The Emerald Lotus
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Wimp Husband, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Black Male, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lin comes from China on a Fiance Visa and has 90 days to decide whether to marry. This is her chance to make a better life for her fourteen year old daughter, but she is realizing there may be sacrifices to make to accommodate her new husband.

Chen Xi Lin was full of butterflies as her plane cut its engines; dropped a few feet silently and reversed the thrust after it hit the ground. The roar of the engines as it slowed down dwarfed in comparison with the apprehension in her throat as she suddenly realized where she was.

Lin's life had been a series of roller-coaster crests and valleys. Her life had seemed promising when the government had plucked her from the rice fields near Yueyang City, and groomed her for the 800 and 1600 meter events in the 1990 Olympics. She had exchanged the hard life of farming for the hard life of track.

She had gone from being an unwanted daughter in a family with no sons, to a minor celebrity the province was proud of. Life was harder, but she felt more appreciated. The tough life of an athlete was tempered by the unexpected benefits of high school and university life. She would never have been sent to the university if not for her track prospects.

Her track prospects came crashing down during the preliminaries in Barcelona, when she was spiked and tripped on the last turn of her heat in the 800 meter event. Once she was no longer a viable commodity on the track, she was given a token job in a factory in Suzhou. There, she lived in a dormitory; four girls to a room in a high-rise on the same site as the company she worked for, making computer chips for cell phones.

Her parents had arranged for her to marry the son of a neighbor who she had not really cared much for, but it would be a chance to leave the hectic city of Suzhou. It seemed she had barely been married when she had become pregnant and bore a girl. Believing that Lin's family was cursed to never have boys, her husband abandoned her.

Lin had little choice but to go back to Suzhou, where she was able to get another factory job and share a place with a couple other girls who had about the same fate. They were able to pool their time and baby sit each other's children.

The world was not the same for Lin as she grew older. The young girl, who stood for hours planting rice, was now raising a young girl who spent her free time on the cell phone and computer.

Unknown to Lin, her daughter had taken her mother's photos and posted them on a website for singles. Her daughter, Jenn, had advertised her as younger, college educated, athletic and outgoing. Jenn had managed to get her mother to pose for some very flattering photos. Lin was rather uncomfortable being asked to wear some of her daughter's short skirts and high heeled boots, but she did it to humor her.

Jenn soon began getting emails from men around the world eager to meet young women. Finally, Jenn shared some emails she received for her mother from the U.S.

Joe was a stock broker from New York. His wife had died, and he was looking for company. Jenn carried on an extensive correspondence with him, pretending to be her mother. Once Joe seemed hooked, Jenn passed on all of the information to her mother. Lin was somewhat apprehensive, and soon gave in to Joe and made a complete clarification of what had happened. Joe was still interested. He explained what a K-1 Visa was. Known as a "Fiancé Visa," a prospective bride or groom had a period of time to enter the country and decide if they wanted to marry.

Joe told her he would send her round trip ticket to New York and back to China if she would consider marrying him. Lin was jittery about the whole thing. On the one hand, her daughter might never have the opportunity to go to college as the daughter of a single mother in China. If Lin married, she would be giving her daughter potential citizenship and a good education in the country of their dreams.

Lin was full of apprehension and expressed them to her prospective husband. She was willing to consider it.

When the plane landed, an older man was standing in the crowd whom she faintly recognized from his pictures. He was about six feet tall, fairly athletic, but a little older than she had been led to believe. He was probably in his mid to late fifties.

On the other hand, Joe had not quite gotten the deal he had been led to believe either. He thought this woman was in her late twenties to early thirties. On the other hand, she was exquisite.

Her daughter had berated her about her clothes. Jenn had insisted on dressing her mother in an emerald green button front short dress and matching high-heeled boots that zipped up the sides. Her coal black long hair had been woven into a French braid that stopped just below her waist. Her wire rimmed glasses gave her a studious look. Her small purse and back pack looked like she did not intend to be away more than overnight. Joe had told her not to bother bringing many clothes, because he would buy her a new wardrobe when she arrived.

