought, and was being merged into a larger firm. Most of the current employees were being let go, especially those in sales and marketing, which included me.

I was handed a folder that contained my final paycheque, a description of my severance benefits, and contact information for a placement service. I was told that I could remove any personal items from my office, and I would then be escorted to the front door, where I was to turn in my building pass and my company ID card.

Ten minutes later I was sitting in my car, with a box of stuff in my trunk, and no immediate future. After staring out of the windshield for a few minutes, I finally started the car and decided to go home first, and consider what I was to do for the future.

Halfway home I was driving through a somewhat industrial area when all of a sudden my car started coughing and bucking, and I barely managed to get it to the curb. It kind of coasted to a halt, and turning the key didn't do any good; it was completely dead. Well, now what am I going to do?

I looked around, and didn't see any garages or auto repair places, although it looked like the kind of area where there might be something. I got out of the car, and walked over to the nearest building, which rather incongruously had an awning above the door. There was a small brass plaque beside the door that said, simply, 'The Garden of Venus' in rather elegant script. I thought it might be some kind of club or spa, and I thought I might be able to get directions to a garage, or to someone who could help me out.

Once through the door I walked down a short hallway, and ended up in a large room that turned out to be what looked like a lounge, with a bar running along one wall, and a few booths along a couple of the others. Well, this looks nice, and I could use a drink while I decide what to do.

I climbed up on a stool at the bar, and waited for the bartender to come over. I ordered a white wine and thanked her when it was placed in front of me. As I sipped it, I looked around and saw a few people in the booths, and another woman further down the bar. The place was quiet, and very well decorated, and I thought it was a little odd that it didn't seem to be doing much business.

I was kind of lost in my thoughts when I sensed a presence beside me, and turned to look into a pair of violet eyes. The owner of the eyes had an interesting angular face, and long dark hair. In contrast to my business suit, she was wearing a tank top and cutoff shorts. The top ended just below her breasts, which looked fairly large, and the shorts rode low on her hips and ended immediately below her buttocks.

She smiled at me, and said, "Hi. I don't think I've seen you in here before."

"Hello. And you're correct. I didn't even know this place existed. My car died right outside, and I was looking around for some help when I came in. When I saw the bar, I decided that a glass of wine might improve what's become a rather shitty day."

"Oh? How come it's such a bad day?"

I smirked at her and answered, "Well, it started when I was informed that my job no longer existed, and then got worse when my car died. I'm hoping that it won't get any worse."

"You poor thing," she said. "Maybe we can improve things for you, or at least change them a lot." As she spoke, she reached out and brushed a lock of my hair behind one of my ears, and her hand almost seemed to caress the side of my face. I thought it was a rather odd gesture from someone I had just met. The movement of her arm made her breasts wobble a little, and I realized that she wasn't wearing a bra under the tank top; her nipples were poking out quite visibly, as the material in her top was very thin.

She looked back into my eyes, and pursed her lips a little. I realized that she wasn't wearing any makeup, but her skin seemed flawless, and her natural colouration gave her a faint blush and red lips to go with her attractive eyes. "Since you've never been here before, I take it that you don't know what kind of club this is?"

"Well, obviously, no. Is there something special about it?"

"Hmm, you could say that. This is a club for women only. Women of a certain persuasion."

I looked around, and quickly noticed that there were no men in the club. I also saw that there were two women in one of the booths who were locked into a tight embrace, obviously kissing each other deeply. As I watched, I saw a hand come up and caress a breast; the sight made me gasp involuntarily. I turned back to the woman beside me. "Do you mean..."

"Yes, this is a gay bar." As she answered her hand came up to caress the side of my face again, this time with the backs of her fingers. The fingers ran through my hair, then slid over the side of my neck.

My eyes widened as my expression revealed a little shock. "So, does that mean..."

"Yes ... I'm gay. Are you?" I felt the very tips of her fingernails touch the front of my neck, then continue down into the opening of my suit jacket.

"No, I'm straight." I felt those fingernails ever so lightly scratch over the front of one breast, and my nipple immediately erected. The hand moved under and to the outside of the breast, with only the lightest pressure, so I wasn't really sure if it was touching me or not.

