Growing Up
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Swarm story wherein a peacenik boy becomes a blooded man. This story is the result of one Swarm author asking me what I consider a story with Much Sex.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Science Fiction   Incest   Sister   Group Sex   Harem   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Double Penetration   Foot Fetish   Big Breasts  

Meredith grinned as she pushed open the unlocked apartment door. The only sound in the apartment was the rhythmic squeaking of bedsprings. It sounded like her big sister was getting lucky again. She slipped quietly down the hall and peeked into the main bedroom. Sure enough, her sister, Melody, was bouncing up and down on her boyfriend Justin's cock. Meredith had planned on jumping in a scaring them, but the sight of that hard cock slipping in and out of her sister had her horny and wet almost instantly.

Her hand slowly slid down the front of her shorts and started caressing her pussy. Soon her fingers were moving faster, and going deeper, sliding into her pussy then back up to rub her clit, then back into her body. She had seen pornos of course, and had sex with guys a few times as well, but something about watching her sister getting fucked by her extremely hot boyfriend was incredibly sexy. Hearing her sister's moans increasing and watching her movements becoming faster, Meredith concentrated on her clit and was able to orgasm at the same time as her sister. Her free hand was jammed in her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure.

"You ready for the other way now, Hun?" Justin asked.

"Hell yes," Melody replied, "just make sure you use plenty of lube."

Meredith's eyes went round with surprised lust. Her sister was going to take it up the ass! Holy shit, that was hot. Just thinking about it made her cum again, and she hoped she would get a good view of his cock. She leaned back out of sight as they switched positions and presumably lubed up her sister's ass. When she heard her sister groan, she peeked around the corner again.

She blushed, gasped, and became even more aroused. Justin's bed faced the doorway, with his head being farther away from the door and his feet not far from where Meredith was watching. Her sister was lying on her back on top of Justin, with her legs spread lewdly wide, and his cock was sliding in and out of Melody's ass. Meredith had a perfect view of his long, hard cock sliding in and out of her sister. She imagined it was her ass getting fucked as her fingers dove into her pussy. She was definitely going to lube up something and shove it in her ass when she got home! She came two more times as she watched her sister orgasm over and over. Finally, with a loud yell, Justin rammed his cock hard into Melody's ass. Judging by the way he was thrashing and moaning, he must have had an amazing orgasm in her ass.

Meredith, who could barely walk after the orgasms she had given herself masturbating, slipped as quietly as she could from the apartment, her mind still replaying the image of that beautiful cock in her sister's ass. Since her sister never got on her case for driving illegally with only her permit, Meredith drove whenever she could. It was odd how she was officially an adult, but unable to legally drive alone even though she was fifteen. She drove to Waterford's only supermarket to clean herself up. After splashing water on her face to cool her burning cheeks, and a quick rinse to get lower areas clean, she washed her hands and was about to leave when she got a kinky idea. She went to the produce aisle and looked a few things over. The carrots looked good, but she wanted something bigger in her ass. The regular cucumbers looked a little too big, but the long, medium-thick, English cucumbers looked just right to use as a dildo, plus they were long enough for her to hold onto while she was fucking herself. Blushing, she brought her purchase up to the cashier. The older woman definitely had an amused gleam in her eye seeing the blushing teenage girl buying a single, dildo-shaped vegetable. The knowing look got Meredith blushing even harder and she fled with her cucumber as quickly as she could.

She was still blushing most of the drive back to Justin's apartment. Tucking the English cucumber under the seat where no one would see it, she locked the car and ran back up to Justin's apartment. This time, she knocked loudly on the door and waited. Her sister was wearing an old tee shirt that did nothing to hide her unbound breasts, and possibly some underpants, but that was it, when she answered the door. She had that well-fucked grin on her face and her wet hair was still tousled.

"Hey sis, fun night?" Meredith asked, trying to sound innocent.

Blushing bright red, Melody murmured something under her breath and waved her sister inside. Justin was just coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. Meredith decided his bare upper half looked as good as the bare lower half she had been watching earlier. He was tall and lean, with a very young-looking, open face. Years of playing collegiate ultimate Frisbee had given him some serious definition to his muscles without bulking up. She did not usually like blonde hair on a guy, but it suited Justin, especially when he left it unbound and it hung loose to his shoulders. Trying to act cool instead of drooling in lust, she tossed him a jaunty wave and headed into the kitchen. She hoped she had not been too obvious with her ogling. Damn, her sister's boyfriend was hot! It did not matter in the least to her that he was a full decade older then she was.

The sisters threw together a few plates and bowls of snacks and set them up on the coffee table. Every Tuesday was movie night. Their parents had been picked up on a Tuesday night and they had never seen or heard from them since. To help ease the loss, the sisters hung out together every Tuesday, no matter what. When Melody had started dating Justin, they had started including him. Even though Melody still lived with Meredith, she spent a lot of time at Justin's, so moving movie night to his apartment just made sense, especially since he had a kick-ass, big screen TV with surround sound. Apparently, it also made it more convenient for Melody to get some kinky pre-movie sex. Meredith grinned to herself as she looked at her sister. Justin soon joined them, and movie night officially began.

"Hey little girl," Justin greeted her. It was his defense mechanism to remind him how young she was. Despite the fact he was sleeping with her older sister, Justin found Meredith a little too attractive.

"Hey yourself. And stop calling me that, I'm almost 16 you know," Meredith responded, annoyed as usual by him calling her 'little girl'. She swore to herself that the next time he called her that, she was going to flash her boobs at him and ask if that was the chest of a little girl. She took great pride in her chest, especially since Melody's bras were becoming uncomfortably too tight for her to borrow. Of course, after seeing his cock buried in her older sister, any excuse to flash her boobs at him would be welcome. The thought got her blushing but also excited her.

