Chapter 1

Eleanor Charlton married George Sunderland on a rainy, cold day in March, 1970 in Calgary, Alberta. It was an omen. She was twenty-two years old, and he was thirty seven. She was a junior secretary at a publicity and promotions firm, while he was the twice-married manager of the same firm.

She was no virgin, but she was not very experienced with men and George was her polar opposite. He saw women as disposable, and some say he only married them to legitimize the tax deductions. Their marriage lasted less than a year when Eleanor discovered her husband deeply embedded in one of his ex-wives on the sofa in their living room. It was an enlightening experience for her and another liberating one for George.

The divorce was granted and a kindly judge awarded Eleanor a sizeable portion of George's income after noting his previous marital adventures and the reasons for their failure. Specifically, an inability to determine which of his various conquests he was married to.

Eleanor had learned a valuable lesson. George was a philanderer and cared little for conventional marital sensibilities. She would choose more wisely for her next husband, but that would be a long time in the future. In the meantime, she bent her efforts toward developing her career, and with a singleness of purpose, she began a steady rise in the Calgary business community.

By the time she was thirty, she was recognized as the most influential promotions person in the city and was sought after for a variety of projects from promoting major commercial property development, to shopping centre openings. Her income reached almost six figures, and she was invited to be the first woman to join the prestigious Calgary Businessman's Club. She joined, only to find it was a hostile environment for a single woman, thus she seldom used its facilities.

Over time, she indulged herself with occasional male companions and her lusty appetites became the underground talk of the business community. She never lacked for willing companions for any social event.

Eleanor had come from a conventional middle-class family. Her parents lived in a modest three bedroom home in the university district and her father earned his living as a professor at the university.

Eleanor's younger sister, Evelyn, was six years her junior and a completely different personality. Quiet and shy, she had married a strong willed oil field engineer, John Payton. When the downturn hit the oil industry in the eighties, he moved his family to the coast and began a successful career as a process engineer with an international chemical company supplying the pulp and paper industry.

They had one child, Julia, and Eleanor thought the world of her niece. There was nothing in the background, family, or environment that would account for the contrast between the two sisters.

On a particularly cold winter evening, Eleanor met Robert Thompson at the Calgary Businessman's Club where she was hosting a reception for the heavy construction industry. Robert and his brother Harold were the owners of Thompson Bridge and Trestle, a family business they had founded and built from nothing to become the largest rail bridge and trestle constructors in North America.

While it sounded impressive, their business largely consisted of repairing, upgrading and maintaining the myriad of wooden trestles already dotting the western North American landscape. Both Robert and Harold were single; having devoted almost every waking hour to building and running their business.

Robert, the elder, was 44 and his brother had just celebrated his 40th birthday. Eleanor, now 35, was intrigued by these two seemingly rough, self-made men. She had never met anyone like them, and their openness and straightforward values were a refreshing change from the posturing and posing of the younger businessmen she was accustomed to meeting.

Eleanor's erect posture and 5 foot 9 inch height caused her to stand out among her female peers. In addition, she chose her business clothes carefully to give a distinctly professional appearance. Her fully developed figure did not go unnoticed despite her dress, and it was Robert who sucked up his courage, boldly walked over to her and when she was finally alone, introduced himself.

"Good Evening. I'm Bob Thompson and I would very much like to get to know you, Miss... ?"

He was clearly expecting Eleanor to fill in the blank. She wasn't intending to make it that easy for him.

"How do you do, Mr. Thompson. It's very nice to meet you," she smiled carefully.

"You wouldn't do me the honor of joining my brother and me at our table, would you?" he asked carefully.

"I'm sorry, that won't be possible." The smile was still on her lips.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I would truly enjoy spending some time with you. It isn't very often that I get to have dinner with a beautiful woman."

He delivered the trite line with such sincerity that it was all Eleanor could do not to burst out laughing.

"No offence, Mr. Thompson, but I'll be required at the head table. I'm your host this evening."

"Oh, well ... that's understandable. I guess that way I'll learn your name at least," he said smiling nervously.

"I'm Eleanor Charlton and you can call me Eleanor."

Her smile was all Robert Thompson needed to see to know he had found what he was looking for.

"I'll look forward to talking to you some more when the dinner and formalities are finished," he said directly.

