Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Big Breasts, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He didn't pay attention to all the warning signs, with some dire results.

I have to say that the odds on something like this happening were pretty close to a billion to one. I couldn't have imagined myself being in this situation in a million years. But as I tamped the earth arouned the roots of the tree I had planted I didn't regret it one bit. Well, I regretted the necessity, but not the act itself.

I met Shantella Brady when she moved down the street from my house. I was ten years old, the same as she, and at first I didn't really pay any attention-I mean, it was just another neighbor. The first I heard about it was when I was rudely woken up by the rumble of the moving van. I had stayed up late the night before with my buddies Stan Dorf and Ralph Kaufman telling ghost stories in the back yard and I was beat. I got out of bed and peered blearily out the window. Just a damn van, I thought, still half asleep, and staggered back to bed for another hour or two, or at least until my mother hollered at me to get my lazy ass outa bed and have some breakfast before lunch.

My parents thought it would be a good idea to throw a neighborhood barbecue to welcome the new family to the area, so me and my two brothers were drafted over the next couple of days to clean up the yard. It was summer vacation and, as ten-, eleven-, and twelve-year-old boys, we could find much better things to do with our time, but we sucked it up and got the job done.

The next weekend the new family turned up. At first I wasn't all that interested in attending the barbecue-there was a new horror movie on at the theater in town that me and my buddies really wanted to see-but as soon as I got my first glimpse of the girls in the family I decided to hang around.

Normally I couldn't care less about girls-I was still only ten years old, but Shantella was different. She was the only ten-year-old girl I'd ever seen who already had breasts, and she was an object of somewhat morbid curiosity. Looking at her mother Kathleen and her older sister Rose, I could see where she got them from. Those two were bursting out of their tank tops.

So I hung around and did my best to stare inconspicuously at Shantella. I mean, real boobs on a girl my age? Who wouldn't stare? They were probably only A cups this early, but still, they were real.

The Brady family consisted of Michael and Kathleen, Rose and Shantella. Michael Brady was a small man who sounded like, and somewhat resembled, Barry Fitzgerald. He was wearing a raggedy t-shirt that looked as though it had spent too much time in with the dark wash; and suit pants that looked as though he'd had, and worn, them for the past five years. Rose, Kathleen and Shantella were all wearing shorts and tank tops and sandals, and all four of them were carrot tops, though the girls were more fiery than Michael, who was graying.

"So, where are you from, Michael?" I heard my mother asking from my perch behind a shrub, where I continued to stare at Shantella, who was lounging against a tree eating a slice of watermelon. The main meal was over and the scent of grilled burgers wafted on the air.

"Oh, don't stand on such formalities. Just call me Mike. And we're from New York, don't you know."

"Really? What brings you way out here?"

Brady took a pull on his beer and smiled, blue eyes twinkling beneath his Barry Fitzgerald eyebrows. "We're just being after a change of scenery. I work for the university. Archivist, which is just a fancy term for a librarian, and they offered me a posting out here."

"Interesting. Well, our college isn't all that much, but i'm sure they'll have plenty of work for you."

"Yes, they're real," said a voice from my right.

I jumped a bit and turned to see Shantella standing there, leaning hipshod against the tree I was sort of hiding behind. She idly licked her fingers clean of watermelon juice and stared at me with big blue eyes.

"I beg your pardon?"

"My boobs. They're real. I saw you staring at them."

I turned redder than her hair and stared at the ground.

"Don't worry about it," she said matter of factly. "It doesn't bother me." And, it seemed it didn't. She continued licking her fingers and watching me with cool amusement.

"Sorry," I managed to sputter out. "It's just-"

"-You've never seen a fourth grader with boobs, I know," she said. "Like I said, don't worry about it."

She pulled a napkin out of her pocket, wiped her hands and stuck one out. "Shantella Brady, and don't you dare call me Shanny."

Still a little bemused, I shook her soft little hand. "Rob. Rob Darson."

"Nice to meet you Rob Darson. I'd better get back to my family, my mama's making that face. See you around."

That was the start of it. I should've known, from her reaction to me staring at her, what was to come, but of course I had no clue.

Over the next couple of months until fifth grade started I didn't run across Shantella that often. At most we waved to each other in passing on the street. She quickly found a crowd of girls to run with and I had my buddies.

Our next meaningful encounter happened shortly before Halloween in fifth grade. I was heading for home after school when I heard a scream from around the corner.

Four guys had Shantella pinned against the wall of the school building. She was trying to get by them and Frank Shepard and his buddies were blocking her way. Frank was grabbing at her breasts and making mooing noises, while his buddies laughed. Billy Richards was pulling her pigtails at the same time.

I had had some run-ins with Frank and his gang, once earlier this summer at the swimming pool and another time last year in the cafeteria, and he knew that I wouldn't take any of his shit. Shantella was at least a nodding acquaintance of mine and a neighbor, but that wasn't the reason I was going to intervene. The real reason was I hated bullies.

