Escaping From a Murderer
Chapter 1

"Ah cannae believe it," PC Iain Kennedy cried as he crossed the road. "Ah caught 'im and that bloody..." His voice trailed off as he checked the tax status of two battered vehicles parked opposite the police station, before turning right with his colleague and towards the big church that dominated the quaint Scottish town.

"Ah it's not right," his partner agreed. "Do-gooders, the lot of 'em. He needs locking up."

The two police constables nodded politely towards a young lady pushing her pram towards them and they returned to their conversation. "Aye, yer not wrong. Bloody solicitors. All this care in the community cobblers and now some dangerous nutter is out, 'cause of 'er messin'."

Iain's colleague asked to stop in the local convenience store for some biscuits. "We're out," he moaned, and Iain crossed the road to check another couple of tax discs, nearly colliding with a woman hurrying along the pavement.

"Yer," he cried as he dusted himself down. "Yer the one been getting Jacky off."

The young woman, complete with short brown hair and a pained expression, looked up to the Policeman and sighed. "He needed help," the young solicitor replied. "And now he's got it. And you know..."

"He needed locking up," Iain shouted and stood over the wiry girl. "E's been dealing pills and he's an alka-oll-ic. 'E hit me and..."

Margaret sighed. "The Prosecutor Fiscal agreed with me. T'eres too many young men in prison who need help. Locking them up doesn't help." She gave him a curt smile and nodded. "Now, if you don't mind I got things to be doing," she said firmly.

"'E'll be up to no good. 'E'll always be up to no good," Iain said firmly that was dismissed with a wave of Margaret's hand. "'E'll be on pills again."

Margaret turned and smiled. "You make out like he's a gangster. He's a kid. That's all. If you want gangsters then go to Glasgow or London." PC Kennedy snorted and straightened his jacket; he had nothing more to say to the woman.

"Dealing on me patch," the stocky London gangster shouted and held out an Iron bar, thumping it into the almost lifeless figure suspended upside down from the ceiling. The prostrate man cried into his gag, but the sound still echoed around the waterfront warehouse on the banks of the Thames.

The gangster walked away, nodding to a thin guy to remove the gag from their victim, while he pulled the hood from a figure kneeling down and crying. "You let her go," the upside-down man cried the moment his gag was removed. "This is between me and you, not her."

"Look at Daddy," Tony shouted at the teenage girl on the floor. "Some eighteenth birthday present." She sobbed into some cloth stuffed into her mouth and strained against her bonds but couldn't move. "I'll fuckin' ask again, what were you dealin' on me patch for?"

The dealer stared at his daughter. "I dain't know," he cried. "I was told to shift the Brighton over yer way."

The gangster pulled out a gun, and pointed it at him. "Who?" The girl behind him whimpered and cried into her gag. "I said 'oo sent ya?"

The dealer gulped. "'Arry," he cried. "'Arry told me. 'E say nothing 'bout you."

Tony shook his head. "Is 'e 'aving one?"

The dealer struggled with his bonds and cried out as the henchman punched him in the face. Blood, streaking down his cheek and across his eyelids, dripped onto the floor and Tony nodded towards the two men. They walked over to the side of the warehouse and the dealer's eyes widened as he stared into the eyes of the London mobster. "I dun know. I jus' did as I was told. I ain't into..."

There was a slight scraping sound and he spun on his rope to see a small table being dragged across the draughty warehouse. Tony smiled as he roughly pulled the blubbering girl to her feet and threw her across the waist-high wooden furniture.

She cried out as her body hit the hard surface and Tony watched the father as he pulled down the teenager's trousers and smiled at him. "My friends 'ere. They gonna give your bitch a seein' to. Remind scum like ya, fuck with me and I'll fuck ya."

"No! Leave her alone," he yelled and Tony reattached the gag to the man, before smashing the Iron bar into his kneecaps. The dealer yelled into the gag, just as the daughter did as she was roughly taken from behind by the first henchman.

