Sheriff Porter
Chapter 1: Day One

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While I had waited for the first day, I thought about what I would wear. I didn't like the uniform the female deputies wore. They all looked like their ass was gigantic. Mine would look too large for my skinny body as well. I took a look at the County Sheriff's standard fatigue uniform. It was all green with baggy pants full of pockets and the shirt was a standard fatigue shirt over a tee. I thought, I can do that with a little tailoring.

So I drove to Abbottsville to the Army & Navy Surplus store there. I bought five pairs of 22x25 men's fatigue pants. It was all they had. Not many of their male customers that small was my guess. They probably carried those just for boys to dress like dad. The green tee shirts came in xsml for boys again was my guess. The package informed me that it was for chest size 30 to 32. They might be a little large, but that was okay. The over blouse was the outer shirt, worn outside my pants. It came in a man's small, medium, large also extra large. The small was loose fitting but I decided not to go to the boys size. I wanted it loose to cover the shoulder rig. Yes I intended to carry my own weapons on the job. After all I was the Sheriff. If it was against the rules, I would just change the fucking rules. I also planned to carry the derringer and a dagger, so they might as well get used to that as well.

Then there was the baggy ass thing with the fatigues. They were never supposed to look even a little tailored. Even so, I wanted them to look like a uniform I could wear everyday. I mentioned I needed a tailor at the pub, and of course Jeremy knew someone.

"I happen to know a really sweet young man who sews quite well. If you trust my judgment you could try him on one pair, if he works out then let him do the rest," Jeremy suggested. The Brit looked away.

I told the young man feeling up my butt, "I only have three days until the swearing in ceremony. I need at least one pair done by then. If I like them I have four more pair for you to do."

He charged me over double what the pants had cost me, but he also did a really good job. So I gave him the rest of them to do. Even if it did cost me almost two hundred bucks I considered it worth it. I got my pants with many pockets, and I looked as though I had a normal ass in them.

So when the first day finally came around, I had a uniform, even if I didn't have a badge. I dressed in the tailored green fatigues pants, under which I wore a pair of pain cotton green bikini panties. I had to send away to a company online to find them in a size 4 and green. I bought ten pair when I finally found someone selling them. Then there was the xxs mens tee shirt. The blouse was just a ordinary men's extra small. It was a little large but it was loose enough to hide the pistol. So there I was all ready to go to work.

First I had to stop by the Clerk of Court's office to be sworn in. When I got there, I had to wait for the county manager to come down and witness it. It was for the photo op of course, he could car less. The county photographer took picture of the manager and me from every possible angle.

"Would you Pin on the chief's badge Sir," the photographer ask the county manager. He did of course and tried to find a way to not look like a pervert feeling me up.

"Sheriff how about you put your hat on for some shots?" he asked.

The hat I had chosen from the army navy store was not issue, but like I said, I was the Sheriff. It was a knit cap like the kind the kids buy for a buck in the cheap stores, but mine did have a brim on it. It was an old stray barracks cap and also meant to fit under the WWII steel pot helmets. It was very, very retro. I put it on and he shot his little memory card full I'm sure.

"Now if you will forgive me sir," I said. "I need to get into the office and start acting like a sheriff."

The Sheriff's office was in the basement. I rode the very old and very slow elevator down to the basement. The new and very ugly shoes I wore were killing me. I decided right then and there I would going to trade them for my old well worn boots. Right after they got back from being reconditioned at the only real shoe shop in the state.

"Good morning Sheriff," Eddie Simpson the Chief Deputy said.

"Good morning Chief Deputy. So what is going on in the department. I know I can't get up to speed in one day, but I want to hit the ground running so what are we investigating now."

"We have a couple of old assaults, and a new homicide that is pretty much open and shut. A few hit and run accidents. Otherwise it's business as usual." Eddie said.

"I want the crime statistics for last year as soon as you can get them for me. I want to review our agreement with the SBI and FBI." I smiled when I said it.

"You Planning to make changes in the Protocol?" he asked.

"What I am planning Chief Deputy is to understand when and why we invite the SBI into a case. I want to see the crime scene investigator in my office before lunch." I said.

"You really are going to hit the ground running," he said.

"That is the plan. Eddie, I also want every major case call routed to me as well as the detectives." I said.

"Are you going out on them?" he asked.

"I am going to go on the first few what I see will determine how closely I monitor the detectives." I said.

"Sylvia, you do know this isn't capitol city or even Abbottsville," he said.

