Mental Whiplash
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, Fan Fiction, Oriental Male, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Workplace,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fiction. Jou/Seto. When Jou went to work this morning he did not expect Kaiba to appear. From that moment on, Jou just seems to get thrown for one loop after another. Squick Warning. Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of it's related. I am not making nor do I seek to make any financial gain from this. I just wrote a fanfic based on the source mentioned.

It was another average night at the JK Video store. A few of the regulars had come through. A couple of the subscribers had picked up their monthly boxes. The video booths had been in non-stop use, but that was typical. The Live Performance booths had been around 50% - again pretty typical.

Jou no longer noticed the titles that he rang up for sale or rent. "Ass Lickers from the Moon" and "Teen Pussy 4" were pretty tame compared to some of the titles they carried. The German bondage tapes. The pregnant midget water sports. If Jou was going to be offended by every outrageous, perverted, demented thing he saw, he should have quit the job on day one! Instead, he kept conversations to one or two words, didn't pay attention to names or faces - beyond checking for legal age - and let people enjoy what they enjoyed.

In truth, he didn't think he could argue much about other people's obsessions. Not considering that he'd been in love with the same guy since high school. He'd never done more that whacked off over it - Kaiba was ridiculously straight - but after all this time, Jou could not forget the boy.

Those eyes. A deep blue that was warm in hue and cold in gaze. Piercing and hypnotic at the same time. Behind lay an ocean in which Jou longed to drown. Hair brown and soft - Jou'd copped a feel once and could still remember the tingle through his hand he'd felt from such a small stolen moment. A voice that made Jou hard just hearing it. Usually that voice was calling him 'mutt' or some other insult. But once, it had called him by name. Jou had a 'messy' finish nearly every night with that memory.

Jou was torn from his reverie by several boxes landing on the counter in front of him. "Sorry." He muttered and began ringing up the sale.

There was a membership card and a key on the top of the stack. Jou glanced at the customer. It was one of the regulars. An odd man; he always wore a trench coat, dark glasses, a large hat and a wig, rain or shine, winter or summer. Hat Man the staff always called him - they had nicknames for most of the regulars. The shop had many well-known customers, but the policy of no names on accounts had allowed many of them to relax. Whoever this man was, he was taking extreme pains to hide his identity.

It was a premium membership. The key was for one of the video booths and the card gave the man access to the live performance booths as well. The videos were all rentals with titles like "Paint My Face Yellow and White", "Bareback Dick and the Creampie Facial Kid" and "Anal Creampie Addicts". All gay. Not Jou's personal faire, but he found himself again wondering who was under that costume. Some old guy, no doubt. A politician or someone like that.

Jou tried to total the sale, but the register beeped and flipped to a membership screen.

"Oh." He said, reading. "You're due this month." The man in the hat pulled out a wad of cash but Jou shook his head and pointed to a sign on the register. "Plastic only for annual fees."

The man in the hat hesitated. Then he opened the coat allowing Jou a peek at a very expensive suit. The man pulled out a wallet and presented Jou with a prepaid credit card.

Jou stared at the wallet for a moment. It was leather, beautiful and clearly expensive. But what really caught Jou's attention was the KaibaCorp logo embossed on one side. The man in the coat, wig and hat worked for KaibaCorp. Had to. Kaiba had shown Jou a wallet like it once before and remarked that it had been custom made for him by a KaibaCorp leather smith.

The man tapped the card on the counter and Jou shook himself into focus. The system ran the card - it was the same one used to open the account; the name embossed read 'Blue Eyes' - and Jou gave the man the card and the receipt. The man took his videos and headed downstairs toward the booths.

Jou reopened the account view screen.

The membership card had only the account number, but the computer had the accountholder's name and address.

'Kaiba Seto' it read. The accountholder's address was Seto's address. The accountholder's date of birth was Seto's birthday.

Jou sat at the cash register and stared at the door that lead to the lower level stairs and the private booths where customers could watch what they wanted to watch, and do what they wanted to do in secret.

It couldn't be him.

Someone must be playing a joke. Or someone was using Seto's name and address. Kaiba was straight. Totally, publicly, painfully straight. Kaiba had a mansion - he could watch anything he wanted to in comfort and style. Kaiba sure as hell didn't jack off - he had a line of women than would take care of that!

It simply could not be Kaiba Seto in a tiny booth, with his cock in his hand, watching pornos of guys who take it up the ass and then push it back out. Kaiba could not be in a dark little room watching some boy get covered in pee. Kaiba wasn't the type to lick the cum out of another boy's butt, and getting off on it. Or did he want to be the one covered and licked... ?


Jou looked up to find a customer at the register. "Sorry." He muttered and rang up the sale. His heart was pounding. He was having trouble breathing. His cock was painfully hard.

