Construction Seduction
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Son, Father, Uncle, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Flatulence, Voyeurism, Size, 2nd POV, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ashley McClain is a fifteen year old high school girl who, during the summer before her junior year, goes to work for her father's construction company. Though a virgin she sets her sights on Greg Sandler, McClain Construction's head supervisor. Throughout the summer Ashley teases Sandler who manages to stay clear of any kind of involvement with her. He doesn't realize what a persistent girl Ashley will turn out to be.

Jim McClain was a successful building contractor in Orange County California, having gone into his own contracting business when southern California was booming. Started with a couple of guys he was soon up to over fifty employees. Through the years homebuilding was up and down but McClain ran his business in such an efficient manner that he always kept his workforce between thirty to forty employees.

Greg Sandler was thirty two years old when he came to work for McClain. He had been happily married from the time he was twenty-two but there was one thing lacking—children. It had always been his intention to start a family within five years of their wedding. But Marcy had different plans. She was in a successful career, making more money than Greg and had no intention of giving it up for a family.

Greg, a foreman in the construction business, started spending more time drinking in bars with his buddies after work. Previously a faithful husband, he met a few women, had a few one-nighters, then had an affair that finally caused his divorce. After hitting rock-bottom he went to AA, got his life back together and came to work for Jim McClain. McClain, in an industry where drinking was an occupational hazard, had great respect for AA. He knew of Sandler's background, knew he had done a great job for his competitor and recognized that he had gotten his life back together. Also, he needed of a man with Sandler's level of expertise and effectiveness.

The thirty-two year old Sandler quickly saw why Jim's business ran so flawlessly. He cared about people. McClain and his wife Cindy included the whole company in monthly parties and barbecues. They had a great softball team as well. Morale was always high. While Greg was involved with a long-term, satisfying affair with his girlfriend Jessica, he was afraid to get married again, which she pressured him to do. Still, he was sad that he had not started a family.

Jim and Cindy's five year old daughter, Ashley, was the apple of everybody's eye. Though many McClain employees had young families, Ashley (Ash as her parents called her) seemed to be queen of the kids and the apple of everybody's eye—including Greg Sandler.

Of all the families with children in the company he envied Jim and Cindy the most. From the day he came to work with the company he had been completely taken by the five year old. Through the years as he had watched her grow he often fantasized what she would look like when she would grow up. She was a natural flirt but seemed to flirt with him more purposely than with others of the men in the company.

With blonde hair, blue/green eyes and a cute little body she seemed to use her attractiveness to get men's attention. Greg was thrilled that she singled him our more than the others and flirted back, sometimes to the point of desire, of which he always thought, she's the bosses daughter for Christ's sake. Otherwise it was just harmless fun.

By the time Ash was ten years old she had Greg, along with most men who knew her, wrapped around her little finger. She was a self-assured little girl who did quite well in school and was a superb athlete as well. Since Greg's marriage hadn't worked out and he hadn't had the children he had been hoping for Ashley McClain, at least in his mind, became his surrogate daughter. Her father and mother seemed pleased that Gregg liked Ashley and attended her soccer games. He didn't seem pushy or pervy about it. In their eyes he was just an outstanding employee and friend of the family.

But, as Ashley was pushing the age of thirteen Greg couldn't deny the fact that she was growing up. He would often stand on the edge of the soccer pitch and watch her little bubble butt jiggle as she ran in her soccer shorts. He couldn't help thinking about how her tiny nipples might be stimulated by the movement of her jersey, castigating himself by seething, "I should be thinking these thoughts."

He tried his best to look at her appropriately when she played, not stare at her like she was available meat. Her parents didn't notice anything in the way he looked at her—or, at least they didn't seem to. He felt sleazy one day though when he felt his cock getting hard while watching her game. Unbeknownst to him Ash's eyes were on him too when he wasn't watching. He never caught her staring at his crotch and didn't put together that her error on the field that day was caused by the fact that she saw the bulge in his tight Levis. Having just started having periods, her hormones were hard at work. That night she masturbated as she thought about that bulge in Greg's pants and what it could do to her.

Greg was a good looking, rugged kind of guy. He was 5'11" had strong arms and a very athletic body. To her he was like an uncle who, as she grew, became more of a physical attraction. Because of his presence in her family's life Ash was not only comfortable with him; she often found herself thinking about him and how what had caused that bulge might feel inside her. He was the only man in the company who treated like family.