"Chief Deputy let's get something straight. I have worked the roads of this county and I know what goes on here. Also you will call me Sheriff. If that is too difficult for you, I can arrange for you to go back to the detective division. Is all that clear?" I asked.

"It is," he said with his hackles up. That was fine, I had been serious. I would bust his ass down and find someone who would be loyal to me without question.

"This afternoon, I want to meet with all the department heads," I said.

"There are still only two. We have the detective who investigates all the cases needing follow up and we have a vice and narcotics officer. He investigates and arranges any actions the department needs. We just shoehorn every case into one of those two. We do have a patrol division as well."

"Good then get all three in here this afternoon. You can bring them in at once, so I won't have to say everything twice." I said.

"You still want the lab operator in this morning?" he asked.

"Just as soon as possible, but before lunch for sure," I said

"Sheriff Porter," A middle-aged woman greeted me. "I'm sorry I was on break, when you came in. I'm Alice West your secretary receptionist."

"Well Miss West, it is nice to meet you. Check with the chief deputy and arrange appointments for the people I have asked to see. I have asked him to get me the crime stats for last year and the protocols for inviting the State and Federal law enforcement into out county. Maybe you can help him find those things." I suggested.

"The crime scene investigator is here," Mrs. West said. He was pretty unattractive even though he was only ten year older than me, he looked and acted twenty five years older. Even a good marriage does that to some people I'm told.

"Deputy Sam Wilson," the man about forty five said to me. He was also a little over weight, but he moved like a younger man.

"Deputy Wilson I have read your resume. You came from Williamsport on the coast. You have taken the FBI course and taken a dozen on line course and done well at them all. You are staying up with the new technology. We are lucky to have you. I'm not going to ask you how we landed you, I'm just going to steal your brain. Anytime I am not busy, I am going to come to your office. You are going to explain what you are doing and why. Is that acceptable to you?" I asked.

"Yes of course it is. I'm a natural teacher. I love to hear the sound of my own voice." Wilson said.

"When there is something I need to know, you will tell me very discreetly. Is that also acceptable?" I asked.

"Absolutely," he agreed.

"Who processes our samples," I asked.

"The FBI at present," he said.

"Is there a better place," I asked.

"I think we could do better with the UNIV lab at the state college. They have a branch at Abbottsville." Wilson advised me.

"Get everything together and we will take a look at it," I said. "By the way, I like that we could drive samples down there, if they were rush. Good idea."

"Yes ma'am," he said. "Thank you."

"I went out to the cafe on the square for lunch. They all made a fuss over me and of course I ate it up. After the meatloaf special, I went back to work. The two detectives came in a little later.

"Detectives Thorn and Letter," Mrs West said.

Good afternoon Sheriff," they said almost in unison.

"Well hello, good to see both of you," I said recognizing them both.

"Good to see you again ma'am. I was really shocked when you won the election." Letter said.

"Detective Letter, I don't think you were any more shocked than I was." I said.

"You haven't changed much in the last four years," Detective thorn said.

"Oh I've got a few new scars," I replied.

"Are you still boxing," Thorn asked.

"I still work out with the bag, but I don't spar with live opponents any more. Mateo taught me a lesson. Some guys thing that shit is real," I said.

"Yeah as Apollo Creed's manager said, 'He don't know it was a show, he thought it was a fight.'"

"Yeah something like that. So which one of you is vice and narcotics?" I asked.

"That's me Ma'am." Letter said.

"Well Detective Letter when do you normally work?" I asked.

"Mostly I work day shift. It's pretty much just liaison with State Bureau of Investigation."

"So if we get a tip, you call the SBI to make the bust," I asked.

"Yes we don't have the resources to do it," he said.

"Detective Letter you might want to transfer back to patrol, if that is all you want to do. We are going to go out into the community and pursue the drug trail and see where it leads." I said. "That may require you work nights and get your hands dirty. Is that going to be a problem?" I asked.

"Absolutely not. I have been following orders, That policy was never my idea," he said.

"Good I remember you being a hands on man from my days as a deputy. So you tell me what hours you need to work to get optimum effectiveness and I'll make it happen. You report directly to me for a while." I said.

"As for you Thorn I will follow you around the next couple of weeks. If anything happens you call me before you go on the call. I mean anything for the next week. After that I will cherry pick the calls and pick the ones I want to go on. Is that okay with you," I asked.

"Sure, I am going to be out doing some follow up canvassing on a hit and run this afternoon. Do you want to go out with me." Thorn asked.

I surprised him by say, "I sure do. Let me tell Mrs West to call me on my cell, if she needs me."

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