Romantic Adventures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Indian Erotica,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of a young man and his romantic adventures.

It was raining heavily outside. I sat in one corner of the classroom and tried to doze of my tiredness by resting my head on the bench. I was tired after a hard day at job and wanted to take some rest. My dizziness took me to a dark place full of weird creatures hovering around me. In one hand I held a burning torch and in the other a huge sword. I was trying to get rid of those creatures and find my way to a distant white light. The more I walked towards the light more it faded away in the horizon. Suddenly I felt someone touching my shoulders from behind. I looked back; there was no one except those weird venomous and ugly creatures prying upon me. I started walking but I was again felt the same knock on my shoulder.

I opened my eyes to find that Anirban was standing near me, tapping my shoulder. He asked me whether I was feeling ok or not. I gave a pale smile to him and said that I was having a headache. I looked around the class most of the students had left. I rubbed my eyes and answered that I was feeling dizzy. He asked me that whether I want to have a drink with him or not. I laughed at him and said that I was too tired to have a drink that day.

We walked outside the computer-teaching centre. I had my motorcycle parked in one corner of the bus-stand. It was dark outside and the heavens were pouring. The number of buses in the rain-drenched streets of Kolkata had come down. Anirban and I lit a cigarette and looked around the bus stand shed. A dog, coiled like a huge wire, was lying nearby. Few people were standing at one corner and smoking. I saw Anoushka, standing in one corner of the shed, trying to save herself from the torrential rain.

Anirban pointed at her and whispered to me "Hey bro, she is really a hot piece. I think she is most sexy in our batch. She is definitely waiting for her boyfriend. Why don't we ask her to drop her at her place, what do you say?"

I could not stop laughing, "I do not think she will allow you to. Come on, it is only the rain that is deterring her from going home."

I looked at Anoushka; she gave me a helpless smile in return. By looking at her face, I observed that she was feeling quiet uneasy as there were other prying eyes of the bystanders devouring her sensuous beauty of twenty-two springs. She was trying to cover her ripe youthful beauty with her scarf that was completely soaked.

I looked at Anirban; he was lewdly devouring her rain soaked beauty like a hungry mongrel. I slapped on his head and deterred him to stare at her like that. I asked him that whether he want to go home or not. He laughed at me and said that whether I want to spend some time with her alone or not. I laughed at him and said that I would go to home once my cigarette is finished. After sometime his bus arrived, he winked at me and went away. I slowly walked towards my parked motorcycle.

I was about to start my bike when I noticed that Anoushka was striding towards me with tender steps. There was a pleading smile on her face. She clasped her bag across her chest.

"It is raining since evening and the bus service has gone thinner." She said to me. I looked at her face trying to fathom whether she was asking for a ride or not. She continued, "I was waiting for someone and see the treacherous rain played a spoilsport." I smiled, so Anirban was right about her boyfriend.

"I can drop you at your place, if you want to." I said her.

She gave a demurring smile, "No, no, I will wait for sometime more. Only one request, if you could stay till he comes."

I nodded my head and said to her that I would wait until the person for whom she was waiting for, arrives. I signed her to stand under the shed and I unmounted my bike to stand beside her. She stood close to me; her upper-arm was touching mine. I could feel the warmth of her body that was very fast depleting due to the humid cold winds. She felt a sense of relief while standing beside me. I was avoiding direct eye contact with her. Both of us were silent for a while, lost in words as what to ask to whom.

She spoke first, might be out of courtesy, "Where do you live?"

"Near Dumdum airport. What about you?" I asked.

"Really, I also live nearby." She looked at me; I observed a twinkle in her big black eyes "What do you do?"

"I just finished my graduation in physics last year and I do a job at Camac Street." I answered her.

Her face glowed, "I am also in physics, final year of my graduation. So computers for your job?"

"Yes for professional enhancement, I suppose." I answered her query. For some time we both kept silent as if there was nothing more to talk about. She was frequently looking at the road.

After sometime, a person arrived in a bike. Anoushka looked at me and then ran to the person on the bike. I could sense a veiled anger in her eyes as she was scolding the person. She mounted and gently bowed her head towards me, in gratitude. I bowed my head in return. She waved at me and the bike zoomed away into the darkness.

Whenever Anoushka eyes met with mine, she used to give a sweet smile. Seldom there were any words exchanged between us. She possessed an elegance, which attracted many friends around her. From a distance, I cherished her beauty and frolic nature. On the other hand, I kept to myself, surrounded by my haughty nature. Probably everyone in the batch thought me as a snobbish person and I liked that. At least that close guarded my solitary citadel.

It was not long that those courteous smiles turned into some friendly conversations. That night I was hungry so I bought a patty from a nearby shop and was munching. I did not notice that Anoushka was standing behind me watching me intently. She cleared her throat to signal her presence. Her feminine fragrance snaked into my nasal cavity and attacked my brain cells.

"Munching alone? Where is your friend, Anirban?" She asked me.

I was startled on hearing her voice. I stammered a bit, "Yeah. I did not have the time for lunch and was hungry so I was grabbing a bite." I looked around, in general, some of her friends always surrounded her but at that time she was alone. I asked her, "So today no one is with you?"

She gave a faint smile and shrugged her shoulder, "Nopes, may be they don't like my company."

I laughed at her, "Who on earth would not like your company." I lowered my voice, "I think you are wrong. People are dying to get your attention."

She sported a coquettish smile on her lips, "Really? I did not know that. Who on earth is willing to die for."

I was enjoying her smile and company. "Find some time to look at your back, you will find a long line of bees hovering to get your attention." I joked at her. I looked at the road, expecting the bike rider to come and pick her up. Probably she fathomed as what I was looking for.

"Why are you frequently looking at the road?" She asked me.

"Aha! I was looking forward for your two wheeled chariot and the warrior over it." I flirted.

She laughed at me and said, "My brother is not coming to-day to pick me up. I am waiting for the bus."

A huge relief got off my mind. I was in an impression that the person, who picks her up every day, was her boyfriend. I observed that many buses passed but she was not boarding. Finally, I asked her "It is not raining today. The buses are plying perfectly normal and it is getting night. I think you should go home. Why have you not boarded any of the bus?"

"Nothing. Is there any problem to stand here?" She smiled at me and said, "You are a complete bore. I am going now." She turned and walked towards the bus.

Suddenly I felt a small vacuum inside my chest. I called her "Anoushka, I can drop you if you want."

She ran towards me and sat on my pillion. A faint laugh lingered inside my head, how many colours can a girl can show, I thought. May be she was just playing with me.

"Start now." She held my shoulder and whispered in my ears. The bike raced into the dark night, over the black pitch road. I looked up the sky, Kolkata is always humid and during monsoon, the clouds do shower at anytime. The humid cold winds were blowing around us. Through my shirt fabric, I felt her soft warmth on my back.

She shouted, cutting the roaring sound of the engine, "What does your name, Budhaditya means? It is a real long name to call."

"It denotes something from Vedic literature, that's all I know nothing more. But why on earth you are concerned about the meaning of my name?" I replied her.

"Just like that. Actually after calling your name, one has to look into the mirror to check whether her teeth are ok or not." She laughed heartily.

I joked at her, "Making a mockery of my name. Is that so? I will then stop my bike here in the middle of the road and you have to go all alone to your house."

She giggled "Come on, you are not going to leave a poor girl all alone here."

The light-hearted conversation went on. I came to know that she was studying physics in a nearby college and was looking forward to study masters. Most of the time I kept quiet as she was babbling too much. In between the conversation, she was giving me directions to her house.

She asked me to stop at a lane and said to me, "Leave me here. I can walk the rest path."

I stopped my bike and asked her that I could drop her in front of her home.

She joked at me, "No way. What will happen if the bee stung me?" I laughed at her, slowly her facial expression turned serious, "Actually I have some problem. My father will be furious if he notices me with someone. That's the reason he sends my brother every evening to the centre to pick me up. Today I told that I could commute alone, so my brother did not come."

I understood her handcuffed situation and said her not to worry. She asked me to ride away but I insisted that until she reaches her house I would rather stand there for her. She smiled and waved me, "Go now, I am ok. This much path I can walk alone."

That was the only day Anoushka rode on my pillion, after that day she did not asked for lift. She always took the bus after the class, but she cared to stand with me for sometime before getting on the bus. With each passing day, she seemed to be friendlier with me. Anirban joked at time, asking as what was going between us. I joked back, that Anoushka was a good friend of mine and nothing more. At times, I felt and invisible magnetic attraction towards her. I suppressed those wild imaginations, hurling those to the abyss. It was hard to imagine that someone can get attracted to a coarse rugged boulder like me. I never asked about her personal life and she refrained from knocking into my domain of silence. I felt that normalcy was entering my life again, which evaded me for long, more than a decade of solitude.

It was not long that the cohesiveness grew strong, however there was a dark surprise waiting for me. It was a preferably sunny day compared to the grey sky of the monsoon season. I took a casual leave and went to Newmarket to buy something for my Grandma. Out of the blue, I heard Anoushka calling me. I looked around but could not find her and then I saw her walking towards me. She was accompanied with some friends. She asked me as what was I doing in the market place? I told her the reason of my shopping.

She laughed at me and said, "Don't you have any friends with whom you can shop? You came to buy things for your Grandma?"

I smiled back at her saying, "She is the only girlfriend left in this whole universe for me." While saying those words, I felt a pinching pain deep down my heart. I hid my expression and sported a smile to ask her back that what she was doing there. She should be in her college then.

She answered that she came with her friends to watch movie. She introduced me with her friends and warned them that I was much older than they were so they should at least show some respect to me. I laughed at her proposition and said her that no need to show extra courtesy. I happen to observe a person amongst that group to be close to Anoushka. She invited me to join them for the movie. A felt a tiny deterrence in my path, I thought, it should not be there. Why on earth, I was feeling like that. I politely refused her offer excusing that I had other jobs to finish. I observed a sigh of relief on the face of the person standing close to her.

My refusal cast a slight gloom shadow on the moon I was beholding. Anoushka gave a painful smile and said, "It would have been better if you could join us."

All of them turned to go away. I looked at her passing. After walking few steps, she paused a little, looked back and asked me, "Are you coming to the evening class or not?"

I laughed and nodded my head, answered her that I would be present in the evening class. I looked at them as she mingled with the crowd and went away. I took a deep breath to understand clearly as what she happen to convey? I tried to assimilate that, probably the boy standing next to her was not in a close relation with her.

I made her promise that I would be present at the class. For some unknown reason she kept evading me for the whole time. Whenever I tried to make an eye contact, she shied away her eyes. Anirban asked me at one point that was I feeling bit perturbed by some reason or not. I felt not to answer his query.

After the class was over, Anirban and I was smoking cigarette. I observed that Anoushka was waiting for me at some distance. I was eager to fend Anirban as soon as possible but he was nonstop in his nonsense babble. I was getting anxious to meet her, so I said to him bit loudly that if he can give me a treat in a nearby sweet shop. I knew very well that a miser like Anirban would not prefer to shed bucks. I looked at her, trying to fathom whether she has heard or not. I saw her smile that ascertained me that she grasped my intention.

Anoushka strode towards me as soon as he left. I felt a sleek anger in her eyes that deterred me to look directly in her eyes. She asked me "You can come to class but not to go with movie with me? What made you do so?"

"Oh! That is the reason of your fury. See I have a job and I thought that why to disturb your gathering. I was unknown to all of them that would make your friends uncomfortable, right?" I answered her.

Without any notice, she sat on the pillion and looked at me, "Take me home, will you. And try to make this sure that you are my friend, I would have felt more comfortable if you were around."

While moving I answered her, "You were with your friends, you should respect their feelings also."

She gave a gloomy smile, "Friends, huh. It was I who was paying for their tickets, not them." She took a deep breath, "At least, I hope Samudra would be different." So at last the curtain was clear, the name of the person in her life was Samudra. I prefer not to ask her about her relationship with Samudra. She kept on saying, "I heard people go extra miles for their friends, aren't they? However, the people surrounding me most know me by my heavy purse. I don't feel I have many friends, rather I have a bunch of batch-mates and college-mates."

I listened her every words, those words showed a new dimension of the frolic Anoushka. I felt her clutch gone strong on my shoulder. She went mute after that, I felt her soft warmth on my back.

In the vibration of the bike and roaring surrounding sounds, I was unable to fathom whether her eyes were deluded or not. For the rest of the journey we both kept silent.

We reached near her place; she got down from the pillion. I looked at her face; the tip of her nose was red. I smiled at her and said, "Don't try to deluge those beautiful eyes so easily for such cheap reasons. Come on cheer up, I am sure you will get fast friends in your life."

She came close to me and asked me, "Hey I have to ask one thing from you." I felt my heart leapt out to my throat. She smiled at my alarmed expression, "I am not asking for your life. I just want to ask that, Budhaditya is a very long name, can I call you Adi?"

I was very much relieved on hearing that, only my Grandma calls me in that name. I smiled at her and gave my consent. I asked her as what her mom calls her.

"Is that a barter system?" She smiled at me and said, "You can call me Titli. I have another thing to ask from you, your contact number, hope you don't mind."

I wrote my telephone number in a piece of paper. She kept that in her purse and said to me "I will give you my number but don't call me. I do not give my number to any person because of my father. I will call you, definitely." Saying that she walked away. I looked at her as she trotted away gently from me, waving her palms before entering her house. I looked up the sky took a deep breath and prayed to God, "Don't do this to me."

Days passed to weeks, the cohesion between us grew substantial. Although we could not spend much time with each other but, those thirty minutes when she rode on my pillion to her home was the happiest moment of life.

One day after I dropped her at her place, she asked me as what I do in the weekend. I told her that I goto meet my grandma in the village every weekend.

She smiled at me and said, "Do you have to meet her every weekend? We go to our maternal uncle's house only once or twice in a year. Can't you spare one weekend for me? I and my friends are going to a movie and I want you to come."

