Black African Seduction of White Daughter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A white engineer from South Africa signs for a contract in Kenya. He brought along his 16 and 14 yr. old daughters. He would soon find out that black African lust would soon be waiting for his daughters.

Paul Johnson from South Africa had just agreed on a high dollar contract with an African company in Kenya. He had relocated to that country with his 16 and 14 year old daughters a week ago. The contract was very lucrative and certainly awarded him for his expertise in oil and gas exploration. What he did not know was the Kenyans that hired him had researched his family and found other reasons for hiring him ... his young daughters.

Paul had been separated from his wife of 17 years and was raising the two daughters on his own. He certainly needed the income. The contract signing was on a Sunday night and three African representatives drove up to his furnished condo.

Paul greeted them at the front door and invited them in. Two of the black Africans were quite imposing. They drawfed Paul by 6 to 8 inches. The third was about Paul's same height. They were men of high class in the society. They certainly wore a lot of jewelry, Rolexes, diamond rings and gold necklaces.

As they sat down in the living room, Paul offered adult beverages. The Africans accepted. After a half hour of talking about the job descriptions they showed Paul the contract and asked if he was satisfied with the agreement.

It was about that time that his 16 year old daughter, Cristy, came bouncing into the room. All eyes turned toward this beautiful girl. Her younger sister had already gone to bed but Cristy wanted to meet the men that were hiring her father. She felt that she was his best diplomat. "I know that my father want's to work with your company. He was quite admired by his fellow engineers in South Africa. I am very proud of him." Cristy proudly stated.

The three Africans knodded their head as their eyes locked on this pretty and small girl. Cristy, who was not shy, sat down on the couch between two of the black men and extended her hand to shake. She was never shy and wanted to pretend she was older.

Cristy had long light blonde hair and was about 5'3" tall. She had a very curvy bottom and budding breasts.

"Well, father ... are you going to sign the contract?" she asked.

Paul said "yes, and let's have another drink on it." As he got up and was headed to the kitchen to make the drinks ... one of the Africans told Paul that would like to make the drinks."

"Mr. Johnson, I brought some fine rum and would like to share it with you if that's okay," the African suggested.

"No problem, I would enjoy tasting it," Paul responded.

The African went into the kitchen and made the drinks but he added something to Paul's drink.

After about 15 minutes, Paul became light headed and began to feel that he had drank too much. His head was spinning and he felt glued to the reclining chain.

Meanwhile, little Cristy was entertaining the Africans with her chatting. Before long, she realized that two of the Africans were more attentive than she expected. One very black arm was placed around her shoulder and another black hand was on her knee.

"You gentlemen are very friendly but I do not know you well enough to have you touching me like this," she said.

"Miss Cristy, we Africans here in Kenya are very touch and feel with our friendship. It is our way of showing kindness and respect," the taller African responded. As he strengthened his hold on her shoulder he reached over and turned her face to his. "Have you ever been this close to a black man?"

"No, It's kind of scarey to be honest," Cristy admitted.

"Miss Cristy, don't' be alarmed. We try and bond with our employes and their family. You are a beautiful white girl and there will be many men here in out country that will notice and try and take advantage of you ... We will protect you and your father but you will have to take care of us as well."

"What do you mean?" Cristy responded.

"As your protectors in this country, you will need to give attention to some of us. There are new experiences that you have never realized. Ones, perhaps only a black African can give you."

"Now I'm really becoming afaid. I'm a good girl and never expected to be between two black Africans with their hands around me. Father, tell these men to leave me alone ... please.

Paul was helpless and could barely keep his eyes open.

Cristy sat there on the sofa in the middle of two tall black Africans. She was so pale white in contrast to their deep black skin. Her father sitting across from them did not know that his drink had been spiked and was almost falling out of the chair. He managed to pull the reclining handle and laid back. His eyes were blurry and limbs unable to move. He could only watch his young 16 yr. old daughter being groped by black hands. He was helpless to intervene.