Meredith could not help feeling aroused every time she glanced at the couple. Watching Justin's hard cock siding into her sister had been such a turn on. The fact that they had no idea she had watched them have really hot, kinky sex was even more of a turn on. She was so aroused, and so wet, that she finally excused herself and went to the bathroom. Luckily, she had gotten up before her juices had soaked through her pants and left a wet spot on the chair.

Locking the bathroom door, Meredith yanked down her pants and lay down on the cold floor. Despite the abuse her clit had gotten earlier, it was very ready for more and she frantically stroked her pussy, with memories of Justin's cock in her sister's body filling her head. She had to bite her arm when she orgasmed to keep from crying out. After she came, Meredith washed and dried her very sensitive pussy. Knowing she was going to be here for at least a couple more hours, she grabbed one of her sister's Maxi pads to keep from leaving an embarrassing wet spot on the couch.

Although the movies they watched were ones she liked, they barely registered in Meredith's mind. She was alternating between replaying the sex she had voyeuristically seen and thinking about the long, hard cucumber under the seat in her car. She could not wait to shove it up her ass, pretending it was Justin's cock. The thought of the abuse her ass was going to get in the near future had her so wet, she was afraid the pad she was wearing would not be absorbent enough to hide the evidence. When it was late enough for her to leave without causing too much suspicion, Meredith gave both of them hugs goodbye. Since her sister was looking away, she rubbed her breasts quickly across Justin's chest when she hugged him. Feeling so hot she was afraid she would catch fire, Meredith raced home, stroking the cucumber she had recovered from under the seat the entire way.

After Meredith left, the couple cuddled on the couch, making out. About half an hour later, Justin got up and pulled a very willing Melody into the bedroom. Quickly shedding their clothes, he pushed her down on the bed and buried his face between her legs. They were far too aroused for foreplay. He gently nipped her pussy lips with his teeth, and then slid his stiffened tongue as far into her as he could, which caused her to groan in pleasure. As her arousal mounted, he slid up slightly and started licking her clit. Setting a fast, steady pace with his tongue, he quickly had her trembling and writhing. Feeling her getting close, he slid two fingers under his chin and into her wet pussy, making her cum hard and scream with pleasure. He kept licking her clit, torturing her with pleasure, until she finally managed to push his head away. She lay there gasping for a minute while her stared at her glorious body.

Pushing her knees up and spreading her wide open, he knelt between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, from the clit he had just finished licking down to the ass he had fucked earlier, and back up. Each time, he hesitated when he reached her wet core, teasing her pussy with his cock before sliding away. Finally, without warning, as he slid up from her asshole yet again, he pushed deep into her pussy. Melody cried out in pleasure and orgasmed as Justin's cock slid into her. In his head, Justin imagined the hot, wet pussy he was thrusting into was not Melody's, but her teen sister's tight pussy instead. Although she shared a similar appearance to her twenty-year-old sister, being Irish descendants with red hair and green eyes, Meredith was slightly hotter and had bigger boobs than her sister, even though she was a few inches shorter. The fantasy inflamed him and he thrust faster and faster into Melody's pussy.

Despite how aroused he was, he was able to maintain the pace for quite a while, making Melody orgasm several more times. He loved the feel of her tight pussy clenching around his cock each time she came. Finally, he felt himself getting ready to cum. He filled his hands with Melody's bouncing breasts and hammered himself into her even harder. As usual, his orgasm was amazing. The sensation of his cum spurting into Melody was the most wonderful feeling in the world. He came frighteningly close to moaning "Mere" instead of "Mel" when he came, and prayed he never actually made that mistake. He knew just how wrong it was to fantasize about fucking his beautiful girlfriend's hot baby sister, but he just could not help it. Meredith was so sexy even if she was only fifteen! At twenty-five, there was no way he should be fantasizing about the teenager, but his orgasms were so much more intense when he was sliding into one sister while dreaming about the other.

While Justin was fucking Melody senseless and fantasizing about her sister, Meredith got home and raced into her bedroom. Ever since their parents had been extracted, it had just been the two sisters living there, so Meredith did not have to worry about how much noise she made. Stripping as quickly as she could, she paused only to grab a jar of KY jelly off her dresser, she jumped onto her bed. She lay on her back with her legs spread wide, just like her sister's had been earlier. Just lying in such a lewd position turned her on. She slid the English cucumber up and down her pussy a few times to lube it up, and then slipped it into her wet hole. The cucumber felt amazing and was long enough to fill her pussy completely while still having plenty to hold onto. Her rapid, hard thrusts into her pussy soon had her cumming, but it was not what she had been dreaming of.

Grabbing the KY jelly, she pulled the cucumber out of her pussy and lubed up both her asshole and the cucumber. She was groaning with anticipation by the time she had both thoroughly lubed. Taking the cucumber in both hands, she pressed it against her asshole and slowly pushed it in. She had never had anything bigger than a finger or two up her butt until now, and the cucumber really stretched her asshole. The feeling of her ass slowly being filled was amazing and her horniness steadily increased. She pushed the cucumber as deep up her ass as she comfortably could, which was much deeper than she had thought was possible. After pausing a minute to get used to having her ass filled, she started butt-fucking herself. With one hand she pulled the cucumber almost out of her ass then shoved it back in, while her other hand squeezed and twisted her nipples.

"Oh my God, you feel so good in my ass, Justin," she moaned aloud.

Saying the forbidden name out loud was unbelievably arousing and she came very quickly. She was far from satiated though and kept masturbating. When one arm got tired, she would switch hands. She alternated between playing with her nipples and rubbing her clit with her free hand. Every time she felt close to cumming, she cried out Justin's name, and every time she immediately orgasmed. Her horniness easily overcame the soreness caused by the long vegetable being repeatedly shoved up her ass. She had no idea how long she butt fucked herself before she finally rolled onto her side and fell asleep, the large cucumber still buried as deep inside her ass as she could get it.

The next morning, Meredith rolled over and groaned at the soreness of her butt. It was a great, well-fucked sore, but sore never-the-less. Last night had been so hot and she knew the contents of the produce aisle and her ass would often meet. Grabbing the cucumber, which had slid out of her during the night, she went to the bathroom and took a hot bath to relieve the soreness. Getting out of the bath, she got dressed and stroked the cucumber.

