Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Tear Jerker, Zombies, Cheating, Rough, Size, Big Breasts, 2nd POV, Violent, Sci-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A loving wives tale with bite

There was no need to look over my shoulder to see how fast the man chasing me was running. That is, of course, if you could still call him a man. I was putting every ounce of strength and stamina I had into running but he was slowly, inexorably reeling me in.

The bastard must've been a God damned track star, because I'm no slouch when it comes to running. There aren't very many people who can keep up with me. This guy, again though, was not only keeping up, he was catching up.

With the fence that I'd crawled through to reach the abandoned warehouse coming up swiftly, I decided to put him out of his misery. I began to slow down and he ran even faster. His speed was flat out and he gave away a lot of agility running that fast. His brain power was already depleted, so my next move took him totally by surprise.

As he started reaching out trying to grab me from behind, I suddenly just stopped and curled into a ball directly in front of him. My move was so sudden, that he had no chance to slow down or stop himself. He stumbled awkwardly over me and landed flat on his stomach on the ground.

I jumped up nimbly and stood over him. He growled in anger for about a second before I put him out of his misery by slamming the head of my flanged mace through his skull. The growling stopped immediately, but the body shuddered a few times. I quickly stepped back leaving my mace in his skull.

I drew the Katana strapped diagonally across my back just in case he was still alive. I watched for a few seconds and saw no signs of movement, so I sheathed the Katana and approached the body again. I tried to yank my mace out of the skull and couldn't.

Shit, that mace was one of my favorite weapons. It was an original piece from the fifteenth century. There was no way I was leaving without it. I put one foot on the man's neck and braced the other on the ground and pulled with all of my strength. The mace came free and brought a chunk of skull with it. I'd have to remove that once I got back to camp. I looked around me and saw several more of them but they were at least a hundred yards away. I laughed thinking about that, because I'm the only person I know who still uses the term yards. Most people have finally switched to the metric system as if any of that shit matters anymore.

I jogged quickly over to the fence and found the hole I'd cut in it and my wire cutters. I grabbed the cutters and ran over to my car. I knocked on the window and heard the electronic locks pop open.

As I opened the door, music loud enough to alert everyone in the area to our presence filled the air. I could hear angry growls from the people behind the fence.

"Took ya long enough," grinned my wife Dana. She continued to bop her head to the music as I sat down in the driver's seat and started the engine.

"Hey buddy, gas isn't rechargeable," she said. "And the sound of that motor will let everything in the area know where we are." I turned the music down, and grabbed her by her face.

"With the racket you're making, Dana," I said. "Everything in the area already knows we're here." I pulled her face gently to mine and kissed her. Her arms snaked around me and her mouth opened as her tongue sought and dueled with mine.

"I love you Jer," she said. "Sometimes..."

I just looked at her. "Sometimes I wish it was just the two of us. I wish we could just find our own little hidden safe zone and live out our lives without constantly scavenging and hunting for supplies for all of the others. I especially wish that at night," she said.

I looked at her crazily. Nights were the most dangerous times. It really was better to have more people around.

"Jer, I get tired of us having to have furtive sneaky sex," she said. "I just wish that we could just let it all hang out. I dream of you just pounding the shit out of me and me being free to scream out exactly how good it feels and exactly what I want you to do to me. God damn it we're married. We're supposed to fuck our brains out. It's natural. It's the way it's supposed to be."

"That was a long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away," I sighed. But she was right. I loved Dana more than I could ever express. We'd been married for three years and together for more than that but I could count on one hand the number of times that I'd been able to hear her screaming out her passion. It simply wasn't that kind of world anymore.

It wasn't really anyone's fault. There hadn't been a World War III. There hadn't been any kind of Biblical apocalypse, nor had Aliens taken over the planet. Our downfall had come about from a combination of very small things. It took a perfect storm of almost infinitely small proportions to take down our society.

Thirty years ago, in the beginning of the twenty-first century, medical science had started to track a growing number of viruses that were resistant to antibiotics. But modern medicine had also trained most of the populace worldwide to depend on medical care. If you got a cold or the flu, you weren't supposed to simply ride it out. Nope, you had to go to see a doctor so he or she could prescribe the latest and greatest antibiotic. In many cases, it didn't make sense. There was never a cure for the common cold. If you got a cold you simply had the virus for seven to ten days. The treatments simply made the misery of those seven to ten days easier.

So what a lot of people did was to go to work while still sick. They had to go to work because they saved their sick days for vacations and sporting events or entertainment. It just didn't make sense. Why would anyone go to work while they were sick, so they could stay home and go out while they were really well?. People back then were crazy.

Anyway, it may not have made sense, but it made dollars. The drug companies were constantly finding all kinds of drugs and antibiotics to treat more and more of the symptoms. It got to the point where no one wanted to have even the slightest discomfort. If you had a runny nose, you didn't need a tissue, you needed an antibiotic. If you had a headache, you needed a narcotic. An entire generation of pain free wimps got us to that point.

The researchers warned us. They told us that the strains of viruses were beginning to mutate into super-bugs that couldn't be taken down with antibiotics. Society refused to listen. "They'll come up with something," they always said. And the drug companies did. They always came up with something. Ten years ago in 2020, the first Mega-virus was discovered. It was called Ambubola. The weird thing about it was that unlike the Ebola virus that it was mutated from, it didn't eat tissues. It was called Ambubola for short but it really meant Ambulant Ebola. Ambulant meaning that after the virus killed you, you were still moving around. The cases of Ambubola were few and far between. Patients stricken with the disease were not dangerous. They were simply medical curiosities.

After all, most of them were brain-dead. They had no desires, no agenda and no motivation. They simply stood up and moved. A few years later though, as the Ambubola virus continued to mutate and combine with other viruses, something awful happened; and that's where the perfect shit storm occurred.

It was the worst possible outcome. Think about it, if Ambubola had combined with the common cold then we'd have a few harmless dead patients that stood up and sniffled and sneezed, which again would have been no big deal. But when Ambubola combined with Rabies we got hell on earth. Rabies was relatively slow acting. Ambubola sped that up. Rabies, once it reaches the brain is characterized with aggression, paranoia, foaming at the mouth and the desire to bite. The disease is also transferred through that bite.

Rabid Ambubola or RAB, as we call it, spread quickly. We believe that it was created by cross-contamination in a European hospital that was doing research into both Ambubola and Rabies. I've heard several different stories about how it happened. The most plausible seems to be that a patient who'd unknowingly had rabies, which takes months for the symptoms to show up got an organ transplant from a cadaver. The donor cadaver had been from a person with AB.

The AB sped up the rabies. The patient bit several people in the hospital. Before anyone knew what was going on, the disease made it into the wild. There were hundreds of cases within the first few days. There thousands by the end of the week and it was global buy the end of the first month.

There was, of course, widespread panic. Governments tried to contain it. They tried quarantines and sending in troops, all of which failed. Society soon fell. Countries became a thing of the past. With everyone fighting to survive, the old rules no longer applied. I've heard about cities and places starting up again, but usually they fail. There have been places that started with a few people who walled themselves off from the rest of the world. They grow their own food and do everything they have to do to stay clean and secure. But they always fail. It only takes one person to bring them down.

There are trillions of infected people who go out looking for fresh blood in large herd-like gatherings. The people in these groups resemble and act like a type of zombie. There are difference between them and traditional zombies though. The RABS as we call them, are not slow shuffling creatures who eat blood and brains. They have all of the physical attributes that they always had. So a RAB that looks like an old lady, has all of the strength and speed of that old lady. A God damned track star like the one that just chased me is going to still be as quick as hell. I once ran into a RAB that used to be a fucking basketball player. The asshole leaped over two other people to try to bite me. Of course, the worst one I've ever taken on had to have been a professional wrestler. I saw that bastard jump off of a car, do a flip and body slam one of the guys in our group. Once he bit the guy, it was over.

Stopping RABs isn't really too much harder than killing any other person. Since the virus is transmitted through the system by the blood, you can cut them severely enough that they bleed out and they'll die. But that, in some cases, can take a long time to happen and during it, they'll still try to bite you. The best ways are to decapitate them or destroy the brain.

Once a person is bitten, there's only one way to save them. There is no vaccine, no serum and no cure for RAB. The only method that works is amputation and that's only effective if the bite is on an extremity.

There are rumors of a cure. I've heard that scientists have developed a genetic retrovirus that can rewrite an affected person's DNA and eliminate the virus. But to tell you the truth it just sounds like bullshit to me. I keep running into people here that say that there are RAB free places in Europe or Asia. I also run into people from Europe who've come here because they were told that the US or what's left of it, is a RAB free zone.

For now, we just keep doing the same things we always do. We hunt for supplies and check each other often.

As we head back to camp from our latest forage, the thrumming of my car's exhaust system is a pleasant sound. My car is an antique. It's a 2012 Mustang GT. It's left over from when Detroit resurrected the muscle car era. The motor puts out 412 horsepower and the car is ungodly fast. It's also ungodly loud, so most of the time I don't use the motor. My car has also been retrofitted with small electric motors that run on lithium ion batteries in EV mode. When I use the motor, it recharges the batteries. The car's roof, hood and trunk deck lid are solar panels that also recharge the batteries on sunny days.

Normally I run in EV mode. I do that because it's far quieter. I have no need to let packs of RABs know that we're in the area. But I also run EV because I can only get gas when I find it. It isn't difficult to find gas but I have to go through all the effort of pumping it out of the tanks of what used to be gas stations. I've heard that in the old days, all you had to do was to show up at a station and wave a little card and you could put gas in your tank just by sticking a nozzle in your fuel door. I really don't believe that though.

I take a look over at Dana. She's still singing along to some song that she found on the Mustang's huge hard drive full of music. There are literally thousands of songs on it. Most of the music is from 20 or 30 years ago. Dana really likes the category they called "Pop." I really like both the "Metal," songs and the "Rock and Roll" songs. I also like some of the "Country," songs. Neither of us liked the ones they called "Rap," though. It just seemed like a bunch of angry people shouting at each other and complaining about their God damned problems. The "Punk," songs were the same way. Maybe that's why they called them "Punks."

I looked at the center console's display to see what song Dana was listening to. It was a song called, "Walking on Sunshine." I wondered what the hell that even meant.

"Dana, that woman was probably dead before you were born," I laughed. "I doubt that she's walking on anything."

Dana, like my car, is one of a kind. She's short with short brown hair and brown eyes. She has an exotic caste to her face. Her family was originally from Mexico she tells me. She has barely average sized breasts, but I love her thick legs and her ass. Dana's ass is a work of art. I get hard just thinking about it.

I let my hand settle down onto one of her thighs and inch my fingers inwards. She grabs my hand and stops it before it gets to its destination.

"Oh," she says smiling. "You're insulting this poor woman for walking on sunshine, but at the same time your fingers are walking towards pussy."

"Are you trying to stop that woman from walking on sunshine?" I asked.

"Hell no," she says. "I'm singing right along with her."

"Then why are trying to stop my fingers?" I asked. "You should be going along with me too."

"I love you Jer," she says seriously. "So I'm never going to stop your fingers. I just wanted to open up for them. You can do whatever you want and I'll just keep on singing."

