Tale of Teenage Lust
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Indian Erotica,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A tale of teenage lust is a coming of age story a an Indian boy. It is in English with some Indian words written in English. Their translations given with them. It is a very long story of about 300k words. Although I have written it but parts of the story are in hindi, so I will translate them to English and post the story chapter by chapter. Its about his first time, his adventures with older women as well as other teenage girls. The story is set in India.

I woke up to the sounds of the maid in the neighboring house washing clothes. As I stretched and yawned, I realized I had a morning wake-up hard on again. "Oh man", I thought to myself, "I need to do something about this today". Every morning, now for the one year or so, I'd been invariably waking up with a raging hard on. I am Jignesh, a 19 year old, who had just finished Class XII, having missed an year, and was waiting for his results. Summer had set in, and I was getting tired of masturbating at least thrice a day.

As I got up, I saw that my dick had made a tent in my pajamas. Clutching my rigid shaft through my pajamas, I shuffled to the window of my bedroom, and glanced out. Our house was in a colony of tenements, and my bedroom overlooked the backside washing area of the other adjacent houses, which was separated by a shoulder height compound wall.

The two young maids in the house behind were at their morning tasks, one washing clothes, and the other washing utensils, in the wash area that occupied most of the courtyard at the backside of each house. The girls were from the near-by village, and most of the villagers there were cattle raisers, supplying milk to the nearby households. They younger of the two girls were an 18-year old teenager named Pushpa, with a lithe slim brown skinned body. She had just graduated to wearing a ghagra, blouse, and choli, the most commonly worn attire by the village women, and her budding breasts just about managed to fill her blouse.

Pushpa was a talkative little thing, and had a certain cockiness that irked me no end. She had a half smile on her angular face all the time, and loved to make flirting eye-contact with boys and men around. "Now that's a cocky little bitch, I'd love to fuck", I thought to myself, as I slowly rubbed my cock through the pajamas. The two girls were chattering away gaily, as they went about their work, sitting on their haunches, with their ghagras raised up above their knees.

But it was the older of the two that had my attention. She was a new one in the colony, and had been working as domestic help in the house behind for a little less than a month now. I hadn't heard her name yet. She was a dark skinned girl, with big round eyes, and thick pouting lips. What had grabbed my attention was the way her breasts strained against the thin cotton blouse she wore. These village girls never wore a bra, and so the natural shape of their breasts could be seen in the blouse. "Now that's probably a 32-C", I thought to myself as I continued to watch. The older girl was of average built, and her breasts were of the firm mango shape, with a conical shape to them. She had long black hair that hung behind her back in a single long braid. She too wore the same attire of a ghagra, choli, and blouse.

The girls often bathed in the courtyard at the washing area next to the water tank. This was normally in the afternoons, when most of the people in the house were asleep. I had accidentally discovered this one afternoon, and ever since I made it a point to watch them bathing every afternoon. The girls normally stripped down to only their ghagras while bathing. The effervescent Pushpa had the slim body of a blossoming teenager, with small perky breasts. While rubbing soap on her body, she would playfully cup her lemon sized breasts, and giggle while pinching her small pinkish brown nipples. But it was the other girl's breasts that I was fascinated by.

They were dark like the rest of her body, and unbelievably firm. Shaped like a ripe mango, they stood out on her chest like twin peaks. The highlight was the large black areolas, and her incredibly long pencil shaped black nipples. My mouth watered every time I saw those nipples, and I dreamt of sucking on them hard. While Pushpa was brazen enough to strip to her panties, the other girl was very conscious of being partially nude in front of another girl, and therefore never took off her ghagra completely. Pushpa, on the other hand, would playfully squeeze the other girl's breasts, and pinch her nipples. As she slapped Pushpa's hands away, I had heard Pushpa laugh, and say "When will mine become as big as yours, Rani?" "Oh, so her name is Rani", I said to myself.

As I watched them go about their work, my hard-on started throbbing painfully, as I thought of how they looked while having their bath. I pulled myself away from the window, as I needed to relieve myself. I had discovered that my morning wake-up hard-on subsided once I had taken a pee. As I dragged myself towards the toilet, I remembered I had yet again forgotten to buy milk.

I was alone at home these days. Due to some rather recent astonishing developments, my parents had gone to their home town, and would be there at least for a few months. My maternal grandmother had passed away recently, and she had left behind in her will, and unbelievably large amount of money and many acres of land, to her only daughter, which was my mother. This had changed the fortunes of my family overnight, and from an ordinary bank clerk, Mr. Desai, my father had suddenly become a crorepati. Her dying wish had been to ask her son-in-law to relinquish his job, and come and take care of their vast estate in the village. My father was more than happy to do that, and thus they had left for the village to take care of the legal work, and oversee some harvesting work in the cotton fields. My mother had obviously accompanied him.

But the clincher for me was the surprise my grandmother had left for him. Being her only grandson, she had arranged for a sum of Rupees Thirty Thousand to be paid to me every month as pocket money! Thirty thousand rupees a month! As I pissed in the toilet, I grinned to myself thinking of my good fortune again. Also, she had instructed his father to buy me the Yamaha RX-100 bike that I had been craving for so much. And today, I was to go to the dealer to pick up my brand new bike. My grin widened as he thought of the immense potential owning a bike would open up for me. "Now I am sure that bitch Rekha is going to give me 'bhaav'", I thought to himself. Rekha was the hottest girl in the neighborhood, and never gave much attention to me, as I could never afford to buy her gifts, or take her to movies.

My mother was prone to gossiping with the neighborhood women, and so almost all of them knew of the good fortune that had befallen the Desai family. And overnight, I had become 'Jignesh bhai' from just 'Jignesh" for all the ladies in the neighborhood, and their 'ladla'. And this included all the 'aunties' I lusted for too. Kalpana aunty, Sarla bhabhi, Mayuri ben, and all the other neighborhood ladies had suddenly become very concerned about how 'poor' Jignesh was managing all alone without his mother to take care of him.

