John and Kathy
Chapter 1: Somewhere near Booneville, Mo.

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Somewhere near Booneville, Mo. - When John comes across Kathy in a truck stop in the early morning hours, She needs help and he needs healing, maybe they can help each other. But first she has to learn to trust and he needs to learn to express himself. This is not a stroke story, it will take time to get to know the characters. Codes will be added as the story progresses.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   First   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Nudism  

It was 3am when the alarm woke John from his sleep in the warm bunk of his Peterbuilt. As he looked out at the cold mist shrouding the truck stop parking lot, a cold shudder ran through him. "Looks colder than a mother-in-laws kiss, but a man's got to make a living." He thought. After pulling on jeans, engineer's boots, a flannel shirt and his leather biker's jacket, John exited his truck and headed toward the truck stop so he could use the facilities and grab a cup of coffee before heading back out on his run from Oregon to Georgia. Just one more day and he would be home, although that did not hold the appeal it once did. Not since his wife Patty had passed three years earlier.

As he walked by the idling trucks, each surrounded by the amber glow of running lights left on to assist other drivers in backing into the closely packed parking spaces during the night, he spotted what looked to be a teen or small man huddled near the exhaust stack of an idling Freightliner trying to stay warm in the heat given off the exposed exhaust.

"Mister, do you have a dollar you could spare, please?" the form called. John then knew it was a girl from the tone and timber of her voice. "I need it to buy something warm to drink."

Usually John would have continued without even acknowledging the panhandler, but something made him stop. He didn't know if it was the desperate tone in her voice or if it was the unusual politeness of the request. "Come on then, I'm heading inside, I'll buy you a coffee, cause a buck wouldn't do it." He told her with a touch of humor in his voice.

As the form got closer he could tell the girl was about 5' tall and maybe a hundred ten pounds if you put bricks in her pockets. She wasn't dressed for the weather wearing a medium weight jacket that looked soaked thru, jeans and tennis shoes. To be honest, she looked like a drowned puppy. As she fell in beside him John noticed she stayed out of arms reach as they headed toward the truck stop.

"So, why are you out here on a night like this anyway?" John asked her as the approached the doors.

"Just waiting on morning." She replied in a tone that spoke of weariness and despair.

"Well, I'm John by the way." He told her holding out his hand for a handshake.

"I'm Kathy, with a K." She gave him a half smile and barely touched her fingers to his before withdrawing them.

The waitress met them at a booth as they slid in and after a quick glance at the girl and John laid menus on the table in front of them. "You want coffee?" She asked.

"Yep, two coffees to start with, thanks." John told her with a smile. Although he was very curious John let the silence surround them as they each studied their menus. After looking at the menu for just a moment Kathy laid hers to the side. John had a good idea why she did, since she was panhandling for the cost of a cup of coffee not ten minutes earlier. Not sure why he was saying it, John quietly spoke to her even though there was no one near to overhear. "Listen, I know you're broke, but you look hungry, so why don't I buy you something to eat, OK?"

Kathy looked at him warily "You sure?"she asked.

"Don't sweat it, I'm hungry too and it's always better to eat with someone rather than alone. Plus it would look funny me eating and you not, besides a little breakfast won't break me." John told her. Although John didn't usually eat a large meal right before driving for it slowed him down and made him a little drowsy later, he figured that he needed to eat something to get her to eat also. "So, what do you want?"

She picked the menu back up and after just a moment she asked "May I have the 'Basic Flatbed'?" She asked shyly.

John knew she had ordered the cheapest meal on the menu and it impressed him for although she was hungry she didn't attempt to take advantage of his generosity nor did she ask in a demanding tone of voice like so many young people seemed to do. The 'Basic Flatbed' consisted of two eggs, toast and jelly for $2.99, not enough to keep a mouse alive let alone a young woman."Sure thing, if that's what you want." He assured her. When the waitress returned with their coffee and asked if they were ready, John told her "I'll have the 'Long Haul Special' and she wants the 'Basic Flatbed'". After the waitress determined how they wanted everything cooked she left. John took a moment to really look at Kathy sitting across from him. She was not what some would call a "classic beauty" but she was very cute with black hair pulled into a ponytail that hung down her back. Her face even unadorned by makeup was clear and the skin still had the blush of both youth and the cold from outside. Her lips full on a nicely proportioned mouth were touched at the corners with the hint of a smile. But it was her eyes that captured John's full attention. He didn't know what the color was called; for they were the most mesmerizing shade of yellow-green he had ever seen. He had seen plenty of green eyes before, but never with the shade of yellow mixed in. Looking closer he could see golden yellow flakes strewn in the iris' like stars in the night sky. Giving himself a mental shake to break the feeling of getting lost in those beautiful yellow-green pools, he brought himself back to the present. Gently he asked "What's your tale Little Bit?"

