A Little Fun in the Sun
Chapter 1: Silly Bitch

Copyright© 2013 by Barebacker

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Silly Bitch - My bitchy wife and I were vacationing in the Caribbean when she had a panic attack at an Island outdoor festival night and a local man offered to drive us back to our hotel; for a fee. She reluctantly paid the bill and then some, I had no idea! There is interracial sex but that is not what the story is about; this could just as easily have happened in Turkey with the right people but it happened in the Caribbean, with the absolutely perfect right people.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   BiSexual   Wife Watching   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Double Penetration  

My wife's parents agreed to watch the kids and her and I took off for a quickie Caribbean vacation. A friend had told us about a funky little hotel in the older part of the island with lots of local food and music. Kim agreed to try it but a resort with a poolside bar was more her thing, she had a lot of bitch in her and liked being served or serviced, you couldn't tell by looking at her five, two, hundred and ten pound hot little body but she was more cunt than pussy. After ten years together I still get caught off guard by her absolutely sweet face and tight ass that she uses for manipulation and power more than anything else even though she's at least as horny as I am, what a waste. I was getting tired of the bitch.

We settled into a routine the first day; Kim liked to sleep in and I liked to get up early so I would go for an hour or so walk and pick up some fruit for breakfast at the morning market and by the time I got back Kim would be ready to get up. We would have breakfast together on the balcony and decide what to do with the rest of the day, usually which beach to go to. On the second day of my walks there was a man unloading sheets of plywood from an old beater pickup by himself so I stopped to help. We got to talking and it turned out he was an electrician for the local power authority and I'm an electrician for a large company at home, we hit it off and every morning I would walk up to his place for a visit and give him a hand while I was there. We would talk while I was helping him and I learned that his wife and kids were on a neighbouring island visiting her parent's farm while he finished a renovation on this house they just bought when they moved here for his job. He didn't know anyone in the area yet and was glad for the help I gave him. Thomas asked me if we were going to have any more children and I told him no, I had a vasectomy. Thomas said that he had one as well and spoke about it not being a popular thing for the men to do in the islands so he keeps it to himself. He kidded me about having my wife waiting in bed for me and his wife is a long swim away, "Man, I haven't been this long without a woman since I was twelve!" I told him if he didn't stop looking at my butt I wouldn't feel safe visiting him anymore. We laughed like old friends together, old friends I didn't tell my wife about. It would've been: "What are you helping him for, you don't know him, what has he ever done for us?" Stupid bitch. Gorgeous, with perfect B cup tits, snug pussy, and a high tight little ass thats to die for, but still a bitch and getting to the point of not being worth the trouble. I opened up to him about what a mean and vindictive streak my wife has and Thomas shared with me that his first wife was like that; "The woman couldn't stand to see me enjoy myself but thought she deserved every good thing. My best uncle told me to leave her and get a good woman! There are plenty of nice woman out there and I listened to him. He set me straight."

On our fourth morning together Thomas told me about the Friday night festival that has great food vendors with a local band for music. Everyone in the area goes, good fun. It gets a little raucous but there are police there and Thomas assured me that there is never any trouble. Completely safe. So that night I talked Kim into going to the Festival for dinner and some music; well raucous didn't describe it! We got there just as a large group of men came down the street behind us and started taunting and making gestures at a group of men already there, with us between them. Kim freaked! and clutching my arm she looked up at me and said: "I'm terrified!" If she had a chance to run she would have fucked off and left me there to fend for myself but she was stuck with no way out. Thomas had told me about this but said not to worry, it's just some competition between neighbourhoods and although it might look serious, it's good natured and in a short time everyone will be dancing and laughing together. Well Kim didn't know this and she was bug eyed scared, we pushed our way through the crowd towards Thomas's house further up the street and men were hitting on Kim all the way: "Come on pretty lady, I'll take good care of you." "You dance with me, you never dance with another man again." One guess what dance meant and it wasn't lost on Kim. By the time we got to Thomas's pickup she was ready to jump at any chance of saving herself, I told Kim to stay beside the truck and I'll go to the door and see if I can hire the owner to drive us out of here.

I knocked and Thomas let me in, he had just gotten out of the shower and was shirtless with a pair of cut off sweat pants for shorts. After I told him what shape Kim was in he offered to walk with us or if we wanted he would drive us back to our hotel and thats when my brain took a left turn. I have no idea where this came from but it must have been festering somewhere in my mind. Instead of just saying thanks, I said that wasn't what I wanted; Kim had always complained that when she was single she didn't fool around enough, I offered swinging and she was offended I would suggest such a thing. What a bitch, well now's her chance, Thomas hadn't had any in awhile, two birds with one stone. "How would you like a hot piece of my wife's excellent ass?" "Whoa man! What are you saying? That don't sound right." "Ya, it does. My wife's a bitch, but a fuckin gorgeous bitch with a hot body and I'm offering you a free ride. We have no diseases or anything and we're leaving next week, no one will ever know." "I don't know man." I went on: "She doesn't know that we know each other and thinks I'm in here arranging a ride to our hotel, so follow my lead and you'll get to have a very hot woman in your bed." Thomas went over to the window and pulled the curtain aside enough so he could see Kim standing beside his truck. In her little summer dress she looked like a virginal teenage beauty nervously waiting for her date. Thomas looked at me sideways and asked again: "You're sure about this, really sure?" "Completely! I'm going to tell her you'll help and when I bring her in I want you to tell her she's lucky she came to your house or there would have been things happen to her out there, let her imagination do the rest. Then tell her before you take her to safety: 'You need some private time with her in there' and nod to the bedroom 'or you can go back out on the street right now'." Thomas was shaking his head: "She'll leave." I pushed: "No, she won't. She'll be so freaked out she'll agree to anything. I'll tell her she doesn't have to do this, we can take our chances out on the street but she won't go back outside with the mob there. Take her in the bedroom and don't take any shit from her or give her any sympathy, the bitch doesn't deserve it! Make her give you a blow job, she gives great head, then take whatever else you want and screw the hell out of her." Never mind Thomas, I was getting really bent by all this now. "Jesus John! Your killing me. Ya man, bring her in. I'll do it." "Good! but remember be very dominant, that's the key, you must completely dominate her, no chance of mercy or any other way out of this and don't tell her you've had a vasectomy, when you're banging her tell her 'you always make sons and you're going to put a baby boy in her belly'. We have two blond daughters and I think the thought of a black son would really fuck her up." I went out and brought Kim in and it went exactly like I expected with my wife following Thomas into the bedroom and the loudest noise I have ever heard was the click of the door closing.

The bedroom that Thomas took Kim to had a shared closet between it and the adjacent bedroom that did not have a separation wall so you could go in the closet in one bedroom and follow it between the walls to come out in the closet in the next bedroom, my grandparents had the same thing in their house and it was great for hide and seek when I was a kid. I kicked off my shoes and in a minute was watching them through the louvers in the closet door. Thomas was stone faced looking down at her while she begged him to just drive us back to our hotel and she'll give him lots of money, Kim kept talking as his hand caressed her hair before gripping a fistful to bend her head back for a full mouth kiss. Kim tried to turn away but Thomas jerked her back and scowled; "I'll throw you out on the street naked, then you'll have some fun." "No! Please, I'm sorry." His lips covered hers and his tongue pushed into her mouth as he worked her over. Kim passively accepted the kiss until Thomas's fingers found her braless nipple through her dress and pinched it hard; Kim gasped and cringed away but he had her by the hair and nipple, she wasn't going anywhere. "Kiss me back!" and she did. Kimmy can kiss like a banshee when she wants to, but she is too cheap with her hot kisses and blow jobs, it looked like Thomas knew how to get the best out of her. She was running her tongue along his lips, with quick sucks on his tongue and then some sparring. Another suck on his bottom lip and then a full french kiss. They were just kissing but I already had my cock out, beating it almost viciously when Thomas reached for the hem of her dress, lifting it up over her head and tossing it on the floor. Kim stood there quivering with her arms hanging by her sides, nipples so stiff they must have ached jutting out from her breasts, the only clothing she had left on was a beautiful, lace trimmed brazilian cut panty cupping her mound and half her ass. Thomas had stopped kissing Kim but kept a hold of her hair, forcing her head back while he slowly stroked her body everywhere but her nipples or pussy. He caressed the slope of her shoulders down her arms and across her chest above her breasts then circled under her beauties to lift each one to weigh it in his palm. Squeezing each breast in his whole hand hard enough to make Kim moan, still not touching the nipples which were like little erections begging to be masturbated. I couldn't tell if Kim was in lust, fear, or both but she had a lot of something going on now.