Lin's high collar looked somewhat like a traditional Chinese dress, except that it was unbuttoned to the middle of her melon sized breasts by her daughter. Lin was satisfied with the length of her dress, but her daughter had pulled out a wide woven fabric belt and put it on over the dress. The already fairly form fitting dress pulled up a couple of inches because of the belt. It now hit her at almost mid thigh, at the edge of her fingertips. Her daughter had taken some scissors and snipped off the bottom button, so when her mother sat down, the sides fell away, leaving little cover past her crotch. Her daughter, had assured her that was how the younger women of all countries and especially the U.S. dressed, and she would be an old fuddy-duddy if she didn't get with it. Jenn had cut off the button because she knew her mother would not leave it unbuttoned on her own. Jenn had picked up several fashion magazines and leafed through them to assure her mother this was the way all women dressed in the U.S.

Joe tried to make only eye contact with his prospective new bride, but it was impossible to conceal his satisfaction with the woman who tottered uncertainly on her knew high heeled shoes in front of him. Although a few years older than he had been led to believe, she was an incredibly beautiful woman. Her Bai Ling nipples strained against the form-fitting green silk dress over the quarter cup bra that held them up. The hem of her short dress fluttered and parted from the currents in the air-conditioning. Lin's naturally golden tanned legs flushed with Goosebumps as she felt his gaze wander slowly up and down her. Joe tried to focus his gaze to meet hers, but when her eyes turned down, he quickly gave her the once over.

Lin blushed and squirmed under his inspection. She fidgeted nervously with her dress. She tried embarrassingly to tug on the dress to make it longer. She could sense that the other men in the crowd were also starring.

Joe was a little awkward and nervous as he walked over and introduced himself. It helped that she was noticeably unsure of herself too. She was magnificent his mind screamed.

Are you hungry? Are you tired? Can I carry your backpack? The words seemed to come so fast to her. She smiled awkwardly and nodded; not knowing right away how to answer. Joe waited at the baggage counter and grabbed the small bag she had pointed at. She thought she was good at English, but was not prepared for the lightning fast words that she heard.

Before long, Joe had ushered her into his four-wheeled pickup. It was terribly embarrassing for her to get in as Joe held the door for her. She was far too small to get herself up graciously into the passenger seat with such a short dress. Joe had seen an article in the Ladies Home Journal about this kind of thing. "What do you do and how do you act when you assist your date into a sports car when she has a short skirt?"

"Just relax and enjoy it." The article said. With a somewhat modified reaction, Joe let her struggle as she futilely let her dress part as she struggled to get up into the seat of the small truck with a 4" lift and oversize tires. Her face turned red as her dress parted and she practically bared herself to him as she struggled to get one foot up onto the floorboard. Joe set the bag down and lifted her up effortlessly onto the seat. Even so, Lin struggled to smooth her dress down as she struggled to get her legs together.

Lin was modest, but also somewhat desperate. She knew she had to do her best to adjust to this stranger's lifestyle. Her daughter's welfare depended on it. Her visa said that she had ninety days to decide whether or not to marry. If she didn't she would have to go back. If she went back, her daughter's chances of any decent future would be destroyed. "Please be at least somewhat respectable. Please give me something positive to consider about marrying you." Her mind screamed in silent apprehension.

She tried to smile and nod to the numerous questions he ran off. Once the conversation slowed down, she did have a sense of what he had said, but it was hard to understand in real time.

Joe tried to be patient with her, and she struggled to tell herself she could accept him. "I will learn to love him." She struggled to tell herself.

As the days went by, Joe took her to several boutiques and got her several outfits for different occasions. He got her a pair of black, skinny jeans; Charcoal grey, very high heel boots that stopped just below her knees. The zippers up the side had several straps along the sides. It was a lot of effort to zip up the boots and then buckle the straps, but they looked very expensive and stylish.

Lin was a little apprehensive about some of the short cotton dresses he bought her. They looked just like the ones her daughter had shown her in the magazines, but she was still a little guarded about the extreme length. The only thing that made the length bearable was she was not at home where her relatives could see her. In New York, she was actually not that different, but her gripping beauty still made heads turn as she went by.