Getting a wicked idea, Meredith went down to the kitchen and made a salad. After washing the cucumber, she cut it up and put in on top. Watching her sister innocently eating the cucumber that had done such amazing things to her ass would be both hot and kinky. Meredith thought she might even confess where the cucumber had been ... after her sister finished eating it. She had just finished the salad when Melody got home. Meredith grinned with anticipation, even as her pussy started getting wet. She quickly filled a plate with the salad and pieces of her ersatz dildo and offered the plate to Melody, who quickly dug in. When they were done, Meredith spoke up.

"Ok sis, I want details. You looked pretty well satisfied when I showed up last night," Meredith teased, already knowing the answer.

Melody grabbed her little sister and French-kissed her instead of answering the question. She was still a little embarrassed that she had let Justin butt fuck her, and was really embarrassed by how much she loved having his cock in her ass. Her ass was a little sore today, but she was determined that it would have his cock in it again, soon. She had no idea her sister had watched the whole thing. Nor did she have any idea her baby sister's ass was just as sore after she had spent an hour the previous night ramming a long cucumber up it and screaming Justin's name.

After the hot kiss broke, Meredith wound a lock of her sister's red hair, the exact same color as her own, around one finger. With a sigh, she said wistfully, "There are times when I wish we didn't look so much alike. I would love to be able to walk through the mall holding your hand like a normal couple. Every time I see a couple making out, I wish we could do that also."

Cupping her sister's beautiful face and staring into the gray eyes so much like her own, Melody replied, "Me too. But you know how conservative everyone is around here. If anyone found out we were lovers, it would be all over for us. Hell, just being lesbians is hard around here, toss in incest and we might not even survive. Just know, even though I can never show it in public, I love walking with you beside me. I love you so much!" She threw her arms around her little sister and hugged her fiercely to her.

"I just hope the rumors are true," Melody continued, still holding Meredith tightly, "and incest is allowed in the Confederacy. No matter what, I will never get picked up unless you are with me. It should be pretty easy to get some guy to pick us. I mean, how many guys could resist two beautiful, red-haired sisters who are incestuous lesbians and love cock as well? We are every guy's wet dream come true."

"What about Justin?" Meredith teased. "When are you going to let him in on our little secret? I wouldn't mind becoming his sex slave!"

"Meredith!" Melody gasped, "are you serious?"

"Of course I am. He's so hot! Besides we already know him and you're so in love with him. I'm pretty sure he's a sponsor." Seeing Melody's nod, Meredith continued triumphantly, "See, he's perfect. Judging by the look on your face last night and this morning, he's no slouch in bed either. Come on, Sis, we really should talk to him about it. You've heard the same rumors as I have about smart guys choosing women before a pick up. Please, please, please could we talk to him? There's no one I'd rather belong to than him. Besides, you'd be so unhappy if you two got separated," Meredith begged, no longer trying to hide her crush on Justin.

Despite her shock, Melody tried to think it through. She had never really given any thought to getting picked up, since she had planned to refuse any offers so she could stay with her sister. How had she missed Meredith's crush on Justin? Now the only question was whether he would be willing to take a girl so much younger than him. She was also not sure if he could handle the whole incest sex going on between Meredith and herself. He might be pissed that she had been cheating on him with her sister. All she could do was hope he was able to forgive her for that.

"Alright Mere, we can talk to him today. I was planning on meeting him for lunch in a few hours. Why don't you meet us there and we can pop the question?" She giggled at the phrasing.

Squealing in joy, Meredith glued her lips to her sister's and kissed her passionately. Her hands slid up her sister's shirt and played with her nipples while Melody's hands slid around her and grabbed her ass. After breaking the kiss, Meredith breathlessly dragged her sister up to her room. She planned to make it absolutely clear how grateful she was to Melody for giving her a chance to plead her case to Justin.

In the lonely days and weeks after their parents had vanished, the sisters had grown close to each other. Since they were both single and feeling abandoned and unlovable, they turned to each other for physical comfort to help reassure themselves they still at least had each other. Somewhere along the way, their relationship had changed from sisters who touched each other to lovers who happened to be sisters. The physical closeness had caused the sisterly love they felt for each other change into the love a couple felt. Despite the fact that Melody had a boyfriend now, she would never stop loving Meredith, or even consider no longer making love to her. Melody had never even considered being polyamorous before, but now here she was with two lovers that she could not live without.

Since the sisters lived alone, there was no one to shock by them leaving a trail of clothes to the bedroom they secretly shared. The other bedroom was just for show if a guest or Justin stopped by. Having been lovers for so long, the sisters knew each other's bodies almost as well as their own. They knew exactly how to arouse each other and soon both women were hot and horny. Turning to the sixty-nine position, they first stopped and sucked each other's nipples for a minute, before sliding down to each other's pussies. They started with fingers, gently sliding them into the other's pussy. Meredith liked having Melody's fingers slide in and out of her pussy, fucking her. Melody preferred having Meredith slide a few fingers in and wiggle them inside her pussy. After a few minutes of pleasuring each other, the sisters slipped their fingers out of each other and pressed their mouths where the fingers had been. It was hard to focus on the pussy pressed against her mouth when a tongue was teasing her clit, but the girls had plenty of practice sixty-nining each other. Their tongues slid into each other's pussies over and over and then slid up to lick the other's clit. It did not take long for their talented tongues to bring each other to orgasm. Turning around, Meredith, who had been on top, lay on her sister and kissed her. They lovingly licked their pussy juice off the other's face, and then kissed again.

"By the way, did you enjoy my dildo?" Meredith asked with false innocence.

"What are you talking about?" Melody asked, completely baffled. They had never shared a dildo.

With a big grin, Meredith replied, "The cucumber on your salad this morning."