Thomas's hand left her breasts and trailed lightly across her tummy to explore Kim's navel then just touching her skin with his finger tips he moved down along the slope of her thighs almost to her knees then back up the inside, slowly, making little travelling circles. Kim was starting to pant, it didn't matter why anymore, fear or lust, it all ended up between her legs. Thomas's fingers followed the line of her panties from the inside of her thigh to her hip barely grazing Kim's plump labia with the backs of his fingers. When the tips dipped inside her panties waist band Kim's belly sucked in and stayed in as they drifted across her tummy to the top of her mound. Her mouth was hanging open as her panting became louder, Kim's eyes were all panic, jumping around the room but her body was getting ready for other things. What a fucking torment she must be in. Thomas's fingers curled gently into her panties, the backs of his fingers buried in the small bush she left on the top of her mound. Kim's breath stopped when she felt his fingers in her cunt hair, her body frozen. Waiting. His fingers gripped her panties and pulled up! Hard! Wedging the gusset of her panties into her pussy slit and ass crack, crudely splitting her labia, jarring her up on her toes from the shock. A ragged breath and an anguished moan coming from her mouth. Using his grip in her hair to turn her so her back was to him he bent her at the waist and grabbed the back of her brazilians to pull them even tighter into her split open ass. Another loud groan spilled from Kim just before his beefy hand came down on her butt with a stinging slap, Kimmy squealed with every spank, five good ones covering both cheeks then spinning her back around by the hair only to arch her backwards to continue the spanking. Kim was staring at his face as Thomas began slapping her breasts with sharp strokes, more to sting than to hurt. Kim's nipples got even harder as her tits reddened from the treatment they were getting, then without a pause he moved his hand down to slap her thighs that Kim tried to protect by squeezing together. Thomas just bent her further backwards by her hair forcing her to squat out her legs to keep her balance, giving him her open thighs and split beaver to torment. The look on her face when the first slap landed on her clit and pussy lips was fucking awesome, her mouth went oval and her eyes widened to their greatest extremity, seeing nothing, her whole face opened to the intensity of what was happening to her. Did he ever have her number, this was the biggest surprise of all. I shot my first load on the inside of the closet door, it was so fucking intense that my legs almost buckled and I never lost my erection. A first. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't anything like this.

Thomas kept a steady spanking on Kim's pussy, sometimes reaching deep between her legs to concentrate on her exposed labia pushed out by the panties wedged between them. They made an exciting fleshy sound when his hand hit and during pauses I could see how much fatter and inflamed they were. Thomas thought it was time to lose the panties, I agreed. He let go of her hair and with his fists wrapped in the front and back of her panties he surprised us both by lifted her off the floor. All of her weight was on the crotch of her panty jammed between her labia, from her clit all the way through her butt past her anus. With Kim's toes dangling inches above the floor Thomas bounced her, never letting her feet touch, then he did it again pulling up hard and fast taking Kim's weight off of the material splitting her pussy and then her settling back down on it with a groan of agony. Both of her hands had their fingers dug into his forearms in front of her and Kim's mouth was hanging open in a silent scream. The next time her weight settled in her crack Thomas continued the motion down and as Kim's beautiful brazilian panties joined the dress on the floor she sank to her knees cupping her pussy, whimpering. Maybe crying a little. I was getting a little fucked up by now, I signed up for a blow job and a screw then we go home, now he's working her over like a pimp training a new girl, where the hell did this come from?

Kim was the picture of submission, naked, on her knees before the man who owned her, her hands cupping her vulva, shallow breathing through her mouth, waiting. Her gasping breath was all I could hear until Thomas fisted her hair to pull her face against the swelling in the front of his shorts and then all I could hear was her groaning until he gave Kim her next instruction: "Pull them down." Kimmy didn't hesitate at all and with both hands she pulled the sweats down his legs and Thomas kicked them away. As she sat back on her heels her eyes raised to the level of his cock and while she watched Thomas squeezed and pulled his prick to fully erect before grabbing her hair to pull her mouth to his dripping cock head. Kim still had a bit of fight left in her and pressed her lips together but a tug on her hair opened her mouth and with the last token resistance gone her lips wrapped around the juicy head of his prick. Her shoulders sagged and her whole posture shifted to one of compliance, she began to give ernest head, slowly, with a lick here and kisses there, she began to respond to the heat he put in her ass and pussy. This was a serious blow job now, Kimmy was pumping Thomas's shaft in time to her mouth bobbing on the crown, her other hand kneading his fat testicles. When she pulled her lips back to expose his piss hole so she could watch her own hand pump some juice out for her tongue to lick off both Thomas and I groaned. That was what it took to push Thomas over the edge and when he held Kim's head in his hands to start short stroking her mouth we all knew what was coming. Kimmy let go of Thomas's balls to rub her clit and forced herself down on his groin so hard that Thomas let go of her head and reaching behind himself grabbed his own buttocks, arching his cock forward into Kim's mouth, her hungry mouth. I have never seen her give head like this, total abandonment! She always made me feel guilty about cumming in her mouth but this time she was starving for his cum to flood her, desperate, she was frantically sucking him off! Holy Fuck! Her fingers on her clit were a blur as her tongue washed the head of any juice then back to stroking and sucking, her mouth making wet noises as she suckled on him. Every muscle in his body tensed and his fingers dug deeper into his ass cheeks, his cock, hard and stiff turned to steel and lurched as the first rope of cum boiled across Kim's tongue to be gulped down as she excitedly wrung more from the fat cock between her lips. Her pumps got stronger and more insistent as his orgasm faded, Kim was making mewing sounds as his shots turned to a dribble, she didn't want it to end, still thirsty for more of his sperm to swallow. It went on until Thomas's prick was a raw nerve and with a grunt he pulled her up and threw her on the bed. Holy fuck! Man! seeing my wife suck him off so hotly and then chew and swallow his whole load was the hottest thing I've ever seen. Watching Kim's throat swallowing and knowing what she was swallowing gave me such an attack of anxiety that I lost my erection. I was breathing like a race horse and my heart was pounding so loud that I didn't know if I needed a doctor or a woman.

The two of them stared at each other like odd bookends, both panting through their mouths, eyes aflame, bodies alive with passion. Thomas was black as night and Kimmy had that dirty blond beach girl look, he was five ten and one ninety pounds of solid beef, she was five two and a hundred and ten soaking wet and with the clear view I had of her cunt she was soaking wet right now, she had stopped masturbating and was mashing her whole cunt with her hand, rolling her clit and dangling labia, roughly spreading cunt cream all over her pussy. Kim had C sections with our children and her pussy is naturally small but luckily good and wet because Thomas's cock was almost perfect for her: it looked about seven inches, circumcised, and like the rest of him was thick and beefy. If I could change anything I would have given him a six incher because my six and a half inches can leave her sore, never mind that his cock is half again as thick as mine and I didn't think this was going to be a gentle fuck. It was a different woman than the one I knew spread eagled on the bed with her whole chest and abdomen rising and falling as she lay there shallow breathing through her mouth, her cunt hair matted from her own juices, making a good beaver for him and her eyes saying: "Take me, fuck me hard!" Thomas moved to lie beside Kimmy and she swung her ass over to get him between her legs, wanting intercourse, but he was having none of that and asserted his mastery by a loud slap on her thigh, Kimmy jumped out of the way with something like adoration in her eyes. This all started with me wanting to teach the bitch a lesson and give my friend some relief but I might be the only one getting taught anything. I started shaking when I realized she 'wanted intercourse', she wanted him in her, he was going to shoot his cum in my wife. I wasn't so sure anymore.