"Watch it," Tony cried and turned the man around to watch his daughter be raped in front of him. "Watch her." He cackled as the young woman struggled with her binds and screamed into the gag. Tony laughed as the first henchman finished with her, and she begged to be allowed to go when the other gentleman, roughly impaled her.

She wailed, crying constantly, as she was brutally attacked. The dealer made muffled sounds and he took his gun, and aimed it at the daughter's head. He looked at the upside-down man, staring at him in the eyes as he laughed, pulling the trigger as his accomplice ejaculated inside of her.

The daughter's body fell lifeless and Tony cackled. The man screamed into the gag and Tony looked at him. "Ya did that," he told him. "Ya killed ya daughter when ya fucked with me." He gulped and muffled something into the gag but Tony pulled the gun up and fired it into the chest of the dealer. "Bury 'em," Tony shouted as he put the gun back in his holder and ripped two bracelets, a necklace and a two ear-rings – her eighteenth birthday present – from the dead girl before putting them in a little box.

He strode out of the warehouse to an expensive black saloon, and a waiting chauffeur. He lit a cigar in the back of the plush car as it meandered its way through the east London traffic and pulled up outside a large detached property.

The gangster got out of the vehicle, taking a small package with him, opened the door to his house and watched as his brown-haired teenage girlfriend embraced him and kissed him on the cheek. "Good day, babe?"

He grunted and passed her the gift. "All-right," he said coldly and she smiled at him as she saw the jewellery in the box.

"Thank you," she cried and put her arms back around him. "Guess ya want ya usual," she said with a grin. "Or the special?"

"Special," he grunted with barely a smile.

"For this," she said with a wink and holding up the box. "Anything. Later babes, or now?"

"Yeah," came the gruff response. "Now!"

The nineteen year-old mother gave him a coy smile and giggled. She put her hand out and took his wrist, walking backwards up the stairs and leading him into their double bedroom, staring at him in the eyes. She ran her hands over his shoulders in their bright red room and then unbuttoned his shirt, sliding her hands over his hairy chest.

The gangster pursed his lips and watched as his teenage lover moved her hands down her body and unbuckled his belt, looking up at his brown eyes staring down at her. She licked her lips and slowly unbuttoned his trousers, before allowing them to fall to the floor.

Annabel kissed his cock through his cotton underwear and he gave a groan; she was good at that and she felt his mass of pubic curls with her nose, peeking out around the sides of the blue garment. She put her hands in the waistband and yanked them down, allowing his cock to bob free and poke her in the nose.

She smiled as she did and reached into the drawer behind her taking out a pair of white silk stockings that she rolled up. She pushed him gently back on the bed and put the first one on his left foot.

His erection stiffened the moment the smooth silk came into contact with his skin and his lover gently rolled up the women's underwear to his thigh.

He bit his lip as she took the other stocking and repeated it, before rubbing her hands up his legs. She could see the dark hair underneath the legwear squashed up against the translucent fabric, but his legs felt smooth to the touch.

Annabel blew him a kiss, and undressed herself, taking her moistening knickers and draping them over her lover's face. He breathed in deeply, swearing at his lover indulging his perversions and she nibbled gently at his cock, sucking the tip gently and allowing her mouth to slide down the shaft.

He gave an audible grunt and she slid up and down his cock, gleefully taking his entire five inch length in her mouth and sucking as her lips came up the shaft.

He writhed underneath her experienced touch and squeezed the mattress with his fists as his legs quivered and she pressed against his balls. He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply through Annabel's discarded and dirty underwear before he gave a cry.

She detached her mouth from his manhood, used her hand to pump him vigorously and aimed his spewing cock onto his stomach. She watched his body tense, and his head shake with his mouth open and five strings of semen line his stomach.

She looked at him and smiled. "Love you," she whispered and he just put his head back and groaned into the underwear on his face.

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