Immortality Truly Exists
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Polygamy/Polyamory, First,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Discovering how to live forever. I'll not spoil this story by spelling everything out in the tags. If you aren't comfortable with twists and turns, don't read this, but it contains only consensual adult love.

"Well, how does it feel to be 51, Tommy?" joked Lynn. "Though I know I'm close to that decade, I still can't picture myself being in it."

"I guess I'm just a decrepit, over the hill guy," he dejectedly stated.

"Tom, if you can keep up with the two of us, you'll never get old," said Angie, with a smile.

"Actually, Tommy, with Aenea away at college, you're aging twice as fast, for she celebrated your birthday last month, during her break, and now we're celebrating all over again," laughed Lynn.

"Can you picture me being old and bedridden?" asked Tom.

"Oh, boy!! Confining you to bed sounds like fun," added Lynn.

Tom's birthday celebration was one pun after another, yet he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He sat between Angie and Lynn on a padded bench seat, in a secluded, dimly lit section of the restaurant. He loved being surrounded by their warmth and humor. He knew he was the luckiest guy in the world. He had two beautiful, loving wives and a daughter who kept surprising him with new advances that made him the proudest daddy ever.

"I can't imagine being happier," beamed Tom.

Leaning in to his ear, Angie said, "Then we'd better not tell you we forgot our panties at home." Heat rapidly grew within him, as Angie and Lynn each took one of his hands and guided them to their warm moistness.

"I must have died and gone to heaven," said Tom, as he savored his wives' desire. "You're just too good for me."

While thoroughly enjoying herself, Angie said, "Tom, you'd better take a break, or the food scent in this restaurant will quickly be replaced. How about us stroking your ego, and you can give our pussies a rain check?" With a sad look on his face, Tom withdrew his hands, settling for holding them under his nose and licking his fingers.

"Tommy," said Lynn, "unfortunately we don't have the capability to offer you more than a taste of what you give us. You hold our family together, protect us, teach us, nurture us, love us and believe in us. The mold was broken after you were born. On occasion, Aenea shares her frustration that guys just don't measure up to her ideal ... you. Guys all see her as an amazing prize, which you have made sure she is, and are devastated when she won't settle for them. We three women are who we are as a result of you. You have given us so much: the confidence to believe in ourselves, a significantly broader perspective of everything around us and unimaginable love that constantly fills us with energy that makes us better than we could have ever been without you."

"Tom," Angie added, "there are no words to describe what you mean to us and how you've impacted our lives. The love we share with you is only available to share because you planted your seeds of love deep within us and have continued to care for and nurture those little seedlings. We merely feed you the crops we've harvested from your plants. We are your offspring, for without you we would never have become the women we are today. We owe you our lives, our everything. Unfortunately, all we have to give you in return is our love."

"By nourishing me with your love, I'll live forever," said Tom. "I may have opened doors, but it was the three of you, as individuals, who stepped through and fulfilled your amazing accomplishments. I am so proud of the women in my life. The love you share with me is so wonderful, yet I fear I am being greedy and taking more than my fair share. I'm insatiable, but, luckily, your love is limitless. Thank you for helping me celebrate another year in my life, and, even more so, thank you for being my life. You are too delicious, though I love how you spoil my taste buds. I love you both, more than you'll ever know."

"Well, Tom, I hope your birthday meal hasn't filled you up too much, as it's time we go home and nourish you with a double dessert. It's just too bad you only have one mouth, as you have two sets of upper and lower lips, along with 4 eager boobies, waiting to feed you our special elixir."

"Then what are we waiting for? I have no desire to rush anything, and there are only seven hours left to celebrate this birthday of mine. Every lip, every booby and every other part of your deliciously beautiful bodies will be savored with pleasure. Home, my goddesses."

As they walked out of the restaurant, Tom stumbled. "I guess I'm becoming a klutz in my old age," he laughed.

"Let's help this decrepit old man to the car," Angie said laughingly to Lynn. Arm in arm, they walked to the car. As he reached the car, he stumbled again.

"I guess I'm drunk," he said, "even without tasting a drop of alcohol. I must be intoxicated by these two lovely young women."

"OK, old man. We'll chauffeur you home and then take you for a ride," Lynn said. They put him in the middle of the front seat, sandwiched between Lynn, in the driver's seat, and Angie.

