A Weird One
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The highly improbable story of Bobby Marchant (or The Life I Wish I Could Have Led).

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration  

I met Tasha when my best buddy Tom called me and asked me for a favor.

"My cousin Natasha just moved to town and Gail (his girlfriend) and I want to show her around, but Gail thinks Nat will feel like a fifth wheel so she wants me to set her up with a date."

I was leery. I'd been on two blind dates and they both had been disasters. Tom and I being as close as we were he knew all about those disasters so he had to be desperate to call me. I found out later that because of what he knew he had called four other guys before having to resort to calling me. All four turned him down. I wasn't the only one leery of blind dates. I really, really didn't want to do it, but Tom was my best friend so I felt honor bound to help him. I figured that it wouldn't be too bad since it would be a double date with Tom and Gail. I resigned myself to a bad day and then I asked my mom to drive me over to Tom's. I had my license, but I didn't have a car yet and Tom's request came on too short a notice for me to arrange to borrow mom's car.

Mom dropped me of at Tom's and I took a deep breath and walked up to the door to meet my fate. Tom's mom answered the door and gave me a big smile.

"Hi Bobby. How are you?"

"Fine Mrs. Bagley."

"They are waiting for you in the living room. You kids have a fun time okay?"

"We will Mrs. Bagley" I said not expecting to have anything but a miserable time.

I watched her walk back to the kitchen and wished I was old enough to throw her over my shoulder and run off with her. She was the sexiest woman I'd ever seen and I'd beaten my meat with her on my mind more times than I could count. The Bagley's had a swimming pool and I'd seen Tom's mom dozens of times in a bikini and just remembering them gave me wood. I wasn't positive, but I think she knew it and made it a point to let me see her in her almost nothing suits. She turned as she reached the kitchen door and saw me watching her walk away and she gave me a wink and a smile. My cock almost ripped through my pants and I had to stand there until it wilted otherwise it would have been obvious to every one when I walked into the room.

I got myself under control and then I walked into the living room and got instant wood all over again as all thoughts of Mrs. Bagley disappeared. Sitting next to Gail on the couch was the most beautiful and sexiest looking female on the planet. Tom walked up to me and whispered, "Down boy" and then he introduced me to his cousin. I took her hand and I swear to God I don't know where it came from, but instead of saying "Hello" I asked:

"Will you marry me?"

Tom and Gail cracked up, but Natasha looked me right in the eye and said:

"I don't know. Are you a good kisser?"

"If I'm not I'll bust my ass working on it until I meet your standards."

She turned to Gail and said, "What do you think?"

"He's a nice guy and if I didn't already have Tommy I'd go for him."

Tasha turned back to me and said, "I hope you can handle a long engagement because I'm not getting married until I finish college."

"I'll get the ring as soon as you tell me your size."

"Enough of this heavy shit" Tom said, "Let's go show Nat around."

We left the living room with Natasha and I holding hands and I saw Mrs. Bagley watching us with a strange look on her face. Tom had his own car. He and Gail were both all ready eighteen. I was two months behind them as far as birthdays went. We got in the car; Tom and Gail in the front and me and Tasha in the back. Tom and Gail called her Nat, but I wanted my own name for her so I started calling her Tasha.

We drove all over town and pointed out things to Tasha. Where the high school was, the roller rink, the arcade and all the other places where kids hung out. She was particularly interested in the park, specifically the trails that led into the hills and fields behind it and the running track that ran around it.

"I run to keep fit" she said and then Tom piped up and said, "Then you and Rob have something in common. He runs track at school and runs all the time to stay in shape."

"Do tell" Tasha said. "We can run together then."

"You bet" I said, "The family that plays together stays together."

"The family?"

"Of course. We will have kids when we marry won't we?"

"I don't know. I'm sort of career oriented and I don't know if kids will fit in. I plan on being a lawyer like my dad and if the schedule he keeps is the same for other lawyers I might not be around much to raise them."

"Hasn't seemed to hurt you in any way."

"That's because my mom was a stay at home mom and she was there to see that I was raised right. You plan on being a stay at home dad?"

"No. I'm already slated to get a Business Management degree, go to work for my dad and then take over the business when he retires."

"Then it isn't looking to good for kids is it."

"It isn't a deal breaker, but I'll need to break it gently to my mom. She has her heart set on grandkids and since my sister and her husband found out they can't have babies mom is looking to me to provide them."

"Get off the subject you two" Tom said. "You have years and years before you start sweating that stuff."

Before the town tour was over I'd made a date with Tasha for the next day. Tom dropped me at my house and just before I got out of the car Tasha leaned over and kissed me. It was just a quick one, but it was on the lips and it was our first. The first of many I hoped.

When I got home I was in a great mood and my parents commented on it at supper.

"I met your daughter in law today."

"You what?"

"You heard me right. It will be a little while yet because she says she has to graduate college before we will get married. I'm seeing her again to morrow night and I might bring her by and introduce you."

Naturally they didn't believe it for a minute. To them it was just a teenaged son babbling about his newest crush. To change the subject my dad asked if I'd decided on what car I wanted for my birthday.

"It is only a week away so we are getting short on time."

"I know what I want, but I'm afraid that when I tell you I might be banished to my room until I'm twenty-one."

"It can't be that bad."

But it would be and I knew it. My dad was a dyed in the wool one hundred percent Chevy man. To him Ford meant 'Fix or Repair Daily' and MOPAR meant 'Mostly Old People and Rednecks.' I hesitate to even mention how he felt about foreign cars. When he told me that he was going to buy me a car for my eighteenth birthday he told me to figure out what I wanted.

That weekend he took me around to a couple of car lots. All Chevy dealers of course. We looked at Cameros, Impalas, Blazers, Suburban's, Silverado pick up and even Corvettes. All used, but he'd already told me that I wouldn't be getting new. He told me to think on it and let him know.

So here we were at the supper table with him wanting to know my choice. I looked at mom and said:

"You might want to make him a stiff drink before I tell him or at least sit on his lap and hold him down."

Mom laughed, got up and went over and sat down on dad's lap and then I said:

"It is a convertible. It has a white top and the color is 'Sea Mist Green.'

"That doesn't sound like a Chevy color."

I took a deep breath and said, "It isn't. It's a Ford color and it is on a 1993 Mustang that has the 5.0 engine and a five speed tranny."

"What!!! No son of mine is going to be seen in a fucking Ford!"

"Watch your mouth dear" my mother said and then I said, "Fine. You pick out my present then" and I excused myself from the table and went up to my room.

I was digging through my closet trying to decide on what to wear on my date with Tasha when my dad came into the room. He watched me for a minute or so and then:

"Where is this piece of shit that you want?"

I told him and he shook his head in disgust, said "I thought I'd raised you better" and he turned and left.

Five minutes later my mom came in, smiled at me and said, "That was the most fun I've had all week. The only thing that could have made it more fun is if you would have picked out a Dodge Charger."

"I knew he wouldn't like it, but he did give me a choice."

"I know honey and it is mostly my fault. He intended to just buy a car, park it in the drive and toss you the keys on your birthday, but I talked him into letting you choose. Now you need to make some more choices. What kind of cake do you want and how many are you going to invite to your party?"

Mom let me use her car for my date with Tasha and when I got to her house she introduced me to her parents. They seemed nice although I could read the expression on her fathers face. It pretty much said:

"You do anything to my daughter I rip off your head and shit down your neck."

I didn't think it was the right time to tell him that I was going to be his son in law. I promised to have his daughter home by her curfew and we left. As we pulled away from her house I said:

"I don't think your father likes me."

"He's like that with every boy I go out with. He is very protective of me."

I took her to the movies and we held hands as we watched. After the movie I took her to Harry's Malt Shop which turned out to be a mistake, but it would be four months before I realized it. There were half dozen kids there that I knew so I had to introduce Tasha to them. I saw the interest in Eddie Wooter's eyes, but I didn't think anything about it. As gorgeous and sexy as Tasha was she was bound to draw the eyes of the opposite sex. I was just glad that Tom had gotten me with her before any of the other guys knew she was in town.

I took her home and when we got there I walked her to her door and was hoping for another kiss and I got one. It was a scorcher! She gave me some tongue and I gave her some back. When she broke the kiss she said:

"Not bad. It will get better with practice."


"What time?"

"You set it. If it was up to me this date wouldn't end until school starts."

"Oh my. Whatever am I going to do with you?"

"Keep me is what I'm hoping for."

"How about noon?"

"If I didn't have to get my mom's car home I'd just sit out front until then."