"Is that what you call that?" I asked playfully. That was one quip too many and Dana's ample legs snapped shut with the finality of a steel trap. She grabbed my hand and placed it in my own lap. Dana is as cute as they come but she sings like the sound of a rusty gate swinging shut. For some reason though, she doesn't realize it.

"Fuck you Jerry," she snaps. "I sound just like the recording and you know it. You're just jealous of me. Some day when they start paying people to sing again, I'm going to be famous and rich."

"Yeah," I said. "Because when they start paying people to sing again, they'll pay you to shut the fuck up."

"How cold is it going to be tonight?" she asked.

"Dana, how the hell am I supposed to know that?" I asked. "I assume it'll be just like last night. Maybe it'll be a little bit warmer. Maybe it'll be a little bit colder."

"So how exactly did you stay warm last night?" she asked.

"You and I snuggled up in a blanket together like we always do," I said.

"So how are you going to stay warm tonight?" she asked. "Your smart assed mouth has just earned you a night alone."

"Okay," I said casually. "That's fine."

"What do you mean that's fine?" she asked.

"You know," I said. "If it's a warm night, there won't be any problems. I won't need some woman with a giant ass rubbing against me and constantly whispering nasty things in my ears. On the other hand, if it's a cold night, I'm sure the group will look at things and figure out what to do. What with you being the best singer in the group, I'm sure they won't want you to get cold and damage your voice. Our survival does depend a lot on your singing. And in my case, since I'm one of the strongest and fastest men we have, and also one of the better fighters, they won't let me suffer much either."

She looked at me and her mouth dropped open. "What are you talking about Jerry?" she asked.

"Well, I'm sure that one of the other women would sleep with me," I said. I could see anger flash across her eyes.

"I'm sure that I'd kill any bitch that even tried to lie down with you too," she snapped.

"Oh, so you'd rather have me freeze to death than enjoy a comfortable night of rest?" I asked in mock shock.

"I just don't want you sticking your dick where it doesn't belong," she hissed.

"Where does it belong?" I asked.

"In me Jerry," she said, grabbing my hand. "That's the only place it should ever be."

"But if you're unavailable..." I began. "And after all it would only be sex. There wouldn't be any emotional attachment. It would just be for warmth, you know..."

"Jerry, have you ever had sex with anyone other than me?" she hissed angrily.

"Of course not," I said. "But after tonight that may have changed. And maybe by tomorrow you'll have tried someone else too. Maybe we won't even be together anymore."

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" she screamed. "That will never happen. So whoever it is you're fantasizing about, you'd better keep her in your mind and to yourself while you're fucking me. Because if it ever becomes anything else..." I cut her off.

"I only fantasize about you, dummy," I said. "You're the only woman I have in mind."

"Well, I have been with a couple of other men before we got together," she said. "And I didn't like it. I love it with you though, Jer. Sometimes it's all I can think about."

"You're all I ever think about," I said.

"Even with my giant ass?" she whined, grabbing my hand.

"Dana, stop being silly," I said. "I love your ass and you know it. I can hardly keep my hands off of it or anything else."

"I know that Jerry," she smirked. "But I still like hearing it. If you're nice for the rest of the day, I might change my mind about sleeping with you." This time I kept my mouth shut. I think my sarcastic expression blew it for me though.

"What the hell are you smirking about?" she asked smiling.

"I was just trying to imagine a night with your legs not spread and me not between them," I laughed. "I don't think we've had many of those since we've met." She punched me in the shoulder just as we drove up to the wall of our camp.

As my car drove in front of the wall, the gate opened immediately. Two men stood next to the doors of the car and looked over both of us as we got out. I rolled up my pants so they could look at my legs and see that there were no bite marks. To speed things up I just took my jacket and sweater off. Several women walking by stopped and looked. I smiled and put my clothes back on. Dana grumbled and started to take her own top off.

"She doesn't need to," I said. "She never got out of the car."

One of the guys just stared at Dana. "Why didn't you just say so?" he asked.

"I just figured if Jerry is going to give every bitch in camp a free show, I might as well give one too," she said angrily.

"Dana, if you're giving our free shows, don't start from the top, pull your pants down," he quipped. "That's what I want to see."

"Do you want to see it badly enough to get cut?" I asked. He quickly climbed the ladder back to his perch on the wall.

"What's the matter, Honey?" asked Dana. "Are you jealous?"

"Nope," I said. "I'm not the type that gets jealous. I get over it and move on."

She looked at me strangely and laughed nervously. Then she grabbed my hand and we headed towards the house we shared. Before we got very far, I saw Sven heading in our direction. Sven also known as Sven the Elder was the leader of our group. Sven didn't lead us because he was the best fighter or the best tactician, but because he had a habit of knowing what decisions would be good for the majority of the group. He was also diplomatic enough to explain why some of his decisions were the correct ones.

"Jerry," he said as he intercepted us. "Did you find anything we can use?"

"There were several buildings there," I said. "I didn't get a chance to go inside of them because there were just too many RABs. But I saw a gas station and what looked like a supermarket." He nodded.

"Sven," I said. "This could be a really big deal for us because it's relatively close. The reason we haven't seen it before is because it's one of those small cul de sac towns that you have to get off of the freeway to find. There are no signs on the freeway to even tell you that the town exists. And there's a chain link fence that completely surrounds the town. It looks like the residents tried to keep people out, but instead they just ended up sealing themselves in. There's a hell of a lot of them in there."

"We'll pass," he said. "It just sounds too dangerous."

"I don't know," I said. "The windows in both that gas station and the supermarket are intact. That means that there's a good chance that there's a lot of stuff we could use in there."

"We'd probably lose a lot of people trying to get in there and try to get it too," he said. "We're lucky the two of you weren't hurt going in there."

"I didn't go in there," said Dana. "He never lets me do anything even remotely dangerous. I just spotted for him and spoke to him over the com link to let him know if he was in danger and..."

Sven looked at me crazily. "You went in there alone?" he asked. I just nodded.

"But you're our best scout and probably our best fighter. What would have happened to the rest of us if something had happened to you?" he asked.

"Come on Sven, I was in no danger," I said. "As soon as I made contact, I booked. I didn't try to fight, I just booked. Only one of them was able to keep up with me. That fucker was quick too. I'm telling you he had to have been a track star before..."

"Had to have been?" asked Sven lifting an eyebrow.

"Well, him and my mace didn't really get along," I said. "They had a head to head meeting and his head wasn't as persuasive as the head of my mace, so he lost." Sven just walked away shaking his head.

On our way to our house, we stopped off in the square in the center of town. Women were grilling all kinds of meat over a huge grill. There were vegetables and fruits too. There were even some small cakes and pies tonight. That was something I'd never seen in our camp before. They must have a new cook.

Dana and I grabbed a plate each and filled it with food. Dana also grabbed a pie. I reached for a cup and some of the fruit juice they served but Dana stopped me.

"We still have "B" at home," she reminded me. Our community was relatively well off. We sent all kind of scavengers and scouts out on a daily basis. We sent out long parties and short parties. The long parties went out and were gone for days or weeks at a time. They took things to trade for the supplies they thought we might need. Sometimes they took people to trade services that other communities might need.

We had a large group of skilled metal workers, cooks, and others. We even had an electrician and a computer repair guy. Computers were no longer networked. The cell towers and transmission cables had long since fallen into disrepair. We were fortunate though to have radios and push to talk phones that still worked.

I'm supposedly a fighter, but I also serve as a short range scout. I go out for very short expeditions scouting. The community shares in everything we find. Everyone works for the good of the community. So after a hard day of looking around to find new things and map out areas that we should avoid, Dana and I could grab as much food as we wanted. Common sense did dictate that we shouldn't take more than we could eat though. No one went hungry in our community as long as anyone had food, so there was no need for hoarding. Any behavior that was detrimental to the group was deemed illegal. If you did something illegal you had to go to court where a group of five would decide what to do about the infraction. If it was a more serious matter, the entire group would talk it over after dinner and vote. That usually only happened in cases where the infraction was so severe, that being expelled from the group was possible.

If a person was expelled, he or she was given enough food and water to last for a day. He or she was photographed, tattooed with an X on their shoulder and put outside of the wall at sunrise. They were never allowed to return for any reason although there have been a couple of cases were exceptions were made.

Dana looked at me as she mentioned the "B." It was what we called beer. We'd found some a few weeks ago and had of course turned most of it over to the community, but we'd kept a few cases for ourselves. We hadn't kept enough to consider it hoarding, and beer wasn't an item that was necessary for survival so it wasn't a bad thing. Sven had come by our place several times to relax and have a drink; as had the rest of our close friends who knew about it.

I smiled at her and nodded. As we left the cooking area, a couple of men asked if we wanted to share the details of the hunt we'd just done. One of them was one of the metal workers who were constantly after me.

"Tomorrow," I said. "Tonight I just want to get home, eat and get to bed."

"I'll bet," he laughed, looking at Dana.

"If I were you, I'd probably never get out of bed," he said and laughed.

Dana and I got back to our small house near the main gate. As she opened the door, I handed her my plate and went back to the car. I hooked my recharge cable up to the car and topped off the fuel tank. I liked to have my car full at all times just in case. I also kept a small supply of non-perishable food in the car, also just in case.

The real reason I'd gone back to the car though was to retrieve my mace. Once I got done eating, I needed to clean it and get the chunks of embedded skull off of the mace.

As I walked into the house, Dana was already sitting at the table. She'd also gotten comfortable as she called it. She'd taken her pants off and I could see her thick beautiful legs under the small table.

As she smiled at me, I knew immediately what was on her mind. I sat down next to her and started to eat. We didn't say a word. We just smiled at each other and ate faster and faster, knowing that as soon as we were done, we'd begin.

Before either of us was done eating, someone knocked at our door. "Shit," hissed Dana. "Haven't you told Sven that when the door is closed we don't want visitors?"

I just smiled and went to the door. I opened the door and an absolutely beautiful young woman walked in. She smelled like she'd just taken a bath in roses or something. I was absolutely shocked. Dana stood up immediately.

"Hi," said the woman.

"Hi," I said back, still confused.

"I'm here," she said smiling and staring at me and then she looked around the house.

"Uhm, you're here for what exactly?" I asked.

"I'm here for you," she said.

"The fuck you are," screamed Dana. The woman looked at Dana standing there in her panties and then back at me. Dana stood there glowering at her.

"Is she your sister?" asked the woman.

"Why the fuck are you here?" asked Dana.

"He told me to stop by after I got settled," said the woman. She didn't even look at Dana. It was almost as if she considered Dana not worth her trouble.

"Uhm, when did I say that exactly?" I asked.

"Four days ago, you were out on the road," she began. "A bunch of RABs were chasing my mother and me. My mother couldn't really run and I was trying to hold them off by picking them off one by one so we could get away. I shot as many of them as I could, but there were still three or four of them left when I ran out of bullets. You came along in that yellow car. You got out of the car just as one of them was about to grab my mom. You kicked him in the chest and then slashed his throat with a dagger." She was still smiling even as she recalled the incident.

"You grabbed my rifle from me and crushed the skull of the next one with its stock. You plunged the barrel of the gun through the next one's chest and then jumped up and brought your dagger straight down through the last one's skull." She smiled even brighter as she recounted that.

"That's one blood thirsty bitch," hissed Dana.