She smiled a little. "Are you curious? Ever fool around in college with your roommate?"

"No, I never did anything like that. I know that some of the girls did, but I never did."

"And you never thought about it?" I felt a slight tug at the front of my blouse, and then another one. Before I could look, her other hand took hold of my chin. "Look at me, only at me when we're talking."

Another tug. "Yes ... I mean no, I never thought about it." Another tug. I suddenly realized that she had been undoing the buttons of my blouse while we were talking, and I tried to pull free from her hand. She gripped my chin very tightly, and stared into my eyes.

"Look at me. There are a few things I need to explain to you. Are you listening?" Her voice had dropped to a low timbre, and her look was menacing, almost predatory.

"Y-yes." I hated the quiver in my voice, but she was starting to scare me. The fear rocketed up when I felt her pop the catch at the front of my bra, and the tension across my breasts released. Her hand moved under one of my breasts and pushed the bra cup out of the way, then squeezed the breast quite hard.

"That feels very nice. Really firm. I am going to enjoy these later." Her hand moved to the other breast, uncovering it, and giving it the same firm massage. I was now practically topless in a lesbian bar, with a strange woman feeling me up. Could this day get any weirder? As she started to speak again, I realized that it certainly could.

"I told you that I'm gay. That's true. What you don't know is that I'm a special kind of lesbian. I'm a dominant." My puzzled look gave her the impetus to explain. She leaned in close to my ear, letting me feel her breath on my neck. Her voice was low, and breathy. "I take pretty little girls like you, and I bend them to my will. I turn them into my slaves, and I train them to serve me. And you look just like my next little slave. I can almost feel your tongue in my pussy, and I know you'll be good at it. You're going to make me come a lot."

I was shaking in real fear by this time, listening to what she had planned for me. She let go of my chin and pushed my suit jacket off my shoulders and down my arms, pinning them to my sides. My blouse quickly followed. Her hands took a breast each and I felt her fingernails dig into the sides. I cried out with the pain, and she tightened her hold.

"Be quiet, or I'll gag you. And sit still; you're not going anywhere, and if you cooperate you won't get hurt. You might even like it."

She looked down at the breasts in her hands for the first time, and grinned widely. "Oh, I love those big puffy nipples of yours. You've got perfect tits, and I am really going to like playing with them. I've got some clamps that are designed just for nipples like that. You'll love the way they hurt when I tighten them ... well, I'll love the way they'll hurt. You may not like it so much."

She started to play with my breasts, bouncing them on her hands, and alternately squeezing my nipples and pulling on them. "P-please don't hurt me. You're scaring me. I don't like pain."

She laughed. "You haven't felt pain yet. Stand up." She helped me off the stool, since my arms were still tangled in my jacket and blouse. A moment later my skirt was on the floor around my feet and her hands were pulling my panties down. She left my stockings on, and held my feet as she pulled the panties over my shoes.

As she stood back up she rubbed a finger over the crotch of my panties, then stuck the finger inside me. When she pulled it back it was shiny with my juices, and I blushed at the realization that I was wet, very wet. "I think you like some of what's happening to you. Are you sure you've never thought about being with another woman?" She moved up close to me and started rubbing my pussy, playing over my clit and my wet labia, occasionally dipping a finger or two into my opening.

"I don't know what's happening to me. You scare me like no one I've ever known. I've never been treated like this."

She pulled her hand back and licked one of her fingers, tasting my juices. The finger then went into my mouth. "Clean it. You're very tasty. After I teach you how to eat pussy I might actually make you come."

My mind was in a complete whirl by now, and I sucked my juices off her fingers without even thinking about what I was doing. A second later she pulled her fingers out of my mouth and spun me around to remove the rest of my clothes. Her hands rubbed over my ass and onto my thighs, then she spun me around to face her again. Except for my stockings and shoes, I was naked, in the middle of the day, in a bar. And I was so turned on that a kiss would probably be enough to make me come. I thought I was about to get that kiss when she pulled me into a tight embrace, and her hands slid down my back to rest on my ass, squeezing it tightly.