Thomas stretched out on his back with his hands behind his head and Kimmy was all over him, stroking his chest and stomach, wet kissing his cheek and neck repeatedly then trailing her tongue down to his nipples and licking and sucking them to hard points. Her hands moving everywhere except his prick, all around it especially scratching and pulling his pubic hair, hefting his balls to feel them refilling. This was getting to Thomas and he rolled on his side capturing Kim's mouth with his, deeply frenching her, anything he did she welcomed and assisted, spreading her lips to accept his fuller ones, and finally arching her pelvis to his hand to welcome first one fat finger then a second one into her cunt. What a fucking picture: Kim's hand holding Thomas's head for the hot kisses and her hips humping her cunt up for the rough finger fucking she was getting, gasping and grimacing as he banged her pussy raw with two then three fat fingers. Kim was making sounds of pain now but was still pulling his mouth to hers for the hot kisses that were making him fuck her harder. Give no quarter, take no prisoners. Man he was being rough with her cunt, I thought she would scream for help; instead the bitch came. Thomas had three fingers pounding her pussy to a frothy pulp and the moment his thumb found her clit she stopped kissing and clung to his chest as her cunt shot off the bed chasing her orgasm, humping frantically. Thomas wasn't teasing anymore and rammed his hand into her pussy mashing her clit against her pubis, she screamed and came, arching up to the brutal penetration Kim gave several more small squeaks and thrusts, cumming continuously as Thomas followed her orgasm with diminishing jabs until she sagged back down on the mattress pushing his fingers away from her pussy and clit. Totally spent, I could even see some of the whites of her eyes when they were closed, like she was half passed out and she looked like it laying there; limp as a rag doll with a messy cunt, sobbing through ragged breaths. Kim might have been bagged but Thomas had recharged and was hard as wood again, it was time for him to get some.

He was a master at playing a tune with Kim's body, while she was coming down from her orgasm Thomas began working her back up, same stroking of her body that he did before, waking it up for more sex, using her whole skin as an erogenous zone. Kim started to get anxious looking around the bedroom like she was seeing her surroundings for the first time, her breathing was getting faster but she was resisting again. Kim is a control freak and she would rather wreck something than lose power over it, she had no power now and it was shaking her up. When Thomas's lips closed around her nipple her mouth popped open and she stared at his full lips working her nips from deep sucking to gentle kisses and when he blew on them to chill them stiff; she was gone. Kim's head dropped to the mattress and her legs moved apart as she caressed his hair murmuring sweet encouragements. Encouragements that she never, ever, gave to me, a little tough to hear but I started this, in for a penny in for a pound. I'll see it through. Thomas's hands moved constantly stroking her everywhere, lightly, then a small pinch of sensitive skin brought out a gasp from Kim and her arms wrapping around Thomas to pull him close for her lips to urge him on. Oh my God the languid kisses she covered him with were driving him crazy, now it was Thomas who was blowing like a bull rearing on it's hind legs and he reared. Moving to his hands and knees he grabbed Kim's leg by the calf and pulled her under him like she was weightless, lining her up for a balling. Kimmy was more than ready and clutching his arms she arched her pussy up, offering him her wet gash and open beaver, Thomas looked down at her cunt in heat and groaned lowering his cock so it nestled lengthwise in her lips and began sawing it along her crack, smearing her pussy lube from her anus to her clit with the tube of his prick. Kimmy was beside herself, making little huff noises and rocking her pussy on his fatty, masturbating herself on the underside of his cock but Thomas had other plans and every slide towards her anus he would dig the tip into her vagina then go back to sawing her crack. Kim groaned with his withdrawal, trying to grasp his cockhead with her pussy lips, thrusting after him, digging her nails into his back in frustration. Urging him to consummate her subduction, to finish it. I groaned along with her as I watched the head of his fat cock disappear past her pussy lips into the mouth of her vagina only to reappear again, shiny with Kim's juices.

On the next pass of his erection past her hole Kim succeeded with a strong surge of her hips to lodge his cock crown in her pussy, just barely. Any argument on Thomas's part would move it out, he didn't argue but he didn't help either. Kim growled in angry frustration, ramming her hips up to get more cock in her cunt but Thomas had pulled his knees up and Kim couldn't, no matter how hard she shoved against him, get more than the helmet in her hole. Thomas just held steady letting her exhaust herself and when she sagged down to the mattress sobbing in frustration he shushed her and settled his weight down on her, crushing her into the bed under him, covering her mouth with his. All I could see of her was her arms and legs wrapped around Thomas like a baby monkey clinging to it's mother. He regained his cool and moved back up on his elbows and knees but when Kim tried to follow him he pulled out of her reach. Kimmy was starting to come apart at the seams, openly weeping in frustration. Begging him to stop being mean to her and covering her face in her hands, began sobbing almost hysterically. Thomas shushed her again and lowering his cock to her wet crack started to saw her pussy again. Every time Kim responded by trying to move her pussy to trap his cock he would pull back and she would sob and beg him not to pull away. Thomas would shush her and when she stilled herself he would return to sawing her crack which was inflamed beyond reason and awash with her secretions. I had never seen a pussy metamorphose into a cunt in heat like this before, her vagina was almost inverting itself and bulged out wetly from her vulva in an effort to suck in his penis. Kim's whole pussy pooched out at least an inch beyond normal, swollen to unbelievable proportions. She is usually so small and now she has this huge sack of cunt hanging between her thighs. Thomas rolled half off of Kim and claimed her mouth with his, but any movement of hers towards his prick and he would move away dragging a pitiful cry from her. Finally with every muscle in her body tensed she lay on her side motionless, her hands gripping his biceps as he used his fisted cock to maul her whole cunt, aggressively forcing her labia apart and digging it in to her sensitive parts. From her bush to her little back door, even giving it a bit of a fuck, the wet head pushing past her sphincter to vanish in to her bum, making oh so hot kissey sounds as it went in and out, just the head popping past her pucker, back and forth. God I wanted to see him sodomize her but he was just fucking with her. Kimmy didn't move, gripping Thomas's biceps with her forehead on his chest she weeped without restraint, broken to the sex.

Kim could hold nothing back now and when Thomas moved from her anus she cried out in grief only to yelp when he smacked her clit with his hard on. Then clinging to him as he slapped her ass again and again, crying and yelling completely out of control, sobbing only when he stopped. I thought Thomas would pop a nut his cock looked so ripe, his balls had long since filled his sack to make a heavy purse so it was no surprise when he settled the tip in the entrance to her hole and as the head passed into her she breathed: "Yesss! Oh God! Yesss!" Kimmy wasn't the only one needing this, Thomas was in full bull mode and I was obsessed with the spectacle. My whole focus was on their joining, wringing my balls with one hand and the tip of my dick wetting my other palm I held my breath as he sank the thick shaft into my wife. I memorized every moment of her lips forming to his size and shape, wondering if she could feel the bulbous veins running across his penis as his girth dragged her labia into her pussy with his forward motion. With only half in Thomas started to back out which sent a ripple of despair though Kim, crying out his name she pleaded: "Please Thomas, please don't take it out." and then she broke down in tears again. She needn't have worried, he wasn't going anywhere but up her cunt, all the way up her cunt. Oh fuck this was hot! I had been waiting for this moment and when it came it was everything I hoped for. I had a perfect view of Kim's violation as he forced six inches in her tight pussy withholding the last inch or so of the widely flared base. She started to move up to suck in the last of it and Thomas pulled back once more until just the tip was in her lips, shushing her again for moving. Kim flipped out and her whole body was wracked with her shuddering cries: "Please don't, I'll be good, please, please, I won't move anymore." and she once more broke down in tears. Thomas kissed her tears away and rolling her on her back viciously rammed the extra width of the flared trunk of his hard on into her cunt, driving her across the mattress. Kimmy screeched and dug her heels into his ass to hold him in deep as his pubic hair joined with hers and his balls massaged her puckered rosebud, it was done. I shot my second load on the closet door in front of me and licked the dribbles off of my fingers. Another first.