"Sorry dear, she is the most precious person in my life and she is about eighty. I am sorry, Titli, I can't. Don't worry; I will take you to some good restaurant on your birthday. When is that?" I asked her.

She giggled back and slapped her forehead coyly, "So long wait, it is in fifteenth November. By the way, when is yours?"

I laughed at her and said her that mine was also in late March. She asked me that what I would be doing during the puja. I told her that probably I would be with my Grandma or if there were any plans then I would have a trip to some place.

Her face became bit gloom, "So your calendar is already full. No time for friends? What about your parents, don't you spend weekend with them?"

I felt bit agitated by her last words. I consoled myself that she was unaware of my past. I looked up the sky; the endless black curtain was getting darker with each passing second. I sensed that the time was running very fast, she might face problems at her house, so I told her "Titli it is getting late, you better go now."

She gave a naughty smile, "Adi, one day I will wring out time from your busy schedule." Then she slowly walked away, leaving me perplexed with her words.

From the deepest point of my heart, I wanted her to be happy. In a very futile corner, I also knew that she would not be a happy person if she binds herself with me. I lost the solace of my life long ago.

Usually I reach my maternal uncle's house by Friday night, however on that Saturday I had some office work so I arrived late evening. I was sure that my grandma was in her puja room offering puja. My maternal aunt, Sudha Mami, greeted me. I asked her that whether grandma was furious or not. She laughed at me and said that she was waiting for me since afternoon. I pleaded her and told her the reason of my late coming. I knew that my maternal uncle, Narendra Mama, was at his shop. He has a big shop of clothes in the market near the highway. I sat beside her and asked her about Debadideb, my cousin brother, who got married last year and was staying in Durgapur.

I walked upstairs to my grandma's puja room. She was reading some religious books. I looked at my octogenarian beauty, bedecked in milky white cotton sari, head full of white locks tied in a neat bun behind. In the light of the earthen lamp, she was looking like a peaceful angel. My eyes were moistened by a sudden flow of devotion. I was a corpse; she breathed her soul into me. Cautiously I crept and sat beside her side.

She got startled held by my ears and scolded, "So you now got time to visit me? What on earth happened to you yesterday?" I pleaded her to leave my ears. I embraced her and said her reason. She looked at my face and ruffled my hair. She asked about my well-beings. Although I have to give her the same answers every weekend but I never felt tired of that.

We walked in her room. I looked at the picture of my mother on the wall. Her smiling face brought me in tears; she left me for the heavenly abode when I was a year short of my school-final exams. She was very beautiful and caring. She was vocal when I was sent to hostel at a very tender age. After the demise of my beloved mother, I never had a permanent address to live in.

Grandma asked me to sit beside her. She looked at the hanging picture of my mother and said to me "I have a news for you. I don't know whether it is good or bad."

I felt a long silence engulfing my mind and soul was she having some health problem, was she going to leave me like my mother? I knew that humans are mortal but the mere thought shook every tentacles of my brain. I gave a frightening look at her.

"Biswajeet wants to meet you. He called your uncle last Wednesday and was asking about your whereabouts. He did not give your address to him, so Biswajeet left his telephone number and his address with your uncle." Her words felt like molten lava being poured in my ears. I clenched my teeth while hearing the mere name of my father. He evaded his duty for long; he was never there when I wanted him the most. He left me at my Grandma's place and never looked back. He washed his hands from taking my responsibility by handing over some amount. What on earth, does he want from me after a decade? Grandma ruffled my hair, "You have grown up and now you are doing a job. For long, I have guarded you with every ounce of my flesh. My bones are cracking, let me go now."

Tears were flowing from her eyes. I felt a burning sensation in my eyes my vision was deluged. I embraced her with all my might so as not leave her ever, "Don't dare to leave me Grandma."

She wiped her eyes and said, "Next year you will be twenty seven, I want to see my grand-daughter-in-laws face before I sleep."

I gave her a naughty smile, "How do you expect someone to take my heart when there is already a beautiful angel like you." I took her hand in mine and kissed.

The very next evening when I was returning to Kolkata, grandma asked me whether I would meet my father or not. I looked up the dark evening sky, nodded my head that I would like to confront him.

I was hesitant in the beginning whether I should make a call or not. The address was of Dhanbad, ICL colony. One night my mother's smiling face appeared before my eyes, I got the courage to face the person who evaded from his responsibility. I picked up the receiver and dialled the number.

There was a female voice on the other end "Hello, who is this?"

I took a deep breath; I felt a lull before the approaching tempest. In an ice-cold voice I answered, "I want to speak to Mr. Biswajeet Gosh."

The voice on the other end again asked for the reason. I kept quiet for some time and then asked her, "May I know with whom am I talking to?"

The voice on the other end sounded perturbed, "Is this a joke at this point of night?"

"Tell him, Mr. Bappaditya Gosh wants to speak with him." I answered in an ice-cold tone.

There was a long silence on the both the ends. After some time I heard my father's voice after a decade. I forgot my vocabulary as what to answer. I tried to gather myself and asked him about his health. I sensed a shadow of pain in his voice. He requested me to visit him. I was practically lost and was very much perturbed by his invitation. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the forthcoming encounter.

After that day, I was very much disturbed. I was unable to concentrate in my work properly. Titli sensed my agitation and asked the reason of that. Very aptly, I dodged her inquisitions and presented her some excuse. Her facial expression told me that she was not satisfied by my answer. Since she was an intelligent woman, she refrained herself from putting further queries on me.

On an early Saturday morning, I boarded the train to Dhanbad. With each passing minute, I felt an agonising pain inside me parallel to that pain I felt a tinge of disgust as why I was going to meet him. By noon, I was in-front of the door of the said address.

A lady in her early thirties opened the door. From her suave dressing sense and graceful physique, I tried to muster up her relation with my father. She smiled at me and ushered me in. She asked me to sit down. I looked around the huge palatial house. My father was in a senior position in ICL. I looked on the walls bedecked with some beautiful paintings.

The moment I saw him entering the drawing room, I turned into a stone effigy. We both lost our vocabulary for some time. My throat went dry, ears burned and eyes were pouring fiery lava. I gained my senses when he touched my shoulder and asked me as how I was doing.

I gave a painful smile at him and answered in mocking tone, "It took a decade for you to ask this question to me, isn't it."

Father answered, "I am sorry for whatever happened in the past. After your mother's demise, the work pressure took a heavy toll on me. I was afraid of taking any responsibility other than my work. Speaking from the bottom of my heart, I desperately wanted to climb the ladder of success." He paused for a moment for a breath, "I came to know that you are doing a job."

"By the grace of Almighty and my grandma I am doing fine." I looked at him and then asked "May I know the reason what made you remember me after such a long period?"

He looked behind; I saw that the lady was standing there with a tray full of edibles and tea. He gestured her to come. After she kept the tray on the centre-table, she stood behind my father.

Father introduced her, "She is Nilanjana, she is..." The image in front of me explained everything. I stopped him in the mid sentence and gently bowed my head in courtesy.

He smiled at me, "A naughty ghost is also there." He looked towards Nilanjana and then said to me "Probably he is playing in the backyard." The psychedelic canvas of his happy family burnt my soul to the core.

On the dining table, I came to know the main reason of his remembrance. He had a stroke few months back. He wanted to see me and refurbish the waned away bridge between us. He wanted to give a part of his property to me. Without any words, I listened all his pleas and requests. I felt that my hunger was gone.

I observed that Nilanjana did not joined us on the table, rather was serving the food, instead of the servants.

He asked me stopover for the night. I denied his request politely. I felt his pain, dripping from his eyes. He asked for my telephone number and address. I felt that I should at least provide him with that. I sensed that my presence would strike a bashful stroke on his beautiful canvas. It would have been better to step aside.

"My car will drop you. I will also come along with you." My father stammered.

I looked at my watch said, "No need, the train leaves in few hours. This much path, I can also walk alone."

For the first time, I heard Nilanjana to speak to me, "I would have been glad if you could stay tonight."

I smiled at her and said, "Actually Madam, I can't sleep without my favourite pillow and I forgot to bring that."

After finishing that sentence, I walked away without looking back. For the whole return journey, I felt lost and dejected once again. For a whole decade, I consoled and pulled up myself that I had no father and then all of a sudden he arrives and create ripples in my life.

I closed my moist eyes, my beloved mom consoled me and said, "Keep faith in me, I am here."

For first few days, I confined myself in my solitary cell. I avoided talking much with any friends, even Titli. After the computer classes, I used to make lame excuses to her. I was afraid that she might fathom my wanderer life style and dark past. Anirban noticed that and asked me the reason. Somehow, I avoided him also. Grandma asked me to gather myself up.

Titli caught me one day before the class started, "Are you avoiding me for some reason? No, no, tell me directly, I won't mind."

Her angry eyes melted away all those dark clouds. I laughed at her, "Why on earth should I avoid you? I am grateful to have such a beautiful friend."

She sat beside me, "Then why are you not talking to me?"

I put up a big grin on my face, "See, I am showing my teeth, now you are happy?"

"So giving me a lift after the class?" she asked. I bowed my head and said, "Sure Madam."

On the way return, she told me that her final exams were coming near. The dates are before the Durga Puja. I assured her that since she was a good student, she would fair well in her exams. She asked me whether I would be able to help her in her studies. I said to her that, I do not have much time for myself so how come I could help her. I used to return home late after my job and the classes. On every weekend I had visit my grandma also.

She feigned angst, "You don't have time for me."

"I don't have time for myself, Titli, try to understand. Moreover, do joint study with your friends rather than me. That will help you a lot." I tried to dissuade her. I knew that my words hurt her.

Our semester was ending and the days of her exams were near. She asked me a favour to wait for before joining the next final semester of the course. I assured her that I would wait for her. She was happy after I gave her my word.

After the semester was over, there was no more nagging Titli. I felt a void in my daily routine but that waned away as I persuaded my heart that she was just a friend and I should not encourage any advances from either side.

The rain clouds were dissipating slowly. One night it was drizzling, I was alone in my two room flat, watching television. Late was the hour and the phone rang. She made an unexpected call.

"Slept already? Had your dinner? What did you had? Are you alone in the room? What are you doing?" she started showering rapid-fire queries.

"Titli, titli, will you let me talk or you will babble alone. You have not slept until now? And how come you found time to call me?" I asked her.

"No, no. I am all ears for you. Today, dad is not at home, so I found time to call you. So what are you doing?" she asked.

"Preparing to goto bed." I answered.

"It is raining outside." She giggled, "I would love to dance in the rain but my exams are from next week. You don't love rain I suppose. How can a rugged person like you knows what is rain?" I knew that she was teasing me.

"You have completed your studies?" I scolded her "Study girl, study hard."

"You are a real boring person. Keep the phone." She got annoyed and cut the line.

I could not sleep properly that night. Whenever I closed my eyes, I dreamt her smiling face in front of me. I sat on the bed and told to myself, "Do not encourage any advance, Budhaditya. You are not a match for her. She is beautiful, suave, rich and her parents will not allow you to come near her. She is of higher caste than yours and her parents will not allow their daughter's unwanted hankers."

For a whole month, there was no nagging of Titli around me. At times, when I used to return home after office, I felt the void on my pillion. I smiled and thwarted away those dreamy thoughts.

Spring thwarted monsoon clouds. There were tufts of white clouds floating under the curtain of navy blue sky. The fresh air smelt of Puja approaching. The ambience of the streets of Kolkata was gaining momentum with each passing day. People were busy in shopping. While returning from office, every day I had to face huge jams in the streets. I looked up the sky; my mom's beautiful eyes were showering her blessings on me. Grandma requested me to take her to Haridwar and Hrishikesh during that Durga Puja. Every weekend grandma pestered for my marriage and in some pretext or another, I avoided confronting her queries.

One day she asked me, "Are you in love with some one?"

"Not at all, Grandma. No one will marry such a rugged heartless fellow. You know very well that I don't have those inside me." I tried to make excuses.

Her prying eyes sensed that something was wrong; she kept on pestering me with her queries. At last I had to break the ice that, I had a very good friend, Anoushka Bannerjee. Grandma asked me the problems. I explained the problems at her end and I told her that I would rather remain unmarried for the rest of my life. I did not want to bind any person's fate with my ill fate.

She listened to me and then said, "Adi, I don't know about afterlife, I don't even believe in rebirth also. Make the most of your life; be clear in your heart, all that I can say."

I assured her that I would tread cautiously in the murky waters of the river.

On that day, I just returned from office. As soon as I entered my house, the phone rang.

It was Titli's voice on the other end, "What are you doing? Can you come at Hathibagan, I am in a problem."

I was about to ask her regarding her problems, but she disconnected the phone. I was afraid and without thinking of anything, I started for the place. For whole time, I was praying that some worst should not happen with her.

The place was a market place and even she did not tell me as where she would wait. I thought it would be best to wait near the crossing. I parked my bike and stood there anxiously. My eager eyes were trying to find her in the midst of the huge crowd; Durga Puja was coming near.

I got startled as I heard a giggle from backside. I looked only to find that Titli was standing there along with three girls, they were her college friends. She was laughing on beholding my anxious face.

"What happened? I knew that you would wait here. This is the only place that is bit less crowded." She said to me.

"What is your problem?" I asked her.

"Who told you I have problem." She was sporting a naughty smile on her lips.

After a long time I was meeting her. She was looking very beautiful in her silhouette hugging sleeveless kurta and salwar. A small blue dot graced between her brows. Her red lips was glistening, seemed to be soaked in honey. Her rosy cheeks seem to beckon me for a tiny peck. Her hair was weaved in a long braid. I felt a hypnotic halo surrounding her. The night-lights felt slippery on her creamy complexion. In the yellow streetlights, she appeared like a nymph. My vision was riveted on her enchanting beauty; I forgot time.

She gently nudged me by my arm "What happened? Can we go?"

I looked around; all her friends were staring at me. I asked her again "Why have you called me?"