"You are absolutely gorgeous, and I am really glad you came in here today. We're going to have so much fun." Her tongue went into my mouth, and her lips crushed mine as her hands started kneading the cheeks of my rear. I moaned into her mouth as I felt my breasts crush against hers. She moved a hand off my ass and reached between us to yank her top up over her breasts, then rubbed them over my own breasts. The feel of her stiff nipples rubbing over mine made me moan again.

She pulled back, ending the kiss, and I unconsciously licked my lips while I stared into her eyes. She reached for my hands, and brought them up under her breasts, holding them in place. I looked down to see what I was feeling, and saw that her breasts were almost identical to mine, except that her nipples were smaller, almost bullet-like by comparison.

"You like my tits? Go ahead and squeeze them. No need to be gentle—I like it hard."

I didn't know what to say. I had no frame of reference for this, since I had never held, or admired, another woman's breasts. I did know that for some reason the action of massaging them was turning me on, regardless of what it did for her. "Th-they're very pretty, and very firm."

She reached for my breasts, squeezing them very hard. I took this as a signal that I should do the same for hers, and I increased the pressure of my grip. Her eyelids fluttered for a second. "That's good ... just like that." After another few squeezes, she moved her hands to the back of my neck, and pulled my head down slightly. "Suck my nipples. Use your tongue and suck hard. Bite them a little."

She pulled my lips into contact with her left nipple, and I licked it before I thought about what I was doing. My lips opened, and she pulled my head in tighter, forcing her nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it like a baby, stretching it out and running my tongue around it. I could feel the vibration of another moan moving through her from her throat to her breast and into my mouth. When I bit the nipple lightly, she arched her back, pushing the breast into my face. I held the nipple in my teeth, and pulled back slightly, stretching the nipple out a little.

"The other one ... get the other one." She sounded almost frantic, grabbing my head and pulling it over to her other breast, forcing its nipple to my lips. I repeated the treatment, holding her waist for support while her hands grabbed my hair, pulling it to move my face around.

A moment later she pulled on my hair to lift my head, and I stood back up, looking at her a little questioningly. Her hands went to her waist, and she unsnapped her shorts, then lowered the zipper. "Feel what you've done to me." She took one of my hands and forced it into the opening of her shorts, pushing it down to her pussy. I tried to resist, but she gripped my wrist even tighter, almost painfully.

I felt the skin of her mound slide past my fingertips, and I realized that she was shaved bare. She paused as my fingers reached her clit, and wiggled them back and forth a little, then pushed them further down. "Stick your fingers into me, deep ... ahh ... like that." She hunched against my fingers for a moment, and I could feel that she was also very wet, and very hot. Her pussy felt like a little moist furnace.

She rode my hand for a few more seconds, then grabbed my wrist and pulled my fingers free of her, and out of her shorts. She held them in front of my face, and I could see the sheen of her wetness, just as her fingers had been wet with my fluids a few moments before. She moved the fingers under my nose, and I could smell the earthy scent of her. My mouth watered for some reason, as I mentally pictured myself on my knees licking her. She rubbed my wet fingers along my upper lip, and over my nose, then plunged them deeply into my mouth so that I could taste her.

"Ever work as a waitress?"

I stopped dead when she asked this, frozen with my fingers in my mouth, sucking off the last of her juices. After removing the fingers, I said, quite eloquently, "Huh?"

"Did you ever wait tables to make money while you were in school?"

"Uh, yes. I worked in a couple of restaurants and one or two bars."

"Great." She turned to the bar, and spoke to the bartender for a second. I had forgotten about her, and figured that she was likely gay as well, given the way she kept looking at my naked body. When she turned back, she handed me a standard drink tray. "For the next little while, you're a waitress again. Go make the rounds, and take drink orders."

I looked down at my nudity. "Like this?"

"Believe me, the customers won't complain. You're liable to make some great tips ... and whatever you make in tips is yours. You said you needed a job, so consider this as your re-entry to the workforce. Get to it."

I started to turn to head for the booths across the floor, resigned to my situation, when her hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. "I forgot to tell you ... whatever someone asks for, you are not permitted to say no, except that you can't leave the bar. Understood?"

"I ... I'm not sure."