"Leave her alone Frank," I said as I came up to them.

Frank sneered at me, but let go of Shantella, who backed away. "You gonna fight me, Darson?" Frank snarled. "You sweet on cowgirl here or something?"

I asked Shantella if she would hold my backpack and she nodded, still looking a bit scared. "Yes Frank, if I have to I will," I said, not giving an inch. "Now get your ass out of here."

It was four on one odds, but it was on school property and there were teachers still around, so if we did get in a knockdown drag out fight it was likely Frank and his buddies would get expelled. So could I for that matter, but I figured I'd get points for trying to help Shantella.

It seemed that Frank's buddies realized this too, because they left. I saw Frank staring at me, both of his brain cells working overtime, before he realized what I had. He gave me a nasty look and then left, trying to walk like James Dean and looking constipated instead.

Shantella stared at me. It was that same rather amused gaze she had given me at the barbecue, but tempered with a bit of residual fear of the situation she had just escaped. Aside from that sharp scream I had heard, probably when Frank had yanked on her, she hadn't said a word. Now she looked up at me, smiled and said: "You weren't really going to fight him, were you?"

"Only way to deal with guys like that is to stomp them," I said, trying to sound more confident than I felt. "Got to show them that you won't take any of their crap."

She kept those coolly amused eyes on me for a moment, smiled and said, "Thanks for stepping in. Be seeing you around?"

"Yeah, guess so," I said, shuffling my feet. I guess I was expecting a big hero speech or something, but that was all I got.

That was the second time.

Things rolled along pretty smooth for the next couple of years. Shantella continued to bloom and I continued to be a nerd. Yeah, I was one of the class nerds, complete with pocket protector and preppy clothes. We went on to junior high and it was right about then that things changed.

In a storybook, after I saved her from the bullies, Shantella would've attached herself to me, we would've been inseparable all through the rest of school and college and married to live happily ever after. It didn't happen that way, though. Shantella would sit with me at lunch every so often, stop to chat with me on the street where we lived, maybe walk home with me once or twice. It was like I was her brother or something.

I, however, didn't feel that way. From the first time I saw her, that morbid curiosity about her breasts morphed into something else. By the time we entered junior high, I had a full blown crush on her. She was something special, with that cool air about her and the sense that she was kind of walking around laughing at the world on the inside, not taking anything terribly seriously.

When we entered junior high things were different. Boys began to take notice of her. Unlike a lot of girls with big early-developing breasts she didn't try to hide them. She knew what she had and she dressed to show off. I don't mean she was slutty, it was more like she was supremely confident in who she was, and guys picke dup on it. She flitted from boy to boy like a butterfly in a flower bed. She was the quintessential Miss Good Time Girl. I don't think she lost her virginity to any of them, at the most she was good for only a kiss and a cuddle, but I'd bet more than a few hands got into her sweaters. I was jealous of course, but I had no claim on her time and couldn't really do anything about it.

Things kept up that way all the way through junior high and the first year of high school. Shantella got on event planning committees, the debating team and had a real active social life. Her dance card was always full, and guys sniffed around her like eager puppies. She lapped it up, but it never seemed to go to her head; she always seemed to be a girl with her feet firmly on the ground. But still, it was another warning sign I should've paid attention to.

I, meanwhile, did my homework, did the typical nerdy things like the Chess Club and the Honors Society and the Classical Music Club. I joined the track team and ran cross country. I watched Shantella from afar and awaited my chance to have her myself. Hell, I was a red blooded male, you bet I was interested.

When I turned sixteen I suddenly had a lot more responsibility on my plate. My parents ran the local grocery chain, and I was expected to start working there when I turned sixteen. To give me incentive my father sat me down one day shortly after starting tenth grade.

"Well Rob, it's time for you to step up and start earning some money. Now, I'm not going to be a jerk about it. To give you some motivation me and your mom are going to buy you a car. We'll carry your insurance until you turn eighteen, but everything else will be up to you. Consider this an early Christmas present. When you turn eighteen we'll give you a share in the company stock and you can have a vote on the way things are run."

"Wow, Dad," I said. I knew I was expected to work in the store and I wasn't going to pitch a fit about it since I sure as hell didn't have much of a social life, but this was more than I had expected. "Sounds like a good deal to me."

"Great. We knew you weren't going to give us problems over this, but we thought you'd enjoy having a car and we trust you to not abuse the privilege. We'll hit the used car lots this weekend and get you started."

So that is what we did, and by the next Friday I was the proud owner of a 1967 Dodge Dart.

Of course, the first thing I thought of doing with my new car was taking Shantella on a date. I knew that she was in between boyfriends just then and so, on the Saturday after work I went down the street to the Brady house and knocked on the door.

Michael Brady opened up and grinned his leprechaun's grin at me. "Why if it isn't Rob Darson," he said, ushering me inside. "What can we do for you today, young Mr. Darson?"

