Molly's Buddy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Gay, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Hermaphrodite, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Size, Big Breasts, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Molly Brown was a futanari with a problem. When she and her best friend Billy had decided to experiment with being sex-friends, things got a little weird. Although his dick was little, it still did the job! Billy went ahead and knocked her up, even while she was begging him to pull out. Now Molly had come up with a plan to get even. She would work him up to it slowly, and then show him exactly what it was like when someone refused to pull out!

Molly Brown's life got a bit complicated soon after she turned fourteen. Without warning, the teen popped her first boner while watching a DVD on the laptop she got for her birthday. Wouldn't you know her mother would walk into the living room and catch her standing there like a dork, staring down at how odd her skirt suddenly looked?

"Honey, it's only natural." Her mother said with a kindly smile while Molly tried to ignore the pole making her clothes into a big top. "Futanari tend to get excited quite easily." The statuesque woman smiled. "Molly, if you don't mind, could you tell me what you were thinking when, um, it happened?"

"Mom, this is weird! It's all stiff now, that's all that matters!"

"Calm down honey, momma is just trying to help. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

The pretty redhead took a deep breath. "Oh, okay! I was watching one of the used DVDs I just bought with my birthday money. Have you ever watched the original Batman TV series?"

Amanda Brown looked thoughtful. "Oh, I see. Batgirl looked darling in her tight little costume."

"What? No mom, Catwoman! I was, um, noticing how low on her hips she wore her belt, and, BOING, it just happened!"

"Julie Newmar certainly looked good in her costume too. It's those dancer's legs of hers."

"Mom, can I go to my room now?"

"Honey, do you know what to do?"

"Mother!" Molly's face flushed. "I'm sure I can figure it out!"

Amanda hugged her daughter, being careful not to embarrass her by letting that enticing presence under her child's skirt press against her. "Well dear, you just relax and have fun. Remember, masturbation is a normal part of anyone's life. It's nothing to be embarrassed about as long as you act responsibly and don't do it at school or anywhere you might be caught. We futanari still need to keep a low profile, you know."

"Yes mom, I know!"

The older woman's eyes sparkled. "Oh, my baby is growing up so fast!" She gave Molly's cheek a playful pinch. "You go relax yourself, and try not to make too big a mess. Don't be upset if you don't ejaculate the first time though. Sometimes it takes a while for that to happen. Be sure to tell me either way, and we'll have a nice talk when you're calmed down and washed your hands."

"Mom, this is too weird!" Molly squirmed from her mother's loving embrace and rushed to her bedroom. Still, she couldn't help a smile. It was wonderful to have such an understanding mom!

Alone in her room, Molly quickly stripped out of her clothes. "Holy crap, how the hell did I get so big?" She looked down and saw her penis standing tall, making an interesting contrast when seen framed by her cleavage. "I wonder how long the stupid thing is."

Rummaging through her desk amid her arts and crafts supplies, the teen pulled out a cloth measuring tape. She held it against the base of her cock, being careful not to cheat and press into her pubic mound, and stretched the tape to the bulbous head. She let out a low whistle. "Wow, eleven inches. That's not too shabby! I heard some of the guys at school bragging. I bet they'd cry if they saw mine now!"

She noticed that a clear droplet of fluid oozed out the pee-slit to dampen the tape. "Ew, that's nasty!" Putting the tape on her desk to dry, she took a deep breath. "Well, here goes!"

Almost timidly, her right hand closed around the thick shaft. "I, I don't have any lube, so I guess I better be careful. Mom said only hold tight enough to sort of slide the skin up and down a little as I stroke." She followed her mother's advice, and her knees got all wobbly. "Oh shit, that feels nice!"

Standing naked in her room, the redhead began a gentle stroking motion on her cock, very much like she was slowly shaking up a can of whipped cream. After a few moments, her left hand on its own accord went to her firm young breasts. "Oh, this, I, I think I like this!" she said huskily as her hands moved. The teen thought about Julie Newmar and soon began to pant.

Before long, her left hand left her breasts and slowly found its way between trembling thighs. Touching her pussy had been bringing her some very pleasurable feelings in the shower these last few days, and it only felt natural to add that to the fun she was having with her penis.

Copious amounts of clear fluid ran from her pee slit. It felt soothing to rub it into the silky skin of her shaft, as she caressed it over the iron hard core of her throbbing cock. Her imagination was getting a little mixed up. Now she found herself thinking about Kari Byron on Mythbusters. Not from this season, but from a couple of years ago when she had a big round baby belly.

Molly's eyes closed. Kari being pregnant meant Kari had sex! She started imagining that Kari and her were on a date, kissing in a dark movie theater. Kari would take her to a shooting range the next day, but first they would go to Kari's house and sit on a sofa in front of a fireplace and kiss some more!

The teen was panting her way through her innocent fantasy, when her imagination seemed to kick into high gear. Now in her mind she was kissing her teacher Mrs. Wilson! They were pressing their breasts together, giggling at how big Molly's had become over the last few months.

Feeling strange, Molly couldn't stop her hands as her thoughts grew weirder. Mrs. Wilson pulled up her blouse to show Molly her cute little baby bump. The happily married woman then said she wished it was Molly's cock that had put the bun in her oven, and not her husbands! The teen was sort of bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet as her hand stroked faster, and her fingers strummed against her engorged clitty.

In her imagination, Mrs. Wilson said she would get a divorce if Molly would marry her. She said that way the next baby would be hers. That was just too much! Molly squealed as she lifted up on her toes. Body shaking, her hand flew on her cock! Too late, she remembered her mother's caution about messes, as a thick gooey streamer of shimmering pearly white cream jetted out of her throbbing cock!

Hand fumbling, Molly grabbed at her desk and managed to grab the coffee cup she kept her drawing markers in. The markers flew everywhere as she frantically positioned the cup in front of her erupting cock. Jerking like a madwoman, Molly shuddered and moaned as her body shook. Pulse after pulse made her cock jerk in her hand as ribbons of goo shot into the cup! She felt it growing steadily heavier as the level of fluid increased.

When it was all over, Molly sort of collapsed into her desk chair. "Yeah, sometimes it takes a while." She said with a giggle as she looked into the cup. "Oh shit! I filled it almost to the top, and that's after the first couple of shots went wild!" Without thinking, some strange dark impulse forced her to raise the cup to her lips. She just couldn't seem to stop herself. Molly had a burning need to see what the gooey mess she had discharged tasted like!