"You're hopeless" she said and kissed me again. I was just putting my arms around her to make it last when the porch light flickered on and off three times. Tasha broke the kiss and said:

"I told you he was a bit protective. See you tomorrow."

The next day I drove Tasha to the park and we went for a run. I showed her the trails and later I drove her to my house to shower and then have supper with us.

Tasha and my mom took to each other right away and my dad eyed her like most men eyed a sexy gorgeous woman and not at all like a man should look at his son's girl. As my mom was walking into the kitchen she slapped the back of his head and laughed as she said:

"Stop that!"

Dad looked at me and said, "Are you sure that you want to drive a girl this nice around in a Ford?"

Tasha made my day when she said, "What's wrong with Fords? My dad has a vintage '57 T-Bird and next to a '65 Mustang it is the sweetest car ever built."

From the kitchen my mother yelled, "You go girl."

My dad looked at me and said, "And you plan on marrying her, bringing her in the family so I'll have three of you picking on me?"

"You bet."

Then Tasha asked, "What did I miss here?" and I had to explain about dad and Chevys.

"The poor man. He certainly doesn't look mentally ill" and my mom's laugh could have been heard half a mile away.

When I drove her home she had me stop a block away from her house.

"I don't want any flickering porch lights tonight."

We steamed up the windows and after a bit I let my hands move to her breasts and she didn't stop me so I slid a hand up her leg and she stopped me just short of my goal. She broke the kiss and said "No" and then went back to kissing me. She let me get her bra off and worship her breasts and so I tried the leg move again and again she stopped me just short of where I wanted to go.

"I said no!"

I finally accepted that "No" meant "No" and settled back to tongue wrestle and play with her breasts until she told me it was time to take her home. As I parked in front of her house she said:

"I'm a virgin baby and while I don't plan on being one when we get married I do plan to stay one until the senior prom. It is kind of a family tradition. Both of my sisters gave it up on prom night so that is when I will to. You will just have to be patient with me"

I keyed in the "When we get married" and resigned myself to the six or seven month wait until the senior prom. I had hoped not to be virgin by prom night, but it looked like Tasha and I were both going to have to be patient.

We made a date to go for a run in the morning and I walked her to her door, got one more kiss and then went home. Twenty minutes after I got there I got a call from Tom asking me to come over and lounge by the pool and I told him I'd have to call back and let him know after I talked to Tasha.

"I just got off the phone with her. She said she would drag you over after your run. All I'm doing is giving you a heads up so you'll have your suit with you."

I walked over to Tasha's and we jogged from there to the park. We ran the trails for an hour and then did sixty laps around the park on the running path and then we walked over to Tom's.

Mrs. Bagley, Tom and Gail were all ready by the pool when we got there and as usual the sight of Mrs. Bagley in her bikini gave me an erection. If she hadn't been there the sight of Gail in her suit would have done the job. At one time I had my sights set on her, but Tom made his move before I had a chance. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was a good thing that Tom got to Gail first. If I would have been with Gail when Tasha came on the scene it could have gotten messy as I had no doubt – none what so ever – that I would have dropped Gail and gone after Tasha.

All thoughts of Mrs. Bagley and Gail disappeared when Tasha came out of the house in her bikini. It was the first time I'd seen her in anything but jeans and a sweater or blouse and I was – as the Brits would say – gob smacked! I knew from the night before that Tasha had perfectly formed tits and her butt in jeans was mouth watering, but seeing her near naked in the bathing suit took my breath away. I was glad my bathing suit was the boxer type and not the speedo type because the speedo type would have shown only too clearly what seeing Tasha was doing to me. I was hard from Mrs. Bagley and Gail, but I would swear that my cock doubled in size from all the blood that rushed to it when I saw Tasha. I had to get right into the pool and stay there to keep everyone from seeing the state I was in. The time until the prom was going to be agonizing for me.

It was a little over an hour later that I had to go into the house to use the bathroom. On the way back I stopped inside and was looking out the window at Tasha standing on the diving board and my cock went rock hard. Without thinking I took my cock out and started stroking it. A voice from behind me said:

"You used to look at me that way."

It was Mrs. Bagley.

I was standing there, cock in hand, too stunned to move or say anything and Mrs. Bagley said:

"You poor boy. You obviously need to get off. I'll go away and leave you alone. It will be our little secret okay?"

She went out to the pool leaving me standing there mortified as my dick died in my hand. It took me ten minutes to work up enough nerve to go back outside. I tried to avoid looking at Mrs. Bagley for the rest of the time I was there, but when I did look her way I saw her watching me and she would smile and wink at me.

I managed to get through the rest of the day without embarrassing myself. And Tasha and I really steamed up the windows of the car when I took her home.

Tasha and I spent every day together during the week and then it was my birthday. After breakfast my dad told my mom that she had to drive me over to pick up my birthday present.

"I won't be caught dead near a Ford dealer even if it is only his used car lot."

At nine-thirty I was cruising over to Tasha's with the top down to pick her up for our daily run. That afternoon Tasha, Tom, Gail and a dozen of my other friends were at the house to help me celebrate my eighteenth birthday. We had a good time and as the party was breaking up Tom asked me if I would stop by his house first thing in the morning to help him move a few things for his mother. He told me that we would be done in plenty of time for me to take Tasha on our morning run. I of course said I would.

When I took Tasha home she had me stop a block away from her house and we began to neck. We tongue wrestled for about five minutes and then Tasha broke the kiss we were in and said:

"It is time for your special birthday present" and she reached for my zipper. She caught me by surprise and I sat there stunned as she worked my cock out and started stroking it. She worked on it with one hand while she used the other to take a hanky out of her purse.

"Tell me when you're ready. We don't want to make a mess" and then she went back to kissing me. Between the images of her and Mrs. Bagley that were constantly in my mind I usually beat off at least once a day so I didn't come all that quick for Tasha. Finally she got me to the point and I broke this kiss and told her that I was almost there. She got the hankie ready and then caught the discharge and cleaned me up.

"Do I get to return the favor?"

"No. I don't trust myself to stop things from going farther. Kiss me one more time and then I need to get home."

The next morning I got to Tom's at eight-thirty and rang the bell. Mrs. Bagley answered the door in a housecoat and told me to come in.

"Tom had to run over and pick up Gail so I guess it will be up to me to entertain you until he gets back. Come on; I'll show you what we have to move."

She led me upstairs to her bedroom and pointed at her bed.

"We need to see if we can move that bed without lifting it."

"What?" I said and I turned to look at her with a confused look on my face. She was smiling at me as she said:

"I'm going to have so much fun teaching you" as she let her housecoat slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. She cupped her tits in her hands and said:

"Happy Birthday baby."

I just stood there and stared at her. I didn't know what to do. She stepped to me and started to undress me. As she undid my belt I got my wits back and said:

"We can't. Tom will catch us."

As my zipper went down she said, "Tom won't come home until I call him and tell him to come home."

"I have to pick Tasha up in half an hour" I said as she pushed my pants down to my ankles.

"Tom and Gail will pick her up and keep her busy" she said as she pulled my boxers down. "Ooooh, a nice one" she exclaimed as my stiff cock was exposed. She captured it with her mouth and I was lost. At that point she owned me and I didn't care if everyone I knew walked in and caught us.

She got me out of my shoes and socks as she blew me and when she had me ready to cum I tried to pull away and she held me in place.

"But I'm going to cum" I said and she kept sucking. I made one last attempt to pull away and she dug her nails in my ass cheeks and held me there. I erupted and she sucked and swallowed until I was limp. She let my cock fall out of her mouth, told me to take my shirt off and then went back to sucking on me.

I got my shirt and t-shirt off and by then I was getting hard again and she pushed me back on the bed. She swung over me and guided my cock up into her pussy as she lowered herself down onto me.

"The object here baby is to fuck me so hard that it shakes the bed and causes it to move from where it now sets. Think you can do it?"

What was happening was all brand new to me. Outside of what my own hand had done for me my only sexual experience was the hand job that Tasha had given me the previous night. I had no idea how to answer the question Mrs. Bagley had just asked. Fortunately she must not have really been expecting an answer from me because she went on:

"I've been planning on this since the first time Tom brought you home with him. Every time you came over to use the pool I put on my skimpiest bikini to make you want me. It worked didn't it?"

I gasped out a yes and she rolled over and pulled me on top of her and said:

"Fuck me honey. Fuck me hard."

I did. I fucked her as hard as I could until I was ready to cum and then I tried to pull out but she wouldn't let me.

"I have to" I cried, "I can't get you pregnant."

