Betli Must Be Played!
Chapter 1: The Three Musketeers


My name is Paul O'Donnell. I'm a tall, blue-eyed, brown haired, athletic guy. My father is a surgeon and my mother works at the child welfare agency. I also have a brother who is eleven years older than me. He is a physician and lives in Jacksonville with his wife and three children. I graduated in engineering from the University of Miami. I dated a lot of girls at the U of M, even had a few long-term relationships, but I never found the "right" woman. I was never really a wild party person, but I wasn't too reserved either.

I have a habit, which you might think is kind of funny. Ever since childhood, I've loved drinking milk. I drink between a quart and a quart and a half every day at breakfast and at dinner. I was afraid my college friends would discover that I preferred milk to beer. Also, I prefer sparkling mineral water to soft drinks with sugar: which I do not like at all. Still, when I was with friends at college I drank beer, wine, coke, and whiskey, but I would have preferred milk. Especially, low fat milk because it's sweeter than regular milk.

After graduation I got a job at a small logistic center near Orlando. I worked with instruments, machines and every kind of technical gadget except for IT parts. My boss retired three years later and the just appointed boss of the center, John Dallas thought I was the best man to manage all of the technical organizations at the logistics center. I got a promotion with a big increase in salary. I became one of the boss's right hands. The other was the IT and Security leader Pablo Pique, who never let us forget he was Catalan and not Spanish. Our boss John Dallas who was responsible for the financial, logistic part of the center and we both were together the "Three Musketeers". We worked hard to see that the logistics center was well managed.

I wanted to save money for the future so I rented a small apartment that was only a 10-minute walk from the logistics center. I think I was the only employee who went to work on foot.

A year after my promotion I met Carol Sweeny, a 5'6", 20 year old curvaceous young blond, with steel gray eyes and size C breasts. She worked in a shop in a mall. Carol was sexy and being with her excited me. I fell in love with her. She became my girlfriend.

Carol was very experienced sexually and sex with her was great. What's more, she loved to cook and she was an excellent cook. As the saying goes, "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach or through his dick." She had both bases covered so I lost myself between her pussy and her cooking pot.

Her sister Sara was six years older and she was married to a good man, a truck driver. They had three adorable children. I liked Sara's family and I played a lot with the kids. Sometimes my girlfriend cooked for everybody, and gave her sister a chance to spend more time with her children. Carol's parents were friendly people and they liked me from the start.

Carol moved into my apartment. After work we had long sex sessions before and or after feasting on her super cooking. She also cooked for my parents who really liked her.

My days usually started with a sex feast. I'd wake up to Carol's lips wrapped around my cock or her riding me cowgirl style or with my face covered by her pussy. When I was the first one awake, I would munch or nibble her awake. A quick breakfast, a shower and the walk to work would follow this. Carol worked shifts in a shop in the Mall. When she worked the morning shift, my morning sex feast was canceled, but on those days I got evening sex fireworks.

When she worked in the evening I went to my old High School friends, who lived near Orlando to play Poker. I lost a lot of money playing Poker. One day I was at an Xmas event at our logistic center and I complained to Pablo and John Dallas about my losing so much money playing Poker. John, who came from Cleveland, Ohio and whose mother was Hungarian, told me there was an interesting card game which could be played with money only, because this game was totally boring without money, but three practiced players would only lose or win about 20 – 25 bucks after three or four hours of playing, as the smallest stake was ten cents. Both Pablo and I found it interesting. Pablo told us he quit playing Poker some years before, because he lost lot of money.

John invited us to his house when my girlfriend worked in the Mall on the weekends. Pablo could take his wife. John had a three-year old son and a twelve- month old daughter. Later I learned that he also had a son in Cleveland by his first wife.


I am Pablo Pique and I was born in a family, which originally came from Catalonia. My family mixed with the Catalan Nationalist Diaspora in the USA, so I got a strong Catalan background. I am a twenty-seven year old dark haired and brown-eyed man of average height, and I want to be a totally US citizen by cutting my family background. Why?