Eleanor leaned back slightly and took stock of the imposing figure in front of her. Inexplicably, she was intrigued by what she saw and wouldn't mind getting to know more about this big, rough-edged man.

"Let's do that," she said brightly. "Excuse me, I've got to get things started. I'll see you later ... Mr. Thompson."

"It's Bob ... please," he pleaded as she turned and strode toward the head table without answering his request.

Eleanor smiled to herself as she walked toward the dais. Mr. Bob Thompson was a giant, at least six-foot-six, and yet he didn't appear to be overweight. It must be all that outdoor exercise building bridges, she thought idly. During the dinner, she found her mind wandering and occasionally looked over at the table where the Thompson brothers sat. There were no women at the table, but that didn't mean anything at this dinner. It was pretty much a men-only venue.

She did observe that Bob Thompson was looking over at her on a regular basis. She tried to be nonchalant and appear to not notice his glances, but she was drawn to his gaze. She saw that both he and his brother were tanned despite the fact it was January. She wondered idly if it was an all-over tan.

She had never bedded a man of his size, and wondered if he was that big in every department. She finally awoke from her sexual reverie and realized the evening was coming to an end. She was expected to say a few words to wrap things up, thanking the speakers and guests.

As the room broke up at the conclusion of her comments, Eleanor couldn't help but look over to the Thompson table and felt a moment of disappointment when she saw it was empty. Almost immediately, she heard a strong, masculine voice behind her and smiled inwardly as she knew who it was.

"You run a very efficient meeting, Miss Charlton," he said in a surprisingly soft voice.

"Thank you. Why don't we try being less formal, Bob? I'm Eleanor," she smiled.

"You seemed a bit distracted at dinner this evening. I hope I wasn't the cause of that ... or ... then again, maybe I hope I was," he grinned.

"You're hard to ignore, Bob. You stand out in a crowd," she said with a sly look.

Robert Thompson smiled back at her but was, in truth, completely at a loss for words. He couldn't remember the last time he had been in a social setting with a woman that he was this attracted to. His adult life had been pretty well consumed by the family business, and he hadn't allowed himself time for a woman in his life.

He had recently begun to realize just how much he had sacrificed in the past twenty years. He intended to change that, and couldn't believe his luck in meeting someone as captivating as Eleanor Charlton. What was the word his English friend used? Besotted! Worse than that, tongue-tied.

"I ... I guess I'm not used to the small talk, Eleanor. I'm sorry," he said sincerely.

"Don't apologize, Bob. It's a refreshing change from some of the glib young hotshots who specialize in empty small talk."

She had put her hand on his arm and he felt a shot of adrenalin rush through him.

"Why don't we head for the bar and I'll buy you a drink," she offered.

"Uhhhh ... fine. Thank you."

He was clearly flustered and willing to follow any suggestion she might offer.

They entered the bar and Bob recognized a few of the attendees from tonight's dinner. They couldn't help but notice the attractive hostess of their dinner was on his arm as the two settled into a corner booth by themselves.

They ordered their drinks and Eleanor quickly began to draw Bob out.

"What brings you to Calgary on a cold winter's night, Bob?"

"My brother and I have business here. Most of the bridges we service in Canada are between here and Kelowna. I was thinking about moving to Calgary. We're from Revelstoke originally, but this is where the main CPR office is located and that's where most of our business comes from.

"Besides, maybe it's time we tasted life in the big city." He was looking directly into her eyes and he hadn't blinked or wavered since he had started talking.

"Do you have family here?" she asked, intending to find out if he was attached or not.

"No, our mom lives in Kelowna now since my dad died. Harry and I are both single, so there's nothing keeping us in Revelstoke any more."

He had relayed this information as if he was filling out a form at the post office, and yet his eyes kept their steady gaze on Eleanor.

"No women in your lives?" she asked directly.

"Nah. No time and to tell the truth, I hadn't met anyone that would cause me to take the time ... at least ... well, you caught my eye tonight and that's a first," he grinned.

"I'm flattered. But then, you caught my eye too, Bob."

She was shocked at the admission she had just made. She had been so careful around men over the past years that she was astonished she had let her guard down so easily and quickly with this big, ruggedly handsome man.