The redhead stuck out her tongue over the rim of the cup, and slowly tilted it. She had only meant to taste, to just let the goo touch her tongue, but things got weird again. Before she knew what was happening, she found herself gulping down the warm thick slop. It wasn't that bad! It sort of reminded her of egg drop soup, with maybe some vinegar and salt added. "I, I could get used to that." she said thickly after a dainty burp. She looked down at the floor by her desk. "Oh fuck! I slopped up my slippers! Yuck!"

Feeling like her old self again, after brushing her teeth as well as taking a quick shower and a much needed pee, Molly went into the living room with a bashful little smile on her face. "I, um, I kinda shot off a lot." She informed her mother.

"Dear, that's wonderful." She raised an eyebrow. "Did you keep it tidy?"

"Yes mother!" Molly couldn't help a little giggle. "Wow, I made an awful lot! I thought you said it might not happen for a while."

"Well honey, my mother told me that she didn't ejaculate until she was seventeen. I did pop one off from my first boner though. I just didn't want you to be disappointed if nothing happened."

"Mom, I practically am you! Why would I take after grandma, when you and I are so much alike in every other way?" The redhead laughed at her elder. "Everyone thinks you're my big sister! I'm practically your clone, since you're both my mom and my dad!"

Amanda blushed. "That brings up something very important. Honey, were you careful?"

"Right hand cock, left hand pussy. Never change mid stream!" She recited. "I was very careful when I cleaned up, too." Her green eyes flashed, but the hint of a smile could be seen on her lips. "I'm not about to knock myself up with an unwanted baby, like someone I know that will remain nameless!"

"Oh honey! Never say unwanted!" Amanda pulled the teen to her. "Ahead of schedule, that's all!"

Molly saw tears in her mother's eyes and felt guilty. "Oh mom, you know I was just teasing! You're the best mom in the whole wide world! Grandma is the best granny too!"

Amanda giggled. "Don't ever let her hear you say granny! She'll go ballistic!"

"Why should she worry?" Molly laughed with her mom. "When people see us all together, they always assume she's my mom, and you're my sister. It all works out."

"We do carry our age well." Amanda sniffed. "Now don't distract me. It's very important that you, uh, relax yourself completely every night before going to bed. Do you know what a nocturnal emission is?"

Molly couldn't help herself. "Sure I do! A nocturnal emission is my daddy!" she shouted cheerfully

"Oh hush!" This time Amanda smiled. "It was rather appropriate though. When I woke up and realized I had been humping and grinding against all the goo I had spurted on the sheets, it was after a very intense dream that I was pregnant. It was sort of a self fulfilling prophecy." She blushed. "I knew the dream came true when I missed my period, and then started having morning sickness a few weeks later. Just promise me you'll be careful. Okay sweetie?"

"I'll be careful, I promise!" Molly cringed. "Do I really have to start wearing those weird safety-panties you use for pajama bottoms? It looks so stupid having your dick sticking out in a dumb old sock like that!"

"Young lady, you do. Just because you, uh, relaxed yourself before going to sleep, doesn't mean you won't have a sexy dream. You'll wear them every night now. Once you're eighteen, you can ease up and wear them only on fertile nights. That is if you care to take the risk. Is that clear?"

"Yes mom! I'll stick my dick through the hole and into the sock, every night! I promise!" She thought for a moment. "Don't they make them in anything but just white? I'm going to email the site and tell them I want different colors!"

"Oh no, here it comes again!" Amanda laughed.

"I want pink, with Pinkie Pie's cutie mark! No, make that a very light cerulean, with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark! That would be twenty percent cooler!"

Over the months that followed, Molly followed her mother's suggestion. Much as her mother had before her, the teen sort of programmed her body to be really horny and need a good rollicking masturbation session before she tired herself enough for sleep.

By the time she turned fifteen, she was ready to admit mom had been right. About once a month she awoke to find the soft cotton penile sock to be filled with goo. She no longer hated the garment that kept her from the embarrassment of being an auto-impregnated teen mommy! Especially after mom had finally agreed to pay almost double the price for her custom made Rainbow Dash panties!

Billy Cooper climbed over the fence and ambled over to where Molly was sitting on the back patio, intently concentrating on the e-book reader in her hand. "Hey Mol, how's it hanging?"

She glanced up at her best friend. "About eleven inches. How's it hangin' with you?"

Billy clasped a hand to his chest. "Oh, a mortal blow!" he gasped dramatically. "Oh, poor me, I'm only hangin' four inches!"

"Really, that's pretty much average for a guy."

He sat at the picnic table opposite Molly. "Thanks for not saying "Just a guy" Mol!" He couldn't help a grin.

"You know I didn't mean it that way!" She grinned back at him. "You're only fifteen. It's bound to get bigger."

"I hope your right, but I still won't be able to compete with you guys!"

"Sheesh Billy, we're alone. You can say futanari."

"How about I call you dick-girl?"

"How about I break your nose again?"

Billy blushed. That was literally still a sore spot for him. Last year after his parent's divorce was final, mom had moved with him to another state. Billy and Molly had instantly hit it off and become friends. Things took a bit of a turn one day after school when Molly had forgotten her keys; coincidentally the same day he had forgotten his. They had just hung out, waiting for one or the other's mother to come home, when Molly had ordered him to leave her yard for a few minutes because she had to pee.

Boys being boys, Billy circled around the house with the intent to catch her squatting to tinkle. Imagine his surprise to find her standing up, peeing on a tree just like any guy would! Almost paralyzed as the size of her penis stunned him, he forgot the cellphone in his hand and never took the picture he had honestly only meant to tease her with.

Molly at first didn't believe that he hadn't photographed her. Once she hastily covered up her cock, she had stormed over and socked him one right on the nose! The two didn't speak for a month, but when Billy finally came over and vowed on his life never to spill her secret, their friendship became stronger than ever.

The young man fingered his nose. "How about I call you Mike Tyson?"

"How about I bite off your ear?"

The two burst out laughing.

"What's so funny, care to let me in on the joke?" Molly's mother asked as she stepped out into the yard.

Molly waved her e-reader. "It's this fanfic I'm reading. It's so stupid it's hysterical! Did you know rainbows in Equestria are made out of poor innocent fillies?"