She whispered, "For shopping, what else? Come on, start walking we are getting late." She looked at her friends and asked them to walk. "You know all of them. You met them at Newmarket."

I could not speak for a moment; I could not find words as to explain the feelings in my heart. I was trying to get away from her yet I kept on bouncing on her frequently.

I asked her, "Your parents know that you have come for shopping?"

She nodded her head, "Yes Adi, I am not a liar. I told them that I was going out for shopping with my friends." She was walking very close to me; her arms were brushing on mine. Due to the huge crowd, I held her by her upper arm to guard her. She looked at me and whispered, "That's the reason I called you. I feel safe when you are around me." Her eyes sparkled as she said those words to me.

I lowered my voice to ask her, "Titli, you did shopping before with your friends even when I was not present."

She got bit annoyed, "You don't want to come with me, then just let me go."

I felt that the sweet damsel could get angry; I did not want to mar her Puja shopping. I nodded my head and assured her that everything was ok she could carry on her shopping. Shopping with ladies during Puja is real tough situation for me. I rather refrain myself from going out in the crowd but I had to. At times, I looked at her, I wanted to go away from her but I was unable to do so. Some force was attracting me towards her relentlessly.

"Why didn't you contact me for a month?" she asked.

"You asked me not to call you, remember?" I answered.

"Oh! Do you know that where there is a will there is a way." She looked deeply in my eyes "Basically you did not had that will to call me. Tell me frankly." That was the actual reason for not calling her. I was perplexed on hearing that from her. She gave me a naughty smile, "I told you that I will wring out your time for me."

Her last words made me laugh. "What are you going to buy?" I asked her.

"What do you like?" She asked me.

"Every kind of dress suits you. I would rather love traditional attire for you." I said to her.

"You did not call me for your shopping?" She pinched me.

I laughed at her, "I don't like shopping in huge crowd. Whatever I had to buy, I prepare that advance. I don't barge into shops like you and rummage the whole shop for a small scarf."

"So you don't like. You are such a boring person." She hissed at me. She entered in a huge garment store "Ok now choose something for me."

I scratched my head, which was an uphill task for me. Never in my whole life I had the experience of going out for shopping with any girl. I looked at her perplexed.

"What?" she exclaimed at me "Aren't you going to present me something for the Puja?"

"Titli, you choose, I will pay." I pleaded her.

She kept on imploring me, "Please, please, please." I looked at her and assured her that I would buy her some dress. She and her other two friends went to the counter for choosing dress. I stood behind watching her.

"Hi" One of her friend named Parineeta came near me and asked me, "What do you do?"

She was a dusky in complexion; her build was voluptuous she possessed a striking feature of oozing sensuality in her small yet inviting eyes. I answered her that I was in a job. I asked her about her exams and so and so forth our conversation went on.

With the corner of my eye, I kept a careful watch on Titli. She was an apt danseuse during her college days and was attached with a renowned dancing troupe of Kolkata. Her regular dancing practice keeps her in well-proportioned frame in a perfect shape possessing a figure to die for.

She asked me, "Do you like Anoushka?" the query came as a jolt to me. My brows constricted on hearing her words, I gave a sharp look at her. She laughed at me, "Don't give me that look, I just want to know, that's all. I asked Anoushka about you but she did not say anything."

I was even not clear about our relation, all I wanted to have a good friend nothing more. I looked at Titli; she was busy in choosing her dress. She was glancing at me at-times, checking on me. I nodded my head, "We are good friends."

She smiled on hearing my answer, "Hmmm ... Her father is very strict about her having any boyfriend. None of our male classmates ever tread near her house. Her father is in a good position in a Calcutta port trust."

I nodded my head to convey that I was well aware of those facts and then I asked her, "By the way who is Samudra?"

She gave an inquisitive look, "Do you know him?" I nodded my head to say that I didn't. She explained me that Samudra was their batch mate in college. Anoushka was not at all interested as Samudra's nature made her angry. I preferred not to ask further about that.

"Come here" Titli shouted at me. I walked by her side, she showed a violet coloured dress she has chosen for her "How is this?"

I nodded my head to express my acknowledgement.

"Just like that? Say something, good or bad." She almost barked at me.

I laughed and closed my eyes, tried to imagine Titli in that dress, violet sleeveless kurta and tight salwar. The colour would suit very well against her skin, "Yes it will be a good one. Take that." I asked the person at the counter regarding the price of the dress.

"Are you going to pay?" she asked.

"Yes definitely, how can I make my best friend sad?" I smiled and paid for that dress.

Time was flowing very fast, I asked Titli whether there would be any problem at her house or not. She assured me that her parents know that she was out with her friends. She has the permission to reach home late. I asked her to give a look at her watch, as it was half-past nine.

She exclaimed on hearing the time, "Oh! No I have to return." She looked at her friends had some farewell girly chitchat. I stood at a distance and watched her chirping like sparrow.

I shouted at her, "Titli, it is getting late, come on we have to go."

She looked at me, "Coming, just wait" and then waved at her friends, bidding them farewell.

She jumped on the pillion of my bike, held me by my waist tightly, and rested her chin on my right shoulder. I felt her delicate frame melting on my back. Previously whenever she used to sit on the pillion, she used to hold by shoulder just to support her from falling. I clenched my teeth to suppress my feelings but at the same time enjoyed her touch on me. I felt her warm breath on my nape. The temperature of my nape rose as her soft cheek brushing on my nape. Her embrace tightened around my waist as I slapped the accelerator. She was quiet for long time, probably enjoying her freedom.

We reached the entrance of the lane that lead to her house. She asked me after getting down from the bike, "What are you doing during Puja?"

I answered her, "I have to take my Grandma for a trip to Haridwar and Hrishikesh."

A gloom shadow overcast her beautiful face, "The next semester is going to start on first of November, be there at the centre on that date."

"Ok, don't worry about that, I will be there." I answered. I was unable to stand her gloomy expression on her face. I felt a huge wave to culminate near my throat, I love you Anoushka. But those words never came to my lips, I blankly stared to the dark Prussian blue sky studded with millions of stars. Time flew; each passing second seemed to be a year to me. She still stood near my bike waiting to say something.

After sometime she coughed and spoke in a bit shaky tone, "Ok, good night."

I felt like crying my heart out, Don't go Titli, I love you. I smiled at her and nodded my head.

Still she stood there. I looked deeply in her big eyes and was about to say something. I felt her eager expression to hear those unspoken words, from me.

"Do you want to say something?" she asked me.

"No, Go home, your parents might be waiting for you." I started the bike.

Her voice shook a little, "Good night" those beautiful eyes were glistening. She stood there as I rode into darkness.

I knew that it was better not to commit anything. Probably we both knew that our relation could not take the next step due to her family pressure and my dark past. I was unable to sleep that night. For the whole night, I kept on thinking about my poor fate, her barrier. I knew she would not cross that barrier, as she was a timid and lovely person. She would not go against her parents in any case.

I took grandma for the trip. We returned few days after Durga puja. After returning, I joined my work place. Every evening whenever I returned, I used to stop by the bus stand near her house. I bore a faint hope that I might see her somewhere. I did not have the courage to make a call to her house. Every moment seemed to be very void to me. I missed her on the pillion of my bike, I missed her touch on my back and I missed her sweet smile.

One evening when I was taking dinner, Grandma asked me as why I was so absent minded. I tried to avoid her question by answering that I had some problems in my job.

"That is not the truth, Adi. Your eyes are depicting pain. You have not spoken to Anoushka for a long time, right?" She asked me.

It was hard to conceal pain from my beloved grandma's eyes; I was caught red-handed. I nodded my head that she was right.

She ruffled my hair and smiled, "I want to meet her and can you bring her here?"

"Grandma that is not possible in a thousand years. Her father is very strict person and very closely guards his dignity and prestige." I tried to persuade her in a calm voice.

She asked me, "Have you spoken to her about your feelings yet?"

"No grandma" I said in a low voice, "We both know that our future is unsure."

She shook her head, "Hmm ... We all live in society and the higher up you are in the society, higher is your risk to lose your dignity. Her father fears that what the society will say about. I can understand that very well."

"What can I do?" I asked her.

She expressed her dismay, "If you both stay near to each other then there will be only pain and nothing else. You have to go away from Kolkata, Adi. Out of sight out of mind. I will speak with Deb to find you a job in Durgapur."

"So you mean that I leave you, again?" I gave a painful look at her "I can sacrifice thousands of such love for you."

She soothed my hair and persuaded me, "Adi, try to understand. I may be here for another year or so, you have started your life. You have to make your choice now. You have to be strong enough to brace the fact that you are going to lose her or you have to be strong enough to face his father. In both the case, you have to show your courage. Choose your path wisely, Adi."

That night was painful for me. I was unable to sleep for the whole night and kept tossing on the bed. I kept on creating permutations and combinations of our relation and our future.

I knew from the bottom of my heart that she loves me but due to her father's adamant nature she abstained from expressing her heart. I was quiet sure that she was aware that the same turbulence was abstaining me from saying those three words to her. At last, I made up my mind to leave Kolkata.

Few days after that I left my grandma at my maternal uncle's house. I was in the office, I received a call from my uncle, and he sounded very upset. From his hello sound, I got the picture clear as crystal in my head, that my grandma was no more in this world. I was unable to move for few minutes. With clenched teeth, I controlled myself. I drove as fast as I can with my snivelled eyes.

On reaching my uncle's house, I saw my grandma, draped in a milky white cloth, lying on the ground. The whole world shook in front of my eyes. The last straw, who could bind me, was no more with me. I sat beside her; my eyes were burning in agony and frustration. I knew that humans are mortal yet I questioned myself as why she had to leave me. No one dreaded to console me or say anything to me, as everyone knew that I was the apple of her eye. There was no tear in my eyes, only pure black vacuum filled my soul. With clenched teeth I sat there motionless. My blank gaze was riveted on the peaceful sleeping face of my grandma. No noise of the surrounding people was able to enter my ears.

The sun was approaching the west horizon. Debadideb came to me and said that, "Adi, wake up. We have to take away Grandma." I gave a cold vacuous stare at him. He looked helplessly at his parents and then said to me, "Adi, I am helpless."

I nodded my head and bent down on her face to kiss her forehead for one last time. Still I was unable to come in terms that she was no more. No more soothing palm to ruffle my hair, no more jiggery and honey, no more mango milkshakes. I felt that all sweetness of my life was taken away.

People came, started to wrap her in cloth, and tied her on a bed. I stood up from her side and looked around. They took away my grandma. With staggering steps I walked towards my bike and started it.

Every pair of snivelled eyes was staring at me, unable to understand as what I was going to do. Even I was not sure as what I was doing.

Debadideb ran towards me and asked, "What are you doing? Are not you coming with us?"

My eyes were dry; I clenched my teeth and said in an ice cold voice, "I do not think that if I go with grandma then she would hug me. I lit my mother's pyre, when I should be resting on her lap. I won't be able to stand there and watch my precious being pushed in the electric chimney. Everything is finished for me, Deb. I am tired and I want to go home."

I did not bother to look behind and ride away from there. The reasons of my sleepless nights kept on increasing.

y grandma's demise hurled me into abyss. Seldom I spoke or smiled. Debadideb called me and asked me whether I was coming in the funeral function or not. I answered that I have lost the reason to visit my uncle's house, all the threads tied with them was lost, first my mother then my grandmother. He said that, before passing away, grandma asked him to find a job for me at Durgapur. I answered that if he can then I would be grateful to him. He assured that he would look for a job and asked me to pull myself up. I smiled painfully and said to him that I was free then, at last all the straws around me has gone away and then I could take a deep dive into abyss. He said that, he and his wife would visit me.

Within few days, I pulled myself up. One fine morning, I found myself very much rejuvenated. I felt the soft winter breeze on my face. I took a deep breath of the cold breeze and said to myself that I have to get up and start all over again. I made up my mind that I would go away from the city that took away my mother and grandma. I had to go away for the sake of that beautiful butterfly towards which I was getting attracted. I made up my mind that whatever comes, I would refrain myself from coming near her again. I had to feign a fight with her, which would be the most painful in my life.

I had to complete what I started, so on the particular day I was there in the centre for enrolling myself for the final semester. I observed that Titli was waiting anxiously for me at the gate.

I observed that her curvaceous frame was draped in a brilliant blue coloured sari and short blouse. The dark colour made a beautiful contrast against her creamy complexion. Her face was radiant, she sported a beautiful smile on seeing me. She walked towards me slowly and stood beside me. I forgot all my promises that I made to myself.

I returned a soft smile and asked her, "How are you? What about your result?"

Her feminine fragrance was maddening along with her smile. "I am doing fine and I have got admission in M.Sc."

"Good to hear that, I am really happy." I answered.

"Why you are looking bit down today?" she looked deeply into my eyes.

I thought I was able to overcome all my pains, I didn't know that still those eyes bore some marks of affliction. I answered her in a cold voice, "My grandma passed away last week."

My words brought tears in her eyes. She almost shrieked, "What? I wanted to meet her?"

My grandma also wanted to meet with Titli; probably it was not the choice of fate. I said her, "I am fine, Titli. I have pulled myself up from that and I don't want to hurl myself in more pain."

She was unable to understand as what I meant. She looked deeply in my eyes, "There is something else in your eyes. You are a hard nut to crack, Adi." I was not in a mood to carry on the conversation. She pulled me by my shirt and said, "Come on, drop me home."

I did not bring my bike intentionally on that day because I knew that she would ask for a ride, her touch would melt my agonising conflicting heart and I might commit what I should not commit. I said to her, "I have not brought my bike. You have to go alone."

She gave me a perplexed look and asked, "What? I have to go alone? Can't we take a taxi?"

I feigned a bad headache, "No Titli, you have to go alone. I am not feeling well today." the real ache was wringing my soul.

She smiled and said, "Ok don't worry, we go to any medical shop to buy some medicine, then we take a taxi and you drop me home."

