Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Cheating, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Water Sports, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tricia thought she'd found a new life when Thomas proposed marriage. She could be the virginal bride, faithful and obedient; the sort of wife innocent girls always imagine themselves to be. But Fate has a cruel sense of irony and it seems that Tricia hasn't run far or fast enough to escape her past.

"Tricia? Hey baby, where are you?" my fiancé, Thomas, called through the screen door of my apartment.

"In the kitchen," I answered, smiling to myself. We were just a month away from our wedding.

We'd only known each other a few months, but I knew Thomas loved me a great deal and I loved him too. He was the first decent man I'd ever met and I'd traveled all the way across the state looking for him. We'd met and dated and it wasn't hard to figure out what he was looking for. A good woman who shared his rather old fashioned sense of morality. Seriously. When Thomas admitted on our first date that he was a virgin and proud of it, his clear brown eyes were telling me what he wanted to hear from me.

"I'm a virgin too," I'd told him, blushing nervously and looking down. "I want to save myself for the right man."

"Really?" Thomas smiled and leaned forward as we were speaking quietly, enjoying what privacy the expensive restaurant could give us.

"On my wedding night," I nodded and looked up, pulling some blonde hair from my bright green eyes. "I want to give myself to my husband. Do you think that's silly of me?"

That was all it had taken and we didn't kiss until our second date, a gentle peck on my cheek after Thomas had walked me to my door. On our third date I'd let him kiss me in the car and he was a very good kisser, I had no complaints. We made out for a little bit on our fourth date and Thomas felt my breasts through my modest dress, enjoying how firm and ripe they are. My nipples hardened and burned for more, but my bra stayed on, and by the end of the night we were both hot and sweaty.

After two months it had become more difficult for us to remain chaste. Thomas had proposed and I'd accepted. He was stroking my thigh while we made out on my small sofa and his fingers were going higher, beneath the hem of my knee length skirt as it had ridden up. He was reaching for my panties and I caught my breath, and then I caught his hand, shaking my head no.

"Thomas ... I'm sorry, but I can't..." I whispered. "Please?"

"I know," Thomas licked his lips and he wanted to have my virginity on our wedding night more than anything else, but being a man like he was, it could be difficult to find the patience. "I just want to touch you so badly, Tricia."

"I know," I kissed his lips softly. "I want it too, but we have to wait."

"I love you," he breathed and we kissed long and hard and his hands were content to fondle my breasts. I'd let him open my blouse and pull my bra down, but that was as far as we could go and he knew it.

"Oh, Thomas..." I sighed and rubbed myself against him. My tummy was tight and fluttering with butterflies. My pussy was wet and my nipples ready to pop.

"Would you ... Can I take it out?" he asked me breathlessly after fifteen hot minutes of making out.

"What?" I blinked into his red face.

"My, um ... my cock," he said softly. "Can you touch it for me?"

"I ... guess so," I said, surrendering with some reluctance.

The man must have been desperate for an orgasm because his penis was already so stiff that it was awkward just getting him free of his trousers.

"It's so big!" I said with a light giggle, sounding like a girl much younger than my twenty-one years.

"Yeah," my fiancé agreed. "Touch it, Tricia. Just ... rub it for me, okay?"

"Okay," I swallowed hard and wrapped my small hand around his hard cock.

It was like five inches long maybe and a little bit thicker than a grown man's thumb maybe. The tip was wet with precum and I held him in my fist, both of us watching while I jerked him off slowly.

"Like this?" I asked in a husky whisper. "Am I doing it okay?"

"Yeah..." Thomas sighed. "That feels good, um ... not too hard, alright?"

"Sorry," I giggled nervously and loosened my grip, wrinkling my nose at the clear stuff coming out from the tip. "Are you cumming?"

"No," he chuckled and his eyes were adoring as they looked into mine. "Not yet, but ... soon."

"Okay," I licked my lips and I know my cheeks were a little pink with embarrassment.

"Tricia? Could you ... um, would you put it in your mouth for me?" Thomas asked me hesitantly and I stared at him, seeing his face flushed with excitement.