"Then you brought my mom and me here, to this settlement," she smiled again. "We were starving and dehydrated when you brought us in. We were covered in dirt and grime and afraid of everything we saw. I tried to thank you and you said I didn't need to. I told you that I had to pay you back for what you'd done for us. You told me to talk to you after I'd had a few days to get my strength back. Well, here I am," she said.

I didn't remember the girl as being this pretty. In fact, when I'd saved her and her mother, I'd thought they were two older women. They were both covered from head to toe, like the women from Arabia were in the old days.

As I looked at the woman now though, I could see why she would have tried to stay covered up. She was beautiful. She had the greenest eyes I've ever seen. Her long, pretty, blond hair seemed to flare out with every twitch of her head. She was probably three or four inches taller than Dana and definitely thinner. Her legs were longer and also thinner than Dana's but still well-proportioned. Her ass, though smaller, was also beautifully shaped. Her waist seemed impossibly tiny and it roared upwards into generous breasts that seemed to be unrestrained under the short dress she wore.

"Uhm, you don't owe me anything," I said nervously. "In fact, that's what I was hoping someone would have told you by now. Having you here and your mother also, of course, makes our community stronger. You can add your skills and abilities to ours and make us better."

"Yeah, my mom is already a part of the cooking staff," she smiled. "My mom loves to cook. Back before the RABs turned the world to shit, my mom was a famous chef. You bringing us here and giving her the opportunity to do what she loves again is a Godsend."

"We're so much better off than we've ever been. The past two weeks have been especially bad. We'd been traveling with a group of people and we got ambushed by a large herd of RABs. My mom and I were lucky enough to get away. Well, maybe it wasn't luck. I shot about eleven of them to cut us a small window through them."

I looked at her crazily. "We were going to die," she said. "They didn't all attack at the same time. I saw them out of the back window of the building we were hiding in. I opened the window and shot a bunch of them. Before anymore came, my mom and I got outside. We hid among the bodies of the ones who'd fallen and when the group of them all went inside to bite everyone else, we ran away. Anyway, after wandering around, we were able to link up with three men and another woman that we knew. After a few days, we joined up with a group of about five guys who seemed to be pretty good fighters. Things were going really well until one of the men, a really big nasty one that I was afraid of, decided that the women had to have sex with all of the men, if we wanted to stay with them. So we're talking about eight men and three women. My mom and the other woman were in their fifties so do the math. Mom and I decided to sneak away in the night. I have no idea what happened to the other woman."

She looked at me and just shook her head. "Anyway, we'd been on the road for about a day when you found us. I guess our survival skills just aren't what they should be."

"So are you cooking too?" I asked.

"Yes," she said sadly. But as soon as she stopped talking about cooking, her ever present smile was back.

"You aren't happy about cooking?" I asked. "I can help you find another job. What are you good at?"

She looked at me and I knew that I was in trouble. As my eyes met hers, something passed between us. She gave me the most beautiful smile in the world and in the most delicate and feminine voice said, "Shooting."

"Okay, uhm..." I gulped.

"Sandy," she supplied, along with another megawatt smile.

"Okay Sandy," I said. "I'll talk to Sven tomorrow. Have a nice night."

"Oh, I almost forgot," she gushed. "Mom sent you this cake."

"Wow," I said as I closed the door behind her.

"Don't say a fucking word," snapped Dana angrily.

"What?" I asked.

"You didn't tell me anything about her," she said.

"Shit, when I saw them they were wrapped up like dirt covered Burritos," I said. "I didn't know she had the hair or that face or any of it," I said. "I thought she and her mom were both older women. Remember I came home and said that I'd helped two old women?"

"Yeah well, I don't like that bitch. She's too happy. And there's something off about her. She reminds me of someone," said Dana. "I want you to stay away from her."

"Okay," I said. "No problem." I'd already decided to do so anyway. Sandy made me feel weird. I didn't need that.

As I looked back at her, Dana was bouncing up and down. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked laughing.

Dana made her voice sound almost like Sandy's. She bounced up and down holding onto her breasts. "I'm Sandy," she mimicked. "I like shooting things and nobody remembers my face because they're always staring at my giant titties."

I laughed so hard I fell on the floor. "I'm serious, Jerry," she said. "I don't want to see you around that little bitch."

"What's the matter, Honey," I asked, echoing her words. "Are you jealous?"

"I don't get jealous," she said. "I get violent. And I don't want to get expelled and have to be out there on my own. I probably wouldn't survive for very long."

"You'd live for a very, long time," I said. "We'd just find another place. Maybe we'd find a smaller version of this place with only the two of us."

"You'd go with me?" she asked.

"Of course, Dummy," I said. "The two of us are chained together. Where you go, I go."

Dana was standing by where I sat on the floor. Our position brought her panties to eye level. I leaned over and nuzzled her lower stomach.

"Stop it Jerry," she whined. "I'm not in the mood. That bitch pissed me off." I kept at it and caught the elastic part of her panties in my teeth. I jerked my head downwards and pulled them down. I moved my head and grabbed another bite of her waistband in my mouth and tugged her tiny panties over her large hips.

"Jerry," she said sharply, but she made no move to stop me. The tone of her voice had also changed.

I pushed my face against her lightly furred pubes and took a big sniff of her pungent aroma. "Do you want me to go shower or do you want me sweaty?" she asked.

"Why shower when we're only going to get all sweaty all over again?" I asked. "I thought you weren't in the mood?"

"Just shut up," she said. She pulled her panties the rest of the way down and stepped out of them.

I stuck out my tongue and she directed it where she wanted to feel it most. After a few seconds her hips were gyrating and thrusting against my tongue. I licked her slit from top to bottom and back again. She began moaning. I grabbed her hips and locked her in place and circled her clit with my tongue. She placed one and then the other of her thick legs on my shoulders and pulled my face against her vagina as if her life depended on it. "Ooooh," she moaned. "Ohh, shit, Jer, I'm almo..." I stopped and pulled her legs down.

"Why'd you stop," she yelled. "You bastard. I was going to cum. I was so close I could..."

"You were getting ready to scream," I said. "And then everyone would have come running in here to see what was wrong with you, AGAIN. I think some of those older guys just come in here so they can look at you naked and..."

"I'll be quiet," she said sharply. "Talk less, fuck more." She lay down on her back and spread her legs. "Come and get it," she hissed.

I walked over to her shedding clothes as I went. I knelt between her legs and she grabbed onto my already erect member. Her hands gently started rubbing up and down on the sensitive skin of the glans. She popped just the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue over it.

"Let me show you what that teasing shit feels like," she said.

"Let's not," I said. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and pushed her down onto her back roughly. She got an evil gleam in her eyes. As quick as a cat she tried to snap her legs shut, but I was quicker. I got my knee between her legs and forced the other next to it.

Dana's legs are very strong but I slowly pushed them apart with her fighting me all the way. Once I got hem open, she started hitting me. I let the blows rain down on my chest and shoulders as I forced her backwards. I got one of my knees on top of hers and pinned that knee down. Then I did the same to the other.

She was still hissing and trying to stop me. "So you're going to rape me?" she asked.

"It looks like it," I said. I felt her pussy with one hand while trying to fend off her swings with the other. "Somehow, it won't be hard," I said. "You're sopping wet."

"No Jerry," she said. "I don't want this."

"Who cares?" I said. "I rubbed the head of my dick against her opening.

"Stop it Jerry," she said, still fighting. I leaned forward and pushed gently. There was that wonderful perfect moment as just the head of my dick penetrated her while the rest was still outside of her. Maybe it's the difference in temperatures or the fact that only the head has that wonderful pressure against it while the rest is being squeezed by only air. Maybe it's just anticipation of what's to come. But she felt it too, because as soon as the head of my dick entered her vestibule, all of the fighting stopped.

Her eyes, full of lust and need, turned towards mine. An unspoken question passed between us. I knew that she was only wondering when and how hard that first thrust would come. She needed it as badly as I did. She wanted it just as badly too. Her hips started to make little hunching moments and trying to swallow my dick inside of her depths even as I hesitated.

"Jerry," she hissed as my smile turned cruel. "Don't you fucking dare..." I pulled out of her and sat down.

"What the hell are you doing?" she hissed.

"Dana," I said, with all of the mock seriousness I could manage. "No means, no. You said that you didn't want this. If I forced you to do it that would be like I raped you. I love you. I could never take you against your will."

"You know I wanted you to fuck me, asshole," she hissed. "It's a God damned game. It's that fantasy of being taken against your will."

"I ... I just don't get that," I said. Before I could say anything, Dana flipped one of her thick legs over me and thrust herself at me. She grabbed the end of my dick and positioned it and then pushed forward impaling herself against me."

"Oh, God, I thought you'd never shut up," she said. She pushed me onto my back while keeping us coupled and then started to ride my dick as hard as she could. As her hips worked, she leaned forward and started to kiss me. Her short hair fell all around my face and her perky breasts teased my chest.

"Jerry, do you know what I want," she whispered in my ear between bites. "I want you to fuck me and cum in me until neither one of us can move. When I'm exhausted, I want you to keep fucking me and..."

"Talk less," I said.

"Fuck more," she finished.


I woke up the next morning tingling all over. I was warm and I just felt like I was in Heaven. Jerry's snores buzzed lightly in my ear. Each buzzing little exhalation caused my neck to tingle. He had one arm thrown protectively around me. That hand was clamped gently over my left breast. His left leg was also thrown over my legs. Although, in his sleep, he protected me and kept me warm. It was as if even his subconscious mind recognized me as the most precious thing in his world.

Just thinking about it made me smile all over again. I yawned and tried to stretch a bit without awakening him. I could have stayed there in his arms for the entire day. But Jerry wasn't like me. As soon as his eyes opened, he'd be ready to begin the day's adventures.

I loved him so much, it was crazy. I actually regret having lied to him the night before. I had almost told him what I'd been thinking about lately, but I'd lied instead. We had enough on our plates already just trying to survive without worrying about things that might never happen.

I had started out by saying, "Jerry, you know what I want," while we were having sex. I'd been just about to tell him that I wanted a baby. But I backed down. Since the time of the RABs, there have been very few children actually born. If you count all of the women that I've run into over the years, I only know two that were ever pregnant.

I guess it's a selfish thing but some of the older women in the community tell me that it's the way it used to be before all of this bullshit happened. It was the most natural thing in the world for a woman who was crazy in love with a man to want to have his baby. But maybe we can go back to the way things used to be. I mean we've already started. Five years ago most of these older women and some of the older men in our community would have been long dead. With almost no ability to fight and protect themselves, they'd have been bitten or dead.

But now, in our community, each person lends his or her skills. Some of us are protectors, and others do other things. Besides just wanting a child for myself, I guess, I'd love the status it would give me. The only reason why I don't have to work as a cook, or a cleaner, or a gofer, or just as a general laborer right now, is Jerry. Since Jerry is so valuable to the community, for his ability to locate supplies and his tactical abilities, no one ever questions what I do or don't do. I guess I'd like some kind of status for myself.

Having a baby and being a fertile woman, would give me that kind of notice. But even as I took a deep breath on pondering it, Jerry's eyes popped open.

"Come on, Dana," he said instantly. "We've got things to do today."

"We always have things to do," I told him. "I'm staying right here in this bed."

