The Blizzard
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Cheating, Wimp Husband, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Grand Parent, MaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Size, BBW, Big Breasts,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When a car containing three generations of a family goes in the ditch, they are "rescued" by three brothers.

After my grandfather died, my parents arranged to have my grandmother brought into town near us in one of those assisted living pre-nursing homes. There was talk about selling the farm (one of the largest single-family farms left in Iowa) because my father already had a business to run and mom wanted nothing to do with it but it had been in the family for several generations and my grandpa always wanted his three grandsons to keep it going. Mom's argument was that we were too young to run a farm that big. My twin brothers, Tim and Tom, had just turned sixteen a month earlier and I was three months from fifteen.

Dad, who usually took the path of least resistance, decided to let us give it a go with the option of selling if we couldn't handle it. So for the last two months, my two brothers and I lived in the farm house and commuted the 40 some miles to school.

Even though spring came in with above average temps, the weather pushed a major cold front south causing the temperature to unexpectedly drop sixty degrees in six hours and we ended up with a full blizzard. The farm house is some three miles west of the county road. The county road actually turns south for five miles, and if you miss the sign and continue west you will hit the gravel road that leads to the farm. About half a mile from the house the road curves to the left, and more than one car has not made that curve and ran off the road. It was just after dark when I saw the headlights disappear down into the ditch and so I went in to tell my brothers. The Ferg was already warmed up from the chores so they had me jump take it and they jumped into the truck.

Within minutes we were looking down into the ditch at the Buick whose front end was buried in a drainage ditch. When the driver opened the door, it was obvious that under the new snow was the drainage water from the run off of all the previous snow that had melted in the last few days. The shrieks confirmed that water was rushing into the front of the car. It would appear the back seat was high enough to clear the water level as the two in the back stayed dry.

As they got out of the car, they were standing in about two feet of water plus whatever mud was at the bottom. The mud apparently was too much for one of the ladies as she fell back into the water and came up sputtering and coughing. We finally managed to get them into the truck and they headed to the house, leaving me with the two backseat passengers to pull the car out and get it into the barn.

My brothers and I have worked on the farm with my grandfather since we were old enough to walk, so it wasn't too much to get the car pulled out and then to tow it back to the barn. I found out that the two women were the mom and grandmother of these two who were brother and sister. The boy, Scott, was fifteen and the girl, Lisa, was fourteen, although I would have guessed her to be much older especially when we got inside and she took her coat off. Few fourteen year olds have a body like that.

Once I got the two settled in the kitchen with some hot chocolate I nuked in the microwave, I figured I would see where everyone else was. I found them all upstairs in Tim's room on Tim's bed. They had both women tied naked side by side on the bed with Tim on top of the redhead and Tom on top of the blonde. Except for the hair color, their bodies seemed identical. Both women shaved so it was unclear if their hair color came naturally. They both had huge boobs that hung down to the sides and quivered uncontrollably as both boys hammered into their red pussies. They both had large bottoms and from the angle I was at, had no problem taking the fat ten inch cocks that my brothers pistoned in and out of them.

When Tom yelled "Winner" I realized this was some form of a competition. Tim of course claimed "fowl" as he finished unloading into the redhead. It would seem that they each had fucked both women and Tim had to wait several minutes for Tom to finish on grandma – the redhead – in round one before he could mount her. Factoring in the delay left him clearly the winner.

When they saw me, they both apologized for "starting the party without me" and for leaving behind sloppy thirds. I just looked at them and shook my head. Both my brothers were known for being big and strong farm boys but neither were known for a high intellect. That was more my department. When I got them in the next room, I asked them if they had thought this through. There will be consequences for raping two women. When Tim started in on how they had done worse and Tom finished with how dad's lawyer always gets them out of these scraps, I just looked at them both and sighed.

Finally, after a few minutes of silence so I could think, Tom asked what we were going to do. So I laid out a plan that I thought would work and allow us some fun for the next couple of days. But, as I explained, they had to keep their dicks away from the fourteen year old downstairs. They seemed reluctant at first but when they saw how serious I was, they agreed.

I had them come back with me to the bedroom and they listened as I explained to our new houseguests the plan for the next couple of days. In return for not harming the kids downstairs, we would let them up but it was up to them to keep my brothers and I sexually satisfied or the deal was off. If either kid were to catch on with what was actually happening, then the deal would be off and things would not end well. So, before my brothers went downstairs to start dinner and to entertain our other guests, both women agreed that they would make themselves available at any time and they would "enjoy" the experience. Of course they agreed by nodding as each woman had the other's panties stuffed in their mouths.

I soon had them untied and into the shower with no fuss. I couldn't help myself as I directed them into making out while playing with the others tits and pussy. Watching them each rub their nipples on the other was also a huge turn on. In what seemed like no time at all, they both were panting heavy and soon both seemed to be having body quivering orgasms. I know women have been known to fake these, but since both flushed red from their faces to their chests, I assumed it was real.

When they got out, I had them bend over side by side so I could fuck them from behind. It was cool watching their big jugs shake and jiggle as I took turns pounding into each of their pussies. I finally unloaded into mom – the blonde, who was named Sally, was 33. Her mom, the grandma, was 53 and was named Olivia.

I gave them each a large tee-shirt that barely covered their bottom and without underwear, did almost nothing to hold their big saggy jugs. There was a slight hesitation as they seemed to want to complain but it passed quickly and they soon were dressed. The sight of those four huge saggy braless boobs had me hard again even though I had just cum a couple of minutes earlier, so soon both were kneeling in front of me, and they proceeded to give me the greatest blowjob I have ever had even to this day.

Directing the two while they showered gave me an idea that I figured would get us out of this mess with no repercussions. My grandfather had a video camera and if I could get those two on video willingly fucking me, they would be the ones guilty of statutory rape of a minor – me. I had to smile to myself as I followed the two women down the stairs. If either of the kids had any misgivings of why it took so long upstairs, they were quickly silenced when they saw both mom and grandma enter in their revealing outfits.

The two kids sat at the table with Tom playing cards as Tim made his standard spaghetti and meatballs; sauce from a jar with frozen meatballs. As I looked upon Lisa and her tight sweater, I figured she would be fair game before this was over. Hell, getting the boy involved would only help our cause. How often do four boys get to fuck three generations of pussy? Even though the weather outside was horrid, things were definitely hot inside and things would only get hotter.

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