After School Sessions
Chapter 1: Strange Goings on in the Boiler Room

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Strange Goings on in the Boiler Room - A boy with a large cock has girlfriend trouble in as much as his girlfriend is scared to take his large cock; he finds an unlikely accomplice in a teacher and they help things become sorted.

Miss Parsons was the English lit teacher at Walmingford Elementary School; she was 32 years of age and had been at this school for twelve months when our story begins. It was just after the last period and all the pupils had gone home as Margaret Parsons sat in her empty classroom marking some papers; she found she needed to go to the toilet. Unusually she suddenly felt the need to go pretty quick; so she hurried out of the classroom and down the corridor towards the staff room. She barely made it to the Staff toilets and as she sat there in the cubicle she began to hear strange almost gurgled sounds from somewhere outside the toilets.

Finally after flushing the loo and washing her hands she stepped once more out into the corridor; again the almost eerie sounds happened again; curious as to what she was hearing; she scanned the corridor the sound seemed to be coming from further away from her classroom. Fearing that there may be a break in to one of the other classrooms she slowly carefully and quietly walked towards the sounds.

At the top of the boiler house steps; she found the noises almost grunting noises now it seemed; were coming from down those steps; she tried the boiler house door and found surprisingly it opened. She thought it was not like Old man Wilkins to leave this door unlocked; now she was sure the noises were coming from down those stairs. Quietly descending the stairs her eyes struggling to adjust to the lessening light she moved towards the sounds and suddenly she stopped dead in her steps for she could not believe what her eyes were taking in.

There was Miss Williams the sixty year old Maths teacher; stark naked and Old man Wilkins was stuffing his over sized black cock into her overflowing cunt. Melinda Williams was grunting for Zack Wilkins to fuck her harder and old man Wilkins was telling the white spinster that she was a slut for black cock. While Miss Williams was agreeing with him she also added that she was a slut for any cock the size that he possessed.

Suddenly Margaret bumped into a crate as she tried to quietly get closer to see the action taking place; her eyes transfixed on the size of Zack's cock as it ploughed into Melinda's furrow; did not see the crate. Instantly the action froze and both Zack and Melinda scanned the gloom in Margaret's direction. Zack suddenly called out that it was that prim and proper Miss Parsons and he grumbled that now they were in trouble; but Miss Melinda Williams Simply said in a serious toned voice; "Margaret, Come here!" When she sensed no movement she sharply added "NOW!"

Margaret moved almost on autopilot; as she meekly moved to stand just in front of the cavorting pair; she stared at the ground by her feet as Melinda Studied her figure. "Undress fully!" again nothing seemed to happen until in the same stern voice Melinda added, "NOW: Bitch!" Once more as if her hands were not her own Margaret began undressing; much to the amusement of Zack.

As soon as Margaret was naked; Melinda commanded her to suck on Zack's cock; telling her to taste not only her own cunt juice but traces of Zack's spent spunk. Zombie like Margaret moved and knelt down before opening her mouth and accepting the thick black man meat of Zack. Soon he was sawing his prick in and out of her mouth almost causing her to choke as his cockhead hit her tonsils but she never tried to close her mouth to refuse entry.

Melinda now knelt beside Margaret and latched her own mouth on to the younger woman's breast, raking her nipple with her tongue as she playfully nipped at the abundant tit flesh; Margaret's body began to respond to the ravages placed upon it and she felt her cunt bubbling away like a volcano. It only took two fingers from Melinda sliding into her soaking shaven cunt to trigger her first climax; adding her thumb to the mix by strumming her clit had Margaret's hips thrusting as if accepting some giant imaginary cock.

Zack fought off his impending desires to flood her mouth with his spunk but only until Margaret suddenly turned on a vacuum cleaner in her throat and using her tongue she sucked and swirled his cock head in lashing of saliva until it suddenly erupted gushing loads of hot white sticky spunk into her eagerly clutching throat.

As they calmed down; Melinda told Margaret that she was now her private bitch and she would come whenever beckoned and she would not only put out to whomever she was told to but she would learn to service Melinda's juicy cunt with her fingers and especially her tongue.

As if to press home the point; Margaret had to suck the cooling spunk and cunt juice from Melinda's stretched cunt while using her fingers on her own itchy desperate cunt. Zack marvelled at the willingness of Margaret in doing whatever she was ordered to do by the older heavily breasted maths teacher. He thought to himself that as Miss Williams was his bitch; so now Miss Parsons would become his too but it was not to be; as he discovered later; Miss Williams told him that Parsons was off limits to him unless by her own specific command.

Zack reasoned to himself that why spoil a good thing by arguing the toss right now but he would work on his white; black-cock loving bitch to make sure he was still the top dog; little did he know that he was less needed now by the aged spinster; for she had a willing cunt lapper at her disposal whenever she wanted it.

As Margaret sucked and licked at Miss William's hairy cunt; Zack marvelled at the dexterity of her nimble tongue as it seemed to search out every nook and cranny in the older woman's cunt. The rising tide of Melinda's passion bore testament to the skills demonstrated by the younger woman's mouth and the whole spectacle had the invigorating effect on Zack's cock; for without it being touched he was now rock hard again and eager to get some of the red hot action taking place before him.

Taking the chance as both women were otherwise occupied; Zack slipped his hard cock into Miss Parson's soaking wet cunt; No sooner was the head of his cock wedged between the succulent lips of her cunt than She grunted and groaned for him to fuck her hard; the sounds seemed much more animalistic muffled as they were within the hairy spread lips of Miss Williams cunt.

Zack soon settled into a fast and furious pace as Margaret covered Melinda's clit with her lips and sucked hard as if trying to catch her breath; the effect on Miss Williams was instantaneous; she threw her head back in wild abandon as she screamed out Margaret's name as her cunt convulsed in its throes of orgiastic pleasure.

Despite having had his cock sucked only a short while ago; Zack still felt the pressure of Margaret's cunt milking at the very roots of his cock; so much so his balls seemed to throb and tingle as he found it impossible to resist further; Bright lights flashed in his brain as he spunk shot along his cock and spurted its feverishly hot spunk all around the walls of Miss Parsons cunt.

The three adults collapsed in a heap as they panted their way back to recovery. In the afterglow of their great sex they smiled at one another and Miss Williams scolded him about not being man enough to wait until being told to join them; he looked her square in the eye and informed her that she was not the only fucking bitch here to enjoy herself.

Slowly they dressed and parted company; Zack back to stoking the boiler which he found mildly amusing as he thought of stoking one boiler having just serviced another old boiler. Miss Williams led Miss Parsons by the arm up to her classroom; once in the confines of the class room Miss Williams demanded that Miss Parsons place her frame over the older woman's knee and accepted her punishment of six spanks to show her just who was in charge.

Secretly Margaret was thrilled at the prospect of being spanked for as a child her earliest sexual experiences were from her own father spanking her naked body in the living room at home in front of her own mother; which made it all the more humiliating and yet more sexually exciting.

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