"I thought you would have a line up of guys knocking on your door," he said with a serious look.

"I'm very particular. I have very high standards. No Bozos," she laughed.

"Well, uh ... well, if I asked you for a date ... uh ... would I have a chance?" he asked. He thought he sounded as if he were still a high school junior asking the prom queen.

"Oh, Bob. You are special," she laughed gaily. "You aren't like any of those guys I know. Yes, you can ask me for a date, and yes I will accept," she smiled at him.

"Hot Damn!" He had a grin from ear to ear and only after a few seconds noticed that he had hold of her hands in his and was squeezing them in his excitement.

"Easy, big guy. I have to use these hands tomorrow," she said in mock fear.

"Sorry, Eleanor. I guess I got carried away. Sorry."

His apology was offered sincerely, and Eleanor realized what made him so attractive was his genuine nature. That was the word that best described him: genuine.

"I'll be fine, Bob. A light working cast should be enough," she laughed.

She realized she was having fun, but not at his expense. He was so straightforward and honest about what he was thinking that she was truly enjoying him.

They continued to take pleasure in each other's company. When the time came to leave, he asked her if she would have dinner with him the next night, and was delighted when she accepted.

He would pick her up at her apartment. She had given him her address on the back of her business card and they agreed on seven o'clock. He thought he would get some advice on the best restaurant in the city and then, thought better of it.

"Before I make a mistake, what's your favorite restaurant?" he asked seriously.

"Well, there's more than one, but I think you'll like Chico's. Why don't you make a reservation there?"

"Done. See you at seven tomorrow," he said enthusiastically.

Eleanor turned toward him, put her hand on his arm, stood on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek. Robert Thompson, the 44 year old successful businessman, instantly flushed a bright crimson.

She smiled at his reaction and waved good night as she headed for the parking lot. Robert stood just where she had kissed him, rooted to the spot, still with a bright red face. He felt another surge of electricity pass through him. It was a feeling he had never before experienced.

Robert and Harold Thompson were the sons of Ralph and Muriel Thompson. Originally from Nova Scotia, they now lived in the Rocky Mountain town of Revelstoke. When the mines fell silent in North Sydney, Ralph Thompson looked for work in the west where jobs were more plentiful. The opportunities for his sons would be better there than a dying mining town in Cape Breton.

As it turned out, he was right. He quickly found a good union job with the CPR in Revelstoke and for the first time, he could afford to buy a home and not live in a company cottage. It revitalized him as well as his whole family. Muriel found steady customers for her quilts and other crafts, and they made many new friends in the community.

The boys, then in their early to mid-teens, did fairly well in school but excelled in sports, particularly football. Their size was such that they were all-stars on their high school teams both offensively and defensively. They had girl friends aplenty, and thrived in their new community throughout their high school years.

Robert graduated first, three years ahead of his brother. While their mother wanted them to attend college, neither Robert nor Harold was enthusiastic about it. When they found steady work on the trestle crews, the "big money" they earned was the seduction that sealed their future.

When Robert was almost thirty, he learned from his father that the railroad was going to close the trestle division and farm the work out to private contractors. Instead of being devastated by this news, Robert and Harold approached the division manager and suggested they were competent to take on a contract for repair and maintenance of the trestles in their division.

They were quickly informed that they would have to apply to be given an opportunity to bid on these jobs. With the help and guidance of that same manager, they prepared a bid for the section from Revelstoke to Golden, B.C. plus all the branch lines along the way. They spent many an evening working on their costs and deciding how to bid the jobs, and their homework paid off. They were awarded a conditional contact for the section, and the Thompson Bridge and Trestle Company was officially in business.

It was much harder than they imagined. It took them ten years to get themselves to the top of the heap in their profession. It was nothing but self-sacrificing hard work and total commitment to their business.

Neither Robert nor Harold had time for romance or marriage, but that didn't mean they were celibate. They had enjoyed a lusty youth and had entertained many a young lady throughout their late teens and twenties.

The formation of their company had put such demands on their time that their sex lives had declined to almost nothing over the ten years they spent building the business. Harold had availed himself of the local 'professionals' on occasion, since he had no interest in developing a relationship. Time was the one commodity he had little of.