Joe was getting intoxicated at the attention he got when he was with her. Everybody seemed to think that he must be an especially rich man to have this kind of beauty with him. He liked to walk a few steps behind her to watch the reaction of the men as they went by.

Gradually, Joe grew bolder in his suggestions for his prospective wife. Although she was beautiful, Joe was a middle aged man and needed more and more stimulation to get excited.

One day, Joe texted her that they were going out to dinner after he got home. Lin was apprehensive. Each time they made love, his interest seemed to be cyclical. He would make some proactive suggestion about another dress for her to wear. He would walk behind her and watch the other men's reaction. She did not like that; it was humiliating.

About a month ago, he took her to a bar and let her out. He told her to go in and get a table; that he would be in as soon as he parked the car. When she went in, it was a rather seedy bar. She was the only woman in the place. The maître d' seated her at a table next to the window. It had a glass top. She tried to look casual as she tucked nervously at her short dress. It seemed like it took Joe forever to park the car and come in to meet her.

When he came in, there were several men standing around her, offering to buy her a drink. She had insisted she was meeting somebody, but they seemed oblivious to her comments. When Joe came in and sat next to her, they begrudgingly left. Joe wanted to know everything they had asked her and what she had said back to them. For about a month, sex had been great. It wasn't that Lin wanted sex; she took it as a sign of his interest. If he wasn't showing much interest, she felt her prospects of marriage were much smaller.

Joe's text message on her cell phone had an ominous feel to it. His sexual appetite had started to taper off for the last week or so, and she was apprehensive about what this night out would bring.

He had said that he was coming home early, and that they were going out.

When he came in about three in the afternoon, she was dressed in a short bathrobe with slippers. She had scrubbed herself; painted her toenails and fingernails; and braided her hair. Joe seemed to have a fetish about her hair. She had lain down with her head over the end of the couch and braided her long black hair into a French braid that stopped just below her waist. It was about the only thing she did not feel any reservations about.

She knew better than to put on a dress before he got there. She would let him pick out the clothes in order to avoid any arguments. There were no arguments. She simply just didn't want to have to change clothes again. When he came home, she followed him slowly upstairs, wondering what he would be thinking today.

She walked past him to the dresser and pulled out the top drawer that had her panties and bras. Apprehensively, she pulled out a black thong and lacy bra, knowing he would pick something outlandish. Lin dropped the bathrobe and started to put on the lacy black bra. He stopped her. He threw down a paper sack from Sac's. She opened it. It was a black lacy bra almost like the one she had started to put on.

When she held it up, Joe helped fasten the clasp. It was in front. He cupped her breasts as he fastened it. She was astonished to find that the quarter cups did not hide her nipples. The bra was snug and pushed her breasts up needlessly. They did not need any support. They poked out wantonly at almost ninety degree angles to each other. The bra wasn't so much to hold her up as to hold her in. Without the restraint, her Bai Ling nipples jutted about three quarters of an inch stiffly past the end of her breasts. The snug thin cotton dress could not possibly conceal their location or size without the help of the bra. In fact, the thin material could barely conceal the light pink of her surrounding areoles.

Lin was humiliated at the thought of wearing this outfit in public. She only prayed that they would not see anyone that they knew. She blinked to clear her eyes as she reached embarrassingly for her black lace thong.

She felt Joe reach around her and take the garment away. Instead, he handed her the gray, button front dress from Forever Twenty One. It looked great on the mannequin. She didn't know whether she would be able to walk down the street in it without being self conscious.

The dress hit her a few inches above the knees, but the buttons only came to mid thigh or higher. If the wind didn't blow, things would be o.k.

Joe handed her some black ribbed pantyhose to put on; only they weren't really pantyhose. When she sat down and crossed her legs to put them on, she realized they were individual stockings. Embarrassed, she stood to pull them up. They went up to just below her crotch. The tops were ornately woven into lace patterns that created a transition from the dark black leg coverings to a gradually more revealing of flesh through the lace to the bare naked olive skin surrounding her vagina.

Lin didn't ask where they were going. She didn't want to know. It couldn't be good. Although their apartment was not abnormally warm or cool, the air movement constantly reminded her that under the dress she was naked.