The two black Africans were overwhelmed by the beauty of this girl. Her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders, blue-green eyes and full lips. One African had his left arm around her shoulder with his hand slowly sinking into her blouse. Cristy's ex-boyfriend loved playing with her young breasts but she had never felt an older man's hand on them ... let alone a black hand. The other African had his right hand on her lap and was rubbing her inner thigh. She was uncomfortable and somewhat frightened being groped by the two men.

Cristy had no panties on and her short skirt revealed her pretty but small legs. She squirmed as she felt one of the African's hand crept under it. The Rolex adorned hand of the other black slid into her blouse and begin to rub her left breast. "Please don't do that," she begged. The other African then moved his right hand between her legs and gently rubbed her vagina. She wiggled in their grasp.

Again, she politely asked the Africans not to fondle her. She was mesmerized by the attention but was afraid that these big black men were becoming too affectionate.

Her father had passed out. "Miss Cristy, since the contract has been signed ... I think your father needs some rest. He appears to have had too much to drink." Two of the Africans pulled him from the chair and carried him to his bedroom. They laid him on the bed and then closed the door.

Cristy was now alone with these three Africans and somewhat intimidated. "Fellows, is not time for you to leave. I need to see to my father and then go to bed. I have to get up early in the morning and enroll in school."

Cristy got up from the couch and went into the kitchen. One of the Africans followed her.

As she went to pour her some juice, the African walked up behind her and placed his arm around her. "Girl, we want to stay a bit and hear more about your father. Don't be afraid ... you may not know it but you are one of the reasons that we hired you father," the African acknowledged.

"I don't understand,"Cristy responded.

"Come sit on the couch and entertain us with your thoughts about being here in Kenya and living in a new country. Tell us more about your father. And by the way, let me get some ice for your juice."

Cristy gave him her glass and headed for the living room. At such an early age, she was too naïve to know that the African was about to spike her drink also.

As soon as she sat on the couch, the African came back in and placed the glass of juice in her hand. She was thirsty and gulped about half of it down. He sat down beside her, somewhat close. One of the other Africans returned from checking how her father was doing. "Your father is in a deep sleep but is doing okay," he muttered. He sat down on her left side.

Cristy began telling them about her father. The Africans were enjoying the conversation but all of their eyes were on Cristy's face and body.

After about 15 minutes of conversation, Cristy was beginning to feel high. Her words became garbled and her body was sinking into the couch. She didn't know why but the drug was taking it's toll.

There she was ... sitting between two black Africans on a couch with a third African across the way on a chair. All of them were lusting at her. She was high and her young body was beginning to bloom with the attention. She never imagined that she would be alone with three men, let alone with adult black men, wanting to rut with her.

Cristy's good sense was failing with the effects of the drug. She still knew that she was in deep trouble but did not want to have her father's contract cancelled. She was about to succumbed to black lust. If only her father was there to protect her.

She sat on the couch as the two Africans began to grope her again. Wandering black hands were invading her white body.

The African with his left arm over her shoulder, began to sofetly let his hand slide into her blouse. Cristy froze as she glanced down and saw his black hand massaging her breast. The other African began to pull up her dress as several black fingers crept near her loins. Then, she felt a finger pushed into her vagina. Both men held her tight. There was no escape from these black men.

Then one of the Africans turned her head and forced a kiss on her lips. She recoiled but his tongue penetrated her mouth and her mouth was held against his black lips. As he kissed her, The African unzipped his fly with his right hand. A charcoal black dick popped out.

Cristy's eyes grew large as she looked down and saw his black cock. She had never seen a black man's penis before and was frightened by it.

The African with his left hand on her breast took her right hand and pressed it against his hardening cock. "Please don't make me touch you like this ... it's wrong," Cristy begged. "Quite, girl, this is your introduction to black lust. You will enjoy it,"the African quipped.

Her skirt had been pulled up around her waist and her small legs were sticking out from the couch. A black hand returned to her vagina and began rubbing her. She yelped as she tried to break free from his clutch.