Harold was a few inches shorter than his older brother, but was nonetheless still a big man. Like his brother, he was invariably polite and well liked by both their employees and their customers. Considering the rough-neck nature of their business, they didn't exhibit what might be thought to be typical behavior in social settings. Their parents' strong values were carried with them in all aspects of their lives.

As the business had matured and flourished, Robert had acquired a couple of part-time girlfriends. Carol, a buxom waitress at the Golden Mountain Inn Restaurant, was a delightful bed partner. She was a divorcee with two teenage girls, and wasn't looking for a husband at the time. She was a few years older than Robert and they had a comfortable relationship that satisfied both of them.

Robert would visit her each time he traveled to the far eastern end of his district. Carol did not know about Abigail. Abigail was the single mother of a school age boy, and worked at the Three Valley Gap office of a road maintenance company. Robert would drive west from Revelstoke the few miles to her home, and they would have dinner and talk about events since they had last seen each other. Then they would have sex until it was time for Robert to head home. Abby, as he called her, did not know about Carol.

Unlike Carol, Abby did talk about marriage and saw it as a way to ensure security for her son. Robert had made it clear that he wasn't the marrying kind, but would be happy to help her financially when she needed it. Like Carol, it was a comfortable relationship based on sex, and it satisfied Robert.

Neither relationship lasted. After almost six years with Robert, Carol set up full-time housekeeping with a local truck driver and ended her relationship with Robert before she committed herself to her new man. Abigail was consistent with her interest in a commitment from Robert and he ended the relationship when, for the umpteenth time, indicated he "wasn't the marrying kind." They had been together for almost five years.

At age 41, he was once again without a reliable source of comfort and joy.

Eleanor drove home from the meeting with her mind in a whirl. She had never met a man that caused her to be so unsettled and yet excited since her first husband, the lamentable George. She had been involved with many men in the past fifteen years, wearying of the search for "Mr. Right." Now, out of the blue, here comes "Mr. Big!" He's nothing like she though she would want, and yet she wanted him. She knew it almost from the moment he spoke to her. She wanted him.

Just before seven the next evening, Robert pushed the intercom button on Eleanor's mail slot. She answered almost immediately.

"I'll be right down, Robert. Wait for me in the lobby," she said brightly.

"I'll be here," he replied quickly.

She walked out of the elevator less than two minutes later and stepped forward, put her arm on Robert's, stood on tip-toes and kissed his cheek. She stepped back and smiled at him.

"Ready to go?" she asked cheerily.

"Ah ... uh ... yeah! Ready."

Once again she had completely caught him by surprise, and he was struggling not to appear the fool. He held the door open for her and they walked out to the curb where his taxi was waiting. He opened the door for her, and then went around to the other side and got in. He gave the driver their destination and they were off.

"You look very handsome tonight, Robert," she said sincerely.

He was wearing the same dark blue suit he had worn last night with a clean, conventional white dress shirt and a red and blue striped tie. Very conservative!

"Ah ... thanks. You look ... beautiful. I mean ... really nice," he stumbled.

She was in a classic black cocktail dress that came to her knees and accentuated her voluptuous body. The silver spaghetti straps and the vertical, slim red trim along the side slit at her thigh were the only accents. There was more than a hint of cleavage and the side slits in the dress made sure he knew she was wearing thigh-high stockings.

The rest was pure, unadulterated Eleanor. She had created the desired effect on Robert that she had intended. He was once again tongue-tied.

Robert felt helpless. He wanted to say something ... anything to prove he wasn't a complete idiot, but no words came to him.

"Relax, Robert. I'm not going to bite," she laughed.

She heard him exhale as he looked straight ahead.

"Uh ... I guess I'm not very good at this. You have me kind of ... discombobulated," he finally blurted.

"Ha! Ha! What a great word," she laughed.

Eleanor turned and looked at him carefully for a moment.

"Don't you date, Robert?"

"Uh ... not very much. I've had a couple of girl friends in the past, but no one that I was serious about. No one I wanted to marry, that is," he said honestly.

Finally, he turned and looked at her.

"I don't remember the last time I was as goofy-mouthed as I am right now," he confessed. "One kiss on the cheek and I'm a basket case."

He was gazing at her again with that unblinking stare that spoke volumes to Eleanor about who he was.