Blushing bright red, Melody gasped in surprise. Instead of getting mad though, the thought of eating something that had been in her sister's hot body was a real turn on. With a sexy smile, she licked her lips and said, "Next time I want to use it on you before I eat it, ok?"

It was Meredith's turn to blush, especially when she thought about something being shoved up her ass by her sister, but she did not hesitate to say, "We can use it in each other and then share it afterward." They then kissed again to seal the deal, both aroused by the thought. Seeing how late it was, they got out of bed and took a shower together. They ran soapy hands lovingly over each other's bodies. Breasts quickly replaced hands and they took turns rubbing their soapy breasts over their sister's body. Aroused again, they finger fucked each other to another orgasm before they rinsed off and got out. After gently brushing the other's hair, they took special care to make themselves look as good as possible for Justin. Today was going to be a special day!

Melody's emotions were in turmoil as she drove over to Justin's place. The thought of finally revealing her and Meredith's secret had her feeling scared, relieved and aroused. Each time she started really feeling scared, she imagined the two of them tag-teaming Justin. By the time she got to his parking lot, she was incredibly worked up. Melody knew if she went up to his apartment, she would not be able to resist jumping his bones, which would make them late for their lunch rendezvous. So instead of going up like she usually did, she just sent him a text saying she was outside and to hurry up and get his butt down there.

A few minutes later, a baffled-looking Justin came down and got into her car. Unable to restrain herself, she gave him a mind-melting kiss. When they finally broke the kiss, she quickly pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward the restaurant. She slid her talented fingers up his shorts and spent the entire drive playing with his amazing cock. Justin was easily able to see something important was on Melody's mind.

"What's got you so worked up, love?" he asked.

With a Mona Lisa smile, she replied, "You'll see. Now just be patient."

She refused to say anything else and her fingers in his shorts were too distracting for him to really care. When they reached the diner, she gave his cock a last squeeze then rubbed her fingers over the tip, covering them with his precum. Giving him a sexy smile, she licked his juice off her fingers. The sight was almost, but not quite, enough to make him cum in his shorts. He was a little embarrassed walking into the diner with a boner that his shorts did nothing to hide. Melody even patted his cock when the waitress who came over to seat them looked down at his hard on.

A few minutes after they sat down, Melody's frequent glances out the window were rewarded. "Oh good, Meredith is here," she said excitedly.

"Meredith?" Justin asked, looking perplexed. Just as he glanced out the window, the world went gray.

"NO!" Melody wailed in anguish. "Not yet!"

Melody pounded helplessly on the glass, wishing with all her heart that her sister would suddenly appear through the gray barrier. She had no idea that Justin was just as devastated and was wishing the same thing, for the same reason. Finally, she slumped in despair, knowing there was no way Meredith would be joining them until the pickup was over and their chance at escaping Earth was gone. It was one thing to promise herself that she would never leave her sister behind; it was much harder keeping that promise when the chance was actually there.

The despondent pair ignored the Marines' briefing and stayed where they were while everyone else moved to the indicated areas. Without Meredith, neither of them had any interest in getting picked up. A disturbance at the back of the restaurant got their attention and they watched a Marine rush to deal with it. On the way, he passed a man who was also still sitting at his table. The man's nasty grin gave Justin a bad feeling, which was confirmed a second later when the man grabbed a steak knife and lunged at the unsuspecting Marine's vulnerable back. Without thinking about it, Justin grabbed a heavy ceramic plate off the next table, flipped it over and threw it as hard as he could at the attacker like a frisbee.

Seeing the plate coming at him out of the corner of his eye, the huge Marine spun around with terrifying speed, his weapon coming up and pointing at them. An instant later, the loud, sickening thud of the plate slamming into the head of the man trying to backstab the Marine distracted him. He noticed for the first time how close he came to being injured or killed. Enhanced reflexes are wonderful, but they do not do shit if you do not notice the attack coming. After confirming his attacker had been killed by the impact, the grateful Marine went over to the boy to thank him. The boy, well young man really, was bent over and puking his brains out on the floor.

"May I see your CAP card please?" the Marine asked.

Seeing that Justin was too busy throwing up, Melody, who was still in a state of shock herself, dug Justin's CAP card out of his wallet and timidly handed it to the massive Marine standing there waiting. She had never been so intimidated by anyone in her entire life. The man was absolutely huge!

The Marine was unsurprised to see the young man had a high enough score volunteer, although surprisingly it was only a 6.5. Putting the card into the reader, he dug a little deeper. Despite a lot of very high scores, the man's total was killed due to a LOW aggression score. The puzzled Marine looked back and forth between the man lying dead and the CAP reader clearly showing a painfully low aggression score.

Finally getting control of his stomach, Justin noticed the giant looming over them. "Sorry about that," he murmured, absolutely mortified.

"No worries. My name is Sergeant Lancing. I wanted to thank you for saving my life. That was a hell of a throw!"

"I'm Justin Wetherbe. I was the captain of my college's Ultimate Frisbee team. It's a great sport that doesn't require me to hit anyone, so I excelled at it. I never thought my Frisbee skills would be used to kill someone." Justin's eyes drifted to the limp body, "He's dead, isn't he?"

"Yes, he is," Sergeant Lancing replied. "If you hadn't killed him, I would have. Attacking Confederacy personnel is grounds for summary execution now because of all the problems we've had with anti-Confederacy elements.

"Out of curiosity, why didn't you join the other volunteers when we called for them?" Sergeant Lancing asked.

Justin only shook his head, "Believe it or not, I was also the leader of the campus anti-military campaign. I'm an absolute peacenik. As far as I'm concerned, there is no justification for killing someone." Sadly, he continued, "Of course, now I have someone's blood on my hands."

Taking a deep, shuddering breath, he added, "I never had any intention of joining the Marines. In fact, I've never actually even considered volunteering for the Confederacy. I really don't believe in violence and that is what you are all about. Besides," Justin said sadly, "I'd never force my girlfriend to choose between me and her kid sister. If you'd been thirty seconds slower, I'd possibly be a volunteer right now, but since Meredith is on the other side of the barrier, there's no way I'm leaving."