It simply could not be Him.

Besides, it hadn't been that long since they seen each other. There was no way Kaiba would let Jou catch him in such a compromising position. Kaiba would have recognized him and never come back to the store. He would have left without the purchases rather than allow Jou to see his name.

Plus Hat Man was a regular - and not just any regular, he was one of the few who came in daily. Jou opened up the account again and looked at the history. There were some times when Hat Man didn't come in for weeks at a time. But most of the time, he was every day. All rentals, always a booth, very rarely a toy purchase - always high-end, mostly special ordered. The membership was six years old; which proved it wasn't Kaiba - they were still in high school then!

It couldn't be him! But...

But what if it was?

What if, right this minute, Seto was in a booth jerking off? What if he was watching gay porn and shooting a load right under Jou's feet right now?

Jou shivered. Another customer came up to the register and Jou checked out the sale. As the customer left, Jou caught sight of the obvious, over the store entrance.

The security camera.

There was one in every booth so that if anyone did any damage, the store could press charges. Ordinarily, the monitors were turned off to protect the customers' anonymity, but Jou had the password. His could turn it on, see that it wasn't Kaiba, and turn it off again. Then, Jou could get the image of Kaiba Seto stroking off out of his mind.

"Hey Ken," He called over the store intercom. "Come take over the front." A few minutes later, the assistant manager appeared. "Take over for the rest of the night. I gotta check some thing in the office."

"Sure, Boss."

Jou closed the office door behind him and locked it. He would have to scroll through the rooms to see where Hat Man was, and the whole store didn't need to know who was in any of them.

The first room was empty. The next two had other customers Jou recognized. Rooms four through seven were around the live performance. Jou didn't see Hat Man among the four men watching tonight's show. Room eight was empty.

Room nine. Room nine had a man wearing a hat, frantically yanking on a cock that made Jou choke just looking at it. He couldn't see the video screen and the hat blocked the man's face, but it was definitely the hat he was looking for. Jou couldn't resist watching the hand for a few minutes. What would it be like to suck something that big? How much cum would it spit out?

It couldn't be Seto. He'd seen the boy in gym class twice a week for years. If Seto was packing a python like that, Jou would have noticed.

The sound was muted, Jou realized. If he turned it on, maybe Hat Man's voice would confirm that he was not Seto.

Jou's heart was pounding, but he clicked the speaker icon. The sound of men groaning assaulted him. The video volume must be up to full, he thought. The booths were soundproof for just that reason - so that one man's spanking didn't ruin another man's bound-n-gagged.

Then there was another voice, one deep low moan. One syllable - "ka" - escaped before Hat Man's cock lurched and released shot after shot of thick white liquid.

Whoever he was, it was no wonder he watched the messy ones, Jou thought. He could star in one if that was his typical load.

In the monitor, Hat Man leaned forward and changed the video. He took his now semi-hard cock in hand and, shortly, began stroking himself again. Jou was stunned; most teenage boys don't have a recovery time like that, but Hat Man was clearly on his way to a second full erection.

Jou found his own hand rubbing himself through his pants. He glanced at the door. It wouldn't be the first time one of the staff had slipped into the office to relieve a bit of tension. He considered the thought for another minute, then opened his pants and began stroking himself in earnest, imagining that it really was Seto and that they were in the little room together.

Hat Man had rented five videos. Five times, he stuck a tape in the machine, fisted a cock the size of a novelty dildo, and shot out enough cum for ten guys. Jou had always thought that room nine was worst because it was farthest from the stairs. But after watching Hat Man, it was clear that he was the reason.

Jou's cock was actually sore by the time Hat Man left.

Hat Man was back the next night. If he recognized Jou, he didn't show it. Five more videos - "He Shot Cum Up My Ass", "Creampie Compilation", "Forced, Felched and Fucked", "Yellow Cream Collector" and "Messy Ass 2". After Hat Man went into the booth, Jou checked his history. All were tapes he'd viewed before. In fact, most of his rentals were duplications. Jou searched the store's inventory and discovered that there wasn't a lot in stock for that particular fetish.

Even if Hat Man wasn't Kaiba, the store should be more accommodating for a customer that loyal.

"Hey Ken, Come take over the register."

"I thought you wanted this stock out tonight?"

"It can wait. I gotta check the catalogue for a customer."

Jou locked the office door again. Hat Man was in room nine again. Jou turned up the volume so he could listen and maybe hear the voice he was desperate for. He also logged in to his distributor's catalogue and found a large selection of videos for the 'Creampie/Felching Connoisseur'. He ordered all of them plus the signage to create a new section in the videos for rental room. Then he closed the catalogue and watch Hat Man shoot off a video-worthy load for each tape he'd rented. Jou matched him, shot for shot, the whole time imagining that Hat Man was Seto. That the "ka" he moaned before each orgasm was for "Katsuya".