A good thing her father could not see what was going on. He would be appalled that his young daughter was in black hands and about to be sexually taken. He was still passed out in the bedroom while his youngest daughter was asleep in another bedroom.

The two Africans had finished playing.

The African again reached down and moved two fingers in her vagina. Cristy squirmed on the couch no knowing what to do. She had never had a man touch her this way ... especially a black man. The other African was massaging her breast as his arm held her tight.

Cristy knew that her father was of no help and sat there on the couch wiggling in the grasp of the two Africans. Then the taller African pulled down her skirt as he knelt down and held her legs apart. He began licking her vagina. He begin to force his tounge into her as her eyes grew big and teary. His black hands held her quivering knees steady as he tasted the young virgin.

She squirmed again as she felt the invasive tongue in side of her. The African was starring into her eyes as he had his way. In the clutch of the other African, she could only watch the black man lapping her private part. Helplessly, she watched his bald black head and dark eyes between her legs and his black hands tightly holding her small legs.

Not only that but the black hand on her breast as the other African was still pressing her hand to his black cock. His cock was now rigid and she could feel the veins almost pulsating against her hand.

Although frightened, Cristy began to feel an excitement in her loins. She had fought off the reality of pleasure but was beginning to become a slave to a strange sexual feeling.

Never had Cristy thought that she would be in this predicament. She had considered black Africans to be ignorant and filthy. She had been sheltered by her father during her years in South Africa. Privately tutored and not enrolled in schools with blacks. She sometimes had Africans purposely bump into her at a market place or on the street. She was well aware of the lusting stares she got from blacks when in public.

Yes, she was a pretty and a young white blonde with a shapely figure. She felt that she was destined to get a good education and meet ... marry a successful white man. She had saved her virginity ... at least until now.

Those thoughts returned to her as she wiggled in the clutches of the two black Africans.

All of a sudden an orgasm, uninvited, shot through her body. Her legs stuck out and then rested on the African's shoulders. He had rendered her submissive.

The African dropped his pants as he removed his mouth from between her legs. He grabbed her bottom and pulled it to his throbbing black cock. Being lubricated was now an invitation to having a cock penetrate her.

With just a few strokes, he broke her hymen. Cristy moaned as his black cock penetrated her. Within a couple of minutes he had over half of his black cock thrusting inside her.

Her teary and wide eyes could only watch as the black man hovered over her. He tightly held her wrists as he stroked more black meat into her. Her vagina felt stretched and the invasion was painful.

"Please no, please. It's too painful," Cristy moaned.

Just at that time the African fucking her spewed his load into her. Her innocent vagina had never had African sperm shot into her. The feeling of a large black cock and cum shooting into her belly was mind blowing. Another orgasm rocked her body as her legs went limp. Her head was swirling and unintentionally her mouth opened as pleasure shot through her.

The black head of the other African's cock then pushed into her mouth before she could recover. He held her head tightly as several inches of black meat invaded her mouth. A small amount of pre-cum touched her tounge. It was salty and disgusting to Cristy but she was now surrendering to being force fed a black cock.

The African was in joy as Cristy sucked on him. The other African that had fucked her was now wanting her mouth on him.

They removed all of her clothes and also theirs. Cristy was pulled onto the African's lap as he guided his black cock into her. He pulled her limp arms abound his shoulders. She felt the hard penetration into her loins as he stroked her. She knew that she was now going to be submissive to an African fuck. Her chin bobbled up and down on his black shoulder as his arms tightly held her back.

She was now captive of a big black cock. The other African stood up and grabbed her head. Again, she had a black cock in her mouth ... this time, one that had his and her own bodily fluids on it.

Meanwhile, her father was still passed out in the bedroom. He would not know what had happened to his daughters until the next morning. Daughters?

The third African had watched his fellow Africans pounding this young deflowered girl. He wanted some sex badly. Then he remembered ... there was another daughter in the home. He walked down the hallway and opened the back bedroom door. There, on bed, was Carla the younger 14 yr. old sister sleeping. He walked in, removed his clothes, and closed the door.

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