The new excitement that was coursing throughout her body had to, in some way, either be quelled or enhanced. She had always been curious about herself and had explored her vagina with her fingers: touching it, spreading her lips, feeling the wetness of the delicate petals and pressing the curious node that began tingling as she caressed it. The growth of puffies on her chest, which seemed to be concurrent with the beginning of her period, tingled when her exploring fingers touched them. Sometimes the sensations were almost painful. Curiously, the pain often sent fingers downward to the node she had fondled. But always, when it reached her clitoris, the tingling was anything but painful.

Her mother had forewarned her of her approaching period and explained its purpose. She also told her that she would be experiencing sexual feelings. But she never covered that subject in depth for Ash; she seemed too uncomfortable.

Ash had seen her father naked before but only in accidental glimpses. She knew what a penis was and learned of its purpose. But what she saw between her father's legs was, though substantial, only limp and wrinkly. She had learned about erections and their purpose ... had thought about her father's becoming erect but didn't dwell up on it. Since the day she blew the shot thinking about the bulge in Greg's pants, and having masturbated on it that evening, her quest was to see it in its hard, naked glory. Having inside her pussy became her goal.

Though Greg watched and fantasized it was one of those things he thought of but knew—absolutely knew—he would never do, particularly with this girl. She was the daughter of his boss, a man who trusted him and put him in a position of importance. He had known her since she was five years old. True, Ashley McClain was an incredible flirt. But he had a girlfriend—or at least other grown women to take care of those needs.

It was Tuesday after Memorial Day when Ash came to work for her Dad for the summer. She was fifteen. Greg was forty-two. He was in the conference room going over plans with his job supervisor when Jim walked in with his daughter. Almost everybody who worked for the company knew the pert young teen. They had seen her growing up and always considered her cute. But that Monday, as all eyes went to the darling young girl with the bubble butt and tiny B cup breasts, they knew that it would be only a matter of time before a dazzling butterfly would be leaving the chrysalis.

As he looked at her Greg remembered the little girl who had given him a woody on the soccer field. He remembered the guilt he had felt. The look in her blue/green eyes made him shudder as he thought, Jesus Christ, could she have known what I was thinking? It was something he had always kept locked in his mind. He wondered if, all the times they had talked on the soccer field, or at Jim and Cindy's parties, her flirting meant more than he might have thought. God, if her father had any idea that I have been jacking off with his daughter's image in my mind I'd be toast.

He had no idea what she was thinking. He only knew she was looking at him with a smile demurely curled on her lips. Her crisp aquamarine eyes seemed to be boring into his mind as if she was warning, "Be careful you pervy old man."

To his distress his cock swelled, forming a definite bulge in the crotch of his Levis. Consciously he covered himself with his crossed hands, only to be shocked to near oblivion when Jim said, "Greg, I told Ash that you would be visiting a couple of the sites today. Would you mind taking her along?"

He looked at Ashley whose eyes had just risen from somewhere down below. Her perplexed look and the fact that her cheeks had tinged pink told him what she had noticed. In no way did he want to take her along. But his boss was calling the shots. "What do you think Ashley (he purposely used her full name)?" She gave a fifteen year old teenager smile along with a why did you call me that look. Greg took a blue file folder from the planning table and said, "Well young lady, let's hit it."

For the first few minutes in the truck the silence was uncomfortable. Finally Greg asked, "So Ashley (still purposely using her full name), are you looking forward to spending your summer with old men?"

"For starters," she answered, "I'm just happy to have a job. I'm looking forward to having a little money of my own." Confidently looking over at Greg she said, "And, as for old men ... like you ... do you think that I am particularly impressed with geeky, acne covered boys who just want to feel my tits?"

Remembering his pre-teen and early teenage years he thought, she's got a point there. At the same time he was taken aback at how forthright she was, feeling just a bit more than intimidated by the fifteen year old girl who would talked this way to an adult. He wondered if she talked to her parents this way. Regardless, she was different than any teenaged girl he had ever talked with before.

After another uncomfortable silence Ash asked, "How come you didn't bring Jess to the Memorial Day party?" Greg had been going with her for almost seven years, always bringing her to the company parties. She had been pressuring him to get married and he stopped going with her.