"Molly, you and your ponies are driving me crazy!" Amanda bent to kiss her daughter's forehead. "I just wanted to tell you the front door is locked up. Be sure to lock up the back when you go in. I'm off to grocery shop now." She looked over at Billy and smiled. "William, does your mom need anything while I'm at the store?"

"Nah, she just went shopping yesterday. Thanks for asking Miss. Brown. She told me she'll call you later."

The friends watched as the statuesque redhead walked around to the front of the house. "I wonder when my mom and your mom are gonna admit they're "Seeing" each other." Molly said with a grin.

"Jeeze Mol, don't remind me!" Billy blushed. "Yesterday when I came home from school, mom was acting all weird and scrubbing the dining room table." His voice dropped to a whisper. "The whole dining room smelled like a tissue after I pop a load into it! I almost threw up when we had home made New England clam chowder for dinner after she was done cleaning!"

"Ew, did you think she saved it all up to use as an ingredient?" Molly couldn't help a giggle. "I wonder how it would taste. Maybe I'll splooge in a bowl of soup later to see."

"You're sick!"

"Oh shut up! It's a futanari thing. You wouldn't understand!"

He laughed. "Oh, while I'm thinking of it, I got the goods!" He pulled a thumb drive out of his pocket and waved it under Molly's nose. "I'm lucky I didn't get killed, but I managed to get you a video of mom showering, without her knowing!"

"Get me? Don't even lie and say you didn't keep a copy for yourself to, uh, use!"

"Hey, I'm no sicko." He grinned. "I sort of didn't get around to deleting it though. Mom is hot. Thank God the shower door didn't steam up too much. Wait until you see what she does with the hand held showerhead!"

"Billy's mom has got it going in!" Molly sang.

"Shut up! I can't help popping boners over mom! Forget about that! Do you have the payment?"

The redhead sighed. "And you call me a pervert! Okay, here's the deal. "I pay you ten bucks for this drive." She pulled out a crumbled bill from the e-reader's case. "Or I fill it to capacity with some real filth I downloaded and just give it back to you."

"Do you mean?" It was his turn to blush. "What we talked about?"

"Woof-woof!" she barked. "I pointed my cantenna at the church up the street and used their "Pearly Gate" WIFI network. I routed through three proxy servers and got you five gigabytes of some seriously messed up bestiality movies!"

Billy's mother wouldn't allow him to connect his computer to the internet, and closely monitored everything that went on with the desktop in their family room. It was just too bad that his used laptop was too old to have on board WIFI. Molly was his Go-To source for everything of a pornographic nature, since her mother knew nightly masturbation was important for a futanari to help avoid nocturnal emission dangers.

Molly's tastes didn't run to that extreme though. She favored Japanese Bukkake and the occasional staged Chikan train grope-fest. Molly, as with most futanari, steered clear of the live action fake hermaphrodite films coming out of Japan. Those prosthetics always looked stupid to a REAL futa!

She didn't mind helping out her buddy with his mild beastie fetish though. Molly didn't go for the live action stuff he was going to get. A couple things had caught her eye though. She would never admit to Billy how she unexpectedly, totally accidentally, shot off a huge gooey load all over her printer while watching a CGI video of a girl licking and then fucking a big ol' donkey dick! That would teach her to check finished torrents while naked. She hadn't realized she was stroking her cock until she had reached the point of no return.

"Mol, you're the best!" he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "If they're as good as I hope they are, I'll do my best to get you more stuff on mom!"

"It's a deal!" Molly had a tiny crush on Billy's mom, and hoped her mom would marry the sexy little blonde. Then she'd try to peep on the woman all the time and wouldn't need videos!

"Don't forget the other stuff, okay?" Billy said hopefully.

"I'll remember!" Molly mused for a moment on an odd little trait of her best friend as he went back to his own house. He didn't care if anyone ever found out about his smoking the occasional joint. He'd probably be proud if it was widely discovered that he once used a fake ID to get into that porno shop they always passed on the way to the "Memory Bank" computer store.

While there, he had actually got a totally absolutely free blowjob from a naked pregnant lady. He saw her when he peeked through the crotch high hole in the wall of the video booth he had ducked into. On impulse he had unzipped and poked his stiff dick through the hole. The pregnant lady started sucking him off without even asking for any money. What a lucky duck! Billy said she even swallowed his whole load when he popped his nut! Too bad the next time he tried to go in; the owner took his ID and chased him away!

Molly and all the guys in their class sure envied him for that as he spread his triumphant tale around the school. He even passed out a bunch of dollar tokens from the porno place, incase anyone else lucked out and managed to get in. Still, there was one tiny little secret that Billy felt he couldn't let anyone in the whole wide world ever discover! Molly smiled remembering how he had made her swear a blood oath, and actually pricked their thumbs with a pin to bind it, before forcing her to recite the Pinkie Promise!

She had a lot of new "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" images and fanfics to give her closeted Brony buddy to tide him over while waiting for the start of season four. She didn't see what the big deal was. Billy didn't like "Clop-fics" or even mild "Shipping". The only stories he was interested in had to be completely faithful to the actual show. She didn't even mind when he publicly teased her for wearing her cherished Rainbow Dash hoodie. Guys were just so strange!

Later that night, actually early Saturday morning, Molly sat before her desktop computer. She was on what she secretly thought of as the "Normal" internet, checking out her favorite all ages Pony forum when she heard a light tapping at her window.

"Billy!" she hissed, feeling slightly self-conscious, clad only in her favorite night shirt. She opened the window and motioned him in. "Be careful!" she whispered. "You could fall and break your neck climbing trees in the dark!"

He climbed through the window, a big grin on his face. "Nah, I'm too athletic for that!" He eyed her simple blue garment. "You lucky bitch! Girls can wear Brony stuff and nobody ever bats an eye! They just think it's cute!"

She looked down at herself and giggled at the bold and daring pony just on the verge of producing a Sonic Rainboom. It was a shame that her ample breasts sort of distorted the exciting picture. "Mom ordered this online for me. Rainbow Dash is my favorite, but I also have a purple one with Twilight Sparkle surrounded by big stacks of books."

His eyes lingered just a trifle too long on how her bust made the fabric strain. "All I have is the pony toys you got me from McDonalds last year." He blushed. Was it due to thought of his secretly prized figures, or how large and proudly firm Molly's braless breasts were?

