Not What I Expected
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I kept a promise and it wasn't at all like I expected.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic  

Earth day two thousand twelve changed my life forever. This is what happened.

Lexi was special; her name was Alexis but everyone called her Lexi. I was a senior in college when I met her. It was love at first sight, she didn't have to say anything. I have dated a lot of girls and women in the last few years but I knew Lexi was the one. There was this look about her that I can hardly describe, beautiful, sexy, elegant, sophisticated, even pleasant. That was without even talking to her.

I'm Tom Davis and according to my friends I guess I wasn't so bad looking either. I stood around six foot, a hundred and eighty pounds. In high school I played football, baseball and even a little basketball. I loved to work out and was in great physical shape. I was the homecoming king as well as the valedictorian of our class. I had it all going for me.

I came from a wealthy family and had a brother and sister who also did well for themselves. I finished college and went on to become a CPA, a certified public accountant. Life was good.

Lexi and I have been together for a year now and she was a senior in college. We saw each other at least twice a week but talked to each other almost every day. Our dates almost always ended up with us making love or at least having sex. It was different with her than it was with most other women. I honestly think it was me. I tried every way I could to please her. I always put her first in our lovemaking. By putting her first I got so much more out of it.

I kind of laughed when she told me her parents approved of her dating me. I later found out she was adopted. Her parents were unable to have kids and adopted her when she was two years old. They kept her on a pretty tight leash until she started college. Even then they wanted to know her every move.

They were a well known and wealthy family in the area. Her father was in local politics and her mother's family owned a large corporation; her mother was on the board of directors. I had found that they had done a background check on me when Lexi and I started dating.

I asked Lexi about getting married but she said she wanted to wait till after she finished college. I let her know I would wait as long as it takes. She also told me there was one other thing she wanted to do before she would get married.

"Tom, I told you I was adopted. What I didn't tell you is that I have a twin sister. Our parents were killed in an auto accident when I was two years old. I want to find her if I can. My adopted parents told me they have no idea where she would be, but I have to try.

"There have been times throughout my life that I might feel sorrow or pain for no reason. I've heard that sometimes a twin can have the feeling of the other. I just feel I need to find her."

I promised Lexi that we would find her twin sister together, but that didn't happen. You see, Lexi was fatally injured in an auto accident on the way home from college. I'll never forget the date because it happened on 'Earth Day' two thousand and twelve. I rushed to the hospital and was talking to her; we were both crying. I had looked at the doctor and he shook his head. I knew she wasn't going to make it.

She asked me to promise her I'd look for her sister and give her some of her personal things and to let her know she had thought about her throughout her short life. She closed her eyes and it was all over, my Lexi was gone.

I was sad for days and after the funeral I talked with her mom and dad. They were both terribly distraught. We talked for hours about Lexi and the joy she brought to all our lives. I asked them about her sister. They were at the hospital when Lexi asked me to find her sister. I told them I promised her I would look for her.

"Tom, you don't need to keep that promise. You're a young man and need to go on with your life," said Mr. Johnson.

"No, I promised Lexi and I'm going to do my best to find her sister. Anything you can tell me at all about her sister or where she might be would help. I'm going to do my best to honor my promise to Lexi." The Johnson's knew I was serious.

Mrs. Johnson explained to me how they came about adopting Lexi. They had tried for years to have a child but were unsuccessful. When they heard about the accident and two people dieing they asked about the young girls who were in the accident. Lexi was shaken up but otherwise uninjured. Her sister, however, was in critical condition with internal injuries. Because of their status in the community children services let them be foster parents to Lexi and they eventually adopted her.

They lived in Michigan at the time. Her sister whose name was Alexandra was transferred to Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. She needed surgery; they didn't tell Lexi that she had a sister, let alone a twin until she was eight years old.

Lexi wanted her parents to see if they could contact her sister somehow or at least find out if she survived the accident. They had told Lexi that she did survive and was adopted by a family but had no idea who they were or where they lived.