Kalpana aunty was the 42-year old wife of Jatin bhai, who ran a business in the city of collecting and selling scrap. They lived in the house behind, and it is at their house that the two village girls (Pushpa & Rani) worked as domestic servants. Like most other low income group folks in the colony, they too were not very well off. Jatin bhai's prized possession was a rickety old Bajaj scooter, which he had bought second-hand from another scrap dealer. He was a fat, overweight, potbellied slob, and I often wondered how he managed to have sex with his wife, with such a big pot belly in the way.

They had two children: a son, Dharmesh, who was 19, and was staying with his aunt in another town, and studying there; and Jigna, a daughter who was 16, and was in Class X. To augment their meager income, Kalpana aunty cooked home-made food (roti, dal, rice etc.) and supplied it to near-by households. My mother had asked Kalpana aunty to provide meals for me also, and she came to the house to deliver the tiffin box, twice a day at lunch and dinner. Kalpana aunty was a kind hearted woman, who often bought homemade sweets for me, along with my food. Getting a regular customer like the now rich Mr. Desai's son was a boon for her.

I finished my bath, and was changing when I heard the door-bell ring. "That must me Kalpana aunty with my lunch", I thought. I hastily pulled on my jeans, and was about to pull on a t-shirt, when I thought of an idea. I threw aside my t-shirt, and picked up a sleeveless vest instead. I had been going to a gym for the last one month now, and had developed a decent physique. I was especially proud of my biceps; and I wanted Kalpana aunty to see them. I rushed down and opened the door to see Kalpana aunty standing there smiling at me, with a tiffin carrier in her hand.

She was a short, broad, brown skinned, heavyset woman, with a plump body, and a pleasant round face. Her hair was tied in a bun, as was the style preferred by most housewives. "Kem chho, Jignesh bhai", she said to me smiling. "I thought you would still be sleeping", she continued. I laughed, and taking the tiffin box from her hand, said to her, "Oh aunty, please come inside." As Kalpana aunty came inside, I noticed her wiping her forehead with the pallu of her sari. "Oh it's so hot outside", she sighed, and she sat down on the sofa in the living room. "Let me get you something cold to drink, aunty", I said as I went into the kitchen and fetched a glass of cold nimbu pani for her.

Kalpana aunty took the glass gratefully from my hand, and gulped down the juice thirstily. "You are very kind Jignesh bhai", she said smiling her thanks at him. I took the opportunity to hold her hand and said to her, "Oh aunty, please don't call me Jignesh bhai ... call me Jignesh, like you used to call me when I was small". Kalpana aunty looked up at me and said, "Ok beta, as you say ... but you have become big people now..." and her voice trailed off, as her eyes went to my muscular arms and chest in the vest. She placed her other hand on my palm and said, "You are very nice beta, I will call you what you like". "Thank you, aunty", I smiled as I too placed my other hand on her palm. "It is you who are so nice to me" he said to her as he looked down, glancing at her cleavage in the process.

Kalpana aunty had ample breasts, at least 38-D as I estimated, and were pressed together in her tight blouse, which was struggling to hold them. The pallu of her sari had parted slightly to reveal her blouse at the shoulders, and I could see the strap of her black bra on her shoulder, which had come out from below her blouse. She caught my glance, and with a hint of a smile on her lips, stood up, adjusting the pallu of her sari. "I better leave now beta, because I have to deliver two more tiffins before 2'o clock", she said as she walked towards the kitchen to keep back the empty glass. My eyes followed her, and feasted on the gentle swing of her hips, as she walked.

This, for me, was the most desirable part of Kalpana aunty's body ... her incredibly big butt. She had possibly the biggest buttocks I had seen on a woman, and I felt my cock lurch in my jeans, as I looked at her wide hips and fat butt swing as she walked, with the sari draped tight around them. I groaned inwardly to myself as I squeezed my cock through my jeans, "Oh, how I would love to fuck her from behind!" I thought to myself. Kalpana aunty let herself out, and as she leant forward to put on her sandals, her pallu slipped off her shoulder again, and I couldn't help but gaze with lust at her heavy breasts and ample bottom again.

She straightened herself, adjusting her pallu again, and reaching out, patted me on my cheeks and said, "Beta, please let aunty know if you need anything ok ... I don't want to give your mother any reason for complain when she sees you again". I replied in the affirmative, and waved goodbye to Kalpana aunty, as she stepped out into the hot sun and proceeded on her errands.

As I closed the door, I decided I needed to do something to get Kalpana aunty into bed with me. My thoughts wandered to Kalpana bhabhi's 16-year old daughter, Jigna, too. "Oh fuck", I said to myself, "she is too young". I got dressed, and went to pick up my bike from the dealer who had promised delivery today. I got the bike, caught up with a few friends from school, and after showing off my brand new bike, decided to head back home. It was nearly 3 in the afternoon when I reached the gate of his colony. On a sudden impulse, I decided to drop in at Kalpana aunty's house. I paused for a minute, wondering what reason I would give for the unexpected visit, and then concluded I could say I came to show them my new bike. "I hope that Jigna is at home", I mused as I rode towards their house.

I parked outside and rang the bell. "One minute", hollered Jatin bhai from inside. Jatin bhai, in his trademark lungi and banian, opened the door, and his face split into a big smile as he saw me. "Arre, Jignesh bhai ... come in, come in" he said heartily as he took my hand and led me inside. I told him about my new bike. "Kalpana", Jatin bhai hollered, "look who has come ... it is Jignesh bhai ... he has come to show us his new bike". "I am coming", Kalpana aunty said from the bathroom, "I am just finishing my bath". Jatin bhai followed Jignesh outside, and complimented me on the bike, as he looked at it. "You should soon buy a car now, Jignesh bhai", he said, "you are rich people now ... then sometimes we poor people can get a lift from you", he chuckled. "Uncle, please don't call me Jignesh bhai ... I feel so odd", said I, "I am still the same old Jignesh". "Oh no, you are chhota saheb for us now ... How can I call you by just your name?" Jatin bhai said with all his false pretentious submissiveness, "No, no ... I insist on calling you Jignesh bhai", he concluded.