"We are not going together anymore Ash." (He forgot the enforcement of the full name maneuver). Actually he missed Jessica, particularly missed the sex with her, which was fantastic.

"I liked her," Ash said, "she was nice." In a way she was kind of in love with Jessica herself. Bi-sex hadn't yet entered her mind but she thought Jess was beautiful ... had a great ass and good sized, perky boobs—the kind she would like to have. "She treated me more like an adult than most of the guys' wives and girlfriends." She hesitated for about a half mile, finally saying, "Do you miss going to bed with her?"

Christ, Greg thought, I just can't have a conversation like this with a fifteen year old. He didn't answer. Another quarter of a mile went by before she persisted, "Well... ?"

"It's really none of your business Ashley. What would your Dad and Mom think of you asking me such questions?"

She giggled. "Come on Greg, I've heard them talking about you and Jess more than once."

Yeah, he thought, Jim would probably like to get into her pants himself. He wondered what she would say if he said that to her about her father. Then he backed her off more than he intended by saying, "Goddamnit Ash, there's no way I'm going to get into a conversation like this with you!"

They were just pulling into the job site when she said it. Knowing that she had gotten under his skin she hoped it would get him thinking about being in bed with her. Clearing her throat to stifle a giggle she said, "Touché..."

He watched her get out of the truck and walk petulantly to the storage container that acted as a tool shed and office. His weren't the only eyes on the site that stared at the way the young girl's bubble-butt was so nicely formed in those tight Levis. No panty lines, he thought. She must be wearing a thong.

He had no idea that she was displaying herself. But when she turned toward him and the others before entering the shed it was clear by how the seam of her jeans pulled into the crack of her pussy, showing off the contours of her lips, that she wanted the men to notice. It was also clear by the way her nipples prominently showed their tiny points in her red McClain Construction tee shirt that she was wearing no bra. Jesus, Greg thought, that little bitch can get herself and one of these horny studs in a heap of trouble.

That night two people had their hands between their legs, thinking of each other. Greg stroked his cock. I gotta keep away from her; fucking that little cunt could cost me my job, not to mention putting me in jail. As Ashley plied her tight vagina with two fingers she thought, I wonder what Greg's cock is going to feel like inside me.

For the rest of the summer Greg Sandler did everything in his power to keep away from Ashley McClain. When he did see her in the office he always noticed her luscious young ass holstered in those tight Levis, and the crotch of those jeans highlighting the shape of her pussy. More than once he thought what that seam would smell like. Every morning when he woke up with morning wood he shot his load imagining his cock plying that fifteen year old cunt.

It was early in October on a Friday afternoon when Ash came home from school. There was a note on the table from her mom: Ash: We decided to leave early for Palm Springs to get a jump on the traffic. We will be home Sunday afternoon. Your Dad has an important meeting with his lawyer at 6:00 Sunday evening. He asked Greg to bring some papers by on his way home from work. Jim needs the paperwork to go over with the lawyer on Sunday. Take care, and don't forget to go to mass on Sunday. Love Mom.

"How convenient," Ashley said with giggle. "Greg avoided me all summer and now he is coming to the house. And Mom and Dad are safely out of the picture."

It was approaching 4:00pm. Ash, dressed in her school uniform, a white blouse and dark plaid pleated skirt, tennis shoes and white socks. There were two things she needed to take care of before Greg got there, to remove her panties and wash her pussy. As she was cleaning herself with the warm soapy washcloth she heard the sound of the truck brakes squealing. She heard its door being slammed shut. As she dried between her legs with a soft towel her pulse quickened as she waited for him to knock on the door. Just after he had knocked twice she was there to open it.

Greg ogled her from head to toe then looked into her clear blue/green eyes. He smiled and said, "Hi Ash. Is your Dad home?"

Her eyes were looking beyond his when she answered, "My parents left for palm springs early to beat the traffic."

The look on his face was priceless. Ash literally saw him roll his eyeballs and swallow the lump in his throat. Neither had any idea that the other had been masturbating to people by the name of Ash and Greg. He was holding the file for her to take but she ignored it. "Why don't you come in Greg. "Would you like a coke?" Shit, she thought. " ... a beer?"

