The Cleaning Lady in the Cabin
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The sequel to Lucy the House Slave. A teacher moves into the family house, and finds out the family secret.

Josh walked into school for the first day, and knew his new life had just begun. It was not the move to Georgia from New Jersey, or unpacking boxes that made him have this feeling. West Cole Middle School hired him over the phone before he had even packed a box. Now it was August and he was walking into a new life and job for the first time.

The sudden death of his Great Aunt Lonnie, forced Josh to make a drastic decision. He could have stayed in New Jersey and sold the estate that was left to him. He decided against it, and moved out of his one bedroom apartment into his Great Aunt's house. The choice was hard to make, and Josh hoped he did not make a huge life altering mistake, especially the way the property was vaguely described by an old friend of his Great Aunt.

He explained that he was a retired estate lawyer, and a friend of the family. Josh had a noticed quickly this family friend was stuck in his old ways. His old ways were to send all the pictures through the mail, instead of a simple email attachment. When Josh did get the pictures, they looked like they were taken thirty years ago. It did list that the property had 50 acres of land and contained five rental properties.

Josh was surprised about the rental properties. The rentals looked like one room shacks built hundreds of years ago. Two of the rentals were close to the house, one of which had a tenant. It also made no mention of rent collected or any other lease information. If the pictures were old, and showed dilapidated rentals back then, what did they look like now? Josh just thought he would tear them down if needed.

The main house fared no better, but had potential, and had been in the family for over a hundred years. Getting rid of it would be something his aunt did not want him to do. Josh also knew that his current apartment lease was going to include an increase in rent.

It did not take long to apply for a Georgia teaching license and box his belongings up. After the break up with his last girlfriend, most personal items were somewhat diminished anyway. He knew his Great Aunt had property and even remembered visiting her as a child, when he used to visit his Grandmother in Charleston. He also remembered that his Grandmother had a big fight with her and refused to speak with her, or even show up to the funeral. It had to be twenty years since the fight and his Aunt Lonnie even left her out of her will.

West Cole Middle was something he had never expected. The floors were freshly polished, and the rooms looked clean. This seemed weird because the surrounding area was very poor, and economically undesirable. The walls had a new coat of paint, and the ceiling had new tiles. Josh was expecting an inner city school or a small country school setting. When Josh met with the Principal, it brought his fantasies down to reality. Isaac West was a large black man who attained football fame years ago, but never finished playing after an injury in college. Awards and trophies filled his shelves and walls. Josh had a hard time breaking though the southern dialect, and slang as he read out the mission statement of the school. What he did walk away with, was the teacher's handbook of rules, and his keys to the school and classroom.

When Josh got to his classroom, he saw a bare walled classroom filled only with student desks, and one very old wooden teacher's desk. There were no book shelves, or cabinets for storage. There was a pile of ragged math books in the corner for Josh to pass out to the students. Just as Josh walked around the room to survey his new room, a knock on his door broke his daze.

"Hiya doin there neighbor."

Josh turned around to see an old large black man dressed in a vintage suit. "Hello."

With a big grin on his face, "You must be that new Yankee teacher. I'm Thomas Grist. I teach History right across the hall."

The heavy accent was hard to overcome but Josh was still going to be polite. "Hello, nice to meet you Mr. Grist."

Thomas handed him a booklet from a stack he carried in his arms. "This is your roster for the year. I will catch up with you when I am done handing these out."

Josh walked over to his ragged textbooks and sighed. He knew there was nothing he could do without getting supplies. He reached for his keys and headed out to the store to buy much needed supplies.

Getting school supplies, and setting up the classroom is an expensive daunting task. Josh was happy when it was over with and his room was setup just right. Not knowing what to expect, he prepared himself for the worst, and wished for the best. Staff meetings were very informal, but welcoming to the new teachers. Everyone back in Jersey told him that the Civil War was still being fought on a social level, and Northern Yankee Carpetbaggers were not welcomed. This idea seemed to be undone when the staff all introduced themselves to him.

After the first week of school, Josh was impressed with the manners the students showed in the school. Each sentence was finished with "Yes Sir, or No Ma'am". During class change the students were more interested in who was going out for what position in football. The normal adolescent behavior of Middle school seemed not to exist in this school.

What was noticed however, was a very distinct poverty problem. Every day the students would eat everything in front of them like they haven't eaten in days. Some students seemed to wear the same clothes every other day, or every day. Josh only assumed this students owned one or two changes of good clothes. Josh held back comments, and attitudes, and never said a word about the high poverty rate.

By the second month, Josh got the knack of how the school operated and was happy. Spare time was spent renovating the house or working on school projects. The low pay was hard to handle, but the money from the rental house helped. The rent came in cash in a marked envelope. Each envelope had the month and address of the property. It was only $150 per rental, and Josh never complained. He figured in his mind that he should be happy people are willing to live there at all.

Friday was a busy morning, instead of staying late Thursday; Josh came in early to run off copies. Walking to the back of the main office to the copy machine was easy when nobody was there. Not having the special key to turn the lights on meant working in the dark. The ambient light from the copier was all the light that lit the large room. Organizing papers with minimal light proved harder than expected.