Kimmy's labia stretched taut around the thick phallus starting to pick up a rhythm; like a locomotive. Every drive of his piston pushed her further across the bed, every slap of his heavy balls on her ass meant another couple of inches until her head hit the wall and still he fucked hard, the slapping of his balls was followed by the thud of her head hitting the wall until Thomas pulled her back by the shoulders and keeping his grip to prevent her from moving he just fucking rammed his prick into her as hard as he could for five maybe six thrusts. The slaps of his groin slamming into Kim's crack were violently loud and I could barely see her under his bulk but I could hear her cries every time he slammed her. Keeping his firm grip on her shoulders so she couldn't be driven across the bed by his thrusts made the whole impact be absorbed by her pussy. Fuck! he was pile driving her, she had never been fucked like this, his thick and rock hard cock was soaked in Kim's juices, his solid ramming had turned her little pussy into a frothing cunt. She just clung to him, his pounding of her was relentless, like a runner who's hit his stride. Thomas steadily put the meat to her, into the root every time, a steady rhythm of serious fucking. I couldn't believe how rigid his prick was, like a pagan wooden carving, and when I realized I wanted to touch it to see what it felt like I had a mini panic! They fucked on. Kim giving up an: "Oh!" every stroke, her face tightening up, fingers digging into Thomas's back, then a quiet: "Yes." and another, "Yess!." Thomas fucked steadily hard, sometimes arching his hips down to drive his cock upwards to her G spot, then raising up to rub against her clit, steadily banging towards orgasm. Holy fucking Jesus Christ his balls had moved up tight to the shaft and his fucking stepped up a notch, Kimmy, feeling his cock swell to seal his cum in her, moved into warp speed. He remembered: "I'm going to put a black baby in your belly." and added a line of his own: "You're going to have my bastard son in nine months." Kimmy groaned as her head thrashed on the bed as different expressions crossed her face, not all of them pleasant, but she didn't ask him to pull out or stop but returned his lust to fuck him harder, urging him to make a baby in her. The noise of their coupling filled the house, the noise of Kimmy cumming filled the neighbourhood. She clung to him gasping and crying out, then started having seizures and yelling primitive sounds as her body had a mind wrecking orgasm that Thomas fucked her right through until she was jelly and still he plowed on. Hooking his arms under her legs Thomas pulled her groin up to his and drove down as deep as he could and held that position as the first bolt of jism flooded her and getting up on his toes to force the flare of his prick to stretch and seal her cunt he shot another load, on his third shot Kim came again and rode out the rest of his orgasm with them cumming together. By the time it got to the quivers they were as limp as wet rags and Thomas holding his weight off of Kim until he slipped out soft and rolled onto his back beside her. Side by side they lay there panting, Kim's legs apart with her beautiful beat up cunt leaking a stream of cum that ran over her puckered asshole and down her butt crack to the bed and Thomas's cock looked no better, it lay on his thigh oozing the last of his semen onto his leg. Kimmy needing a little closeness rolled onto Thomas who lifted his arm so she could snuggle on his chest and lay her thigh on his, her hand moving down to gently fondle his exhausted penis. They lay there for about ten minutes before Thomas broke the silence: "We better go see John." and Kim without a word got up and slipped her dress on over her head and tucked her panties into the pocket of her dress. Not wiping her messy cunt at all. Another first. I ran like hell through the closet and out to the front porch where they found me sitting.

The party on the street was in full swing when they joined me on the porch, I was seriously fucked up and ready to leave but Thomas told us he needed to eat before he would drive us and told us to sit there and wait for him. After he left Kim sat beside me on the bench staring at her hands in her lap, I could only stand a few minutes of the silence and putting my hand on hers I asked: "Are you alright?" "Yes." and after a long pause: "I think so, I'm not sure." "Are you hurt?" "No. Well, it's nothing like that. I'm sore, but that's okay." When she said 'I'm sore but thats okay' I had a wave go through my body that almost stopped my heart. "Can we talk about it later?" "Sure. We can talk when ever you're ready." "Thanks" and we just sat in silence until Thomas came back with three take out dinners from the festival. I was surprised how ravenously we all dug in, not at all off our feed and the food was delicious. After gobbling the food we jumped in Tomas's pickup truck with Kim in the middle of the bench seat for the ride to our hotel, Thomas looked around at the crowd and said it was a rough night and Kim slunk down in the seat as her fear started coming back and when he told her to put her head down so the men can't see her, Kim whimpered and sunk lower. Thomas reached up and cupping her head pulled it down to his lap and told her to stay still as we drove slowly through the crowd. When we came to the intersection instead of going straight to go directly to our hotel he turned onto the old plantation ring road to get away from the congestion and the festival noise and lights faded behind us. We jostled slowly along the old road in the pitch dark, his dash lights defunct and the dim head lights illuminating only a few yards of cracked pavement in front of us with me lost in my thoughts. We were well away from the festival and in the distance I could see a street light marking an intersection, everywhere else was totally black. Kim hadn't moved, her fear keeping her prone and when we passed the street light I could see her for the first time since turning onto this road; her fucking head was moving up and down on Thomas's lap. I was stunned! then I heard the wet noises her lips were making sucking on his pole. Son of a bitch! she was giving him a blow job right there with me sitting right beside her and her bare ass pressing on my leg. She had no ability to hold it down any longer and didn't even try to be quiet, by the time we got to our road she was giving him a noisy and animated cock sucking, massaging his balls and bobbing so fast on his prick that there was no secret what she wanted from him. Thomas pulled over half a block from our hotel and leaned back in his seat to let Kim finish him off and boy did she ever. He had his elbow out the window with his other arm on the seat back letting her do it all, and when I leaned forward to watch close up I almost lost it. Kimmy's eyes were squeezed shut, her left hand was down the top of her dress clutching her breast and her right hand was pumping Thomas's cock while her mouth went up and down to the same beat. I thought I was done but my dick was hard as a rock and watching her lips seal around his fuck stick as she stroked him was making me water. I think her ass rubbing on my leg was an invitation to have some and make it a threesome but I didn't want to dilute the experience, surprisingly it wasn't hard to resist. I didn't want to join in, I wanted to watch. Another epiphany. Thomas looked over to give me a: 'I can't help it' shrug before closing his eyes as his hips lifted off the seat forcing his prick deep into Kim's sucking mouth and unloaded his third cum of the night into her. Kimmy made delighted sounds as she swallowed every drop, not stopping sucking even as Thomas tried to push her off his cock, finally he had to grab a handful of hair and drag her away from his soft and over sensitive prick. I was fucking blown away. Kim sat up, her face wild and alive, shiny with cock slime from rubbing his prick on her lips and cheeks then looking me right in the eye she scooped up a cummy drool from her chin and tucked it safely back in her mouth. She looked proud. Thomas pulled up in front of our hotel and without a word we got out and went to our room.

Not even bothering to brush her teeth, another first, Kim tossed her dress on a chair and slid naked between the sheets, cummy cunt and all. I did the same and thinking about the slimy load she just swallowed I wondered what I would do if she wanted a kiss goodnight. I did nothing, she gave me a deep french kiss holding my face in her hands, not a fuck me I'm hot one, but a deep kiss sharing the flavour of Thomas's cum, repeatedly tonguing it into my mouth, bonding us in cuckoldry. Nestling under my shoulder with her head on my chest she casually fondled my hard as steel dick but aside from me being erect her caress wasn't sexual, more like she was feeling my cock for the first time, getting to know it. Maybe comparing it to Thomas's, not in a better or worse way but feeling the differences. She slid her cupped hand slowly along the underside of my cock gently pressing it into my abdomen, along and back until I shot my last cum of the day onto my stomach, not stopping her hand until I was too sensitive to take it anymore and with a last squeeze of my balls she laid her hand back on my soft cock and drifted off to sleep without a word. Long after Kim's breathing was even in her sleep, my mind was in a whirl trying to sort it out and I couldn't. Nothing that happened tonight even resembled anything I might have imagined and tomorrows another day.