"Can I play on the way home?" Tom pleaded.

"As long as you don't get too carried away with Lynn. Remember, she is driving," agreed Angie. Tom quickly returned his hands to the familiarity of the moist warmth between their legs.

"Horny old man, here," Lynn laughed.

"No more than us," Angie laughed in response.

Once at home, Angie and Lynn led Tom to their bedroom. Barely were they through the door, when they began sensually stripping the clothes from his body. In a seductive voice, Lynn said, "Tommy, tonight is your night. We don't want you to do anything but lie back and receive your deserved pampering."

In the center of the bed was a narrow 10" high air mattress. "What's this for," he asked, in confusion, as his wives helped him to lie on it.

"You'll see," responded Angie. Each woman proceeded to get her nightgown Tom enjoyed the most and draped them over Tom's nude body, caressing his body, through the material, till the coolness of the material disappeared and was replaced by his body heat. "Time for your birthday show, Tom." They each planted a little kiss on Tom, and then Lynn moved to Angie's side of the bed.

Pressing a button on the stereo started sensual music playing, and then Lynn and Angie started to dance. Smiles filled the room. As they danced, Lynn moved behind Angie and wrapped her arms around her. Slowly, she unbuttoned Angie's blouse, till Tom had a clear view of her skin from her waist to forehead. Taking the material in her hands, Lynn slowly drew her hands apart, as Angie stuck out her chest. Eventually, her nipples were revealed, triggering Lynn to strip Angie's top from her body in one quick motion. Angie continued to turn and dance for Tom.

When the music transitioned to a new song, Angie stood swaying as she faced Lynn. "Your turn, my love," she said, as she slowly unbuttoned Lynn's blouse. She opened the blouse and said, "Tom, look how these luscious globes are heaving in desire for you." She removed Lynn's blouse and then lovingly displayed Lynn to Tom. "Considering how little education I've received in this area, I'm getting quite adept at these restrictive contraptions." With a snap of her thumb and middle finger, the clingy bra lost its snug hold on Lynn's breasts. Sliding the shoulder straps forward freed her breasts from confinement. Lynn twisted her body, allowing Tom to watch her breasts sway from side to side. She then cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples, with an erotic gleam in her eyes.

"OK, Tommy, you get a little taste, during our show's intermission. Which would you prefer, Angie's firm, taut boobies, or my saggy globes?"

"Decisions, decisions, what a buffet!! Most buffets allow sampling. How about samples to help me decide?"

Angie and Lynn smiled at each other. After Lynn returned to the other side of the bed, both women mounted the bed and offered their breasts to their salivating husband. Tom embraced both women, at once, and went from breast to breast to breast to breast. Realizing the tables were being turned, and they were losing control, Angie pulled away and said, "No, Tom."

As Lynn sat up, Tom said, "Are you really going to deny this addict his needed fix?"

Both Lynn and Angie were panting from the stimulation. They held hands, looked in each other's eyes and then straight at Tom. In unison, they nodded their heads down, while emphatically saying, "Yes."

"How unfair; the withdrawal pain is agonizing!!" Tom melodramatically continued.

"Oh, poor Tommy," Lynn said, as she petted his hand. Whispering to him, she said, "I'll tell you what, close your eyes and open your mouth, and I'll help you out." Eagerly, he complied, whereupon Lynn quickly inserted Tom's thumb into his waiting mouth.

"Cruel, how cruel," he cried.

"There, there," Lynn said. "Let's make your booboo go away." As she caressed his face, she looked back at Angie and nodded to the shaft sticking out proudly from his gown-draped body. Leaning down, she began to passionately kiss him. Simultaneously, Angie's mouth enveloped Tom's swollen penis.

"Mmmmmmmm" was all that could come out, as his eyes popped wide open. Angie continued her ministrations, but Lynn backed off.

