Campus Life: Spring Break
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The new members of Sigma Lambda Tau participate in their first 'engagements' during Spring Break. Their paramour clients come from business, government, industry, entertainment, and politics. These 'engagements' formally establish the young novice Courtesans and Cavalier Servente as professional practitioners of sex; and help them to grow and adapt to the real world in a variety of crazy and sometimes dangerous ways. Come; travel with these young sluts; and enjoy--Spring Break.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Cheating   Slut Wife   DomSub   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   BBW   Slow   Violent   Nudism  

Late August--Sophomore Year--Rush Week.




Jay Wells' eyes popped open to behold ... the digital numerals 5:13 glowing on the clock face next to his bed in the still dark room. That damned dream again. He felt the woman behind him move in bed and roll the other way.

Damn! His body must have twitched and disturbed her.

Now that he was back on campus--well, adjacent to campus anyway--he had been able to lay claim to one of the basement single rooms in the Sigma Lambda Tau house. Sophomores and some juniors lived in the basement private rooms, and the rest of the juniors and the seniors got the third floor private rooms. The new Pledges would be occupying the multi-person suites of the second floor after they moved in later this week.

'Man! It has been a year already, ' thought Jay, 'and already, I've been a porn star, been part of an incident involving a deadly shooting, enjoyed the sexual favors of over two dozen women, and... ' Now he rolled to look at the sleeping form of his bed companion. She had her own private room down the hall as well, but had chosen to spend whatever time she could with Jay in his. 'I seem to have acquired the most smoking hot girlfriend I could ever imagine having.'

As he remembered the exciting times of the previous year, highlighted by the adventures of Spring Break just a few months ago, during his freshman school year, Jay began to drift back off to sleep for another couple of hours; or at least until after sunup.

Early August--Just Prior to Sophomore Year.

Over $55,000 in comprehensive fees for the whole upcoming academic year at Middlebury College...

What was that Korean guy's name again? Oh, yeah ... Ho ... Lee ... Shit! That was over twenty-seven-five per semester. Then you had to pity the fool who found it necessary to do makeup work or take unplanned electives during the J-term (January term). He or she had to pay even more; and lose his holiday fun; and any partying and just-plain-chill time as well!

And the fifty-five grand still did not include the almost $400 for his student activity fee. Add to that amount about a grand for books and supplies and another grand for the semester's general expenses and for traveling in and around, and for trips home and back a couple of times. Pretty soon, you started getting into the realm of 'Real Money.'

'Well, ' thought Aaron Shankles, 'at least I was able to drop off a couple of grand a year by being allowed to live full-time in the Sigma Lambda Tau house.' The Sigma Lambda Tau Society owned outright a three-story house with basement and pool area with privacy fence that sat just adjacent to the campus. It was not actually on the property of Middlebury College. And Aaron had yet to get a bill for living there.

Aaron did pay a monthly fee out of pocket as a partial offset for the cost of his meals at the house. But that cost was very reasonable, considering the great quality of the meals he and the other members enjoyed there (eat your hearts out, you Eating Club pansies at Princeton).

Aaron was still amazed--almost one year later--at how unusually easy it had seemed for the powers-that-be within the Sigma Lambda Tau Society to arrange for him and his other seven fellow freshman new Society members to move immediately into the Sigma Lambda Tau house during the fall of the previous year. Usually, only seniors were allowed to reside off-campus at Middlebury College. And only those lucky enough to get in on--and win--the Housing Office's so-called lottery for the available spaces for off-campus residence got to do so. The need for being entered into the lottery "somehow" missed the residents of the Sigma Lambda Tau house.

And it was almost eerie just how little flak came from the campus administrative offices about the unusual housing arrangements for the obvious underclassmen members of Sigma Lambda Tau. It was almost like Election Day in Chicago where the fix was always in.

Yes, Aaron was most definitely a resident of the Sigma Lambda Tau house now. And he could not suppress a little grin at his knowledge of the requirements and "privileges" of membership and residence there.

Now, he just had to find a place where he could safely park his car, yet not have to walk three miles just get to it.

Aaron had gotten summer work through his connections with Andrea Steadman--one of his Sisters in Sigma Lambda Tau. She was also a student at Middlebury College, but one who was married to an executive at J.A.M. Aluminum that oversaw operations at the company's Salisbury plant. Aaron had worked all summer at the plant, learning the manual trade of an aluminum fabricator.

Aaron smiled to himself at the thought that he had learned what Kyle Evans did for a living at the Middlebury plant of J.A.M. Aluminum--Kyle was the boyfriend of another one of his Sisters in the Sigma Lambda Tau Society, Dee Rivers. And the money at J.A.M. was really pretty good.