Mr. Johnson told me that they did know who Alexandra lived with. It was her aunt and uncle who lived somewhere in Kentucky. They never told Lexi because they were afraid of losing her; that maybe she would want to be with them. They thought it best to let it lie, which they did. They were never in contact with the family. All they knew was they lived in a farming community somewhere in Kentucky.

They wished me luck in finding Alexandra. They said they didn't even know if she was adopted or just lived with her relatives. Lexi and Alexandra's given name was Moore but they thought her aunt's married name might have been Smith, which would make them much harder to locate.

I let my employer know that I was taking time off. I told them I had a promise to keep. I was told that if I left for more than two weeks that I need not come back by my employer. I believe my boss was jealous of my family having money and a lot of their friends asked for me to do their taxes.

I knew I was good at doing taxes; I graduated the top of my class and would have no trouble finding another position or even starting my own business. I told them they could fill my position if they chose too. My boss said they were giving me the two weeks personal time without pay.

My parents said I was making a big mistake but I told them I was following my heart and it never failed me yet. I explained to my parents what I was doing and even though they didn't agree with my decision they wished me luck. They were always supportive of me.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson gave me Lexi's diary. It wasn't really a diary but more of a book that she wrote things that happened to her in life. I glanced quickly through the book and it was full of little things like when she felt sick for no reason or even happy when it was just a normal day. She also wrote about meeting me and how we were good together. I couldn't believe how much she talked about the sister she never knew. It really brought tears to my eyes.

They also gave me a lot of nice clothing and other personal things to give to Alexandra if I found her. They told me they had no reason to keep them. They just kept some of the things Lexi made for them and all her school mementoes. They even gave me a few of her pictures while growing up. Damn! I missed her so much.

I packed up my car and headed south. I just hoped that the Smith's still lived in Kentucky. It had been nearly twenty one years since the death of the girls' parents. I stopped at the Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and asked the records department about an Alexandra Moore or Alexandra Smith.

They were extremely hesitant about giving me any information. I tried to explain to them that Alexandra's sister had passed away and I had things to give her. I was lucky enough that they gave me the name of Bob and Alice Smith in Kentucky. I figured I was really lucky to at least get that.

I would go to the court house at each county seat and look through the farm properties hoping to find one belonging to the Smith family. The problem was every county had Smith's that had farms. I would go to one and asked them if they knew Bob or Alice Smith. I kept hitting dead ends.

I did meet a lot of nice people as well as some that weren't so nice. I was in my sixth county seat when I came across a family by the name of Moore. I remembered it was the family name of Lexi and Alexandra. I knocked at the door and the farmer didn't look like he was happy with me being there. The first thing he asked me if I was a revenuer.

After I explained to him that I wasn't but was looking for a woman by the name of Alexandra Moore or Smith. Mr. Moore called his wife into the room.

"Ellie, didn't your brother Bob adopt a girl named Alex many years ago? Remember her parents were killed in an accident. I think she was a twin."

"Yeah, it was sad. The poor thing was in the hospital for a month or more and then was to be sent to a children's home. Bob and Alice didn't even know that her brother and his wife died. It was over a month before they found out. No one notified them. Her sister was already in foster care with a family up in Michigan," replied Ellie.

I was beginning to feel a little better about finding Alexandra. I told Ellie and Ray about the Johnson's and Lexi. They felt bad when they heard Lexi had died and offered to help me.

"It's sad, first she's taken from her family and now she's taken from her new family. I hope she lived a happy life, although short," replied Ellie.

"She was a very happy girl. Smart, beautiful and a wonderful person to be around." I knew I had tears in my eyes.

"You must have loved her," said Ray. "Going out of your way to find her sister like this."

"I made her a promise and I'm doing my best to keep it. Where does your brother live? Does Alexandra live with them?"

"They live in Carter county, I can give you directions. It's about three hours away. Why don't you come in and eat something before you go." said Ray.