"Okay, Honey," he said. "I'll see you when I get back." In a flash, he was out of the bed and heading for our bathroom. We were very fortunate. There are only six or seven houses in the compound that actually have running water. We're one of them. I think Sven has something to do with that. I also think that Sven sees Jerry running the community when he's too old to do it anymore.

The icy water of the shower cascades down on him. I gingerly get into the shower pushing myself against him for warmth.

"I thought you were staying in bed all day?" he asked.

"Where you go, I go," I grumbled.

We went over to the cooking area and waved to several of the older women who were cooking. We saw that woman from the night before. Even as she tried to cook, there were at least three men smiling at her. When she saw us, she smiled and waved, mostly at Jerry. I waved back at her, but I guess my hands weren't working well that morning because only my middle finger was up when I waved.

After we finished eating, we headed for the car. There seemed to be some kind of trouble at the gate. Jessie Flint, one of the huge guys who guarded the gate seemed to be yelling down to someone.

Jerry ran over to the gate and climbed the ladder up to the walkway near the top. He spoke to someone down there as I sat on his car. I saw him gesture for the gate to be opened. As the gate was opening he jumped down off of the wall along with Jessie and his partner Fred.

A giant of a man walked into the gate. The guy had to be at least six foot six. He was easily over two hundred and fifty pounds. He had long shiny dark hair and his skin was very tan. He smiled at me and I noticed his very white teeth. He looked like that old time movie star Antonio Banderas. He carried a very long spear that appeared to be really heavy.

Jessie started talking to him. Jessie was also huge. He was about the same size as the newcomer but not nearly as sexy. My poor Jerry seemed like a hobbit next to those two.

Jessie told the guy that he'd have to give up his weapons and submit to a bite inspection before he could be allowed to visit.

The newcomer started trying to charm Jessie. He talked about wanting to find a home and how skilled a fighter he was. I could tell that Jerry was getting bored. I was too. The new guy should have just let them check him. We all had to do it. It was necessary for safety. RAB sometimes struck immediately and other times you had up to eighteen hours before you started foaming at the mouth like a maddened pit bull.

The new guy was still trying to bullshit his way out of turning over his weapons. He was telling Jessie how great a fighter he was and how lucky we were to have him. "Okay, I'm bored. If you can't obey the rules," said Jerry yawning. "You can't come in."

"What if I prove to you that I'm a great fighter," said the new guy.

"We don't care," yawned Jerry. "We've got lots of good fighters. We really need electricians and techs. If I could find a fucking plumber, I'd give the bastard anything he wants just to stay here. Fighters are a dime a gross. Everyone has to fight. That's the good thing about being here with us. You don't have to fight to survive."

"But I'm not good," said the new guy. "I'm God damned spectacular."

Jerry just snorted. "I'll bet," he said.

"I'll give you a demo," said the new guy. "I'll have a little match with your big friend here, just to show you."

"Fuck that," said Jerry. "No matter how that shapes up, I lose."

"How?" asked the new guy. I noticed that Sven had made it to the gate. He hadn't said anything yet, even though it was his decision. I think he wanted to see how Jerry would handle it.

"Well, if you are some legendary fighter, like you claim, which again we don't really need," said Jerry. "And you beat Jessie up. Then I can't go on my expedition today because I have to replace him on the wall. On the other hand, if Jessie kicks your ass, then he'll spend the rest of the day bragging about it, which again isn't good for my security. I'll tell you what ... since I lose no matter what happens. You can just fight me."

"Huh?" asked the new guy. He looked down at Jerry. My Jerry, with his short brown hair and amazing blue eyes is only about five foot eight inches. He only weighs about a hundred and eighty pounds but it's all muscle. I didn't like the idea of Jerry fighting that guy, but I could tell he wanted to do it.

Then the guy looked at me. "I won't hurt him too badly, mamacita," he sneered at me. Jerry looked at me as if I'd done something. While Jerry's head was turned, the big guy moved. It was a cheap shot. He swung the spear in an arc intending to sweep Jerry's feet out from under him. Jerry quickly leaped over the end of the spear, just in time to have the big man swing the other end around in a higher arc.

But it was as if Jerry had expected the low-high trick. Even as he'd leapt over the low swing he'd ducked at the same time so the high swing passed over his head. The big guy had committed himself and the higher swing put him in a vulnerable position. Jerry kicked out with his legs as soon as he landed on the ground and knocked the big guy's legs out from under him. He brought the tip of his mace down and just tapped the big guy's forehead.

"Well, legendary fighter," he said. "That's how the legend ends."

"You caught me by surprise," lied the new guy. Everyone there laughed. We'd all seen how he'd attacked Jerry while Jerry was looking at me. "Two out of three?" he whined.

"Okay," sighed Jerry. He hadn't unsheathed the sword on his back yet. He looked as if he was thinking about it, when the big guy swung his spear in a quick thrust. Jerry dodged the thrust, but the big guy had expected him to. He immediately swung the spear in a big arc that was too high to leap over and just low enough that ducking under it would have left Jerry vulnerable.

Jerry turned as if he were trying to stay parallel with the spear's arc. He turned into it and caught the initial impact on the handle of his mace. He grabbed the spear in both hands and continued turning with it. When he stopped turning, he'd snatched the spear out of the big guy's hands and had the point of the weapon at the confused man's throat.

"Whoah!" said the guy in confusion. "You've got some moves." Jerry just sighed and dropped the spear. The big guy picked the spear up. "Three out of five," he yelled, swinging the spear at Jerry. This time the result was different. Jerry looked up just in time to block the spear with his mace. "Good block," yelled the guy. Jerry pulled downwards, hooking the spear with the flanges of his mace. He pressed downwards until the tip of the spear touched the ground. Then he raised his left leg and stomped downwards on the spear, snapping the shaft. At the same time that his foot hit the ground, he flipped the heavy mace to his left hand and drew his sword with his right hand. He brought the flat of the razor sharp Katana down onto the man's shoulder. The keen edge was facing towards the big man's neck. One quick flick of Jerry's wrist would result in a legendary beheading.

"Are we done with the fucking games?" Jerry hissed. I was shocked because Jerry almost never lost his temper. The entire crowd that had gathered to watch was silent. Jerry could have ended it there and no one would have said a word.

"I just wanted to see exactly how good you are," smiled the big guy.

"How good any of us is at fighting doesn't matter," said Jerry. "We only fight RABs. We support each other and work together. We don't fight each other and we don't bullshit or take cheap shots. We have to depend on each other for survival. If we can't trust each other, we're all less safe because sooner or later, we all need someone to watch our back." The big man stood there with a shit eating grin on his face. The people in the crowd all nodded at what Jerry had just said.

"Whether you go or stay isn't up to me," said Jerry. "You're pretty strong and we could use that strength. I've already told you that we're not really looking for fighters. And you don't seem to be as legendary as you claimed. Jessie probably would have mopped up the floor with you. If you'd tried those sneaky things on him, you'd probably be dead. It's Sven's decision whether or not you stay here. I don't care one way or another, but we do judge people more by their actions than their excuses. Since your spear is broken, I guess we don't have to worry about whether or not you turn it over anymore. Talk to the metal workers and see if they can make you one with a shaft made of aluminum. It might bend but it won't snap like the wooden one did."

"But I won't be as fast, with the extra weight of the metal shaft," said the man.

"You're not fast now," said Jerry. "But I'm sure you can get another wooden shaft if you'd prefer. Tell them that I owe you one."

I grabbed Jerry's hand and we headed for our car. Sven came over. "Where are you headed today?" he asked.

"There's a place on what used to be the east side that I wanted to check out," said Jerry. "It used to be a mail order store. Since they didn't sell guns or food, I'm pretty sure I might be able to find what I'm looking for. But I have a list of other items that we need. The small things I'll try to bring back with me. The bigger ones I'll mark on my map so we can send someone else after them." Sven nodded.

"Be careful," he said.

As we got into the car, I felt eyes on me. I turned and saw the big new guy staring at me. He smiled at me as we made eye contact. I had to admit that there was an attraction between us. I might even play it up a little bit to make Jerry jealous. Men needed to be kept on their toes a bit.

We drove for the first half hour or so in silence. I didn't turn on the music because I needed to watch the meter to determine how much charge we had left in the batteries. If possible we wanted to make the entire trip on batteries. Every bit of juice we used was important.

I could tell that Jerry was pissed. Seeing him fight always made me want to just fuck him wherever we were. I reached out for his hand and stroked his wrist. He pulled his hand away from me.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"It's not you," he snapped. "It's that bastard back at the camp. He's a real snake in the grass. He's fucking sneaky. I don't think we can trust him. I should have killed him."

"Jerry, he's still in survival mode," I said. I used the same words he'd told me about so many other people we'd allowed to join the community. And it was true. When a lot of people first came to us they were so accustomed to having to fight just for scraps of food or to have a warm place to sleep, that they had to adjust to living and sharing with others."

He quickly turned and looked at me. "You like him, don't you?" he asked.

"Well, he's a good looking guy," I said. And I shouldn't have. I saw it as soon as the words left my mouth. Jerry's thoughts and reactions, like his movements, are amazingly quick. He grabbed the E-brake and jerked the wheel to the side. The car quickly reversed itself and faced the opposite direction.

"Why the hell did you do that?" I asked.

"I'm going to take you back," he said. "I'm sure Sven will be charmed into letting that asshole stay. He's big on that whole "innocent until proven guilty" theory. Maybe you can help him settle in. The two of you were made for each other. You've both got that whole Latin thing going on. Who am I to stand in the way of true love?"

The thing about Jerry, and I'd learned this a long time ago, was that he was like some kind of wolf. Wolves can make great ad faithful pets, because they're really just stronger, more cunning dogs that haven't been civilized. The problem is that while once again they can be pets, you can't ever turn your back on them, because at the drop of a hat their teeth will be at your throat.

Jerry, as much as I love him, is a killer. The big guy back at the camp is a fighter. There's a difference. Fighters fight. They train to have long matches and to punish their opponents until they can't continue. Jerry on the other hand is trained to and has no qualms about dealing death in seconds. Unlike the guy back at the camp, he doesn't try to batter his opponents or knock them down. His moves are designed to simply end lives.

Jerry loves me too. I know that, as well as I know my name. But in a split second, he'd decided that I had been given a choice between him and some guy whose name I didn't know, and somehow to him it seemed like I'd picked the other guy.

"Honey, please calm down," I said calmly. I was hoping that if I kept my voice calm, it would help to calm him down as well. "You're overreacting. For some reason, you've decided that you're angry. I get that you're pissed at that guy for taking a cheap shot at you. But it didn't matter, you won. But even after it's over, you're still angry. You've decided that you just don't like him. And since I told you the same thing you've told me about lots of other people, your anger has become jealousy and you're about to let your jealousy mess up the best thing that either one of us has in life." He sat there staring straight ahead as if he was thinking about it.

"Jerry, why are you jealous anyway?" I asked. "You're the only man I ever pay any attention to. Last night at the gate, Jessie talked about my ass right in front of you and you didn't even budge."

"I trust Jessie," he said.

"If anyone should be jealous," I said. "It's me. I haven't forgotten that little blond bitch that showed up at our house..."

"That's different," he said.

"How?" I asked. "She clearly more than likes you. All I did was to tell you that the new guy doesn't understand our ways yet."