Aaron's dad had surprised him by purchasing a vintage 1976 Datsun 280Z in its original chocolate color at an estate sale. He had given Aaron the car, but had insisted that the boy would have to get a job to pay for gas and insurance. Aaron had been glad to go to work for J.A.M. for the summer in order to have his own classic wheels beginning sophomore year.

"Son, I have always gotten a bad case of sticker shock whenever the time comes for paying the college fees each year for my kids," said Ira Shankles, Aaron's father, as he looked now at the bill for tuition and fees. "I cringed when I had to pay them for your brother, Dave, when he was at UVM, and that was a state school. When it came to the first year of your fees last year at Middlebury, I almost had a stroke," continued Ira as he sat at the family breakfast table in their house in Salisbury, Vermont. The paperwork for his son's return to Middlebury College for another year was spread out before him.

Ira looked over at his younger son and smiled. He said, "By the way, I don't think I ever told you enough, Aaron, about just how proud I am of you for getting into Middlebury in the first place. I know that with only about a fifteen percent acceptance rate, they are very selective; and they only take those they consider to be the very best."

Aaron smiled and blushed under the rare direct loving gaze of his father and upon hearing the equally rare ebullient praise from the older man. His dad was usually a pretty serious guy who was sparing in his praise. Ira Shankles tended to use more of an I-dare-you-to-do-it approach to life as opposed to one of constant higher-that-necessary praises or over-the-top encouragement.

Ira Shankles definitely did NOT buy into the modern self-esteem movement. In his eyes, you built your own self-esteem by succeeding on your own; or from learning from your temporary setbacks and moving forward. He was definitely a follower of the what-doesn't-kill-you-only-makes-you-stronger philosophy.

"Now, before your mom gets in here with the checkbook so I can write out the check for this semester, I need to clear up something that I was not expecting. I'm not upset, mind you; I'm just surprised; pleasantly surprised at that." Ira flipped the pages of the financial paperwork that had arrived earlier in the week from the Office of the Registrar of Middlebury College to a page within the stack and showed it to Aaron. He asked his son, "Just what is this thirteen-thousand-five-hundred-dollar credit labeled as 'Stipend--Pearl Foundation?' I'm glad to get the reduction in school fees, but where the hell did you get a stipend; and one that large?"

At the name 'Pearl Foundation, ' Aaron visibly blinked and almost jumped in his seat. Then he realized immediately what that credit meant to him. What it represented should have been pretty obvious to his father. It was money going directly to the school on Aaron's behalf and in his name, saving him quite a chunk of change on his tuition and fees this year.

It also represented definitively to Aaron the fact that he had now moved officially from the category of 'Simple Student' to that of 'Student Male Whore.' Wow! Thirteen-thousand-five-hundred dollars! He was not yet to the accomplished level of Cavalier Servente--a professional paramour, the ultimate outcome for all graduating male members of the Sigma Lambda Tau Society--but he was now formally on his way in the business of engaging in sex for a living; and getting paid well for it; if only indirectly.

Aaron had to fall back on the cover story provided by Jack and Melanie--Aaron's elder member Brother and Sister, and two of his mentors within the Society--and Irina Mirkova, the Society's version of 'House Mother' and their Primary Trainer.

"Dad, you remember how I told you that I had been signed up for a part-time internship during Spring Semester; and, as part of that, I spent this past Spring Break involved with that trade show in Boston, as well as a business outreach in the Rutland-Killington area, near where Dave and Jamie live? Well, during that time, I was actually interning for a Vermont-based company that is affiliated with a charitable outfit called the Pearl Foundation, based out of Boston."

Ira's eyebrows went up. This seemed plausible, but something was out of synch somehow. "I thought," he said, stroking his cheek, "internships were longer, like over a whole summer, and that they gave you academic credit. And a lot of these internships just want labor that is either free or cheap. I'm not disappointed in the money, you understand. It is just that this doesn't fit with what I had pictured when I always thought about internships. Hell, this is enough to be almost a salary or a commission; much less a stipend.

"You remember how your brother, Dave, spent that one summer in Tanzania with that bunch, teaching the locals how to source and distribute potable drinking water?" Ira asked. "He got three academic credits as well as a very small stipend that was tax-exempt." Looking back at the papers in his hand, Ira said, "I'm glad to see the money, and to know that Uncle Sugar and the leeches in Montpelier don't get a penny out of it into their greedy little hands, but I would have been really happy to see some academic credit along with this."