"I was wondering if I could see Shantella," I said, stepping into their chocolate-smelling foyer. Kathleen was always baking something it seemed.

"Of course, lad. I'll just go get her for you."

Brady ambled off on his leprechaun legs and I waited, leaning on the stair rail.

"Rob," Shantella said, bouncing into view from the kitchen. "How are things?"

"Not bad and you?"

"Oh, so so," she said, leaning against the wall and giving me that amused look of hers. I think she knew what I was there for.

"Listen, I got a car this week."

"Uh huh."

I shuffled my feet. "doyawanna gooutwithme?" I muttered to my sneakers.

"I beg your pardon?" I could hear the laughter in her voice, but it wasn't really directed at me.

I took a deep breath and raised my gaze to Shantella's face. Laughter danced in her eyes, but it wasn't mean laughter. "Do you want to go out with me?" I got out, my voice jumping a bit with my heartbeat.

"Why yes, I'd be delighted," she said, and then couldn't hold it anymore. She laughed. "Oh Rob, that was so cute."

I was mortified-no straight guy in the world likes being called cute, but I had to admit it was kind of funny. I mean, I'd known her for years and I was nervous as though I had met her for the first time. We laughed together, and it felt good.

"So Nancy Albrite is throwing a party next Saturday, would you like to go to that with me? I'm sure I can get an invite."

Nancy was head cheerleader and a stuckup bitch, but I was going with Shantella and I didn't care so I said yes.

Shantella coming down the walk when I drove over to pick her up took my breath away. That glorious mane of fiery red curls spilling down her back, big sky blue eyes and full lips. And of course, she was about bursting out of her stretchy shirt. She gave me another one of those megawatt smiles as I held the car door open for her.

"I have a whole ten dollars," I said as I got in behind the wheel. "The evening fairly glitters before us."

"Oh my gawd," Shantella mock-swooned. "I always knew if I kept myself pure I'd meet a sugar daddy someday."

"That's me, baby," I said, doffing an invisible hat. "I figure we can get a bite to eat after the party since our curfews are midnight."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

I turned on the radio and got the new song by Foreigner, Dirty White Boy. Shantella bounced to the music and I was hard pressed to pay attention to the road.

The party was a typical boisterous high school affair. Nancy had just turned eighteen, and the drinking age had not yet been raised, so her parents sprung for a keg and left the house, getting a promise that nothing that would bring the cops would occur. There were probably fifty people there, most of them upperclassmen. Shantella looked eighteen and fit right in, but I looked like what I was, a dumb Sophomore.

When we got there Shantella asked me to get a drink. I said I would and left her to go find the refreshments. This was my first mistake. I should've kept her with me.

By the time I got her a coke and returned she was out on the floor with some meathead basketball player dancing to what was playing on the reel. I waited until the song was over then headed across the floor with her coke. She was standing there looking at me coming when another meathead came up and started dancing with her. His hand slipped down to her ass and she did nothing about it. What the fuck!

I headed across the floor and tapped the guy on the shoulder. "Scuse me, man, cutting in," I said.

"Beat it," the guy said, ignoring me.

"She's my date and I'm cutting in," I said, grabbing the guy's arm.

"Fuck off asshole," he said and swung at me.

I grabbed his wrist as it came at me, yanked and kicked the back of his knee lightly (no need to put him in the hospital.) He crashed to the floor and I dumped Shantella's coke on him. Shantella was hollering at me about being a jerk. I may have been hung up on Shantella for years, but I was no damn door mat, so I gave her a nasty look and left the party and used a few of my dollars to go to a movie and get a burger and fries.

The next Monday at school Nancy came up to me and said: "I should be pissed at you for making a scene at my party, but I'll thank you instead. That asshole Freddy wasn't even invited anyway."

"Well, I still apologize. That wasn't very mannerly of me."

"No matter. Your date is a little pissed at you though for abandoning her."

I just shrugged, wished Nancy a good morning and she flounced off.

Later at lunch I was sitting in the cafeteria off to one side picking over a wilted salad and going over my notes for Civics when Shantella sat down across from me. I looked up at her for about thirty seconds, and she didn't say anything (although if looks could kill I'd be decaying already) so I went back to my notes.

"Well Rob? I'm waiting."

I looked up from my notes again. "Waiting for what, Shantella?"

"I'm waiting for an apology for your behavior the other night."

"You will be waiting for a very long time if you're expecting an apology for what your behavior caused me to do," I said.

"My behavior? You act like a total ass and it's my fault?" The cool amusement was gone and I guess she was showing the fabled Irish temper, because her eyes flashed blue sparks and her cheeks were red. I could practically see the smoke coming out her ears.