"You want me to suck it?" I widened my eyes as he nodded. "No! Uh-uh..." I let him go and wiped my wet, sticky hand on his pants. "I'm not that kind of girl, Thomas!"

"But, Tricia..."

"Do you want to marry me?" I asked him, pulling my blouse closed as I sat back, covering my breasts as if he were a stranger. "Or do you want to marry a slut, Thomas? One of those ... those whores who walk the streets at night?"

"Tricia, I'm sorry," Thomas said quickly, putting his softening penis away and now he was very red. "I don't know what I was thinking. I love you. I want to marry you more than anything. I'm sorry."

"I think you'd better go," I said sadly. "I have a little headache now. I ... I want to go to bed, I think."

"Tricia..." Thomas was frowning and he nodded and we didn't kiss goodnight.

We made up two days later, after he'd sent me a dozen roses and called me four times. The fifth time I answered and agreed to dinner with him. He was very much a gentleman and we made out in the car, but he didn't ask me to touch his cock again. He knew I wasn't a slut now. I was a virgin and determined to stay that way until our wedding night. I dropped little hints from time to time that maybe after we were married and on our honeymoon, I might try to put his cock in my mouth. Just a little though, not too much probably, but a wife should be willing to try and please her husband. That seemed to make Thomas happy and now we were just a month away from the big day.

"Here she is!" Thomas smiled, making his way through my apartment and speaking to someone else.

"Oh!" I blinked as another man followed my fiancé into the kitchen and he was the same age as Thomas, about twenty-four or a little older. He was tall and athletic beneath his casual dress, a button down shirt, loose at the collar, and a pair of khaki trousers. He looked nice enough with his short black hair and hazel eyes, and the man smiled broadly when he saw me.

"Perry, this is my fiancée, Patricia Evens," Thomas said proudly and he was beaming at me. "This is my oldest, best friend, Perry Devlin."

"I'm his only best friend," Perry corrected Thomas and reached out for my hand. "Wow! You're a beautiful woman, Patricia."

"Uh, thank you. Just call me Tricia, okay?" I cleared my throat as he held my hand for a long moment.

"Tricia, yeah ... That's even better," he agreed.

Perry's eyes were bright and his smile seemed to suggest something more than mere friendship, but I wasn't sure what.

"I asked him to be the best man at our wedding," Thomas said. "So, Perry decided to come up for a quick visit and meet you."

"That's great," I said, taking my hand back. "Um ... Oh! Do you guys want something to drink? I have some lemonade or..."

"Any beer?" Perry asked me in a somewhat teasing voice and Thomas glanced at me before looking at his friend.

"Ah, I don't think Tricia's much for beer," Thomas laughed. "She's a little old fashioned. Lemonade would be great."

"Old fashioned?" Perry grinned at Thomas and then looked at me, like looked me up and down and I felt a little naked. "Nothing old fashioned there, man. Where are you from, Tricia?"

I blushed and wished I was wearing something a little less revealing than a pair of white denim shorts and a pink halter top, but I hadn't expected visitors and it was a warm day. I had the Tuesday afternoon off and I'd been enjoying it. Perry was getting an eyeful of skin though and I very much wanted to change into something more appropriate, but Thomas seemed to be enjoying his friend's reaction to seeing me.

I'm five foot nine and all of it comes from my legs, which I'm rather proud of. They're well toned and smooth, and just then nicely bronzed after a long hot summer. My flat tummy was on display and of course my breasts, which are pert 36B's and while not overly large, they're more than a handful anyway. They were nicely upturned. Kind of perky, actually, especially since I wasn't wearing a bra. I frowned as I realized I was showing a bit of dark nipple through the pink cotton.

If Thomas noticed anything untoward about my appearance, he didn't mention it. Perry didn't have to; he was telling me everything I needed to know with his eyes as they drank me in. I wasn't sure I liked him very much and I wondered how it happened that he and my fiancé were best friends. Perry didn't strike me as a man who wanted to have anything to do with virgins, except deflower them, of course.

