Chapter 1

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, Safe Sex,

Desc: Pedo Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man's daughter decides he's just the thing to make a friend of hers happy.

My name is Paul and I live in the Medway area of Kent with my daughter Ruth. Ruth only came into my life in the last four months as until then I never knew or suspected I had a daughter. I still cannot believe that we became lovers, despite the various taboos about incest and age in British society. Yet we did, at Ruth's instigation, and I have to admit I've never been happier, but that story is told elsewhere.

Life was, and still is, good. Ruth and I get on very well together, both as father and daughter as well as friend and lover. She's doing very well at school; mostly because I suspect she isn't chock full of raging hormones and other boys don't really interest her, well not sexually that is. She's having certain needs and 'stress relief' administered at home so to speak. I was complimented by one of the staff at a parent-teacher night at just how well adapted Ruth had become since moving down to Kent. I was also told that if she carried on the way she was doing then she should achieve some very good exam results indeed.

My company is also going from strength to strength. Ruth helps with the paperwork there and has a natural aptitude for figures as well as the complexities of UK corporate and tax law. How or why she finds this interesting is beyond me, but she does and intends (so far) to continue her education until she becomes a chartered accountant.

Other than that she's a very social person, still keeping in touch with friends, though sadly not family on Tyneside where her Mum had died of cancer and the guy she thought was her Dad had thrown her out because she wasn't his. I do know she still thinks of her brother and sister constantly, but they have not been in touch at all. She has also totally charmed my Mum, who was ecstatic to have gained a granddaughter, and Ruth often visits her when I'm working late until I come to collect her. I think Mum suspects something other than Dad and Daughter is going on between us, but she hasn't said a word to me over it, other than she's glad someone nice was in my life at long last. We do keep separate rooms at my home just in case we have visitors, but Ruth has claimed half of my bed as well as my heart when we're alone together. However we're now going to have to be very careful for a week as one of Ruth's friends is to visit us. Ruth thinks she needs cheering up, whatever that means. Ruth was unusually reticent as to the why's of it. But I agreed, why? Well, what Ruth wants, she generally gets. That's not to say that she's spoiled, but rather, she knows her limits as well as which buttons to push to get me to see things her way.

We picked up Ruth's friend Lauren from Grantham North service station on the A1. Her parents had brought her halfway down and would collect her after a week at the same spot. I also suspect they wanted to get a look at me as well as making sure Ruth was with me, just to make sure I was who Lauren said I was. Upon seeing each other Ruth and Lauren just gave out ear splitting squeals of joy and ran up to each other to hug and proceeded to talk twenty to the dozen over the top of each other as they renewed their relationship in the flesh rather than phone or Skype.

"So you're Ruth's real Dad?" asked the guy whom, I presumed, was Lauren's Dad.

"I am, though it came as a total surprise," I replied.

"Ruth's a good girl, I think you lucked out there, God knows why her Mum's husband didn't want her around. She absolutely adored the guy," he said.

"I have to admit she's been an absolute breath of fresh air in my life and I can't imagine being without her in it now," I replied.

"So Lauren was telling her Mum," he said. "Well good luck with the pair of them. I suspect you'll need ear plugs on the way down."

We both laughed and said our goodbyes as Ruth and Lauren frantically waved bye to Lauren's Mum and Dad as we headed over the exit and onto the southern entry slip road.

"Wow, thanks for letting me stay Paul!" gushed Lauren, who didn't appear to need cheering up as far as I could tell from the beaming smile and fits of giggles.

"You're very welcome Lauren. Any friend of Ruth's is a friend of mine," I replied.

Lauren's Dad was right; the drive back was almost non-stop chat from Ruth and Lauren as they appeared able to talk for England. I was amazed at the number of subjects covered as they talked regularly throughout the week and didn't appear to mind covering old ground, as it were, as well as all the current scandals going around in Ruth's old friends' lives. There were also a good few whispers going on too, as some information that they deemed for their ears only, was passed back and forth, often ending in uproarious laughter and fits of giggles from them both.

Finally we reached the house and Ruth and Lauren raced inside and upstairs, leaving me to heave a couple of large suitcases trailing behind them. I found them both in Ruth's 'official' room, sitting on one of the beds still chattering away and giving me the odd sly glance. I decided I probably didn't want to know and let them get on with it, simply telling them that we'd be having dinner at the local pub/restaurant and that there was a live act on that night.

"Will you let us have a drink, Dad?" asked Ruth fluttering her eyelashes at me to let me know she was partly joking.

"No, but if you behave you can have a beer when we get home," I replied.