The next morning I woke Kim up before my walk to see if she wanted me to stay with her this morning and she gave me a sleepy: "I need more sleep, go for your walk. I'll see you when you get back." We each had compact point and shoot cameras and I set mine to video then hid it in my stuff on the dresser so it pointed at the bed and then I left. Getting to Thomas's place he was like his old self; giggly as a school girl about last night and when I asked him where all that other stuff came from he got a little bashful looking and then told me: "I looked at your wife and thought she's even built like my first wife and I got angry all over again, this bitch is making you very unhappy and that bitch made me very unhappy and I never did anything about it except get depressed." He was silent for a minute or so and continued: "After we divorced I felt like it was my fault and realized the woman needed a firm hand to keep her in line but I'm not like that, but I was sad I couldn't be like that for her and last night I did it. I was so angry with my ex wife and your wife that all my resentment and anger finally came out and now I feel like I'm over my ex wife because I had to be very cold and angry to treat a woman that way and who wants to be like that all the time. I love my wife even more now." We sat quietly for a bit then he asked: "What are you going to do now?" "I don't know. Finish our vacation first of all and right now I'm going to go back to the hotel to see if my wife can walk after what you did to her last night." Thomas hung his head smiling. We embraced and I headed back with a: "See you tomorrow." When I got back to the room Kimmy was in the shower so using the privacy I checked to see what the camera recorded; she had laid there for another fifteen minutes before getting up for a pee and returning to bed with her hand mirror and much to my delight carefully checked out her pussy and anus with the mirror. Fingering each of them to test for tenderness and I guess everything was fine cause she fucked herself silly with the mirror handle and strummed her clit to a huge orgasm. We had a quiet day at the main beach in town and didn't talk at all about what happened the night before, after dinner we sat on the balcony enjoying the balmy breeze until bedtime. Neither of us initiated any love making and we snuggled into sleep. The next morning I set up the camera again before leaving but when I got to Thomas's there was a note on the door that he had to pick up some stuff for the house and wouldn't be back till noon. So I bought some fruit for breakfast and was back in our room in just over half an hour instead of my usual hour and a half. Kimmy was still in bed and wouldn't get up but was obviously wide awake and held the sheets when I jokingly tried to pull them off. What the fuck was going on now! I ripped them off of her: she tried to cover herself but not before I saw the stuff between her legs and pinning her down I pried her legs apart until I could see my roll on deodorant bottle stuffed up her ass and hers, which is larger, in her pussy. She was panting from the struggle and lay there staring at me, expectantly. I knew this was a crucial moment but I was tired of tip toeing around the bitch: 'Fuck it!'. Quietly and unhurriedly I took off my clothes and leaning down put my arm around her shoulders to sit her up, enjoying her gasp as her weight forced her makeshift dildos further into her holes and firmly turning her head to my groin as I brought my penis to her lips. Kimmy mmmmed and sucked me in to the root, one thing I did learn that night was how to use her skin as an erogenous zone and I used it that morning. Nice morning! Kim was humming a nice tune on my harp and as I stroked her flesh she played a concerto on her fiddle that finished like the 1812 overture a moment before my cannon went off with a resounding blast. Something different again, no bitching about me cumming in her mouth, just a satisfied sigh as she laid back on the bed smacking her lips, smiling up at me and I have to say, me smiling down at her. We again spent a quiet day at the main public beach in town.

One of the things that Kim has bitched about me that has some validity is that I can get carried away and well I did. When we were making dinner in our kitchenette Kim asked me if I would get a bottle of wine for the evening and I headed for the local general store. There were some kids in their teens hanging out in the doorway and winding past them first thing I saw when I entered were the double size rasta ganja rolling papers behind the counter and the second was a row of bathing suits on a rack. I found a hot little string bikini in a leopard print that the front and back slid on the string so you could adjust how much you wanted covered or conversely, uncovered, which was more in line with my thinking. The place also had some other clothes and a sign said they did alterations, so I spoke to the young woman working there saying that I wanted to buy the bathing suit but my wife wouldn't like the liner in the bottoms and could she remove it. Smirking at me she said sure and I waited the ten minutes for her to do it. I bought the bikini, the papers and almost forgot the wine. Once outside I approached the oldest teenage boy and showing him the papers asked him if he knew where I could get something to go in them. He did. While I was waiting for him to get back I talked to the other kids mentioning that my wife liked to go topless and asked them if there was a beach she could do that at and they gave me directions to one close by that was pretty relaxed and mostly used by locals. Another ten minutes and I was heading back with a plan in my head, a bikini hidden in my pocket and a bottle of wine in a bag with some island grown. That evening after a glass of wine and a toke we tucked two nice fucks under our belts, one mid evening on the balcony and one just before settling down to sleep. This was the most enjoyable time I've spent with my wife since early in our marriage. Who knew?

Kimmy would rinse out our bathing suits when we got back from the beach and drape them over the balcony railing to dry, the next morning I started my scheme by pocketing her bathing suit from the railing and then did my usual routine with the camera and headed out. Soon after I got to his place Thomas started asking how Kimmy was and if she had said anything about the night they were together, I wondered what brought this on and then I realized that he wanted to have her again and it shook me up. That started me thinking that Kim may be having the same thoughts, just the idea she might made me nervous. The smart thing would be to get on a plane home right away but bright wasn't with us on this vacation and besides I had a bikini I wanted to see her in. I'll be smart another time. When I got back from my walk Kim jumped in the shower and I checked the camera, sure enough she just about ripped her clit off through two orgasms, the second one while she fingered her ass. Yesterday she had three orgasms that I know of and today has just started with a double. I wondered if this was something special or if she was always this horny. After breakfast when we were talking about what to do that day I told her of my conversation with the kids and the beach they recommended, leaving out the part about being topless. When we were getting ready Kim asked if I had seen her bathing suit and I said the last time I saw it it was on the balcony railing, maybe it fell down to the ground. "I'll look out side." I walked along the path below our balcony and Kim called down asking if I had found it and I said I'll look further down the path. A few minutes later I walked in carrying the shopping bag with the bikini in it and my story all ready: "I didn't find your suit but when I asked the caretaker if he had seen it he offered me this one that was left in one of the rooms, it's brand new and still has the tags on it." Kimmy pulled the string out of the bag and looked at it studiously for a second, then with a sly look said wait here and went to the bathroom to change. When she came out in it I had heart palpitations, holy shit did she look hot. I told her so. She said she had never seen one without a liner before so I reassured her it didn't look any different on her than any other one and then asked her what she wanted to do: "Why go to the beach of course." So we hit the market for some fruit and snacks then hopped a bus to the beach, walking down to the far end where the kids said things are more relaxed. We were the first ones at this part of the beach but soon people started to drift in and the women were all young, in their twenties and not shy about baring their beauties to the sun with Kim joining in soon after. Perfect. Hot from the sun Kimmy walked to the water for a cooling dip and her walk back was noticed by everyone within sight, the bottoms looked sprayed on her pussy. The material moulded to her so revealingly that the hairs of her little crinkly bush showed and you could see her clit and both her inner and outer labia clearly defined. Her vulva was still puffed out and very pronounced, looking excessive and striking being shown off like that, I noticed that even a couple of the girls nearby were eyeing her as well. We have been to nude beaches and beaches with beautiful women in hot, provocative thong bikinis but this was the first time I ever had to roll over onto my stomach to hide a hard on and from my wife no less. The woman I thought I was tired of.

On Kim's next visit to the ocean she was joined by the two young women who watched her get out before and the three of them chatted while bobbing in the waves, I knew I would get another hard on if I watched any longer so I jogged across the hot sand and dove in. I left Kim to her new friends and swam parallel to the shore towards the rocks and tangled scrub forest that ended the sand beach. I soon realized how much I needed a break from the constant stimulation and adrenaline rush I've been having, I settled into an easy front crawl and logged some distance before turning back. The rocky headland that defined this end of the beach was a few miles wide and quite high covered in the same scrub forest that we could see from where we were sitting. By the time I got back Kimmy was back on her beach mat and the two girls had moved their stuff close enough to talk, I counted six bare, sweet B cups as I walked up to my towel. Kim introduced me and the three of them went back to their visit and I dug my book out of the bag, the last few days were wild but stressful and it was nice to calmly sink into the sand. I dozed.