"I know you can't baby cause I'm protected. Do it baby, do it. Give it to me."

I came hard and she held me until I started to go soft. I fell to the bed beside her and tried to catch my breath. She changed position and said:

"We have one more to do today. The rest of your lessons can wait until the next time" and she started to suck on me again.

It took her a while and I just laid there and looked up at the ceiling. I was in Heaven and the only thing on my mind was what she'd said, "Next time." There was going to be a 'next time.' "One more to do today baby. The rest can wait until the next time." I wondered what "the rest" was and then I wondered what the '"One more to do today" was. I found out when she had me up again.

She handed me a tube of KY jelly and said, "Put some on your thumb and fingers and then work on my butt hole baby. Get my ass ready for that beautiful cock of yours."

I did what she said until she said, "That's enough baby. Put your lovely cock in there and fuck me."

She was tight and she moaned when I pushed in. I thought I was hurting her and I started to pull out.

"Don't you dare!!" she cried. "Shove it in and fuck me!"

No way I was going to argue. I pushed until I had all of me in her and then I fucked her until I shot off for the third time. I pulled out and fell to the bed gasping for breath and she got up and went into the bathroom. She came back with a wash cloth and a towel and as she cleaned me she said:

"I wish we could do some more, but I have some things I have to do today. Can you come back tomorrow?"

"What about Tom? How can we hide it from him?"

"We aren't hiding anything from him baby. He knows what we are doing. In fact he has been waiting for you to turn eighteen so you could give him some help."

"Give him help?"

"He has a hard time taking care of me and Gail both."

I stared at her as what she had just said registered.

"Don't look at me like that baby. All you need to think about is when we can do this again. I need to call Tom and see where they are."

She got up and left the room and as I dressed I rolled over what she'd just said in my mind. She was fucking her own son. And Tom was fucking Gail. I knew they were a couple, but I hadn't known they were screwing. Mrs. Bagley came back in the room and handed me a cell phone.

"It's Tom."


"We're at the park. The story is that you had to take care of some paperwork on plates and insurance on your car. Nat hasn't gone on her run yet. She's waiting for you to get here."

"I'm on the way."

I handed the phone to Mrs. Bagley and she said, "I know that my sister is going to take Tasha shopping for school clothes tomorrow. Give you any ideas?"

Not being totally dense I asked, "What time?"

"As soon as you can get here baby and the sooner the better."

She gave me a scorcher of a kiss and I headed for the park. As I drove I wondered about the mornings events. I was stunned by what happened and what I'd found out. Tom fucking his mother? Wow! And Tom expecting me to help him take care of her when I turned eighteen? Double wow! And why was a stone fox like Mrs. Bagley fucking guys my age? She could get any man she wanted. Tom's dad must have been terminally stupid to leave her and run off with a younger woman. Mrs. Bagley told me that Tom and Gail were getting Tasha out of the way so we could play. Did that mean that Gail knew what was going on?

Tom, Gail and Tasha were sitting at a picnic table when I got to the park. I said I was sorry for being so late, but I had to make sure I was legal to drive the car. Tom and Gail were grinning at me and Tom said:

"I know what you mean. I got stopped three days after I got my car and got a ticket for not having any insurance."

"I remembered that. That's why I made sure that I had it."

Tasha looked a little put out and I put it down to the fact that I hadn't called her. Tom said he had to be going.

"You two go for your run. I have to get home and clean the pool."

He and Gail got up and left.

"You could have called me and let me know what was going on."

"I did. Twice" I lied, "But no one answered. Which trail do you want to take?"

She didn't answer me. She just got up and headed for the Black Diamond trail and I got up and followed.

What ever it was that upset her was gone when we got in the car after the run and as I started it up I asked her what she wanted to do.

"Go over to Aunt Mary's and lay by the pool and work on my tan. Won't be too many more times I can do it since school will be starting up next week. I'm not looking forward to it."

"Not looking forward to what?"

"Starting school. I won't know anyone."

"You know me, Tom and Gail and you met several others at my party last night."

"You know what I mean. It is all going to be totally new to me."

"You will do fine. I'm the one who is going to have the problem."

"You? Why?"

"I'm going to have to try and keep all the other guys away from you."

"Don't be silly. You're my guy and you know it."

I did know it, but that didn't keep me from worrying. And now I had the added wrinkle of Mrs. Bagley. I knew Tasha was the one I wanted to spend my life with. I knew that eighteen was a bit young to be thinking long term like that, but the spark I'd felt when I'd walked into the Bagley's living room and first set eyes on Tasha told me that she was the one.

The question was how could I balance that with my newly discovered desire for sex that Mrs. Bagley had given me and who seemed more than eager to see to it that I had lots more? Tasha said that she wasn't going to give it up until the senior prom, but that was six or seven months away. I already knew that there wasn't any way that I was going to say no to Mrs. Bagley. I mean get serious! What teenaged guy who has just given up his virginity (and to a sex bomb like Mrs. Bagley) was going to turn away from getting more if he could get it?

I knew I was cheating on the girl I intended to marry, but I knew I wasn't going to stop doing whatever Mrs. Bagley would let me do unless she told me I couldn't have it any more. I could if Tasha would provide me with what Mrs. Bagley was promising, but that wasn't going to happen for another half a year unless Tasha went through a major mind change.

And what about my relationship with my best bud Tom? According to Mrs. Bagley both he and Gail knew that we were fucking while they were keeping Tasha busy. From what Mrs. Bagley told me I knew that Tom was fucking his mom and that Gail knew it and was sharing him with his mom. What kind of relationship was I going to have with them now? Fuck! What kind of relationship did they have with each other? Could I hide what I'd be doing with Mrs. Bagley from Tasha? Hell; would I be doing anything more with Mrs. Bagley? Maybe after tomorrow she wouldn't have anything more to do with me. Maybe all that it was is that she wanted to do something kinky once or twice in her life. It was weird. Just fucking weird.

Fuck!!! I was too young to have all that kind of stuff filling my head.

When we got to Tom's place we went inside and put our suits on and went out to the pool. Mrs. Bagley had on another of her almost non-existent bikinis. I got my usual instant wood seeing her and Tasha noticed.

"Stop that!" she whispered to me. "She's old enough to be your mother for Christ's sake."

"Maybe. But my mother never looked like that. Besides, I get the same reaction when I see you and you never tell me to stop it and I get it even when you are fully clothed. You don't even need a skimpy suit to light my fire."

She leaned over and kissed me and then we jumped into the pool. It was about an hour later when I went into the house to use the bathroom. When I was done and I opened the door to leave I found Mrs. Bagley standing there. She put a hand on my chest, pushed me back into the room and then followed me in and locked the door.

"Hurry lover" she said as she took off her bikini bottom, "We don't have much time."

I, being not all that far removed from virgin status and not having a clue, stood there opened mouthed and stared until she bent over the sink and put her right foot up on the toilet. It wasn't until she said, "Get those trunks off and fuck me" that I woke up and got with the program.

"Hard and fast lover; fuck me hard and fast."

I did what she asked and it was over too damned quick to suit me. She must have felt the same way because she said:

"There is always tomorrow lover. We need to get back before we are missed. Leave first and make sure that no one is around to see me come out."

By that she must have meant Tasha because the only others there were Tom and Gail and from what she had all ready told me they knew what was going on. I opened the door and came face to face with a smiling Gail.

"You two need to get out of there. I need to go bad."

Mrs. Bagley said, "You could have used the upstairs bathroom."

"No I couldn't. Nat had to go and I knew she would head for this one so I beat her to it and she had to go upstairs. Wouldn't do to have her standing here when the door opened now would it."

Gail went in and Mrs. Bagley and I headed for the pool. The phone rang and Mrs. Bagley went to answer it so when I got to the pool only Tom was there. I sat down on the lawn chair next to him, but before I could say a word he said:

"I know you are just bursting with questions, but not now. Here comes Nat."

I looked and saw her heading toward us. She took my breath away and even though I'd just made love to Mrs. Bagley my dick got hard all over again. And she noticed and smiled. I got up and jumped into the pool to cool down.

I had to take Tasha home at four. Her mom and dad were going out that evening and she had to babysit her two younger sisters. She'd all ready told me that the rule when she babysat was that she wasn't allowed to have company. All of her attention had to be on her siblings.

Over dinner I asked my parents what they thought of their future daughter in law. Mom said:

"She seems nice enough, but I expect that you will fall in and out of love a half dozen times before you finish college."

"You're wrong on that. There was a spark between us the instant I saw her. She's the one."