"Can you identify Meredith for me?" he asked.

"That's easy," Justin said with a smile, "just picture my girlfriend here five years younger with slightly shorter hair."

Justin was puzzled when the Marine got a faraway look in his eyes, like he was talking to someone only he could hear. When the Marine tensed up and snapped his gaze back down to Justin, he knew there was a problem. The Marine's features were tight with anger but his eyes were full of sorrow.

"I'm sorry son, but the AI just told me the drone we have stationed outside showed that the girl who matches your description is being pulled into a van by a group of armed men. The AI also identified one of the men as being on its watch list of Confederacy haters."

Justin grabbed the Marine by his lapels and dragged the surprised Marine down to face level and shouted, "You have to let me get out there now! I have to save her!"

Sergeant Lancing pulled free, but took a surprising amount of effort. The young man was much stronger than he looked and was obviously desperate to save the girl, which added to his strength. "I'm truly sorry," he apologized sincerely, "but there is no way I can get the interdiction field lowered until the pickup is over, it is too dangerous."

"God damn it all to Hell! I have to fucking get out there!" Justin yelled. Seeing Sergeant Lancing's implacable resolve not to lower the field, Justin started pacing angrily, swearing loudly in general and at the Marine specifically. Lancing had been drill sergeant for a decade before being picked up, and was rather amused by the young man's skill at swearing. He was pretty good for a civilian.

Looking around desperately, Justin noticed the glowing ring on the floor. Pointing at it, he asked hopefully, "Can I use your stargate to get outside the interdiction field?"

"It's called a transporter," Sergeant Lancing corrected.

"I don't care if it's a fucking faerie mushroom ring, can it get me the fuck out there to save her?" was Justin's desperate response.

As the Marine started to shake his head, he got a surprised look on his face. "The AI says if you volunteer right now, it will allow you to transport up to the ship and back down to the testing station on the edge of town."

"Deal. I volunteer and choose Melody to come with me," Justin said without hesitation, glancing at Melody.

"As long as you pick Meredith also when you rescue her, I'm yours!" Melody said.

Justin gasped at the thought of all his fantasies coming true, "I swear I'll rescue her and ask her to be my concubine also, although I'm not sure she'll want an old fart like me."

"I guarantee she'll say yes. In fact, we were going to ask you if we could become your prepack at lunch today," Melody confessed.

Justin's cock became so hard it hurt. They had planned to ask him if they could be his sex slaves! Like he could possibly refuse them a request like that. The urgency to save Meredith suddenly increased a great deal. He also put aside any qualms he had about the possible violence that might occur when he went to get her.

Seeing Justin's resolve, Sergeant Lancing pulled out his stinger and special CAP reader. "I'm not supposed to do this," he said, handing Justin two items, "But you will need them. This reader will let you track her CAP card. Don't mess with any of the settings, since it's set to her already. This is a stinger, like a Taser on steroids."

Justin was hesitant about taking the stinger at first, but eagerly accepted it when he learned the weapon was non-lethal. He was then given a quick tutorial on how to use it. Hating violence was one thing, being stupid was another thing entirely. The men were armed, and he would need something to even the odds. Besides, he thought as the nausea rose again, he had already destroyed his ideals by killing a man.

"If anything happens to me, please look after my girlfriend and her sister, ok?" Justin asked.

"Sure, kid," the Marine responded.

"Recorded," the AI said aloud through a drone's speakers, surprising them both.

Reassured, Justin raced through the transporter field and appeared on the ship. They had already been alerted to the special emergency and were ready for his appearance. The AI immediately reset the transporter and Justin went back down to Earth. When he came out of the transporter at the testing station, a very large, very beautiful woman was waiting for him.

"Ta AI tol' me whatcha doing, mon cher," she said in a very thick Cajun accent, "it's a tres brave thing!"

Wrapping her arms around him, she gave him a thorough French kiss for luck. Although impatient to be off, he was male enough to take the time to enjoy being kissed by the amazing woman, especially when she grabbed his hands and filled them with her large breasts and kissed him again. Double D breasts scaled up to be proportional on a woman who was 6'7" tall were absolutely huge!

Panting, she broke the kiss and said, "Bon chance! If you live, you'll come visit me and tell me a bedtime story, oui?"

"Sure," Justin said, manfully ignoring the whole 'if you live' part. The chance to have sex with a woman like her made his dick hard again. She was huge but hot beyond wet dreams!

Without another word, she tossed him a set of keys. Seeing his surprised look, she explained they had a SUV they use when they had to meet with or pick up people. Racing out to the SUV with a boner tenting his pants was a painful ordeal, but worth it when his mind flashed back to the huge handfuls of her chest and her hot lips. Getting in, he started up the SUV, pulled the tracking device out of his pocket and roared off. Justin was extremely upset to see that the testing center had been on the wrong side of town, so he had a pretty long drive to catch up with Meredith's kidnappers. Grimly clutching the steering wheel, he prayed he got there in time to save her before anything bad happened. His life-long belief in peace and non-aggression were completely ignored as he went off, determined to do whatever it took to save Melody's sister. Secretly, he hoped Meredith would agree become his second concubine and make all his fantasies come true. His mind alternated between fantasies of chasing the kidnappers away and dreams of fucking Meredith as he raced across town. The Cajun woman from the testing center popped into his head a few times as well.

It took almost half an hour to get to the house where the tracker showed Meredith was being held. Not caring if he did forewarn them, he screeched into the driveway and slammed the abused SUV into park. Jumping out, he heard loud music, coarse laughter and Meredith's screams coming from behind the house. As he rushed around the house, he froze in shock. A man was raping Meredith on the picnic table out back. A small part of his brain noticed that the other three men were pant-less and had presumably already raped her.