"Well," he said scratching his stubbly beard, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a beer." He followed her into the kitchen, not asking to take a seat at the kitchen table. She went to the refrigerator and took out two beers. Opening them she sat one in front of Greg and one on the table for her.

"I didn't think your parents would let you drink beer."

"They don't treat me like the child you think I am Greg." She let the barb sink in. "But I'm not a lush."

He thought what a smart-ass she is. At the same time he knew her sassiness was one of the things that attracted him to her. He had been on a dry spell female-wise. He and Jessica had tried to get back together over the summer but that didn't work. He hadn't gotten laid for over two months and was hornier than hell. The aspect of plugging the young teen had never left his mind. But he was still concerned about her parents finding out and losing his job over it. And he still knew she was underage ... knew what that could mean. But his rigid cock quickly warped his mind. Thinking how she dressed at work, obviously not wearing panties he wondered, is she wearing panties now?

Holding up his bottle of beer he said, "Here's to a new experience."

Well, she thought, he's finally come around.

Greg took a swig of his beer. "So Ash, are you still a virgin?"

She thought of all the times her fingers had been in her cunt, wondering what a hard cock would feel like in there. She was amazed at how it now seemed to be toying with her juices and wondered if a wet mark was showing on her dress. Taking a swig of beer she said, "Yes I am." She was proud of it. "Am I wrong in thinking that I won't be one after today?"

Greg got up from the table, reached out his hand to the young girl and said, "Ok you little tart, let's see if you are anything more than a cock-tease."

Finally she thought, thrilled by his attitude. Extending her hand she let him take hers and rose to his lead. He did it like dance move, pulling her into his arms then into an embrace. Smooth, she thought. Ash had been kissed before but it was always awkward. He did it in one motion: pulling her to his body and kissing her, his soft, warm lips melting into hers, opening slightly, suggesting that she open hers as well—like she had done so many times while kissing her pillow.

When she felt his tongue in her mouth her knees let go. Greg's arms tightened to hold her up. Breaking the kiss his eyes locked hers and his nose touched the tip of hers as he said, "I guess kissing a man is a little different than kissing boys."

Ash wasn't there to argue or compare. She was there for the illicit adventure, the fulfillment of her quest, the confirmation of her womanhood. Like a ravenous beast she gobbled his mouth, accepting his tongue as her breath whistled through her nostrils ... unable to keep her saliva from dripping down her chin.

It was a natural, almost unconscious act when she opened her legs to the invasion of his hand. And as he touched her pussy she couldn't control the kitten-like whine. How many times had she touched her pussy? It was always good. But she never understood how much greater the stimulation would be from a hand not attached to her own body. As his fingers caressed her puffy labia, parted them and skated in her wet, pink groove, it was almost like her legs had left her. She was aware that her body was being held up, a shuddering moaning mass of her presence.

It had been years since Greg had been with a female this new to sex. The feeling of guilt was mollified when his finger confirmed that Ash was wearing no panties. Jesus, she was waiting for me! As his fingers toyed with Ash's tender young vulva, the way she had come to an immediate orgasm completely surprised, it was all he could do to keep from coming in his pants. He clamped the cheeks of his ass tight to keep his damn from bursting.

She had brought herself to orgasm before, but never so quickly nor with such force. Her mind told her to savor it but her body clamored for more—and more was just behind. Greg's hands were large, those of a hardworking man. As his finger eased into the sponge of her pussy it felt—she couldn't explain the feeling—it bigger. It felt better. God I had no idea it would feel so much better than my own. As he fucked her with it he hooked his fingertip against the front of her vaginal tunnel and touched a spot she never even realized was there. He pressed and she felt a tiny gush of moistness, almost like pee. Her body went into another spasm and she wasn't even aware the noise she was making.

As Ash shrieked her pleasure Greg realized that she hadn't been bullshitting him when had told him in the truck that she was still a virgin. She must have broken her cherry herself but she'd definitely never done this, nor has been fucked. The joy of deflowering a teenager in such a passionate way made him celebrate his manhood as if it had been gifted him by God himself. The feeling of his finger sliding in this delicious young thing's tight nest was something he couldn't put into words. He hadn't expected two orgasms in such a short period of time. And he could only guess at her reaction would be when he touched her clit.

