Texas Sex Ranch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - There's a "ranch" for everything in Texas, including sex. Alexa grows up there, a nudist who learns to be a swinger.

It was the anticipation that was killing me. In four days I was going to be the legal age to have sex, actual penetrating penis in vagina sex. These last few days of my girlhood were agonizing.

Mom and Dad had decided that we needed a family vacation. My sister Melissa was of in model school, and already working as a runway model. I think I was the only one who knew she had ambitions of being more than that. When she had a little money saved she was going to start design classes and learn to design the clothes she was wearing at the moment.

My sister and I were so completely different it was hard to believe we had the same parents. Melissa was tall and skinny. She was that perfect androgynous look the designers liked, ; I was shorter and had curves. Glory be, even at 14 I had more curves than my sister. Now given Mom and Dad's social activities there were always questions. Fortunately Melissa looked almost exactly like Grandma Jean at that age (we had pictures to prove it). Still, when your Mom and Dad have social sex, you wonder.

I was the hope they had. Mom and Dad were swingers. That meant they engaged in recreational sex, often with multiple partners in one evening. That didn't mean I'd come home from school and find them in bed with someone. They only partied on certain evenings, and almost always at The Ranch.

Texas has lots of ranches, but they don't mean what most people think. When the average person pictures a ranch they see dusty buildings, lots of cattle, andpeople on horseback herding them. In Texas a ranch might be devoted to cattle, or something else. Within 100 miles of us there was a ranch for ballet, one for gymnastics that produced about half of our gOlympic gymnastics team, and one that was an artistic retreat. The acreage was valuable for privacy. When you're struggling to become a great artist, having that privacy is invaluable. Nothing, I'm told, kills the artisitic impulse so much as interrip[topms, sales calls, and the like.

Ours didn't have a name, but it was devoted to sex. Not openly, officially we were a nudist resort, but in practice.

Nudity as a recreational lifestyle had been around for some time. In our part of the world it got a big boost after World War 2. Despite what people thought, there wasn't much scandalous to it. Picture a typical hotel vacation destination: you have a pool, you have lawns for sports such as softball, hoseshoes, and the like. That was a typical nudist ranch, with everyone naked. There certainly wasn't the hanky-panky people expected. You had people of all ages from toddlers barely walking all the way up through the elderly, and all sorts of different races. The only thing in common was the bare flesh.

People equate nudity with sex. If it hadn't been for that attitude in the 19502, and some of the leftovers from the Victorian era, perhaps we'd have a healthier attitude aboput sex.

People who attended a nudist group soon learned that the fantasy—rampant and open sexual activities—and the reality were far apart. If anything, nudists are more prudish than people in the clothed world. You will see couples holding hands, but that's about it. If anything more happened, it occurred in private. You looked, you saw (and after a while you generally ignored), but you didn't touch. Kids were always supervised very closely. The only time a girl could escape her mother's stern eye was if she was with a group of other girls her age or so, and you were out in the open.

At our ranch that wasn't the case. Sometime in the early 60s things began to change. The sex became a little more obvious. Thgose who disapproved moved to other ranches, and those who looked for this came to ours. In the past this hadn't been so much a problem because of the attitudes and the lack of really good birth control. Oh, sure, women had diaphragms and men had condoms, but the birth control pill made casual, spur-of-the-moment sex possible. The other methods require intent and preparation. That changed everything.

One of the big social no-nos in the world of nude recreation was the male erection. Guys can't help it. They see an attractive, sexy woman, and a little part in their brain stiffens out tgheir dick in preparation. The same thing happens with women, but it isn't as noticeable when the inside of yoru pussy moistens and grows red. Some guys think a girl's nipples stiffen when she's "ready". Sorry to disabuse them, but sometimes they stiffen up for no apparent reason. I was in a library in town recently, studying lace patterns for a term paper for class, and was suddenly aware that my nips were all pointy. I could feel them pressing against my bra, and when I looked down, there were two lumps on the front of my blouse. The air conditioning hadn't kicked on, there wasn't an attractive male within sight, it was just my nips growing erect. There wasn't much I could do about them, either. They'd go down presently.

At a nudist resort a guy is expected to "do something". This means roll over onto his stomach, or hop in a pool while covering the offending member with his hand, or going inside to either take care of matters (cold water helps) until the problem goes away.

At our ranch an erection was just a matter of course. The difference was that they were a lot more common than in other places we visited, and there was usually someone around to "help". In most cases some girl would jack him off in a friendly way, or if she was feeling in the mood, she might suck him off instead. Nobody thought anything of it, and just because you'd stroked a guy to completion didn't mean you were going with him, or anything much.

Now this occurs to any guy who's reached puberty. We don't really even call it sex. You're lending a helping hand, literally, and if you get a handful of come, and you didn't want to lick it up, then the guy had a problem.

Sometime in the late 60s or early 70s someone took it a bit farther. Her name was Rosa, she was from Southern California, and when a guy lyting near her got a stiffy, she masturbated as she rubbed him. When she thought she was ready she mounted up and rode him to completion. Then she went back to the book she was reading just as if nothing had happened.