Eleanor smiled at him and took his hand.

"You weren't goofy-mouthed last night when you introduced yourself and asked me to join you at your table," she said.

"Well ... uh ... you hadn't smiled at me and you hadn't talked to me and you hadn't kissed me on the cheek yet," he said, still unblinkingly fixed on her eyes.

She seemed genuinely surprised at his confession.

"Did I have that big an effect on you Robert ... really?"

He stopped to think for a moment and then, "Yes! You're about the only thing I've thought about since last night."

"Well, I'm flattered ... again," she said with an arched eyebrow. "To tell the truth, Robert, I've been thinking a lot about you too."

"You have? How come?" he asked, puzzled by her admission.

"You have that kind of effect on me, I guess. It hasn't happened to me in a very long time, but you ... well, we can talk about this later. The night's just getting started," she broke off, looking straight ahead as they approached the restaurant.

They finished the cab ride in silence, and after Robert had paid the driver, they entered the restaurant and were escorted to their table. When their waiter came to see them about having a drink before dinner, Eleanor ordered a glass of Cabernet while Robert ordered a Bourbon and water. They sat quietly for a few moments after the drinks arrived until Robert broke the silence.

"Eleanor ... last night you called me Bob and today you've been calling me Robert. Why a change?" he asked seriously.

She looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before answering. "I don't know, to be honest. It just seems like that should be your name. Does it bother you?"

"No, not at all. In fact, I'm used to being called Robert. I introduced myself as Bob last night because it was more ... friendly, I guess. You can call me anything you like," he smiled, finally beginning to relax.

"I like Robert," she said simply. "It suits you."

"Robert it is then," he agreed. "Eleanor and Robert ... that has a nice ring to it," he said, grinning at her. He was gratified with her smile in return.

The evening went very well. Robert had completely relaxed and allowed himself to be who he was. Eleanor recognized his growing confidence and confirmed her original opinion of him. He was unique and interesting, and she was strongly attracted to him. They talked more easily and traded confidences. The meal was superb and they lingered over their shared desert. Robert was desperately trying to extend the evening and unknown to him, Eleanor was planning the same.

"I have a very nice brandy and some Kona coffee at my apartment. Why don't we go there," she suggested.

He looked at her and saw that she was quite serious. He quickly signaled their waiter for the cheque and requested a cab. As they stood in the entrance foyer, Eleanor took his hand and looked up at him with a smile. Robert, for his part, was just grateful he didn't faint. He could hardly believe what seemed to be happening. At this stage, Eleanor was his leader, and he was destined to follow her.

When they arrived at her apartment, she opened the door and led him in, switching on a pair of small lamps to give a minimum of light. She took his overcoat and hung it in the hall closet with her own. She turned to him and once again, on tiptoe, kissed him, this time on the lips.

"Why don't I make some coffee and we can relax with a brandy. Take your jacket off, Robert and loosen your tie. Be comfortable."

She might have asked him to jump out her eighth floor window and he'd have agreed. His mind was reeling and he had a silly grin on his face that no amount of concern over what was happening would erase.

Robert finally dropped into her plush sofa and waited for her to return from the kitchen. It at least gave him time to gather his thoughts and try and conduct himself like a mature adult. He was sure he was going to embarrass himself. He just didn't know how to prevent it.

Eleanor returned from the kitchen with a pair of brandy snifters with a healthy portion in each. "Coffee will be ready in a couple of minutes." She walked to the sofa and slipped down beside Robert, handing him one of the snifters. "Try this," she said with a distinctly sexy voice. "I think you'll like it."

"I'm not very experienced with brandy," he said hesitating, "but I'm sure I'll like it."

He hoped he hadn't spoiled the moment or made himself look too much like a country bumpkin. He took a sip of the amber liquid and decided it was smoother than his last experience with the liquor.

"That's nice," he said with a hint of surprise. He was desperately trying to relax.

"I'm glad you like it," she smiled. "I've had a lovely evening with you. I didn't want it to end just yet."

Robert turned toward her, gazing intently into her eyes. They were dark, to the point of almost being black. Her elegant, aquiline face was framed by her dark brunette shoulder length hair, and he thought those eyes were truly the windows to her soul.