Why can't you understand Titli? I was about to shout at her, but her ever-smiling lips and sparkle of her eyes refrained me from doing so. I gave a faint smile and obeyed her.

I kept to myself for the whole ride. She kept on bubbling about how she spent her Puja holidays with her friends. I gave occasional smiles at her.

"Next week is my birthday and you are coming to my house." She commanded me as if I was hers.

"Is that a request or invitation?" I gave a futile smile.

She gave me a stern smiling look, "No, it is neither a request nor invitation, it is my command and you are going to obey."

"I will try." I answered although I knew that I would not be attending her birthday.

"No try, I want you at me place. I have called all of my classmates and friends. There won't be any problem." She said to me.

I made her a false promise, "Ok I promise that I will be there."

I could make up from her face that she was very happy to be with me after a long absence and she was happy to hear that I would be there at her birthday.

On that designated day, I restrained myself very hard to make a call to her house to wish her. I came home in the evening with a bottle of alcohol. After a couple of years, I was drinking again. I sat on the bed and poured the drink in a glass. All I was able to hear Anoushka's voice as few glasses went down my throat. The walls were cowering over me and vehemently abusing me for being an ill-fated soul. I tried to drown those words as I poured more drink down my throat. I could fathom the future, I would propose her, she would be overjoyed, her father would be the hindrance and the result would be a pair of bloody soul. I made up my mind that I would not go to her birthday party at her house.

It was late at night the sound of the phone bell shattered the crowded silence around me.

"Hello..." I stammered.

"What are you doing at home? Why haven't you come at my birthday?" Titli sounded very hurt.

My tongue felt dry, I stammered, "Why on earth, should I be present at your birthday?"

"You know why you should be present." I imagined that her eyes were glistening as her voice was bit choked. She queried me, "Are you drinking?"

I hissed at her, "Yes I am. You know it very well that our relation cannot materialise due to your fathers stern nature. So stop playing with me Anoushka." First time in months, I called her in proper name.

"Budhaditya, I HATE YOU." She shouted on the other end and kept the phone.

I pressed the receiver on my chest and looked up the ceiling. Her last words echoed in the cavern of my ears for long time, "Budhaditya I hate you." The walls and the windows also started to voice the same, "Budhaditya I hate you." I closed my eyes and Titli's beautiful deluged eyes were floating in front of me, she whispered in my ears, "I HATE YOU ADI for hurting me and I hate myself for coming close to you. I do not have the right to have a good friend like you. Please forgive me."

Winter knocked on the door and covered the city with her harsh charms. Days turned to weeks. That small act of insanity hurled our cohesion into void space. Titli used to come to class as usual. Whenever I tried to look at her, she used to turn her face and talk to someone else. I observed the pain of severance was burning deep in her heart. I knew we had chosen the right path. Her pains against me would be a boon for both of us in turn. At least the breakup wont hurt our lives and hurl us in abyss of doom.

In the meantime, Debadideb informed me that once I complete my course, I would get some job at his place. I was happy to know that my days were numbered to face Titli's tearful eyes.

Weeks turned to months and a new year dawned. The distance between us widened but no one around us was aware, as most of the fellow students knew nothing of our previous cohesion. Every evening I used to return in my bike and she used to take taxi to return home after class. Cold wintery nights brought painful reminiscences flooding in my mind. Sometimes I dreamt of my beloved mother cuddling me in her lap, sometimes I dreamt of my beloved grandma and her soothing palm on my head. All my loved ones standing around my bed anxiously waiting for me to sleep but the cruelty of fate did not allowed me to sleep peacefully.

The winter gave way for the autumn to step in. The winds were getting warmer day by day and the humidity in the air of Kolkata was rising again. Cool breeze kept the climate cool during the nighttime. Along with the humid warm air, there was evident fragrance of a void. We never exchanged a single word for about hundred days.

That Saturday noon we had an extra class in the centre. That day I was not on bike for some reason. After the classes were over, I stood at the bus-stand waiting for my bus to arrive. I noticed that Titli was standing at the bus-stand along with her friends. I was unable to understand why on that day she was waiting for the bus, she always take taxi. I kept on smoking my cigarette. She gave few glances at me with the corner of her eyes. She knew very well that I was watching her intently. Her face was red due to the hot sun overhead and few strands of her snaky locks were dangling on her cheek.

A bus arrived which was less crowded. Her friends went away and she was still standing. Rich girl, I laughed at her, always has to board taxi. She gave a piercing glance at me and then stepped forward to cross the road. A speeding bike came from the opposite direction and braked just before hitting her. She was taken by surprise and sprained her left ankle.

Suddenly my grandma whispered in my ears, "Adi, why are you standing here? How can you watch your love crying in pain in front of you? You are the apple of my eye, Adi. Go and win her heart, win her father's heart. Take one step at a time, you have my blessing." Her invisible hands pushed me.

I ran towards her and put my arms behind her before she could fall down. She was frightened as who held her, she looked at my face, a flash of anger sparked through. The rider got down from the bike and expressed his remorse for being rash. I shouted at him for driving so rashly.

Titli was unable to stand properly, yet she pushed me away. I looked at her burning eyes; her gaze was piercing my soul to the core. She was almost in tears due to her pain. I kneeled down at her feet and gently massaged her ankle to ease her pain.

She hissed at me, "Don't dare to touch me. I don't want your help, leave me alone." She kicked me to free her ankle but I held her calf tightly and massaged her ankle gently to ease her pain. She shouted at me, "Leave me alone. I don't need your help; I can take a taxi and go home."

I left her ankle and stood up. She tried to walk but limped badly due to the pain. I put my hand on the small of her back and supported her. She looked back at me as I touched her. Her eyes were about to spill the beads of pearl.

I was having an intense pain in my soul after noticing the glistening eyes. "Titli, you are not able to stand properly, how come you will go home." I asked her in a very calm voice. I waved at a taxi to stop. I looked at her and asked whether she would be able to walk or not.

She gave me a stern gaze and tried to limp towards the taxi. I shook my head, silly girl. I took her on my lap and carried her to the taxi. She resisted at first but my strong arms around her, restrained her from doing so.

Once inside, she looked at me with her tearful eyes. Those depicted a painful tale. I took her left leg on my lap and gently massaged her ankle. She tried to resist at first but I held her calf tightly. I asked myself as what was happening with me. I was losing myself to her.

I looked at her with hazy gaze and asked, "Feeling some respite, now?"

She looked at me with tearful eyes and slapped hard across my face. My cheek burnt, probably I needed that. She sobbed, "Don't try to show your attitude to me?" She mocked me, "Feeling some respite now? I am no one to you so why do you care for me?"

"I am sorry, I don't know, Titli." My voice was choked.

She shouted at me, "Why don't you go away from my life? Why don't you let me sleep peacefully?"

I mumbled my apology to her, "I am sorry Titli, please forgive me for what happened."

She slapped on my other cheek. "Forgive you after ruining my life? No, never." She kept on pouring ire vehemently, "You don't know what I had gone through. I won't forgive you in my life time."

"Ok don't forgive me, but don't shed those pearls please?" I tried to touch her cheek.

She bit her lower lips to control her tears as the pearl drops trickled down her cheeks. Her voice choked, "Forgive an idiot like you is my fate. My dad is going to kill me now."

She looked outside the window. On the curve of her cheek, I observed large droplets of tears trickle continuously. I kept on massaging her ankle gently for quiet sometime. I was unable to stand before her snivelled eyes. After sometime, I said to her, "Parineeta called me few days after your birthday."

She wiped her tears and looked at me, "I told her to call you."

"Why? What happened at your house? Your dad told you something?" I asked her.

She gently nodded her head, "I was very upset on that day. After everyone left, I locked myself in my room. My father figured out something and he warned me. I had a fight with him telling him that he was making things up in his wild imagination. My mom intervened and pacified my dad. She then asked me the reason of my depression. I told her that I was upset because my best friend was not there."

I smiled at her, "So did you cried that day?"

She snapped at me, "I will slap you hard. Did you cried? No, I did not, why should I cry for a coward idiot like you?" We both laughed.

I looked deeply in her eyes, "So we are good friends." My hand was still on her ankle, I pinched her calf gently "How are you feeling now, fine?"

She blushed purple and brought her gaze down, her ears turned red, "Will you stop touching my ankle like that, Adi?"

Hearing my name again on those sweet lips, felt as honey to me. I said, "Ok, I won't touch you but don't be mad at me like that." The hard ice started melting between us.

She touched my cheek and asked, "Did I hurt you very much?" I pressed her palm on my cheek and kissed her fingers gently.

She muttered, "You are a very hard nut to crack, Adi. I feel sometimes that you are a total stranger to me and I do not know who you are, I don't know why you have come in my life?"

I said to her, "So you don't know me? Shall I get down from the taxi then?"

She slapped playfully on my hand, "Don't tease me. I am truly speaking that you are a very hazy character."

I nodded my head, "Ok, so you want to know about me. I am five feet eight inches tall, few days short of turning twenty-seven and I live in a two room flat at Dumdum. I do a job at camac street and all my student life I spent in hostels. Most important thing is that, you have the faith upon me to keep your leg on my lap till now."

She laughed heartily; her pearly teeth sparkled through those rose petals, "Very effective description. I will consider your application."

We reached near her place. I asked her whether she would be able to walk to her house or not.

She barked at me, "What do you think of yourself? You carried me without my consent to the taxi and then never left my leg. Now you are asking me whether you can go from here or not? I am unable to walk."

"Titli, think again." I said in a calm voice.

She said, "Don't worry Adi, dad is not at home only my mother is. Come on."

She kept her arm on my shoulder as I helped her inside the house. A maidservant came running on seeing her in that condition. Titli was limping with my arm around her waist. The maid stood there perplexed for some time and then called for Titli's mother.

I looked around the drawing room; it seemed that everything was bloating. I helped Titli to sit on the sofa. I wondered how come she was so friendly with a person like me.

Her mother entered and was frightened to see her with sprained ankle. She gave me an anxious look. I waved at her and assured her that nothing much has happened. I bowed down to touch her feet.

She smiled and placed her hand on my head. She asked "You must be Budhaditya, right?" I nodded at her.

She was an elegant lady, yet her nature and the smile she wore was very much motherly and down to the earth. I was then able to understand as what made Titli so different from others.

Her mother sat beside her and asked me, "How did this happen?" Titli told her the whole story as how the bike rushed how she sprained her ankle and how I brought her home. She said that she was fine and her pain was dissipating.

She smiled at her and said, "Yes I should not worry much about you. You have now grown up."

Titli sat beside her mom with her arms around her neck. Aunt was gently rubbing her soothing palm over her head. I enjoyed the beautiful canvas of a loving mother caring her beautiful daughter.

I asked their permission to leave but aunt requested to have lunch with them. She said to me that I visited their house for the very first time so I should at least have something. Aunt asked me whether I would like to have some tea or not. I nodded to express that I would like to have some.

Titli got up from the sofa, smiled at me and said to her mother, "I am going to the kitchen."

I observed that her mom's face was enlightened, "Are you sure? Tell the maid servant she will prepare."

Titli paid no heed at her words. She walked away with a slight limp and smile on her lips. After she left us alone, aunt asked me, "What do you do?"

"I did my graduation in physics from Narendrapur RK Mission College and then I joined in an electrical consultancy firm. I am planning to change my field after completing this computer course." I answered her.

She took a deep breath and said to me "Titli wants to be a teacher after completing her Masters. She pestered us to get her admitted to that course so as to keep up with the time."

I nodded my head, "I know that very well, Auntie. She is intelligent and silly at the same time."

She looked at my face and kept quiet for some time. I was unable to fathom as what was running inside her head. She smiled and asked me, "How do you know all these about, Titli?"

Very aptly, I answered, "It is evident Auntie, she is doing Masters and also learning the latest technologies hand in hand. That shows her intelligence."

I turned away the course of the conversation by asking about her son, Titli's brother. She told me that, Arunavo just appeared for higher secondary exams, results were waiting. He was very naughty and he was not at home.

She said to me, "Next time you visit our house, I am not going to leave you without having lunch."

I smiled at her, "Provided you are cooking. I don't want antacid in my dessert."

She laughed heartily upon hearing, "Don't worry, you tell me what do you want in lunch and I will cook for you."

I smiled at her and said, "Even if you prepare sukto (a Bengali dish) that will be sweet. I will relish whatever you prepare. But don't forget to pass some of your culinary knowledge to your mirthful daughter."

She smiled but after few moments her smile vanished, "Sometimes I worry too much about her future. She is jolly and makes friends so easily." Motherly concern was dripping from her voice.

I persuaded her, "Don't worry auntie. Actually she is very diplomatic and knows her acquaintances very well. She may have lots of friends but does not rely on people too easily."

She smiled and looked directly in my eyes, "Really? I did not know that she was diplomatic. I think you are very much cognizant with her."

My face became red as if I was caught red handed. Did I mess up things on the very first day? I queried myself repeatedly. Was it necessary to tell all those to her mother? I thought.

Titli entered the room with two cups. Aunt smiled at me and then looked at her daughter. She teased her, "You don't prepare tea for us and today you prepared three cups?"

"Mom, don't say that. I do cook food sometimes." She looked at me and said, "Don't pay heed to my mom. I do know how to cook and all."

I teased her, "And after having your food, you do serve antacid as dessert."

She cried out, "I will slap you now."

Auntie smiled at her and asked, "How is your ankle?"

She smiled and said, "Much less pain, I can walk now."

Auntie looked at both of us and answered, "Yes I can see that your pain is gone." Her cheeks turned pink, she was unable to look in her mother's eyes.

After finishing the tea, I asked their permission to leave. I asked Titli to take care of her ankle. She gestured that she would call me at night. I shook my head and warned her not to put herself in unwanted tension.

She called at night and was beaming with sparkles in her voice, "What did you told to mom? She was beaming with praises about you."

"Really" I exclaimed "I told her that you are a stupid, silly and insane girl."