Lin tried to cover her embarrassment as she

crossed her legs to zip and buckle up the high heel boots that Joe had handed her. She stood embarrassingly on her high heels as though they were so high everybody would see up her dress.

Joe pulled out a long thin wool cap and slipped it over her shoulders. He handed her her small clutch purse and the Dolce Cabana Dark Glasses that were beside the door as they left.

When the elevator doors opened, Lin was certain that everybody knew that she had no panties. Her face flushed and her ears pounded. When they got outside, they made the short walk to the subway. It was starting to fill as there is always a group that seems to have just gotten off of work or about to go to some job.

When Joe and Lin sat down, her cape parted. Her dress had already fallen off of her thighs under it. Lin nervously tried to wrap the sides back over her lap. Joe leaned over and whispered something. Lin's face turned red as she let go of the fabric between her hands and thighs. The cape had no buttons, and the sides fell open against the bench seat they were in. As the subway car jumped and turned, the dress and cape seemed to vibrate farther apart, revealing her long lean shaved legs from the top of her boots to the spot where the last button seemed to cover her crotch.

Some of the men tried not to notice. Some of the men stared wantonly at her. They all seemed to question what they were supposed to do. Joe was relishing in the attention his prospective wife was getting.

They hadn't been riding long, when Joe stood. Where were they going? Joe nudged her gently ahead of him towards the door. The men grinned as she passed. As they walked the steep flights of steps to daylight, Lin was certain the men knew she was panty-less.

When they got outside, Joe led her about a half block. She was too embarrassed about her dress, and seemed oblivious to what he was saying.

They got to "Guinevere's Day Spa," and Joe held the door for her. "What was going on?" she wondered. The receptionist asked for reservations, and Joe whispered something to her. She seemed unfazed as she led the two of them into a room that seemed more like a doctor's office.

Once inside, there was a couch, a large leather sofa, and what looked like an exam table covered with sheets. The receptionist took Lin's cape and hung it on the back of the door. Lin suffered in embarrassment as she assumed the position she knew was hers. She sat with her legs crossed and her hands to her sides. She knew Joe did not want her to hide herself with her hands or purse. Her dress drifted off of her legs, leaving her crossed legs bare almost to the top of her stockings.

In a few minutes, a large muscular black man came in. He had on a long white coat; carried a manila folder and seemed all business like. He didn't ask any questions. He looked at the folder, then over at Lin. His gaze almost melted her. He was quiet for a while as he studied her and the chart.

"Hello, folks, my name is Conrad." Joe introduced himself and Lin. The terror and embarrassment in her eyes made him suspect she didn't know what was going on.

Joe and Conrad whispered a little to each other.

"Miss Lin; apparently your husband has not fully explained what you are here for." Lin shook her head in terror.

Lin barely understood the words as they explained things to her. She was numb with humiliation when the big black man picked her up by the waist and placed her on the exam table. He nudged her back so she lay with her back and shoulders down. Her eyes watered as she felt him unbutton her dress to the waist.

Lin tried not to show her humiliation as the man pulled some steel stirrups out and parted her legs. Her mind screamed in protest as she felt the breeze between her legs. Her hands lost their color as they gripped the sides of the exam table.

She could hear the familiar "swish; swish; swish" as he slid a straight razor on a leather belt. She felt the alcohol sting as he sprayed her vagina with shaving cream. Now she realized what was going on. She could feel the cold steel pass over her vagina. It didn't take long before he wiped her again with an antiseptic towel and hot water.

Again, she felt colder and more exposed as she felt the air-conditioning on her now naked vulva.

She didn't quite understand why the black man said: "Hold still." She didn't quite understand why she felt Joe come over; lay across her abdomen and grip her legs to keep her from moving. The big black man was good with a needle. She did not feel the needle go in or the release of Novocain. She heard something like a stapler go off twice, but didn't recognize the sound. Wait; that was how she had been lanced for earrings when she was a child.

Lin could feel the numbing sense that somebody was tugging on her vulva. "That's it. Your done." The black man said as he passed an alcohol laced towel over her vulva.