It came with a series of moans that built to paeans of praise, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!" She couldn't even count the number times she had played with her clitoris, never since she learned how to do it had it not made her cum this way. But this was the continuation of such an astonishing series of revelations, each one building to a higher level. When he first touched her node it was like an electric shock. And as he caressed it, tingling tendrils went all the way to her toes. Then, as he rubbed it, all of the sensations merged into a feeling so overwhelming that she felt like she had been thrown from a high cliff and was falling into a bottomless abyss.

She didn't even know how she got to her bed. But she was laying there completely naked. Her body was sprawled halfway across the bed, her butt was on the edge of the mattress, and her arms seemed to be positioned like someone making a snow angel in the upright swing. She was aware of her awestruck moans and of her head that was waggling gently back and forth.

The feelings between her legs were heavenly. They were sensations she could not even have imagined. They were soft and warm and tingly. She seemed to be agreeing with something saying, "Yes, yes, yes." Lifting her head she peered down her body, her breasts flattened like eggs-over-easy. She could see Greg's head, his brown hair slightly receding. But she could only feel his warm, stubbly cheeks against her inner thighs. It's his tongue. Jesus, it's his tongue!

Then something nasty happened; Greg grasped her ankles and lifted her legs. As her crotch was raised at an angle she felt his tongue slide down, off her pussy and over her taint then on my asshole! But how can something so nasty feel so good? Soon there were both paeans of praise and words of agreement "Oh God, Oh God, yes, yes, yes!" Once again, as if she were being electrocuted, her body vibrated in a snaky spasm.

Her quest was being fulfilled: another tongue had entered her mouth, another human being's fingers were fucking her pussy and caressing her clitoris—and her pussy was being eaten out for the first time. Greg licking her butthole was a nasty surprise that she would have thought disgusting, but loved. Now she wanted to see his cock and feel it thrusting inside her.

Greg stood up beside the bed. He still on had his red McClain Construction T-shirt, his Levis and his construction boots still on. He sat down on the bed, bent over and took his boots off, then his socks. Standing up he peeled off his t-shirt.

God she thought, he's forty-two and still has six pack abs. He undid his heavy belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his fly then peeled off his jeans. He was standing over her in his tightie-whities. Her eyes went to the bulge that his straining cock made in his underpants. It seemed huge. When he took his BVDs down the head of his erect penis caught in the waistband and snapped back against his belly.

When Greg's cock slapped his belly Ash couldn't believe the size of that monster. It was at least seven inches long and thick. She sat up on the edge of the bed to get a better look at what protruded menacingly from between his legs. Fingers are one thing, maybe two. But how can that huge thing get inside me? She couldn't keep from reaching out and grabbing it. It felt so thick and warm. She pointed the head at her eyes, studying the slit in the end of his pinkish-lavender colored helmet. That's what it looks like, some kind of medieval helmet.

"Stroke it Ash," came Greg's gentle command.

She looked up into his hungry eyes then back at his cock, moving the loose outer skin back and of forth on his shaft. It was cool the way the skin moved on the hard, muscled surface of his pulsing organ. As she stroked she noticed the crystal clear ooze that formed in the slit in its head. "Put it in your mouth Ash. Suck me."

Giving him a look of revulsion she thought about a couple girls at school talking about giving head or sucking cock. It was something that in no way appealed to her. He gave her a moderate sneer and said, "I've never made love to a woman who hasn't sucked my cock Ash. I've eaten your pussy and expect you to do the same for me."

She looked at him again, wanting to refuse. But when he said, "Even your mom sucks your dad's cock," she closed her eyes and tentatively tightened her lips around his shaft.

His head felt huge in her mouth. "Lick the underside of my head sweetie." When she did as he said, he moaned and began fucking her mouth in shallow thrusts. She gagged when his head touched the back of his throat. Adjusting his stroke to a shallower penetration he kept thrusting. "Ouch," he said, "keep your teeth off my cock Ash, it's a sensitive thing."

He hoped she might have sucked cock before but it was apparent that, not only was this a new experience, it was one she didn't care for at all. Since he didn't have a condom on him he figured he would cum in her mouth and call it a day. But Ash took her mouth off his cock and asked, "Are you ever going to fuck me Greg?"

Shit, he thought, then said, "I don't have a condom Ash, maybe your dad has one."

