In Her Friend's Room
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Fa/ft, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sexually curious teen Bella is spending the night at her friend's house. While she's telling her friend about sex chat, and just starting to touch her nipples, her friend falls sound asleep. Bella can't help but explore her friend's body while she snores. Little does Bella know, her friend's mom is going to come in unexpectedly and want to know what Bella is doing with her hand inside her daughter's shirt.

Lauren looked at her cell phone and didn't recognize the number of the caller. Often she would just let an unidentified call go to voicemail. But her daughter's friend Bella from soccer was over for the first time, and Lauren thought it might be Bella's mom. Her instinct was correct.

Valerie and Bella had been on the team together for the whole season, but Lauren had only seen Bella at games, and then just to say hello. Valerie had other friends who came around often to hangout or sleep over. On this day Bella's parents and younger sister had to leave the game unexpectedly and Valerie asked if Bella could come home with them until her parents could pick her up. Lauren was glad to get to know another of her daughter's friends and she was very happy to have Bella visit.

Now Bella's mom was calling to say that they were tending to a minor emergency with her mother and that they wouldn't be done until late.

"I'm so sorry to do this. I never thought we'd be out this late. My mother's gonna be fine, but I'm just not sure we can leave yet."

"Don't give it another thought," Lauren said. "The girls are just hanging out in Valerie's room, probably chatting online or something. You know, why doesn't Bella just stay here tonight? I can bring her home tomorrow after the girls have had breakfast."

"Are you sure? Oh, that would be such a huge help! You're certain it's no trouble?"

"Not at all, really. I'll go up in a bit and let Bella know."

"Thank you very much. Tell her she can call me if she needs anything. Otherwise maybe she can just touch base when she wakes up in the morning."

"I'll tell her, and everything will be fine. Good luck with your mom."

"Thank you again!"

Lauren ended the call and went back to the book she was reading. She figured there was no rush in telling Bella she was staying over. She would go up in a little while

Lauren had guessed two things correctly. First was the identity of the caller, and secondly, what the girls were up to in Valerie's room. For the previous hour, Bella had been introducing her friend to her favorite online story and chat sites.

"Do you chat a lot?" Bella asked.

"Yeah, you know ... I guess," Valerie replied. "Not much like this, though."

"Whaddya mean? Like, talking with people about sex?"

"Yeah! I mean, I've done that a little."

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, totally. I can't believe people talk about this stuff so much, though."

"They talk about this and a lot more. There are some really nice people. Lots and lots of creeps, but all you do is disconnect from them or block them if you have to. They don't bother me."

"That's good to know. So far none of the people we've been chatting with have seemed creepy, have they?"

"No, not really. Hey Valerie, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, I guess."

"Well, do you ever, you know ... do stuff ... when you're chatting?"

"Um ... what do you mean?"

"You know ... like, touch yourself or anything?"

Valerie didn't consider herself a prude. She had touched herself before in different ways plenty of times. But she hadn't ever done it while she was talking to people online. Nor was she used to talking about it so openly the way she was doing with Bella.

"Um ... like ... while I'm actually chatting? No, not really. Why, have you done that Bella?"

"Yeah, a bunch of times. It can be pretty cool. A lot of the time though I'll do it after. Or like, I'll read a story that I think is super sexy, like some of the ones I showed you, then I'll get into bed and do it."

"What's it like doing it while you're actually chatting? I mean like, what do you do?"

"It depends. Like, one thing I do all the time while I'm chatting is rub my nipples."

Valerie just looked at her, trying to think of what to say.

"You ... um ... wow. Really?"

"Yeah. Are your nipples sensitive Valerie? Mine are really sensitive, and I love touching 'em. Do yours get hard?"

"Uh ... Yeah, I guess."

"Well ... um..."

"What?" Valerie said. "What's that look you're giving me?"

"I don't know," Bella said with a little grin on her face. "I was just wondering about something."

"Wondering about what?"

"I was ... wondering ... if ... I was wondering if another girl has ever touched 'em."