When the new tapes arrived, Jou watched one. "Messy, Messy Men". A thin plot about an all-male cleaning service - it featured nothing but water-sports, creampie, cum swapping, felching, and facials. Most of the 'cleaning' was done with the their tongues. Jou had never watched videos like those before, typically finding them a little too graphic for his personal taste. But the lead actor in this one had brown hair and made it easy to image that it was Kaiba on the screen. Kaiba moaning, begging, kissing, fucking, licking, sucking, swallowing...

Jou found himself replaying the scene with the brunette lead and a blond actor. Twice.

"Have I changed that much since high school?" Jou asked Yugi and Yami over dinner.

It had been two weeks since he realized who Hat Man might be - it couldn't be Kaiba, it simply couldn't - and the customer still had not acknowledged him.

Yugi and Yami exchanged a look. "What brought this on?" Yami asked.

"Everybody changes." Yugi observed. "Changed how?"

Jou frowned. "I don't know! Am I different now? Do I look different, act different? Like, if I hadn't seen you since graduation, would you know me?"

Yugi laughed. "Maybe! Let's see, you've been married and divorced, you own your own store, you cut your hair, you gained ten pounds -"

"For the better." Yami put in.

"Ten pounds you needed." Yugi agreed. "And you stopped wearing those tacky baseball t-shirts. Yeah, it might take me a minute or two to recognize you. Why? Who'd you run into?"

"Nobody special." Jou shrugged.

Hat Man did notice the new video section and systematically rented every new tape. It became standard practice that Hat Man was Jou's last transaction of the night. Then Jou would slip into the office, lock the door, turn on the room nine monitor, and dream that Kaiba was dreaming of him.

It was becoming a true obsession.

Every day, Jou checked the catalogues for new videos. He found a new distributor that carried a wider range of "questionable" videos, magazines and toys so he opened an account and ordered some things. When new merchandise came in, Jou rummaged the boxes, looking for things that Hat Man would probably enjoy.

Jou even started going to room nine first thing in the morning to watch the tapes that Hat Man watched. Just to revel in the knowledge that only a few hours ago Kaiba-might-be had been sitting in the same seat, coming all over the floor and the walls. And in a few hours more, might-be-Kaiba would be there again.

"You need to do something about it." Yugi said. Jou had been late for their weekly dinner. Again.

"I don't know why you won't just tell us what you're obsessing over." Yami added. "We'll hardly judge you for it."

"Thanks, guys, I know." Jou sighed. "Let me ask you something." He glanced around. The tables around them were empty, but he still found himself reluctant to discuss something that even in his industry was considered a bit outré. "Either of you know what 'felching' or 'creampie' is?"

Yugi choked on his soda and spent a minute or so coughing. Yami sipped his tea calmly. "We're familiar with the terms." The one-time Pharaoh commented dryly.

"Yami -" Yugi started once he could speak again.

"I didn't say a thing, beloved one." Yami chuckled.

"Yeah, Yugi." Jou found himself amused despite his personal crisis. "I didn't ask if you'd done 'em!"

Yugi did an actual spit take. "Yami!"

"Well, your response is rather a giveaway." Yami grinned, but stroked Yugi's cheek gently. "And you were delicious."

Yugi turned bright red. "We're in public!" He looked around for listeners. "There might be children around here!"

Jou found himself chuckling at his friend's embarrassment. "Relax, Yug! Yams didn't tell me anything. I got this customer with a serious fetish for the stuff." He sighed heavily. "I can't get the guy out of my head."

"Really?" Yugi looked hopeful. Then the man's eyes narrowed. "Let me guess; you won't talk to him, either."

"I tried." Jou shrugged. "I can't even get him to look at me, much less talk! Besides, I'm not really into that stuff. Just him."

"So again, you are in love with a man who barely acknowledges your existence." Yami stated. "Surely you grow tired of repeating this pattern?"

Jou hesitated, then shook his head. "Yeah, you're right. I need to let it go."

Yami was nodding, but Yugi shook his head. "No, Jou, don't give up! If you like this guy, then get his attention. Make him see you." Yugi took Yami's hand and squeezed it affectionately. "You don't know what will happen until you do."

Hat Man didn't come in. It was the third night in a row that he'd skipped his daily stop.

Jou knew that the account history showed two, sometimes three weeks where Hat Man was just gone. But it was driving him crazy. He was short with the staff and restless. His body felt out of sorts and his mind was constantly distracted.