"Here we go," I brought the men a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses, putting the tray on my small coffee table. "I'm going to change real quick. I've been cleaning my house all day, so..."

"What? No! Come on, sit down," Perry insisted, actually taking me by the hand and pulling me onto the sofa next to him. "You look gorgeous, Tricia. You're one lucky SOB, Tommy. How'd you ever hook up with a babe like this?"

"Babe?" I cleared my throat, but Thomas didn't even notice.

"Clean living buddy!" Thomas laughed and he was tickled pink that his friend was so obviously impressed with me.

"No wonder I can't find a decent woman," Perry sighed and gave me another smile. "I bet a man would give just about anything to spend an hour or two with you, huh?"

"What?" I blinked at him and then looked at Thomas, expecting some sort of manly reaction to his friend's comment.

"I'm just saying, you're going to make a beautiful bride, Tricia," Perry said. "And you better keep a close eye on her, Tommy. I'd like to steal her away myself."

"Oh, I will," Thomas nodded and he reached over to punch his friend playfully in the shoulder. "I know how lucky I am, believe me. A girl like Tricia only comes around once in a lifetime."

We spent over half an hour talking and Perry was okay, except for the occasional off-color remark and thinly veiled sexual innuendo. I guess that's how he was though and Thomas didn't seem surprised or bothered by it, but he was obviously concerned about me. Perry was my fiancé's best friend and he wanted us to like each other. That shouldn't be too hard anyway, I thought. Perry lived across the state, back in the city where I'd so recently moved from, and thankfully that subject never really came up and when it did, I was able to change it quickly enough.

Thomas knew I didn't like to talk about my past and the orphanage where I'd grown up, and he was helping steer the talk to other things, like the upcoming wedding, or the silly things he and Perry had done together as boys growing up. It was fun, I had to admit, and I enjoyed seeing Thomas relax. The wedding was weighing on him heavily and I knew his family wasn't sure of what to think about our short engagement. I suspected that he took a hard time from his parents for it, but aside from the prenuptial agreement they'd wanted me to sign, neither he nor they ever said anything directly to me.

"It was nice meeting you, Tricia," Perry was shaking my hand, holding it with a gentle, but firm grip as his thumb rubbed the back of my hand slowly.

"Sure you can't stay overnight?" Thomas asked him. "It's getting dark, my parents would love to see you again."

"That's why they make headlights," I giggled, being blonde like I am, but I really did want to say goodbye to the man. A little bit of Perry went a long ways.

"Hmmm? No, I need to get back," Perry smiled at my joke. "It's a long drive and I have to be in the office early. I'll see you guys in a few weeks, huh?"

"Twenty-six days," I agreed as he let go of my hand.

"Well, just don't go changing your mind." Perry slapped Thomas on the back. "I already bought your gift and I can't take it back."

"Right!" Thomas grinned and they hugged each other in manly fashion. "I hope it isn't his and her roller blades again."

"What?" the other man frowned. "Mike and Tammy love those roller blades!"

"You didn't!" I laughed, having no idea who they were talking about, but roller blades?

"Oh, yes he did," Thomas laughed and Perry shrugged.

"Thanks for the lemonade, Tricia. It was sweet," Perry grinned. "See ya later!"

He left us and of course Thomas wanted to know what I thought of his friend. We chatted while I cleaned up the living room and Thomas was looking at his watch.

"What?" I wondered.

"Oh, it's my parents," he shrugged. "They want me to have dinner with them tonight."

"They want us to come over tonight?" I looked down at myself as it was already getting late and...

"Uh, just me, I think," Thomas gave me an apologetic smile. "One more little talk around the dinner table."

"Oh," I shrugged. "Well, don't let them talk you out of it." I held up my left hand and my engagement ring glittered. It was a generous diamond by anyone's standards. "I won't give this back," I teased him.

"I don't want it back," Thomas took me in his arms and kissed my lips softly. "I just want you."

"Okay," I giggled. "You better mean that!"

"I do!" he nodded. "But I have to get going. Tomorrow night we can go out, okay?"