Hearing the noises, their daughter Jigna, came out, and squealed in genuine pleasure, "Oh, Jignesh bhai has got a new bike!" as she bounded towards them clapping her hands in glee. My face it up in elation as I saw the sexy teenage girl. Jigna was a dark, but very sexy looking girl, with the same big eyes of her mother. Her body had developed beyond her years, and as she jumped in joy and admired the bike, I couldn't help but look at how hot she looked in the school uniform she was in. Her hair was tied into two braids that lay on either shoulder, and she wore the beige skirt and white shirt of her school uniform, with a dark brown tie. I couldn't take my eyes off the way her supple, almost fully developed teenage breasts jiggled within the shirt of her uniform as she jumped up and down. She grabbed my hands and pleaded with him. "Oh Jignesh bhai, please take me for a ride on your bike ... please, please, please... ! Jatin bhai chided him, "Not now dikra, Jignesh bhai must be very tired ... you can go with him for a round later". The girl's face dropped, and seeing that I said, "It's OK uncle, I will just take her for one round and come ... it's no trouble at all". "OK beta" he said, "but come back soon ... I will tell Kalpu to make tea for you". Jigna broke into a big smile, and clapped her hands in glee.

I kick started the bike, and asked Jigna to get on to the seat behind him. As she clambered on to the bike, and swung her leg over the seat, her skirt rode up above her knees. She placed her hands on my shoulder and exclaimed "Let's go!!" I rode out slowly, but once they were beyond her father's eyesight, I opened the throttle and accelerated on the empty road. "Yes, yes ... faster, faster" Jigna exclaimed, and she wrapped her arms around me from behind, and held me tight. A current ran thru my body as I felt her young budding firm breasts press into my back. She had obviously not started wearing a bra yet, and I could feel my cock stirring again, as I felt the hot young thing behind me pressing her body to me. I let go off one hand from the handle, and taking it behind him, placed it on her bare knee, saying "I hope you are not feeling scared Jigna". "No, no ... not at all ... I like going fast on the bike Jignesh bhai ... promise me you will take me for a long ride when pappa is not at home". "OK baby, I promise", I replied as I swung the bike into the lane of their house.

I parked the bike, and Jigna ran inside to tell her mother all about the ride. I went inside to see, Kalpana aunty coming out of the kitchen. She had just finished her bath, and had a towel wrapped around her wet hair. She was wearing a sari, and her blouse was wet from the hair, showing the outline of her bra underneath. She looked incredibly arousing. She smiled at me warmly, and placed the tray with tea and snacks on the table in front of us. "Don't spoil Jigna by taking her out too much on your bike ... you must tell her that you will take her out only if she does her homework everyday", she chided me playfully.

As they sat drinking tea, Jatin bhai kept asking me all about our new found wealth, and what we were planning to do. I answered as vaguely as he could. Jatin bhai started telling me about how badly his business was doing, and how he owed money to many of his scrap suppliers, and was unable to get any more credit. He blamed the influx of new people into the scrap trading business, who were willing to undercut on price just to get more business. He bemoaned the fact that the new traders were backed by co-operative banks who gave them loans, while he himself could not get a loan because he did not have enough money to maintain the minimum bank balance required to avail of a loan.

I sensed where the conversation was heading. "The bastard wants money from me. Alright, let me play along, and see what I can get in return", I told myself inwardly. "Uncle, how much money does the bank require as deposit for them to give you a loan", I asked with mock innocence. "Oh beta, they are all cheats ... they say we will give you a loan only if you have at least 15,000 rupees in the bank ... how can I get that kind of money ... you know how little margin I make. And on top of that I need another 5,000 per month to pay the rent of my shop ... that greedy landlord has increased the rent from 3,500 to 5,000 now because the others are willing to pay more rent ... if I don't pay him that, he will give the shop to another trader" he bemoaned. Kalpana aunty stood there silently, her head bowed slightly, listening to our conversation. I was silent for a while. I sure had the money. For the last 3 months, the 1 thirty thousand rupees per month had been coming in steadily into my bank account, and I had barely used 5,000 rupees from that. I still had about 85,000 lying in the bank, and next month's money were also due in a week's time.

At that moment, the neighbor opposite Jatin bhai's house called out for him, and said there was a phone call for him. Since Jatin bhai did not have a phone in his house, he used to receive his calls at their neighbor's house. As Jatin bhai excused himself and hurried out. Kalpana aunty came towards the table to clear the empty tea cups. I saw pain and helplessness written on her face. As she turned and walked towards the kitchen, I couldn't help but once again gaze with desire at the way her massive buttocks moved within the confines of her sari. Jigna had been sent into the room to do her homework. I got up and followed Kalpana aunty to the kitchen.

As she washed the dirty cups, she gave me a weak smile, and said "My husband is not a scrupulous man, beta ... he has borrowed money from so many people, and has not paid them back. That is why no one trusts him any more. Whatever money he gets, he spends most of it playing 'matka'. And then he likes drinking also, and keeps buying cheap liquor from some bootleggers in the city" she continued. The only way we are able to make ends meet is because of whatever I earn ... he is telling you all this now just to get your sympathy and borrow money from you" she stated matter of factly. "But you are a good boy, beta. My advice to you would be to not trust him. He will borrow money from you also, and then waste that also. I don't want to unnecessary spoil the relation of our family with your father and mother." I was touched by her honesty and forthrightness.

I quickly made up my mind, and said to her, "Kalpana aunty, you have been so nice to me; this is the least I can do for you. I want to do something for you and your daughter. Here's what I have in mind. Let me lend him the money he requires to get the bank loan. I will not give him the money personally, but will open an account and deposit it directly into his account. That way he cannot spend the money elsewhere. The only money I will give him in cash is the money he requires to pay his shop's rent. Once he gets the bank loan, he will not need that also" I concluded. "But what about your money, beta? What if he does not return it? What if your father comes to know?" she resisted. "Oh aunty, why do you worry about all those things? I am doing this for you, aunty. And also, I am going to give this from my money, not my father's. And I am not expecting it back. If he is able to salvage his business, it will help improve your & Jigna's life also" I told her with a smile.