I did stay and have dinner and thanked them for their hospitality as I headed off to the Smith's farm. I honestly didn't know what to expect. Ellie did say that Alex, as she called her was a beautiful woman.

As I drove down the dirt road and then up a dirt drive to a big farm house I saw a woman kneeling down working in the garden. She had a hat on her head so I couldn't see her real good. She seemed young and quite trim from the back.

Pulling up in the drive the women turned around and I couldn't believe my eyes. They weren't just twins, they were identical twins. Without a doubt I knew the young woman I was looking at was Alexandra. It hit me so hard and fast that I knew I had tears running down my face.

"Excuse me, it there something wrong? Can I help you," said the young lady.

"I'm so sorry. I have come to see you, you are Alexandra aren't you?" I asked.

"How do you know my name? What do you want?" she seemed a bit nervous.

Two young men came running out of the house; both holding rifles. "Alex! Are you alright?" yelled one of the young men.

"I'm fine," replied Alex. "But this man called me by my name." She looked at me and asked me again how I knew who she was?

"Who the hell are you and what do you want, Mister?" said one of the men who I later learned was Larry and the other man was his brother Jerry. They were cousins of Alex.

Before I could answer, a big man came out of the door with a woman. I figured it was Bob and Alice. Bob spoke, "It's alright boys. Your uncle Ray called to let us know that this young man was coming. Are you Tom Davis?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, I am. I'm sorry if I startled the young lady but she looked so much like ... like her sister." Bob asked me to step out of the car. As I did Alex stared at me.

"My sister? You know my sister? Where is she?" asked an excited Alex.

"Honey," Bob said to Alex. "Your sister was killed in an auto accident last month. This was her friend Tom who promised her that he would look you up and give you a few things that belonged to Alexis.

Alex began to cry. Her mom took her in her arms and held her. I felt so sorry for her. I knew I had tears in my eyes.

"Please come in the house and we can talk," said Alice.

Bob looked in my car and told his sons to help carry the boxes of stuff I had brought with me. They were surprised when I told them there was even more in the trunk.

After taking all the boxes into the house we sat in a large living room. I had a hard time trying not to stare at Alexandra. Every time I looked in her direction she was looking back at me. She reminded me so much of Lexi.

Bob mentioned to his sons that they had chores to do and they left the rest of us to talk. I asked them if they wanted me to go first. I did mention that I was interested in the family history and how the sisters got separated.

Bob said he would give me a quick explanation later after I was finished telling them what I knew. I began by telling them how I met Lexi at college and we became friends.

"We had dated for awhile and had future plans after she graduated college. In her last breaths she asked me to look up Alexandra and I promised I would. So, here I am."

"Don't you have a job, Son?" asked Bob.

"Yes Sir, they said they would hold it for me for two weeks. I've already used up one just finding Alexandra. I told him I had to follow my heart and my promise. Besides I'm a CPA, a certified public accountant and can find work most anywhere."

Alex spoke up. "You're a CPA? Dad, maybe he can help us out." She looked over at her father.

"It's not his problem Honey. We'll talk more about it later. By the way, don't you have a date with Lance tonight? You might want to get ready," her dad smiled at her.

"I think I'm going to cancel. I'm not in the mood to be going out right now. Lance will understand." She went to call her friend.

"Bob, can you tell me what you know about Lexi and Alexandra? How they got split up. The Johnsons told me they got Lexi at children's services when she was two years old. They adopted her and I will say she had a very good life however short. They mentioned that Alexandra was severely injured in the accident that killed their parents. What happened after that?"

"We've told Alex the story a hundred times; she keeps asking us to repeat it. It all began when my wife Alice and her brother Ralph inherited this property after the death of their parents. It also came with a healthy lein on it.

"Ray said he didn't want to be a farmer all his life and offered us his share of the property at a fair price. We would either have to sell the farm or buy Ralph's share. We chose to purchase it and Ray and his wife moved to Michigan. He got a position in an auto factory.