"He lets you drink beer?" Lauren gasped.

"Only the one and it's some low alcohol French stuff," giggled Ruth. "He doesn't ply me with drink, Lauren."

"He wouldn't need to, would he?" giggled Lauren in return, as they both collapsed into howls of laughter and again I decided I didn't want to know and beat a strategic retreat.

They both came down later dressed in their 'glad rags' as Ruth put it. Both looked quite lovely, Ruth as ever very thin, almost skinny, more meat on a butchers pencil as she occasionally put it. However she had a beautiful face and large eyes that could blaze with passion, as I well knew, and dressed to suit her body shape. Lauren was almost the opposite of Ruth, smaller but chunkier, I suppose is the best way to put it. She wasn't fat by any means, but perhaps carried a few extra pounds of puppy fat, though not a great deal extra. Shortish, dark brown hair and full lips and she did have nice, if chunky, legs showing from under a short skirt, as well as perky set of breasts straining against a tight top.

"You both look lovely," I said to some beaming smiles. "Now let's go."

The walk to the pub/restaurant didn't take long and we got good seats and enjoyed a very nice meal. Finally the lights dimmed a little and the band began its act. They were pretty good too, though nothing original, just cover versions of classics old and new which we sang and occasionally danced along to. Ruth and Lauren were both very good dancers and were clearly having the time of their lives and I mostly just sat back to watch them, until they dragged me out to the floor to strut my stuff too. Fortunately I didn't make a complete fool of myself and we eventually ran the evening down until 10-ish when I decided that it was best to get them home before the place became a little too rowdy.

As promised I let them both have a small bottle of St Omer beer, which Ruth downed with gusto, though Lauren more slowly as if not too sure of the taste.

"OK girls, bed time," I said. "Busy day tomorrow at Bluewater, shopping."

"Aw, can't we stop up late Dad?" asked Ruth.

"Not tonight. You've had a busy day," I replied. "There will be a few nights though."

"OK," both chimed in and headed upstairs to sort themselves out.

Ten minutes later after locking up I entered my own room knowing I would miss having Ruth snuggling into me only to find both girls in the bed apparently waiting for me...

"Er what do you think you're doing?" I said to a smiling Ruth and a furiously blushing Lauren.

"I want you to cheer Lauren up like you do with me, Dad," said Ruth. "She knows what we get up to and wants to try it too."

"She knows?" I said aghast.

"Well, yes. She won't tell though as she knows what would happen to me if she did," said Ruth solemnly. "Besides, she's hoping to snare her own step-Dad soon enough, but wants to try it out with you first."

"I won't tell, Paul," said Lauren. "I just want to know how you make Ruth so happy. Please."

"I don't know," I said sitting on the bed next to Ruth. "Don't get me wrong Lauren, you're very lovely, but there are all sorts of risks to this."

"I'm on the pill," said Lauren. "I got my Mum to put me on it a few months ago when Ruth told me you might be persuaded to 'have' me."

"It's not just that," I said, feeling secretly relieved in one way. "Keeping secrets like this is not easy and people get hurt or imprisoned if they ever get out."

"I know Paul. I won't tell, I promise," Lauren said with a gentle if longing smile.

Ruth leaned up to kiss me then, the duvet slipping from her upper body exposing her tiny conical but very sensitive breasts and my fate was sealed. Lauren watched fascinated as Ruth and I exchanged kisses and both our hands wandered over each other's bodies, caressing and stroking gently with Ruth giving off the occasional sigh and moan of pleasure. My lips passed down from hers to gently nibble her neck making her body tense and relax for a few seconds before I travelled down to suckle upon one of Ruth's very sensitive nipples.

"Oh God yes!" gasped Ruth as I also slid one of my hands down to probe her already wet and slippery pussy.

Lauren watched wide eyed at our lovemaking, her own breaths coming almost in gasps, a blush forming on her cheeks and spreading downwards. Although she was still covered by the duvet almost to her chin, one of her hands drifted down to her own crotch almost without thought on her part.

Ruth's own hands were busy too, but they were taking my clothing off and allowing it to fall to the floor, until, finally, she drew down my boxers to reveal my engorged aching cock.

"Oh my God!" whispered Lauren. "Oh! My! God!"

I slid down Ruth's body exposing it fully and placed my lips and tongue at her entrance and began to nibble and gently tongue it, making Ruth squeal in absolute delight. My tongue found her clitoris and lapped up her nectar in the same swirling motion, something I knew she loved and always took her quickly over the top. I could see the duvet gently bulging up and down where Lauren's hand rested and the top of it had slipped slightly to reveal two well-rounded firm breasts with just a hint of pink nipple showing slightly raised nubs.