"You've got your own problems; you don't need to listen to mine." was the quiet reply.

John could almost hear the tears in that quiet statement. "Nonsense, besides I don't have anything else to do while we wait for out food. So let me hear why you're out on a night like this, not properly dressed for the weather, broke and trying to imitate a connivance store hotdog rotating around a heat source."

Kathy could not help but grin at the image John's words brought to her mind of a hotdog. John watched as the smile started at her lips and seamed to light up her whole face. He had to mentally chide himself and remind himself of not just the age difference but he truly wanted to help this young woman.

"There's not a whole lot to tell." Kathy began softly. "Eight months ago my Mother died from pancreatic cancer. She didn't feel well for a long time, but by the time she went to a doctor and they found the cancer she only had a couple of months to live. After she died things got weird between my Stepdad and me. He started to drink, and then he drank more and more. Sometimes he would look at me funny and it made me uncomfortable. Then other times he would be like the Bill I used to know, the one that loved my Mom and took care of us before she got sick. Yesterday Bill had been drinking most of the day and late yesterday afternoon Bill told me to come with him, that he wanted to show me something he was thinking of getting for Mom's grave. I thought it weird to go look at something so late in the day but since it was for Mom, I said OK. He drove us around for over an hour until I was totally lost when he pulled off the road into a little trail. By this time it was full dark and I knew we were not there to look at anything for Mom. That's when Bill told me since Mom was gone it was my job to take care of him and his needs. He grabbed my shirt and was trying to get it off me; I was yelling for him to stop and trying to keep my shirt on and his hands off me. Then I slapped him, he hit me and told me either fuck him or get out of the car and never come back. I was so scared; I just jumped from the car and started running. A little later I heard the car coming down the road so I hid in the ditch until he was gone. I kept walking until I got here a few hours ago. Bill never slowed down or came looking for me again so I guess I'm on my own."

John sat stunned; he could not imagine anyone treating someone in their care in such a manor. Just then the waitress put their plates down in front of them. John looked down at the mountain of food on his plate and was almost ill. Compared to his plate the one in front of Kathy looked empty. "Wow! I didn't realize there was this much food when I ordered this" John lied. "Why don't you help me eat this so it doesn't go to waste?" When Kathy looked at him suspiciously he continued gamely. "Seriously, I didn't know, at least take the ham I don't need both ham and sausage." When she shyly nodded John stabbed the slab of ham and deposited it on her plate. "Might as well share the biscuits and gravy too." He told her pushing the plate of biscuits and bowl of gravy closer to her. Without waiting for a response he began to eat his meal. The whole time he ate John was thinking about what Kathy had told him. His first impulse was to find this Bill and beat the living shit out of him, but he knew that was not an answer. All of a sudden it hit him how young Kathy looked. "How old are you Kathy?" When she replied "19, why?"He told her just curious, and continued to think hard about what to do with the young girl across from him. Even though she said she was 19 John thought of her as a young girl. Not just because he was 54 but because of how innocent she appeared to be. After spending the night alone either on the road walking or in the truck stop it was a wonder she had not been grabbed and raped or worse. Once again she reminded John of a lost, wet puppy. No matter how he turned it over in his mind, it seemed there were three avenues in dealing with the situation. First, convince her to go to the police; they would see she was at least put in a shelter if nothing else. Although this would not solve her money or long term shelter problems. Second, give her some cash and just walk away. John immediately knew this was not an option, his conscience would never allow him to abandon her like that, even with a little cash in her pocket it would not solve any of her problems and the next fellow she approached might be the one to finish what Bill had attempted. The third and almost as ridiculous avenue as the second was to ask her to continue with him to Georgia. There he could help her get employment and on her feet and see that she was safe. That was crazy, first she didn't know him from Adam, and after the way Bill had treated her, John was sure she wouldn't trust him enough to get in a truck and go all the way to Georgia. Second she was 19 and he was 54, and what girl in her right mind would go with a man old enough to be her father even if it was purely platonic.

After finishing up his meal, John noticed there was no food left on her plate nor were there any biscuits and gravy either. So after paying for their meal John gently steered her into the store section of the truck stop. "I know this isn't the best selection of clothes in the world, but you are soaked to the bone, so let's get you a dry shirt at least and a towel to dry your hair."

Kathy was surprised again by his generosity, first the meal and she knew he had ordered most of the food for her despite him saying otherwise, and now the offer of dry clothes. True the selection was not something she would ever considered for herself before, having to choice from assorted redneck type drinking or hunting commentaries or semi-tacky to full tacky trying to be sexy expressions along the lines of "Sexy Lady!". "You don't have to buy me anything. This shirt is almost dry." She told him even though the sweatshirt was still wet and clammy against her skin. "You have already done way too much, buying me breakfast and listening to my problems."