Aaron, who was majoring in Economics, thought quickly and said, "Well, Dr. Michaels, my academic advisor, tells me that, even without the academic credit, I can still use this in building my résumé," Aaron replied, feeling slightly guilty for feeding his dad a line of bullshit.

Ira looked into his younger son's eyes for a few seconds in silence, and then smiled and nodded as Cheryl Shankles, Aaron's mother, came into the den and handed Ira the checkbook so he could write the check for Aaron's sophomore year fees. Aaron watched the transaction and listened to the light scratch of the gel pen on the check as his father wrote out and signed it. Aaron just shook his head as he watched ... and remembered this past Spring Break and the months preceding it.

Mid-January--Freshman Year (The Year Before).

Jack and Melanie were waiting for the returning freshman members in the library on the first floor of the Sigma Lambda Tau Society house where they gathered all together for the first time since returning from the Winter Break. These two seniors, who would be graduating in about four-and-a-half months and moving on into real life, smiled at the returning members of this year's new crop of novice Courtesans and Cavalier Servente.

As they all milled around, sipping hot cider and munching on freshly-baked-today cookies from the deli just up the road, the eight freshmen chatted about various things. They shared stories from the holiday break, most notably about where they had gone and what they had done; and how they had dealt with friends and current or former relationship partners.

But they all shared one particular common sentiment. They all missed their former Pledge Captain and friend, Andrea 'Andi' Steadman. They had seen her around campus and in classes the previous semester, but it was not the same as having her still living here with them in the Sigma Lambda Tau house; or, as the guys remembered with racing pulses--sharing their beds.

It had come as a complete surprise to all of them--except one, Deirdre 'Dee' Rivers--that Andi, although just a young seventeen-year-old freshman here at Middlebury College, was actually married; and to a very open-minded millionaire businessman in his thirties at that! Andi had initially kept it a secret from all of her fellow classmates, except Dee, with whom she had been already acquainted, and her husband, Dean, of course. Andi's husband worked as an executive in a company presided over by the second husband to Dee's formerly war-widowed mother, the former Helen Rivers--now Helen Morris. Thus, Dee saw Andi at various times when she visited home as well as around campus, often catching a ride to and from home and school with her friend.

Irina Mirkova, the late-twenties overseer of affairs at the Sigma Lambda Tau house--the equivalent to a 'House Mother' in a sorority or fraternity house at other colleges, where single gender societies were allowed, unlike here at Middlebury College--entered the room. She immediately moved to be nearer to Jack and Melanie, the senior mentors for this year's class of novices. The raven-haired Ukrainian-born beauty with the ice-blue eyes was still feeling the glow of having only two hours before been vigorously fucked to her fourth orgasm of the day by her current--and quite possibly her last--boyfriend; the Chief of Campus Security at Middlebury College--William 'Pete' Peterson.

'Let them enjoy the gathering for a few more minutes before we start to get down to the business at hand for this semester's studies and preparations here within the Society, ' Irina thought. 'We will need to get them to focus on more important things soon enough. After all, they are only young once. And even though we have them studying the strongly adult topics associated with becoming experts in sexual activities, and their accompanying gratification, they are still such young people at heart. It would be a shame to dampen their enthusiasm or disrupt the simple pleasures of seeing friends and talking about home and the other things important to them at this stage in their growth and development.'

During the past fall semester, their first at Middlebury College, the group of new Sigma Lambda Tau Brothers and Sisters had started with twelve promising freshmen Pledges. Two, Steve and Sarah, had departed rather quickly after the first week. Then another, Trevor, had not been able to deal with the sexual pressures involving practices outside of his personal boundaries. And finally, Andi Steadman, the Pledge Captain for the group, had felt the need to deal with other responsibilities associated with her husband's career and personal well-being, as well as the demands of being a full time student and wife. These had caused her to suspend her active participation in the Sigma Lambda Tau class; but only after having completed all of the initial training and becoming a full-fledged Society member.

The initial Pledge training had run the gamut of initial immersion into suddenly living and working together in the nude and rooming together as rotating mixed-gender couples and being encouraged to engage in sex from the start; all the way up to a controlled gangbang/reverse-gangbang, a multiple-partner-multiple-penetration orgy for the girls, a sexual endurance drill for the guys, a mild bondage and cuckoldry event, and a fun-filled sexually-charged scavenger hunt.

This had all culminated in a formal induction ceremony where each of the remaining Pledges had been given his or her symbol of full membership--a beautiful silver pinkie ring adorned with a magnificent miniature pearl for each of their right hands.