"If someone wants to touch you, you let them touch you, even if that means that a finger or two gets inside that hot snatch of yours. If they want to kiss you, they kiss you. If they want you on your knees, then you get on your knees. I'd love to be the first one to feel that tongue on her puss, but if someone else gets there first, so be it. I'll get to feel it a lot over the next while, so I can afford to share."

"That's very generous of you," I smirked sarcastically.

The flash of pain from her fingers on my nipple nearly brought me to my knees as she pulled my face to hers. I could see the anger in her eyes as they stared into mine. "Keep it up and I'll whip you 'till you bleed. I'm going to whip you anyway, but there's a huge difference between a whipping for pleasure, and one for punishment. Now, are you going to behave and do as you're told?"

"Y-y-yes ... m-m ... what am I supposed to call you?"

She relaxed her hold, and massaged the pain out of my nipple, bringing her other hand up to hold the opposite breast. "My name's Dani, but you can call me 'Miss Dani, ' or just 'Miss.' When we're alone together I might let you call me other things. Oh, and from now on, you don't have a name; you get called whatever anyone wants to call you. Got it?"

"Yes, Miss Dani."

"Right. Get your ass in gear and hustle some drinks."

As scared as I was, I knew that I had little choice but to do as Dani had instructed. There weren't many women in the lounge as yet, but a couple more had arrived while Dani had been stripping me, and instructing me as to my new place in life. I decided that the best thing to do was ignore the fact that I was naked, and act as if I was fully clothed like a normal waitress.

In fairly short order, I had placed myself in the proper mindset, and it was almost like being back in college, waiting tables at one of the local hangouts. The first few women I served openly ogled me, but none of them even so much as touched me, let alone tried to play with my breasts or run a finger through my still very wet pussy. That all changed when I reached the table I had seen earlier, in which two women had been kissing and feeling each other.

As I approached the table, I could see that the two women were still caressing and groping each other, but they were also intently watching me as I approached. When I reached the table, before I could say anything, the older woman of the two reached out and took my tray, setting it aside on the table. She scrutinized me closely, then turned to the younger woman she was with—younger than her, but pretty close to my age, I thought.

"Well, pet ... what do you think?"

"She's very pretty, Mistress, although she probably needs to be trained."

"Inspect her for me."

The younger woman came out of the booth and approached me. She grabbed my hands and placed them behind my head, telling me to lace my fingers together. Then she started inspecting me as if I were a horse for sale. She ran her fingers through my hair, and over my scalp, looked in my mouth and ears, felt the tone of my arms and then took one of my breasts in each hand, massaging them very firmly, and lifting them as if she were weighing them.

Her fingers moved to my nipples, and she took each one between her thumb and index finger, rolling them back and forth and pulling on them quite strongly. Her hands slid down over my stomach, and into my pubic hair. She tugged on it and raised an eyebrow in the direction of the other woman.

"Yes, we'll have to deal with that." I didn't know what she meant; I keep my pubic hair trimmed so that I can wear workout clothes and a bathing suit, and I shave the edges by my legs so nothing sticks out when I wear a bikini.

The young woman turned me around, then kicked my legs apart and made me bend over at the waist. She crouched behind me, and pulled my buttocks apart. I jumped a little when I felt her finger touch my anus, and she slapped me on the rear and told me to stand still. Her finger came back and touched me again, then pressed a little on the muscle, going around in circles. I tried to not clench as I was sure it would earn me another slap. She told me to straighten up, and turn around, and I ended up facing the older woman.

Once again I came under her scrutiny, and I looked her in the eye as I felt the younger one push two fingers all the way into me. When her fingers bottomed out, I moaned at the feeling of her wiggling them around, then moaned again as I felt her thumb start rubbing over my clit.

"She's very wet, Mistress. Would you like a taste?"

"Let me taste her from your lips, pet."

Once again, I felt like an outsider in this conversation, as I had no idea what was being discussed. I soon found out, though. The young girl dropped to her knees in front of me, and pushed my legs apart again. Her mouth landed on my pussy, and her tongue immediately pushed into me, circling the opening of my vagina, and lighting up all the nerve endings. After a moment that tongue was running through my folds, seeking out my clitoris, and circling it when it found it. Her lips closed on my clit, and I hunched my hips forward into her face as she sucked my clit between her lips.