She cursed me, "And you are a boring, immature rascal."

She kept on babbling as how she felt in past months when we were just exchanging fiery glances at each other. I listened her every words, occasionally saying some single syllables as she was nonstop babbling. I understood that neither of us would be able to live apart from each other.

I took a deep breath, filled my lungs with air and said to myself, let's see what happens Budhaditya. Hurl yourself forward with open arms embrace the unknown future that is knocking at your doorstep. You have your grandma's blessings with you.

Next day evening I found her at the centre. I was astonished to see her there. I asked her whether her ankle was fine or not. She smiled and replied that she will live with pain. I gently slapped on the back of her head and teased her. For the whole time, she sat close to me. Arms brushing over the other; fingers touching at times; sparks flying all over our arms. Her face was glowing like a full moon, I was happy to her smiling face.

After the class, I observed that she was a total different person altogether. She was chirping with her friends and laughing. She was in a jubilant mood. I waited for her at a distance, watching her frolic nature.

Anirban came near me and whispered in my ears, "What happened, dude? Everything settled?"

I laughed at him and shook my head, "Nothing is settled dude, and the picture is still hazy."

"No man." He pointed at Titli, "She is quiet different today. You are one hell lucky dude." I laughed at him.

I looked at my watch; time was running fast so I called Titli and informed her that it was getting late. She came near me and said that she was not bothered since I was with her. For the whole of the return journey, she sat on the pillion glued on my back. I felt her soft warm frame creating tingling sensation all over my body. She kept quiet for the whole journey, probably flying in a newfound bliss and enjoying the flight.

From the next day, our cohesion grew as usual. Every evening after classes, it was my pleasure to drop her at her place. Time was passing very fast and I was eagerly waiting for the final call. Even without saying those words, we knew from the depth of our heart about our mutual sentiments. I knew that I had to take the step and she was not the issue. I knew that there would be commotion in her house regarding the matter and I prepared myself to encounter any kind of forthcoming wrangle.

One night, Debadideb called me to inform that he has looked for a job in Durgapur. I told him that I was not in the mood to leave Kolkata. He was confused and asked me whether I was seeing someone or not. I laughed at him. We were never very close with each other still he was my only cousin brother I could call for something. I told him nothing about Titli, made some excuse to avoid his queries.

It was last week of March. There was no class on that day so there was no meeting with Titli also. That night I received a much-unexpected call from a much unexpected person of whom I was unable to think in thousands of years. It was a female voice on the other end and that was not of Titli.

"Hello, Budhaditya how are you?" she asked me. I was unable to recognise her voice on the phone so I asked her as who she was.

I heard her laugh, "You don't recognise my voice? Happy birthday, Budhaditya."

I myself forgot my birthday usually grandma used to be at my place on every birthday, on that day I was alone so I was unable to make that my birthday was on the next day. I was perplexed that who the hell on the earth could remember my birth day. Only three persons in my life would celebrate my birthday. Two of them left me for heavenly abode and the voice was not of my damsel. I asked her, "Sorry, I am unable to recognise you, Madam."

"I am the person whom you probably hate most in the world." I heard her laughing, on the other end.

I was dumbfounded as if a bolt fell upon me; I was able to assume that the voice was of Nilanjana Madam. For few moments, I was unable to come to terms that she called me to wish on my birthday.

I chewed my words, "Madam, I thank you for wishing." I was unable to say anything.

"Wont you say anything to me? I know you might be very angry upon me. Am I right?" She kept on saying, "I want to meet you and tell you everything before you judge me." I was speechless by her guts that she called me even after knowing everything. As if, someone poured burning amber on my frame. "So you are not going to forgive us, right? Good night."

After she kept the phone, I cursed her for digging out the dark past and pains out of the grave. I was unable to sleep, I kept on tossing in bed; I was helpless and filled with severe angst. The lady took away my father from me and she called me to express her compliments.

It was about midnight and I was tossing in my bed when I received a call from Titli.

"Hello" Titli sounded very excited, "What are you doing?"

"I was about to goto bed." I answered her.

"You can forget my birthday but I can't. Happy birthday." She was in a vibrant mood.

All my grieves were thwarted by her sweet voice. My eyes filled with tears on hearing her wish. I could not speak for few seconds and then I expressed my thanks to her.

She probably fathomed my ache, "Why are you sounding so gloom? Where are aunt and uncle?"

I concealed the truth and answered that they were doing fine, I was missing my grandmother.

"Tomorrow no classes, I want to give you a treat." She sounded very excited.

I asked her, "You want to give me treat, but it is the other way round, dear."

She mocked at me, "Come on, Adi, does that matter who gives treat to whom? Pick me up from my college by five in the evening and then I will tell where to go."

I laughed, "I will obey every word of yours, don't worry."

"Sleep tight and don't be restless." she joked and kept the phone. I felt rejuvenated with a vibrant energy.

Next day, I took off early from my office and reached her college. On the way, I entered a jewellery shop and bought a pair of rose shaped gold earring for her. I knew her choice of jewelleries that she likes to wear; most of them were fancy but sophisticated. Seldom had she worn any gold jewellery, but I thought that that would attract her.

As I reached, I saw her waiting for me along with Parineeta and her friends. She was looking stunning in a knee length, navy blue skirt and a white frilled shirt. Her lips were pink and cheeks were rosy. Her well-toned calves covered in black nylon stockings, with high heels on. Silky hair came down in waves, bouncing below her shoulder. Her sophisticated and elegant nature was dripping from every pores of her fair skin. I was unable to make whether it was my birthday or hers. I noticed that Parineeta whispered something in her ears and she smiled at me. She waved to her friends and then slowly walked towards me. She held a brown leather file-cover across her chest that added an extra grace in her looks.

"Hi handsome, come on lets go." She sat on the pillion, "Drive to the Outram Ghat. There is an ice-cream parlour."

I teased her, "Are you going to kill someone in this bewitching attire?"

"Oh!" she mocked me, "Yes definitely, today is very special. My boyfriend is going to take me out today. Want to meet him?" she tickled my stomach, "Now drive quickly before my boyfriend goes away."

I laughed at her, "Silly girl, you are making me wild."

The time we reached the ice-cream parlour, the sun was already over the west horizon. The water of River Ganges became red with the fading light of the day. The lights of the second hoogly bridge were shining dimly. The cold breeze was blowing from the river igniting the sparks of passion inside me.

We sat on a table on the second floor facing the wide glass window opening to the river. She sat on my left, embracing my arm tightly by both hands. She rested her head on my left shoulder and looked to the river through the big glass window. I looked at her face; her eyes were sleepy, dreaming about some unknown horizon. I felt a deep urge to held her in my arms and kiss her beautiful lips.

I rubbed my nose on her head, took a deep breath of her sweet feminine fragrance and whispered in her ears, "Dreaming about someone, Honey." I lowered my voice and said, "I want to say something to you."

She held my left arm tightly, rubbed her cheeks on the round of my shoulder and whispered, "Don't say a word, Adi, please. I want to enjoy the excitement that has inundated me to the core. I feel goose bumps all over my skin by the mere thought of that precious moment."

"Ok, as you wish." I was also floating in bliss along with the beautiful nymph.

She said to me after quiet sometime, "Say something, why are we so quiet."

I laughed at her, "Once you ask me to keep quiet and then you ask me to talk. Am I a tape recorder that you can switch-off and switch-on as you wish?"

She gave a veiled angry look at me and said, "Yes you are my tape recorder and now talk." She looked around and we noticed that few others were also looking at us. I knew that she was making everyone to skip a heartbeat by her stunning suave attire.

"Have you been on the boat ever?" I asked her pointing to the boats floating on the river.

She laughed loudly and then whispered in my ears, "You want to goto the boat? Do you know what all happens in those boat after sundown?"

I was unaware as what could happen in those boats. For me, people could go for a trip on the Ganges in those simple boats. I shook my head.

She explained to me in a low voice, "After sundown, prostitutes flock the banks. Cheap people make out in those boats and couples who want to enjoy cheaply make out in those boats."

I was taken aback by her words. She nodded at me, "Don't look at me like that. I will show you while returning."

I took out the small box that contained the earring and placed it on her hand. She opened the box and looked deeply in my eyes. Her eyes dazzled, "What is this?"

I asked her, "Do you like it? I want to make up for the lost birthday that I was unable to attend."

Her face glowed, her eyes glistened and she bit her lower lips, "You are a real stupid person, Adi. You thought that you need to impress me with some expensive gift, did you?"

"Nah!" I exclaimed at her, "I never thought in such manner, Titli. I just got that on the footpath dear."

She smiled and took out those earrings, "I see that, you know my choice very well." She then wore those on her earlobes.

I nodded at her, "I had to, milady. Else I would be in trouble in future." We both laughed heartily.

Time flew past like tempest. Before we could soak ourselves in mutual bliss, it was dark outside. I said to her that we should leave for home. She pleaded me that she wants to sit for some more time. I persuaded her that I would take her out some day but she was reluctant. Virtually I had to pull her up from that place because I knew that if she returns late then there would be a huge storm in her house.

She smiled at me and took out two packets from her bag. I asked her as what it was. She said pointing to a small packet, "In this I have made a cake for you, I am not sure how it would be. So I was afraid to give you before."

I joked at her, "That means if I die then I die alone."

She suddenly put her fingers on my lips, "Don't say that." Her fingers felt like cream being smeared on my lips. Gently I took her hand and kissed her on the fingers, she shuddered as my wet tongue traced her middle finger. She moaned, "What are you doing? Everyone is looking at us. Leave my fingers, scoundrel." she freed her hand and scolded me, "Have I gave you the consent yet?" I felt bit ashamed on my sudden behaviour.

She pointed to the other packet and said, "There is a book, SathKahan by Samaresh Majumder. I know that you love to read novels. Therefore, I bought that for you. I am not rich as you, I do not earn. Although I get huge pocket money but I did not want to buy present for you from those." Her voice fluttered a bit "I received scholarship from my dad's office after higher-secondary exams. I saved that for three years to buy present for the person who will make me feel like real butterfly."

I was overwhelmed by her gesture. I forgot that we were in an ice-cream parlour. I pulled her by her hand, made her to stand between my legs. I threw my arms around her narrow waist and looked in her eyes. She was smiling and same time her eyelids were moist. She kept her arms on my shoulder and looked deeply into my eyes, "Don't look at me like that, I will melt in your arms."

That day was probably one of the best evenings that I spend in a long time. That day probably was the best birthday I ever rejoiced in a long time.

We kept on pushing the precious moment of voicing the words of ardour. We both were relishing the excitement of the game of attraction. The time approached for the semester to end. The summer poured its burning amber from the sky, yet those harsh sunrays was unable to subdue our meetings.

On the last day of the semester when I dropped Titli at her place, I told her that I would take her out. She was very excited, I did not confide as where I would take her.

"When we will be going?" she asked me.

I was also not sure as where I would take her so I told, "I am not sure as of now."

She threw her arms in the air and jumped, "I would love to ride with you for eternity. I would love to feel the breeze caressing my hair and face."

I said to her, "You need to have some plan for that. Tell your parents that you will be going somewhere after college and you might come late."

"So are we planning for some long drive?" excitement was dripping from all over her frame.

"I don't know, let us ride and see where the road ends. I promised you that I would spend an entire day with you. The day has come, Titli." I said to her.

"Uff ... I am having goose bumps." She took my hand and placed on her cheek, "Are you trying to elope with me?" she gave me a teasing look, "I am not going to run away with such a boring person."

"Naughty siren." I gently patted on her cheek, "On Friday I will take an off from office and pick you sharp at nine o'clock from the college. And don't wear such sophisticated dress in this scorching humid summer."

She nodded, "Ok, ok. I will obey every word of yours."

On the designated date, I arrived at Titli's college at college street. She was waiting there for me alone; I tiptoed behind her and waited. She was anxiously waiting for me, looking at her watch repeatedly and looking at the road. Her slender frame was wrapped well in a light pink sari, her smooth arms glowing in the summer sun. Her face was red and there were sweat beads all over her forehead. She tied her long tresses in a bun. Repeatedly she was removing the lock dancing on her right cheek. I devoured her beauty and enjoyed her anxiety for some time.

I gently knocked her shoulder and whispered in her ears "Waiting for someone?"

She got startled and then started beating me, "Why you kept me waiting for so long, you scoundrel? I am sweating badly."

I put my left arm on the small of her back and said that I was waiting behind her devouring her charms to my heart content. Her face was already red due to the sun, upon hearing my words she blushed very sweetly. I wiped a drop of sweat from her nose and asked her to sit on the bike. She held my left arm and came close to my chest, her face expressed that she was sailing in an ocean of bliss.

"Where are we going?" she asked me as we hit the road towards the Victoria Memorial.

She embraced my waist tightly and glued on my back. I felt her soft bosom melting on my back. She pressed her cheek on my nape. Those sensations took me to the seventh heaven of ecstasy.

I said to her, "We will take the Diamond Harbour Road and then let us see where the road takes."

She expressed bit angst on hearing the name of the place, "I am not going to Diamond Harbour."

I asked her, "Why?"

She answered, "Don't you know the reason?" I shook my head. She said, "Couples go to Diamond Harbour, book hotel rooms for doing all kind of nasty acts."

I laughed at her, "Titli, you mean young couples go there to have sex."

She shouted at me and gently slapped on my chest, "You rascal you knew all these. I am not going with you. Stop the bike."

I teased her, "Come on, Titli, sometime you will experience that also." I was enjoying her butterfly-feelings. I knew very well that she does not love discuss about sex in open, actually before that we never discussed anything regarding that subject. I teased her again, "Titli, I am sure that you have some fantasies deep down your heart, waiting to get unfolded."

She bit my nape and screamed, "Adi, will you stop. I won't talk to you." She began tickling me on my chest. I felt difficulty in driving my bike but I kept of teasing her as her soft fingers were igniting a passionate sensation all over my frame.