She was silent for a while, and twiddled with the pallu of her sari. Then she came towards me, and looked at me with deep emotion in her eyes. She placed her hand on my left arm said, "Jignesh beta, you are very kind. I don't know what to say. All I can say is that I will do whatever I can to repay you for your kindness". "Oh you don't know why I am doing this darling" I thought to myself. Instead, I replied, "Come on aunty, don't be so formal, after all these years, isn't it my duty to help you when you need help?" She just smiled, and squeezed my arm. Oh, if only she knew how badly I needed her to squeeze my cock ... and not my arm.

At that moment, Jatin bhai came back, and I headed back to the living room. We sat down once again, and I told him that about my plans to help him out. A big smile split his rotund face, and he came towards me and grabbed my arms and tried to hug me, thanking me profusely again and again. He was saying, "Arre Jignesh bhai, see how uparwala has send you to us ... how can I ever thank you". Turning to Kalpana aunty, he said, "Kalpu, from this month onwards, don't take money from Jignesh bhai for the food. That is the least we can do for him. And do whatever work he needs, and help him in every way you can". "The bastard", I thought to myself "using his wife to repay a favor". Before Kalpana aunty could say anything, I interjected, "No, uncle that is not fair. Let us not mix work with personal things. What I pay for the food, I will continue to pay. I don't want any debate on that" I said with finality. "OK, as you wish", conceded Jatin bhai. I took my leave, and stepped out. Kalpana aunty looked at me with deep affection in her eyes as I started my bike, and smiled at me. As the bike roared to life, Jigna came running out and waved me bye. I headed back home.

I finished my work-out at the gym, and reached home at around 8 pm. This was normally the time, Kalpana aunty came home to deliver my dinner. I didn't change, but continued to do some free weights at home in my gym outfit of a track pant, tight t-shirt, and sneakers. I wanted to show off my physique to Kalpana aunty again when she came, for I thought I had sensed her looking at me earlier in the day. The doorbell rang within a few minutes, and I expectantly opened the door. But it was not Kalpana aunty. Instead, it was her daughter Jigna, with my tiffin box in her hand. I was pleasantly surprised. She smiled at me, and told me she had come to deliver my tiffin. She was still in that school uniform which I found incredibly hot.

As I took it from her hand, she turned to leave. I stopped her and said "Why don't you come inside Jigna? Let us both have a Thums Up, which I have in the fridge". She seemed to struggle for a minute, and then brightened up and said "Oh Jignesh bhai, I love cold drinks!" I fetched a bottle of Thums Up. As she drank from it, I noticed she looked a bit low & depressed. I sat next to her, and asked her what the matter was. She was silent for a moment, and then broke into sobs, crying "We are going for a 3-day tour from school, and all my friends are going, but pappa is saying I cannot go. He says we don't have the money now" she sobbed. "I asked mummy to give me money, but she does not have enough. The fee is 2,000 rupees for the whole trip. Mummy is also saying we are not rich like other people, so I cannot go" she continued. "Oh Jignesh bhai, I want to go ... I want to go ... next year will be eleventh class, and then my school will be over ... this is the last chance I have to go with all my class friends. And when I started crying saying I wanted to go, he slapped me..." she cried, and broke down sobbing with her face buried in her hands.

I got up quickly, and closed the door which was open. I then sat down next to her on the sofa, my thighs touching her thighs, and put my left arm on her shoulders. Her skirt had again ridden up above her knees, and I placed my palms on her bare knee. I rubbed her shoulders gently, and tried to console her. She leant towards me, and continued sobbing with her head resting on my chest just near my shoulder.

As I continued to rub her shoulder and back, I could feel that she was wearing a petticoat (like a slip) under her school shirt. I took my hands off her shoulders, got off the sofa, and knelt in front of her. I took her hands in mine, and pulled her chin up and asked her to stop crying. "Jigna, don't cry. I am there no? I will speak to your pappa and mummy, and I will give you the money for your picnic. Don't worry ok ... everything will be fine" I consoled her. She finally stopped sobbing, and looked at me hopefully with those big eyes. "Really, Jignesh bhai ... will you do that!" she asked incredulously. "But what if pappa & mummy still say no?" she asked despondently. "Don't you worry, baby ... I will handle them" I reassured her. As I spoke, my hands were caressing her bare knee, and I slowly slid my hand a little up to her exposed thighs above the knees. I kept consoling and reassuring her, as my hands felt the bare skin of her knees and thighs.

I didn't want to scare her off, so I stood up. She too jumped up and flung her hands around me and hugged me, saying "Oh Jignesh bhai, thank you ... thank you ... thank you so much" she kept saying again and again. Once again, I felt a current go thru me as I felt her hot firm body against mine, and her firm young breasts pressed against my lower chest. Her head reached only up to my chest, and she had pressed her cheeks against my chest and was holding me tight. I continued to caress her back, as I felt my cock grow hard in my pants. I took a chance and pressed my crotch into her body, as I continued to hold her tight. After a while, she let go off me, and said "Oh, I need to run home now, or they will start worrying". "When will you speak to them, Jignesh bhai?" I was thinking about the same thing myself. "I will come to your house after I finish dinner, on the pretext of returning the tiffin box. I will tell them that I wanted to take the bike out for a spin in the night, and thought I might as well drop in and return the empty tiffin box" I replied. She cheered up on my suggestion, and the smile returned to her face. "I will wait for you Jignesh bhai" she called out as she ran home with a spring in her step.

I showered, finished my dinner, and headed for Kalpana aunty's house. As I rang the bell, the door was once again opened by Jatin bhai. He was surprised to see me, but before he could say anything I told him I had dropped in to return the tiffin. He was effusive in his thanks, muttering "Arre Jignesh bhai, you should not have taken the trouble ... but we are happy to see you again today ... if only you had told us earlier, we could have had the honor of serving you food here in our house..." He put his arms around me, and led me inside, yelling "Kalpu, see who is here...". He smelt of some cheap booze, and I gathered he had been drinking. Kalpana aunty came out of the kitchen, wiping her face with the pallu of her sari, and a smile lit up her face when she saw me. Jatin bhai was in a garrulous mood, and soon he took me aside and told me in a conspiratory tone "If you don't mind beta, would you like to have a drink with me? I know you are young, and I don't know if you will drink the desi daaru that I drink, but... "his voice trailed off with a sly smile playing on his lips.