Mom just smiled that "Mother knows better" smile that mom's have and dad said:

"She sure is damned good looking, but there must be something wrong with her. Has to be or she wouldn't like Fords."

Mom piped up and said, "You are admitting that you did a poor job of raising your son?"


"He loves his Mustang so you must not have raised him right."

"Oh no you don't! He got that from your side of the family."

As their good natured banter went on I excused myself from the table and went up to my room and started reading the owners manual that came with my car.

In the morning I got up, had a light breakfast and went for my morning run. Tasha had all ready informed me that she and her mother would be gone all day and she wouldn't be able to run with me. When I finished my rum I drove over to Tom's house and rang the bell. Mrs. Bagley answered the door and said:

"It is about time you got here." She was stark naked and she said, "Get in here lover and get your clothes off. We are wasting time."

As soon as we were in the bedroom and I was stripped I found out what "The rest" was that Mrs. Bagley had referred to the previous day.

"Today you will learn to eat pussy young man. Become good at it and you will be beating the girls off of you for the rest of your life."

I wasn't so sure that I wasn't going to get sick when I did it. Put my mouth where she peed? Gross! But before I could make an ass out of myself I remembered that she had done it – sucked on where I peed – and it hadn't bothered her so if a girl could do it I should be able to.

It wasn't bad and I sort of liked it. God knows she did too. I did what she told me, licked where she said lick and nibbled where she told me to nibble and sucked where she told me to suck. She moaned, she yelled, she cried, she clutched my head, pulled me against her pussy and begged me to never stop. Her body shook with what I assumed were climaxes and then she screamed out:

"Now lover, now!!! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!!"

I did and after I'd gotten off and gone soft she did a one-eighty turn and took my cock in her hand.

"Your next lesson is to learn what my favorite number is."


"Sixty-nine lover. You need to learn the number sixty-nine if you want to keep coming over here and playing with me. First time we will do it with me on top. Next time you will be on top."

She got me into position and I looked up and saw my goop right in front of me. I was a mini-second from telling her that I couldn't eat her for Christ's sake – not with my stuff there and then I remembered that she had taken my stuff straight from the source and swallowed it with no ill effects. Suck it up Bob I told myself (no pun intended), you have a good thing going here so don't fuck it up. I hoped I wouldn't barf and ruin things and then I stuck my tongue out and went to work.

I won't say that I liked it, but I damned sure liked what my doing it caused. Mrs. Bagley went crazy and gave my cock some sensations that I thought were going to take the top of my head off. We did it until she had me hard again and then she said:

"Yesterday we did it cowgirl so this time it will be reverse cowgirl."

She mounted me with her back to me and then she fucked me. Yes, she fucked me. I laid there and tried to time my pushing up to her pushing down, but I never did get the rhythm of it so she ended up doing most of the work. She rode me until I came and then she dismounted head toward my feet and told me that I got to be on the top. We munched till I was erect. She got on her hands and knees and said:

"You remember this position from yesterday?" I nodded a yes and she said, "This time do my pussy instead of my ass."

I'd cum twice in the last thirty minutes so it took me a while to get my nut. When I was limp I pulled out of her and lay down on the bed beside her. I was trying to get my breath back and Mrs. Bagley said:

"Well lover? How do you like your lessons so far?"

"I love it" I gasped.

Then I heard "Mom; I'm home."

"In the bedroom sweetie."

I sat up in a panic and Mrs. Bagley pulled me back down.

"He knows you're here lover. Just relax."

Tom opened the door and walked into the bedroom and I stupidly was trying to pull the sheet over my nakedness and Tom laughed at me.

"A little shy are we?"

"He just finished" Mrs. Bagley said, "And right now he is too pooped to participate for a while and I'm still needing."

"We can't be having that" Tom said as he undressed. It didn't take too long as all he had on were shorts, a tank top and flip flops. Mrs. Bagley spread her legs wide, I moved over a bit and Tom moved between his mother's legs. As his cock slid in to her I thought:

"This is just too fucking weird."

I got off the bed and left the room. I'd dropped the bag holding my swimming trucks on the floor just inside the door when Mrs. Bagley opened the door for me so I headed down to get them and then go out to the pool. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Gail sitting on the couch and it suddenly occurred to me that I was naked. I covered myself with both hands and Gail laughed.

"Bring it over here Bobby; I want to see it."

I just stood there and stared at her.

"Come on Bob. I know what you've been doing and you know it. Don't go all bashful and shy on me now. I want to see Mary's new toy."

"You call her Mary?"

"Given the relationship we have Mrs. Bagley just doesn't cut it. Now get over here and let me see it."

What the hell! I was feeling the way Alice must have felt when she went down into the rabbit hole. I was in a strange new world. A woman over twice my age actually came after me and wants to keep fucking me. My best friend is fucking his mother as if it is the most natural thing in the world and now his girlfriend, a girl I've know since we were six and in the first grade together, is asking me to show her my dick. All that was missing was the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat.

Gail got tired of waiting for me so she got up and came over to me. She went to her knees in front of me, grabbed my wrists with her hands and pulled my hands away from what I was trying to hide. Her face was six inches from my hanging cock and she said, "Very nice" and leaned forward and took it in her mouth. I froze for maybe three or four seconds and then I jerked away from her.

"What are you doing?"

"You are Tom's girl. We can't do that."

"Of course we can. Tom and I have an understanding. He can do Mary whenever he wants and it is okay with me as long as I get to do anyone I want. The only restriction is that my pussy belongs to Tom only."

"You mea..."

"Yes indeedy Bobby baby; I can suck your cock and you can fuck my butt and Tom won't care. The only thing you can do with my pussy is eat it. Now bring your poker back over here so I can finish my taste test."

"Taste test?"

"I know what Tom and Mary's juices taste like on his cock. I want to see if you and Mary taste different."

Again she got tired of waiting for me so she knee walked over to me and took my cock back in her mouth. I shrugged, said to hell with it, and then relaxed and went with the flow. Gail's taste test morphed into a blow job and I started to harden. Gail took her mouth off me, said "My knees can't take this hardwood floor" and she stood up and then using my cock like a leash she led me over to the couch. As we walked over she said:

"Different. Definitely different."

She pushed me down on the couch, sat down next to me and then bent her head and went back to work. She soon had me standing tall and thinking about how she had told me that I couldn't have her pussy, but I could have her ass and I was trying to think of some way of bringing it up (don't forget I was new to all that stuff) when I remembered one of Mrs. Bagley's 'lessons.'

"Always honey, always work to get her off first. You owe it to her for the pleasure she is giving you and as an added benefit if you make a habit of doing that the word will get around and you will never lack for feminine companionship."

I pushed Gail down on her back and said, "Now I get to return the favor." I got down on my knees between her spread legs, worked her panties off of her and then I went down on her. I did everything that Mrs. Bagley taught me to do and in a bit Gail was moaning and had her hands on my head holding me against her. Being new to it I thought I gave her an orgasm, but whatever I did she seemed to like it because she said:

"Oh Bobby honey; for that you get to have my ass."

As I stood up to claim my prize I heard Tom say, "Maybe, but not now." I looked and saw him coming down the stairs. "If you are hard enough to do Gail's butt you are hard enough to go back upstairs. Mom is still in her 'needing' condition."

It turned into a long and very enjoyable day. Make love, lay by the pool. Make love, lay by the pool. Make love, and then lay by the pool until I couldn't get it up any more. When I left at four I barely had enough energy left to operate the clutch in my car.

After dinner I called Tasha and asked her if she would like to go for a drive and she said no.

"I'd rather go for a park."

It took a second or two to register and then I said, "Yeah! Right! Park. I can do that."

We drove out to Steven's Point and parked. We necked and steamed the windows up, but after a while Tasha pulled back and asked:

"Is something wrong?"

"No. Why would you ask that?"

"You haven't tried to play with my boobs. You always try to play with my boobs."

I shrugged and said, "I've accepted the fact that you are going to hang on to your virginity until prom. I don't see any sense in getting both of us worked up for nothing."

"I took care of you on your birthday didn't I? I won't let you suffer."

"Maybe not, but it isn't right that it is only one way. I went home with a big smile on my face, but before I got there the smile disappeared because I realized that I'd left you hanging."

"You forget that I chose to be left that way. I told you that I didn't trust myself not to lose control."

"Maybe so, but I still felt like a jerk. And then there is also the fact that you don't trust me."

"Don't trust you? Where did that come from?"