"Yeah, your behavior. You send me to get a drink and then while I'm doing it you hook up with a guy to dance. NO big deal, but when you see me coming across the floor with your drink, you hook up with another guy and let him paw your ass. When I cut in to try and remind you who's date you are, the guy gets mouthy and physical, and when I get physical back, it's my fault? So it'll be a cold day in hell before you get an apology from me. Now if you don't mind I need to finish up this chapter." And I went back to my book.

She stared at me before getting up, nearly knocking the chair over in her fit of high dudgeon and stormed off. I shrugged and kept reading. Did I want Shantella? Hell yes I did. I wanted her like nobody's business. She filled my head at night and was the subject of my more risqué fantasies. I could see us growing old together. But. None of that changed the fact that I wasn't going to be a god damn doormat for her. She was so damn hot that she was used to controlling the pace of the relationship, because the poor dufus would do and put up with anything to be in her presence. But I wasn't going to play that fucking game. She might've been the hottest thing on two legs, with those gorgeous eyes and curls and massive breasts, but if I gave into her now she would begin to get the idea that she could control me. I wasn't having any of that.

It came as no surprise to me that I didn't hear from her for the next week. I didn't call or seek her out either. My days were spent keeping up with my homework and doing my job in the store. I thought about her all the time and I missed her, but I stayed away.

I was again sitting at lunch a week later when Shantella came up and once again sat across from me. She wasn't mad any more, but she looked kind of upset still.

"Hi Rob."

"Hi Shantella," I said.

"How have you been?"

"Not bad and you?"

"Could be better."


She waited a beat. "I'm sorry Rob. You are right in that I should've handled things better at the party last weekend. My only excuse was that I was caught up in the dancing and just kinda let things get out of control. SO I'm sorry."

"That's okay Shantella. I guess I could've handled things better too." I wanted to say, "See how easy that was?" But I kept my mouth shut and was just grateful she even bothered to apologize at all.

There was a beat of silence and then: "Shall we try again?"

"How about dinner and a movie on Sunday?"

"I'd like that. Give me a call." She smiled at me, got up and strolled off, with me watching her every movement, along with about every other guy in the vicinity.

I called and we went out to the drive-in. She sat next to me and leaned on my shoulder. My hand was a scant inch above the huge swell of her breast, and I wanted so badly to move it down that extra inch. Her fiery red hair smelled of the watermelon shampoo she used. Her skin smelled like wildflowers. I was conscious of her every movement, and I flashed hot and cold every time she shifted. It was like being in the grips of a tropical fever. And of course, my cock was an iron bar down my leg. I was resigned to a furious session with my right hand when I got home.

As hung up as I was on her, I don't think she felt the same way. I didn't get the feeling that she did anything different with me that she didn't do with any other of her dates. To her I was probably just the dorky kid down the street.

Nevertheless we sort of found ourselves going together without really talking about it. We never got much beyond hand holding and kissing, although I was often sent home so bowlegged I could barely walk. We sat together at lunch, I gave her rides home from school and we kept company on the weekends.

So things went through the rest of tenth grade and on into the eleventh, all the way up to about a month before that year's Christmas dance.

"We need to talk, Rob," Shantella said to me one night shortly after Halloween. We were sitting in Dixy's Café, a student hangout, with burgers and fries on a Saturday night, after having gone to a little carnival, the last of the season. I had gotten to kiss her at the top of the Ferris Wheel and, daringly, I put a hand on her right breast. It was so big and soft and warm I almost came in my underwear. And she just smiled at me, as though she knew what just about happened.

Now we were sitting here and I had just been given that dreaded phrase.

"About what?"

She took a deep breath and fiddled with a ketchup bottle.

"I think we need to see other people for a while. We've been together for a long time and we should really see what others are like."

I wasn't stupid. I had overheard Shantella say that Roger Brennan was dreamy and how Harry Fry was hot as hell, but I had really expected her to stick with me. I did the only thing I could think of just then, I got up, walked out and left her sitting there. Dixy's was only a couple blocks from the house. Let her walk home.

The next day I got a phone call from her. "Why did you do that?"

"You didn't want to be with me anymore, so I was just giving you what you wanted," I barked, and hung up the phone. Was I being an asshole? You bet, but I was still seventeen and I never met a seveteen year old male who wasn't one at times.

Shantella made an effort to get in touch with me, but I ignored her, and two weeks after that she was going steady with Harry. I skipped going to the Christmas dance, because I didn't think I could bear the sight of her in Harry's arms.

After that Shantella was seen once again sampling all the male delights in our school. I even heard that she went to a frat house party on Memorial Day weekend, although I didn't know if it was true or not. It wouldn't surprise me if she had; she looked twenty-five and not at all like a high school girl. Whether or not she pulled a train like I heard I wasn't sure and I also wasn't sure if I wanted to find out. I didn't think she had, she liked male attention but she wasn't a slut. She dressed to show off her assets, but like I said, as far as I knew she was still a virgin. We never got far enough in our dating career to discuss sex and the closest I got to first base was touching her breast on that Ferris Wheel.