Robert slowly, almost unconsciously, leaned toward her until his lips gently touched hers. He was completely unaware of a deliberate act to kiss her, but once he had arrived, he felt the tension drain from his shoulders.

Eleanor closed her eyes and returned his kiss and they held themselves in that lightest of embraces for what seemed an eternity. Eleanor slowly drew back, looking directly at him. This giant of a man was so incredibly gentle and unexpectedly reticent that she was totally without caution in his presence. She looked at him for a moment.

His deep blue eyes and sandy brown close-cropped hair seemed to fit his personality perfectly. He looked the part of the innocent. She took his brandy from his hand and placed it on the coffee table in front of them. Her hands moved to clasp his face softly and she leaned toward him again with a more forceful kiss. She felt his powerful arms encircle her shoulders, and he returned her kiss with passion.

"I feel like a high school kid on his first date," Robert said quietly when he had relaxed their embrace.

Eleanor smiled and took his hands. "We're not kids anymore, Robert. And I take it neither of us is a virgin. Why don't we just celebrate what's happening. I can tell you it hasn't happened to me before," she grinned.

"It's all new to me. My head is just spinning."

He looked at her and began to chuckle, and then laugh. "How about that! A forty-four year old born-again virgin! That's me!"

"Oh, I hope not. I think you're just being too modest. I'll bet you're dynamite in bed," she said with a smirk.

Robert was once again flummoxed.

"I'm just too aggressive for you, aren't I?" she grinned.

"I guess so. I didn't think ... I mean ... I just ... oh man, here I am all goofy-mouth again," he moaned. "You can sure tell I'm no big city boy."

"No, I guess you aren't. But maybe that's what I like about you. Maybe that's why I'm attracted to you. You aren't some city guy with a slick line of gab and a big, fat ego. I like the Robert Thompson I see. You don't need to change for me." She had delivered this mini speech with a serious look and a level, soft voice.

"I don't know why, but I keep wanting to call you Ellie," Robert blurted out.

Eleanor looked at him in surprise and then smiled. "All my friends and family call me that. Since you're now my friend, you have my permission," she smiled softly.

"I think I want to be more that your friend, Ellie," he said seriously.

"I know. I want that too."

Eleanor stood, still holding his hands. She tugged at him to get up and when he had, she led him down the hall to her bedroom. When she had reached her big brass framed bed, she turned toward him and began to unbutton his shirt.

Robert watched her for a moment, and then smoothly pushed the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders. He was strangely calm for someone who had been uncertain and confused a few moments earlier. He reached behind her for the zipper to her dress and finding it, slowly lowered it. In a moment the dress slipped off her and fell at her feet.

She continued to gaze at his face as she finished with his shirt buttons and pulled it off him. She smiled and gently pushed him back on her bed, then proceeded to remove his shoes and socks as she knelt before him. Robert was taking in her sleek beauty as she bent before him. Her black strapless bra and bikini panties were contrasted against her pale, flawless skin.

As she stood, he could see the prominent slope of her breasts and the perfect flare of her hips. She was by far the most beautiful woman her had ever been with. He was conscious of his now prominent erection, and as Eleanor reached for his belt he had a moment of hesitation before pressing himself to relax and enjoy the experience.

He placed his hands softly on her shoulders as she unzipped his pants and began to pull them down. He rose briefly to help her and then stepped out of them; standing before her in his boxer shorts. She stood, looking up at him silently and placed her hands on his massive shoulders and drew him to her.

His arms encircled her and he began to kiss her, at first gently, then more insistently. Her tongue probed him and he opened to permit their mutual exploration. His hands sought the clasp of her bra and after a moment of fumbling with his big fingers, it popped open and he slowly removed it to see her partly hidden splendor. She was blessed with those lovely, sloping, conical shaped breasts that were perfect in size and classic in form.

Eleanor stepped back for a moment to allow Robert to see all of her. Her breasts swayed easily with her movements and she could see in his eyes that he was fascinated with her naked form. She smiled at him and slid her thumbs into each side of the waistband of her panties and slowly, with undulating moves, began to push them down her hips until they too fell at her feet. She put her hands on her hips and looked at him with a questioning face.

"You approve?" she smiled.

"Yes ... more than you can know," he croaked. "You are so very beautiful. I keep wondering if this is real."