I knew I had him there. Give a drinker a free drink, lend him some money, and you have him in your pocket. I replied in an equally sly manner, "Jatin bhai, I have drunk only whisky which my father gets home from his friends in the military canteen, and also I have drunk quite a few times with my school friends at parties. I would surely like to have a drink with you ... In fact I can go home and fetch a bottle of Scotch lying in my dad's cupboard ... but I am not sure what Kalpana aunty will think..." He responded with relief in his voice, and slapping me on my back said "Oh don't you worry about her ... if you say yes, she will not object. Let me just run and get something to munch with the drinks ... you run home and get that bottle" he said almost salivating at the thought of drinking some expensive foreign liquor.

He quickly pulled on his shirt, and went out on his rickety scooter. Kalpana aunty and Jigna came out into the room, wondering what was going on. I explained to Kalpana aunty that I did not want to disappoint her husband, and therefore had agreed to have a drink with me. "Don't worry aunty; I had a reason to agree to this. I wanted to sit and have a talk with him regarding his business, and also wanted to speak to him about Jigna's picnic tour from school". Kalpana aunty looked at Jigna with some anger at having involved me in their problems. Sensing the poor girl's dilemma, I interjected and said that it is I who had proposed that she go, and I explained to her that I intended to sponsor her trip. Kalpana aunty was silent again for a while, and then said in a small voice, "Beta, you are doing so much for us ... how will we ever repay your debt?" I held her hand again, and said in my most convincing voice "Aunty, all I want is you to love me..." and smiled at her in what I imagined conveyed more than just my words.

I went back home, and quickly came back with the bottle of Johnny Walker that my dad had left in his cupboard. I'd figure out a way to replace it before he comes, I thought to myself. Jatin bhai was back by the time I returned to their place. As we drank, I slowly broached the topic of Jigna's picnic tour, and by the time he was on his second drink, I had convinced him about it. The fat bastard was so full of false gratefulness for me that he all but kissed my hand, when I informed him I'll pay her tour fees. After he'd finished his fourth drink, he was sufficiently drunk, and was ready to have dinner. I took my leave, and went back home.

I woke up late the next morning. After a breakfast of cornflakes & milk, I headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. As I was rinsing the lather off my body, I heard the door-bell ringing insistently. "Who could it be at this time of the day?" I cursed. I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and rushed to the door. Peering through the peep-hole, I saw that it was Kalpana aunty's daughter, Jigna at the door. I was caught in two minds for a minute. Should I open the door as is, or should I change and then open. I made up my mind quickly, and tightening my towel around my waist, I opened the door. Jigna was about to say something, when her eyes widened as she took in the sight of me, the water droplets dripping of my muscular body, clad only in a bath towel, in front of her. Her voice caught in her throat, and her hand involuntarily went to her mouth. She was in her school uniform, apparently ready to leave for school. "Hi Jigna, how are we this morning?" I greeted her heartily. She gathered herself quickly, as I invited her in. She mumbled something incomprehensible, as she came in tentatively. I closed the door behind her, and turned to her, still smiling. She was having a tough time keeping her eyes off my body. "So what can I do for you, baby? Would you like to have something to drink?" I asked her casually, as I toweled my hair with another towel.

"I ... I came to ask if you could ... give me the money for the picnic tour fees now..." she said tentatively. "Of course ... I almost forgot about it. Just give me a minute." I responded. As she sat down on the sofa, I went into my room and came back with the cash she needed. I sat down next to her on the sofa, and handed her the money. She took it from my hand, and smiled at me gratefully. "Thank you so much, Jignesh bhai" she said with tenderness, "I don't know what I can do to repay your kindness..." I just laughed, and taking my chance, put my arms around her shoulders, and told her "Come on baby, you don't need to thank me ... you know how much I like you" I said as I casually placed my other hand on her knee which had become exposed now as her skirt had ridden up. She lowered her head, and seemed to be struggling to say something. A couple of times she opened her mouth to say something, but then stopped herself. "What is it; Jigna ... is there something else? Come on, tell me. You don't have to feel shy with me" I probed, rubbing her knee casually in the process, and sliding my palm up by an inch to feel her thigh as well. "Our teacher told us... "She paused, "Our teacher told us to carry some pocket money also ... incase we wanted to have some snacks, or ice cream ... or buy some souvenirs" she continued. I asked pappa & mummy for that, but he refused saying that I should not waste money on all that. And mummy was only able to give me 250 rupees from her savings, because that is all she had. But I..." Her voice trailed off. "So you need some more money, is it?" I asked her with a smile.

She nodded, those big eyes looking at me with hope. "How much will you need, baby?" I asked her in a quite voice. She hesitated, and then said "My friends are saying they are all taking 500 rupees..." I nodded, and got up. I came back from my room, and without a word, handed her two notes of 500 bucks. Her eyes widened as she saw the money, and she blurted out "But I need only..." "Shhh... "I interrupted her "Keep this baby. Don't tell your parents anything about it. I want my dear Jigna to have a good time, and have fun" I told her with a smile on my face. She jumped up from the sofa she was sitting on, and with a cry threw her arms around me "Ohhh Jignesh bhai ... you are so nice ... you are so nice ... thank you ... thank you so much..." she exclaimed. I stiffened as I felt her young tight body press against me once again. This time I put my arms around her, and pressed her to me. "You are most welcome, baby ... anytime you need anything, just come and ask your Jignesh bhai" I told her as I caressed her back with one hand. My other hand slid down slowly and rested on her well formed buttocks, and I felt them in my arms. She had inherited her mother's butt alright. Fleshy, round, and well formed. "Her ass is going to grow real big as she grows up" I thought to myself. She stood there with her arms around me; her head resting on my chest, as I gently squeezed her butt, and pulled her to me. I could feel my cock stirring, and I could feel it pressing against her lower belly.