"Why did you come over so late at night?" She asked, for the moment unaware of his wide eyed stare. "You could have called me you know."

"Oh yeah, I did come over for a reason." Brining himself under control, Billy shrugged off his backpack and rummaged through it. He handed Molly a blank DVD. "Could you burn a few things to disc so I can play them on my stand alone DVD player? As long as it's an AVI file, it'll play and I can watch it on my TV. Mom left her stupid laptop at work, and borrowed mine because the stupid desktop downstairs keeps going all Blue Screen of Death on us!"

"Oh, I guess that means you need something to, uh, use tonight." She said with a knowing smirk.

Blushing nearly as red as Molly's hair, he rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I was planning on spankin' to something new, and all I have is an old Playboy I've looked through ten million times!"

"I can't right now." Turning back to her own computer and the long detailed post she was writing about Rainbow Dash, Molly waved him over toward her bookshelves. "Someone on the internet is WRONG! Just borrow something, but I better get it back without any goop on it!"

Billy was starting to feel really weird. His mother would throw twelve kinds of fits if she ever found any of the porn he had on an external two terabyte drive, hidden under a loose floorboard deep in the back of his closet. Molly, on the other hand, kept her stuff right out in the open in case her mom wanted to borrow anything. An avid believer in backing up her files, Molly tended to burn everything to DVD. She even went as far as printing up professional looking cover inserts for the complete DVD image files she downloaded.

Pulling out and looking at one DVD after another, Billy looked at all the uncensored extremely graphic images Molly adorned her DVDs with. Before long he was embarrassed by how his cock ignored where he was and sprang to attention. Damn, why did he go commando? Why hadn't he at least put on jeans? He may only be four inches, but he was popping a super obvious tent in the sweatpants he used as pajamas!

Finally, he pulled out a DVD and stared at it, heart sort of pounding away in his chest. It looked like Molly actually did the right thing for once, and actually bought a DVD. He stared at the cover. It was a hentai anime titled "Sexfriend". It pictured a sexy Japanese schoolgirl with her blouse unbuttoned, and no skirt, holding an unwrapped condom between her lips. "Uh, um, Mol, what, what's Sexfriend about?"

"I don't know. It looked too vanilla so I didn't even open it." She said from her computer. "I ordered a whole bunch of crap online, and got that one by mistake. I'd guess it's something about two lifelong buddies that decide they should try sex with each other, just to see what its like. You can keep that one if you want."

"Two buddies, who decide to try sex with each other? Th-thanks Mol!" he stammered, before suddenly trembling fingers dropped the DVD to the floor.

"Hey, keep it down! Do you want to wake up mom?" Molly spun around on her desk chair, and froze. Billy was standing there, pointing his boner right at her from under his skin tight ratty old sweatpants. "Oh hey, take that monkey home and spank it, you dork! I didn't mean for you to whack off looking at the covers! Masturbation is a solo act!"

"I, I wasn't!" Billy gulped. "Molly, we're friends, right?"

"Of course we are, stupid!" She saw the DVD on the floor. The title seemed to pop right out at her and she could almost read his mind. "You get that idea out of your head right this minute!"

"Mol, weren't you just complaining the other day about how hard it would be to wait until you found another futanari to give your girl cherry to?"

"Yes I was!" Molly blushed. "I meant after college, when I'm in my twenties or maybe thirties, and want to have a baby of my own! It'll be much easier to find lots of girls to fuck with my cock until then. I can wait."

For some reason Billy felt himself getting a little angry. "Oh yeah? I'm a good looking guy, but I'm still the only one who ever touched my cock!" He paused, seeming a bit flustered. "Um, I mean besides getting that blowjob! Just because I got a free one once, doesn't mean I can just fuck any girl I want! I've dated a lot now, and never got as much as a hand job! Don't count on being a sex machine just because you look hot! It ain't so easy to find a girl willing to let you score on her, you know!"

"Name one girl you've dated!"

"Uh, never mind that!" he shouted, face red. "I don't kiss and tell!"

"Shut up!" she hissed. "You'll wake up mom!"

"Sorry about that!" He took a deep breath. Let me wait a little and then I'll go. I don't wanna try climbing down a tree while sportin' wood! I might get a splinter in it or something!"

Molly couldn't help giggling. "Wood seems about right for a tree."

"Oh, shut up yourself!" he said through gritted teeth. "I'll be out of here in a minute or two. Ten minutes at the most."

Molly returned to her computer, but couldn't seem to pick up the thread of her thoughts. It was hard to concentrate knowing Billy was standing back there aiming his dick at her! After a moment, she found herself gritting her own teeth. Slowly, things began to stir under her nightshirt. For some reason knowing someone was standing there with an erection, caused her to pop one of her own! Thankfully her back was to him, and he couldn't see the truly massive tent she had pitched.

After nearly twenty minutes of awkward silence, Billy cleared his throat. "I better get going. Would your mom wake up if I just tip toed downstairs and went out the front door?"

"No, her bedroom is up here with mine." She went to stand up, but decided not to advertise her current erect state. "It should be safe if you're quiet. Just be sure the door locks behind you."

"Good!" He picked up his backpack, trying to ignore his boner as he stuffed the new DVD into it. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

Molly's hand shot out and grabbed at Billy's backpack as he turned to open her door. The momentum spun her chair around. "Don't go just yet. We should talk about this and clear things up right now."

He turned to face her. His eyes locked onto how distended her nightshirt was around Molly's lap area, but wisely chose not to mention it. "What's to clear up? I'm sorry I yelled, okay? We can talk about it tomorrow."

Molly felt her face grow warm. She couldn't believe what she was thinking of right now. "Um, maybe we could help each other out a bit. Tell me Billy, you're the resident expert on hummers. Do blowjobs feel better if someone else gives them to you, instead of doing it yourself?"

Suddenly looking like someone put on the spot, the handsome young man ran a hand through his yellow blonde hair. "Mol, I, I wouldn't know. That um, weird pregnant lady's mouth was the only one I, uh ever had my dick in." He took a deep breath and looked a little calmer. "Besides, I can't suck myself, so how would I know what that feels like? I've tried a bunch of times, but no matter what I do, I just can't reach." He giggled. "If my tongue was a couple inches longer, I'd at least be able to lick the head a little. I guess it's easy for you, huh?"