Lynn said, "You're a very handsome, manly man" and then gave him a little kiss on his cheek. "You're caring and sensitive" and then kissed him on his forehead. "You're a wonderful teacher" and then kissed him on his other cheek. "You're a terrific father" and then kissed him on his chin. "You're a one-of-a-kind husband" and then kissed him on his nose. "You're a magnificent lover" and then ran her tongue over his lips before placing a gentle, sensual kiss on his lips. While this progressed, Angie took care to keep Tom at the level she knew would drive him mad, without approaching his point of inevitability. Continuing, Lynn got to "And you have two very grateful wives who adore you," which was Angie's pre-determined cue to switch places with Lynn. Lynn waited, but Angie didn't change places. She gave Angie a dirty look.

"Awww, I'm having so much fun," Angie pouted. Lynn grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Now, they traded places. Lynn's warm mouth received Tom's throbbing penis, while Angie locked lips with Tom. Angie then began her verbal strokes. "You have made me believe I truly am all woman" and then gave him a tender kiss. "You filled my soul when you welcomed my best friend into our marriage" and then kissed him again. "You are the best daddy, ever," and then planted another kiss. "You've opened our eyes to see beauty we never knew surrounded us," and then kissed him again.

Tom was having a hard time staying focused on both the upper and lower declarations of love. All of a sudden, Angie said, "OK, that's it. How did you like your birthday show?"

"What!!! Are you two going to take me to the edge and leave me hanging?"

"Angie," Lynn admonished, "we did promise him a double dessert. Do you think he can handle a second act?" Tom's smile stretched from ear to ear, upon hearing this. "OK, Tommy, we're probably a little too old for this, but Angie came up with an idea, and I was game to try it. We practiced, but we're not giving any guaranty it will work. If it doesn't, you'll at least get a good laugh."

With that, Angie and Lynn both dropped their skirts to the ground and climbed up on the bed. After slowly turning to display themselves, they stood with their backs facing each other and their feet touching the edge of the air mattress. Slowly, they reached back, till they were able to lock their arms at their elbows. Leaning back, they touched heads, then shoulders and finally backs. They were in a sitting position, with legs pointing in opposite directions, supported only by their feet on the bed, their backs on each other and their elbows connected, with nothing to sit on. They slowly moved forward and backward, like a double chair glider. In time, they started to move up and down, as they glided, similar to a merry-go-round. All of a sudden, Angie said "Eeny," and both women dropped, catching Tom off guard, as his penis filled Angie's love tunnel. Up they came, while watching the shocked look on Tom's face.

They returned to their gliding, till Lynn said, "Meeny," and both dropped again, this time resulting in Lynn being impaled to the hilt. Up they went; surprised this was actually working. They continued through Miney, Moe, Catch, A and Piggy, but this was too much for Tom to handle. When Angie dropped and impaled herself with Piggy, he put out his hands and held his wives in place, filling Angie with his hot load.

"I won," shrieked Angie.

After Tom stopped pulsating, Angie and Lynn dismounted. "No you didn't," said Lynn, as she dove to get her mouth on Tom's softening penis, slathered with their co-mingled juices. "Mmmmm, sweet," she murmured.

"My girls never cease to amaze me," Tom said, still breathing hard. After removing the air mattress and replacing Tom in the middle of the bed, the three snuggled together. Just before dozing off, Tom whispered, "I love you two." Angie and Lynn just smiled, still shocked, themselves, at their ability to carry out their plan.

The next morning, Tom felt satiated; as he lay in bed listening to Lynn brush her teeth and Angie peeing, in the attached bathroom. He decided it was probably time for him to arise, also. "Houston, we have a problem," said Tom, softly.

Laughing, with her mouth still filled with foam, Lynn said, "Did you get launched into space, last night?"

"Pretty much so," replied Tom. "I don't think it would have been possible to get any higher, but, unfortunately, that isn't the problem."

"What's up?" questioned Angie.

"There's something wrong with my legs."

"Too much exercise?" joked Lynn, again.

"No," Tom firmly and flatly stated.

"You're serious," said Angie, with concern.

"My legs don't seem to be working," said Tom.

"Let me take a look," added Angie. "Do you feel any pain or any other sensation?"

"Nope, I feel totally normal, except my muscles don't seem to be working," revealed Tom.