I meanwhile began dating. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? I went to a couple of New Year's parties with Shelley Hawkins. Shantella gave me nasty looks all through the evening, which I found funny inasmuch as she was there with Blake Roberts and he seemed to be made of all hands.

I did my best to ignore both her looks and my jealousy, and kept Shelley out on the floor as often as she wanted. When I took her home, I got a fairly hot goodnight kiss. After being in clinches with Shantella, she felt tiny and almost insignificant. She was a nice girl but I got nothing from her. And I have to admit the main reason I was with her was to piss off Shantella. Yeah, I know, I was being a jerk, but I was still only a kid and you are expected to be stupid with the opposite sex at that age.

"Call you tomorrow?" I asked on her doorstep.

"You know my number," she said, and flounced inside with a saucey flip of her skirt.

I called and we went out again, this time to a skating rink. Shantella wasn't there, but several of her friends were, and I had no doubt that she would be getting a blow by blow account of the whole thing. That time when I took Shelley home I got another goodnight kiss and she wriggled in my arms. Again I didn't really get much physical effect from her. She was a small girl with fluffy blond curls and small breasts. I wanted my big, soft Shantella, not this little pixie. Nevertheless I made like I was turned on and dropped my hand to her small butt and gave it a squeeze.

She purred in my ear and wriggled more, and in spite of myself I got hard. She felt it and gave a catlike smile. "Catch you around, Rob." And then she was gone.

Me and my hardon went home and I took care of it while visions of Shantella danced in my head.

As it turned out I never called Shelley again. A week later I saw her going into the Aladdin with Victor Schwartz and I moved on to greener pastures.

I went out a couple of times with Nancy Murray and Carol Foster, but there wasn't even the glimmer of a spark of attraction there. Finally, shortly before eleventh grade let out, I was once again sitting in the cafeteria reviewing notes when Shantella sat across from me.

"Hi Rob."

"Hi Shantella."

"Glad to be out of school soon?"

"Sort of. Means I have to work more."

"I guess there's that."

Silence. I watched her, keeping a neutral look on my face, although everything in me wanted to jump for joy that she was talking to me again.

"I'm sorry Rob. I was stupid. Do you want to put us back together?"

"Sure. I'm not seeing anyone right now."

She beamed at me and my heart melted. I could've taken a hard line with her, but damn it, I wanted her and I knew it. Why fuck around? We went together to the Junior prom and she was finally my full time girl.

We kept steady company through most of the summer, or at least as steady as I could, given my work schedule. I got to see her maybe twice a week, but had to keep the dates short because I had to be up early to start at the store.

Then there was a three week patch when I didn't see her at all due to inventory and new product intake. I began to hear rumors about Shantella and some guy dancing close or Shantella and some guy making out in a car. Was I pissed? Bet your ass I was. Could I do anything about it? No. I couldn't take the time off so all I could do was live with it.

After that three week patch we were back to a semi regular schedule. I didn't say anything about the rumors I'd heard and that was probably a mistake that would come back to haunt me.

All that was driven out of my mind a month later.

My eighteenth birthday was August thirteenth, coincidentally two days before Shantella's. My folks threw me a good party and even brought in a keg. Shantella unfortunately couldn't make it; she and her family went out to visit relatives out of state to celebrate her own eighteenth.

Then it was Labor Day and things got interesting.

Shantella's parents were dropping her sister Rose off at her third year of college, but Shantella stayed home. I got a call from her that Friday.

"Want to come over tomorrow?"

"I gotta work from nine to four, but I can be over after that."

"Wonderful. I'll expect you right at four-fifteen and don't be late. Kissesb aby."

"Back atcha."

The next day I went over to her house and knocked on the door. The sight that greeted me when it was opened made my jaw drop and my pants get tight fast.

There stood Shantella, almost naked. She was wearing a rose coloured bustier practically overflowing with breast. I bet if I tweaked the straps they would twang like guitar strings. She had done something to her hair so that it floated in a fluffy cloud around her. I caught the scent of flowers-was it attar of roses? On her lower half was the briefest pair of panties I'd ever seen in my life.

Her eyes were heavy lidded, her lips red and plump. In short, she looked like she wanted to be fucked senseless.

"Quick, get in here before somebody sees me," she said, taking my suddenly sweaty hand and pulling me inside. She reached passed me to close the door, taking a little longer than necessary to rub her breasts on my chest and tickle me with her red curls before it clicked shut. I felt the heat radiating off her and the hard points of her nipples.

"W-what's going on here?" I asked, my voice squeaking for the first time in two years. I was harder than a rock and I felt my heart pounding like a kettle drum.

She smiled at me and, still holding my hand, tugged me toward the living room. "Come here lover, and I'll tell you all about it."

She guided me to the old sofa and practically sat on my lap. One of her soft thighs was draped over mine, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of her bush.