Both horror and arousal washed through him. The thought of someone he cared about being raped filed him with horror. However, finally seeing her glorious body naked turned him on. Even though it was another man's cock sliding into her, the sight was incredibly arousing. She was as hot as he always imagined and he became even more determined to save her from those bastards. However, that momentary pause, where horror, lust and a little fear rooted him in place, proved to be a huge mistake. With one last thrust into Meredith's pussy, the rapist came in the abused teenager. He then pressed his gun between her eyes and pulled the trigger. Her limbs jerked wildly for a few seconds and then stopped. As she went limp, he pulled himself out of her pussy.

Justin's mind went blank as adrenaline coursed through his body like lightning and a red haze clouded his vision. His last rational though as the rage consumed him was to jam the selector switch on the stinger as far over to lethal as it would go. A primal, savage scream of sheer rage erupted from him, causing the surprised men to spin around. There was no room for either fear or remorse in his rage-clouded mind. He charged towards them, howling like the Viking berserkers who were his ancestors, pulling the stinger's trigger repeatedly until the last man went down. As quickly as it came, the berserker rage drained away, leaving him feeling weak and empty.

He sat, collapsed really, on the picnic table and pulled Meredith's naked body into his lap. The bullet wound was an obscene, blackened, star-shaped hole between her eyes. Sorrow and regret washed through him like acid as he realized that his hesitation was what had caused her to be shot. His eyes were filled with tears and he could not see anything. He did not even notice her slight twitches as his tears fell on her marred, but still beautiful, face. The men's dead bodies scattered around did not even register on him, nor did the fact they had been murdered by him.

Suddenly, a hand dropped on his shoulder and Justin spun around, a savage look twisting his face as the stinger came up. His hand stopped short in shock when he realized who the hand belonged to. Looming over him like a mountain was the Marine sergeant from the pickup! That was when he noticed the drone nearby and the glowing transporter disk on the ground.

"I was able to talk my commanding officer into authorizing your retrieval," he said, "but only after the AI, via the drone, confirmed the area was secure. According to the drone's sensors, the girl's still alive, although fading fast. Give her to me," he ordered.

Picking up the wounded girl like she was a feather, Lancing raced toward the transporter. As fast as he was, he had trouble keeping up with Justin, who was very fast and deathly worried about the dying girl. They sprinted through the transporter and appeared on the transport ship. Luckily, the medical team that was standing by had been waiting to the side, or they might have been trampled by the two men before they could stop. The medics had a portable medtube waiting right near to the transporter nexus and Meredith was hastily placed inside. The moment the tube had sealed, they were racing her toward Medical, where they could plug the tube into the network and the AI could have more direct control over the healing nanites.

Before Justin could go after them, the Marine's lieutenant came up to them. "Is this the man?" he asked the sergeant.

"Yes Sir," Sergeant Lancing replied after he saluted the officer.

"I am Lieutenant McLane. I just wanted to thank you for saving the life of one of my men. I'm also very impressed by your actions and your determination to save that girl despite the obstacles that were in your way. Welcome to the Confederacy!" He said with complete sincerity, shaking Justin's hand.

"Thank you, Sir," Justin replied, still a bit dazed. "With all due respect, I really would like to go to medical and see how Meredith is doing."

"Of course," Lieutenant McLane replied, "go ahead."

As Justin turned toward the corridor the medical personnel went down, Melody slammed into him and gave him a passionate French-kiss as thanks for saving her sister. Already naked, Melody dropped to her knees and started unbuckling his pants. While she was doing that, she rubbing her face against his cock. Opening his pants, she saw the bullet hole in his lower abdomen and screamed. He had not even felt the hit, due to his adrenaline-fueled berserker rage. Assuming the blood had been from the Meredith's head wound, he had ignored it. Two of the departed corpsmen were hastily summoned back with an anti-gravity stretcher and they raced him to Medical as well, while a distraught Melody clung to his hand. Even as the pain started to make itself known, Justin could not help staring at her beautiful breasts as they bounced in time to her footsteps. It was an erotic sight that kept unconsciousness at bay. Although between the blood leaking out of him, and the blood filling his lower head, there was very little left to circulate up to his brain.

The last thing he saw as they closed the lid of the medtube was Melody's beautiful face. He smiled and gave her a thumb's up as the tube closed. In moments, everything went black and he knew no more. To him, it seemed like only a few seconds passed when the medtube opened and he could sit up. With a happy cry, Melody wrapped her arms around him. The fact she was still naked was not lost on him, and his cock immediately got hard. That made him realize he was naked also. Sadly for his libido, the medtech who was standing nearby was male, which quickly cooled his horniness. Like most of his friends, he had no problem showing off his body to women, but the thought of a guy watching him was an utter turn off. He freely admitted to this one hypocrisy. Watching two women making out was a massive turn on, but gay or bi-sexual guys were a mood killer.

Probably sensing his unease, the medtech pointed out where his clothes were. It was apparent they had been cleaned, since the blood and bullet hole were missing. He was glad to note the medtech had turned away to give him privacy as he got dressed. When he was dressed, the man came over holding a CAP card.

"Before you ask, your concubine's sister is doing fine. Luckily, the bullet passed directly between the two halves of her brain, so while the wound looked bad, especially the powder burns blackening the injury, the small caliber gun actually did minimal damage to her brain itself. The real threat had been the bleeding inside her skull from damaged blood vessels slowly crushing her brain," the medtech said, obviously choosing layman's terms for them. He finished by adding, "Thankfully, we were able to get her into the tube before any irreparable brain damage occurred."

Changing the subject, the medtech held out the CAP card he was holding and said, "Here you go, Sir. Since your last test was two years ago, the AI decided that your actions had merited a retesting. At that time, your low aggression score was what had dropped your overall total. It seems that problem was solved."