She rubbed her nose on my nape and then whispered, "I love to be cuddled and caressed. I want you to hold me in your arms and just caress me all over. I want to feel your fingers tracing every corners and curves of my body." After saying that she hid her face on the curve of my right shoulder. I was unable to see her facial expression but I imagined that her face might have turned pink by then. She was breathing heavily on my shoulder and I was enjoying those moment of her demureness.

We both kept silent floating in the winds as I raced the bike towards an unknown destination. Her palms were grazing on my chest, caressing my muscle over my shirt.

She pressed her soft lips on my nape, lashed out her tongue and traced on the salty skin. I trembled on the touch of her wet tongue-tip. I was getting restless by her sensuous touches. I helplessly writhed and tried to concentrate on the road. She started biting my nape gently, leaving teeth marks all over. She whispered in my ears, "You were being naughty, now how is this?"

I was unable to take more; I screamed softly, "Please don't do this, Titli. I am unable to drive."

She mocked me, "When I asked you to stop asking me all those, then did you stop? Now it is my turn to tease you."

"Ok do you want to hear my fantasies?" I asked her.

She screamed, "No Adi, no."

I scolded her softly, "Then sit quietly, else I will be vocal in my wild fantasies."

She embraced me tightly in her arms and whispered, "Ok, dear. I will be a good girl as of now."

I asked her, "Tell me, how you managed to steal time?"

She giggled, "Meticulous planning my dear. I told my mom that I would be staying at Parineeta's house at night. So don't worry about being late, but you should drop me at her place by ten o'clock. Sunday is her birthday; she has invited both of us."

"Brilliant lady." I said to her "And Parineeta knows that you are going out with me."

She said, "Yes she knows."

"What was her reaction? What did she said to you?" I asked her.

She teased me, "She gave me a devilish smile and warned me from you. Probably she knew that you are a devil in a sheepskin. Only I was unaware of that fact."

We reached Diamond Harbour by noon. The burning sun was pouring scorching rays over us.

I looked at Titli; her face was red, partially due to sun and partially due to the conversation. She slapped me without looking into my eyes. I put my arm around her shoulder to pacify her.

I asked a passerby as where the road leads. The person answered that the roads leads to Kakdwip a place far away from Diamond Harbour. I looked at Titli over my shoulder and gestured her whether she would like to stop there or move along the unknown road. She expressed that she would love to sit on my pillion until the sun goes down the west horizon.

"Ok as my milady commands." I started the bike along the road.

After a long drive we reached the place. I looked around; there were only few dingy shops and nothing else. The road ended on the bank of River Ganges.

I pointed to the road and said to Titli, "The road ends here, Titli." She was astonished to find the truth. I asked her, "What now?"

She got down and looked around, there was a small island due to the sediments, and she pointed to that island and said, "Can we go there?"

I nodded my head, "Probably we can. I have to ask the boat for that."

"Adi, I am hungry and thirsty." She pleaded. I could fathom her tiredness due to long four-hour drive, I felt sorry for her. Her face was red and the due to drive under the scorching sun, we both were sweating profusely.

We entered a dingy eatery. I said to her, "Madam, there is no star hotels or restaurants here. You have to eat in these road side shops."

She gave me a sweet smile in spite of fatigue, "I am ready to stay wherever you are going to keep me. Don't worry about me rather I am worried about you."

After sometime, we rented a boat to take us tom the other side of the bank. She held me tightly as the boat was undulating very much.

I asked her, "Do you want to do a titanic scene here? See the wide river and a small boat, perfect ambience for a Caprio and Winslet scene."

She screamed at me, "Have you gone mad? I don't know swimming, do you?"

I shook my head, as I was also not a good swimmer. She scolded me as how irresponsible I can be to take her on a small boat, she expressed her fear that if the boat capsize then what would happen. I embraced her tightly and assured her that nothing like that would ever happen.

We walked to the bank of the river; the river was so wide that we were unable to see the other bank properly. There were some huge container ships floating. She asked me as where they were going. I said, probably there was some port nearby to which they were sailing.

We sat on the bank on the green grass. She rested her head on my left shoulder looked out to the infinite horizon. The sky kissing the sea and it was difficult to demarcate as where the sky ended.

She pointed out to some seagulls flying overhead and said, "They are very happy, they can go from any place to another without having any restriction."

I asked her, "Are you not happy?"

"Yes I am, Adi, but there is still a long way to go." She sounded bit distressful. She looked at me and said, "My dad, you have to talk to my dad. I respect him very much and don't break my heart, Adi."

I pressed my lips on her forehead and said, "Hey silly girl, I will definitely talk to Mr. Bannerjee and keep faith that all will be ok. What about Aunt? What is her reaction?"

She looked at me, "My mom won't have any problem but the main problem is that none of us have much say in the house in-front of my father. You have to persuade my father." She paused for a little, rubbed her nose on mine, and asked "How about aunt and uncle? Do they know about us?"

My eyes glistened; I smiled at her "I have told my mom about you, and she is happy with what makes me happy. As for my dad, he does not care as what I do."

She gave me an inquisitive look, "You never talked about your parents. Why so? Every time you avoided me, whenever I asked about them?"

The sun was going down the west horizon. The river water slowly turned orange, mingled in the rays of the drowning sun. A faint pain of losing another day cramped my heart. From a deep corner of my heart, someone whispered to me, "Adi time has come, you need to tell her about you."

"My mom is with me, Want to meet her?" I asked her. She gave me a perplexed look. I took out my purse and showed her the picture of my mother. The picture that was taken few months before her demise. I held her hand tightly, bowed down my head trying hard to control the spilling tears from my eyes, "This is my mom, she stays with me always."

She was intelligent enough to fathom cramping pain of mine. She shrieked, "I did not know that Adi. You never told me about you."

"No it is ok. I had to tell you one day so why not today." I continued, "I was a year short of school-final exams, when the news of my mother's ill-health came to me in the hostel. I came back only to find that my beloved mother was gone. I was left with my grandparents. My father left me and never turned back. I don't know why he left. Later I came to knew that he got married and I don't want to disturb his happy family." Tears were running down from our eyes. I continued, "My mother was vocal against sending me to the hostel for studying but I was sent away. When I came back, there was no one to embrace me except my grandparents. I felt lost in this whole universe. I completed my college also from a hostel. My granddad bought me a flat when I was in college. After few years, my granddad also passed away and then last year, my last straw, my beloved grandma left me. And that is Budhaditya Ghosh, sitting before you, the most ill-fated person in this whole world who has lost everything."

She took my face between her palms and pressed my head across her bosom. She pressed her lips on my forehead and sobbed, "I will make up what you have lost. Don't ever say that you are a lost soul, Adi."

We were surrounded by an infinitesimal lull; only the mingled sound of our pulsating heart could be heard. The sun already went down; the hour was getting late. I freed myself from her arms and looked into her eyes; those were fluffy and red, glistening in liquid drop of pearls.

I wiped her tears, "I am ok, Titli. I am hardened soul by now."

She smiled painfully, "You are still a mystery to me." She then whispered in my ears, "I am not going home today, I want to goto your place today. I will call Parineeta to manage."

I patted Titli on her head, "Titli, this will be a stupid idea. Parineeta babbles too much she might divulge and the consequence can be dire for you. Either I drop you at her place or I drop you at your place."

She threw her arms around my neck and whispered, "Give me the spare key of my future place."

I put my arms around her narrow waist, pulled her upon my chest. Her soft bosoms crushed on my chest muscle. Strong feminine fragrance filled the cavities of my empty brain, igniting the hidden urge to suck her honey-filled lips. My palms roamed over her exposed back, over her smooth satin skin. I felt her goose bumps on my palm as I caressed all over the exposed back and spine.

I stooped down over her enticing face and expressed my utmost feelings to her, "Will you let me kiss your smiling crinkled face, bathed in the golden sunrays of west when we grow old?"

Titli's big black eyes glistened on hearing my proposal. She nodded her head and whispered, "I would Love to, Adi." She pushed herself on her toes to reach out for my lips by her trembling lips. Soft voice emanated from her lips, "I love you Adi." Our nose-tip touched each other; sparks of passion flew from our eyes. Heavy breathing caused our chest to flatten on one another. I brought down my lips over her quivering red petals. I felt her hot breath all over my face. She closed her eyes in the forthcoming anticipation of the taste of saliva.

Titli asked me to pick her up by the evening and for some unfortunate reason, I was late to reach there. I looked at Titli, waiting for me anxiously at the bus-stand. The anxious look on her face added an extra stroke of beauty to her. I could feel the prying eyes of the passersby lewdly gazing at her.

I looked at her with pleading eyes, she ran towards me and slapped me playfully, "Why were you late? I felt as if getting raped by those passers-by."

I looked at her from head to toe and said, "If you wear such short jeans and revealing red dress then everyone is going to look at you darling. Can't you wear anything modest?"

She sat on the pillion and said to me, "Adi, I am not boring as you. I want to enjoy my life. By the way, I am going to a party and this is party wear."

I answered her, "You could have wear something nice and modest. There was no need to wear such revealing dress."

She spewed ire, "What is the problem with my dress? You and mom are the same. My dress is my choice, don't say anything more."

I shook my head and answered, "It will take time for me to get accustomed to all these frolicking."

She asked me, "Are you angry upon me? Do you want to fight?"

I observed that the heat was brewing and the volcano could spew lava any moment. It was better to keep shut for the time being, "No I am not. Sorry, I don't want to ruin your evening."

I kept silent rather to poke an injured snake. I cursed her although not directly, for not listening to Auntie. She sensed that I was hurt by her ire so after sometime she held me tightly and whispered, "Are you angry? Sorry, sorry, sorry, now please forgive me. See I am holding my ears. I will surely obey to whatever you say."

I complimented her for her sexy outfit, "Ok, I forgive you. By the way you are looking too seductive in that dress." I then asked her, "Who all are coming at her birthday?"

She slapped my playfully, "Now you like my dress, right." She giggled, "Basically her birthday passed away few days back. Today her parents are not at home so she is throwing a booze party."

I exclaimed, "What?"

"Wow ... there will be full enjoyment tonight. Will you stay?" She asked me.

I said to her in a stern voice, "Titli; tomorrow is my office. I am not staying in any unknown place neither you are."

She pleaded at first but since I was adamant so at last she obliged not to stay, "Ok dear, as you wish."

The time we reached Parineeta's house we were late and all her friends arrived by then. The blaring sound of the music system and the gathering in that drawing room was beaming with new earned freedom. I looked around the bunch of playful young bloods. The girls present were also in party mood, wearing short dresses. Most of their assets were visible.

Parineeta greeted Titli with a bear hug. I looked at them and my heart skipped few beats. She was surprised to see me, "Welcome Budhaditya. It is my pleasure to have you at my place." She whispered in my ears, "At last Titli has brought her handsome out of her cloak."

I looked at her from the head to toe. She wore a red cocktail dress. My gaze traced her plump thighs and curvaceous calves. I looked up to her face; small eyes adorned with long eyelashes were looking at me with a naughty smile on her red full lips. Her plump bosoms were bursting out and her deep cleavage was clearly visible. I felt a lump to choke my throat. Titli slapped on my arm as she found me ogling at her best friend like a hungry mongrel.

She whispered in my ears, "Don't get tempted, I will kill you. You were telling me not to wear revealing dress and what now?"

I rolled my eyes at her and said, "No dear, I am not leaving you. But such a gathering of vixens would surely make me drooling, is not that."

She gave a venomous smile and left me. Parineeta asked me whether I would like to have a beer or champagne. I was surprised that they have arranged champagne.

I mocked her, "I don't drink cold drinks dear."

"Ahaa ... I see. You can drink alone." She looked at Titli and then said, "Has she restrained you? Come on, today is my birthday party and enjoy."

I looked at Titli and then winked at Parineeta, "I drink blood. Would you serve me, honey?"

"Ok, what is that?" she was unable to make as what I wanted. She then looked at Titli and asked her as what I wanted. Titli gave me a stern look; I felt that I should not continue as what I wanted to say. I asked whether she had whisky or not.

She shook her head, "No dear, we are still children in compare to you. We are ok with beer."

I laughed at her and said, "Can you arrange? I will pay."

"You will pay?" she asked, "You just order as what you want to drink. My friend will bring that for you."

"Chivas Regal, if possible." I said to her. Titli warned me not to drink too much. I nodded at her and said that I would obey her every words.

A young man approached Titli and greeted her. She introduced me to that person, Samudra.

I felt bit jealous on seeing Titli getting cosy with her old flame, Samudra.

After sometime, a boy handed me the bottle and a glass. I sat quietly at one couch savouring my drink and looking around the gathering. I was feeling left off since I was the odd man in that pack. Stealthily I walked to the roof, leaving those merry making pack. I looked up the dark Prussian blue sky studded with billions of twinkling stars.

"Hi" I heard a husky voice behind me, "Drinking alone? Feeling lonely after seeing Samudra?" Parineeta stood close to me. Her musky fragrance was quiet enticing. Her lush eyes were depicting that the alcohol have taken effect to her blood. The sight of that sweltering siren created a tempest in my veins.

"Nah! Not jealous. Alone yes." I looked at her inviting eyes while sipping my drink, "What about you? You don't have any boyfriend?"

She shook her head, "Nah!" She stood facing me. Her soft bosoms touched my chest. She sported a naughty smile, "Everyone down there has someone to hold them except me."

I was astonished, "I don't believe that you don't have a boyfriend." I put my hand on the small of her back to appease her, "Don't worry you will have a handsome one someday."

The touch of my hand made her go weak. Her voice sank, "My birthday and I am alone." She looked at me with inviting eyes, "Will you hold me for a moment?"

Already I was feeling tempted to find Parineeta so close to me. I thought that a simple hug could give some respite to that lonely siren. I placed my hands on both sides of her thin waist. The alcohol in her veins did the rest. She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. I felt her soft hillocks crushing on my broad chest. Those twin peaks studded with pebbles felt, poked on my chest through the dresses.