Back in those days, shaving hadn't really made a comeback yet, so her bush was lush and full, and I saw that she was indeed a natural redhead. She paused just a second, but long enough to tell me that she had flashed me on purpose, before closing back up again.

"What's happening here?" I repeated dumbly.

She giggled, causing those breasts to jiggle. My eyes tracked every bounce.

"Geez Rob, you sure can be dense sometimes," she snickered. "I'm sitting here almost naked in your lap, in an empty house. Just what do you think is going on?"

I stared at her with amazement all over my face.

"Just one second though," she said, moving even closer. "I fully intend to go to my wedding bed a virgin. So you can do absolutely anything with me Rob, except penetrate my pussy. Anything at all Rob, you can fuck my ass, my mouth and my boobs, you can use absolutely anything on me except that one little hole. Can you agree to that?"

By this time she was rubbing on me like a cat, saying these things in my ear in a low, seductive purr that I'd never ever heard from her. And I certainly had never heard her use dirty words at all. So while I was a little taken aback, by far the majority of my bloodflow had diverted south and I would agree to almost anything.

"Yeah, I can agree to that," I said, in a voice that wasn't quite steady. I could feel my cock dripping into my underwear as she undulated on me. My mouth felt dry and I was hot all over.

"Great," she purred. "Come on and I'll show you the playroom."

She got up, leaving me bereft for a brief second. My body howled "no, I want her back" so I quickly got up, almost stumbling over my shoelaces in my haste, and followed her undulating butt down the hall. Like an eager little puppy.

She led me to her bedroom and closed the door. It was full of candles and smelled of lilacs. There was no corny romantic music though. Her bed was turned down and she was standing by it with her hands on her hips and one ankle crossed over the other.

I paused for a moment, just admiring her.

Shantella was not one of those skinny porn star types. You know, all boobs sticking out in front of them, and boyish hips. Her shoulders sloped into those enormous breasts, which led into a slightly rounded belly and flared out into wide, curving hips. Her ass stuck out behind her and when she was wearing a skirt it undulated like two puppies in a sack, as one of the guys had put it. She had sturdy firm thighs and rounded calves. She was a big girl and I wanted to devour her, I wanted to make her mine.

"Come here lover," she said in that new purr of hers, beckoning me with both hands. And I went.

After that things got extremely physical. "Let's take care of you first so you can concentrate on me," she smiled, and then she started undressing me, rubbing her magnificent body all over me.

First she kissed me and her tongue darted into my mouth. She worked on me until my knees got weak, and my hips pressed into her. She broke the kiss, both of us breathing hard. Her face was flushed and I could see the pulse in her neck.

Then she unbuttoned my shirt, kissing each piece of skin as it was exposed until she got to my nipples. She licked each one, very briefly, sending what felt like electrical shocks to my cock. At last she was on her knees in front of me, unbuttoning my fly. "Step out of your pants baby," she said, and while I was doing that she licked and nibbled my belly between my navel and pubic hair, making shivers run all over my body. My cock was throbbing, I could feel my heartbeat in it.

She got my pants and briefs off me and I was standing there naked in front of her, my cock bobbing in front of her face. She looked up at me and smiled, running her hands all over my upper thighs and ass, avoiding my cock like it had the plague. I was going crazy.

"I've wanted to do this for so long," she said, and then, to my surprise, she started licking my cock.

Somewhere in my lust addled brain, I realized that she was exhibiting far more experience than I'd even suspected, but as someone once said, once a man's dick gets hard his dick does all his thinking, and that was certainly true this time.

A real blow job doesn't use anything but the mouth, no hand contact to the cock at all. She continued running her hands all over my thighs, while she licked from the head of my cock all down the shaft and then back up along the top. Then she looked up at me and with a smile she said, "When you're about to come let me know." And completely engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled all around the head while one finger eased between my cheeks to tease my asshole. It felt so exquisite that in about five seconds I tapped her head. She locked her lips around me and I blew, the orgasm so powerful I threw my head back and almost howled at the ceiling like a dog in heat. I could feel the cords in my neck standing out like I was trying to lift a piano one handed, every muscle in my body was tight as steel wires and it felt like my cock was filled with lit coal oil.

She swallowed everything that I had to give and after what felt like an eternity I came back to earth. My hands were fisted in her curls and I found that I was near collapse.

She gave me one last lick, causing my body to jerk spasmodically from the sheer sensitivity, then she let go of my shrinking cock and smiled a white smile at me.

"Oh my god," I muttered, so weak in the knees I had to move over and collapse on her bed. "That was fucking incredible."

She moved over and sat by me, looking like a cat who had just found a discount on canary casserole. "I'm glad you liked it. Now let's see what you can do for me."

