Chapter 01

Copyright© 2013 by RICHARD the THIRD

I’ve got to tell somebody about my sister, Pam.

She’s only a freshman in high school (15) but she’s wearing the craziest clothes, has a pierced lip and eyebrow, and I think she’s doing drugs.

All through elementary school she was ‘Daddy’s little girl’ which drove me crazy.

Suddenly, between eighth grade and high school—she’s become a bitch.

Her name is Pam; mine is Rich. I’m two years older than her. (17)

You’d never guess that we were brother and sister. She’s got dark-brown hair while I inherited curly black hair from my dad. She’s put a streak of color in her hair that looks orange.

She’s kind of pretty, especially before she became ‘da bitch’. One of the problems is that we’ve got a younger sister, who has always looked up to Pam.

Since the monster has been released from inside her older sister, Cassie (14), and I have become closer friends. She doesn’t let ‘Pamdabitch’ pick her up from school anymore ... I do it!

When I drive up to get her, she often says something like, “It’s about time, boyfriend,” to whoever maybe in earshot. She will even give me a kiss on the cheek to help sell it to whomever. I hadn’t gone to that school.

Cassie looks more like Mom, pretty without trying, lengthy brown hair and just becoming a woman. She’s long been in the shadow of her older sister, but lately I’m beginning to notice her more.

I go by her room after school to see if there is anything I can help her with. Most of the time she says no, but today she invited me in.

“Rich, I’m worried about Pammy,” she said.

“She’ll grow out of it, or Dad will ground her until she’s thirty!” I said.

Cassie motioned at me to sit by her on her bed.

“Do you think that she’s still a virgin?” she said.

“What do you know about virgins, young lady?” I laughed.

“Some of my girlfriends have started fuc ... having sex already,” she said softly.

“Has finding that out making you want to try it yourself?” I questioned.

“I didn’t think so, but I am curious about it. Are you still a virgin, Richard?”

I got up off the bed and said, “That is none of your business, young lady. Get your homework done, and we’ll go swimming together after dinner, all right?”

That seemed to get her interest, and she waved at me as I left her room. Fourteen years old and asking about sex already. As I walked by Cassie’s room, the door was open, and she invited me in.

I went in and closed the door. She was finishing up something on her computer.

“Hey dork?” was her usual line to me.

“Pam, we need to talk!”

“About what—Dudley do-right?”

“About our sister, ‘Pamdabitch’!”

She turned around and seemed to get serious, “Is something wrong with Cassie?”

“Nothing, besides you,” I quickly responded.

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“Remember how just a year ago, she always followed you around nipping at your heals like a little dog?”

“Yeah, I was her role model; I think,” Pam said, now sounding solemn.

Was being the operative word,” I said.

“So, what happened Rich?”

“We just finished talking about you, with your little sister wondering if you were still a virgin or not!”

“No shit?”

“Not even a little. She asked me as well, which I didn’t answer. She even mentioned that some of her friends had already started fucking boys. Her words ... not mine!”

“Oh my god! Do you think I should talk to her about boys?”

“Depends on what you plan to say to her. You’ve already lost your role model status with her. She’s afraid to ride home with you, thinking you might be drinking or doing drugs. I think she still cares for you. I used to as well.”

“I’m not going back to that little princess girl I used to be, just to make the two of you jolly. I need to be happy,” she said.

I pulled my sister on my lap and asked, “What makes you happy now, Pamela?”

Her face is very pretty, when she is not wearing so much makeup.

“Being noticed, wearing provocative clothing to make Dad and Mom worry more about me. I like being dangerous. It was tough growing up as your sister.”

“What does that mean?” I wondered.

“Richard Blevins, my older brother. He always came home with straight ‘A’s, Vice-President of his freshman and sophomore classes. He’s been popular with girls, top scorer on the basketball team along with many other things I don’t remember any more. That’s why I did all of this—to be noticed.”

“Can we make a deal, Pam?”

“Depends,” she replied.

“Get rid of the bling and the attitude, and Cassie and I will stop our crusade to have your name legally changed to ‘Pamdabitch’. How does that sound to you?”

Still on my lap, she leaned and gave me a light kiss on the lips and said, “Deal.”

She got up off me and must have noticed I had been surprised at the kiss.

“Sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now, get out ... excuse me ... would you please let me get back to my homework, big brother?”

Smiling, I said, “Sure thing Pammy.”

Later that night, at dinner, we were all at the table, except Pam.

“Is your sister going to join us for dinner tonight?” Dad questioned.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said entering the room, with her hair back to its normal dark brown, her bling removed from her lips, eyebrows and ears.

“She’s Back!” Cassie said getting up to give her sister a great big hug.

The rest of us all snickered at Cassie’s telling remark.

As dinner went on, Pam had made the effort she promised. She still had a bit too much attitude, for me, but she seemed to have changed for the better. She asked Cassie if she could join us in the pool after dinner.

After giving me a look, Cassie answered, “Pammy, would you mind if this time it was just Rich and me. We’ve practically never do anything together, please?”

Pamdabitch would have yelled a string of obscenities at the two of us, but Pam said, “Rich, next time—just you and me?”

My little sister got to show off a new dark blue bathing suit, as I was already in the pool.

“Wow, Cassie! You are becoming a very pretty young lady,” I said.

“Thank you Rich, and thank you for whatever it was you said to Pam. What a difference!” she said walking up to me.

“I just told her that she needed to be less frantic. She said she had done it because she wasn’t noticed as much as I was by Mom and Dad. I really never thought of that before.”

Before I realized what had happened, Cassie had given me a kiss on the lips. She immediately pulled back and blushed.

I walked up to her and did the same thing to her. I didn’t stop. I felt her lips open, and we were embroiled in what felt like a lover’s kiss.

With us both needing some oxygen, we separated and went to opposite sides of the pool.

Twenty minutes later, I got out, dried off a little and went inside. I went upstairs and took a shower and put a towel around my waist. I went and sat down at my computer, when there was a rap on my door.

“Come in,” I said expecting Cassie.

It was Pam; she closed the door behind her. She was dressed for bed.

“Ooh, hi Pam ... I was expecting Cassie,” I said.

“I know, she told me what happened in the pool. Did you really kiss her with tongue?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what came over me exactly. She’s gotten so pretty and I was ... never mind. She’ll get over it; I’m sure,” I said still typing.

“Richard Harrison Blevins, don’t you realize that your little sister is in love with you?”

Hearing that; stopped me from what I was doing. I got up and walked over to her and gave her an identical kiss.

As she was getting her breath back, I said, “The bigger problem is that I’m in love with you, Pamela!”

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