"She's only that way because I saved her life and her mother's. She'll get over it. And please note that I have not once defended her to you. I also haven't made any moves towards her or even tried to speak to her," he spat. "So why are you defending that asshole?"

I couldn't think of a single reason why I had. Anything I said would have simply made Jerry more jealous. Most men simply don't understand that not everything has to be settled with a fight or a contest. If I'd told the truth and said that the guy was attractive. Jerry would have simply assumed that it meant that the guy was more attractive than he is; which isn't true. No matter what I said, it would have only got me into more trouble. So I changed the subject.

"We're wasting the batteries, Honey," I said. "Where did you plan on going anyway?"

"I've been looking at the maps a lot lately," he said. "I found the place I've been looking for."

"The museum store?" I asked. He just nodded. "I also found that electronics store and a couple of others." I looked at the map.

"We're pretty close," I said. "We could be there in an hour. It would probably only take us a half hour to an hour in each place. We could be home by lunch time. Why'd you tell Sven we'd be gone until evening?"

"Look at the sky," he said. It was getting cloudy. "We're probably going to have a couple of afternoon showers. I was going to stop off in the hills on our way back."

Even as he said it, my panties got wet. The first time that Jerry and I had sex had been in the hills. The great thing about it was that they were these huge mounds of grass and dirt that had grown over whatever used to be there. You could see anyone approaching for miles in any direction. We'd just laid out a blanket and spent the entire afternoon fucking. Doing it just after a spring shower, with the air fresh and cool and the sun not beating down on you would be heavenly.

There was also the fact that I am at heart a screamer. The hills were about twenty miles away from our camp so I could scream my fucking head off and just let go. I think Jerry had planned it all because of what I'd said the day before.

Even as my hand involuntarily slipped off of my leg to a more intimate position, Jerry's foot hit the accelerator.

"Jerry, we're going the wrong way," I said. "You're still heading back home."

"The Mustang isn't acting right," he said. "I'd better take her home just in case. I'll come back tomorrow if she checks out."

"You mean WE will, right?" I asked. Jerry didn't say a word. I knew then that he had a bug up his ass and we were in for a stormy time.


We got back home and I went through all of the motions of checking out my car. I'd known from the beginning that there was nothing wrong with her. But it wasn't like giving her a little bit of extra attention would hurt anything. Dana hung around trying to help me, but as I withdrew further and further inside of myself, she just told me that she'd wait for me in the house.

As I wiped down and polished my chrome rims, Henry came walking up behind me with that big asshole I'd fought before.

He smiled at me and extended his hand. "Diego," he said. I showed him that my hands were oily.

"I don't want to get you covered in motor oil," I said.

"Uh Jerry, I'm showing Diego around town," said Henry. I gave him a subtle but very clear look that told him exactly how I felt. "Uh we'll let you get back to your uhm, cleaning," he said.

Almost as soon as I got done cleaning the car, it rained. I didn't care. The shower as I'd thought turned out to be relatively short and very mild.

I went to see Jessie after the storm.

"Hey Jess," I said.

"Hey Jer," he replied.

"Jessie, do we need any more shooters?" I asked.

"Not really," he said. "But isn't that your call?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Who'd you have in mind?" he asked. "Please tell me that you weren't thinking about that ass-wipe from this morning."

"No, I had someone else in mind," I said. "Well, you could always just test him and if he's not good enough put him somewhere else. If he is good enough, we do have a couple of guys that might not mind doing something else. Shooting can be pretty boring."

"It's not exactly a "HE," I said. He just shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

Twenty minutes later, I was back on the wall with Sandy. The woman had taken one look at me when I'd gone into the cooking area and bolted for me. "What would you like to eat?" she asked enthusiastically. "What are you looking for?"

"You," I said laughing. It was funny. She seemed giddy. She had a smile on her face like she'd just found the cure to RAB and the world had declared her a hero. She took off her apron and simply dropped it on a table. She took off her hairnet and dropped it too.

"Shouldn't you tell someone that you're leaving or that you'll be back later?" I asked.

"Mom, Sarah!" she yelled and then pointed at me. Both women nodded their heads and she grabbed my hand.

"What was that?" I asked confused. "Was that some kind of signal?"

"My mother and Mrs. Parker are always making jokes about me, when it comes to you," she said. "They always say that if you started up a cult or wanted a group of people to jump off of a cliff with you, I'd probably fight to be the first one in line." She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "Mrs. Parker says that if your wife is ever shot, they won't really need to hunt for the killer."

"Are you ready?" I asked, trying to change the subject. I wasn't used to anyone throwing themselves at me that aggressively. It was kind of weird. I was pissed at Dana, but I just didn't see myself with anyone else, ever.

"If you're involved, I'm ready for anything," she gushed. I led her over to the wall. I introduced her to Jessie. Jessie handed her a rifle with a hunting scope on it.

"Okay, uhm..." he began.

"Sandy," she reminded.

"There are three green bottles about fifty yards out," he said. "Let's see how many shots it takes you to hit them."

She looked at him and smiled. "Probably two, but let's see," she said. Jessie looked at her as if she was crazy. She fired off a shot and the bottle on the left side disappeared.

"Okay, that was the easy one," she said. "This gun pulls about two inches to the right over the fifty yards. So let's adjust for that and..." she gently squeezed the trigger again. Jessie who'd been watching through the binoculars put them down and shook his head.

"How the hell did you do that?" he asked.

"The last two bottles were touching each other," she said. "I figured if I hit the crease between them I could take out both bottles. Honestly, I thought you'd want me to do something harder like take out the blue bottles a little father out or the red ones behind them."

"I can barely see the red bottles through the binoculars," he said. "Take out the blue bottle in the center."

She smiled and raised the rifle. It took her less than a second to prepare and then she squeezed the trigger. "Take out the red bottle on the left side," said Jessie. This shot took her a little bit more time, but Jessie shook his head and smiled.

"So Jess, do you think she can be a shooter?" I asked.

"Hell no," he said. I looked at him strangely. "I think she's THE shooter. She's probably the best shot in camp." Sandy started jumping up and down and hugging me.

"Jessie, can you let Sven know what's going on, with her?" I asked. "Sandy, you let your mom and the women in the cooking area know that you're changing jobs so they can take you off of their schedule."

"They're going to be pretty happy about that," she smirked. "My mom says I can burn air. Everything I cook tastes like charcoal. Trust me they won't miss me." She jumped up and gave me another little hug.


I'd gone home for a while to give Jerry some time. From past experience, I knew that once he got pissed, time was the only thing that would make it better. After a couple of hours, he still hadn't come home, which wasn't unusual. I'd seen him spend three or four hours washing that car, but I missed him so I decided to check on him.

As I walked through the town I saw the Mustang, but Jerry wasn't near it. I heard gunshots from the wall. That wasn't unusual. Sometimes roving band of RABs came near our complex and we shot them. That's pretty much what the shooters do.

What pissed me off was the person doing the shooting. It was that bitch, Sandy who had the crush on Jerry. She was wearing some very short shorts and a top that was barely a T-shirt. She took a couple of more shots and the next thing I knew she was hugging Jerry. Then they exchanged a few more words and she started hugging him again.

I went from confident that our tiff would blow over, to full on pissed off in a heartbeat. My temper had always been one of my weaknesses, but I let it get the better of me. I turned away from the wall, intending to head home. I ran straight into the new guy.

He was even bigger up close and his teeth were even whiter. As we bumped into each other awkwardly, our arms and hands went everywhere. Somehow one of his hands ended up on one of my breasts and even when the moment was over he hadn't moved it.

"Get your fucking hand off of me," I spat.

He smiled the most charming smile with those huge too-white teeth. "It was purely an accident senorita," he said.

"Then why the hell is it still on my tittie?" I asked, brushing his hand away.

"We live in a very perilous time," he said. " ... So each moment that we live could be our last moment alive. When I do happen to do something pleasurable, I tend to enjoy it for as long as I'm allowed."

"I don't think it was an accident," I said. My voice had lost a lot of its sharpness and even my anger was starting to fade.

"Trust me," he said, smiling at me lustily. "If I got to pick where my hands went, they'd have landed on your ass. I have huge hands but I'm not sure they'd be big enough to grab all of it."

A wave of heat went through me. I thought again about my idea of making Jerry jealous and using this idiot to do it. At first I'd dismissed the idea as unnecessary after what we'd done the night before and the way we'd awakened just this morning with me wrapped in both his arms and his love. But now, with Jerry angry at me over nothing and that little blond bitch throwing herself at him, maybe Jerry needed to know exactly what he stood to lose.

I'd have to be very careful though. This was very dangerous territory. Jerry was extremely volatile. He'd already proven that as big as this guy was, he was no threat. But I wasn't sure I could contain things if they got out of hand. Violence among the people in camp was frowned upon, but Jerry was so important to the community, that I was sure that given the right provocation, he could in fact, get away with murder.

"But you'd be willing to try to grab all of it, right?" I asked, batting my eyes at him.

"Hell yeah!" he said.

"I don't know," I said. "I'm not even sure you could handle me. I'm kind of wild. And from what I'm seeing, you're not too good at anything. I mean, you told us you were some legendary fighter, and we saw how that turned out."

"Shit, baby, that guy was a freak. He's mean as hell and crazy fast. But really I'm more of a lover than a fighter," he said smiling. As we talked, he'd pushed me back between two of the buildings.

"As a matter of fact, I've got three kids out there that can prove that," he said, rubbing his huge hands up and down my side. I was stunned.

"You have three children?" I asked. That was unheard of. "Are they all from the same woman?"

"Nope, three different women," he said.

"Where are they?" I asked. "And where are your children?"

His face turned sad. "It's a tough world out there," he said again. "I was never involved of the raising of the children. I'm just not the daddy type. But two of the women couldn't run fast enough. They got bit. There was nothing I could do about it. When you're overrun and swamped, sometimes you have to concentrate on doing all you can to survive."

"So how many times do you have to have sex with a woman to get her pregnant?" I asked.

"Shit, once is enough," he smiled. "But it's never taken more than two or three times. Why are you asking me questions like that?" He smiled his big bright smile again. "You want a baby don't you?"

I looked away from him. He didn't like that. He pushed me against the building. "Stop it," I said.

"Why," he asked. All of his charm fell away. "The time for being nice is over, baby," he sneered. "We each have something that the other one wants. It's time for us to deal."

"I don't think so," I said. "This was a dumb idea."

"Nope, it was the best idea you've ever had," he said. "We can help each other and it won't be bad, but we have to understand each other and be honest. I like it here. I want to stay for a while. But for right now, I'm a fucking visitor. That shit burns me up. I'll tell you why in a hot second. You guys are safe and secure and you have all of this fucking food and you have running water and just so much shit it's crazy. I don't want to leave here, ever. But that old guy has me on some kind of probation. I think my staying here depends on how I get along with the people here. Some of them in particular." He gave me his big fake smile again.

"Your man is one of the most important for me to impress and I'm pretty sure I fucked that up. You have to give me credit for trying though. Let's face it, I'm a survivor. I had to understand exactly how good he is just in case I ever had to face him. We were playing two completely different games from the beginning. To him it was just casual sparring. But, me? Shit, I threw everything I had at that little motherfucker and it didn't even faze him. The only way I'd go up against that bastard would be in the dark while he was asleep.