"You said that the big day for you was going to be prom night. You don't trust me to respect that decision. You say that you don't trust yourself to stop things from going farther, but what you are also saying is that you don't trust me. You don't trust me not to take advantage of the situation if you start to let yourself go. So the way I see it the thing to do is not get in those situations."

I thought I was being perfectly logical, but apparently Tasha didn't see things the same way. She pulled back, straightened herself up and said:

"Take me home."

Not a word was said on the drive home and when we got there I started to get out of the car to get her door and walk her to the porch and she said, "Don't bother" and was out of the car and up the steps without looking back. I sat there and stared at the door she'd walked through for a couple of minutes and then I drove on home.

The next morning I called Tasha to let her know I was on the way to pick her up for our morning run and her mother answered and said that Tasha wasn't there.

"She left for the park to run about a half hour ago. You can probably catch her there."

I thanked her for the information and then I went out and did my daily run in the neighborhood. When I got home mom told me that Tom had called and wanted me to call him back. I called and he said:

"If you don't have any other plans for the day mom would like to see you."

"What's going on bro. You do know that I don't have a clue right?"

"Not on the phone bud. We can talk sometime today, but for right now just hurry on over. Don't bother ringing the bell and I'm sure that you remember the way to mom's playground."

When I got there I saw Tom and Gail sunning by the pool and I started to head that way, but then heard:

"Oh goodie; you're here."

I looked and saw Mrs. Bagley at the top of the stairs. She was naked and she smiled and held her arms out to me and said:

"Come to mama baby."

My cock went to instant iron bar hard and I forgot all about talking to Tom. Blow job, missionary, sixty-nine, doggie and then:

"We can work on our tans by the pool until you can regain some energy."

When we got to the pool we found Tom going down on Gail and she was moaning and had her hands in his hair. Mrs. Bagley giggled and said:

"I taught him well. He will make a lot of girls happy before he settles down."

"A lot of girls? He and Gail are all ready planning their marriage."

"Nonsense. They are teenagers. Teens fall in and out of love dozens of times before they settle in."

I didn't bother to tell her that I thought she was wrong. Maybe some did, but I knew Tom and Gail and I knew the depth of their feelings for each other. And then there were my feelings for Tasha. I'd known instantly that we were supposed to be together forever. No, Mrs. Bagley was wrong, but I wasn't going to argue with her.

I decided not to wait to talk with Tom. I'd get it from the horse's mouth so to speak. Mrs. Bagley and I stretched out on two chaise lounges and I said:

"Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but what is going on? I mean why am I here doing what we are doing? I'm loving it, but it doesn't make any sense to me."

"It won't make any sense to you even if I tell you."

"Try me."

"I like sex. I like a lot of sex and I've found that men my age can't give it to me in the quantities I want. A man my age is good for maybe, just maybe, twice and then he is done for the night. Then there is attitude. Men my age are set in their ways and resist change. A lot of men my age, or close to it, don't like to eat pussy. They are all for having their dicks sucked, but the mere thought of returning the favor disgusts them.

"A lot of men, and not necessarily just my age group, think that a woman who likes and wants sex as much as I do is a tramp and a slut and they treat me accordingly. More than one man has come home with me only to have the door slammed in his face after making a remark like "I've been looking for a slut like you all my life."

"I have not made good choices when it comes to men. My husband turned out to be a pure dirt bag and I found out later that he had started cheating on me the week after our honeymoon. The two best things he did for me was give me Tommy and then run off with some ditzy blond and get himself killed in an auto accident. His half million dollar life insurance policy still had me as the beneficiary and it paid double in case of accidental death. There was also a policy that paid off the house and there was a settlement from the insurance company of the driver that hit Arnold. It left Tommy and me in pretty decent shape.

"But you don't care about any of that right? What you want to know about is Tommy and me and me and you. Right?"

I shook my head yes.

"It goes back to my poor choices in men. About five years after my husband died I met a man and I thought I'd fallen in love. After several months of keeping company I was waiting for him to pop the question. We went out and partied one night and he brought me home and we went to bed. He was only good for two times and I was trying to get him up for a third and not having any luck when he said and I'll never forget his words:

"I've got some good friends who are going to love helping me satisfy my slut."

"I bit his cock, grabbed the bedside table lamp and hit him with it and then chased him out of the house. I went back to my room, sat on my bed and cried my eyes out. I was still sitting there naked and crying with my bedroom door open when Tommy came home from a date with Gail. He came in to see what was wrong and he took me in his arms to comfort me and give me a shoulder to cry on. It just so happened that Tommy's relationship with Gail hadn't yet gone sexual and he'd come home with a bad case of blue balls. One thing led to another and by morning Tommy had lost his cherry and mommy was sexually satisfied for the first time in years. The recovery powers of a young man are astounding.

"Once we started we never stopped. Six months later Gail gave it up to Tommy and that led to the next step. Tommy had forgotten he had invited Gail over to lounge by the pool. She had gotten into the habit of just walking into the house and she walked in on Tommy and I making love. Instead of bursting into tears and running from the house she sat down and watched as she said:

"So this is where he learned it all."

Since then Gail and I have shared Tommy and that brings us to you."

"I don't understand. How did you and Gail sharing Tom lead to me?"

With Tommy also taking care of Gail I was only getting half of what I used to get. I started to get grumpy and irritable with Tommy and Gail noticed and asked me what was wrong and I told her. She told Tommy and he told me that I needed to get out and find a man. I told him I didn't want a man. I wanted some one like him. Some one young and with fast recuperative powers. He told me that the only one he knew that he could trust to keep the secret was you. We couldn't do anything until you turned eighteen because if something had gone wrong I could have ended up in trouble with the law for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and I could have been labeled a sexual predator. You turned eighteen and here you are. Between you and Tommy I'm getting what I need and that's the story."

By the time she was finished her tale Gail was riding Tom cowgirl and Mrs. Bagley said that watching them had gotten her juices flowing again and she pulled me down on an air mattress about three feet from them and started sucking my cock. From there it turned into an afternoon that most guys my age can only dream about.

At one point I was in a sixty-nine with Gail as Tom fucked his mom. Then there was the time that I fucked Mary doggie (she told me I could call her honey, baby, sweetie or Mary, but she didn't want to hear me say Mrs. Bagley ever again) while she sucked on Tom as he licked Gail's pussy and ass. The finale was Tom fucking his mom doggie while I fucked Gail in her butt as she and Mary were face to face and kissing each other (Tom and I actually 'high-fived' during it).

Tom left to take Gail home and I called home and told my mom I was going to spend the night with Tom and then Mary and I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and found Tom and his mother going at it while she squeezed my cock in her hand and then of course I had to pick up where Tom left off when he came and then went to bed.

Mary fixed us breakfast and then went off to take a shower leaving Tom and me sitting at the kitchen table. I was quiet and Tom said:

"Whatcha thinking bud?"

"About how weird this is. Your mom and me is mind blowing all by itself, but yesterday was just way, way out there. I mean your mom is one thing, but I know how you feel about Gail and still you let me and her get together. Don't get me wrong here bro; I'm loving it, but I sure as hell don't understand it."

"Blackmail bud; plain old blackmail."

"Who is being blackmailed and who is the blackmailer?"

"The answer to the first is me and the answer to the second is Gail."

"I don't understand."

"When Gail first found out about mom and me she told me that I had to make a choice. I could have her or mom, but not both. I told her I couldn't make the choice. I didn't want to lose her, but I couldn't turn my back on mom. We broke up for a week and then she came back and said I didn't have to make a choice, but if I could have more than one woman she could have more than one man.

"It turned out that just like mom wasn't getting enough sharing me with Gail, Gail wasn't getting enough sharing me with mom. We talked it out and I asked her what she had in mind. Did she want to date other guys or what and she told me no. She said that since I had one other besides her she wanted one other also. I asked her if she had someone in mind and she said you. The problem was that we were both eighteen and you were only seventeen. Even though you were only a month younger mom convinced us to wait until you were legal because technically we were adults and you were a minor. Mom's fear was that something might come out and some chicken shit cop or district attorney might try and make something out of it. We agreed to wait for you to turn eighteen.

"Meanwhile I had to agree to let Gail go play if she felt the need, but only as long as no one else got her pussy. Ass and mouth were all she could give up. As far as I know she only played three times before you joined us."

"She chose me?"

"What can I say bud? She meant what she said that day you met Nat for the first time. That if she didn't have me she would have gone for you."

"Oh shit!!! Tasha. What am I going to do about her? We haven't been together that long, but I get the feeling from her that she isn't going to take kindly to my not being exclusive."