Make him see you, Yugi had said. But it wasn't like Jou could just make an appointment at KaibaCorp and ask Seto himself! If he was Hat Man, that would be the last time Jou saw the man. And if Kaiba was not the well-disguised, silent customer - which he couldn't be for so many reasons - Jou didn't even know how he would start that conversation.

'Hey Kaiba, by any chance are you a fag who gets off on eatin' jizz outta some guy's ass?'

They'd be his last words.

It took another day or so for a good idea to form and another few days of him rejecting it before Jou's own frustration convinced him to try something.

He had plenty of video equipment. He went to a wig store and found someone who would cut and style one for him. He even had most of his high school clothing in a bottom dresser drawer. All he needed was a location.

Honda opened the door and looked at him. "Wow. Flashback! Is this a time warp? Am I in 2004 again?"

"Dude, don't even start!" Jou could feel his cheeks burn as his old friend stepped aside to let him in.

"You even got the hair right." Honda continued to tease. "Jeans are a bit tight, but..."

"Hey! I don't see you wearin' any of your old clothes!" Jou snapped. He felt self-conscientious and silly, and Honda was not helping.

"That's because Togi burned all my high school crap!" The larger man laughed. "I got my uniform jacket, and the rest he torched!"

"Aw, you couldn't fit it even if you had it!" Jou scoffed.

"Eh, probably not. Togi feeds me too well." Honda shrugged good-naturedly. "So anyway, what's this all about?"

"I just need to borrow a classroom for like an hour."

"Is this some freak sex thing I don't want to know about?"

"Dude, do you really want me to answer that?" Jou felt like his face was on fire.

"Probably not." Honda shook his head. "Use one on the third floor in the back. I'll be in my office if you want to go grab a couple drinks afterward." He turned and headed down the hall. "And if anybody sees you, I don't know you!"

"Thanks, pal!" Jou waved at Honda's retreating back.

As Assistant Headmaster of their old high school, Honda had access to the best location Jou could think of for this.

Maybe Kaiba really didn't recognize him now, so maybe if he saw him the way he used to look, back in the day, maybe that would get his attention.

Jou set up the camera on the teacher's desk, and put down a drop cloth so that clean up wouldn't be an issue. Then he pulled out the worse part of the idea.

He paused, locked the classroom door and then proceeded to blow-up the inflatable doll he specially ordered with short, brown hair. He placed the doll in the front row seat diagonally across from him. He put Kaiba's class picture on the back - where the camera wouldn't see it and sat in his second row seat.

He had a remote with a digital viewer, which allowed him to set up the shot. The camera could see Jou, full body, turned slightly to see the back of a brunette boy. He took a deep breath, threw one more glance at the door, and then started recording.

It was easier than he thought it would be, once he started. His memories of the real Kaiba, the more recent images of Hat Man, and his own frustrations all conspired to make jerking off in his high school classroom damn fast. Plus, he was able to get up a second time faster than he expected. He had to snicker at that; he'd never gotten up twice while he was married.

He positioned the doll so that the camera was focused on his cock, going in and out of the doll's surprisingly well-crafted asshole. Then, he fucked the doll - calling it 'Seto' and, for a moment, convincing himself that it was real.

Then Jou got to the hard part. The doll was made for the task, but Jou still wasn't sure how he felt about the act.

Still, if Hat Man was Seto, he was going to have to do it eventually. He squeezed the specially designed ass cheeks gently until cum began dripping out. Then, he licked it.

On reflection, it wasn't bad. A little salty, maybe, but that was ok. And it was his so he did know the source was clean. He took a second and third lick. He could get used to it. Especially if it was going to be Seto's ass it was coming out of.

That thought spurred him on and before he'd considered what he was doing, he'd cleaned all of it.

Jou had to laugh at himself. You are a sick puppy, he thought. At least I don't have to do the facial now.

He did need a few cut-a-way shots of the two wigs, so he refocused the camera and got back into the proper position. Much to his surprise, he found that he was hard again. Imagining fucking his unrequited love was extremely effective.

He was able to get the cut-a-ways and another orgasm in the bargain. Jou wanted to stop and catch his breath, but he also knew that the tapes Hat Man really liked were the ones that were messiest.

Jou reset the camera angle, lay down and pulled the doll - ass first - over his face.

"Alright moneybags," he said quietly. "Let your puppy have it." He closed his eyes and squeezed hard.

His cum shot out in a wide spray drenching his face and neck. A second squeeze covered any spots the first missed. He put the doll down and got a several second shot of his covered face.

Then Jou used the drop cloth to clean his face. And the desks. And the uncovered places on the floor. He put on his pants, packed his equipment, and left without saying goodbye to Honda. He didn't think he could stand the embarrassment.Title: Mental Whiplash

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