"Oh ... Wow. Um ... well, maybe a little."

"Nice. Well, can I touch 'em? Would you wanna touch mine?"

Valerie looked at Bella with a bit of wonder.

"R ... really?"

"Sure. I mean, you don't have to. But, if you want to, I'd like to touch yours."

"I think," Valerie said softly, "I think I'd like that."

Bella's grin grew to a full smile. She sat up and turned so she was fully facing Valerie, giving her a look that was meant to say, 'go ahead.' Bella knew her own nipples were already hard from all their talking and chatting online. She glanced down and saw that the bumps on her chest were clearly visible through her shirt.

Valerie reached forward and ran the back of her fingers up and down against one of Bella's bumps, which made Bella smile even bigger.

"Mmmmm, that feels great," Bella said.

Valerie pressed a little harder before switching her hand to the other nipple.

"They really are hard," Valerie said.

"I know, right?" Bella replied. "You can put your whole hand on my boob, you know. It's totally OK."

Bella took Valerie's hand, turned it over and pressed the palm against her breast.

"Wow, I really like how these feel."

"Pinch my nipples, please, Val."

Bella began feeling the familiar tingling she got between her legs when her body sensed that sexual activity was on the way. Just looking at Valerie had gotten her brain working. Looking at websites and chatting started her feeling warmth in various places. And having another girl rubbing her nipples started getting her wet.

"I like this Bella. It makes me feel so, warm, and relaxed. Mmm..."

Bella looked into Valerie's eyes, or at least she tried to. When she looked, Bella saw that Valerie's eyes were at least half closed.

"Valerie? Val ... are you..."

Valerie's eyes opened again, but rather slowly.

"Oh, oh Bella I'm so sorry. Aren't you ... aren't you tired?"

"Um, no, not at all. Valerie, are you really like ... sleepy or something?"

"No, no I can't be. I really like this, Bella. I've been really liking this. Can I ... can I just lay down for a minute? I'll be fine, I promise."

"Sure. Sure Val, no problem. I understand."

Bella didn't really understand, but she didn't know what else to say. She was ready to get more involved with her friend. She was ready to touch, and be touched, to kiss, and be kissed ... and maybe more.

And even though Valerie said she needed only a few minutes to rest, Bella knew better. As soon as she saw Valerie pulling a blanket over her, Bella knew her friend was a goner. In a few minutes, rather than waking up refreshed, Valerie was snoring softly, sound asleep.

Bella felt really disappointed. She had always liked Valerie. And she was totally enjoying the opportunity to get to know her better. And Valerie seemed to really be getting into chatting and talking about sex. She seemed a little shy, and not terribly experienced. But Bella liked that. She liked to be the one to show others how much fun they could have.

Of course the worst part was that Bella had gotten really, really turned on. She thought Valerie was very cute, and it seemed maybe Valerie felt the same about her. She was actually rubbing her nipples! Bella had been hoping that in not too long she would get to take off her shirt. She wanted to feel Valerie's hands on her nipples for real. She wanted Valerie to see her boobs (she liked her boobs, and especially her nipples!) and she wanted to see more of Valerie too. But now Valerie was sound asleep.

"Mom'll probably be here to pick me up soon anyway," Bella thought to herself. "I wish I could have at least gotten to see a little more of Valerie. At least then I would have something to think about when I'm alone in bed later."

Then a thought entered Bella's head.

"Valerie seems to be really asleep. I'm sure she was tired after the long day and the game. I wonder if she would notice if I pulled back that blanket, just a little."

Bella moved toward her friend's bed. She patted her hip and said her name several times.

"Valerie? Val? Are you asleep, Val?"

Valerie did not stir a bit. Bella slowly pulled the blanket up, off of Valerie's legs. She knew Valerie had strong, shapely legs. All the girls who played soccer did. Bella carefully put her hand on Valerie's calf. It felt soft and warm. She moved her hand up to Valerie's thigh. She stopped there to see if her friend might awaken. Nothing.