Molly couldn't help a silly grin. "Yeah, I've been blowing myself for ages. If my stupid boobs were smaller, I'd probably be able to deep throat a little."

Billy couldn't help himself and laughed. "You do have the best rack in school. They're very decorative. All the guys think you're the sexiest girl in out class!"

Molly grinned back at him. She never realized Billy thought of her along those lines. "Really?" she asked quietly. "You think so even though you know my secret?"

He sighed. "Listen Mol, I'm real sorry I said that! It just slipped out! I just meant everyone thinks you're sexy! Don't worry. You're my best friend. I'm not going to mess that up!"

Emerald green eyes flashed. "You just said I look sexy! Am I supposed to forget that now?"

Billy's heart began to pound in his chest. "Um, I kinda don't want you giving me another busted nose."

This was strange new territory, and Molly didn't know what to do. That was all right. Her right hand made up her mind for her. She reached over and grabbed the suspicious bulge in the front of Billy's sweatpants, and gave it a friendly squeeze. "I, um, Billy, I, I might have over reacted a tiny bit." She gave his cock another little squeeze. "Billy, how about we make a deal?"

He had to admit it. There were far worse things than having a pretty redhead with huge knockers squeezin' your junk! "What kind of a deal?" he asked suspiciously.

She took a deep breath. "I, um, well, could you." She paused and took a deep breath. Grabbing the hem of her night shirt, she wriggled out of it. She then tugged down the SpongeBob-Square Pants boxers she wore before getting ready for bed and donning her safety-panties. She stood naked before her friend. "Billy, I'll let you stick yours in me a little bit, if you kinda, uh, give me a blowjob." She spread her legs wide and lifted her thick eleven inch cock upwards, to let him know exactly what she meant.

Billy gulped. Under that big penis was an absolutely perfect pussy! It looked sexier then any he had ever looked at in a porno, even if a big ol' dick was sticking out right over it! He felt sweat beading on his brow. "Me, suck a dick?" he squeaked. He took a deep breath. "Really, if I go down on you, I'll get to stick my cock in your pussy?" he thought fast and felt relief wash over him when he came up with a face saving loop hole. Billy continued in what he thought of as his "Tough-Guy" voice. "Mol, I'd love that, but it's just too damn bad I don't have any condoms."

"Don't be a big dork! I said stick it in a little. I don't mean go all crazy and actually fuck me! I gotta be careful. I can have babies, as well as knock up regular girls!" she clapped a hand over her mouth again, and went on in a lower voice. "Come on Billy. Don't you want to lose your virginity? I know I wouldn't mind ditching mine."

He gulped. Billy tried to play it cool. Would it be so wrong if most of her body was pure sexy girl? He knew Molly would never tell, and let's face it. He'd practically be willing to give up an arm just to see what it felt like to stick his dick into a real live honest to goodness pussy for even a second! "Well, I guess so, if you really want to." He blushed. "Yeah, I, I guess I can try doing that."

Molly grabbed her computer chair and sat down on it. "Okay! Let's do it before you chicken out!"

"Uh, okay." Billy paused for a moment. Molly would never tell a soul that he stuck a dick in his mouth. If she told, it would also be announcing to the world that she was the owner of the dick! He knew his friend didn't want to just advertise to the world she was one of the ultra rare futanari. She had told him about how they preferred to keep quiet about themselves until their numbers were higher and they were a major part of the world's population.

Billy could understand that. Molly said that ever since the first ones started popping up after the early above ground atomic bomb tests, futanari mostly breed true, with the occasional regular girl baby just for variety. Being fairly good at math, he could guess at the world wide panic if people learned too soon about how rapidly they were quietly reproducing and spreading throughout the world's population.

He pulled off his tee-shirt, and then wriggled out of his sweatpants. He left his socks and sneakers on just in case. If Miss Brown woke up, he planned on just abandoning his clothes and jumping out the window to shimmy down the damn tree naked!

Molly's green eyes opened wide. Although her orientation was for girls, Molly could appreciate Billy's slim hairless body. Being almost six foot tall, with her DD wonders, she could pass for eighteen easily. Molly often wondered how he got away with using a fake ID to get into the porno store. At fifteen, he was just barely four foot eleven. People were still mistaking him for a kid of ten.

With his disheveled blonde hair, big baby blue eyes, and almost girly face, Billy had that sort of Bridget trap look that she liked on the boy characters in a lot of nasty comics she downloaded. Too bad his hair wasn't longer. That would look really good on him! She giggled. "You should do a layout in Playgirl or something." She said with a grin. "You're very pretty!"

Billy was silent for a moment as he stood naked in front of his best friend. His whole body slowly flushed. "Hey, guys don't do pretty! I'm handsome!"

Molly leaned back and spread her legs. "Would you accept beautiful?" she said with a grin.

"No I would not!"

She couldn't help giggling. "I bet your preggy girlfriend of the hole in the wall thought you were beautiful."

Billy blushed. "Mol, can I tell you something about that, um, that is if you swear not to tell anyone at school?"

Sudden suspicion made her laugh. "Spill it, William!"

He gulped. "I sort of made that up. "I got as far as buying twenty dollars worth of tokens from this weird old guy behind the counter. When I turned around to head towards were the video booths were, this huge body builder guy took the ID I spent fifty bucks on, and ripped the plastic card like it was made of tissue paper! Then he chased me out the door and threatened to call my mom if I came back before I was eighteen!" Billy sighed. "Actually, he said mommy. That made it worse! I heard a guy in the parking lot talking on his cell phone about getting a blowjob from a pregnant lady, so I just told everyone what he said to his friend. I'm glad I had the tokens to prove I at least got in the place!"

"Liar-liar pants on fire!" Molly said with a laugh. "I knew something was up about that story!"

"Hey, lay off! I only did it because people were starting to spread rumors that I was gay, because I'm always hanging out with you, and uh, I never dated anyone yet!"

Her eyes blazed emerald fire. "Calm down Billy, I don't see how it affects our little deal."

"You mean you won't tell the guys I never got a blowjob?"

"Only if you go ahead and blow me right now!"

Billy laughed. "You win, bitch!" He slowly knelt between her legs. "I, I'll try to do a good job, okay? I've seen enough blowjob videos to know what to do."

Molly felt her heart race. Was this okay? Were they about to ruin their friendship? No, this was more than okay! What could possibly go wrong if her best friend was also her fuck buddy? "I, I'm sure you'll do well!" she squeaked when she felt his breath against the hardness of her shaft.

