The Sweep
Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Horror, Caution, Violent,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Things like this don't happen. Do They?

After we lost Texas to the Cartel gangs, it seems like everyone could see the writing on the wall. I haven't heard from my brother who lived in Kansas City, since the Anti-gun legislators finally got their way and abolished the second amendment. He was a gun collector and I believe that he went underground or was killed as the Cartel forces infiltrated the southern US. It took years of political maneuvering, but most of the law abiding population has been relieved of their guns while the criminals flourished, driving through the neighborhoods brandishing guns and terrorizing the residents. None of these bandits had hunting rifles or semi-automatic rifles that the anti-gun proponents were so certain would damage our society and eager to rid us of. They brandished fully automatic, military grade rifles; most of them with grenade launchers mounted to them, and frequently sent rapid bursts, spraying the neighborhoods, at anything that they desired. AK47's the weapon of choice around the world made in Russian bloc countries or China. Used by every third world nation or gorilla warrior.

Women and children were no longer seen outside. Not in any of the parks, even in the affluent neighborhoods. School shootings were a thing of the past. The schools were mostly closed and students took their classes on their computers at home, usually in their basements or safe rooms for those that could afford them. The schools that did remain open were armed compounds where only the poorest children would go.

These homes weren't safe either as home invasions rapidly increased, whether it was Homeland Security or Cartel Bandits who abducted women and young girls that were to be fed to the Cartel forces taking over the suburban housing districts. Homeland Security of course arrested random adults without charges and detained them for undetermined amounts of time. Many of those detainees were never heard from again.

Texas was no longer considered one of the United States and cartel thugs formed a steady stream northward toward Minnesota, one of the leaders in the civilian disarmament campaign. The National Guard was out gunned and out manned by the Cartel forces that had a budget from drug and sex trafficking that far out reached the US budget which consisted of massive debt. The regular army was helpless to assist those northern liberal states as they were all under attack by the invading forces. These forces knew that the liberal states were the most efficient in the disarmament of the civilian population and posed the lowest threat to their occupation campaign. The local police were executed by the invading forces and were the first to go.

Canada closed its borders and converted them into demilitarized zones to stand off the hordes of people seeking refuge from the criminal element that was freely ravaging them.

The anti-gun politicians stood on Capitol Hill in awe as they witnessed their country being ravaged to the point that a civil war seemed like the only solution to the current invasion. Many of them abandoning a residence in their home state, and moving to DC where there were plenty of military forces to protect them from the Cartel Bandits that they had set free by their ignorance and shortsightedness.

The sad news is, that they had effectively removed any form of self-defense that the people across the country could employ to preserve their freedom. Through a knee jerk response that traces back to the school shootings of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. For sure, the ravages of these godless bandits over the entire population reduced a school shooting, as horrible as it was, to a comparatively minor offense against society. Yes, a distant, nearly obscure travesty by a crazed teenager that many thought was initiated by Anti-gun proponents to overturn the country. After the anti-gun Executive branch was caught in the Fast & Furious debacle, many feared that the school shootings were in fact, engineered by the anti-gun proponents of our government. The thought that the 911 attacks were engineered as well, lay in the background of many American minds.

The emotional anti-gun proponents would not listen to those that predicted the fall of the country as we know it when they eliminated one of our basic constitutional rights. Using England and Australia as models they failed to realize that we (The United States) protected those countries with our guns and armed forces after they disarmed their populations. There were no recollections of Nazi Germany in the 1930's and 40's. No thoughts of the holocaust and the millions of unarmed Jews that were slaughtered. And little thought to the proximity of criminal and terroristic forces to their borders and now the defense of those borders were failing since their protector (The United States) was overbooked on their own soil trying to defend against the invading forces of the Cartel gangs from the south.

I had just returned to my neighborhood from a business meeting to discover that it was our neighborhood that was ravaged by Cartel forces while I was away. Most of the houses were riddled by the bullets of the bandits and a couple of them were completely destroyed. My house was among those that were still inhabitable, but just barely. Once inside, I saw that our children were out of the area, visiting relatives but my wife was missing. And I had a bad feeling as I searched in vain for her. I asked the neighbors if they had any idea of her whereabouts and was told that she was abducted by a group of bandits and taken when they finally left.

Having little choice, I went into my safe room and geared up with a few choice weapons to support me in my search for my imprisoned wife.

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