I was woken up by the sound of Kim rustling in our bag, she was sitting up beside me digging around at the bottom and pulled out what she was looking for; tweezers. Tweezing was one of her favourite pastimes. I closed my eyes again but I was awake and thirsty, sitting up I reached in our mini cooler for a water and turning to ask Kim if she wanted some it became evident that Kim wasn't tweezing her self but one of the young women. I guess she had an ingrown hair from shaving and Kim was using her expertise to dig it out; from the girls labia. All three of them were focused on the job at hand with the girl whose lip it was holding the crotch of her bathing suit to one side and her bald pussy lip to the other so Kim could mine for the curly miscreant. After some awkwardness with Kim trying not to touch the girls pussy while she worked the other girl said you'll have to hold it yourself or you won't get it and the girl whose pussy it was encouraged Kim: "Go ahead, it's really bugging me and I've tried a few times and can't get it out." Called to duty Kimmy reached out and as far as I knew touched another girls pussy for the first time, the girls pussy was like the rest of her slim and youthful with delicate lips and a shy clit. Gripping the girls labia between her thumb and forefinger Kim twisted it to stretch the part with the ingrown hair and caused the girl to: "Oh!" which made her friend laugh and Kim jerk her hand back like it touched something hot, the three of them broke into giggles and I focused on the waves so as not to infringe. The girl with the ingrown hair pulled a beer out of a soft pack and the three of them shared it, from my view it looked more like a ritual than a refreshment. Bonded now, it was time to get the job done and Kimmy grabbed pussy and didn't pull away when the girl Ohed this time and neither did her friend laugh, serious business an ingrown pussy hair. And I was back looking over her shoulder whenever I could get away with it, Kim seemed to ignore where she was working but the girl she was working on did not or at least her pussy didn't, not completely anyway. The last time I looked her slim slit was not so slim and her clit was not out and yelling but was much more noticeable and the knuckles of Kim's tweezer hand had a light sheen on them, not wet but slightly damp. Success! and they cheered like they won the lottery and broke into joyous laughter that brought a huge grin to my face. The girl thanked Kim and leaned over for a bare tit to bare tit hug which Kim returned and then they both got shy, after an awkward moment the smart friend yelled: "Race to the water!" and all three sprinted for the waves and it was back to playing in the water and I rolled over on my stomach again.

Kim and the girls visited, sunned, and swam together until they had to leave for work at one of the resorts in the afternoon. As they said their goodbyes the after lunch crowd was arriving which was a lot busier than the morning and our end of the beach was attracting many of the newcomers. Most of them spread out between us and the parking lot with one group of five men and three women passing us to set up between us and the scrub forest just beyond. Kim is usually somewhat friendly in an aloof way with a little condescendtion thrown in, but not this day. She was genuinely warm and welcoming, attracting people to her, there was no other way that young woman would have let her pull the hair if she didn't feel connected to Kim. Where did this woman come from? This wasn't the wife I arrived with. Two of the young couples were already in the water when Kim went in for a dip and she became part of the group immediately, laughing and having fun. I have never seen her like this, relaxed and casual with strangers who quickly became her friends, hell, I even liked her and I haven't been able to say that for quite awhile. She was being, umm, nice.

It was our turn to move closer to be able to visit and when Kim came out of the water we moved further down the beach to sit beside her new friends. The men all worked construction and the one older guy, Isaac, around forty or so, was their boss, it being so hot they start right at sun up and head for the beach in the mid afternoon. Three of the young men had girlfriends, the fourth who was still in his teens was solo and the boss was married with his wife back home on St. Martin while he worked here. After talking to Isaac I found out there was a lot of inter island travel for work and in his case the company he worked for at home sent him here to run this project for a few months. My being an electrician at home gave us some common ground and we fit together easily, talking like workers anywhere and like my wife and the girls before, we bonded over a beer from his cooler and later a joint from my pocket. What a great day we had, swimming and lounging in the warm sand until dusk pushed us off the beach with hugs and handshakes we all headed home. On the bus back Kim was bubbly and sweet talking about the people we met and planning what to bring tomorrow to the beach. It looked like we found our niche and it pushed my worries about Kim and Thomas out of my mind, at least until Kimmy dropped a bomb while we were having an after dinner glass of wine and a toke.

We were sitting on the balcony enjoying a fat ganja when Kimmy said she needed some closure with what happened with Thomas. My heart started fibrillating and I asked a tentative; "You'd like to talk about it now?" "No. At least not with you, not yet anyway. I need to talk to him." Holy fuckin Jesus Christ! I knew that's what she was going to say. fuck, FUCK! My heart was pounding so loud I couldn't speak, looking towards Kimmy as she gazed straight ahead exhaling a cloud of smoke I could almost see her opening to her feelings, I just couldn't tell what they were. She turned to face me and put her hand on mine: "I love you honey, but I have to sort this out and I need your help to do it." Her smile and affection melted me and her stiff nipples scared me. "I want to go see him tonight and I need you to take me." and without another word she got up draining her wine glass and sucking a massive toke before heading to the shower. She had one when we got home from the beach why does she have to be so clean to see him, aw fuck, I was feeling really insecure as I stood by the bathroom door trying to hear if she was masturbating in the shower. Her shower was quick and functional and I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

It was a hot and sultry evening as we walked up to his place with me dragging my feet and Kim stepping resolutely towards Thomas in her lightest most revealing summer dress, completely commando underneath, now it was me having to face my controlling nature and feeling powerless. It was out of my hands and I had no way to give Thomas a heads up we were coming, it was all ad lib from here on. Sometimes life is like living a twelve step program and this was a "Let go and let God moment." I had to trust Kimmy and I realized I didn't, I didn't trust her love for me and that was the root of everything. I didn't feel loved and now on this island in the Caribbean I was starting to feel it and I didn't want to lose it. I took a deep breath and taking Kim's hand turned her to my lips and gave her such a kiss that she sagged into my chest with a sigh. Stroking my cheek she gazed into my eyes and said: "Thank you, I needed that." and we walked hand in hand to what ever lay ahead.

When we got to Thomas's he was sitting on his veranda having a cold beer in the balmy evening air and as we passed his gate he went inside and returned with beers for Kim and I. Kim sat on the bench with Thomas and I on the railing as she started talking; "I needed to talk to you about what happened between us, I'm having trouble with my feelings about it." Kim looked down at her hands in her lap collecting her thoughts and Thomas looked at me as if he was going to jump the fence and run for it! It was my turn, like the other time I had to give my, not so much permission but acquiescence: "Thomas, If you're okay with it I'd like you to talk openly about how you feel and why it happened that way." and he did. Thomas slowly and carefully repeated the conversation we had and more, adding stuff about his relationship with his ex and the pain she caused him and how Kim reminded him of her. All his anger and pain came back when he saw how Kim treated me and it came out in the bedroom. If it was me telling her how I felt she would have brushed it off as 'you deserved it' but Thomas's sincerity and open honesty slipped in under her radar and Kim had tears running down her cheeks as she listened to the anguish he suffered loving a woman like her. When he finished we all sat in silence for several minutes until Kim came over to me and cupping my face in her hands said: "I am truly sorry, I love you and I don't know that I won't act that way again but I really don't want to. I want us to be happy and enjoy our life together." and seeing her tears run down her cheeks I believed her or maybe I just wanted to, but that was enough for now. After unwrapping her arms from around me she gave Thomas a hug and thanked him for helping her through this and he replied: "It was good for me too, I have put my old marriage behind me now and it showed me how much I love my wife and how good she is for me." and both Thomas and Kim looked pensively at their laps. With relief in my voice I asked Thomas if he had any more beer to go with the ganja I was lighting up.