I graduated from Columbia NYC in IT and I lived in my apartment in Newark, because I got job at a great logistic company. My parents lived close to me and I visited them often and they were members of the Catalonian nationalist association. I attended many Catalan national events. I met a nice girl of Catalan origin at such an event. We were in love soon, or at least that time I thought we were. I did not know her past well, but I had total trust in her. Half a year later I asked Catalina to marry me and she said yes. Catalina and I were living together in my apartment, while the Catalina's family and my parents started to plan the wedding, as a Catalonian event.

My young sister, Antonia, was a little skeptical about Catalina, because she knew more about her. Antonia was fantastic later and I was very grateful to her. Her name is Antonia Swenson now, and she has two children. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Rob, and I visit them in summertime only.

Before I go on telling my story I have to mention that one of my friends was a doctor, an andrologist in Newark, and his work included checking sperm motility for example. At the time we had less than a week before the wedding when I got a strong cold and my nose was running, so I had to use Kleenex. We had not had any sex for three days and Catalina wanted a little sex with me when I arrived home from work. We were in bed and I felt too much moisture in her pussy, so I cleaned my hands with Kleenex and I told Catalina I had to go out for a moment. I went to the kitchen and I put my Kleenex in an empty bottle and put in the freezer.

Next day I called my boss and told him I had a family emergency so I would be late. He knew about my wedding and he gave permission. So I took the bottle to my above mentioned doctor friend. Like I suspected, he found living sperm in the Kleenex. I asked him whether there might be living sperm in the vagina three days after having sex. My friend told me it was not possible, and he understood everything. He was also invited as a guest to my wedding and he was almost as mad as I was at Catalina.

I called my sister and she had an excellent idea. She told me to tell Catalina I would want to save more sperm for the honeymoon so I would be a hermit until the wedding. Catalina did not suspect anything. It was incredible how Antonia smuggled me out of the church right before wedding ceremony, put me into a motel and she went back to play her Oscar Awarding Role among the guests. It was a colossal scandal, Catalina, the guests and the relatives waited for me for more than two hours.

My car was at the motel and my sister gave me the job advertisement of a logistic company in the Southeast. The headquarters were in Atlanta. I wrote an application and sent my resume to them, and got an appointment for the following week. I went there by car and immediately got the job in Orlando. I called my boss to tell him I was leaving the company. I gave my new address to my sister. She told me I was the most hated person in that Catalan community, but I was happy to have avoided a cheating bitch.

Two months later I called Catalina and I told the cursing slut that the sperm cells couldn't live outside freezer for three days and her pussy works body warmth. She cursed, but I closed the line. Antonia got a job opportunity in Minneapolis and she, like me, left the Catalan community. She found a good Midwestern guy. My parents did not want to meet me, but Antonia told them everything, when they were in Minneapolis to visit their first grandchild, my nephew. My parents and I made peace, but I did not go near NYC. My parents told me Catalina became a divorcee now. I do not like cheaters and I prefer 1.5% milk to beer from my childhood.


I am John Dallas and I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. My father was a high school principal and my mother was a schoolteacher of Hungarian origin. I was similar to Paul Newman, because his mom was Hungarian too, and he was also born in Cleveland. I had far relatives in Budapest, in Hungary. So I know where Hungary is, unlike Kelly Pickler in the "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader". I have an older brother, who lives in Cleveland with his family.

During my high school years my Hungarian relatives taught me an interesting card game called "Robber Ulti". It is played with a special deck of cards, which consists of 32 cards in 4 "colors", as hearts, bells, acorn, and leaves. Everybody played Poker in High School but I preferred Robber Ulti. Some class buddies asked me, why I preferred that unknown card game to Poker.

I told them that Poker was like a war, because you must jeopardize much for the victory. Everyday life, however, is similar to Robber Ulti, in witch sometimes you must do just a little bluff in the bid, or sometimes you must bet not much, but just a little, and sometimes you must optimize your loss. But most importantly, this card game is life-like because you may win even with the worst cards as well.

Robber Ulti evolved to a three players' card game in Hungary from the French origin "Marias" through Bohemia. A bid section or auction is at the beginning and an execution part is at the end of the game. In the execution part the players have 10-10-10 cards only and a player struggles against two ally players during ten-card round. The solitary player has to accomplish what the solitary player declared in the bid section or auction, and the players can rob (hence the name "Robber") the remaining two cards (the talon) from each other for higher value contract in the auction. He who declared the last highest contract, he will be alone to two ally player, but he knows twelve cards, his ten cards in his hands and the two additional cards (talon) on the table.