Before I lost control of myself, I pushed her away from me gently, and holding her by her shoulders, told her sweetly "Now you run along and go to school, baby ... I also have to get ready and go out now." She smiled brightly, and said "OK, Jignesh bhai ... will you come home to meet us today?" she asked hopefully. I laughed and said, "If you want me to come, I will come baby" "Oh yes, please come ... please come ... I will wait for you". As she turned to leave, and opened the door, a sudden thought occurred to me. "Wait a minute, Jigna" She turned, and I asked "For your school tour, are you supposed to wear your school uniform only ... or can you wear casual clothes?" "No bhaiya, we don't have to wear our uniform, we can wear any clothes we like. Why?" she asked back. "So what clothes do you plan to take Jigna?" I queried further. "I don't know ... I haven't thought about it ... I only have Punjabi dresses, so I will take that only" she responded. I drew back my lips and made a thoughtful face "Hmmm ... do all your friends also wear Punjabi dresses only?" I asked. "No, the other girls are from richer families, so they wear jeans and t-shirts and skirts and tops... " she responded "But I don't have any of those clothes" she concluded, her face falling. "OK, why don't we do something, baby ... why don't you come back a little early from school today, and I will take you shopping ... we will buy some new clothes for you. How does that sound?" I asked with a smile.

Her eyes widened, and her face broke into a huge smile. She clasped her hands together and said excitedly "Really Jignesh bhai... " But then her face dropped and she said in a dull voice "But my parents will never allow that." "Don't you worry about that baby" I assured her "Your dad will never come to know about it ... and I will convince your mom" On hearing this, she clapped her hands in joy, and jumped up and down like a little girl. Once again, she threw her arms around me and said "Oh thank you Jignesh bhai ... thank you ... thank you". Since the door was open, I pushed her away quickly, and patting her cheek, told her "Now you go, and come back early by about 1:30 in the afternoon. By that time I would have spoken to your mom, and we will be able to go and finish shopping before your mom comes back. She trotted off gaily, waving her bye to me. "Jignesh, you devious bastard..." I thought to myself, as I closed the door behind her. After Jigna left, I called up a friend of my dad's who ran a boutique garment store for women in the city. He was naturally thrilled to receive my call. The news of our family's windfall was by now known to most of our friends. I explained to him that I would be coming to his shop with the daughter of one of our family friends, and that I intended to buy some clothes of significant value. I also added that I would be over the next week or so bringing more customers to his shop. "Of course beta, I will be more than happy to be of service to you. I won't be at the shop, but I will make sure my staff attends to your needs well" he replied effusively. I hung up after fixing up an appointment for 3 o'clock at his store.

At noon, Kalpana aunty rang the bell, as was the routine to deliver my lunch. By then I had changed into my slacks & t-shirt. I opened the door and greeted her warmly. She smiled, and came in. She went into the kitchen to serve the food for me. I followed her, and said "Oh don't bother about that aunty, I will manage on my own." "No beta, at least allow me to do something for you. You have been so kind to us..." she replied with a smile. My eyes watched her as she transferred the contents of the tiffin box into various plates & bowls. She had tied the pallu of her sari around her waist, and from where I stood, I could see the bottom half of her heavy breasts in the blouse. My cock stirred as I admired her huge butt, encased tightly in her sari.

As she lifted her hand to wipe her brow with the sleeve of her blouse, I got a glimpse of her whole right breast in the blouse. They were big, and because of her broad structure, spread broad over her chest as well. As she wiped her brow, I also noted that her blouse was torn at the armpit, and the cloth was soaked with sweat. I made a mental note of that. She served me the food, and sat watching me with a smile on her face, her face resting on her hands. We chatted casually as I ate. Once In finished, she cleared the plates, and even washed them, in spite of my protests.

As she came back to the living room, wiping her hands on her pallu, I said "Aunty, can you sit for a while ... there is something I want to discuss with you." "Of course beta" she said promptly and sat down on the sofa. I went and sat next to her, as close as I could, with my thighs touching her thighs. I took her hand in hers, and caressing the top of her palms, I told her about my plan to buy some clothes for Jigna to wear for her tour. She listened as I spoke, and was quite for some time after I finished. "Beta, I don't know what to say. You have already done so much for us ... and now this. I don't know whether I can bear the weight of your generosity. And I don't want to spoil Jigna by pampering her too much..." she said. I got off the sofa, and knelt down on the floor in front of her.

Placing my hands on her thighs, I said "Aunty, please don't talk this way. You make me feel like I am 'paraya' (just an acquaintance), and not one of you." Seeing the expression on my face, she smiled weakly, and placing her palm on my cheeks, said "OK beta, as you wish. Just don't tell Jatin about this ... I don't know how he will react." I smiled, and stood up. She too got up to leave. I saw her to the door and closed the door behind her.

As I had told, Jigna landed up at my door just before half past two. I was ready. We left for the city on my bike. Once again, she put her arms around my waist, and held on to me, and I enjoyed the feel of her young firm breasts pressing against my bike. We reached the store, and I was glad to step into the air-conditioned environment after the heat outside. As I introduced myself, the store manager leapt up from his chair, and shook hands with me vigorously. "Naresh sir told me you would be coming, sir" he said effusively, still shaking my hands. Jigna was looking around the store in awe. Being a high-end boutique store, it was every girl's dream come true, with everything from apparel, to footwear, to lingerie, swimwear, and accessories. Being afternoon, there were sparsely any customers. The store manager led me to the first floor, where a sales girl was waiting obediently. Turning to me, he said "Sir, this is Sapna. She will assist you in selecting whatever you need for this young lady here".