"Oooooh!" gasped Ruth as her first orgasm washed over her. "Oh I so needed that!"

"My pleasure Ruth, truly my pleasure," I said as I raised myself up her body to gently kiss her lips.

"You like?" said a rosy cheeked Ruth to a furiously blushing Lauren.

"Yes, oh yes, that was just so ... beautiful," Lauren said hoarsely.

I leaned across to kiss Lauren, slipping my tongue into her mouth and feeling her own tongue probe back as she tasted Ruth upon me. I gently cupped a breast, making her gasp in pleasure around my tongue. Moving across from Ruth I drew her close and began to softly caress her upper body, feeling her press closer to me as desire battled shyness on her part. Ruth sat up on one elbow to watch and gently run her other hand down my back. I took one of Lauren's nipples in my mouth and ran my tongue around the areola, sucking gently the already raised tip into greater hardness, hearing Lauren gasp in delight at my ministrations. I gently rubbed her tummy with the palm of my hand, feeling warm softness, twitching slightly with each caress. I kept a slow circular motion going but gradually descending lower and lower until I could feel soft thick hairs of her raised mound.

"Ooh, Paul, this is so nice," Lauren sighed.

"Told you he was good," Ruth replied in turn.

Leaving Lauren's breasts for the moment I traced a delicate pattern of kisses down her lower chest and stomach to seek out the treasures below, drawing the duvet down to expose a lovely raised mound covered in thick dark soft hairs pretty much concealing everything. Planting several kisses upon it I began probing with my tongue to seek out the hidden treasure concealed. I could feel Lauren twitching and writhing slightly at each touch of the tip of my tongue. Finally I found what I was probing for and started to swirl the tip of my tongue over Lauren's clitoris, which was becoming more and more pronounced at my ministrations.

"Ohhhh!" Lauren gasped, as waves of sexual pleasure rolled over her body. "I thought I knew what to expect but this is so differ ... oooooooh! Oooooooo! Ohhhhh!"

Her body's needs and desires overtook her conscious mind as the young adolescent orgasmed to my swirling tongue, her hips writhing as she tried to push hard against the source of her pleasure.

I waited till the trembling stopped and glanced upwards, seeing a very dazed but happy looking Lauren and a hugely grinning Ruth.

"Want more?" I asked Lauren.

Lauren just nodded as if fearing to speak and I gently lifted her up as I laid back and helped her to straddle me. Taking hold of my cock I raised it to place him at the entrance to her vagina as Ruth gently placed a hand on Lauren's firm chunky thigh.

"Push down at your own pace," I told her. "You'll know what's right for you."

Nodding and holding her lower lip between her teeth, Lauren began to push down on my cock and I felt heat, wetness but also resistance as my cock pressed upon her hymen. Twisting her hips slightly Lauren pushed harder until finally with a groan of part pain, part pleasure, the tip of my cock pushed past the resistance and began its progress towards her womb.

"Yes!" gasped Lauren, as finally she managed to get my full length into herself and without even thinking she began to move up and down on my shaft. She was doing what came naturally and enjoying the sensation immensely, judging by the sighs and moans. I placed my fingertips on her hips and began soft caresses over her body, tracing patterns up to her still engorged nipples, tweaking them between thumb and forefinger and making her gasp all the more and pick up speed. Lauren's hips now pushed down hard on the downstroke of each movement as she felt her clitoris mash against my pubis and it was clear she was having the time of her life as, suddenly with a loud squeal, she pushed down hard and her internal muscles clamped my cock tightly as an orgasm erupted within her, making her blush from the top of her head to the tips of her nipples.

"Oh wow, I can so get used to this!" she gasped.

I sat up to hug her and was joined by Ruth as we gave this delightful young lady a group hug as she finally learned what all the fuss was about when it came to sex. I carefully turned her and laid her back, my cock still inside her and began long powerful thrusts into her making her gasp again in pleasure.

"Are you ready?" I finally moaned as I felt my own orgasm approach.

"Yes Paul, oh yes!" Lauren gasped back between breathless moans and groans as her body took delight in mine.

With a gasp of ecstasy I blasted my seed deep within Lauren's welcoming depths. Our lips met and Lauren enjoyed the pleasures of finally becoming a woman.

"Oh wow, Dad," said Ruth. "That was just so lovely; I knew you'd make her happy."

"Not finished yet," I gasped. "But give me a few minutes, because you and I aren't finished yet, my lovely girl."

"Oh goody," said both Ruth and Lauren.

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