"Little Bit, the only two things I "HAVE" to do are die and pay taxes. I choose to help you." John gently told her. "If you continue to wear that wet shirt you will catch a chill and get sick, which will only add to your problems, not solve any of them, which IS what we are trying to do. Besides, I don't think the price of a shirt and towel is going to drive me to the poor house."

Kathy picked out a shirt with a glittering rose on the front that wasn't too tacky. From another shelf John took a towel from the selection of three or four the store offered. John then took her to another isle with personal care items on it and told her to get a hairbrush and whatever else a young lady needed as he discreetly turned and left her in private to make her selections. Even though she chose the cheapest she could find, not wanting to take advantage of John's generosity. She was amazed at the high cost, low quality and limited selection of the items. Most things there were only one choice. After John paid for her purchases she went into the women's restroom to change. Inside she stripped out of her wet clothes and after pulling the tee shirt on in case someone walked into the restroom; she toweled her hair and brushed it out. Just this simple act of normalancey made her feel better. While holding her jeans under the air dryer to try and get them a little dryer, she wondered why John was doing all these things for her. She had already had a couple of drivers offer to "help" her right after she got to the truck stop. Their offers had included the offer to help her sexually as well, and they were not subtle about it either. She had quickly refused those offers and had begun to think that all men were just like Bill, only after sex and their own gratification. But for some reason she did not feel John was that way. Sure, she saw him looking at her earlier while they were in the restaurant. But the way John looked at her was different somehow, instead of looking at her with just lust, a look she had become well acquainted with during the last few months with Bill, the way John looked at her like he saw past her outside and was looking at her inner self. The self she kept hidden from the world, the self that dreamed and hoped. The longer she stood there drying her jeans the more she wished she could stay with John and get to know him better. She realized he made her feel safe, a feeling she had not had for a while. With a start she realized she was standing in a public restroom wearing nothing but a tee shirt and panties and that if anyone opened the door someone standing outside would have a clear view of her. She quickly pulled her jeans back on and even though they were not totally dry, they were warm. Gathering up the rest of her supplies she hurried out of the restroom worried that John had gotten tired of waiting and had left her. When she walked back into the store, there was John leaning on an end cap, waiting patiently for her. As soon as he saw her a small smile appeared on his face and he straightened. Kathy did not know why she was so relieved to see him standing there or why the smile that touched his lips made her heart of flips inside her chest, but they were very nice flips.

As John waited for Kathy to come back out of the restroom he pondered more over her problems, but no matter which way he turned it, it kept coming back to taking her with him or calling the police. John knew the police would tell him that was the best option, let them handle everything but the more John thought the more he wanted to take her with him. But he knew the choice was not his to make. When she came back into the store, John's heart did a quick flip-flop in his chest and his breath caught in his throat. She looked like and angle standing there, her hair brushed straight back and hanging loose down her back, the wet sweatshirt replaced with a pink tee shirt that while not skin tight on her, left no doubt that she was female, and a perfectly proportioned female at that. A smile touched his lips as he saw her look around for him nervously then her eyes locked on to his and again he was struck with how beautiful they were and how he wanted to just drown in them. "Well, well, well, what did you do with the drowned rat that went into the restroom?" John jokingly asked her. The smile that lit her face was worth a thousand times what he had spent on her.

"Hairbrush and air dryer works wonder on us rats." Kathy responded with humor. But her next words faded the smile from both their lips "What now, I know you have to be on your way. You don't have time to keep holding my hand and helping me."

"Little Bit, the way I see it you have two choices; first call the police and tell them what happened to you. They would be able to get you in a abused women's shelter and arrest Bill. The second is you could go with me to Georgia. I have to drop this load then I can take a little time and help you get on your feet. And before you go twisting that around, no strings! I wasn't looking for sex or anything when I started helping you and I'm not changing that now." Even as he said it John knew it sounded lame. No woman would ever believe he was not out to have sex with her, hell most men wouldn't believe it either.

Kathy couldn't believe her luck. This was just what she was hoping for in the restroom. "I don't want to call the cops. Bill was drunk and it would not solve anything. I would still be broke and without a job or anything and since it is his house I could not live there. Soon I would be right back where I am right now and maybe without someone like you to save me. I know we just met, but somehow I trust you. I feel safe around you. I would like very much to go with you, there's nothing left for me here and maybe my future is in Georgia. At least it's warm there right."

As they walked side by side back to John's truck, he could not help but wonder why he had felt such a relief when Kathy had agreed to go with him. As he unlocked the passenger door and gently held her elbow to steady her in climbing into the cab he wondered what the future held for both of them.

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