Bella pushed the blanked further to uncover Valerie's hip and bottom. The girls had taken off their uniforms and put on shorts and t-shirts. The shorts Valerie was wearing were a loose, stretchy cotton. Bella already knew she could pull them aside very easily and get a decent view of what Valerie had underneath. Bella had already planned that for later, if the chance came along.

"She really has an adorable butt," Bella thought. "I didn't get to see what panties she had on."

She pulled up the gray cotton fabric of the shorts to reveal pink panties with cupcakes of various colors printed on them. Bella stretched the shorts in several directions to get the best views she possibly could. She waited a few moments to see if Valerie would show signs of movement, but she saw none. Then she put her hand on the girl's upper thigh and softly caressed her leg, before moving to her ass.

"Oh wow," Bella whispered very softly. "I cannot believe I'm doing this!"

After at least a minute of caressing Valerie's bottom through her panties, Bella considered sliding her hand inside. But she thought that action had the most chance of awakening the girl, so she put it off. She left the shorts pulled aside and the pink cupcake panties exposed as she changed positions.

Bella pulled the blanket carefully off of her friend's middle and pulled up her shirt so she could admire her side and belly. She didn't risk caressing, because her real goal was now within reach. The top of the t-shirt Valerie was wearing appeared to be kind of stretchy. Bella wanted to see those boobs, and touch them if at all possible.

She stood up from sitting on the side of the bed and moved toward Valerie's head, which was nestled on a pillow. She spoke again to see if her friend would stir.

"Val? Valerie? Val?"

No response again. Bella gently pulled the covers from Valerie's shoulder and chest. She was mostly uncovered now. Given the fact that her friend had not moved a muscle since she started the exploration, Bella felt the courage to be more bold. She stood by Valerie's head, looked closely at her face to check once more that she was asleep, then started to stretch the neck of her shirt.

Bella wished the shirt had buttons. She wished she could have opened it completely, but that wasn't possible. However, she found she could pull the material out from Valerie's body without too much trouble, and she got a full view of one of her friend's breasts. They were beautiful.

"Ohhhh, Man!" Bella whispered, almost without sound. Her heart started beating faster and her knees trembled a little. She felt guilty for a few moments and considered stopping. But then she remembered that she and Valerie had been starting to fondle each other anyway. She reasoned that Val would likely have been showing off her tits by then, had she not fallen asleep. So Bella moved on.

She wanted so badly to touch her friend's breast, to stroke her bare nipple. She also wanted to touch herself between her legs. Bella took a deep breath. She then slid one hand into Valerie's shirt and cupped her boob, and the other hand she slipped into her own panties.

"OOHHHHhhhhhhhhhh..." Bella sighed softly as she felt both Valerie's warm, smooth skin, and the wetness between her own legs at the same time. She looked at her friend's face once again. No sign of anything but sleep. Bella decided that she might just have to get herself off while she gently squeezed and caressed Valerie's beautiful breast. She closed her eyes and squeezed both the tit and her own vagina.

She was beginning to get lost in waves of ecstasy. The rest of the world was fading away. Bella had the thought that she shouldn't get too far gone in case Valerie woke up. She had to be able to move quickly away and concoct a fast cover story. But she couldn't think about that now. She was beginning to feel really, really good, especially between her own legs.

Valerie stirring might not even have been able to break Bella out of her sexual trance. It was really taking hold of her now. She thought it might not take very long for her to have an orgasm. And she knew it would be a good one.

Unfortunately Bella's fog kept her from hearing the door to Valerie's room opening. And it wasn't her friend who brought her out of it. It was her friend's mother whose voice brought her back to reality.

"Bella Honey, I talked to your mother a little while and she asked if you could stay over, so..."

Bella's eyes took a few seconds to refocus. She didn't know what was happening or where she was. As she took stock of her surroundings, she realized she was frozen in place, with one hand inside the neck of Valerie's t-shirt holding her boob, and the other hand plunged way inside her own panties. And there in the doorway was Valerie's mom, staring at her in disbelief.

"What on earth? Bella, what the hell do you think you're doing to my daughter?"

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