Turning the card over, Justin was surprised to see his new score was well over seven. He was not sure how he felt about that. The higher score was flattering, but the fact that what had increased it was him attacking and killing several men bothered him a lot. In fact, it bothered him so much, he felt his stomach churning. He barely managed to get to a sink before he lost the contents of his stomach. He was definitely NOT alright with the idea of killing people. It was a while before he was able to lean back up without feeling like he was going to throw up again. Melody offered him a glass of water to rinse his mouth out with. She then put a cool cloth on the back of his neck and gave him another glass of water to drink.

As he recovered from filling the sink, he realized that as much as he hated the idea of violence and killing, he would do it again if similar circumstances arose. He would kill to protect someone else from harm, especially someone he cared about. It was a rather shocking realization and he knew without a shadow of doubt that his old, peacenik attitude was both wrong and gone. He vowed to himself that while he would never eagerly kill, or kill without reason, he would also never again hesitate. Meredith had almost died because he hesitated, and next time he might not be so lucky if he was anything but decisive.

Melody hovered beside him, but did not interrupt his thoughts, correctly suspecting they were life-altering for him. His musings were interrupted by the medtech though.

"Just to let you know," the man said, "your concubine's sister is almost done and will be getting out soon."

Setting his thoughts aside, Justin took Melody's hand and they happily walked together over to Meredith's medtube that the medtech was standing beside. With a simple push of a button, the lid of the medtube opened. For a few seconds after the lid opened, there was no response. Suddenly, Meredith jerked up into a sitting position and screamed. The couple wrapped their arms around her and Justin whispered in her ear.

"Shhh, it ok, Mere. You're safe now. I've got you," Justin whispered reassuringly, in fact lovingly, to her.

Meredith's mind was whirling and she panted in fear, terrified the men were still there. Where was she and what was going on? She thought it was Justin's voice she heard, but how was that possible? Her eyes focused on the face above her and it really was Justin! The sight brought a huge smile to her face and joy washed away the confusion and fear that had filled her.

"Would you like to be my concubine?" Justin asked.

"Of course," she replied without needing to think about it.

Looking at him lovingly, she asked, "So where am I and why am I naked?" With a blush, she hastily added, "Not that I mind in the least being in your arms naked."

Both Justin and Melody laughed at that. Noticing her sister, Meredith said, "So I guess that cat's out of the bag, huh? We're both his concubines now, right?"

With a happy smile, Melody replied, "Yup. We're safe on a Confederacy ship and we both belong to Justin now," she paused for a beat and then finished, "my love."

Deciding it was past time for the truth to be revealed, Melody leaned down and French-kissed Meredith passionately right in front of Justin. Justin just sat there, slack-jawed, at the most arousing thing he had ever seen in his entire life. The actuality of his deepest fantasy playing out right in front of him had him incredibly horny, and he held his breath lest he distract the sisters from their super-hot kiss.

When they finally broke the kiss, they both looked at him, a little worried. Seeing the looks on the sister's faces, he realized they had just shared a very important secret with him.

"That wasn't the first time you've done that, was it?" he asked.

Blushing bright red, they wordlessly shook their heads. "How long have you two been ... lovers?" he asked, making the last word a question just to make sure he had not misunderstood.

"We've been lovers for well over a year now. Remember how I told you our parents were extracted two weeks after Mere's fourteenth birthday? All of a sudden we were all alone and we turned to each other for comfort and love. We became lovers pretty soon after that." Taking a deep breath, Melody confessed, "In fact, we've been lovers the entire time you and I've been dating. Please don't be mad that I was cheating on you with her," she begged.

It was his turn to be shocked. He had had absolutely no idea the sisters were lovers. They had done an excellent job keeping it hidden. Of course, knowing the community they all had lived in, that was no real surprise. He was a little hurt that Melody had not felt she could confess the relationship to him. The fact it was a woman she was sleeping with made it feel like she had not been cheating on him at all. If it had been a guy, he would have been hurt and furious, but a woman, in fact, her sister, just made her confession arousing.

"If you swear not to sneak around behind my back," he said with a very serious tone of voice, "I have absolutely no problem with you two being lovers. As long as I get to watch and join in," he finished with a leer.

With huge, happy smiles, the horny sisters made it very clear that was a condition they would be very, very happy abiding by. Desperate to find a private place to fuck the sisters and make every one of his fantasies come true, he turned to the medtech, "Do we have a place to stay yet?"

"Affirmative," a voice said from above them. They looked up in surprise, but there was nothing there. "Please follow the red line to your habitation pod, which is number seven," the voice instructed.

Seeing their looks, the medtech said, "That's the ship's AI. It's the ultimate embodiment of Big-Brother. Just ask any questions you have out loud and it will respond, no matter where you are on the ship."

The thought of a voyeur computer watching him having sex with the sisters made him a little uneasy, but he would be damned if it was going to stop him. He paused for a few moments to appreciate Meredith's naked body as she climbed out of the medtube and stood in front of him holding her sister's hand. His eyes drank in the awesome sight and his cock once again became incredibly hard. This time though, he was going to do something about it. Stepping between them, he put an arm around each of their shoulders and pulled them close so he could reach down and fill his hands with the girls' breasts. The rock hard nipples pressing against the palms of his hands made it very clear how much they liked having his hands on them.

The horny trio did not waste any time leaving Medical and heading towards their pod. They almost got lost twice though. The sisters were locked in a lust haze brought on by Justin holding their breasts and could not focus on anything beyond the thought that very soon he would be fucking them both senseless. Meanwhile, Justin was so distracted by the two sets of perfect, bare breasts bouncing along beside him that he forgot to even look at the line he was supposed to be following. Both times, the AI told them the correct turn to make before they had gone too far astray.

When they finally reached the pod, the only exploration they did was to find the closest room with a bed in it. The sisters all but tore Justin's clothes off his body and they toppled into bed. Since he was intimately familiar with Melody's body already, Justin turned to Meredith first. He kissed her for the first time, stretching it out to savor that special, first kiss. While their lips were locked together, his hands roamed over her body, concentrating first on her large, firm breasts, and then sliding down her stomach and through her soft curls down to her incredibly hot, wet slit. Her legs were spread wide, giving him complete access to her pussy. They both moaned in pleasure when his hand reached the place that both of them had dreamed about his hands going. Justin finally broke the kiss when he brought his wet fingers to his lips to taste her pussy. Meredith moaned in lust at the sight of him licking her pussy juice off his fingers.