"Don't let her find out. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. Besides, it's not like you have anything really going with her yet. You aren't going steady and you aren't engaged or anything like that. If the two of you ever get to the point of deciding on a steady relationship then you will need to make decisions. Until then I suggest that you enjoy the ride that you are on."

He looked at his watch. "I need to go and get Gail. You going to be here when I get back?"

"I don't know. I've got to call Tasha and see what's going on."

I called her and her mother told me that she had all ready left for her morning run. I couldn't figure it out. She got pissed at me because I wouldn't play with her tits? And now two days in a row she had gone for her run without me and she wasn't returning my calls. I decided to go for my morning run and try calling her later that afternoon, but when I stood up I heard:

"Not leaving on me are you?"

I turned to see a very naked Mary.

"I got all clean and sweet smelling for you lover and I even put clean sheets on the bed. Come on lover; let's go play."

She turned and headed for the bedroom. I watched that marvelous ass as it walked away from me and then I followed along. Two exhausting hours later she had to go grocery shopping so I decided to get my run in and I headed for the park.

As I ran I thought about what was happening with Tasha. I could see it if she was saying no and I kept trying to get her clothes off of her, coping feels and trying to get my fingers or more into her pussy, but getting pissed off for just the opposite? Especially after telling me that nothing would happen until prom. It just didn't make sense.

I finished my run and went home. I gave Tasha a call and her mom answered and I asked for Tasha and she told me to hold while she went and got her. She came back and told me that Tasha was busy and couldn't come to the phone. Then she asked if I wanted to leave a message.

"Just tell her that I won't bother her any more."

I called Tom and asked if he wanted to run around that evening.

"Whatcha got in mind?"

"Arcade, miniature golf, Skate City; anything to get out of the house."

"Skate City is out. Nat doesn't skate."

"Natasha won't be with us."

"Natasha? What happened to calling her Tasha?"

"Short sad story. Tell you tonight."

"Gail loves to skate so Skate City. Good enough?"

"It'll do."

"That just doesn't make sense" Gail said.

"Tell me about it.

"Mom will be glad to hear it. She was afraid that Nat would cut into her time with you. Mom can be real needy at times."

"We need to find your mother a boyfriend" Gail said. "I'm not going to be as liberal when we get married. I'm going to want us to be exclusive when that happens."

"I didn't really want to hear that" I said. I thought the three of us were forever."

I was joking when I said it, but I wasn't sure that Gail was when she said, "I'll always be able to fit you in Bobby" and from the look on Tom's face I guessed he wasn't all that sure either.

There were other kids there that I knew and I skated with Pauline French, Harlina Collins, Nancy Neubert and Bev Holbrook. Pauline and I had dated a time or two and she asked me why I hadn't called her and I told her that I didn't mess with a friend's girl.

"What does that mean?"

"You started dating Harry Short so that told me that you were taken."

"I haven't seen Harry since I caught him kissing Nancy Wilde at Beverly Abbeg's birthday party."

"Okay then; how about taking in a movie with me tomorrow?"

"What time?"


"I'll be ready."

"How do you think Nat will react to your going out with Paulie" Gail asked as we drove away from the rink.

"No idea, but it doesn't matter. We aren't talking and from her actions it is clear to me that she doesn't want to."

I dropped Gail off first and when I got Tom home he asked me if I was going to come in.

"Mom will be happy to see you."

I did what no other teenager in the world do when there was a chance for some pussy – I said no.

"I need to get home so that my parents can see that I'm still around."

The next morning I was up at eight and headed for the park for my morning run. I ran the Red Hawk that morning. It was a little more hilly than the Black Diamond and I felt that my legs needed to be stretched a bit. When the run was over and I was back in the parking lot and headed for my car I saw Natasha's mom dropping her off for her run and I ignored her, got in my car and drove off.

I spent the day washing and waxing the car and at six I picked Pauline up and we went to the Rialto. Somewhere during the movie I became aware that we were holding hands and I didn't even know when or how it happened.

After the movie I took her to Harry's Malt Shack and the first thing I saw once I was inside was Natasha sitting with Tom and Gail. Pauline and Gail were good friends so Pauline naturally headed for the table where Gail was sitting. We sat down and Gail introduced Pauline to Natasha and then Pauline, not knowing any better introduced me to Natasha.

"This is Bobby Marchant who, if I get my way, is going to be my boyfriend."

Tom, who was taking a sip of his milkshake, choked and spit a little bit of it out and Gail muttered, "Oh shit!" Then Natasha spoke up.

"I can understand you wanting him, but I don't think I'm quite ready to give him up." Then she looked at me and asked, "Are you taking back your proposal?"

"Given the way you have acted towards me the last couple of days I thought you ended the engagement."

"What is going on here" Pauline asked.

Gail stood up and said she needed to use the facilities and she asked Pauline to go with her. Pauline looked at Natasha, then at me and then back at Natasha and then realizing that Gail was going to explain things she got up and followed Gail. Natasha reached across the table, took my hand said:

"As the guy you need to understand that girlfriends, fiancées and wives will occasionally get pissed over something and that you will have to live with it and ride it out until she gets over it."

I looked at Tom and he shrugged and said, "Gail does sometimes get a wild hair up her butt, but it usually goes away in a couple of days."

"So" Natasha asked, "Is the bimbo going to get her way?"

"She isn't a bimbo and no she isn't going to get her way. I like her and she is a friend, but there isn't any spark there. She is a fun date and because of you I've had a couple of free nights that she helped fill, but there is nothing long term there."

"We going to run in the morning?"

"Pick you up at nine?"

"I'll be ready."

Gail and Pauline returned and the talk was general until Gail said that it was time for her to go. Pauline leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said:

"Gail said she and Tommy would run me home so you can work things out with Natasha."

She stood up and told Natasha that it was nice meeting her and then I pulled her back down onto her seat.

"You are my date and I will be the one to take you home."

"He's right" Tasha said, "Where I come from you always go home with the one who brung you."

"Are you sure" Pauline asked.

"Yes" Tasha and I said almost in unison. Tasha stood up, leaned over and kissed me, said "See you baby" and left with Tom and Gail. Pauline watched them until they were out the door and then said:

"I should really dislike her because I did want to make you my boyfriend, but I kind of like her."

I had to think about the fickle finger of fate. If I had known about Harry two weeks sooner Pauline could very well have been my girl when Tasha came to town, I wouldn't have had my blind date and Tasha and I would have never happened.

When I got Pauline home I walked her to her door and thanked her for a fun evening. She stepped forward, threw her arms around me and kissed me. I felt her tongue probe and then she broke the kiss.

"Call me if things don't work out with her."

She turned and walked into the house.

As I drove home my head was full of typical teenaged thoughts. I'd meant it when I told Tasha that there wasn't any long term likely with me and Pauline, but I had misled her when I said that there wasn't a spark between us. I'd had the screaming hots for Pauline since the seventh grade, but then so had half of the other guys at school and a lot of them weren't as shy as I was so we had never managed to hook up. There was no chance for long term even if we had hooked up because it was already well known that Pauline was going to go back east to some big named women's college and then she planned to get into national politics. That meant she would most likely stay back east around Washington.

Given what was going on with me, Mary, Gail and Tom I did have to wonder if I could have fucked Pauline that night if we hadn't run into Tom, Gail and Tasha. I wondered what it would have been like. Harry had insinuated that he and Pauline had done the dirty and I had intended to try before the night was over.

That led to another thought that didn't make any sense. Why would meeting up with the three of them make me not try and fuck Pauline? I mean it really wasn't the three of them; it was Tasha. Tasha's reaffirmation that we had something going made me look at fucking Pauline as cheating. How stupid was that? What was I all ready doing with Mary and Gail? Why would Pauline be any different? Hadn't I been spending a good part of the day trying to figure out when I could get with Mary again? Was I fucked up or what?

It didn't get any easier the next morning. Tasha looked mouth watering in her tank top and cut-off jean shorts. Running with a hard on isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, but I some how managed.

As we got in the car Tasha said, "I all ready told Tom and Gail we would be over to lie around the pool and work on our tans. That okay with you?"

I didn't really know the right answer to that one. It would very likely put me in the presence of Mary and while I knew I could behave while Tasha was with me I wasn't all that sure about Mary.

I needn't have worried. Apparently Mary and Gail had gotten together and between the two of them they had come up with a plan. After we had been there about an hour, during which Mary, Gail and Tasha talked while Tom and I swam, Gail came over and said:

"Nat and I are going shopping. You want to come along?"

Before either Tom or I could answer Mary said, "I'm going to need both boys to help me move some furniture."