From the way he acted towards me when that other idiot took me around on the tour of the town, I get the impression that he doesn't like me much, so I have to win him over. You can help me with that. You could also help me with the rest of these sheep right?" I nodded.

"In exchange for that, I'll give you what you want. But make no mistake about it. I don't want to be the father of any brat. So from day one, you're going to have to convince your man that the kid is his. I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you. I wouldn't mind doing that a lot, but don't try to turn me into daddy material because it won't work. Do we have a deal?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah, but why were you so shocked that they put you on probation?" I asked.

"Because you and I have the same fucking enemy," he spat.

"I don't have any enemies," I said laughing at him.

"Oh no?" he asked. "I can't imagine that you'd be too cozy with that little bitch your husband just plucked out of the kitchen."

"What do you have against her?" I asked.

"It's all a misunderstanding," he said. "She and her mother were with a bunch of people that I traveled with for a while. They somehow got the idea that we intended to force the women to have sex with us. I've never had to force a woman to do anything. Once they got a hold of my dick, I have to fight them off. Anyway, the two of them snuck off in the middle of the night and left roughly eight guys arguing and fighting over one old woman. Our group didn't last very long after that. And there are so many women here that I'm pretty sure I'll have more than one woman of my own after our business is complete. But remember, this is your call. I'll be expecting you to hold up your end of the deal. If you don't, the consequences will be severe."

I didn't feel threatened by him at all. He failed to remember how easily Jerry had beaten him. Jerry would never let him lay a glove on me. I smiled.

"Don't look so smug missy..." he said. "I'm not that stupid. I know in a serious fight I wouldn't stand a chance. There are too many good fighters here. I'm going to love having them make sure that I survive. But if I have to leave here, you're going to regret it too ... because if I have to leave here, I'll tell them about our deal. So you need to be sure that you want this too."

"When can we do this?" I asked. "I want to do it and get it over with."

"You say that now," he smiled. "Once we get started, you're not going to want it to end. But now is a really good time. The old guy was talking about some kind of meeting, with your husband and a few other guys, some kind of council or something."

"Yes," I said. "The council usually meets once a week and they take at least an hour or two."

I pointed out our house to him and told him to meet me there in a few minutes. I told him to come around the back so no one would see me let him in. the back of our house faced a section of the wall so there shouldn't be anyone back there.

I took the long route and headed towards the gate. I saw Jerry talking to Sven and Jessie and a couple of more of the older men in the camp. I also saw that little blond bitch still tagging along. I felt like wringing her fucking neck. I understood Jerry's feeling about the new guy all of a sudden. There was a difference though. The big guy was not actively seeking to displace Jerry in my life and even if he tried, he wouldn't be able to. He would serve one purpose and once that was done, I'd never speak to him again. It was like he said. We each needed something from the other. After our business was complete, we were done. From listening to him talk and seeing how fake his smile was, I didn't like him very much either. And I knew he was lying to me about what he'd said about Sandy and her mother. But if there was even a chance that he could give me a baby, it was worth the risk.

For me, there actually wasn't much risk. Jerry and I got angry at each other all the time, but nothing seemed to break us up for long. He'd said it himself more times than I could remember. "There is nothing on this planet that is more important to me than you, Dana," he'd said. I smiled thinking about the previous night when I'd told him that I might get expelled from the community, if I killed that little blond bitch. He'd quickly told me that he'd go with me. I was sure that if the shit hit the fan, things wouldn't be good between us for a while, but I could get him back. As a matter of fact, if things did go south, I could just blame it on jealousy over him spending time with Sandy. I smiled thinking about it. Maybe Sandy did have her uses after all?

A few moments later I opened the back door to my house and let the big idiot in. Within moments I realized that I'd made a mistake. He roughly pulled my shirt up and started mauling my tits. Then he pulled my skirt down and tried to force himself between my legs.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked.

"What we came here for," he said. "We don't have all day." He pulled his pants down. He wasn't wearing underwear. His dick was the biggest one I'd ever seen, not that I'd seen many. It was the length and thickness of my arm. I got a little bit excited just wondering whether or not he could get it inside of me. He might split me in half with that thing.

He pushed me down on the sofa and lined his dick up with my opening. It hurt badly. I wasn't even nearly wet enough for him.

"Wait, stop," I said. "You don't know how to do this do you?"

"No one has complained yet," he sneered. Then I realized something. He had probably never had a woman of his own. All of the women he fucked, he'd probably raped. He didn't know anything about how to please a woman. This was all about his pleasure.

"Give me a minute," I said. I went into our bedroom and got a tube of the lube that we used when Jerry and I had anal sex. I coated his dick with it and squirted it inside of me as well. "Take it really slow until I get used to it," I said.

I was glad I told him that because he pushed it inside of me and it felt like someone was ramming a tree into my vagina. It hurt so bad I could barely breathe. Once he got it all inside of me, I felt fuller than I ever had in my life. He started moving it in and out of me, but once again all I felt was pressure. Jerry was much smaller but he knew what I liked. Jerry could play my body like a fiddle. I loved it when he leaned in and the base of his dick rubbed my button. I also loved it when he sucked my breasts while telling me how much he loved me. Sometimes Jerry was very gentle and other times he was rough as hell, but every time I felt his love for me.

As the big idiot on top of me grunted and sawed away, I felt nothing but stretched, and used. "I told you you'd love it," he said. "Tell me you want it. Tell me you want me to fill that little pussy up."

I want you to fill that little pussy up," I parroted. Then he did. I have to admit that I felt it when he came inside of me. There was so much sperm that I couldn't deny that I was probably pregnant. There was sperm running down my legs and onto the sofa. Then he collapsed on top of me.

"That took a lot out of me," he said.

"Just get out of here before Jerry comes home," I said.

"Stop pretending," he said. "You know you liked it. Next time, we're going to do it doggy style."

"What next time?" I asked. "We're done. I'll start buttering you up to Jerry tonight."

"I told you once is good," he said. "But you were kind of tight. I told you it might take two or three times just to be sure." He was smiling at me and I knew it was bullshit.

"You just want to fuck me again," I said.

"Do you really want to risk all of this and not end up with a baby?" he asked. "We may as well do it right and not have to go through this again. By the time you figure out that you're not pregnant, I might have a woman of my own and not be willing to help you. Once or twice more won't hurt anything."

As soon as I got him out the door, I felt a pang of guilt, I cleaned up the sofa and the area around it so thoroughly that no sign of what I'd done was left. Then I took a shower and stayed in the icy water for as long as I could. I'd hear old wives tales about not rinsing myself out just in case his sperm were still trying to reach my womb. As long as his dick was I was sure that he shot a huge amount of it directly inside my womb but I waited anyway. I showered again and hour later and thoroughly cleaned myself.

Then I cried over what I'd done. I imagined how I'd feel if Jerry had done what we'd just done with that awful woman, Sandy or anyone else. I told myself that it was all done with good intentions in mind. Not only Jerry but our entire community needed children, if we were to survive. Maybe that big asshole could get several women pregnant and start the next generation.

The one thing I was sure about was that Jerry was going to suffer tonight. I was going to fuck him until his dick fell off. I was going to have him in every hole in my body at least twice. I was going to do it for two reasons. The first is because I belonged to Jerry. He got more sex and more kinds of sex than anyone else ever had or would get from me because I was his. There was also the fact that besides guilt, I hadn't cum with what's his name and I was horny. Finally, I had to make sure that Jerry realized that I could and would do things that Sandy couldn't think of for him.

Well, that was the way I'd planned it. Unfortunately, it didn't work that way. Jerry stayed away from the house until nearly bed time. When he came in he barely even looked at me and didn't speak to me. I wanted to cry. Not only did we not have sex, he didn't even sleep with me. My stomach tied itself up in knots. I kept thinking that he could look at me and tell what I'd done.

When I heard him moving around the next morning, I realized that he'd planned on leaving without even speaking to me. This had already been the longest period of time in my memory that we'd been apart. I wasn't going to let it continue.

"Where are we going?" I asked. He barely turned to face me.

"By "WE" do you mean, me and you separately, or you and Diego?" he asked. Well at least I knew the bastard's name now. And I may have given something away because, I had no idea if Jerry was simply still jealous from the previous day or if someone had said something.

"Jerry, there is no, "me and Diego," I said. "There's only me and you. But if you want to mess up what we have, go ahead. But you'll regret it."

"Is that some kind of threat?" he asked. I realized then exactly how angry he was. This was far beyond the level of jealousy I'd expected. I mean I was a bit jealous of Sandy. She's a really pretty woman and on paper, she's prettier than me and built far closer to the standard archetypes of beauty that society expects. But deep down, I knew that no matter how pretty she is, Jerry loves me and he'd never pick her over me. My stomach turned again because I realized that I'd given him a reason to do just that. Surely he'd understand that he is the only man I had ever loved or ever would love. Diego meant less than nothing to me.

"Jerry, I love you," I said. "Why would I want to make threats? I just want you to know that it wouldn't be good for us not to be together. Remember how happy we were just 24 hours ago? That's the way we're supposed to be."

"You mean before you took that big asshole's side against me?" he said. "Look, if you like him that fucking much, you can have him. I'm sure the two of you will do fine out there."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Sven gave him a week to see if he fits in," he said. "He doesn't."

"What has he done?" I asked. Jerry looked at me and his lip tightened. I could see that any show of interest was a mistake. I'd just driven us even farther apart.

"Pissed me off, for one thing," he said. "I hate that bastard so I've already put in a no vote. All of the people who stand with me will." I realized then that I was in trouble, because almost everyone would probably stand with Jerry. Diego had better start making friends quickly.

"Why do you hate him so badly?" I asked.

"Why the fuck do you like him so much?" he fired back.

"I don't like him," I said. "I don't care about him one way or another. But you seem to have just an outright irrational hatred of the man. I've never seen you like this before."

"First off, he tried to hurt me and did it in sneaky ways during our battle," he spat. "You can't trust him. He has no honor, so nothing means anything to him. You can't trust his words. You can't trust his deeds. We don't need him," he said. "Secondly, he spent all of that time before we fought staring at you. And you never turned away. You even positioned yourself so he could get a better look. If you want him, he's all yours. You should go over to the craftsman's area and get yourself some better shoes made before you two leave. The road can be hell on your feet."

"Jerry, I ... I..." I began. But he was already grabbing one of his endless supplies of maces and his favorite sword and leaving the house.

I threw on some clothes. I didn't take the time to put together a good outfit. I just dressed in whatever I could find and ran out of the house after him.

I figured that he'd head for the food tents first, especially if he was heading out of camp. I went there and figured that if anyone knew where Jerry was sitting or going, it would be Sandy. I looked around for her and didn't see her either.

I walked over to her mother. "I'm sorry, I know that we've never met, but is your daughter working this shift?" I asked.

The woman smiled at me. "Dana, Sandy doesn't work in the kitchen anymore. And that's a good thing for all of us. The girl couldn't cook to save her life," she said. "Jerry got her a test yesterday and got her a job doing what she'd good at. She's a shooter on the wall now."

I liked the old lady. She just made me feel good. But what she's said made me feel shitty. Jerry had simply done what he'd told Sandy he'd do. He got her a chance to help us all out by doing what she was good at doing. I had no reason to be jealous. I felt even worse about what I'd done.

