Mommy Wanted a Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, gi, Mult, Pedophilia, Blackmail, TransGender, Fiction, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, School, Prostitution,

Desc: Pedo Sex Story: Chapter 1 - So my name is jasmine but a long time ago it use to be jack ever since I was born after my mum brought me back from the hospital I’ve been dressed as a girl and referred to as a girl. I was a only child but my mum never wanted a boy she wanted a little girl so this is my story about going to a all girl school and the things you do to be popular. hope you enjoy

So my name is Sarah but a long time ago it use to be Sean. Ever since I was born after my mum brought me back from the hospital I've been dressed as a girl and referred to as a girl I was a only child but my mum never wanted a boy she wanted a little girl so this is my story in my words.

I recently found out I use to be a boy from my mum just before she passed away, but all my life I have been a girl all my pictures from when I was a baby was me in frilly dresses and frilly pants, but my mum told me the whole story how from the age of eight she fed me hormone tablets and by the age of fourteen we flew to America so I could have gender reassignment surgery and when I got back home I would be going to school with all the other girls I was excited because I had been home taught until then.

I remember my first day getting dressed in my white shirt, plaid skirt over the knee socks and some pretty black shoes. I had tiny little breast that was only just visible from the side, but my mum packed me off to school (which was five minutes walk from our house.) All the girls at the school were amazing; big boobs sun shining off their skin, and then me so plain and my tiny boobs. I felt scared as one of the older girls approached me and said "hi tiny you new in this area I haven't seen you before what's your name?" I said "no I am not new to the area my mum use to home teach me before, and my names Sarah, what's yours?"

"Oh posh girl are you? My name is Chloe I am the top girl at this school stick with me and do what I do then you will be just fine." So here I was with this girl who was covered in make up her skirt so short it was more like a belt and her top so tight it looked like her boobs would pop out at any point. She looked at me smiled and said "with a little work I will make you popular just like me meet me at break in the toilets ok? I am going to Chloefy you." "okay." I replied.

I went threw the morning plain as the day I was when I was born. Then break time came I went to the toilets where Chloe and a bunch of other girls was sat smoking cigarettes. Then Chloe said "here's my little prodigy, my mini me." She grabbed me and her bag and dragged me in to a cubicle and started applying make up to my face like; lip stick, eye shadow, mascara, and loads of other make up. Then she looks at my skirt and said "that is way to long, lets hitch it up." She pulled up my skirt to the point if I bent over you would see my underwear.

We came out of the cubicle to where all the other girls was sat still smoking and Chloe said "now that looks better doesn't it." I looked in to the mirror and I nodded in agreement. Then she said "just two more things if you want to be part of our gang 1st you can start by smoking its cool and sexy and 2nd you need to fuck a guy preferably a teacher we have all done it so you should too."

So Chloe handed me a cigarette and lit it and I puffed away, all the girls smiled and then one said "now all you have to do is get one of these teachers to fuck you and looking like that shouldn't be hard." Then the bell went so I to my next class as I walked off Chloe said "see you at dinner time honey." All I could think of was having sex I've never even kissed a guy and now I had to fuck one."

I got to my next class all the other girls looked at me in amazement or horror I wasn't sure. As I walked to my seat the teacher (Mr. Smith.) said "you're late, looks like you've got a detention after school be here at 3 0' clock." I couldn't believe it but as I looked at Mr. Smith I could see him looking at me, undressing me with his eyes. The whole lesson I sat there with him watching me then he came over and leaned right against me and whispered "make sure you're here at 3 0' clock." Finally the bell went i got up and rushed to my other lesson to avoid another detention.

The lessons went quickly till at last it was dinner time I went to the toilets where Chloe was and told her about Mr. Smith. She smiled and said "wow you're a fast worker when you get a detention here it means your going to get fucked." I was nervous but also excited about it...

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