He put one arm behind her neck and brought her up to a sitting position. He held a mirror in front of her like a barber who is finished with a haircut.

Lin was horrified and humiliated. Her hands went up to cover her mouth in disbelief.

She had been shaved. Her vulva was naked. There was a very fine silver chain laced through two piercings on each side of her vulva. Like shoelaces, the fine silver chain criss-crossed her vulva, basically sewing it shut from the middle to the back. It was only an inch or so; but in effect it was a chastity belt. The sides came together and into a green piece of jewelry.

"It's an Emerald Lotus." Joe told her. The little green crystal swayed between her folds from the edges of the silver chain. It would have been a nice small earring; it would have been a nice small pendant to wear around her neck.

But it wasn't an earring and it wasn't a pendant. The tiny piece of jewelry had a small tumbler in it and Joe had the key.

It was humiliating. It was exotic. It was proactive as it swung back and forth a few millimeters as Lin writhed in humiliation and anguish.

"How is this worth it?" her mind screamed. She took a breath and thought about her daughter for a minute and told herself she would put up with whatever she had to in order to bring her daughter over.

Joe handed the large black man a wad of bills. Lin tried to button her dress with her shaking hands. Joe helped her with her cape. They walked out into the now dark city. It had cooled off now, but the anesthetic and not completely worn off, so Lin could not yet feel the cool air on her labia.

Joe thought that ought to be enough for one night, and he would think of something else once Lin had enough time to think about how the day had gone. They walked down the stairs back to the subway. Both of them were a little worked up over the events of the evening, and had not paid much attention to the subway signs.

Instead of getting on the subway and going home, they went down the wrong stairs and got on the subway going the wrong direction. They did not seem to realize that after a few minutes, the subway car had emptied. At the next stop, several black men entered the next car. They were joking and teasing each other when they realized that the car they were in and the car that Joe and Lin were in were empty.

Joe saw them coming. There were three of them. They were all about six feet six or eight inches tall. They all looked like they could have been NFL or NBA players. They all had hoods on their sweatshirts. They came through the door joining the two cars. They walked over slowly and sat across from Joe and Linn at the end of the car they were in. Nobody said anything. The men stared.

Lin had been sitting with her cape open and her dress falling off of her crossed legs as Joe had instructed her to do. When she saw the men coming, she pulled the cape back over her legs. The men stared for a while.

Finally, they got up. One came over and stood by Joe. One came over and sat next to Lin. The third man came over and stood directly in front of Lin. The three strangers effectively shielded the couple from anybody who might have seen them as the car went through the subway.

The man next to Joe whispered something to him. Joe shook his head. The man standing in front of Lin pulled out a switchblade. The ivory handle was about 12" long. When he pressed the button, the blade swung in a huge arc. The side of the handle was facing Lin. The blade seemed to come out in slow motion. Even though it was only a millisecond, it swung in a huge arch before it snapped and locked open.

"He told you to stand the fuck up; asshole." Joe looked over at Lin. If he didn't obey, they might slit her throat. Joe stood. The man sitting next to him slapped a handcuff on one of his hands; looped it over the overhead bar and handcuffed his other hand to the other side. Joe couldn't sit down or do much of anything.

"What's your name young lady?" Lin couldn't speak she was shaking so bad. "You better get real sociable or I'll cut your fucking husband's dick off." He moved the point of the knife against Joe's zipper.

"M ... M ... M ... My n ... n ... n ... name Lin. My name Chen Xi Lin." the beautiful Asian woman managed between sobs.

"Well; Mrs. Chen; we're here to welcome you to America. Have you ever fucked a black person back in China?" Joe groaned because he understood. It took Lin a while for it to sink in. Without answering, she shook her head slowly.

"My name is Marcel." The big black man with the knife said as he stuck the point of the knife against the lower part of Lin's dark glasses. He used the tip to raise them above her face and balance them on the top of her head.

Without her dark glasses to hide behind, Lin could not conceal her terror. Her lower lip trembled as she fought to present an appearance of calmness she did not have.

Marcel stuck the tip of his switchblade into the small clutch purse in her lap. He raised it and flicked it over to the man next to her. He went through it and took her credit cards and cell phone.