When I got out of the food tent, the gate was already closing. I looked along the wall and saw several trucks of varying sizes and a couple of cars but Jerry's Mustang was gone. I had no idea where he was going or even who he'd taken with him in place of me.

I ran over to the wall with tears streaming down my face. This was the first time that Jerry had gone out without me since he was allowed to travel alone.

"Jessie," I called out.

"He's not here," said Herb, another of the huge guys who worked the wall. "He doesn't start until after his breakfast."

"Where is Jerry going?" I asked.

"I'm not supposed to tell anyone things like that," he said.

"Herb, it's me," I said.

"Sorry Dana," he said. "But I actually don't know."

"He said that he was going to go ahead and do what he didn't do yesterday," said Sandy quietly.

"Thank you," I said. "Who's spotting for him instead of me?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"RABs attack in packs most of time," I said. "We go out in packs too. Jerry does go out without large groups if he's only scouting locations or supplies. But even then he has to take a spotter. He has to have someone to sit in the car from a vantage point and watch his back. You know, to let him know if anyone is behind him or sneaking up on him or blocking his escape route." Even as I explained, I could see the growing unease on her face.

"He went out alone," she said. "No one went with him."

"He did what?" screamed Sven over my shoulder. "Sometimes I just don't know what the fuck gets into him. It's not like he doesn't have a hundred God damned swords already. And he doesn't use the ones our smiths make. Those guys are good. They'd make him anything he damned well pleases. But he's out there skulking through museums because he prefers antique weapons. God damn that guy."

He handed a long package up to Sandy, who looked too shocked to take it. Then he turned to me. "What the hell is going on between the two of you?" he snapped.

"Why are you making me the designated asshole?" I asked.

"Because you're the only person he trusts to watch his back," he spat. He was so pissed that I could feel molecules of saliva leaving his mouth and settling on my face. "So if he went out alone, it means that you've done something to piss him off, badly."

That look and his words told me the whole story. "If anything happened to Jerry, the whole fucking town would blame me. Not only was there the possibility that I could lose the man I loved, but my place in the town as well. I'd been right all along with my assumption. My place here was due largely to Jerry. Other than that, I didn't offer much. If Jerry disappeared, I'd have to find something to do. And like Sandy, I'm not only terrible at cooking; I have no interest in it. Unlike Sandy, I can't shoot."

As I started crying, Sven took me over to the side. "What the hell is going on with you two?" he asked.

"It all started yesterday after the fight with Diego," I said. "He was talking about how Diego kept taking cheap shots at him. I just told him the same thing he's told me about other guys that coming here is different. They're used to fending for themselves so it takes them a while to adjust to being a contributing member of a group, instead of just a lone wolf."

"That was pretty dumb," he said. "That boy loves you more than anything in the world. He's had to fight and kill RABs for most of his adult life. He's also had to fight and kill people who came here looking to take what we have. The one place he's never had to fight was for your heart. The two of you are chained together by love. So I guess it was hard on him to have the woman he loves take another man's side and defend HIM against Jerry. What do you think? I know it's one of those male ego things, but it should really make YOU think about it. It must be great to have someone love you so much that they want to kill someone for just looking at you. But you need to figure out a couple of things yourself, Dana. Jerry would probably die for you. From talking to Melissa and Sandy, I'm pretty sure that Diego would throw a woman in front of a RAB just so he could get away himself. I've also heard some interesting things about him already and he's only been here for a day."

"Like what?" I asked.

"Wrong answer dummy," he said. "That's what got you in trouble in the first place. You should be asking me more about Jerry who's out there alone and less about Diego. But he supposedly tried to force a woman into having sex with him early yesterday. I had to tell him that no one is forced to do anything around here. Then there are several items missing from other people in the barracks he's living in. We have no need to steal anything. But I guess he hasn't learned that yet. I don't see him staying here for very long. Jerry has already volunteered to take care of the problem if he doesn't want to leave peacefully. What you should be thinking about is what your life is going to be like when Diego leaves and even where you're going to be."

"If the two of you want to go, I can arrange to have Jerry out doing something early in the morning. If you decide to go with him, out of loyalty to you, I could probably give you two one of the trucks. That would increase your survivability by a lot and..."

"Sven, are you out of your God damned mind?" I yelled. "I'm never leaving Jerry. Never in a million years. Not for Diego or any other man. How could you even think that?"

"Just testing you," he smiled. "You finally got one right. But you were flirting with the man a lot yesterday. I'm not the only one who noticed it. If you keep that up, you're going to lose a lot of friends around here. Some of the people in town are actually pulling for you to fuck this up. I think some of the men want to get a chance at you. Some of the women want a chance at Jerry and even more of them want to see Jerry with Sandy." My eyes got narrow quickly.

"Jerry is mine," I said. "And I'm his."

I stalked away from Sven and back to my house. When I got there it felt wrong. I opened the door and went inside. I heard a noise and turned to my left in the hallway. There in the huge walk-in closet that Jerry stored his weapons in was Diego. He was looking over Jerry's huge collection of swords, daggers, maces and other weapons that I couldn't name or fathom the use of.

"Ready for me?" he smiled.

"We might need to renegotiate our little deal," I said. "There are a lot of things you didn't tell me."

"Like what?" he asked.

"Oh, like the fact that you tried to rape a woman. And that you've been stealing," I said.

"That can all be chalked up to youthful mischief," he smiled.

"Diego, I might not be able to keep you here," I said. "But I could probably offer you something else."

"I'm listening," he said.

"How about a truck full of supplies," I said. I explained to him my conversation with Sven.

"So we leave with a truck full of food," he said slowly, as if he was pondering it.

"No, you do," I said. "I want a baby, but not badly enough to ever leave Jerry."

"They won't give me the truck unless you're with me," he said. "And I kind of like the idea of having my favorite bed warmer with me."

"There's no fucking chance of that," I said.

"They're not going to give me the truck if I leave alone," he said.

"I'll leave with you and then get out of the truck once you're out the gate. Diego don't think about trying to double cross me or keep me prisoner, because I'll be carrying a pistol and I'll have it on you from the time we get into the truck. If you so much as look at me funny I'll kill you. There's no chance of us ending up together. Take the food and the truck and walk away a winner. I'll even throw in one of Jerry's maps that shows the location of another civilization that's almost as big as ours. Their fighters aren't quite as good or as organized as ours, so you might be accepted there," I told him.

"I'll think about it while we fuck," he said.

"We're not going to do that anymore," I said. "I don't want a baby that badly now that I've had a chance to consider what it might cost me."

"Who gives a fuck what you want bitch," he said. "I want some pussy. Either you give me some right now and any other time I want it, or I just walk out of your house screaming about what we did yesterday. How long do you think it would take your husband to find out? And I'll just leave as soon as I tell a few people. That way I don't have to run into him." He smirked at me.

"Think about it, you could go from well-liked hero's girlfriend to un-liked town whore really fast. Now take your God damned clothes off."

I slowly pulled my pants down and stepped out of them. "Is that the only way you can get a woman?" I asked. "You have to either force them or trick them into sleeping with you, that's pathetic."

"It works," he said. "That's all that matters to me. And I'm not forcing you to do anything. You can say no whenever you want."

"Have you ever heard the term coercion?" I asked.

"I don't know any big fancy words," he smiled. "Bend over and let me see that fat ass."

"You're not going to enjoy it this time," I said.

"No, I'll be fine," he said. "You probably won't get off this time, but I still will."

"So it'll be just like last time," I said. "That's why I have a real man who lives with me."

"And if you want to keep him you'd better shut up and spread your legs," he said.

"It was all a bunch of lies wasn't it?" I asked. "Sandy was right, you did try to force those women to have sex with you and the other men didn't you? And everything you told me was a crock too."

"That's the way the game is played, babe," he said.

"Do you even have any children?" I asked as he pushed into me.

"I doubt it," he said. "But how the hell would I know. It's not like I actually talk to women after I'm done with them."

Then he forced his huge dick into me and started grinding away at me. This time I didn't even have the benefit of the lube. He just kept pushing. It felt as if he was tearing my insides out and he seemed to enjoy it even more. Finally, he got it all the way in and started pumping away at me. After a while, it didn't hurt as badly but it wasn't anywhere near pleasurable. I started to realize that I'd known several women who always talked about how much they wanted a man with a big dick. I could cross my name off of that list because all I felt was pain.

I started crying too. Not because of the physical pain, but because he was doing this against my will and also because I realized then that there was probably no chance that I'd get pregnant anyway. He'd just conned me into doing something that I should never have considered. There was also the fact that I had to try to come up with a way to just block this all from my mind. I didn't want to connect what this asshole was doing to me with the feelings I got when Jerry and I had sex.

Realistically, there was no chance of that. Jerry and I made love. Even when we did our rough sex or our rape role play, Jerry loved me and it showed. He always made sure that everything was pleasurable for both of us. Even as Diego grunted away at me, my body relaxed and the pain diminished because my mind was no longer there.

I thought about Sandy again and how right she'd been to run away from this asshole. I also figured out that if I were her, I'd probably throw myself at Jerry too. But I realized then that I had to make sure that Jerry had no reason to catch her. I needed to fix things between us."

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Diego's grunting. It had increased in volume and he was slamming himself against me even more ferociously as his orgasm neared. I just wanted him to get done, so I started to move my hips to spur him to finish even more quickly.

"I knew you liked it, bitch," he said.

"Yeah, I love it," I said sarcastically.

"Well, enjoy it because you're going to be getting a lot of it from now on," he said. Something felt wrong about what he'd just said. It was ... it wasn't his voice. As I tried to turn my head to see what was wrong, suddenly Diego's voice went from his deep grumbling voice to a high pitched scream. The scream sounded as if he was being tortured.

He yanked his dick out of me so quickly that I was sure he'd torn my pussy. The pain was so intense that I sank to my knees. I turned to see Diego with his back to me and blood dripping from his ass. He was cowering like a trapped rat and in front of him stood Jerry. Jerry had his sword in his hand and the tip was covered in blood.

"Why the hell did you do that?" screamed Diego. "You could have..."

" ... Killed you?" said Jerry. "Not likely. I jabbed my sword up your ass because it's a nasty way to die. Think about it. Every time you eat you'll need to shit. And every time you shit, you'll risk getting an infection that will possible kill you. But you'll be dead long before that happens."

"She wanted this," screamed Diego. "She asked me to do it and I ... I'm just trying to fit in."

"I don't care about any of that," said Jerry. "I don't care about you or her or any of this bullshit. Get out of my house and take her with you. This is your one chance to walk the fuck away. The next time I see either of you will be the last." Diego backed away and started trying to put his clothes on.

"Put your fucking clothes on outside," said Jerry. "Get out of my sight."

"You don't want anyone to see me and your wife coming out of your house together naked," said Diego in a whining voice. "They'll think you're a cuckold or..."

"I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks," said Jerry. "Mostly they know me. They'll think the two of you are just pieces of shit."

"Jerry, we have to talk about this," I said. "He tricked me and..."

"Get the fuck out of my house, Dana," he said. "We're done, there's no need for us to talk."

"But you don't understand," I whined. "Besides, it's our house, I live here too. Sven gave us this house when we got married and..."