"Okay," I agreed. "Say hi to your parents for me."

"They'll be fine," Thomas reassured me. "I love you."

"Love you too," I closed the door behind him and went to the kitchen.

I was just tossing a little salad for myself, dancing to some Moby and pretty much being alone when the doorbell rang. I frowned at that. It was half an hour after Thomas had left and he never rang the bell anyway. I had a few friends, some of the women I worked with at the office, but they were all married or had boyfriends and wouldn't show up at my door after sundown. Probably the neighbor, I thought. She was an older woman, slightly deaf and always borrowing something.

"Perry?" I blinked at him and the man was smiling at me.

"Hey, Tricia," he nodded. "Can I come in?"

"No! Um ... I mean, Thomas isn't here. He's at his parents and..." I was momentarily flustered.

"I know," he chuckled and stepped inside rudely, almost pushing me out of the way so that I had to take a step back as I wondered what was going on.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, closing the door slowly and leaning against it.

"You really don't remember me, do you?" Perry asked and I shook my head. "I thought I gave it away too," he clucked his tongue. "Damn, it sucks being forgettable like that."

"What?" I had no idea what he was talking about as a vague unease crept over me.

"But I guess I could see how it might be hard to remember one face out of ... How many, Tricia?"

"I don't..." I swallowed hard and reached for the doorknob. "I think you'd better leave, Perry."

"Or maybe you weren't looking at their faces," he shook his head with a chuckle. "Would it help jog your memory if I pulled out my cock?"

"What?" I forgot how to breathe and my heart was pounding in my chest.

"Don't worry, I remember you just fine," he nodded. "The best two hundred dollars I ever spent."

"Perry..." I whispered.

"You weren't Tricia though," he said. "You said your name was Priss, remember? Because it rhymed with piss, that's what you said. You said that so sexy too. Say it again for me."

"Please..." I licked my lips.

"Say it!" he said so forcefully I flinched, taking a step backward.

"I ... I'm Priss..." I swallowed hard, " ... like p-piss..."

"Because..." he sang softly, inviting me with a smile.

" ... b-because I like it," I finished, turning my face away from him as a flood of memories and emotions filled me. I hadn't said those words in six months and I'd never expected to say them ever again.

"Fuck," Perry grinned at me. "You don't know how hot that makes me, hearing you say that."

"I'm not like that anymore, okay?" I cleared my throat and tried to sound strong. "I'm Tricia now and I'm getting married."

"I know," he agreed pleasantly. "That's good. I'm glad. Thomas is a great guy. A little anal if you ask me, kinda repressed, but I love him like a brother. He deserves a piss whore like you, probably loosen him up some."

"Then why are you doing this?" I asked him.

"You wanna know why? First, because you are without a doubt the hottest bitch I've ever fucked," he laughed and grabbed a fistful of my hair, pushing me down over my painful protests until I was kneeling on the carpet in front of him.

"Ahhh..." I winced, feeling my eyes leaking tears of pain and futile outrage. No man had ever treated me this way, even when I really had been a whore.

"And second," he said, pulling my hair so that I had to look up at him, "because I can, Priss. I can do whatever I want now, can't I?"

"P-Please ... Ouch! ... You're hurting me..."

"Take out my cock, Tricia," Perry told me. "That's it, baby. It's time for a little college reunion. Do you remember me now?"

I opened Perry's trousers with trembling fingers and pulled out his thick penis. I had no choice and we both knew it. Whatever life I might have in the future was up to him. If Perry was unhappy, there was little doubt I'd be unhappy as well and I removed his cock gently, wishing I had a way out. It wasn't hard yet, but still large and heavy in my hands and I could feel it growing firm as I handled it. The soft skin was becoming tight over the muscle beneath as the man's arousal made itself known. He was circumcised and the smooth glans was pink and dry for the moment, and I stared at it unhappily.