After inspecting Tom, Angie told Lynn, "He's not putting us on. Call Dr. Newmeyer." As Tom's primary care physician, Dr. Newmeyer had to authorize his seeing a specialist, and Angie could tell a specialist would be needed. Once Lynn got the doctor on the phone, Angie got on the line and shared her observations. Dr. Newmeyer confirmed the need for a specialist so told Angie he would arrange for Dr. West to see Tom, immediately. Dr. Newmeyer told them to take him to the hospital, as soon as possible.

Tom found his muscles occasionally started working a bit, but there was no significant improvement. Lynn and Angie got him ready and then drove him to the hospital. Dr. West was waiting for him and gave him an exam, followed by a battery of testing. At 1pm, after the tests had been run, they were told additional testing was needed, so he continued to go through tests until 4pm. After the last test was evaluated, Dr. West called the three of them into his office. "After the first set of tests, I had a hunch, but needed the extra tests for confirmation, as this is very rare," said Dr. West. "Unfortunately, the results aren't good. Tom, you have what is called Ziberonski's Syndrome. There have only been 10 documented cases, ever. Because of the few cases, and the inconsistency among the patients, I can't give you any timelines. All 10 patients have been middle-aged men, but there were no other commonalities. This syndrome seems to attack muscles, by some unknown means, and no cure is known. There is no pain associated with this syndrome, but your muscles will gradually stop functioning. Progression has been different for each individual, ranging from 2 weeks to 2 years, and no treatment has had any impact on that progression. It starts with the extremities, but eventually attacks the heart muscle, making it terminal."

"No!!!" shouted Angie and Lynn, in unison. Tears flowed as they clung to Tom. Never did they imagine he wouldn't be around for many more years.

"I wish I could recommend something that would help, but anything I suggest would only give you false hope. The best I can offer is to take him home and make the most of the time remaining. I'm truly sorry. I ran your test results by each of the doctors who treated these cases, and they all confirmed my diagnosis. You've had ten second opinions, and there is truly no one else to turn to. I am so sorry."

Angie, Lynn and Tom drove home in silent shock.

That night, after Tom called Aenea to wish her sweet dreams, and he fell asleep, exhausted, Angie and Lynn stayed up to talk with each other. There was no way they could sleep, and they needed each other's support. "He can't leave us," Angie cried. "We need him in our lives."

"Angie, we both love him and need him, but we need to focus beyond ourselves. Tom has always been the one to hold our family together. He has given us roots. Whenever any issue arises, he's always there with a logical solution. He has been consistent and loving and we will miss him terribly, but let's think of how this will impact him. If we are sad and hurting, he will feel responsible for fixing our problems. He'll have enough on his plate, dealing with his own challenges, without feeling any obligation to take care of us, also. We need to be strong for him. The greatest joy a teacher can experience is watching the student surpass the teacher. Let's show him what we have learned from him. Let's focus only on his comfort and pleasure. Let's find a way to make his remaining time the highlight of his life. Let's convince him we finally and truly understand this concept of love he has woven into every aspect of our existence."

"Lynn, you are right. I'm so glad you are here to set me straight. I don't know what I'd do without you. We'll have plenty of time to mourn his loss, once he's gone. Let's make the most of the time remaining. Let's not focus on our lost past or the void in our future, but on enveloping Tom in love, for that is what he truly deserves. We need to be realistic and not minimize anything, but, since we have the choice to focus on opportunities or obstacles, let's focus only on the opportunities. Let's enhance any available beauty and show him he will live forever, through us."

Feeling some relief and comfort from each other, Lynn and Angie removed their clothes and crawled into bed, snuggling up against Tom, till sleep finally overtook them.

Over the next few days, Angie and Lynn were busy making the house wheelchair accessible, rearranging their work schedules so someone was always home with Tom, and continuing doing their best to be playful and upbeat.

Angie and Lynn raced to see who would help Tom pee. Even if it was just to help him aim, they loved to hold his penis. Eventually, Tom put down his foot. "Don't you girls understand how boys are different?" he asked.

"Duh," said Lynn. "That's the reason we like playing with it, so much. We don't have one of our own."

"Lynn, think. What happens when you touch my penis?"

"It swells up and gets hard. That's what's so amazing," smiled Lynn.

"OK, let's take it another step. Where is the toilet?" asked Tom.

"Well, it hasn't moved from the floor, since I last looked," added Angie.

"So, Angie, when you start handling my penis, what direction does it point?"