Melody lay down on Meredith's other side, mirroring the position Justin was in. As his hands left her sister's boobs, Melody started playing with them. When Justin's hand came up from between Meredith's legs, Melody quickly reached down and started fingering her. Just touching her sister was a huge turn-on. Doing it while her boyfriend was watching made her burn with lust. Their forbidden relationship was finally out in the open and he accepted them completely. For the rest of her life, she could openly have sex with them both without guilt. It only took a few seconds of her fingering Meredith's pussy to make her cum long and hard.

Justin leaned over Meredith and French-kissed Melody, sharing the taste of Meredith's pussy with her. Breaking the kiss, he was not able to resist any longer. Pushing Melody's head down to meet her sister's lips, Justin moved between Meredith's legs and slipped his hard cock into her tight pussy. He cried out in pleasure at the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock. Months of fantasies came true in that moment of joining.

Meredith came almost as soon as he started fucking her. It had been so long since a guy had fucked her, and she had been dreaming about having this guy in her for so long, that she came almost instantly. The intense orgasm seemed to last forever, and each thrust of Justin's cock into her made it even more intense.

As she writhed under him, Justin finally moaned the forbidden name aloud in Melody's presence.

"Meredith," he moaned. "Oh God, Mere, you feel so good."

Saying that aloud, while fucking her, was too much for Justin, and he came in her after only a minute or two. The orgasm was amazing. Watching the sisters' incestuous, lesbian kiss, while fucking his girlfriend's sister, was unbelievable. He could feel this cock spurting into Meredith's pussy over and over again as the orgasm ripped through him. He did not stop thrusting though, and quickly Meredith's tight pussy had his cock hard again. This time some of the urgency was gone, and he could take his time and enjoy Meredith. As he slid in and out of her pussy, his hands cupped her breasts and he played with her nipples. Finally, one hand slid over to Melody's body, and he played with her breasts as well. While they moaned into each other's mouths, he felt and compared the sister's breasts. It was the most amazing, erotic thing he had ever imaged doing. This time he was able to last long enough for Meredith to orgasm several times before he came again. This orgasm was as powerful as the last and he savored the intense pleasure that surged through him. Unlike Meredith's muffled ones, his loud cries echoed through the pod. Looking at the two beautiful sisters laying side-by-side, one with his cock in her, the other having had his cock in her earlier, quickly got him hard yet again. This time is was Melody's turn to get his cock. He grabbed Melody's hand and pulled her down between her sister's legs.

Guessing what he wanted, she leaned over Meredith's leg until her mouth was almost touching Meredith's pussy and waited for him to pull out of her. The thought of drinking her boyfriend's cum out of her sister's delicious pussy had her all but drooling. Melody really hoped her pussy was about to be filled with Justin's cock so Meredith could drink his cum out of her afterwards.

Moving slowly so he could savor the exquisite feeling of his cock sliding out of her, Justin pulled out of Meredith's pussy and moved away so Melody's tongue could replace his cock. He watched as she eagerly lapped up his cum as it ran out of her sister's pussy. Soon, she went from drinking his cum out of Meredith's pussy to eating out her sister. Moving behind her, he slipped his cock, still wet with Meredith's juice, into Melody's pussy. She moaned into the pussy she was busy licking as Justin slid into her and started fucking her doggy-style. Like Meredith, Melody was so aroused that it only took a minute for her first orgasm to rip through her. Having already cum twice in Meredith, Justin was in no hurry to cum again. Grabbing her hips, he gently fucked Melody while watching her lick her sister. Her muffled cries into her sister's pussy were incredibly erotic. Justin sped up his thrusts each time he felt Melody getting ready to orgasm. He loved the way she writhed on his cock whenever he made her cum. Each time after she came, he slowed down again to prolong their pleasure.

Finally, he tore his gaze away from the incestuous oral sex and looked up. He locked gazes with Meredith and stared into her beautiful gray eyes, so similar to her sister's. Seeing the girl he had dreamed of fucking for so long looking up at him lovingly while he fucked her sister was too much for Justin and he had an intense orgasm. The feeling of his uncontrollable thrusts slamming into her as he came brought Melody off yet again and she screamed into her sister's pussy which in turn made her orgasm as well. Meredith's cries of pleasure merged with Melody's muffled screams and Justin's loud yells as all three orgasmed at the same time.

Totally wiped out, Justin pulled out of Melody and collapsed onto the bed next to Meredith. His mind was still reeling from the intense orgasm he had just enjoyed. Dimly, he noticed Melody slide up Meredith's body until she was sitting on Meredith's face and feeding her sister his cum as it ran out of her pussy. Although too satiated to get hard again, Justin turned to watch. He loved the sight and he ran his hand up and down Melody's leg.

Meredith was able to make her sister orgasm one last time as she eagerly licked Justin's cum out of Melody. After Melody slid off her face, Meredith leaned over Justin's body and took his limp cock in her mouth. She was not trying to get him hard though, she just wanted to taste his cock when it was covered with his cum and her sister's juice. She gently licked and sucked the mingled juices off him and then gave her sister one last French-kiss to share the delicious taste. Exhausted, the sisters curled up on either side of Justin and they all went to sleep.

Justin: 25 years old, Caucasian with blonde hair & blue eyes, 5'10" tall, sponsor

Melody: 20 years old, Caucasian with red hair & gray eyes, 5'4" tall, B-C cup

Meredith (Melody's sister): 15 years old, same appearance, 5'5" tall, C cup

Alyana: 39 years old, Caucasian with blonde hair & blue eyes, 5'2" tall, B cup

Kamna: 29 years old, Indian with black hair & eyes, 5'8" tall, D cup, mother of 12-year-old girl named Tanushri

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