Tom and I looked at each other and Tom winked at me. Ten minutes later we had Mary on her bed although it would be more accurate to say that Mary had us – Tom in her butt and me in her mouth. Then it was me in her pussy and Tom in her mouth followed by Tom in her pussy and me in her butt. Then we heard the girls come home and we had to quickly break up things.

Once we were all by the pool again Tasha told me that she had to be home by five to help her mom get things ready for her dad's birthday party. Gail asked me if I could drop her off at her place and an hour later the three of us left. Gail lived the farthest away so I dropped Tasha off first. I walked her to her door and made a date to run with her in the morning, kissed her and went back to the car.

As soon as we were out of sight of Tasha's house Gail leaned over to unzip me. I pushed her hand away.

"Hey!" she said, "My price for getting Nat out of there so you guys could play was getting to play with you."

She reached for me again and I again pushed her hand away. "It was in Mary's butt when you guys came back to the house and it hasn't been washed."

"So what? I can't suck it because of the center console. All I want to do is use my hand to make sure you are nice and hard when we get to my house. I can wash it and my hand when we get there."

"I'm sure your parents will love that."

"They aren't there. They have gone to visit my Aunt Ruth and won't be home until around midnight."

I stopped pushing her hand away and she had me standing tall and not far from shooting when we pulled up in her driveway.

"You will have to put it away until we get into the house, but I promise I'll have it back out as soon as the door closes behind us."

Once inside the house she led me to her bedroom and we quickly got naked. She took hold of my cock and led me to the bathroom where she washed it and then led me to her bed.

"Were you close to getting off in the car?"

"I sure was."

"Then you are still probably close and we should get the quick one out of the way."

She leaned forward to take me in her mouth and I pushed her away.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? What is with all this pushing me away shit? First in the car and now here?"

"Does the number sixty-nine resonate with you? I want you on top" I said as I lay down on my back.

"I like the way you think" she said as she moved over me.

She did get the quick one out of the way and then we worked on each other until she had me standing tall again. She got up and surprised the hell out of me. She swung over me and guided my stiff dick up into her pussy.

"You can't do that!" I tried to push her off. "You are only supposed to do oral and anal."

"Hush. I already told you. It is my price for getting Tasha out of the way. Tom knows that we are doing this. Now stop with the pushing me away shit and fuck me!"

I did what she asked – twice – with a sixty-nine in between. I was lying there looking up at the ceiling and Gail was next to me propped up on an elbow looking down at me and fondling my limp cock. She was trying to find some life in it, but even with the recuperative powers of youth she was fighting a losing battle. What I'd done with Mary coupled with what I'd done with Gail had wiped me out.

"What are you thinking" Gail asked.

"Trying to equate what I'm doing with you and Mary with my feelings for Tasha. I can rationalize it by saying that she won't do it so it is okay for me to do it with someone else until she will do it, but the bottom line is that I'm still cheating on her."

"As long as we are careful she will never know."

"But I will. And another thing. We are looking at six or seven months until the prom. What happens if by then I'm so hooked on what I'm doing with you and Mary that I won't want to give it up?"

"Then we will just have to get Nat to join us."

NO WAY!! NO FUCKING WAY!!! Were the thoughts that went roaring through my head. I wasn't going to share my woman with anyone! Given what I was doing how weird was that?

She finally gave up trying to resurrect my dead soldier and we got off the bed and dressed. She walked me to the door and gave me a scorcher of a kiss and then I went home.

The last week before school started I was able to get together with Mary four times. Once with Tom and Gail, once with Tom and twice I had to try and stay with her by myself. I swear that woman could handle five studs at once if she wanted to.

The big thing that happened that week was that Tasha decided that she could trust me after all. It was a Saturday night and we had gone to the movies after which we stopped by Harry's Malt Shop. There were a bunch of kids there that I knew and on previous occasions I had introduced Tasha to most of them. Of course I introduced her as Natasha. Tasha was my pet name for her. Most of those there knew who she was and knew that she was my girl.

I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back Eddie Wooters was taking to Tasha. He walked away when I walked up and as I sat down I asked:

"What did Eddie want?"


"I beg your pardon?"

"He wanted to know if I would go out with him."

I started to get up and Tasha grabbed my arm. "Where are you going?"

"To punch him in the mouth."

"Sit down baby. There is no need for violence here."

"Oh yes there is. Horning in on two people who are on a date to ask the girl for a date is horseshit. He needs to find out that it is not acceptable. At least it isn't to me."

"I said there is no need for you to do anything. I all ready put him in his place. Leave it be baby. I have plans for tonight and they won't work if you are sitting on the back seat of a cop car for fighting."

I looked over at Eddie and gave him a nasty look. A look I hope he took to mean that I wasn't through with him over what he'd done. I doubted that he took it that way because he smirked at me. I made a mental note to kick his ass the first chance I had to do it without bringing the authorities into it. I also told myself to start carrying a club since the asshole was six inches taller and sixty pounds heavier than me.

Tasha and I finished our malts and left. As soon as we were in the car Tasha said, "Watch this baby" and she took off her panties and hung then on my rear view mirror. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra and then said:

"As long as I'm going to play with yours I guess you should be able to play with mine."

I drove to Steven's Point, got the blanket out of the trunk and then, under a full moon and a sky overloaded with bright stars we made out. I sucked her breasts and finger fucked her to two orgasms while she gave me a hand job. She shocked me when she licked my cum off her hands and then said:

"Yum! I could learn to like a steady diet of this."

I sat there and stared at her. I didn't know how to respond to that. She giggled and said:

"Close your mouth sweetie. I promise I won't hurt you. I shouldn't be doing this. Tom and Gail areal ready accusing me of robbing the cradle."

Tasha was three weeks older than me.

She reached for my cock and fondled it and after a minute she said, "Screw this shit" and she lowered her head and took me I her mouth. I was stunned! It was the absolute last thing that I ever thought would happen. She was sixty seconds into the blow job before I got my act together. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she looked up at me with a confused and bewildered look that quickly turned into a smile as I pulled her into position to go sixty-nine with her on top. Her mouth recaptured my cock as I started feasting on her pussy and we stayed with it until we got each other off.

We cuddled on the blanket looking up at the stars and she asked:

"Who taught you to do that?"

I lied and said, "Another young lady determined to walk down the aisle a virgin, but who still wanted to enjoy orgasms."

"Anyone I know?"

"Let us just say that you will be classmates when we start school next week."

No way I was going to tell her that it was her Aunt Mary who gave me the lessons and there was also no way I was going to ask her how she had learned to give such a super fine blow job. I didn't yet know that my saying "Another young lady" was going to come back and haunt me. After a few minutes Tasha said:

"Can we do it again?"

We could and we did.

School started and for the next four months things were great. Under the guise of working together with Tom on homework I managed to get together with Mary on the average of three times a week. The weather was still decent so the pool hadn't been shut down yet so we did spend some Saturdays and Sundays lying about and soaking up sun.

Saturday during the day Tasha usually had something going on with her family so Saturday during the day I usually had something going with Mary, Tom and Gail. Friday and Saturday nights were date nights and a date night with Tasha almost always meant hot kisses and some sixty-nine. All in all I would have to say I was one of the most sexually satisfied teenagers in the state.

The weather near the end of October did what it usually did at that time of the year and since the pool wasn't heated or covered it had to be shut down until the next year. At first I was upset because it robbed me of a legitimate excuse to spend as much time at Tom's house as I had been spending, but Mary convinced me that it wouldn't cut down on our time at all. As long as Tom and I were classmates I could always come over for study sessions with Tom.

Things went to hell on me during the second week in November. It was on a Wednesday. I had to stay after school and talk with Coach Markham about an indoor track meet that was coming up and I told Tasha that I would meet her at the malt shop. When I got there I found her sitting at a table with Eddie Wooters. I walked up to them and Tasha stood up, snarled "You bastard!" at me and slapped my face. Hard!! I was so stunned that she was out the door before I could recover.

Looking back on it what I should have done was turn and smack the shit out of Eddie until he told me what he had done to cause Tasha to do it – and there was no doubt in my mind that it was something he had done to cause it – but what I did was go running after Tasha. I didn't catch her so I headed over to her house. When I rang the bell her father came to the door and I asked to speak with Tasha.

"She doesn't want to speak to you so just run along and don't bother her any more."

"But I have to speak to her" I said, but I was speaking to the door he had closed in my face.