It was when the back door opened that the outside light lit the room. When the room came into view, the custodian was leaving with a box of cleaning supplies. She did not see him until the office filled with the light from the outside. They both froze in place and stared at each other. This was only broken when the female custodian stepped outside and let the door close behind her, killing the light from the outside.

While still trying to comprehend what just happened, the copy machine finished its last copy. It was not long before the lights of the office came on and startled Josh. An uneasy feeling came over him when he saw the female custodian walk up to him. Still shuffling papers, his escape was blocked.

Josh only saw her in passing before today and never close up. He knew her task in school was mainly cleaning, and the head custodian did all of the serious tasks. She was a very attractive light skinned black woman in her twenties. Her straight black hair barely touched the shoulders, and showed her slim face. A nervous, but excited grin appeared on her face. Standing only a few inches above five feet, her slender almost athletic frame was accented by her protruding chest. Her breasts nicely filled out the simple blue school shirt.

"Mr. Childs. I can explain about the supplies."

Josh distinctly remembered the rules of stealing district property. Any party that fails to report theft will have their contract terminated, while the individual doing the theft will be prosecuted.

With his best stern look he said, "I don't have a choice in the matter. I can get fired."

"No one has to know. Here, let me show you something." As she turned around to walk away, Josh could see that her slim frame held true to her small tight ass.

Only walking a few feet, she stopped in front of the men's bathroom. "Here let me show you something in here."

Thinking she was going to show him more school supplies or tell him something he followed her a few steps inside. The moment he was in front of the bathroom, she gave him a slight push into the bathroom. Once completely in, she turned on the lights and walked in after him. She quickly closed the door once she was in.

Josh now stood in the office men's bathroom with the female custodian. The bathroom was quite large and held magazine racks and a few cleaning supplies. It was when she knelt down in front of him, that he knew that she was not going to show him anything, but going to do something to him.

Thinking this was going to go bad in a hurry, Josh reached over with his hand to block his crotch. "We can't be doing this."

Looking up at him with serious intent she pleaded, "Yes we can, and will."

She moved his hand away and reached for his zipper. It was not long after that the sound of his zipper, and belt buckle could be heard. She pulled down his dress pants and boxers in one fluid motion. Josh's limp penis now hung in front of her.

Josh looked down as her soft brown hand gripped his flaccid dick. Her gentle hands now controlled his manhood. She lifted the limp tool to her mouth and swallowed it whole. The warm wet feeling of her mouth started to bring life to his dick the moment her tongue touched it. Just as her plump lips closed around his prick, her tongue swirled around the shaft. The previous limpness of his member grew to half strength quickly.

Before withdrawing her mouth away from his dick, she slurped hard against the tip. She replaced her hand instead of her mouth on his cock, and stroked gently. "I can already feel it in my mouth, that you like it."

Trying to think rationally while being stroked off proved near impossible. His one last attempt was to push her away. "We have to stop."

This feeble attempt was quickly pushed away by her other hand. "Your just gonna have to let me finish."

Josh settled in while she looked up at him with her beautiful brown eyes as her hand slowly slid up and down his eager dick. Thinking he was going to get a simple hand job was fine to Josh. It had been months since he had the pleasure of a woman. Josh had never been with a black girl or had any feelings for one. The questions once held about interracial relationships faded away, as this black custodian performed oral sex.

Josh's arousal grew stronger watching her soft black hand massage his now engorged erection. The pleasure of a hand job was replaced only with her warm mouth. Slowly' she adjusted her position so her throat could allow for more cock. She only stopped when she had all 7inches of his white cock in her.

Josh had never been deep throated before, and now this black custodian took his whole shaft down her throat. Once her nose touched his pubic hair, her head started to bob up and down. Each time she pulled away, she slammed his entire dick back in. Her large black lips glided across his dick coating it her saliva. This black girl made his dick throb with blood like never before. Each time her head moved to the tip of his cock, she would just suck hard on the head.

The more this strange black girl sucked him off, the closer the bursting point came. She must have realized it too, because her felt her mouth moved towards the head of his dick. It was then he felt her strong lips clamp down around his shaft right below the head. Just when the point of release was going to happen, her probing tongue fucked his piss hole. The pleasure was overwhelming, and his balls had enough.

He just grunted out. "OHH, I am going cum!"

With his eyes closed tight, Josh felt his whole body tighten up. When he could not take anymore, his white sperm shot forth into her mouth with unbelievable force. She held her lips firmly on his cock until all his seed was expelled down into her throat. As his cock went soft, sperm still dribbled out, she released her lip lock, from the softening dick, and went back to stroking it. Each time she stroked the dick a small dribble of sperm came out. Not wasting a drop, she licked each drop from the head until nothing was left.

Josh opened his eyes to see her standing before him wiping her mouth. She looked at him with a grin of excitement and satisfaction. Scared about time running out before the office filled with people, he quickly pulled his pants up and fixed himself. When he lifted his pants up, the door was already open and she was gone.

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