Billy hesitated. Did this make him gay? He searched his soul and decided that it didn't. Molly was beautiful! It wasn't her fault that she was born with just one tiny bit extra. He looked at the big penis quivering only inches in front of his face. Well, maybe not so tiny! He looked upward. Pretty face and sexy tits melted away the last of his fears. He stuck out his tongue, and gave the head of her cock a gentle lick.

Molly shuddered. "I, I know the answer already." She gasped. "It is better when someone else does it." She sighed. "Billy, you can stop now."

He felt a silly grin spread over his face. "Not on your life, Mol! You know I never back down on a deal!" Billy giggled. "Just between you and me, your precum tastes better than mind!"

"You taste your own junk?"

"I may not be able to give myself head, but I've licked my hand clean lots of times!"

"Cool!" was Molly's only answer.

"Okay Mol, here I go!" Billy opened his mouth as wide as he could, and gingerly let the swollen head of the penis slip past his lips.

Molly's hands tightly gripped the arms of her chair. Giving herself head was nothing like this. That was just practice for the real thing. No wonder guys were so obsessed with girls giving head. This was fantastic!

Billy found that there was nothing scary, or even remotely disgusting about taking his best friend's penis into his mouth. He quickly decided he got the better end of the deal if it meant he could actually really put his own penis inside a vagina as a return for this little favor. He gently began to stroke the cock, trying to approximate the way he jerked his own. It felt wrong though. Hers was so much thicker and longer than his, but he did his best. The funny little moan Molly made let him know he was doing just fine!

"Oh Billy, this is so nice!" Molly cooed as his lips moved up and down her shaft. Her heart gave a little fluttery thrill every time she bottomed out, and the head touched the back of his throat! "Billy, wait! You gotta stop!"

The young man let the penis slip from between his lips. "What's wrong Mol? Wasn't I doing a good job?"

She stood on trembling legs. "If, if I lay on the bed, we, we can, you know, 69. That way you won't be a liar, and you'll really have blowjob experience."

He stood. "You mean a blowjob, instead of um, the other thing?" he asked, more then a little disappointed.

"William Bartholomew Cooper! I said I would let you put it in me, and I never back down on a deal either!" she smiled shyly. "I just want to see if you really taste different than me." She climbed onto her bed and lay on her side. "Come on!"

She did look sexy with her fiery red hair spread out over the bed. Billy decided that the eleven inch penis just made his friend look exotic. He'd just pretend she's a hentai character, and not sweat it. "Sure Mol! Anything you say!"

The young man joined her in bed, and lay with his face by her cock. Molly looked his over very carefully. "Your dick is all right, Billy." she gently touched his firm little balls. "These are pretty cool too, even though I think its better that mine are up inside."

He laughed, and then covered his mouth to try and keep quiet. "You'll never know what getting kicked in the nuts feels like, you lucky dog!"

"I'm a dog?" she giggled. "You better hope this doggie doesn't bite!" With that, she inched closer and took his penis into her mouth. This was better than sucking her own cock! She'd teased him in the past about being smaller then her, but decided to watch that in the future. She'd never hint that it was much more comfortable to suck a little cock after gobbling one as big and thick as her own. It would probably give him a complex or something.

He laughed. "I know you won't bite, Mol! Because I'll have yours in my mouth too!" Billy recaptured Molly's penis and began to suck.

Molly felt warmth spread through her body She was so glad that he wasn't scared away just because of her having a little bit of extra plumbing. His mouth felt so good on her shaft, that she did her very best to make his feel just as good.

The two friends lay with each other and each worked the other's turgid staff. In a sense of fair play, each tried to mirror the other's technique. When Billy put a hand on her butt and started to gently rub and caress it, she did the very same thing with his.

The handsome young man and the pretty futanari made hardly any sound. The room was full of heavy breathing through noses, and the occasional slurp of accumulated fluids as each did their best to please the other.

Soon it became like some perverted contest. Each was trying to get the other to shoot first! Molly screwed up her courage as she tried to angle her throat just right. She had to try! That would make him pop off for sure! The redhead pressed on until her nose settled against his warm smooth hairless skin. It was vaguely disappointing that the head of his cock only lightly touched the back of her throat.

Billy felt his dick lightly touch the back of Molly's throat. Oh fuck! He wasn't gonna last long if she did that! Was she going to deep throat him? It never occurred to him that it was pretty much impossible. Molly had all he could give comfortably nestled in her mouth and he just barely reached her uvula.

Being in the habit of vigorously brushing his tongue every time he brushed his teeth seemed to desensitize his gag reflex a little bit. He counted himself as very lucky for that. The young man choked only a tiny bit as he forced himself to relax and accept Molly into his throat.

The friends both reflexively squeezed each other's butts as they tried their best to please each other.

Molly moaned around her little mouthful, and her body began to tremble! She was about to explode! The redhead frantically tried to bring her friend off before it was too late!

Molly was wriggling her tongue against and around his shaft like crazy as her body started shaking. Billy couldn't hold back! Dammit! He had been "Saving Up" for the nasty animal porn she had promised him, and hadn't touched his dick in almost a week! He was about to blow a huge wad!

The friends trembled together as their cocks exploded! Each opened their eyes wide as the shaft in their mouths jerked and throbbed! The two best friends had timed it perfectly! They shuddered through the intense moment as they consumed each other's seed.

Molly moaned as Billy's cock spurted to or three warm splashes of semen over her tongue. He did taste different! She could even taste a bit of weed as she swallowed!

Billy gagged a little as Molly's cock lurched forward. He felt like it was half way down to his stomach as it twitched and jerked. He was sort of grateful that he wasn't getting his mouth full of her goo, but he could feel it warming his insides as she spurted into his belly.

They had exploded together, but Molly's penis kept right on pumping for ages after his had tapered to a shuddering stop. The buddies both carefully released each other's cocks, and flopped over onto their backs. "Oh my!" Molly said happily. "That was sure interesting!"

"Oh my, she says! Interesting, she says!" Billy gasped, throat a little sore from that thick long invader. "Mol that was so cool! I would have held out longer though if I had jerked off today!"

She giggled. "That's not my fault!" She laughed. "Shit, you brought me off faster than I expected though, and I popped two huge loads today too!"