"Well, there's only one way to find out," she said in her soft, sexy voice. She stepped toward him and slipped her hands inside the waist of his boxers and slowly, without altering her gaze into his eyes, began to lower his final piece of clothing.

Still without looking, her hand softly clasped his now full erection and she felt him react to her touch. She ran her free hand over his broad chest and behind his head, pulling him into another passionate embrace. His arms once again wrapped around her and then, as if she were a feather, he lifted her and placed her on the bed before him.

He knelt beside the bed and began a slow and sensual exploration of her body; beginning with her shoulders, then to her breasts, and on down to her navel. She had closed her eyes as he had begun this oral voyage of discovery. She reacted with a quiet moan when he played with her nipples between his lips and stroked their erect tips with his tongue. Now that same tongue was circling her navel and dipping into it with little stabs, causing her to react once more.

Robert stopped for a moment and looked at Eleanor with a questioning expression.

"Do you want me to stop here?" he asked.

"If you mean, do I want you to stop working your way toward where I want you to be, the answer is definitely no."

He smiled and sliding his arms under her thighs, he turned her to a position across the bed with his head between her lovely long legs. He looked into her eyes once more and then moved toward her neatly trimmed sex. He began by stroking her outer labia with long, smooth draws of his tongue. He felt her hands on his head and he began to use his fingers to part those lips and allow him to seek her inner folds.

Almost involuntarily, her knees spread wider to invite him deeper into her and he responded. His tongue now sought out her clitoris, and she reacted with electric muscular jolts as he at first circled and then stroked the tiny nub. Robert took his time with these delights, waiting for Eleanor to guide him to her next desire. She was writhing slowly in her own ecstasy, her eyes remaining closed and her breathing becoming irregular.

Eleanor had been pushing his head into her sex for a few minutes until she suddenly stopped, her hands falling to her sides, pushing her herself upward as her hips rose and shuddered. Robert recognized her orgasmic release and was pleased that he had brought her to this climactic moment. As the erotic interlude passed, her hands once again moved to his head, this time gently pulling him up to her.

"I'm ready Robert. Please ... now," she pleaded quietly.

He moved slowly and deliberately as he rose over her, casting a shadow on her as he blocked the light from the lone lamp. He was conscious of her desire to have him now, yet still cautious that he was well endowed and needed to be careful as her entered her. He need not have worried.

Eleanor took him in her hand and pulled his fully engorged member toward her waiting, wet slit and virtually impaled herself on it by rising to reach him. She grasped his buttocks and pulled herself in one dramatic effort, gasping as he filled her tight, wet sheath. Robert sank into her almost all the way, taking care not to hurt her and spoil this incredible moment.

She began lunging at him with all her might; demanding his powerful stroke. He responded to that demand, at first slowly, and then more and more quickly and powerfully. Eleanor had become more vocal as she alternated with her eyes open and then closing. Her head moved from side to side almost in rhythm with his body as he entered her time and time again.

Robert had begun to change his rhythm and then, without leaving her, he rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. She lay on his chest for a few moments as he continued to move in her. Her eyes opened once again and she kissed him with all her passion and desire exposed.

She rose up on her hands and arms and began to ride him. Once again her eyes closed as she left for another place and another pleasure. Her head continued to loll from side to side. A silly grin formed on her mouth, belying the intensity of her emotions. She threw her head back and moaned a wordless cry as she passed through her second orgasm. Robert knew he would not be far behind.

In a few moments he began to breathe rapidly. His powerful stroke once again resumed, thrusting upwards into his new lover as he came. It was over. A feeling of complete fulfillment enveloped them both. They lay in each others arms, her body sprawled carelessly across his giant frame, his hands stroking her lovely ass.

They were quiet for quite a while until Eleanor stirred and raised her head to look at him. Her smile was all he needed to know that she had been pleased with him. He grinned back at her and his hand gently caressed her hair and face as they lay with her still on top of him.

"That was no country bumpkin performance, Mr. Thompson," she said quietly.

"I'm glad you liked it. There's plenty more where that came from."

"Oh, I hope so." She closed her eyes and laid her head down on his chest again and he wrapped his arms around her as she began to fall asleep. Robert couldn't imagine being any happier than he was at that moment.

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