Now that Perry had explained who he was and where he knew me from, I might have remembered him, but probably not. I'd been an escort my sophomore and junior years in college and the only reason I'd quit was because I'd gotten caught. Not by the police, but by the school itself. There were a dozen of us, student-whores working the campus and business was good. Very good. Once we'd got busted though, the party was over and the university was understandably eager to avoid any publicity. Not all of our clients were students and most of the professors were both married and influential. So they cut us a deal, all we had to do was drop out and disappear and everything would be forgotten ... almost.

"My cock remembers you, Priss!" he said as I held his cock in both of my small hands, watching as it seemed to grow before my jade green eyes. It was a nice one and I was stroking him slowly, working the man's prick to full erection with little real effort on my part. Perry had a serious thing for me, I realized, but I'd long been used to that from men. I could usually turn that to my advantage, but not this time.

"Don't call me that," I frowned.

"Shhh ... I'll call you whatever I want," he told me and his hands were in my hair, pulling my mouth to his cock. "Whenever I want too. You might get married to Thomas, but you'll always be a whore, Priss."

"No ... Mmmmph!" My protest was cut off as my mouth was filled with the smooth head of Perry's large cock. he pulled me down hard too, until his cockhead hit the back of my mouth and I choked on it. My lips were stretched tight around the shaft and my eyes were turned up, pleading with him to be gentle.

Perry was much bigger than poor Thomas and I'd had a hard time keeping a straight face during many of our dates. Especially when I'd seen my fiancé's small erection and how proud he was of it. But I loved the man, or at least I liked him a lot. I respected Thomas and of course it didn't hurt that his family was rich, but that wasn't the reason I'd accepted his proposal. I was going to be a good wife and faithful, and he'd never know that I'd been a whore. Thomas was my chance at a new life, a good life with a man who loved me, but now...

"Yeah! Suck my cock, whore." He let me go and just watched as I moved my taut lips up and down the shaft. I held what I couldn't get easily into my mouth, gripping the base of his cock in my fist and giving him a smoke and choke blowjob.

I washed his cockhead with my tongue, doing everything I could to bring the man off so he'd leave me in peace. I was hot with humiliation, my body flushed with outrage and anger at what I was being forced to do. I didn't want to cheat on Thomas. I didn't want to suck this man's cock like the whore I'd once been. But what choice did I have? Thomas' family was looking for an excuse to break us up, or at least postpone the wedding. They had money, a lot of it, and they wanted to know who their son was marrying. Given enough time and effort, they'd find out. If I didn't make Perry happy, they'd find out real quick.

All I wanted was a fresh start with a decent man. They could keep their money. All I wanted was Thomas and a real life. I'd needed money in college and I hadn't loved or hated any of the men I'd fucked. I hadn't even cared about the sex so much, although I'd often enjoyed it quite a lot. I'd just needed to pay my tuition and all the expenses a girl has trying to get an education. I'd screwed up and paid the price. Didn't I deserve a second chance? Why did he have to be Perry? Why couldn't the guy be someone else, someone who'd never seen me before in his life? Why an old customer? It wasn't fair.

"Don't cry, Priss." Perry stroked my wet cheeks as I bobbed up and down on his turgid cock. "This is fun, right? Come on, do that deep throat thing again. That was pretty fucking amazing. I'll never forget that. Do it again for me."

I'd gotten his cock good and slippery and although I was a little out of practice, throating a cock is a lot like riding a bicycle. I opened up for him and took every inch inside my mouth and into my throat. He was big, no doubt, and it was uncomfortable at first, but hardly painful. I held him there, keeping my eyes up and watching Perry's face while my soft muscles contracted around him. It was a good trick and one I'd learned well, fucking his cock with my throat like that.

"Oh Jesus! That's what I remember!" he gasped and he was grinning at me, stroking my hair out of my face as I pulled off him to catch my breath.

He made me suck him for another five minutes before he was ready to cum. My jaw ached and my tongue and lips felt bruised and swollen. It had been almost six months since I'd sucked a cock and much to my chagrin I found myself enjoying it. My nipples were hard and itching, my pussy undeniably moist. Yeah, I liked sex as much as anyone else and Perry's cock was pretty great for sucking, seven inches easily and reasonably thick. I felt nothing but anger for the man himself, however, that and a deep humiliation for what I was being forced to do.