Billy took a deep breath. Something unexpected was going on. "Molly look, I'm still hard!"

"Why wouldn't you be?" she asked calmly.

"You don't understand." He blushed. "Usually I cum just once and I have to really work to get it hard again for a second shot. Can, can I stick it in now, while I'm all ready?"

"Don't worry Billy. I didn't forget!" She scooted over a little, and spread her legs. "You gotta be careful though. I could get seriously preggered if you get any sperms in me tonight. I'm kinda fertile as a turtle right now. Go pee and flush out the pipes. Then wash your dick real good in the sink." she giggled. "Tomorrow I'm going right to the store and buying us a big box of condoms so we won't have to worry." She wisely didn't mention that she had thought of swiping her mother's, but realized that Trojan Magnums would never stay on Billy's penis. Did they come in smaller sizes? She'd have to check into that. "Now go piddle, and for goodness sake, be quiet! Don't wake my mom!"

Billy slipped out of bed and moved silently on his sneaker clad feet into the bathroom. "Dammit!" he muttered as he tried to will himself down a bit so he could piss. "Drastic measures!" he whispered as he stepped into the tub. He finally managed to relax enough to pee against the tiled wall, hoping that Molly wouldn't get mad at him for it. When he was finally done, he started the water running just a trickle and carefully cleaned his cock with Molly's body wash. It made his penis smell all flowery, but he didn't care.

When he stepped out of the tub he nearly had a panic attack! He left dirty sneaker footprints behind! He washed them out as quietly as he could before returning to the bedroom.

Molly giggled when he climbed back onto her bed. "You peed in the tub, didn't you?"

"Uh, sorry! I was too hard to try and aim for the toilet."

She grinned at him. "Don't worry. I do that a lot myself. It saves time in the morning when I wake up with a boner if I just jump in the tub and pee while I take my shower."

"Mol, you're weird!" he giggled. Feeling daring, he leaned over and pressed his lips against hers.

Molly was surprised. Wasn't this just an experiment? Why wasn't she pushing him away as he stole her very first kiss?

When they finally broke for air, the redhead cleared her throat. "Don't make this get all weird now, Billy. This is just some healthy exorcise between friends. Don't forget that."

Billy sighed. "I didn't make it weird. I, um, that sort of just happened."

"Just be careful, Billy Cooper. I don't want things getting crazy here!" She wriggled on the bed and made herself comfortable. "Okay, I'm ready now for my end of the deal. Remember, you gotta pull it out as soon as I say so. Mom would go bat shit crazy if I ended up a little bit pregnant after all her lectures on being careful to wear my safety-panties, washing my hands after popping a load, and whatnot."

"There's no such thing as just a little bit pregnant."

"Oh shut up!" she locked eyes with him. "You gotta promise to be careful. Once we get some condoms, I'll let you fuck me once for every time you suck me off. Remember, tonight is just a preview. You can pop my cherry, but there's no way I want you popping your nut in me. Got that?"

Billy took a deep breath. "I swear I'll be careful!" He looked at her cock. It was standing tall and proud.

Molly misunderstood. "Billy, if it worries you, we can do it doggie style. I don't mind."

He shook his head. "No, it's not that. I was just worried I'd hurt you squeezing it between us."

"Don't be silly! How would that hurt? Would yours hurt if you humped it against me?"

He grinned. "I guess not, but girls are softer than guys. Okay, I'll just stick it in and pull it out a couple times. Then we can suck each other off again!"

Molly giggled. "Sounds like a plan!"

Billy crawled over his best friend, and grasped his penis. "Are you sure about this?"

Molly thought for a second. This might be exactly what she needed. Having a fuck buddy was sure to tone her down a little and keep her from doing something stupid like cornering some sexy girl in the bathroom at school. "Yeah Billy, I want this. I'm ready!"

He giggled as their cocks bumped while he moved over her. "Okay, I swear I won't hurt you."

Molly held her breath as Billy tried to position his cock. She placed a hand gently on his, and helped him center the head right at her female opening. "Okay Billy, you can push it in now."

He felt resistance as he slowly increased the pressure and froze. "Mol, I don't want to hurt you!" he gasped.

"Oh come on!" she said in her best Sweetie Bell voice. Molly did what she had to do. She put both hands on his bottom, and yanked Billy to her. The resistance gave way, and he plunged completely inside her. "Oh, that didn't hurt at all!"

"Are you sure?" he asked, fear showing in his eyes.

"Sure I'm sure, dope! It's nothing that any other woman hasn't experienced." She stopped herself just in time from saying he was hardly any thicker than a tampon applicator. She smiled instead. "You can move a little if you want, but just for a second."

"I know! I promised, didn't I?" He exclaimed.

"Shut up!" she hissed. "I really don't want mom to catch us doing this!"

"Sorry!" He whispered as he slowly pulled back and withdrew from her warm inviting sheath. "Oh wow! Mol, you're so hot inside. I'm gonna melt!" He popped out of her and frowned. "Sorry about that Molly!"

"That's okay." she said with a giggle. "Just shove him back in."

"You bet I will!" He said as he jabbed himself right back inside her wonderful warmth.

"Be careful!" she warned again. "You gotta pull out when I say! You really truly super have to pull out if you even suspect you're about to cum!"

"I'll remember, I swear." he promised as he began to move his hips.

Molly was surprised. She was sure being the fucker was much better then being the fuckie, but this was really pretty cool. She had a little four inch spike jabbing into her, and it felt kinda nice. She wondered what it would be like with a real cock, something with some length and thickness to it, like her own. Still, it was thrilling to feel something moving within her with such sharp little strokes. As Billy found a nice steady rhythm, her legs slowly moved. She spread them wider and lifted her knees high to try give her friend better access to her very center. Before long, she was moving right along with her buddy.

Billy was in seventh heaven. He was actually having sex with a girl! His dick popped out a couple more frustrating times before he got the hang of moving his hips just right, but now it was fantastic. He was fucking his best friend! She had a penis too, but that didn't matter any more. He couldn't see it as he lay atop Molly, but he felt its firm presence trapped snugly between their tummies as he thrust away. Somehow it didn't bother him at all.

The redhead began breathing harder. It's a good thing she and Billy had their own cocks. If they had somehow traded and he had her thick ol' eleven inches, she might have been too scared to go through with this. His narrower four inches was much better for cherry picking. She couldn't help a giggle at the thought.