Marcel lowered the tip and stuck it into the end of her left sleeve. He raised the tip; guiding her left hand over to her side. He did the same to her right hand. As her right hand came off of her lap, the wool cape parted. It had no buttons and the whole cape opened up and fell against the bench seat.

Lin looked up at her husband; hoping for some sort of encouragement or help. He groaned again as he saw the cape open.

"You can either unbutton that fucking dress or I'll do it for you. If I do it, you won't have any fucking buttons to hold it together with when I'm done." Lin looked at the blade. She looked up at her husband again. "What should she do" she wondered. She hesitated. Marcel took his blade and started to drive it into Joe's crotch. Lin grabbed his hand and shook her head. She hoped her hand on his might have some effect. She could usually get her way when she touched a man.

Their eyes met. Marcel could see she would rather capitulate than see her husband lose something.

Joe had already made her dress with her top two buttons open. The neck of her dress was already open to the middle of her breasts. Lin reached for the next button. She pushed it through the eyelet. She didn't need to look down to understand what Marcel could see from above. She didn't need to turn to see what the two men on each side of her could see. Lin could hardly move her hands as she forced them to reach for the next button. She could feel the air on her nipples. Marcel wasn't waiting. He reached over with the point of his knife. He raised her chin with the point until she was making eye contact with him. He reached over with the point and put it between the sides of her dress and used it to part the top enough to get a good look.

Now, Joe, who was above her, the two men on each side of her and Marcel could see her long stem pink nipples straining over the top of her quarter cup bra. Lin shuddered under their inspection.

"Continue," she heard somebody say.

Lin reached up and unbuttoned the last button above her waist. Lin struggled with her mind to continue. Her stomach roiled as she tried to control her emotions.

"Next and last fucking button; bitch or I'll cut it off."

Lin looked up at her husband again. Would he still want to marry her if she acted like a wanton whore with these strangers? What about her daughter.

"Joe? Tell me what to do."

Joe was in no position to give any advice. If she resisted they would cut off his balls. "They will kill us if you don't obey; honey."

That was it. No support. No defiance from her husband. What could she do?

Lin was trembling and sobbing as she opened the last button just below her waist. She let the dress go. It fell open all the way. Lin dropped her head down onto her crossed knees with her hands crossed over her breasts and crotch. She sobbed; unable to stand the stares of the four men.

She felt the point under her chin. She felt it pushing against the soft skin just above her throat. It was the back of the knife, but Lin couldn't tell. Like a horse with the reins resting against her neck, Lin raised herself to the new command she now understood; the point of the knife.

"Uncross those fucking legs."

Lin raised her upper foot and placed it squarely on the floor next to the other one.

Lin felt the knife between her breasts. Like a propane torch against butter, the lacy quarter cup bra tumbled open. Lin sat there, petrified; with her arms back against the back of the wooden bench seat; legs parted and breasts heaving out in front of her. Her long stemmed pink nipples fluttered to echo the roiling of her stomach and the sobbing in her throat.

"Holy fucking shit. Look at that." She heard one of the men say. Somebody pulled one of her legs to one side. The other man beside her did the same with the other.

Lin sat there dying of embarrassment. The carved green emerald that held the two sides of the fine silver chain swayed with the rolling motion of the car they were riding. Lin had her eyes closed and her head turned to one side, hoping for some respite in her humiliation.

"It looks like we will have to fuck her in the ass or the mouth." Marcel whispered as he looked at the emerald jewel at the end of the criss-crossed chain.

"Unzip my pants, Mrs. Chen. Show me how good a wife you are."

It took Lin a while to understand. She didn't quite understand the words, but she had a sense of what was expected from the progression of events and the nearness of Marcel's growing excitement.

Lin looked up at her husband as she reluctantly reached up for his zipper. She was hoping she had misunderstood and he would correct her. "Tell me to stop." Her eyes pleaded to him.

Joe groaned at what was happening. "Tell her what to do fuckhead." Marcel whispered as he stuck the point of his switch blade under Joe's chin. Joe was a bit of a coward. He was more concerned with his own welfare than the dignity of his wife.