"Oh," said the girls, together. They finally understood how they were actually making things more challenging for him.

This was a learning process, but Angie and Lynn showed they could be diligent students.

Angie and Lynn called Aenea and informed her. All three had a long cry together, but Aenea agreed with their plan of keeping life as upbeat and positive, as possible.

During Aenea's next phone call with her dad, she told him she wanted to come home and be with him. "Your schooling is important, Aenea, and now is not the time to take off. Mom and Mommy are doing a terrific job of taking care of me, so there's really nothing left for you to do. They won't even let me help out," Tom laughed.

"I know they do a great job, Daddy, but I want to be with you."

"Aenea, I'm always available by phone, but I'm not sure I want you to see me like this. I want you to remember me as I was, not what I've become."

"Daddy!!! You've always confronted me when I talked foolish, and now you're talking foolish. Think back in time. Who was always the first person to hug you, when you came in from outside all dirty and smelly? I always saw you as my handsome knight in shining armor, no matter what condition you were in. Do you think I'd love you any less, if you lost all your hair?"

"Well, I guess that's something I don't plan on losing. If you honestly believe you can handle seeing me like this, then I'd love to see you over your summer break, but not before then. I promise you I'll be here, if you are willing to wait. I know you're a young woman and have a good head on your shoulders, but please do Daddy a big favor by following his instructions, at least this one last time."

"Alright, Daddy. I'll respect your wishes, as long as you let me continue to hear your voice every night before I go to sleep."

"OK, Sweets. I love you so much and am very proud of you."

"Daddy, if I become a tenth of the person you are, I will be more than happy."

"All I want for you is happiness and fulfillment, and I feel honored to be allowed to share in your amazing blossoming. Some very lucky guy will end up with a treasure that would put the royal jewels to shame."

"Oh Daddy!!"

"Sleep tight, my love."

"You too, Daddy. I'll love you forever."

Tom deteriorated very rapidly. That gave Angie and Lynn mixed feelings, as though they wanted to hold onto him as long as possible, they knew he was suffering by being limited to being an observer of life rather than a participant, and didn't want him to have to suffer any longer than necessary. They continued to live their lives as normally as possible, including showing Tom constant affection. Even after he lost the ability to get erections, they regularly gave him oral sex. They did it to show him love, give him a release, and they loved the feel of his penis in their mouths. They didn't even hold back when he could no longer ejaculate.

Eventually, Tom no longer had any use of the muscles below his neck. "Angie, LT, I love you both beyond description. I love your ministrations, as they reassure me of your love, though they are leading me to feel increased frustration and discomfort. It has nothing to do with what you do, or how you do it, as you are both amazing lovers. It has to do with the fact we have never been about sex, but about love. Love must be mutual and reciprocated for it to be fully experienced. This has been a one-way street, lately, and I find myself losing touch with the love I cherish."

Angie and Lynn talked this over, and out of respect for Tom's feelings, they decided to discontinue orally pleasuring him. They had grown to understand that greater happiness and fulfillment was available when focusing on what already existed rather than dream of what should or could be. Tom's mouth continued to be functional, so they enjoyed making out and cuddling with him and giving him tender loving caresses.

They all missed their more intimate physical contact. One day, Tom said, "Remember when I said I was losing touch with the love I cherish? Obviously, I don't have much to do here, other than think, but maybe that thought process still has value. I believe there is a way I can continue to share in the love we cherish, and I hope the two of you are open to it, for it will also reassure me love won't die with my passing. Angie, you once told me, 'Love her as you love me, for in loving her, you will be loving me... ' and told LT, '(Sharing Tom) with you is my little way of showing you the love I feel for you. I want to love you through him.' Now, Angie and LT, I'd love to expand on those thoughts. I can't be the intermediary any longer. I would love to share in you actually loving each other, not through me, but letting each other directly experience the love you feel for the other. Angie, I want you to know the beautiful love that resides in LT, and LT, I want you to know the beautiful love that resides in Angie. You both have so much love to share, and I want you to fully experience that love, completely and uninhibited. Love me through each other, for in loving each other, you will be loving me."

Though this caught them off guard, both Angie and LT reassured him they would never deny him anything and would follow through on his wishes. Plans were made to take the next step, that evening.

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