The girl stepped forward with a smile, and said "Hello, sir". I stretched my hand out and shook hands with her, looking into her eyes with a smile. She was attractive alright. She seemed about 21 or 22. She was dark by any standards, but had very attractive features. Her hair was tied up in a tight bun, as was the norm for sales girls. She was dressed in a uniform of sorts comprising of a plain white shirt and a pair of black ladies trousers. She was of medium height, and through her loose shirt, I could see she had a pair of decent tits. The store manager departed saying "If you need any help, just call me, sir. If you don't mind, I need to go down to tend to some work". I nodded my assent, and he left.

Jigna had already wandered off, and was looking around the store wide-eyed, and biting her nails, enthralled at the sight of the stuff on display in the store. The sales girl stood looking at me expectantly. Pulling out my wallet, I walked up to her, and with a smile, spoke in a hushed voice. "See I don't have any experience in buying things for girls, so I need your help. I want you to pick some stuff that makes her look really sexy" I said looking into her eyes, with a smile, and followed it up with a conspiratory wink for effect. I extracted a 500 rupee note from my wallet, and pressed it into her hand. "This is for you, Sapna ... make her happy, and I will be happy." I could see her eyes light up when she saw the money. Sliding it quickly inside the pocket of her trousers, she nodded her enthusiastically, saying "I understood you, sir ... I won't disappoint you." I called out to Jigna, who came hurrying to me. "OK Sapna, I want you to pick a few pairs of well fitting jeans for her." The girl got to work immediately, and took Jigna's waist measurement, which turned out to be 26. She led us to a rack of Lee Cooper jeans, which were the latest to hit the market, and pulled out a couple and showed them to Jigna.

Jigna ran her fingers through the denim appreciatively, and nodded her head with a big smile, indicating she liked them. She turned around the jeans, and gasped when she saw the price tag on one. None of them were less than 1800 rupees. I put my hands on her shoulder, and said "Listen baby, I don't want you to look at the price OK? Just pick whatever you like." She nodded her head silently. The sales girl gave her one pair, and asked her to try it on. She led her to the trial room, as I waited outside. The girl excused herself for a minute, and went to another chamber at one corner of the shop. After a minute, I heard Jigna call out from the trial room "Jignesh bhai, can you come here one minute please?" I went up to the trial room, and my heart missed a beat when I saw the sight she presented.

She had put on the jeans alright, but since she was wearing a petticoat under her school uniform shirt & skirt, she hand pulled up the petticoat, and was holding it bunched together along with the tail of her shirt, at her waist. "How does it look, Jignesh bhai ... is the fit good?" she asked me innocently. The jeans fit her beautifully, accentuating her sexy butt. "She sure has a great ass" I thought to myself. I walked up to her, and looked at her appreciatively. "It fits you on your thighs very well Jigna, but I am not able to make out how it fits you on your hips. Why don't you do one thing? Take off your petticoat, and just wear the jeans with your shirt ... then we will be able to see the fit better..." I told her. She bobbed her head again, and closed the door of the trial room again.

As I sauntered back to the main area, I saw the sales girl Sapna waiting for me. But there was a transformation to her now. She was looking visibly freshened up, and her hair also had been tidied up. As I walked up to her, I could smell the fresh fragrance of some spicy perfume. But what caught my attention was the fact that she had now left the top two buttons of her uniform shirt open, showing a hint of her cleavage, and all of her neck. "Aah, the bitch is trying to seduce me..." I grinned to myself inwardly. I walked up to her with my hands tied behind my back, and when I was next to her, I bent forward and said softly with a smile "You look great, Ms. Sapna" She almost blushed, and her hand instinctively went up to tuck inside an stray strand of hair, as she replied "Oh, thank you sir." I just smiled back at her.

Jigna called out to me again from the trial room, and I went back. What I saw made my cock stiffen up instantly. The sexy teenager, had removed her slip, and was now standing looking at me expectantly in the jeans and only her white shirt. She had a wide smile on her face as she asked me "Now how does it look Jignesh bhai?" I nodded my head slowly; putting on a scrutinizing look on my face, as I consciously looked at her jeans and not her torso.

The shirt was covering her waist completely, and as I came closer to her, I saw her bare perky tits protruding through the thin fabric of her white shirt. Since the light in the trial room above the mirror was behind her, I could see the silhouette of her body thru the thin shirt. I swore I could see the dark tips of her delicious breasts, and her nipples protruding through the shirt. I dragged my eyes away from her chest, and tried to focus on her jeans. I asked her to turn around. "Just lift up your shirt a little bit, Jigna ... I want to see how it fits you on your waist" I instructed her. She did that without any hesitation, and I noted that her sexy round butt filled out the jeans well. Her twin butt cheeks were looking eminently squeezable in the tight jeans.

Once again I asked her to turn around towards me, and on the pretext of inspecting the fit, I placed my hands on the exposed part of her waist which was showing as she was holding the shirt up. Her soft skin was hot to touch. I casually lifted the end of the shirt higher near her belly, on the pretext of inspecting, and was greeted with the sight of her sexy belly and belly button, with just the hint of some hair trailing down into the 'V' of her crotch. I stepped back, and looking at her said "This looks great, baby ... let's take this." She clapped her hands in joy and exclaimed "Oh great ... I also loved this." Putting my hands on my hips, I said to her "Jigna, just stand up straight, and pose for me ... I want to see how good you look." "How bhaiya?" she asked me naively. "Oh, just put your hands on your hips, throw your shoulders back, and jut your hips out to one side" I said, demonstrating how it was to be done. She did that immediately.

As she placed her hands on her hips, swung her hip provocatively to one side, and threw back her shoulders, I could see her firm perky tits straining against the thin shirt. My cock was beginning to get really uncomfortable inside my pants now. "Like this, bhaiya?" she asked me expectantly. "Umm ... perfect. Now do one more thing dear. Push your shirt collar back and open the top button of your shirt" I said conversationally, all the while looking at her body in a most professional manner. She hesitated for a moment, and then immediately obeyed me. As she opened the top button of her shirt, pushed the collar back, and posed for me again with her hands on her hips; I almost wanted to grab her and take her there & then in the trial room. Her breasts were incredibly firm, as the stood out straight, and strained against her shirt. With great difficulty, I pulled my eyes off her and said, "Ok, that's great ... now let's go pick a few more".