After passing us our beers and sharing the reefer Thomas leaned back on the bench stretching his legs out and raised his beer in a toast we all shared saying: "It was also the wildest dam time I ever had! I couldn't think straight for days, got almost no work done at all!" Kimmy screeched and laughing told him: "and I couldn't walk straight for days!" We laughed and laughed as we finished the beers and passed the potent weed around. As we lapsed into the odd guffaw I got up and gave Thomas a bear hug and then one for Kimmy with a smouldering kiss to keep it friendly, Kimmy and Thomas turned to each other to hug and when it ended Kimmy stood on her tip toes to give Thomas a peck which he turned it a kiss and Kimmy turned into smokin hot frenchy, pulling his face to hers and when their clutch broke it was obvious that the kiss she gave him had raised more than his temperature. Holding hands they shuffled around and then they both looked at me. I knew what they wanted and I thought that if I said no they would do it anyway so I nodded like the chicken shit I felt like and Kim turned her face up to Thomas's and her hand went down to the front of his shorts. Surprisingly unhurried in the shadow of the veranda my lovely wife stretched up pulling her dress over her head revealing her gloriously naked body to us all as Thomas slid his shorts off exposing his mighty cock and with her hands on his chest she pushed him down on the bench then raising her hands over her head she sauntered over to me, slowly twirling, displaying her body for all our pleasures, her face glowing as I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh to the sopping, bulging mess that used to look like an adolescent pussy. She put a foot up on the railing to give me room while I worked her with two fingers as we kissed and listened to Thomas groan as he watched my hand pump below her ass cheeks. Kim's hand was on my shoulder with her head hanging, loudly breathing through her mouth then slipping off my fingers gave me a nice little frenching and turning to Thomas put her right foot on the bench across his legs to show off her goodies to him. She gave us a few minutes of his fat fingers stirring her pot with me getting the rear view of his hand pumping her pussy and then Kimmy straddled him with her knees on either side of his legs and without any preliminaries reached down and guided his thick meat to her wet and ready cunt. The moan that came out of her mouth as she sank down on him to the root rocked me to the core, Kim then sat motionless as we all shared a moment of silence with her head tipped forward on his chest deep breathing through her mouth as she accepted his penetration. Filling her completely, she gave in to it without reservation, welcoming the flared base of his penis to painfully stretch her hole open and wedge in it like a plug, sealing their union. She would be sore tomorrow but without any regrets. Thomas's big hands spread across her bum as they began the dance of life, smoothly without any franticness, consummating male and female, lips joined in a timeless expression of the primal act. It was beautiful to watch.

Kim's nipples were like bullets dragging through his wiry chest hair, aggravating them to stiff little pink cocks on her breasts while Thomas kissed her to oblivion, Kimmy obviously loved his kisses, devouring his lips, literally covering them with her mouth as her tongue struck out like a snake into his, drinking in all she could get, her hunger rising, her rocking hips accelerating as she clutched his face to hers. When their endless kiss broke Kim's head hung back as she uttered the eternal cry to the heavens of an approaching orgasm and Thomas fastened his lips to her nipples chewing each one in turn, now digging his nails into her ass driving her on, sliding down on the bench to improve his depth and get closer to her womb. I was suffocating in my clothes and stripped them off to unashamedly jack off, milking the juice out of the eye and spreading it on the shaft of my dick. All my attention was on Kimmy as she rounded the home stretch, holding Thomas's face to her breasts she sped up her rotations on his prick, purposeful now, nearing nirvana. Eyes closed with her cum in sight her fucking took on a solidness that was going to leave him sore as well as her, steady pounding of her pussy on his root, banging the orgasm right out of her clit. She came. Oh fuck! What a cum! Yelling and groaning, not holding back anything, without inhibitions she had the most free cum I had ever seen her or any other woman have. Following it to the end, quivering and moaning till all that was left was her sobbing body sagged against his chest. Oh my God! and when she fell against him at the end it opened her ass exposing his rampant erection jammed in my wife's wet crack, looking impossibly large for her petiteness, too thick, glistening with the juices of her cum. Her little back door pulsing in the aftermath of her great bliss, I wanted to fuck it right then but didn't, should have, but didn't. Why hadn't he cum? How the hell was he holding back, I was doing everything I could not to and I was amazed that he didn't. Thomas sat up straighter which brought a moan out of Kim as his cock changed angle in her pussy and settling her on it he started moving her hips with his hands masturbating himself with her cunt, Kimmy wrapped her arms around him and began wet kissing his neck and caressing his head and shoulders, whispering in his ear, biting the lobe. Thomas looked over Kim's shoulder at me stroking myself, watching my hand on my dick he sped up his banging my wife. Fuck it was weird, him getting off on my whacking off and me getting off on him watching me and performing for him. Pointing my cock straight up so he could see the full length and displaying my scrotum as I rolled my nuts in their sack for his eyes only, Kim still having no idea what was going on behind her as Thomas pulled her ass cheeks apart, wide apart. The gasp from Kim told us it was painfully wide apart to show me his fuck stick in my wife's hole, making a mess of her tight cunt, cuckolding me forever and as I watched he pulled her up by her split open butt, the strain opening her anus to a small hole barely above her other opening getting ruthlessly hammered by him and that's how he fucked her. Bouncing her up and down on his prick showing me the whole fuck, keeping her anguished anus peeled open for my eyes as he drove in right to the balls every stroke and when his balls moved up I couldn't hold out any longer and sprayed the deck with my cum, hunched over pumping until the last dribble ran down my hand. Thomas groaned loudly when I came and Kim, thinking it was his time, hot kissed his neck and contracted her pussy to call the cum out of him and Thomas heard! With a bellow his hips lifted off the bench driving him in to the balls jamming the fat base into her cunt with a thrust that drove the wind out of Kim and with a cry she sunk her teeth into his shoulder and came again, joining him in orgasm, as his cum poured deeply into her, pushing her to cry out with every spurt of semen hitting her cervix. Thomas relaxed his grip on Kim's butt letting her her weight settle down on his softening penis as they both melted into one sighing pile of satiated flesh, on wobbly legs I joined them on the bench, laying my head back and stretching out my feet in exhaustion. We lay like that for some time until Kim looked for me.