"None of that shit matters," said Jerry. "Sven married us, in less than ten minutes, I'll have him un-marry us. I'll tell him that I want to keep this house and you'll be moved into the dorms with the rest of the women. For the sake of the years we've had together I'll let you grab your clothes and whatever you'd like to take with you..."

"Okay, I want to take you with me," I said. "You're the only thing that matters, Jerry. I just ... I made a mistake."

"Dana, stop talking and start grabbing your shit," he said. Jerry had a look on his face that I'd never seen him give a living person.

He turned towards Diego who was cowering in the corner. Diego had grabbed a pile of napkins off of the table and was holding it over his bleeding asshole.

"Why the fuck are you still here?" asked Jerry calmly. I knew that things were going to get bad. At first Jerry had been angry, but he had calmed down now and that was far worse. It meant that Jerry was about to start acting. He'd told me hundreds of times to always make sure you're calm before you go into battle. While Jerry had been upset he wasn't likely to do anything but...

The sword in Jerry's hand flicked almost as if it had a life of its own. When it settled down again, Diego was bleeding from a long slash across his chest.

"That was only a warning," sneered Jerry. "I told you to get the fuck out of here. That one was only deep enough to draw blood. I didn't do any permanent damage. The next time I see you, I'll kill you."

"The old man said I could stay for a week," whined Diego. "I've still got four days. Aaaah!" His protest was cut off as Jerry's sword flicked again, this time Diego had blood from a cut on his forehead. That was all it took. Diego saw that Jerry was serious. He couldn't be convinced. He couldn't be conned and he intended to kill him no matter what Sven or anyone else had to say about it.

I knew if he did, that no one in our community would raise a finger to defend Diego and probably not me either. I slumped in the corner crying. My entire world had been shattered by my own stupidity. I'd tried to make Jerry jealous. I'd also tried to scheme and get pregnant. I'd even in the back of my mind thought that somehow I'd have been able to convince Jerry that the baby would have been his. I'd been very sure that Diego would have left town and no one would have ever considered that anyone except Jerry had been the father.

There was also the fact that at first I really had found Diego attractive. I hadn't intended to betray Jerry, but I had wondered what sex with Diego would have been like. It was only idle curiosity. Before I met Jerry, I'd only had sex a few times. I just wondered what it would have been like with another man.

I started praying as I watched Diego run towards the door with Jerry watching him like a cat playing with a mouse before he kills it.

Jerry's eyes turned towards me then. I had never seen a look that cold on his face. The man I loved was calmly and unemotionally assessing the pluses and minuses of killing me as I looked at him.

I heard a sound then and Jerry's head flicked back to the door. At first I'd thought that Diego was trying to open the front door, but I noticed that he hadn't gotten there yet. He'd thrown his shirt over himself to cover his nakedness, but the injury to his ass kept him from moving too quickly.

The door opened then and Roy Thomas poked his head inside. Seeing an almost naked Diego approaching the door he stepped inside with a look of alarm on his face. Roy Thomas was the biggest guy in camp. He was over six foot eight and three hundred pounds. He had coal black skin and his voice sounded like boulders crashing down a mountain side. He was probably the smartest man in our camp.

He was the guy who got our electricity to work. People took one look at him and thought he was a fighter, but Roy was our electrical contractor. Diego didn't know that. As he saw Roy he stopped short quivering in fear.

"He told me to go," shrieked Diego.

"Without getting dressed?" asked Roy looking at Jerry.

"He said he'd killed me if I didn't get out. He cut me," whined Diego. "I was unarmed. And he cut me."

"Get the fuck out of my house and take her with you," repeated Jerry. "Roy, tell the people in the medical tent that if anyone treats him, I won't bring back medical supplies anymore. He is not to receive so much as a fucking band aid."

Roy nodded his massive head. "What about Dana?" he asked.

"I haven't touched her," said Jerry calmly. "And I never will again."

"Okay," said Roy. I think he got the picture then because he looked at me as if I was dirt. "Anyway, Jerry, it's a good thing you came back ... Why did you come back so early?"

"I thought that I'd been over reacting and angry at Dana for nothing. I came back to get her to take her with me," smirked Jerry. "Some over reaction, huh?"

"Well it's still good for us and for you," said Roy. "You should probably come to the wall and quickly."

Jerry grabbed a napkin off the table and wiped the tip of his sword off and then sheathed it. Without even turning to face me he spoke to me over his shoulder. "Be gone by the time I get back," he said.

I pulled my shirt over my head and pulled my pants back up. I probably should have gotten my things together, but I was more interested in what was going on that they'd need to call Jerry to the wall. If Sven had some kind of crazy assed mission that Jerry needed to go on, I was going with him. I always went with him. Just because he was angry at me it didn't mean that I'd let him go off alone and get killed.

As I opened the door, I noticed that everyone was heading for the wall. I ran to the wall too. I saw Jerry, who was a little bit ahead of me, walking quickly towards the ladder to the walkway with Roy. Several people joined them and matched steps with them. I know Jessie was one of them. By the time I got to the wall, I saw Sven, Jessie and Jerry looking at something outside of the wall. Sandy was there too. Slung diagonally across her back, the way Jerry carried his sword, she had something. As I got closer, I noticed that it was the longest gun I'd ever seen. The fucking thing was probably longer than she was tall.

She looked up at Jerry as they stood on the wall. She said something to him and he answered her. She rubbed her hand on his back and then looked at me. Even from my distance, I could see that the look on her face was part pity, part concern, but with a lot of joy thrown in as well.

I'd been right all along, that bitch wanted my man and I'd thrown him right into her fucking lap.

I walked past the men standing near the ladder and as usual they assumed that I was supposed to be with Jerry. They moved out of my way and I climbed to the top. Once I got to the top of the walkway, my intention had been to talk to Sven. He was an old and smart man. He'd dealt with all kinds of problems during his life. I was sure that he'd run into problems like ours before. As I thought of it, I remembered a few people who had been together for long periods of time that suddenly weren't. I also remembered couples that had separated for a while and then gotten back together. I was sure that Sven could help me.

All of those thoughts were lost as I looked over the wall. I saw them then. RABs, there were hundreds of them. And they were all heading towards us. Some of them walked. Others ran. Some shuffled on broken limbs, but they all foamed at the mouth. And they were screaming and biting at the air as they approached. Sometimes they even turned and bit each other. Fear like I'd never known filled me then. In all of my years, there had never been an attack on our camp. We'd prepared for it. But I don't remember more than four or five RABs ever gathering outside of our walls at one time, ever. Usually the shooters would just pick them off and we never heard about it, it wasn't big news. But this time there were far more RABs gathering outside of our gate than we had people inside.

At that moment I realized I needed to be with Jerry. I needed him wrap his arms around me and smiled at me and tell me that he'd kill them all. I walked towards Sven and Jerry noticed me. I guess that during his shock at seeing all of the RABs gathering he'd forgotten about our problems. He headed for Sven as well.

"Sven," both Jerry and I called out at the same time.

"I want a divorce," Jerry said.

"I want us to stay together," I said even louder. Sven turned back towards the wall.

"How many of them do you think there are?" he asked Jerry.

"I have no idea," said Jerry. Sven had changed the subject even while we stood there.

"The two of you need to talk this over and be sure," said Sven.

"I've been trying to talk to him since this whole thing started," I said.

"There's nothing to talk about," said Jerry. "We're done. No one can make me stay with her. I was just trying to do it legally for the good of the community."

"That is the right thing to do, Jerry," said Sven. "Do you think there's something different about these RABs? Maybe the virus has mutated. Do you think that one of them is actually controlling them or directing them?"

"Let's find out," said Jerry. "Sand."

Before he said another word Sandy was beside him and smiling. Jerry picked up the two sets of binoculars that were always on the wall.

He handed one set to Sven and looked through the other. "Sandy, take out the guy by the tree about fifty yards out. He's yelling a lot. If they have a leader it might be him. After that there's a woman a hundred yards past him, they all seem to be avoiding her and I can't tell if it's random or if she's special."

Sven looked at Jerry. "You're kidding right?" he asked. Jerry shook his head. Sandy unslung the huge sniper rifle she'd been carrying. She lined up her sights and pulled the trigger. The retort from the big gun was the loudest I'd ever heard. I noticed that the big guy by the tree suddenly fell.

"Holy shit," screamed Jessie. "She blew his head completely off of his body."

Sandy barely paused before pulling the trigger again. I heard the loud thump from the big gun as she pulled the trigger and a cheer went up from the guys on the wall that had binoculars.

Even Sven was impressed. "That was a hell of a shot," he gushed.

"She's not done," said Jerry. "Sandy there's another guy, a smaller, spindly guy back at the ridge. He isn't walking this way like all the others, he's just watching them. He could be so badly brained damaged that he doesn't come towards us. He could also be still alive and the virus hasn't totally taken him over yet. But he could also be directing them and just waiting to see what we do. Do you see him?"

"Yes," she said. "He seems fidgety."

"I'm don't like them when they're fidgety," said Jerry. The big gun boomed again.

"That's incredible," said Sven. "That had to be at least a quarter of a mile away."

"That's my girl," said Jerry. I was filled with more rage than I remember ever having in my life. That bitch was not Jerry's girl. I was. He was taking this all way too far. He'd promised me for years that we'd always be together, no matter what. I made one mistake and now he not only refused to talk to me but he was kicking me to the curb for Annie Oakley Barbie.

"I don't think they're organized," said Jerry. "I think it's just a huge herd moving around and we just happened to be in their path. We're lucky that we have the compound. Anyone, even larger groups of people caught out in the open could be killed easily."

"I think that if they can't get inside, eventually they'll move on," said Sven.

"I agree," said Jerry.

"Jerry, you have to give this some time. The two of you have been together for a very long time. Think about it carefully. You may feel differently in a couple of days," said Sven.

"A couple of days, a couple of years," said Jerry. "I won't feel any differently ever. I'm not trying to cause any problems but as soon as these RABs are gone, this town is going to be smaller. Either they're leaving or I am. If I see him, I'm going to kill him. There's no need for me to talk to her. She did whatever she did for whatever reasons she had. She doesn't need to explain any of it to me because I don't care."

"How about a compromise?" asked Sven. "She betrayed you, Jerry. I know it hurts, but she didn't actually do anything that is technically illegal. If the two of you can't work this out, I'll let you keep your house and find other arrangements for her. The two of you can just stay clear of each other until the pain fades away."

"I guess, I'll have to live with that," said Jerry. "How long do I have to wait until this is all settled?"

"At least until these RABs are all gone or a couple of days," he said.

"Get me a couple of boxes of ammunition and I'll clear all of the RABs out of here in an hour," smirked Sandy.

Jerry smiled for the first time in days. "That's my girl," he said again. That was all it took. As bad as my life had been until that moment, it got worse. I was so angry that I couldn't see straight. I ran at Sandy and pushed her over the edge of the wall.

"That bitch is not your girl," I screamed. "Let's see how you like her as a RAB."

The wall is fifteen to eighteen feet tall so the fall wasn't deadly. Sandy looked more upset that she'd gotten dirt on her gun than hurt. I was horrified by what I'd done. As we watched, some of the RABs that are close to the wall turned towards her, their jaws snapping in anticipation. What happened next filled me with even more terror.

"Get a rope," screamed Jerry. Then he plunged over the side of the wall to join her. What had I done?

To be concluded next week in RABs part 2

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