As I came back to the main display area, the sales girl said to me "Sir, no other customer will be allowed here, so you can tell baby ji to come out and show you her dresses, if you like. You can sit her comfortably in the sofa here." That was cool with me, so I asked Jigna to come out. As Jigna walked wearing the jeans and the shirt, the sales girl immediately noticed her bra-less breasts jiggling free under her shirt. She turned to look at me with a question in her eyes. I let a brief smile flicker on my face and winked at her. She smiled back and nodded her head, seemingly to say that she understood. The sales girl helped Jigna select two more jeans, and finally she had selected a total of 3 pairs.

Next I wanted to pick some tops or t-shirts for her to go with the jeans. Again the girl selected a few tight round-neck t-shirts, some polo neck t-shirts, and some spaghetti strap tight tops for Jigna. She knew what I was looking for, and I smiled my approval at her as she handed over the clothes for Jigna to take into the trial room. As Jigna left, she came up to me and said "Sir, to wear these tops, I think baby ji should wear a bra. Otherwise..." and her voice trailed off. I nodded my head in understanding, and told her with a smile, "You tell her that, but first let me see how she looks as is with just the top." Again she blushed, but this time returned my naughty smile with a flirtatious one of her own. As I settled down comfortably on the sofa, I patted the seat on my side and beckoned her to come. She came and sat down at my side with a smile, albeit at a respectable distance.

Soon Jigna came out, and seeing her now, I knew this chick had potential. She looked incredibly sexy, in the tight figure hugging three-quarter length blue jeans, and a tight round neck white t-shirt (with a teddy bear on the chest) that left a inch of bare flesh exposed at her belly. As she posed in front of me with the same expectant look in her eyes, I couldn't help but look at the way her breasts looked in the tight top. The tightness of the t-shirt gave a nice shape to her perky breasts, and I could see her perky nipples poking thru the thin fabric. "You look sexy, Jigna" I commented, much to her joy.

As she hopped back to the changing room, I nodded at Sapna, who immediately followed her. Soon she re-appeared, and went to a section where lingerie and undergarments were on display. She picked up a couple of colored t-shirt bras, as well as white & black ones, and came up to me to show them to me for approval. I nodded, and she disappeared into the passage of the trial room to hand them over to Jigna. Soon Jigna appeared again, this time sporting a different polo-neck t-shirt, and there was a wide grin on her face. She beckoned to me excitedly, and when I walked up to her, she whispered excitedly in my ears "You know Jignesh bhai, that didi has given me a bra to wear ... this is the first time I am wearing a bra ... it feels really nice ... how does it look?" "It looks fantastic, dear" I told her. The sales girl Sapna stood at a distance watching us with an amused look on her face.

Once we had finished with her clothes, I called the sales girl aside, and told her to pick some sexy matching lingerie (bra & panties) for Jigna. She picked quite a few really sexy pairs, the ones with a wire-support at the base, and of the satin-cum-lace material, and in various colors like red, blue, black, lavender etc. That's when I realized that Jigna needed a 32-B sized bra. The erection I had was beginning to subside now, when I heard Jigna call out to me from the trial room again. When I walked up to the room and opened the door, I was presented with yet another dick-raising sight. There is no sight sexier that a girl posing for you, clad in a pair of great jeans and a black bra. That's what Jigna wanted to show me. She seemed a little shy, and held her hands rigidly by her side as she asked me haltingly "Jignesh bhai, I just wanted to hear from you whether these bras which didi has given me ... suit me?" "Suit you! Baby, they are awesome! You don't know how sexy you look in these" I responded enthusiastically. Her face lit up again when she heard that, and she posed excitedly for me with her hands on her hips.

She looked every young man's dream now ... a teenage bitch posing in a bra. I reached out to her on the pretext of adjusting the strap on her shoulder, and felt her bare skin. My hands trembled slightly as I touched her, and I brushed my fore-arm on the swell of her breasts. Her perky tits felt incredibly firm to my touch, but she hardly realized what I was doing. Still fidgeting with her strap, I said "You know baby, I want to buy you a bikini too ... incase you go to some place where there is a beach, you could wear one, you know..." I said hopefully. "Oh no, bhaiya" she responded "We will be going to a beach, but how can I wear a bikini..." she said shyly. "But I would still like to have one..." she added quickly. I grinned inwardly when I heard that.

I quickly gave instructions to Sapna, who returned with a sexy two-piece bikini. I left Jigna alone to wear it. Once she was done, I returned to have a look. This time, it was even better than ever. Imagine a sexy young dusky 16-year old teenage girl, with a body just beginning to blossom, in a two-piece black bikini with red polka dots. And to add to the sexiness, this was the type that had just strings to tie the bikini-top around the neck & back, and strings tying the bikini bottom around the waist. For once Jigna was distinctly shy, as she stood in front of me fidgeting with her hands. My cock was ready to burst out of its pants now. She looked ravishing enough to eat. The bikini-bra barely covered her mounds, and showed a fair bit of the flesh of her perky tits. The bikini-panty was even skimpy, just about covering the mound of her pussy & ass, with just the thin strings tied on either side of her hips.

I asked her to turn around, and as she did, I feasted my eyes on her bare back with just the string tied in a knot at her back, and her incredibly sexy rounded fleshy butt. Since her back was towards me, she was looking at the expression on my face in the mirror in front of her. I smiled at her in the mirror and walking up close to her, decided to take a chance. I put my arms around her from behind, and hugged her from behind with my arms pressed on her belly. I rested my chin on her shoulders; pressing my crotch into her butt, I whispered into her ears, "Jigna, you know you are the sexiest girl I have ever seen". Before she could say anything, I planted a quick kiss on her shoulder, and disengaged. She turned around and looked at me with a shy smile. Seeing her comfortable, I reached out and gently touched the skin below her neck, and ran my fingers down till I could feel the firm flesh of the upper portion of her breasts. She shivered at my touch, but didn't do anything to stop me.

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