By the end of the 70s seeing something like that was fairly common. That's when someone realized there could be problems. Nude resorts were tolerated by the Child Protective Service types because kids were kept on short, tight leashes. If that changed, though, it could shut down every nudist establishment in the state. Something had to be done. Rules had to be put in place. And they were.

First, there were some areas where there was no sex. That included the pool and recreation areas. If you needed to get some you sought out a little privacy (not much). Second, there were "no go" areas for those who were underage. This was where the adults didn't need all that much privacy for sex. This included something like 80% of the ranch. When you had the number of acres we had, that wasn't a problem. Third, someone took us kids in hand and began giving us an education, one that we weren't getting anywhere else. The law, it seemed, had interpretations.

We began going to the ranch when I was barely out of diapers. Melissa liked the sunning, so she never strayed far from the pool. I undertand that to this day she has absolutely no problem with nude photos, if you like girls with skinny hips and flat butts and chests. I had a curvier bottom and a bigger bosom at 14 than she does at 22. But she has virtually no tan lines, and is very accepting of the idea that she can pose naked for a camera. This has tremendously improved her market potential, but that's another story.

We were all involved in a form of home schooling until we hit about 8 or 9. Between the nudist magazines that were common around the ranch, the TV channels we could get (yes, there iare TV shows where nudity is so common as to escape any mention) and the like, they actually had to have a class on wearing clothes.

We all started 5th Grade in the local school district. There was some comment, of course, from the other kids about those of us from the ranch, but not as much as you might think. We tended to be a bit conservative (though not in our politics), we stuck together, and we didn't have tanlines. The latter might be peculiar, but girls look at each other, they comment about each other, and they don't tell the boys. It's considered impolite to stare, but you certainly see plenty in the locker room. Barbed comments were tossed out, but there was a lot of grop pressure to not say anything, and with girls that group pressure is a powerful force.

There are girls in a locker room who show off. They've got bigger boobs, or hair where other girls haven't grown any yet, and theymake sure everyone sees. Most girls, though, are taught to cover up. As a friend of mine who eventually came out to the ranch for the nudity put it, "cover up, cover up, cover up, that's all you hear." Heaven help the girl who showed too much. Somehow it was expected that the girls who were at the ranch would be that way. I think there were some people disappointed that we didn't spread our legs and lean back, showing off our "girl parts" to anyone who bothered to look. Instead we were casual about the nudity after a shwor. So you're naked, so what? Were all girls here, we've all got the same basic parts. If you want to see someone naked, go home, undress, and stand in front of a mirror. Until then, mind your own business. That was soon the common themse.

What broke the ice, at least for me, was when one of the girls I'd met and was when this one girl I'd sort of gotten friendly with because we'd worked together on a project dropped her voice and asked me what a boy looked like, "you know, down there".

For those who don't know, "down there" is a female code word for her genitals. The hard thing for me to learn was all of the euphemisms for various body parts. Bosom, boobs, chest, that one I got, as well as vaguely waving your hand in front of your chest. But the areabetween the legs was different. I thought of it as my pussy. Girls had them, boys didn't, it was that simple. From what I could gather, "down there" was an acceptable phrase. Everyone would know what you meant.

I looked at Linda in surprise. "You mean a boy's... ?"

She nodded, jher face turning pink. "I know you probably don't look because it isn't polite or something, but..."

"Oh, you look," I said. "You can't help it. I mean it's there, and hard to ignore." I rubbed my chin while her pink deepened. "Most of them are about the length of a finger. Sometimes, if they've just gotten out of the pool and they're feeling cold, it's shorter. Some of the girls laugh that it practically disappears. Usually it's hard to tell bbecause it wobbles around so much when they walk."

Her pink was verging on the red, and she swallowed several times, clearly getting something under her control. I don't think I noticed because I really hadn't paid that much attention to how a guy's dick and balls looked. They were just there. That's the way boys were, that was all. "Oh yeah, and sometimes they curve slightly to the left or right. I have no idea why. Never really paid it much attention."

"What about when they're ... you know." She swallowed, and her finger came up exactly like a dick stiffening into an erect cock.

Okay, this we'd been told about. I'd been told exactly what to say, and did so. "Guys who get that way cover themselves up, or put a towel over it so it isn't really visible. I've sort of wondered that myself."

"You know what I really noticed at the pool," I said in a low voice, staring down. "I think most of us don't realize just how much hair a guy has."

"You mean... ?" Her eyes lit up and she leaned toward me as if I was about to reveal some deep dark secret.

"We know there are guys who have a real rug of hair on their chest." She nodded. We'd seen guys that way. "Now it doesn't continue all of the way down, but they all have hairy legs, andm well, that hair sort of continues up and sometimes thickens."

"Oh." Her eyes were wide as she stared at a boy walking down the hall toward us, trying to picture how much hair he had.

"There are guy who don't have much hair, but some guys..." I shook my head slightly.

"I never thought..."

"I didn't either until I started paying attention. I mean mostly you don't. He got out of the pool right in front of me, though, and I couldn't help it. That's when I started looking around."