I took a minute to catch my breath and, keeping in mmind the few things I'd managed to glean from porn magazines sneaked from desk drawers of various fathers of boys in my little group of friends, I moved over and started kissing her. Doing that after I'd just coated the inside of her mouth with my goo wasn't exactly the most appealing thing in the world I could've thought of to do, but it was the best way I could show that I appreciated what she'd done for me. Already I found myself growing hard again as her breasts pressed into me. And somewhere in the back of my mind, I still wondered at her experience.

I worked on her face with little kisses, nibbling her ears, running my fingers through the oceans of fiery curls atop her head, resisting mightily the urge to start grabbing at her breasts and butt. I didn't want her image of me to be tainted with thoughts of my poor impulse control and crude manner.

I worked down to her neck and nibbled below her ear, eliciting a soft moan and a wriggle. And then finally I was at her breasts.

I couldn't help myself, I had to stop and admire them.

"Yes, they're still real," she said, laughing quietly. "And they're 44-G's now, if you were wondering."

Right about then I forgot about my desire to resist my impulses. I removed the bustier and hefted a breast in each hand. I swear they were the size of her head. I kneaded them gently and played with the nipples until they were sharp points, and then I began licking all over each breast, until she was squirming.

Finally, much as I didn't want to, I let them go and worked down the rounded mound of her belly. I teased her inny with my tongue and worked the panties off her hips, licking the same spot on her belly that she had licked on me earlier.

Finally I was at the grand prize. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but everything I'd read said the clit was the key, so I went looking for it. I opened up her pussy lips, already puffy and swollen with moisture and dove in. I lifted her hips and slid a pillow under her butt and just went to town on her.

She bucked her hips, hollered, clawed in my hair and in general, made me feel like the world's greatest stud. If all the thrashing she was doing was her experiencing orgasms, she had several.

"Enough, enough," she said, pulling me up from her pussy. By this time I was rock hard again, so I straddled her and made love to those giant boobs, and in about two minutes I gave her a pearl necklace.

After that we got together every chance we could. Our mouthes were busy on each other, I had taken her anally, gave her enough pearl necklaces to stock a whole jewelry auction, and she had made my face so shiny with pussy juices I should be my own traffic reflector.

We had to slow down of course when school started again, but we still found time to get together on the weekends when I wasn't working, stealing moments in the backseat of my car.

And then we hit another rocky patch.

I was enjoying the hell out of what we were doing, but I was still wondering where the hell she had learned it all. At that point in time, porn videos were hard to come by, sold in dirty little stores tucked away down insignificant side streets, so it wasn't likely she learned anything from that avenue. And they sure as hell didn't teach you how to give such excellent blow jobs in health class. And where in the hell had she gotten turned on to anal and titty fucking?

These questions ate at me for a while, but I was on the verge of just forgetting it-what she did before she hooked up with me didn't matter and wasn't any of my business. And then I found out that it was.

Shantella called me one Friday night about three weeks after school started and begged off our date that Saturday, claiming some kind of family emergency. I had Saturday off and, not feeling like hanging around the house I went downtown to see if anyone I knew was up for a bowling game or something.

I sure spotted someone I knew. Coming out of the Majestic Theater were Barry Smith and Shantella. Barry had his arm around her and his hand was practically cupping the upper swell of her breast. Her head was on his shoulder and she was smiling up at him.

My first impulse was to go over there and knock Barry's face in, but I resisted. Deep down I guess I suspected somebody was teaching her things. My anger was coupled with sadness, because I wanted to be the one she learned things with. I decided to follow them to see what I might discover.

They got into Barry's Impala and started down toward the lake, which was where the local lovers' lane was. I followed, keeping a hundred yards between us.

They parked in a grove of trees and I got out quietly, hiding behind one of them to watch what went on. I felt like the world's biggest idiot, sitting here spying on my girlfriend and her date. What the hell kind of wimp was I?

After they parked, the only thing that went on for a while was a lot of kissing and heavy petting. Then came the part I had really hoped wouldn't happen.

Shantella's head disappeared below the window and Barry's hands grew white knuckled on the steering wheel. It only took her about a minute, and then she came up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at him. The smile that I thought I was the only one to see.

About then I decided I didn't want to watch anymore. I also decided not to confront her. I could go up and bang on the window and make a fuss, but if she quit doing what she was doing because I confronted her, it wouldn't really count. She had to quit all on her own. I also decided that I wasn't going to be calling her in the near future. Let her fuck around all she wanted. I wouldn't be a part of it anymore.

I got in my car and drove home and I didn't call Shantella.

Of course, she couldn't let it go. The next Friday I was coming out of the store after work when I found her leaning on the hood of my car. My cock got hard and my eyes drank her in as always, but I didn't go to her.

"Why haven't you called?" She was looking agitated.

"Didn't want to interfere with your social life."

"What the hell does that mean Rob?"

"It means I didn't want to get in the way of your running around."

"What are you talking about?"

"To put it more plainly Shantella, I don't want anything to do with your cheating ass!"