"No," she answered, "I've been all through his drawers and medicine cabinet. He must not use them." She smiled. "But I just came off my period two days ago so you have nothing to worry about."

"How can you be so sure?"

She laughed. "First I'm Catholic. And second, I'm not stupid. So, are you going to fuck me Greg?" And she thought I'm lucky I just had my period.

He positioned her so her ass was on the edge of the bed again. After lifting it and placing a pillow under her he grasped Ash's ankles, lifted her legs and let them break over his shoulders. Holding his cock in his right hand he opened the large lips of Ash's cunt. He slid his head in her wet groove, getting it lubricated with her sexual nectar. Eyeing the girl's face he nearly laughed out loud at the pensive look that covered it. But the fact that he would be sticking the first cock inside this delicious teen filled him with the thrill of anticipation. He couldn't remember ever being the first one.

He found the entrance of her vagina with the end of his cock and, not wanting to hurt her, gently pressed it in the opening. As he felt his tapered head wedging open the tight orifice Greg looked into eyes that had opened saucer-wide. Her lips formed a small, contemplative oval. When his head popped past the taut ring of her pussy she gasped, "Ohh!" Then, as he pushed his seven inch shaft inside her, "Oooh!"

For Ashley there were no words to describe what she was feeling. Both surprised and thrilled by the movement of Greg's massive cock inside her pussy, she was just glad that she hadn't waited any longer. She had considered giving it up to an older boy or even one her age and didn't even have an idea how disappointing that would have been. All she knew was that Greg's engorged organ was treating her insides to the most fantastic massage she could ever have imagined. It was as if fireworks were going off in her brain.

Greg was being driven wild by the grip of the tightest cunt he could remember fucking. Though tight, Ash's was extremely wet and slippery. While most women he had been with had made their pussies tight by flexing their muscles Ash's was a natural grip. He was also a bit surprised that he was able to go so long, having to stop a couple times just to rest his tired abs. He thought he would cum within a couple minutes. But getting through the initial excitement with a couple of extreme butt crunches, it seemed like he could go all night.

He started out in the missionary position then laid Ash on her side and fucked her that way in the fetal position. Finally he had her on her knees with her head down, resting on her arms, fucking her doggie. With each thrust his abs were slapping Ash's ass. He got her off a couple times this way by rubbing her clit hard as he was slamming her.

They had been going at it for a solid half hour. Finally he was getting so exhausted that he had to cum soon. Ashley was yelping, "Yes, yes, yes!" and grunting and snorting, gasping "phew, phew," her head waggling wildly.

"Oh baby," he said, "I have to cum." He took hold of both of her hips and started slamming her, making noises like, "Unh, unh, ung." With one final slam he howled "Holy shit," stopped while he pumped a load of cum in Ashley's well fucked cunt. He pumped two more times and shot again, then once more, shooting the last stream before clutching out two more mini-spurts. Falling on top of Ashley's body he forced her to flatten on the bed.

As far as Ash was concerned he could have fucked her all night. But she was tired too and she was eager to feel him cum inside her. When he shot his first load she couldn't feel it. But she could feel how much slipperier his cock moved, sliding through his jizz. When he fell on top of her she hit the mattress with an, "oomph."

As she lay there she could feel his cock begin to deflate, finally slipping out like a wrinkled worm. To her mortification, when his cock came out she let out a long slurpy pussy fart. Embarrassed she said "excuse me" then giggled.

Greg laughed and said, "don't worry about it Ash, it's just a pussy fart ... happens all the time when you fuck doggie. She giggled to herself and thought well at least that something, I guess.

Greg got up and started getting dress. Ashley would have loved to have him stay and cuddle but understood that he wouldn't stay. Besides there were thoughts that a neighbor my notice. I'm not going to worry about that though.

There was no long goodbye. Greg was dressed in a couple of minutes. As he was walking out of the room he said, "Don't forget to give your Dad the file."

Ash lay on the bed caressing her tummy. Being a woman is great she thought. I wonder how I can make it happen with him again. She heard the truck door slam and the engine start. As the truck pulled away she thought, God, I love to fuck. How can I get him to do it again?

As Greg pulled away he said to himself, "You stupid son of a bitch. She's Jim's daughter. What if he finds out? What if she gets pregnant? Jesus, this is just never going to happen again...

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