"You've got to do what he says, honey. Everything's going to be alright."

"Fuck You. You're not the one who has to do this." Her mind screamed in revolt.

Lin made eye contact; first with Joe, then with Marcel; hoping for some sign of capitulation from anyone. Marcel had the glare of a cold Alaska night. Joe had a flicker of something else.

"P ... p ... p ... please don't make me do this in front of my husband; I'm begging you."

The man on her left took her left hand and put it on his crotch. The man on her right cupped her right breast and rolled the nipple. He started to squeeze. He squeezed slowly but soon she was ready to scream.

"Get the fuck with it; cunt." She heard him whisper into her ear.

Trying to control her sobbing, Lin reached her free right hand up for Marcel's belt. She pulled on it to release the catch. She unbuckled the belt; then the brass button of his jeans under it. Lin was struggling with her emotions; not really knowing what approach to take. She was essentially being rapped. She was going to be raped in the mouth. This was worse than rape. Being raped was to be held down on the floor and have somebody stick his dick in you until he ejaculated.

This was ten times worse. She was being ordered to do all the work as the subway car bobbed and weaved its way down the track; with lights on and her husband watching her suck a stranger's cock.

Lin pulled his zipper down. His pants slid down to his knees but stopped because his legs were spread. Lin was fighting for time; trying to clear her head; trying to figure out how to avoid what she was charged with doing.

She put her forehead against Marcel's abdomen and ran the back of her hand up and down the bulge in his shorts; struggling for a way out of this. Her head was turned toward her husband. To her horror, she could see that the bulge in his jeans was growing. Was he excited by her humiliation?

She felt the point under her chin again. She knew the drill. Lin stuck her fingers in the top of his shorts and pulled down. The semi-erect phallus hit her in the face as it cleared the confines of his shorts. Lin flew back but then caught herself. She dared not offend her tormenter and give him incentive to be meaner.

Lin sat there; with her body away from him at arm's length. Her hands were on his thighs, each side of this throbbing monster.

"I don't think I can do this. It won't fit. This is going to fucking hurt." Her mind screamed.

She felt the point of the knife against the bottom of her wrist. The conversation was silent but understood. She reached out with her right hand and tried to circle her thumb and fingers around it. She couldn't get clear around it. Lin pulled the semi flaccid member to her right and leaned in. She held it against her forehead and ran her head back and forth slowly, getting her mind to subconsciously measure the length and girth as it slowly stiffened and lengthened. The slightest touch made it jolt to a new length. Although she had her eyes closed, she could feel it jump at any change in her grip or movement of her head.

Lin put the side of it against her right cheek. It burned with animal heat. It flexed and lengthened some more.

The man to her left had now managed to unzip his own jeans. He had managed to get the fingers of her left hand curled around his massive staff. It was hot and slimy. The slightest movement of her left hand brought more heat and moisture to it.

Finally she felt the tip of the immense cold steel knife at her lips. It was either; open her mouth or get it cut open.

"Tell your fucking wife what to do before I cut off your balls you cocksucker."

"Open your mouth, honey. Take it in your mouth." Joe said in a whisper.

Lin was mewing now. She was mewing in anguish; embarrassment and humiliation. She was trying to keep her mouth closed, but knew she had to capitulate.

What difference does it make, she thought. When she was married, she wasn't that enthusiastic about her first marriage; but that was what was expected in China.

Then with Joe, she had married in order to give her daughter a life. Now she was doing something she didn't want for many of the same reasons. She had to keep her husband alive so that her daughter could have a better life.

Lin softened the pressure she had on her lips, thinking what difference does it make? She closed her eyes and rubbed the head of it across her cheeks trying to procrastinate.

Lin held the tip square in front of her and rubbed the tip between her softened lips against her clenched teeth; trying to work up the courage for the inevitable. She pulled back for a second to wet her lips with her tongue. She massaged the tip again with her moist lips.

Lin tried to blot out her thoughts. She tried to blot out the image of her husband's growing excitement as she put her lips around the opening at his tip. She parted her teeth and kissed him softly with her tongue against the opening. She jumped a little as she felt a dart of fluid enter her. She knew it was going to happen anyway, but her mind raced at the humiliation of the thought.