I got in my car and left her standing there.

That wasn't the end of it of course. She showed up on my front steps later that evening and demanded that I talk to her.

"What the hell is wrong with you Rob. What's this bullshit about running around and cheating?"

"What did you do last Saturday?"

"Nothing. I was with my family."

"Don't fucking lie to me Shantella. I saw you coming out of the theater with Barry. I followed you out to the lake and I watched you suck his cock. If you wanted to go on a date with another guy all you had to do was tell me. I wouldn't have been happy, but I'd have gotten over it. That was bad enough, but you went out there and sucked his damn cock and for all I know he fucked you too. So just stay the hell away from me."

"You followed me? What the hell are you, a damn pervert?" she flared, surprising me. "You had no damn business doing that, asshole."

"What? I'm supposed to just accept it when my girlfriend decides to go on dates with other guys and take it for granted that she's staying true to me?"

"You don't own me Rob. There isn't anything saying that we're exclusive. I'm free to do as I please."

"Really? Then why the hell did you lie to me about it if you thought you weren't doing anything wrong?"

"Because you didn't need to know. What I do is my own damn business." And before I could get another word in she stormed off down the street.

Well, that certainly took the wind out of my sails. I meant nothing to her at all. I was just her between guy apparently. Fuck her! I didn't care how badly I wanted her, I wasn't going to be relegated to that role any more.

I ended up asking out Victoria Hammersmith the next week, who was almost as big breasted as Shantella. She was also bigger all around, and making out with her was quite an experience. Shantella gave me nasty looks when me and Vicky turned up two weeks later at the theater where she and Henry Archer were standing in line at the candy machine. Vicky saw it and moved closer, trapping my arm between her own big globes.

After a Halloween party where we'd both managed to have a couple of beers too many, Vicky relieved me of my virginity. Unlike a lot of fat girls, there wasn't a shy bone in her body and she went right after what she wanted and didn't give a damn what anybody thought.

After that we hung together until just after New Years, when she told me she would have to drop me. "I like cocks too much to stick with just one forever," she told me.

Well, at least she was honest and up front about it, unlike Shantella. She gave me one last night, kissed me good bye and a week later I saw her with, of all people, Barry Smith.

From then until graduation I was single, although I did ask Sally French to the prom. All I got was a goodnight kiss, but that was okay, I wasn't really all that attracted to her.

Graduation came and that meant more long hours for me in the store. I saw Shantella from time to time, but she didn't talk to me, and I didn't talk to her. I wondered if she was trying to wait me out. If she was, it sure as hell wasn't going to work; I could be one stubborn ass bastard.

It wasn't until August, when I was preparing to go to college, that we had our next encounter.

We were both going to the local college (where her father worked), me for a degree in business management and her for early childhood development and a teaching certification. I heard through the grapevine that she had at first wanted to go out of state, but some kind of family pressure made her give in and stay local. Her sister Rose went out of state to follow her fiance.

One day in August Michael Brady came into the store, still looking like a friendly leprechaun. "Good afternoon, young Mr. Darson," he said to me. "I wonder if I might be havin' a word with ye."

"Sure, Mr. Brady. Let me just finish this up here," I said, quickly working the adding machine and totaling up the morning's receipts.

I led him into the stock room for some privacy. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, I was wonderin' if you'd be after consenting to give me daughter Shantella a ride up to school next week. Kathleen and I will be taking Rose for her last year and Shantella doesn't have anyone she wants to ride with. I can be paying you ten dollars to do it if you like."

I had to bite back a sigh. Seems fate kept throwing me and Shantella together. Was she the woman of my destiny or something?

"Of course I will. No need to pay me anything."

He grinned his leprechaun grin and clapped me on the shoulder. "Good lad. I know she'll be in safe hands with ye."

So that was how I found myself driving over to Shantella's house bright and early the next Sunday.

We loaded her suitcases in the car with mine and, after hhugs and goodbyes, we were on the road.

I called it our local college, but it was really about an hour away. Since we were poor college kids, driving home after classes each day just didn't make sense, so we both got dorms to save money and time.

At first the silence in the car was uncomfortable. I was still so attracted to the girl beside me that I could barely think straight. Night after night I thought of our time together and wished things could've been different. But, if there was going to be a first move toward reconciliation, it was going to have to be made by her.



"Do you love me?"

The question was so off the wall that I almost skidded into oncoming traffic.

"Where did that come from?"

"Oh come on Rob. I've known you since you were ten years old. At first you stared at my boobs, but then you got to staring at me. A girl can tell the difference. You never once came sniffing after me like those other guys either. At first I was put out, I mean, the first thought I had was something like how dare you not come after me? But then I got over it. So do you love me?"

"I don't know what to say Shantella."

"Just tell me the truth."

I drove down the road in silence for a while. Then I thought fuck it and said, "Yeah, I guess I do."

I never saw her beam so widely.

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