The next day at school Tasha did her best to avoid me. Any time I got close to her she turned and walked away. At lunch time she was sitting at a table in the cafeteria with two other girls and I walked over to take the empty seat. When I got to the table she looked at me and said:

"Get the fuck away from me!!"

I snapped. I shouldn't have, but I did. I lost it.

"Well fuck you too you stupid cunt!"

I saw the shock on her face and I actually smiled as I turned and walked away.

The next day at school the shoe was on the other foot. Every time I saw Tasha heading my way I went the other way. She might not have even been coming to me, but it didn't matter. I wanted her to see that I was going out of my way to avoid her.

That afternoon as I was leaving school I saw Tasha outside waiting on the steps. Whether for me or some one else I had no idea, but I did a one-eighty and backtracked to the west entrance and left the school that way.

Friday was a carbon copy of Thursday and Saturday found me over at Tom's. Mary was out grocery shopping so it was just Gail, Tom and me. Gail asked me what was wrong between Tasha and me and I told her that I didn't have a clue.

"Wednesday she called me a bastard and slapped me and the next day she flat out told me, and this is an exact quote, "Get the fuck away from me" and so I'm doing what she wanted."

"That doesn't sound at all like Nat."

"I don't know and I don't care. If she can't talk to me when we have a problem fuck her!"

"Funny that you should bring up fucking" Tom said, "because that is what Gail has in mind."

I stood up as I said, "Well okay; I'll get out of here and leave you to it."

"Hold up there" Gail said, "We need your help."

"Help with what?"

"Gail has seen mom with both of us and she is curious."


"She wants to know what it feels like to be taken by two guys at the same time and you have to be the other guy."


"Of course you. There isn't anyone else we can trust and you know it.

Not that I would have refused anyway, but Gail was already pulling down my zipper before I could have if I'd wanted to. Tom and I did Gail in all the ways two guys could do one girl and Gail loved it. Her favorite (but not mine – not by a long shot) was both Tom and I in her pussy at the same time. Rubbing cocks with Tom was just too way out weird for me. With one of us in her ass and the other in her pussy we rubbed cocks, but that was different because there was skin between us. Not so when we doubled in her pussy.

Gail had Tom's cock in her mouth and I was deep in her ass when we heard:

"I want to play too" and we looked over and saw Mary getting naked.

"You take care of her bro and I'll take over from you" Tom said as he pulled out of Gail's mouth.

I pulled out of Gail's butt and headed for the bathroom to wash my cock as Tom buried himself in Gail's ass. I turned on the sink faucet and reached for the soap and rag, but Mary's hand reached by me and she picked them up as she said:

"Let me do it lover."

She washed my cock and then started sucking it and that led to an absolutely exhausting day and when I got home my mom asked:

"What on earth did you do to yourself. You look like a wreck."

"Too much exercise trying to stay in shape for track."

"Track is not worth killing yourself over. You need to take it easier on yourself."

"Yes mom."

Sunday was going to be a say of semi-rest for me. Clean my room and then wash and wax the Mustang. I was just taking off my wet clothes when mom called me to the phone.

"It's Tommy."

"What's up bud?"

"You doing anything you can't breakaway from?"

"Not really."

"I could use some help bro."

"One or two?"

"Just the one. For some reason she is on fire today."

"You're going to have to feed me if I come over because I'll miss supper here."

"Whatever. Just get here. Please."

I hung up and told mom that Tom needed some help doing a couple of things for his mom. He said I could have supper with them."

"I just don't understand why Mary hasn't remarried. It can't be because she still has feelings for that skunk she was married to."

"Don't know. Maybe she just doesn't trust men any more."

"Well I'm glad she has Tom to help her and that he has good friends that he can call on."

It was a typical Bob, Tom and Mary night. Two holes always filled and thank God we didn't do the two in the pussy thing. My mom didn't see me when I got home and that was a good thing because I looked just as whipped as I had the previous evening when she told me that I needed to take better care of myself.

I spent the week staying busy with track, school work and Mrs. Bagley. And avoiding Natasha. It wasn't all that hard because I'm sure that she was also trying to avoid me.

Saturday was another Mary, Gail, Tom and Bob day until four in the afternoon and then I went home to help celebrate my dad's birthday. After supper and cake and ice cream dad opened his gifts. I'd hit a Chevy dealer and had gotten him a black windbreaker with the Chevy 'bow-tie' on the back and as he tried it on I told him that I had searched all over town for one that said Ford on the front and Mustang on the back, but couldn't find one in his size.

"Damned good thing" he said, "Or you would be living in your car from now on."

"Now now boys, this is supposed to be a happy occasion" mom said as she handed dad a small gift wrapped box. "I had to go all over town to find this."

He opened it, looked in the box and then said, "You go live in Bobby's car."

"What is it" my Aunt Marge asked.

"Something slated for the landfill as soon as I can make it happen."

Aunt Marge took the box from him and took an item out of the box. It was a bright orange coffee mug with the picture of a Dodge Charger on it. Everyone broke out laughing, all sixteen of us, and dad mumbled:

"I'll get you for this. Just remember, paybacks are a bitch."

"Right!" mom said as she sat down on his lap and kissed him. Later that night I heard noises coming from their bedroom. Must have been some of that payback that dad had mentioned.

Another week that started out like the previous two, but on Wednesday things took a turn. I had arranged to meet Tom and Gail at Harry's after my meeting with Coach Markham and when I walked into the malt shop I saw them sitting at a table with Natasha. I almost turned and left, but curiosity made me go over and sit with them.

I ignored Natasha and started talking with Tom and Gail. We discussed the election for class president and then I saw Pauline French walk in alone. I decided to piss Natasha off even more and I started to get up and go over and join Pauline. Tom grabbed my arm and said:

"Whoa up there bro. We set up this little meeting so we could get to the bottom of what is going on between you two."

"She know I was going to be here?"

"No. We sandbagged her too."

"So what is going on" Gail asked.

"I've got no fucking idea. You will have to ask Tom's cousin."

"You know damned well what the problem is asshole. She just walked in."

"Pauline? What the hell does Pauline have to do with you slapping my face and calling me a bastard?"

"Oh come on Robert; you know perfectly well what that bitch has to do with it."

"Actually I don't have the faintest idea, but then neither do Tom and Gail so since they set up this little meeting why don't you go on and tell them."

"This asshole" she said pointing at me, "Was cheating on me with that bitch over there" she said pointing at Pauline.

"And you know this how" I asked.

"Eddie told me."

"Eddie? Eddie Wooters? The same dirt bag that came up to you while you were out on a dare with ma and asked you out?"

"The same guy I'm going out with now since he clued me in about you."

"And just when was I supposed to be going out with Pauline? When did Eddie see us together?"

"It was on a Thursday and it was right here. In fact it was in this very booth. Eddie saw you sitting here kissing the bitch."

"And what time was this supposed to have happened?"

"After school. You told me that you had a meeting with your track coach after school so I went on home."

"He told you that he saw me in her with Pauline around five. Is that right?"

"You know it is so don't be acting like it is some big surprise."

I looked at Tom and Gail and said, "What is it that we know about Eddie. He is on the football team right?"

Both Tom and Gail nodded a yes.

"Has he missed a game this year?"

"No" Tom said, "He hasn't missed a game and in fact he is having a very good year. He scored the winning touchdown in the last two games and in the one before them he set up the winning field goal with a thirty yard run."

"Okay then, changing the subject. What is it that we know about Coach Reynolds?"

"He is a strict disciplinarian" Tom said.

"In what way?"

"If you miss a practice or are even late for a practice he makes you sit out the next game. He won't even let you suit up for the game."

"Okay. Follow my thinking here. Eddie hasn't missed a game and we know Reynolds drops the hammer on you if you are late and miss a practice. Eddie told your cousin here that he saw me in here with Pauline at five on a Thursday. There is a thread here that I'm trying to pick up. Can either of you help me out?" I asked Tom and Gail.

They looked at me confused and then I saw the light bulbs light up over their heads.

"Shit! Tom said. "If he was here after school between four and six-thirty he would have missed practice and he would have been riding the bench and not playing in that last game."

"He played therefore he didn't miss or be late for practice" Gail said. "If he was at practice he couldn't have been in here to see anything and that means he lied to Nat."

"Thank you. For a minute there I was afraid I might have missed something."

I turned to Natasha. "I'm so glad that you are dating the lying asshole. You deserve each other."

I stood up and said, "I think I'll go over and see if Pauline would like some company" and I walked over to her table.

It turned out that Pauline did want some company and ten minutes later I smiled to myself when I saw the look on Natasha's face as Pauline and I left Harry's together.

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