"Maybe she could stop it with the tip of her tongue," she thought. What a stupid idea. She knew it was stupid, but her mind was grasping at straws.

Lin felt a gush in her left hand. It was hot. Somehow her mind was trying to convince itself that if she could not see it happen, neither could anybody else.

Joe could see the man's head go back; his mouth open in a long groan. He could see the man's legs stiffen and shake as Lin squeezed and opened her left hand to the man's guidance. He could see her recoil and then try to recover as he shuddered.

Once the man was through, he guided her left hand up to assist her right hand on Marcel. Her left hand was covered with semen that glistened in the lights of the subway car as it bumped and swayed along with them. The semen on her left hand was now being transferred to Marcel's shaft; her chin; her nose and chin as she struggled to accommodate the massive phalynx in her mouth.

Lin's mouth was stretched to the breaking point. Her cheeks and throat constricted and expanded with each thrust in and out of her. The motions were very slow; almost sensual rather than the violent rutting of a man raping a woman. Never-the-less, Linn was swimming in embarrassment and humiliation at be sawed into with this massive phallus and the clear liquid lubricating her lips. She had never tasted semen before but had no doubt what it was.

The smell was unmistakable. Marcel had not ejaculated, but the fluid from the other man had been transferred by her left hand all over her face.

Lin pulled back; turned her head and said: "Please give me a chance to catch my breath." As she used her left hand to break the strand of spittle and semen from her lips. She put the palm of her left hand over the end to keep the ejaculate from hitting her in the face. She was new at this, but knew it would happen soon.

When her breathing leveled off, she felt the point of the knife back at her lips. She looked up at Marcel. The knife moved down, forcing her mouth open. "What was going on?"

Lin started to lean forward to continue, but Marcel put the point between them. She sat there puzzled with her mouth open and both hands around his massive organ.

Lin slowly began to move her hands along him, wondering and not knowing quite what to do. Marcel again pointed the knife at her until she again opened her mouth; then wider. He leaned closer. She was now sitting upright, but leaning slightly forward, away from the back of her seat.

Hesitatingly she continued slowly massaging him. She put one hand in front of the other; with her thumbs along the canal along the bottom. She slowly twisted her hands in opposite circles as they went up and down his shaft.

"Stick out your tongue; farther; flatten it; farther. Tip your head back; farther." Lin now had her hands going gently up and down his massive shaft with her tongue extended and flat; supporting the tip of his cock.

She could sense the heat. She could sense his body stiffen. She could see him lean against the subway car with his arms outstretched above her. She heard the groan. She was not quite ready for the first blast; it went past her nose and into her hair. The next landed in her eyes. The next went up her nose. The rest of them went into her mouth. She struggled not to gag or turn away. Finally she clamped down with her thumbs to shut off the canal delivering the semen. She managed to swallow what was in her mouth without chocking. Once her mouth was cleared, she released her pressure on his shaft. By then she was able to close her lips over the tip and swallow the diminishing shudders.

They took her cape from her and made her use it to clean them. Lin was still mostly naked; with her dress draped at her sides; her bra down around her waist. They took her bra and dress; letting her sit there in her high heeled boots and stockings with her arms at her sides as they got up to leave.

"I have the handcuff keys and I'm going to leave them on the platform outside of the subway car as we leave. I am going to leave your cape in the next subway car. If you can get the key and get back in before the train leaves, you may be able to free your husband. If you get outside and can't get back inside, you are stuck without your husband or your cape. You won't have time to get your cape and then get the key.

With that, the men got up to leave. One man with the key stood by the door. Another took her cape, went to the next car and left the cape on a seat as he got out.

What did Lin do? Did she run out the subway car, naked; grab the key; return to free her husband and then go get the cape? She could have just gone to the next car, retrieved her cape and left her husband handcuffed to the support bar on the ceiling. She could have run; naked out the car to get the key and not been able to get back in before the train left the station.

Lin sat there, naked, with her legs crossed. She ran the back of her left hand up and down the rising bulge in her husband's pants as she weighed her options.

But that's another story...

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