After High School I joined the army, but before that I lost my virginity with a High School sweetheart. I was in the former Yugoslavia where I was in the NATO peace action in Kosovo and then I went to logistics training and I became a logistics expert in the common NATO Afghanistan action. It was very interesting when I worked together with an Icelandic logistic expert who was an airport logistic and his homeland sent him to the common NATO action. As NATO ally Iceland lacked sufficient armed forces, this man joined the common action. He offered me a can of rotten shark and we laughed much about my adventure with one of the most horrid foods in the world. When I became a logistic expert in the army I did not have to hide that I liked low fat milk more than beer, and I got extra milk for myself.

I came home a year later and I went to college to learn business administration and logistics. After many unsuccessful dates, I finally met a brown haired, green-eyed girl from Cleveland, who became my wife. We went back to Cleveland and I got a job at a logistic company. My wife became pregnant and after the birth of our son she became a homemaker in our apartment.

One day I came home accidentally for something and I found my wife with a stranger in our bed. I went back to my job and I asked for some free days for a family emergency, and next day I got an appointment with a divorce lawyer. I came home late and I told my cheating wife I had had to work overtime and I was tired. The following day I went to the lawyer. He told me there was no fault divorce in Ohio and my soon to be ex-wife would get the children custody after the divorce. He recommended DNA test, because I would not have to pay children support for a bastard, if the child was below four years old.

Later during the divorce proceedings the DNA test was positive and I learned little William was mine. We had no house or any other valuable property so only our savings were to be divided. I divided all our bank accounts and our savings into two parts. I went home and confronted my wife. She was in tears and vowed to everything that the stranger I had seen was the only one and she would be faithful in the future. I told her that many of my colleagues in the army had got the same vows from their cheating wives, but they had found strangers in their wives' bed again some months later. I told her a cheater is cheater every time and I did not like cheaters because I saw many family tragedies in the army caused by cheating from both parties, both from husbands and from wives.

I moved to my parents. Though her lawyer managed to get the judge to order counseling, this was unsuccessful, so after a longer struggle we became divorced. The child custody was hers, so I had to pay alimony for five years and child support. Then my ex-wife met her High School sweetheart, who was just divorced from a cheating wife. He had not any kids and they " re-boiled the old food" and got married, and that was how I got rid of having to pay alimony.

Some time later her second husband came to me in my apartment and told me he would like to adopt my son, because my son calls him Daddy and they will soon have a common daughter so I should not pay child support at all. I discussed it with him and I told him I would go to a lawyer before my decision. I got advice from my lawyer and with the help of their lawyer I could give my parental right to the second husband of my ex-wife. With the two lawyers in the adoption contract we wrote the following: my ex-wife would send family photos every half year and I would get a half an hour report about my son on phone from my ex-wife at Christmas. I would not disturb my son at all until his graduation from High School.

However, if some special problems would emerge about my son, I could start a lawsuit in court for getting my parental rights back.

We signed the agreement and they did everything according to this agreement. I got family photos by e-mail quarterly and not only semi annually, I talked with my ex and her husband for more than half an hour about my son and their family at Christmas time. We were civilized; I did not tell the divorce reason to her second husband, I am not that vindictive. My son had a beautiful sister and they had a good family life. I did not know whether my ex wife had reformed herself to be an ex-cheater only, or she was just hiding her real nature well. I thought I would never tell my son I was his biological father if they brought up my son well, because we had two new kids now. When I told this to them, my ex-wife cried at the other side of the phone.

That time I remarried with a divorced army logistic colleague. Her husband was a cheater in the army. I knew her ex; he was a pussy hound. They did not have any children, she forgave him once but she divorced him after the second discovered cheating.

All my family was mad at me because I had given my parental right up to my ex-wife's second husband. I think I decided well, because I was not with my son so he could not remember me. After many debates in my family I found a job advertisement of a logistic firm from Atlanta and got a job in Orlando in their logistic center. My boss went to another brand new logistic center in Jacksonville a year later. I became the boss here after his leaving. My wife liked the sun state Florida and both of our common children were born here.

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