I whispered in her ears, "Feeling ok now?"

Her intoxicated eyes were half-open. She whispered in husky tone, "Feeling in heaven." She pushed herself on her toes to reach my face. I felt that I was swinging away from my heart. Somehow, I controlled myself from drinking the nectar.

I kissed her forehead and said, "Parineeta, you are inebriated. You should go down."

She gave me a sweet smile and hugged me tightly, "I am jealous of Titli."

"Hey are you stealing my boyfriend from me?" We both got startled as we saw Titli staring at us with a beer bottle in her hand.

I unwrapped my arms from Parineeta and looked at Titli. Her piercing gaze was trying to fathom as what we were doing in that lonely dark night.

Parineeta walked to Titli and gave her a bear hug. She said to her, "No, dear. You are one lucky girl. I thought that I could loan him but he is unavailable."

I looked at those sirens, Titli and Parineeta. One was looking like sultry temptress another was seductive angel. Few moments ago, I was about to snorkel in some incog waters. It was hard for me to keep myself under reins. Parineeta kissed Titli and went downstairs, giving us the most awaited privacy.

Titli gestured me to dance with her. I shook my head and said, "Dear I don't know how to dance."

She held me by my hand and pulled me with her. I followed the enchanting temptress as if caught in a sheer trance. My throat became dry as my eyes got riveted on her deep cleavage. She threw her arms over my shoulder and asked me to hold her by her thin waist.

She looked deeply in my eyes and said, "Know how to move your legs? Now move slowly imitating my steps."

Titli's buxom bosom crushed on my chest sending jolts though out my frame. The dim light on the roof caused the effect. I felt my blood boiling. My ram swelled up with blood. I started to move my legs along with her. I was gently caressing her hips occasionally kneading her soft flesh.

She gave me a sleek smile and said, "Enjoying the dance, honey?"

I smiled at her and said, "Going to kill me tonight? Are you?"

"May be, may be not." she mocked me. "If I kill you then who will love me then, so killing is cancelled" she laughed at me. She then asked me, "What were you and Parineeta doing on the terrace?"

I confided to her, "Just giving her some company as she was feeling lonely."

She winched her brows and said, "Don't get tempted too much, else I will kill you."

"Nah! Dear." I stooped down to touch her forehead with my lips.

She asked me, "I know you were feeling jealous on seeing me talking to Samudra, right?"

"Yeah little bit." I answered her with a soft smile, "But now all are gone as you are in my arms."

Titli's peaks were flattened on my chest with each passing moment. I could feel her blistering pebbles poking through her dress pinching on my chest. That touch, the sensation made me mad.

I stooped down on her face and whispered, "You are looking sexy."

She looked up; our nose tip touched each other's. She sensed my intense breath and closed her eyes fathoming the forthcoming touch. I lashed out my tongue to touch her lips. The heat between us was growing. Our mutual friction caused sweat beads on our forehead.

Titli pulled my face by my hair and crushed her lips on mine. The touch was at first gentle, soft playing with lips. With passing moment, our lips fought with each other frantically, saliva mixed and sucked by both.

I pulled up Titli in my arms and carried her to the wall. She looked at me with passionate gaze. Her eyes were spewing liquid fire. I pressed her against the wall and stooped over her nape. I started showering soft kisses and tracing her tender skin with the tip of tongue. Her hands were on my back pulling me more on her. Soft pleasure moans emanated from her lips. My ardent hands roamed all over her broad back caressing her spine and kneading her soft flesh. She started breathing heavily. I felt her tempest all-over my face.

My enthusiast hands moved down on her soft bums. I pressed her soft posteriors over her jeans. She let out a soft moan of pleasure. I took her soft bums in my grip and started to knead her soft flesh. She bucked her hip to feel my heat on her juncture. The growing heat inside me was trying to burst out with every push. I started to knead her bums in my grip, pulling her more on my growing heat.

She called out my name, "Adi, something is happening, please stop before someone comes." There was no sign of stopping or resisting from her part.

I held her hip and turned her facing the wall. I pressed myself on her back so that she could feel my taunt ram on her plump bottoms. She hissed as she felt my ram on her buttery mass, melting the cream out of her sensuous figure. She threw her head back, rubbing her cheeks on mine. She brought her arms above her head to hold my hair.

I gnawed her nape gently and whispered to her, "I am going to cream you Titli."

Her heavy bosoms rose, almost popped out of her silhouette hugging dress. My ardent hands found its way to her soft belly, caressing and kneading her soft flesh. I pulled her dress from bottom to feel her soft warm skin on my bare palm. She moaned, "No ... Adi please no..."

Those lewd fingers were not in control and did not abide her. Her soft warm belly felt like cream. My finger traced her deep navel. I gently pinched and caressed around her navel. She went frenzy with my passionate touch on her bare skin.

I rubbed my nose on the back of her head that made her frenzy in passionate fire. She moaned softly, "Adi, I am feeling something is, dear. You scoundrel. Please stop."

I said in a low voice, "I am dying to have you now."

I kept on humping my loins on her fleshy bums. My head was spinning, liquid fire were boiling in my loins. My hands went to the belt of her jeans and tried to enter in.

She held my hands tightly and hissed out, "Noooo Adi ... please stop or I will pass away."

I held her waist tightly with my right hand to merge her sweltering figure with mine. With my left, I scratched her plump thigh over her jeans. She held my hand and bend forward, her hair dishevelled and dangled over her face. I breathed fire on her nape.

She let out a soft groan after sometime and held my arms tightly around her. I turned her towards me and held her tightly in my arms. She rested her head on my chest and hugged me tightly. We stood frozen as she went stiff in my arms. Both of us were panting heavily due to the heavy petting. Our hair was disheveled and eyes were closed.

She whispered after sometime, "You scoundrel, I didn't know that you are so naughty."

Suddenly I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I looked back, Parineeta gave us a naughty smile, "Do the love birds need a room?"

Titli blushed and slapped me gently on my cheek. We were trying to catch our breath after such passionate play. I rubbed my nose over Titli's and said, "What does my damsel say?"

She gave me an angry look, "No you rascal, you have already made me frenzy." She looked at her wristwatch and then said to Parineeta, "Hey, it is already ten, I have to return."

On the way return, she held me tightly from behind. No one spoke a single word. Her face was beaming will sheer bliss, I knew from those silent words that she was soaking in the ocean of passion. I murmured, and there goes another sleepless night for me submerged in her thoughts.

I was about to leave office for home when I received a call.

"Where is the sugar?" Titli was on the other end. I was very much surprised by her query. She had the other key of my house, but I did not expect that she would be at my place searching for sugar only after three days I handed that to her.

I asked her as what she was doing at my place. She giggled and answered that she was preparing tea and was unable to find sugar. She thought she would surprise me when I return from office but the unavailability of the sugar spoiled all her arrangement. I laughed at her and said that there was no sugar in the house and I was going to buy while returning. Like a well-groomed homemaker, she commanded me not to forget bringing sugar while I return.

I looked up my flat at first floor; Titli was anxiously waiting at the balcony. On seeing me, she smiled and opened the door for me.

I was beholding a new Titli in front of me. She wore the same dress she wore at Parineeta's birthday. Her hair bounced in a wavy manner down her shoulder. Her cute face was beaming with a blissful smile. Her full red lips were inviting.

Never in my wildest dream had I ever imagined that so sophisticated lass would come to my flat and changed the ambience of my whole existence. She stood there smiling and enjoying my disillusioned expression. I noticed that the bedroom was done neatly. The cigarette packet was kept on one side of the table along with the clean ashtray. Curtains were folded properly and newspapers were not on the table anymore.

I held her in my arms and stooped down to kiss her.

She pushed me away and said, "Freshen up then have tea. I have to go back and you have to drop me. I am not here for long."

She threw a clean towel, probably I bought some time back but I never used it.

"You did all these?" I asked while taking the towel from her.

She laughed and mocked me, "No, a ghost came and did all these." She pushed me inside the bathroom, "Come quickly, I have to return home."

I said to her, "You have seen my flat. Your drawing room is bigger than my two rooms."

She came near me and gently patted on my left chest, "Don't worry, I will live here."

I held her by her wrist and pulled her. She lost the balance and crushed on me, her face was inches from mine. I gave an ardours gaze and pleaded to have a kiss.

She placed her fingers on my lips and said, "The smell of cigarette is irritating. Clean up quickly." She pressed her soft lips on my chest and pushed me to the bathroom. I felt some respite for the time being.

I found Titli in the kitchen preparing tea for us. I tiptoed behind her and flung my arms around her narrow waist. My sudden ardours touch startled her. I tightened my embrace around her. She felt my growing heat on her back trying to burn through her jeans and create splinters on her soft skin. She held my arms tightly and whispered in my ears, "Don't be naughty Adi, let me prepare the tea."

I brought down my face on her nape and kissed her earlobe. She shuddered like a rabbit on the touch of my wet.

I whispered in her ears, "Please don't go."

My fingers were grazing all over her soft round belly. Those naughty fingers traced the outline of her deep belly button to tease her and send her into frenzy. Titli shrieked and pinched those playful fingers but those tentacles were not my control as they found a new meadow to graze. Those naughty tentacles pulled the top from the lower end and entered inside to touch her bare warm skin. She moaned my name softly. I felt her breathing to catch fire. I felt her goose bumps on her soft round belly. She started to rub her cheeks over my cheeks. Soft moans of pleasure emanated from help partially opened lips. Mutual friction turned the colour of her cheeks to rosy. My palms caressed over her midriff hurling both of us to the crown of passion.

"Stop playing with me Adi, I am getting frenzy." She threw her head back on my shoulder. Her breathing paced, full bosoms were heaving like waves hit by tempest. "You scoundrel, if you keep doing like that I will never step here." Her deep cleavage invited me to lunge and press my face between them. I could see the red colour of her skimpy bodice covering those fleshy mounds. She moaned softly "Please let me go, Adi. Please."

I whispered in her ears while my hands crept over her ribcage, approached her bust, "I want to unravel your utmost fantasy, just finishing what I started that day." I rubbed the tip of my nose on her nape inhaling her musky fragrance of aroused sensuality. Her breathing paced creating huge waves to splash over her full bosom. She felt my growing staunchness on her soft bottoms. I pressed myself forward to lunge the bulge between her rear crevice. She groaned softly, "Ummm ... Adi you are killing me." My igneous knife was cutting through mounds of butter.

She sensed that my strong fingers were creeping towards her soft bosom; she pleaded "Ummmm ... Adi, you scoundrel please stop, please Adi, please don't make me mad. I will kill you." She resisted me by holding my hands to approach further to maul her soft mounds. Every pores of her sensual figurine was wheezing fire of intent passion yet she teased me, "You have to wait to unfurl my petals, Honey." I slackened my embrace around her and stood behind her. Both of us were panting due to the heavy petting. She looked at me over her shoulder and said, "You rascal, you have to ask my hand from my father, remember that."

"Ok" I said, "I am ready to go now and face Mufasa." I used to joke about her stern dad and I used to call him Mufasa (Father of Simba, famous Lion King animation.)."

She smiled at me, "No dear. You have to wait for my M.Sc. to finish. In the meantime, I have to prepare the ground at my home also. I will let you know in due course of time." Suddenly her face turned gloom, "I know it would be hard or next to impossible to convince my dad so you have to be very strong."

"Do you feel that I am insane and coward? Is that it?" I asked her.

She opposed me, "When did I say those to you? I am just asking that don't mess up."

I nodded my head. She handed me the cup and we finished the tea in the kitchen only.

While returning to her place, she said, "Don't throw your clothes on your bed and remember to keep the utensils in the sink and not in the front room. Can you take a casual leave tomorrow?"

I asked her, "Why?"

She commanded me, "I want to go for shopping that's why."

I laughed at her, "Then why asking me. Just command me that you want to goto shopping and I have to go with you."

She patted my shoulder, "That's like a good boy."

I asked her, "What are you going to buy?"

She said, "I have a long list dear. I have to buy curtains for the doors and windows. You do not have any choice and you have hung the old bed sheets. Shit. I have to buy few utensils and then cup cover. I saw that your table bear marks of the teacups. Any way that is not your problem as what I buy. Just pick me up, ok and do not be late. I don't want to wait for too long."

She sounded like a perfect homemaker, Mrs. Anoushka Ghosh.

I found my heart filled up with bliss by beholding her new avatar, "As you command Mrs. Ghosh."

The windows and doors received new curtains, few colourful cups were bought and many other changes happened around the house and for both of us. It became a daily routine that her touch was evident all over the place. Sometimes she used to be there waiting for me anxiously, sometimes she would leave sticky notes on the fridge reminding me about what was to be bought what all she need to decorate the house.

She never told anyone that she visits my house, even to her friend, Parineeta. Whenever Parineeta asked Titli about her whereabouts, she used to avoid her queries by giving excuses.

One day I noticed that my cupboard was also not mine. I observed that one of the racks has been taken over by Titli's belongings. Few flimsy slips, few skimpy undergarments, few pairs of jeans and tops, few dress materials and her combs creams etc. I took out one her red coloured skimpy nether garment. It was silky to touch; my freaking imaginations ran wild that the tiny piece of cloth covered the most intimate part of her anatomy.

My pervert mind vanquished me. I visualised her only in that piece of cloth on her crotch with not a string around her opulent frame. I pressed that piece of cloth on my nose and took a deep breath to inhale the odour of her sanctum sanctorum. I laughed at my behaviour and kept that in its place.

I was unable to sleep properly that night. Whenever I closed my eyes, her curvaceous figure came in front of me. She stood in a huge pearl shell like the birth of venus and that skimpy undergarment covering her crotch.

Next day Titli was present at the house when I returned. She was on the couch and I was on the floor reclining my head on her lap and having tea. She was playing with my hair and we were watching some programme on tv.

She said to me, "Remember to buy the ration of this month. Most of the items are finished and I have prepared the list also."