She was staring at one of the boys who, she didn't know, was out at the ranch. It was Chet, and he didn't have that mass of hair, but her imagination supplied it.

"Now as far as I can tell most guys don't, but some of them are just like the abominable snowman or something."

I knew that word would get all over school fairly quickly, and the other girls from the ranch wold be asked to confirm it. This was something the average girl could verify for herself at any pool. The boys wouldn't be nude, but you would be able to see the hair on their chests and legs, and "connect the dots". And my explanation for how I'd come to notice it was plausible. You can't ignore what happens right in front of you.

"So a guy—"

"My Mom said that when relaxed, it should just hang over their balls."

Her color deepened slightly at that. She swallowed and nodded. "How far does that extend down?"

"Like I said, about as long as your forefinger."

She looked at her hands. Slowly she straightened her forefinger.

"Now before we go any farther, I've heard stories about how a guy's shoe size, or hands correspond to his, er, length." I shook my head. "If that's true, I haven't seen it.""Yeah, I've heard those same stories, too."

"That would only apply to when they're, um, let's say ready for action. Since I've never really seen one in that condition, I'm only guyessing." That was a complete lie. I'd seen plenty of erect cocks, and only a couple of hours before I'd handled Tom's as I jacked him off before we met the school bus. He'd returned the favor, so we were even. I couldn't tell Linda that, though. There were some stories that we did not want getting around, and that was one of them.

Linda relaxed a little. Suddenly we weren't nudist and non-nudist discussing male body parts, but two girls on the edge of puberty wondering about the male body. This was something girls had done simce our ancestors were in the trees or hiding in caves.

Now I knew perfectly well what most guys looked like with an erection. The most amazing one was Mr. Sims, who was in his 70s, and still giving Mrs. Sims a hard one from time to time. It took him longer than most guys, and he paced himself as he was good for only about one or two shots a day (usually one), bt other than that he was just a guy with an eleven-inch dick (yes, I measured it one day) before jacking him off). Still, word would get around that I was at the ranch and I didn't know what a stiff dick looked like. That might not be believed, but then, again, it would help.The last thing we needed were authorities determined to shut things down.

People in the fabric world, especially those involved with churches, seem to ignore the intense curiosity most girls have. There is a tremendous amount of mis-nformation available, whether it's in romance novels, magazine articles, orthe most inaccurate of all: gossip. Girls hit puberty earlier, though it doesn't do the physical changes from the moment it hits. Girls are intellectually aware that they're going to be involved with boys the rest of their lives, and like all girls they're after a smuch information about the subject as they can get.

Now at the ranch we had a lot more accurate information than the average person got unless she went to certain schools. Frist, we had all of the pictures in the magazines. Nudist magazines are heavy on pictures, ever notice? You see so much bare flesh you don't think anything of it. Second, we had two TV networks devoted to the nude life. The shows were just like on clothed TV, but with everyone nude. We're not talking about having furniture "conveniently" blocking the view, either. This was full-frontal nudity in all ages, whtehr it was a situation comedy, a newscast, the weather, cooking shows (though they were always clthed around a grill), or whatever. One channel was more risqué than the other, and in the evening you saw stuff that was x-rated anywhere else. It was so common that I thought nothing of watching a teen drama where a blowjob or handjob was so casually delivered as to be ingored, and watching a couple do it was just part of the show. After I saw TV in the fabric world, and their play at nudity I realized that the production standards on nude TV were higher. If a couple had sex, it was for plot purposes, not just for the sake of the sex. Sex was casual and fun. That was so muc like life at the ranch that after a while you didn't pay it much attention.

Most girls our age knew what boys looked like beneath their clothes, but we took it with a grain of salt. We were at that age where we were starting to babysit, and if there was an infant involved, you learned to change them. Most girls did a little math in their heads. If the boy is two feet long and his dick is that big now, then when he's sic feet tall ... This was usually followed by a hasty swallow and a feeling of fear. It fit in with all sorts of other things a girl heard, and she had the image of a boy with this monster ripping her open.

Mothers liked that image. It kept girls from trying sex. And boys weren't going to say any different. It's an ego thing with them, I guess.Boys compare their dicks the way girls compare our boobs. Of course after a while girls staop comparing and if a girl's very big, sympathize with her.My reaction to a girl who was a DD size was to flinch. Oh her aching bck! I couldn't see where boys paid a price like that with a large dick.

That afternoon, as I rode the bus home, I reflected on the partial-truth I'd told Linda. I did know what an erect cock looked like. I'd had one in my had that morning. His name was Eric, and I'd jacked him off. He'd rubbed me to completion as well, which put both of us in a freaxed frame of mind. That was fairly common at the rancvh. Nobody got much past the age of 10 without learning how to masturb. It's important for her future mental health for a girlto learn how to do that. When you're all tensed up, there's nothing like a little work with your vibrator (or a boy's fingerd) to make you feel a lot better. It got to be very common to masturbate before going to school. Some kids liked to do it after school, too. I was considering that as we turned down the road that stopped at the ranch. I'd settle in near the pool, fantasize about the guys I saw, and get busy with my fingers. It woulkd certainly improve my day.

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