"On your face!" Perry was saying. "Jerk me off on your face, Priss! Hurry up! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!"

"P-Please..." I burned with the degradation of what Perry demanded, but I did it all the same.

I stroked his cock with both hands, masturbating his long, hard prick for all of thirty seconds before it exploded with rapid jets of hot semen. Perry's cum was thick and there was a lot of it, as if he'd been saving himself just for me. It sprayed over my cheeks and nose, into my hair and across my open mouth as I panted for air. He'd quickly replaced my hands with his and the man took perverse delight in painting my pretty face with his sperm. When he was finished cumming I knelt there with tears filling my eyes while he used his cock like a paintbrush, rubbing it over my skin.

"There! Now you're ready to get married, Priss," he decided, pushing his semi-hard cock against my lips and then into my mouth once more. "Clean it off, whore."

I did as Perry commanded, washing the remains of his orgasm from his prick with my tongue and swallowing it. He was rich and salty and I might have enjoyed the flavor, even the creamy texture, if he'd been someone else. If we were doing this under different circumstances. I'd always enjoyed swallowing semen, unlike a lot of other girls, and it had made me popular with my customers because I never had to fake it. God! I'd been so stupid and I wept with self-pity as much as angry frustration and humiliation.

"Yeah, okay Priss..." Perry held my head in his hands tightly and his cock hadn't gown hard. "Time to earn your money, baby."

"Ullmph!" A sudden flood of hot urine filled my mouth to overflowing and I was too shocked to do anything but choke on it at first. The warm fluid spilled out of my full mouth, down my neck and body while I knelt there.

"Better swallow, whore!" he warned me. "I'll drown your slutty ass if you don't."

I swallowed hard and fast, tasting his slightly bitter and salty piss like an old memory. I'd called myself Priss for a reason, as Perry well knew, and I swallowed his urine easily once I was over the surprise of it. I liked the taste and more than that, I enjoyed the knowledge of what I was doing. Drinking a man's hot piss was the ultimate thrill for me and I found myself rubbing the crotch of my shorts without realizing that I'd been doing it.

"Like that, huh?" Perry laughed and pulled his still pissing cock from my mouth.

He deliberately aimed at my tits, turning my pink halter transparent enough so that he could see my swollen brown nipples plainly, and then he went lower. Perry directed the golden stream over my quivering tummy and finally the man was pissing on my fingers and the taut crotch of my white shorts. I pushed my hand inside the waistband, not caring that it was exactly what he wanted to see. I found my hard clit and rubbed it frantically, moaning as I felt my orgasm approaching. I was going to cum while Perry pissed on me and I was in a rush to get there before he was done.

"You haven't changed at all," Perry said, grunting with the effort to expel the last few spurts of urine onto my body. "Once a piss whore always a piss whore."

"Ohhh!" I jerked and then gasped loudly as I finally found the cum I needed. I was laying in a puddle of piss, more than my cheap carpet could soak up, fingering my cunt. The rush of pleasure burst deep in my tummy and while it felt good and my mind was flooded with all the ripe chemicals to make me happy, it was tempered by the why and how of it. I resented my orgasm as much as I enjoyed it.

"Here..." Perry had put his cock away and now he was opening his wallet. "Don't want to forget this part. What's half an hour worth? Fifty was it?"

He dropped a fifty dollar bill on me as I lay there, panting for air and staring up at him.

"See?" He smiled. "I'm not the bad guy, Priss. I'm just a loyal customer. Unfortunately, I do have to work in the morning."

"Get out," I breathed, feeling more ashamed than ever after my little cum was finished. I hated myself for being so weak.

"I'll be back up Friday night to spend the weekend," he told me. "I'm gonna want a couple hours, I think. Friday night and Saturday night for sure. Make sure you pencil me in, huh?"

"Fuck you," I whispered, turning my head away from him.

"Yeah," Perry nodded as he reached for the door. "You will, Priss. You will."

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