"We didn't stay in touch very often after the first few months. We just had a check deposited each month in an account in Michigan for his share of the property. We had the farm and our two sons at the time. We hired a few farm hands to help us run the place. It's a lot of work keeping up a farm like this. We have over five hundred acres.

"We did get a Christmas card that said they had a set of twins, but we had never seen them. It was about two years later when we went to make our deposit when the bank notified us that the account was frozen. We contacted them and they said that Ralph and his wife, Christine, were killed in an auto accident.

"We got the name of their lawyer and found out all we could. That's when we heard that one of the twins was in the children's hospital in Ohio and the other was already in a foster home. Even though we didn't know these girls, they were family. We went to the hospital and cried when we saw little Alex. She had internal injuries but the doctors told us she was a fighter and was pulling through.

"We contacted children services and asked to be foster parents since she was our niece. We took her home when she was released from the hospital. We were never in contact with the family that adopted Lexi. We wished we could have gotten them both. We're happy to hear that Lexi was in a good home.

"That's about it son. We call Alexandra, Alex, except for her cousins when they get mad at her," he grinned. "We never adopted her but she is like a daughter to us and always will be. Larry and Jerry, our sons, treat her as a sister."

"What does Alex do," I asked.

She had walked back in the room. "I help work the farm and am a senior at the local college studying agriculture. I'm a farm girl and proud of it," she smiled. I loved her southern accent.

She had an attitude just like her sister. I was seriously afraid of having feelings for her. I didn't even know her but I knew I liked her.

"So, if you're an accountant can you help us out?" asked Alex.

I had to laugh. "Are you always this forward?"

"When our farm's at stake, I could be very forward. Dad, did you tell him about the taxes?" asked Alex.

"No, Honey. I don't think he wants to get involved in our personal finances. Besides we hardly know the man," replied Bob. "I'm sorry Tom but it would be a lot to take on for a fairly new CPA."

"Bob, I graduated the top of my class at Michigan in accounting. I've been doing taxes for quite a few wealthy people for over a year. I've done personal, farm and even corporate taxes. I'd like to help you out. Can you tell me the problem?"

"We got a notice from the IRS and they are questioning our taxes for the last five years. They are auditing us and saying we owe over fifty thousand dollars in back taxes. We have an extension for three months to get it straightened out or pay the money.

"Our finances are tied up in the farm. We don't have that kind of cash lying around. We need what we have to plant our crops, fix our equipment and to feed the animals."

"What about your tax adviser? Can't he help you out?" I asked.

"He had a stroke last month and can hardly speak. Our lawyer got us the extension but doesn't know much about farm tax accounting. He told us to find a good CPA and now we're looking for someone we can trust. We don't want to turn five years worth of our finances over to just anyone," replied Bob.

I looked up and Alex was looking directly in my eyes. "I know if you did this for my sister Lexi that you are an honest man to go out of your way the way you did. Will you help us save the farm?" Just looking at her face could melt my heart.

"Well, seeing I have a week left at the present time and have time on my hands, I'll take a look and we'll go from there." I couldn't believe it when Alex hugged me and said thank you.

I let Bob know that I needed all his tax records for the last five years. He said that Alex could take me the following day to his accountant's office. His wife would be there; she was cleaning up odds and ends at the office. He called her to let her know we would be there the following day.

I asked them if they could show me where the nearest motel was. I would be needing a place to stay at least till I got a look at the taxes. They told me I could stay at their house, that they had plenty of room. I explained that for now I would prefer to be alone but I would be by everyday to work on their taxes at their house.

The truth was I couldn't be around Alex. She just reminded me too much of Lexi. I could hardly tell them apart. Both of them had firm bodies. Lexi's was from working out and Alex's was from working the farm. Their light brown hair was identical as well as their eyes. It was going to be hard on me being around Alex, but I couldn't just walk away. The only way to tell them apart was Alex's accent, which I loved.

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