"What, huh, huh, what's so funny?" he gasped, not slowing in his eager movements.

"Nothing, nothing at all!" she assured as her green eyes sparkled. "Billy, this is so good! We're gonna do this a whole lot. I promise." She moaned. "As, as long as you keep giving me head." she amended.

"Not, not a problem!" The young man whispered hoarsely. Sucking her cock was pretty cool, and getting to actually fuck her was positively absolutely worth any embarrassment over having a big penis in his face!

Molly's surprise grew. She felt it gathering deep inside. That skinny little dick was threatening to make her cum! "Billy, you better stop now!" She gasped, as she felt herself edging nearer to climax. "Let's 69 again!"

"Mol, this feels so good!" he said huskily. "Just let me do it a little more!"

Knees spread wide; Molly trembled as the inevitable grew nearer. "Billy, I said stop!" she cried in growing panic. "You can't cum!"

"Mol, shut up! You'll wake your mom up!" He gasped, as his hips moved faster. He lay completely over her, slipping his arms under her back to hug her tight. "I, I'm gonna cum real soon!"

Billy's words filled her heart with sudden fear, even as her body neared release. "No Billy, what are you doing? You gotta pull out! Stop it! You have to stop right now! Get your dick out of my pussy! Don't you dare squirt inside me!"

The young man was torn between the needs of his body, and the knowledge of what might happen if he didn't stop right now! His body won! It felt so good to mash Molly's breasts against his chest as he fucked her. He kept rabbit jabbing away as he cried out. "Mol, it feels too good! I, I can't stop now! Please, don't make me miss this! I gotta know what it feels like!"

The redhead squirmed and weakly tried to push him off, but he was squeezing her so tight! "No, we gotta stop!" she whimpered between gasps. "I, I'll get pregnant you dork!" Her own fearful words stoked the flames of her arousal! "You'll make me have a baby before I even get to fuck a girl! Billy, please pull out! You gotta pull out right now! Get it out of me before it's too late!"

Those were not the words to say to a horny young man enjoying his very first feel of intercourse! "Oh Mol!" he cried, as he neared the point of no return.

The redhead couldn't help thrusting her hips upward in perfect time to Billy's almost animalistic ramming, all the while fearful of what was about to happen. Her toes curled as they gripped the sheets. "No, oh no! Billy, don't do it!" she wailed, as her body succumbed. "Not inside me!"

Billy grunted as he felt the sheath around him ripple and massage his cock. It was too much! He rammed in one last time as his body went rigid. Even though he just shot off in his friend's mouth minutes ago, a thin streamer of gooey semen jetted into her body! He was cumming in Molly! Two more little spurts pumped into her as his body shuddered.

Oh crap! Oh shit! Oh kittens! Molly shuddered and whimpered as her climax continued. Her fear of what was happening only seemed to make it that much more intense! Her feminine orgasm triggered her male aspect into another explosion. Warmth spread and oozed up between her breasts as her own load burst forth!

When it was all over except for the panting, Billy rolled off of Molly and moaned fearfully at what he had just done. His own cock went limp as his mind cleared. Guilt hit him once he started to actually think with his brain. "Oh fuck!"

The redhead clapped a hand over his mouth. "Shut up!" she hissed in trembling panic. Molly strained her ears, but thankfully she didn't hear any movement coming from down the hall. "Oh fucking shit!!" she whimpered. "Why the hell did you do that? I told you to pull out! You promised you would when I told you to! I'm ovulating, you stupid dork! You just shot a million sperm up to clobber my damn egg!"

Billy pushed her hand away. "Oh Mol, I'm so sorry! I tried to stop! Honest I did!"

"Yeah right, you tried to stop!" The fearful teen counted days on the calendar over and over again. The answer always added up the same ... NINE MONTHS! "Oh, I am in such deep doo-doo!" she moaned, not even realizing as she quoted her favorite show. "Of all the worst things that could happen, this is THE! WORST! POSSIBLE! THING!"

Billy couldn't help himself, he giggled. "Okay Rarity!"

Molly always thought of herself as tough, but when Billy laughed, she started to cry. "It's not funny, you little dummy!" she sniffed back her tears. "Mom is gonna kill me dead! Then, she gonna ground me until I'm thirty-three! She won't let me ever see the light of day until my baby is eighteen years old!" She turned to Billy, and glared at him. "This is all your fault, Mr. Cooper!"

"Mol, I swear I tried to stop!" he said, feeling like a lump of ice had formed in his heart. "I, I'm sorry!"

Molly put her hands over her face and rubbed her eyes. "I know. You're sorry! That won't keep your stupid sperm from raping my damn egg in a few hours! I should have never let a horny guy in me without a condom!" she looked at him again and sniffed back her tears. "Dammit Billy, you messed me up really good!"

"I didn't cum that much!" he said defensively. "I only squirt a little bit, and you already made me cum in your mouth!"

"I don't care if just one drop leaked out!" She tried to keep from yelling. "Who knows how many millions of sperm are in even just one drop of semen?"

"I said I was sorry! What more do you want?" He paused for a second, looking almost green with fear. The young man gulped. "I'll man up! I swear it! I, um, we could, well." He stammered to a halt. "Wanna get married?" he squeaked fearfully.

Despite everything, Molly giggled. "That would be way too weird!" She took a deep breath. "Sorry Billy. You're my best friend and I love you, but I don't LOVE you."

The sudden look of relief couldn't be missed on his face. "Oh, thank God. Um, uh, I mean, okay, if you say so!"

"You're such a dork!" She sighed. "You better get out of here. I'm going to sit on the toilet for the next hour and hope it dribbles out before it's too late!"

Billy could hardly keep his eyes off of Molly's pussy. She had given herself a disgustingly huge sexy "Pearl Necklace" but he couldn't see a single drop of his own semen oozing out of her. He burped, reminding himself of how it had felt like he had eaten a whole bowl of soup after she had squirted down his throat. She even said that she had jerked off a couple times already today. That just wasn't fair. "Can I stay and watch?" he asked hopefully. "Girls look kinda hot sitting on the toilet."

"No, you've done enough! Get out or I'll break your damn nose again, you pervert! I'll see you tomorrow." She touched the slop adorning her tummy breasts and chin. "Get me a damn towel before you go. At least I can keep my own cum away from my pussy."

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