I could feel the tip of her tongue beating on the head of my clit, and I started humping her face without realizing it. I was closing in on what promised to be a massive orgasm, and I could hear myself moaning and panting. She moved back to my vagina for a moment, lapping at my secretions, and I could feel the orgasm starting deep in my belly, moving to my engorged pussy, ready to explode and consume me ... and she pulled back and stood, moving to the other woman.

As they began to kiss, I wailed, "No-o-o ... I'm so close ... I need to come." The two women ignored me, and I so desperately needed to come that I was ready to masturbate right there in front of them. I didn't. I don't know why I didn't, but I stayed frozen to the spot, my hands still clasped behind my head.

The two women finally separated slightly, the older one pausing to lick the lips of the younger one while holding her head gently, lovingly. "You are correct, pet, she is very tasty. I may let you have her again later on."

"I would like that, Mistress."

The two women separated, ignoring me as I stood there, my pussy dripping, my breath coming in pants, yet still with my hands clasped behind my head. The older woman stood and looked past me, toward the bar, then signaled as if she were waving someone over. A moment later, Dani appeared beside me as the older woman sat back down. Dani had pulled her top back down, but her shorts were still undone.

Dani bowed her head to the other woman, and asked, "Yes, Mistress?"

The woman eyed her for a moment, then said, "Give me your top, and leave your shorts like that. If you want to be half-naked, I have no problem accommodating you."

"Yes, Mistress." Her top came over her head and she handed it to the older woman, once again placing her wonderful breasts on display. It didn't seem to bother her very much; I guess she spent a fair amount of time naked.

"So, Dani, have you been abusing the customers again, or is there something more that I should know? Why is this very tasty young woman waiting tables in my bar?"

"Mistress, she came in because her car broke down, and I was immediately attracted to her. She is very pretty, and I guess I was just a little horny, so I wanted to see how submissive she might be. She could have stood up and walked out at any time, but as you can see, she didn't. And she's completely straight." Dani sounded very proud of herself as she made the last comment, but I was the one who was trapped naked in a room full of lesbians, and I didn't think there was anything to be proud of.

"Indeed." The older woman turned to me, and looked me over once more. By now, I was a little calmer, but still very aroused, and in need of a good orgasm. I could tell that I was a little disheveled, and my hair was in disarray. "Put your hands down, and tell me why you're here."

"Well, as Dani said, my car broke down outside, and I saw the door and came in. I thought it was probably some kind of club or spa, and I could call someone to come and get my car. When I realized it was a bar, I decided to have a drink first, because I just lost my job and I was feeling a little down. Dani came up to me right away, and started talking to me. I felt like I could use a friend, but I didn't realize she was taking my clothes off until she undid my bra. Then she grabbed my boob and made me undress the rest of the way, and told me to start waiting tables. It felt like she made me into her slave in about five minutes flat. I don't know what happened, or how it happened."

The older woman just sat there, calmly looking at me, occasionally glancing at Dani, but not saying anything to either one of us. Two or three minutes went by, then she suddenly turned to the younger woman beside her and said, "Pet, go and see about the car. Have it dealt with, whatever it is."

"Yes, Mistress. Right away." She left the booth and walked out of sight. The older woman returned her gaze to me, and I once again felt like something under a microscope.

Another minute went by. I began to think that this woman expected to be in control, and didn't give a damn how long other people had to wait—they would wait for her, or she would have nothing to do with them. "So ... after all that has happened to you, you are still here, naked, standing before me. You could have left anytime. You can still leave anytime. You need only turn around, collect your clothes from the bar, and walk out. Do you want to leave?"

I was suddenly gripped by a frantic sort of indecision. I looked at the woman, who sat there calmly observing me. I looked at Dani, who had her eyes fixed on the other woman, and wouldn't look at me. I really didn't know what to do. "I ... I ... I don't know."

"You look like a deer caught in the headlights. Are you afraid? Shouldn't you be afraid? After all, look what has already happened to you—you came in here as a well-dressed businesswoman, and now you're standing here naked, and you've been subjected to sexual molestation. Shouldn't you be worried that you could be abused ... beaten ... subjected to what amounts to be rape?"