Kimmy had her face buried in Thomas's neck languishing in the glow of being well and truly laid, then moving to his other shoulder to look at me she smiled at my nakedness and spent cock, reaching out to my arm to pull me closer so they could stay joined in their mating while she gave me a deep kiss, keeping his cum sealed in her pussy and getting her pregnant for all she knew. I stroked her back as we kissed from shoulders down over the curve of her ass and several caresses later my finger tips wondered into her butt crack to tickle her puckered beauty, unavoidably, occasionally touching Thomas's cock seemingly cemented in her tight hole so close to her anus. After the first innocent touch his prick began to stiffen bringing a moan from Kim and breaking our kiss, she again smothered his mouth with hers, deeply frenching him as I circled my finger around her anal ring and along her taut labia wrapped on his staff, gathering lube to penetrate her ass with. It was fucking super hot to rub her swollen cunt lips with another man's cock buried in her. I started shaking I was so fucked up from the weed and lust and my shaking hand made firmer contact with his cock and Thomas moaned into Kim's mouth as they hot kissed and I did it. I never thought I would ever, but I did, I wrapped my hand around his cock and started jacking him off into Kim's cunt, wapping my fist on her pussy lips and clit on every upstroke. They both moaned and started kissing in a frenzy, holy fuck this was hot! I knelt between Thomas's legs and used my other hand to roll his balls around in their bag, continuing to move my hand up and down his pole, what a fucking cock he had. Soaked in their juices, my fist slid from his balls to her lips smoothly and a few strokes later I turned my wet thumb up and speared Kim's tight back door on the next pass. Pausing to fully experience her clamping down on my digit, I waited through her gasping and contractions to renew the opening of her other fuck hole, moving my mouth to where my thumb entered I tongued saliva onto it and the tender skin being forced apart, then replaced my thumb with my tongue reaming her ass all the while my cheek resting on Thomas's cock where my hand used to be. I had never in my life touched another man's penis or desired to do so but I was doing it now and it was hot! I was so fucked up, I turned my face to wrap my lips around the underside of Thomas's prick running them up and down like my hand had done before then moved back to reaming Kim's anus and tickling the skin between it and her stuffed cunt. I couldn't get enough and swallowed every juicy thing I could get, licking her lips and ass with long sweeps of my tongue then letting the laps follow his shaft to his balls giving them a little suck as well. The moans that Thomas and Kim made was all the encouragement I needed and when my tongue was back buried in Kimmy's rectum she reached behind and cupped the back of my head pulling my mouth further into her crack and puckering out her anus at the same time to allow me maximum depth of penetration and held me there as she grunted through several tremors. Thomas knowing what I was doing with Kimmy the next time I sucked his balls pulled his legs up and held my mouth to his sweaty asshole, I remember thinking what the fuck was I doing here as my tongue pierced him and he groaned loudly thrusting up into Kim. That was the turning point and the serious fucking began, no more room for my mouth but when I eased a finger in each of their asses it stepped them up a notch to fucking their brains out. Kim was the first to crack her eggs and I have to say it was awesome to be in her butt with my finger feeling Thomas's cock ramming her only separated by the thinnest of skins as she contracted into her cum, I could feel it all as her anus throbbed on my finger, God she looked beautiful suffering through the little death. Looking for Thomas's prostate set fire to the beating he was giving my wife's pussy and he pounded a gallon of cum into her with my finger buried in his butt feeling intimately every contraction that shot the semen out of his piss hole and into her hungry hole. Higher they went until with a last sigh of gratification they collapsed in a heap. I was hard as a rock again and with some reluctance on all our parts I dragged my fingers slowly and synchronously out of their butts to our collective groans and sat back up on the bench to whack off. Kim had her head on his chest and they both turned towards me, my wife leaned over to give me a beautiful kiss and thanked me for the wonderful fuck she just had and Thomas said the same. I leaned back, my hip touching Kim's leg, on the bench and started to masturbate before them, I had no inhibitions and openly caressed my balls and anus, running my thumb under my foreskin spreading my lube across the crown. Kim reached out and rubbed the head of my cock spreading the juice over it and Thomas put his hand on my leg running his fingers along the inside of my thigh, I wasn't going to last long when Kim leaned over and in a breathy voice asked me to do her ass. She had never asked before: "Come on Baby, in my bum." Oh Jesus! I swung around behind her and my buddy Thomas spread her cheeks for me and adding a bit of saliva to the moisture already on it I pressed the head to her sphincter and Kimmy puckered it out to accept my rod in her rectum. Paradise! Oh it felt good, un fucking believably good. Another couple of inches and I stopped to hold off cumming and to let her get used to the fullness, Thomas began to help: working her buttocks in and out making her hole flex and accept the invasion. Kimmy was hot kissing Thomas now and clenching and unclenching on my cock, I leaned onto her back and reaching between them I gripped her breasts and my strokes began, each one marked by an: "Ohhhh." from Kim. Her ass loosened it's grasp and welcomed the balling I was giving it. Biting her neck I stroked steadily, my lube spilling out of my cock to smooth the way, Kim arching her ass back to me to increase my penetration of her bowels. I didn't want to cum yet but when I felt Thomas's prick harden in her pussy, pressing against mine, it almost caused my nuts to rupture. I know it did Kim, she went ballistic when he stiffened up and threw herself at our cocks taking us both as deep as she could, I let go of her tits and pushed my hand between her and Thomas till it reached her fat bud and a few rubs later she was screaming through her third cum as I emptied my balls in her ass, pulling her tight to my groin, Thomas let go of Kim's ass to grab my hips and pull me further in to her rectum pushing his pelvis up to drive his cock deeper and give Kim a better cum. Oh sweet Jesus! I pumped and pumped until my cock went over sensitized and convulsing I drew it out of her butt and tumbling to the deck I leaned back on the railing trying to breathe. Gasping I watched Kim raise up off of Thomas's penis and for the first time since they started it slipped out wetly from her crack to slap down on his stomach still hard, followed by his two cums spilling out of her cave. I loved that; watching the stream of cream flow from her cunt across her clit to soak their groins. When we had caught our breaths Thomas started to pick Kim up to move her off of him but Kim stopped him and giving him a nice kiss asked him if he wanted to cum again: "I'm cool, I was on the way but couldn't catch up. It's all good." Kimmy replied: "Almost all good." and gave him some more hot kisses and life returned to the snake god. I couldn't believe his stamina or what Kim said next: "John honey, Thomas has taken good care of us and now he needs us to take care of him." and she went back to kissing him, bringing him back from soft, not rock hard but meaty and thick. Back on my knees I went to work on the Kimmy pleaser, giving him as good a stroke job as I could, using every good feeling move I could imagine. Kim paused in her kisses and looking over her shoulder at me she cupped the back of my head and said: "Do it for me." and pulled my mouth to Thomas's cock and I slipped my lips over the head to give my first blow job and I loved it. The feel of it in my mouth and on my tongue was a sensation like I have never had, even smoother than pussy and the excitement of his balls tucking under his shaft as he prepared to dump a load of semen across my tongue was crazy hot. Whenever they broke off kissing he would moan loudly, bucking up to my sucking and shivering when I tongued the rim of his helmet while squeezing and rolling his balls in my palm. Kimmy was feeding off his lust grinding her breasts into his chest, arching her crotch back to where I was nursing on his phallus, dripping the cum from her fucks on my face. I thought I must be someone else because nothing like this could ever happen in my life. Thomas passed the point of no return and Kimmy feeling this slipped to the side so they could watch me get my first mouthful, and full doesn't describe the feeling of cum filling your mouth. Pumping with my hand in time with my mouth sucking the head I could feel him fatten and swell, then the ripple of his cum roaring up his shaft to explode in my mouth, oh, the joy of swallowing. It is such a feeling of completion that I can't understand any woman not loving this, the taste might not be great but it's such a small part of accepting an orgasm. I slurped and swallowed, looking up I watched Kim pinch and roll Thomas's nipples while he came in my mouth and she asked me to: "Keep some in your mouth for me." and I kept the rest for her, sucking him until he got the shakes and pulled me off. Kimmy immediately took me fully with her french kiss as I puckered my lips to squirt Thomas's cum into her mouth then turning to him she frenched him with his own cum coating her lips and swung her leg back over his to offer me her beaver to clean and I did. As soon as my lips touched her she arched back and mashed that swollen fucked up cunt of her's on my mouth, contracting her puss to push Thomas's old cums onto my tongue. When I finished I took pride in a job well done and admired my work, not a hint of cum anywhere. I so loved her pussy, and we were done, royally done.

We staggered into the house and settled in the living room after taking turns in the bathroom. Thomas lit some candles and got three more beer while I stretched out on the couch lighting the last of the weed, Thomas and Kim sat bare assed on the floor leaning against the sofa I was on. We refreshed with the beers and passed the joint around talking about our lives and dreams, Thomas told us about his family and history and we shared ours. Realizing we weren't making it home that night Thomas gave me a pillow for the couch and taking Kim by the hand, I watched her naked ass follow him into the bedroom closing the door behind them, my heart fell, I was crushed. After everything we've been though together, when the door closed I felt so all alone and sad, dumped. A few minutes later a naked Kim and an equally naked Thomas came out of the bedroom to my side. "No more closed doors between us, Sweetheart. Ever." Kim said holding my hand to her cheek and kissing my palm. "I would have been out sooner but I had to explain to Thomas how much I loved you and that none of this could happen with out you loving me." Thomas leaned down and put his hand on my shoulder: "Sorry brother. I was beat and just acted on habit closing the door. No closed doors between us." I felt truly loved: "I'm too fried to get off the couch and the bed's too small for the three of us so you guys go ahead and I'll see you in the morning." Thomas smiled and giving my shoulder a squeeze he went to the bedroom leaving me and Kimmy alone for the moment, she leaned down to whisper in my ear: "I'll save something for your breakfast in the morning. You know he's going to screw me silly the minute he wakes up." After giving me a light french kiss and my cock a little good night suck Kim walked to the bedroom door and blew me a kiss before turning off the light to join Thomas in bed. Leaving the door wide open.

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