"Anything special you want to order?" I asked her.

She said, "Nothing as of now, just stick to the list. It is in the kitchen."

I asked her, "Tell me, do you go to college every day?"

She answered, "Whenever there are no classes I come here and enjoy my time by reading those novels or idly sitting on the couch watching TV or doing something in the kitchen. I love to be here, I feel very safe here. Sometimes I just cuddle your shirt and goto sleep. But why are you asking this?"

"Hmmm ... I found your clothes in my cupboard, that's why I was asking." I said to her.

She slapped on my head and said, "That's the reason I found my clothes messed up." She whispered in my ears, "What did you do with my clothes?"

My face turned red by the mere thought that how pervert I acted the other day. I shook my head, "No no, I did not touch your clothes." I looked up to see the expression of her face.

Her creamy cheeks turned red, she screamed at me "I know that you were playing with my undergarments. You pervert, sick devil."

I whispered, "I am sorry Titli, but I loved the smell of that skimpy garment."

There was rosy temper in her eyes. She screamed at me, "You are an evil scoundrel. I am not going to talk to you." She started to beat me, "I hate you, hate you..."

I threw my arms around her and braced her tightly, "Oh, honey I love your curses."

She threw her arms around my neck and said, "I will forgive you in one condition. Next week, Friday, I am performing in a dance-drama programme at Mahajati Sadan and I am playing the pivotal role in that. Adi, you are going to attend that."

I exclaimed on hearing that as I was dying to see her performance on a stage, "Sure honey, I am dying to see you ballet for a long time. By the way, you are already making me dance in your tune, darling."

She cautioned me, "Be serious Adi. My parents will also be there so please don't do anything stupid. Please Adi don't mess up; this is my utmost request to you." I nodded my head and expressed that I would obey by her dictionary. She handed me a pass, the name of the play was Chitrangada, written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

I whispered in her ears, "Honey, when can I see a strip-dance of yours in those skimpy outfits?"

She gave me a fiery look, "I will kill you if I even find you touching my clothes."

I patted on her soft cheeks, "You look seductive when you are angry. I love those big eyes flush red and your cheeks turn pink."

"Ok, enough. Now drop me home." She tugged me along with her for ride home. She kept me cursing the whole time and I kept on teasing her.

The following week, on the appointed day I went to Mahajati Sadan directly from my office. The programme was in the evening. I took a deep breath before entering the huge auditorium. The auditorium was partially packed. I observed that her mom and dad were sitting in the front row. I took a seat few rows behind them. I was very cautious so that her parents do not notice me although I knew that only Aunt knows me. My heart was beating very fast as if it would leap out anytime in my hand. I took few deep breaths to ease myself. Murmuring to oneself everything is fine Budhaditya, be courageous, you are the only person in whom Anoushka finds her peace.

I sat there anxiously to behold my beautiful danseuse to perform. I felt a knock on my shoulder. I looked back to find that Parineeta was standing there smiling at me. I noticed a gentleman of mid thirties, standing behind her.

"How are you?" she gave me a soft smile and then introduced me with the person, "This is Shantanu." She took a seat beside me and Shantanu sat next to her.

She asked me as what was going on between us, why Titli leaves classes early. I dealt her inquisition with utter circumspect. I told her that I was not aware of that fact. Her eyes were filled-up with disbelief, as she was unable to believe my words. She said that, the girl she knew as Anoushka since her school days was completely different from the girl she was observing in the last few months. Titli was a total changed person. I was aware of the fact as what changed my damsel. She told me that in their school days, Titli was little snobbish and acted very suave. She had many friends but she was very diplomatic to keep a safe distance from everyone.

The curtain rose after sometime, the ballet started. I was enchanted to see her ballet moves, her fluid ways of moving her hands and dancing to the tune. Bedecked in a glowing red silk saree she looked like a queen. Flowers graced her hair, garland around her neck and flower amulets around her wrist. I sat there riveted on my chair for quiet sometime, even after the swansong. The hall echoed with huge round of applause after the programme ended and my lovely damsel bowed in front of the audience along with other danseuse and musicians. Parineeta nudged me and asked me as how I felt. I gave a pleasing look at her and expressed my awe. She pointed towards Titli's parents and cautioned me that they should not notice me. I nodded my head in accordance.

Most the people went away after the programme ended. I stood in a shady corner to get a glimpse of my danseuse damsel. I observed that her mom and dad were also waiting for her. Suddenly her mom's eyes met mine and my heart skipped few beats. Blood rushed on my face, I clenched my jaws to control my anxiety. I have been caught. I felt my feet riveted on the floor of the auditorium. She gave me pleasing smile. I bowed my head to express my gratitude.

After sometime, Titli came out. Her mom kissed her forehead and expressed her delight. Titli hugged her father and patted on his stomach. He laughed on hearing something from Titli. I observed them from a distance, the canvas of the happy family made me mushy. I noticed that her eager eyes were searching for me. As soon as our eyes met, her eyes twinkled. She gave a sweet smile and then looked away. I understood her bound and walked away from there.

I stood outside with a faint ray of hope that she might come. However, they went towards the parking lot. I saw her parents boarding in the car. I felt bit sad and I walked away from there. All of a sudden, I felt a pair of arm hugged me tightly from behind. Titli whispered in my ears, "I love you, Adi." and planted a kiss on my back. I was stunned by her sudden expression of love. I turned to see her but she ran away in the same fashion she came. Before I could understand what happened, she already boarded her car. I stood there for long time, her words echoed in my ears, her sweet kiss lingered on skin for long.

Titli's called, it was probably two o'clock in the dead night. She whispered from the other end, "Have you slept?"

I was watching television, so I said, "No, I was watching TV."

She feigned her anger, "You idiot, Mom saw you. I asked you to be cautious."

I was helpless; it was not my fault. I answered, "Titli, I stood at a distance away from their sight in a shadowy corner. How could I know that aunt will look at me?"

She said to me, "Don't worry, I have managed her. I told her that I invited all my friends."

"Hmmm..." I expressed my bliss, "You dance awesome, Titli. I was unable to flutter my eyelids in a fear that I may miss your steps."

I heard her giggle, "Don't be silly. Now goto sleep, I love you." I expressed my love and bid her good night.

Days were passing blissfully. My empress took control over her roost. Graced every corner of that dingy flat and made that place liveable again. On that evening, she called my office and asked to pick her up from her college.

On the way return, I asked her, "Why what happened today?"

"Nothing as such. Today I had to attend the practical class. Moreover, Parineeta was suspicious as we seldom meet at college. She was asking me as where do I go."

"Hmmm..." I asked her, "How is Mufasa and auntie?"

"They are doing fine." She then asked me, "Adi, you don't talk about your dad much? Why?"

The query shocked me, I asked in return, "You know everything, every part of my life and even after that you want to dig my painful past?"

"No I mean to ask that your dad tried to call you and make amendment. Then Nilanjana Madam also called you to wish on your birthday. It is not fair Adi. You should at least revive what has been lost." She answered in a calm voice.

However, I was not in a mood to carry on with that type of conversation, "What do you want me to do? Why should I revive what was broken years ago? He did not cared for me for such a long time and now he has a beautiful wife and a dear son fulfil his perfect canvas of life. Why does he need me?"

She kept on with her usual calm tone, "I think they are repenting. You should talk to your father."

I chewed my words, "I don't want to. I don't believe that he has soul, he can't repent. Now he is happy to have a wife and who knows that that bitch might have rifted our relation apart."

She scolded me in a stern voice, "Don't judge a book by the cover, Adi. You don't know anything about Nilanjana Madam so refrain yourself from spewing such ire."

I was unable to understand as what made Titli to take Nilanjana Madam's side. I asked her, "What made you to take her side?"

She answered calmly, "I think she is a good lady. If she was not then she would not have called you on your birthday."

I fired again, "I don't know her intention behind that phone call. But this much I can fathom that they want me due to some reasons of their own."

She spewed venom at me, "You can't think straight that is your main problem. You don't have to do anything. You just give me Nilanjana Madam's number. I want to talk to her."

I was unable to understand as why she wanted to talk to her, "Why do you want to talk to her? She is no one to me so she is no one to you also."

She scolded me, "Don't you argue with me anymore, just do as I say."

"What has happened to you?" I asked her.

She said to me, "Nothing just give me the number. My fate is already bound to your fate, so whatever comes to your life has to go through me first. I want to confront them, for once before judging the truth." She paused a little and giggled, "I have a little brother in law. What is his name?"

"I don't know his name. I never talked to him and I have not seen him either." I answered.

She was surprise to know that, she exclaimed, "WHAT? You are a perfect idiot. Even if your dad has faltered or even if it was Nilanjana Madam's fault but how come you kept away from that puerile foal?"

I yelled at her, "Come on, Titli drop this. I will give you her contact number and you can contact them. Just one request don't drag me." I tried to divert the course of our conversation and asked her, "Ok, how about my rascal brother-in-law, Arunavo?"

She laughed, "He got admitted to chemistry honours in St. Xavier's. Dad wanted an engineer, he did not fair well in IIT's and JEE so dad was not happy. Tension prevailed in the house for few weeks. Currently everything is going fine."

I exhaled, "High hopes, dear. Sometimes I think that when I will go in front of him then what would be his reaction."

She giggled and hugged me tightly, "Uff ... I can visualise that from now. My mom is quietly standing at one corner, as she has nothing much to say. I am locked in my room. You are standing in front of my father with your pleas and he is there in front of you with his manes blown. He will kill you Adi, I am sure."

I laughed at her, "So even after knowing all these you are still on my pillion?"

She hugged me with all her strength and whispered, "Adi, life is not physics and mathematics. You calculate everything, yet at the end of the day, all the subtraction and addition you have done for your life, goes wrong."

I laughed at her, "Same with me, darling and that's the reason I love you so much."

She understood the reason, hugged me from behind and said, "Don't worry Adi. I will take you to hills. Obviously you are going to pay the bills." she laughed out heartily and all my pains were blown away.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked her, as I knew that all hills would be same for me as that would the first time. When I was very young, I remember my parents took me to Darjeeling, which is a very foggy memory in my brain.

She said to me in a pleading voice, "My maternal uncle is HOD of neurology in PGI Chandigarh so every time we visit them we land up some place in Himachal. I will not going to Himachal for our honeymoon. This is the fourth time my parents are taking us to Manali." Suddenly her voice turned gloomy, "I won't be able to meet with you for the whole summer vacation." She held me tightly in her arms.

I assured her, "So what, your house is only fifteen minutes from mine. Anyway we will be in touch on the phone and I will think of something to meet."

She requested me to buy her ice-cream. I obliged and stopped by a shop before her house. She entered the shop and I walked behind her.

She suddenly pushed me out and entered the shop alone. I was taken aback by her sudden behaviour however, I knew it by heart that my intelligent muse does not act foolish and there should be some reason behind that. She brought her hand behind her head and gestured me to walk away.

I stood outside the shop and lit a cigarette. With the corner of my eye, I kept a close watch on her as what she was doing. I observed she was talking to a young boy. I recognised the person, I saw him on the first day at the computer centre last monsoon and he was her brother, Aurnavo. My heart skipped few beats; we were just millimetres away from being caught.

I did not know whether she would return with me or she would go with her brother so I waited for her. I sat on the bike smoking a cigarette. Anxiety was killing me inside; I puffed the tobacco stick like a steam engine. After sometime I noticed that, she came out along with her brother. I was glancing at them stealthily so as not to create any unwanted attention. She looked at me for a moment like a stranger and continues to speak with her brother. After sometime, her brother rode on the bike, and went away. I took a deep breath, felt a huge rock been removed from my chest. She looked at the road until the bike disappeared behind the crowded vehicles and then came to me. Her face was red with anxiety and she laughed heartily.

She took my hand and placed it on her chest, "Feel my heartbeat, it is thumping so loud that it might leap out from my chest." I gently caressed her exposed cleavage. She blushed, removed my hand, and scolded, "I have told you to feel my heart beat not to take out my heart."

I asked her as where her brother was going. She laughed at me, answered that he was very naughty, and had several girlfriends. He was going to meet with someone.

I winked at her and said, "You just need to drop your hanky and I can put him in my pocket. What do you think?"

"No" she exclaimed, "He is a double agent to my father. He will tell everything to my dad."

"Hmm..." I nodded my head, "I understand that he is just flirting with girls. When time will come for marrying he will obey his father."

She laughed at me, "Come on, Adi, he is young now."

I asked her, "Tell me one thing, since last few weeks I was observing that you were not speaking about Parineeta, why so?"

She gave me a curious look, "Why you are so interested of knowing about her? Is she dusky and sexier than me?"

I patted her cheeks, "No dear, I just wanted to know. The reason is, that day I noticed a much older person with her, Shantanu."

She nodded her head, "Yes, her new found slave, she is just using him." She said in a mocking tone, "I knew that she loves the stench of money, but like this I did not know. Shantanu is rich and working in a MNC at Saltlake. Parineeta is now basking in his money by giving herself to him, simple. She is now trying to outsmart me in every step. I don't care much I only laugh at her attitude."

I said her, "She was your best friend so why did not you caution her."

She shook her head, "She was never my best friend she was just a friend."

I understood that Titli wanted to avoid her as far as possible so I did not prolonged the conversation. I kissed her hand and let her go.

The next week her vacation started and the next week, she went away for the trip with her family. I felt very alone. Every evening I unlocked the door with a faint hope that she would be present at my place waiting for me with a soft smile on her lips and a cup of tea in her hand. I felt her touch strewn all over the room as if every inch of the walls and the ceiling was missing her.

Sometimes I opened the cupboard took out her slips or t-shirt and rubbed on my face to feel her touch. Lonely sleepless nights passed dreaming about her, missing her soft touches, passionate kisses of her full red lips, sweet curses, calling me names. Whenever I closed my eyes, her big black eyes beckoned me, whispering to me that she loves me. I lay on the bed counting seconds for the next morning.

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