"I ... I don't know what to think. This is all so far outside anything I've ever done or seen. I don't know why I'm still here, I don't understand what's happening to me, and I don't understand why it all seems to excite me. And I don't understand who you are, or what's going on with Dani."

She leveled that calm gaze at me again. "Well ... where to begin ... first, this is my bar. My name is Eve, which is one of the reasons why this place is called 'The Garden.' Dani works for me here, running the place. She is also one of my slaves; when she's good, she's my first slave. As you can see, she's very pretty, just as you are. She tends to switch between being a slave and a dominant; she does like to dominate other women, which is probably how you ended up naked. However, you seem to be strongly submissive, so ending up like this might have happened at some point in your life, even without Dani's assistance."

I looked at Dani, waiting for her to say something, but she stood still, almost at attention, and her eyes never left Eve. She looked a little strange, considering that she was topless, and her shorts were hanging open, almost exposing her pubic area. Somehow, though, she also seemed to be ... at peace, I suppose. It looked like she was calmly accepting whatever Eve said, and simply waiting for Eve to pay attention to her, but not in a demanding way.

"Can I ask if Dani is in trouble for what she did?"

"That depends ... do you want her to be in trouble? Do you want me to punish her, or have her punished? Do you want to punish her?"

"No, no. She didn't hurt me. She did kind of surprise me, but I've never had anyone just take control of me like that before. I think that's why I got turned on ... it's hard to explain, but she just acted like whatever she wanted to do, she was going to do, and I couldn't or wouldn't say no. She just seemed to know exactly what buttons to push, and how far I would go."

"So, the big question ... do you want to leave?"

"I ... I don't know ... I'm still so confused. What happens if I stay?"

"Well ... I think if you decide to stay that I should let Dani give you a taste of what might happen to you if you become a slave. I'll warn you, though—you might not enjoy the experience."

"Wh-what will she do to me?"

"Whatever she wants. That's the essence of being someone's slave. The slave gives up all control, and loses the ability to make any decisions; the mistress simply says what to do, and the slave does it. However, it is also wonderfully liberating, since the slave has no worries, or responsibilities; it all falls on the mistress."

"Will she hurt me?"

"I will guarantee that no harm will come to you. I won't guarantee that you won't feel some discomfort. For example, if she decides to spank you, then your cute little butt will be sore for some period of time, but it won't be damaged in any way."

"What else will she do?"

"That's all up to her, and she may not even know right now. Some of it will depend on you. For example, if she decides that it turns her on to have you walk outside naked, then you'll walk outside naked. If it's more humiliating to be waiting tables the way you are right now, then that may happen to you."

The things she was describing were making me feel scared again, and humiliated, but I couldn't ignore the pulses that were going through my groin every time she mentioned something that Dani might do to me. At the same time, a little voice in my head was screaming, 'Run away. Go now. Move your ass out of here.'

My pussy took over, and I asked, "If I stay, will I be allowed to leave later?"

She laughed. "You're not being kidnapped. I won't guarantee that Dani might not tie you up at some point, but you will sleep in your own bed tonight, unless you decide otherwise. When the bar closes, you will be on the outside of the door."

I thought about everything she had said, and about how much I wanted to feel as aroused as I had been before. I moved beside Dani, and she finally looked at me. When our eyes locked, I asked, "Are you going to hurt me?"

She smiled sweetly, using her mouth and her eyes. "If I make you scream, it won't be from pain."

I turned back to Eve. "I am probably making the biggest mistake of my life, but I have to know what it would be like. I'll stay."

"You're certain?" I nodded, and smiled a little, very uncertainly.

Eve paused for a moment, watching me. She turned to look at Dani. "Dani, clean her up, then she's yours until closing, or earlier if she decides to leave. Make sure her clothes are looked after, and do not hide them. If she decides to leave, it stops and she leaves, got it?"

"Yes, Mistress." Dani reached out to take my hand, and started to pull me with her.

"Oh, and Dani ... not too intense."

"No, Mistress."

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