The remaining eight members of this year's class were now talking animatedly among themselves--Dee Rivers, Jay Wells, Tylea Mercer (the only freshman member of color), Lee Summers, Catherine Morrow, Brooke Cavanaugh, Jeremy Winter, and Aaron Shankles. They all shared their experiences of the holidays and brought each other up to date on any relationship news.

Dee Rivers told the others about her and her boyfriend of the past four-and-a-half months, twenty-five-year-old Kyle Evans. They were still going strong and growing in their intimacy and even--yes, it can happen--love for each other. This was despite Kyle's full knowledge about Dee's ongoing training to learn to become a world-class Courtesan and sexual expert. Dee had been completely honest with Kyle about her ongoing training in sexual skills, her rotating weekly male roommate assignments, and the required nudity and expected sex as part of the living conditions within the house.

Kyle, quite honestly, was still not one-hundred-percent pleased about that, especially knowing she was sharing her body with other men; and with a male roommate each weeknight. But Dee more than made up for it on the weekends, and even during some weeknight dates--ensuring that Kyle got first rights to her body on those nights. And she stayed in touch via text messaging or phone calls almost daily, reminding Kyle that he was foremost in her mind among the men she knew.

Kyle was mollified somewhat by having met all the guys that Dee was rotating through each week as roommates and bedmates. He knew about the Society's rules concerning Dee's not becoming emotionally entangled with her fellow Society members, and they with her.

Thus, Kyle was reasonably sure that he had captured Dee's heart and mind, if not her body, exclusively. In any event, he was slowly getting more and more comfortable with the whole idea. He had honestly stated his misgivings to Dee early on, only to have her reassure him continually of her devotion to establishing and exploring her relationship with him, despite the odd sexual nature of that relationship.

Kyle was even becoming a welcome frequent visitor to the Sigma Lambda Tau house (but only in those areas open to non-members), and on one occasion each, away from the house, Dee had even arranged for Kyle to have sex with Catherine and Brooke--with Dee present, naturally, to ensure that her claim to him remained firmly staked. Catherine had been happy to oblige, and Brooke had enjoyed her experience with Kyle as well. Brooke had asked Dee to make it up with a threesome with Brooke and Trevor, Brooke's boyfriend and former Sigma Lambda Tau Pledge, sometime soon.

For her part, Brooke Cavanaugh, while not feeling as if she was lesbian or bisexual, also wanted simply to experiment more with the girl-on-girl sex practices covered in the Sigma Lambda Tau Training Manual. But she felt more comfortable with Dee as a partner than with any of the other girls in the Society.

Jay Wells and his former high school sweetheart, Kempi (now a student at UVM in Burlington), had renewed the old fires of their high school relationship a bit during the past semester and had spent a lot of time together during Winter Break, including several nights of hot sex; but it was a somewhat off-again-on-again deal. Kempi still knew NOTHING about the details of what went on here; simply that Jay was a member of something called the Sigma Lambda Tau Society.

Jay and Kempi were actually trying to see if they could make a go of things and remain in touch electronically, with infrequent visits, while agreeing NOT to be exclusive in their dating. Jay was more relaxed with Kempi dating and possibly fucking others at UVM than Kempi evidently was with him doing likewise here at Middlebury College. But they were taking things slowly and feeling their way along. Time would tell, but the distance and time apart were becoming a problem for both of them. Jay was starting to feel a little pessimistic about the whole thing, but he realized that he would not be entirely heartbroken if things between them did not ultimately work out.

Tylea Mercer still had no permanent male connection, and was enjoying working her way sexually through the male residents of the Sigma Lambda Tau house, from her fellow freshmen all the way up to the seniors. They were all enamored with Tylea and she did not take offense with her white Society Brothers' honest desires to experience the out-of-the-ordinary date and sexual experience with a woman of color. They were also remarkably attentive to her and went out of their way to become more acquainted with her as a person, while trying honestly to understand better just what it is like to grow up 'Black in America.' Tylea was more than happy to oblige them from the sociological, historical ... and sexual standpoints.

Lee Summers also had not established a long-term relationship yet and was kept entertained and satisfied sexually by his naked, and very willing, roommates-of-the-week and by some of the other older Sisters who resided in the Sigma Lambda Tau house. He was having more of a struggle academically than the rest, and Sister Angela, a junior, and also an International Politics and Economics major like he was, had offered quite often to help him with his freshman studies--helping with a little sexual relief as well whenever they needed a break from the sometimes long study sessions together.

Catherine Morrow had no permanent male connection yet as well, but dated quite a bit outside of the Sigma Lambda Tau household, as well as enjoying her time with her male roommates and with other elder member Brothers in the Sigma Lambda Tau house. She had also gotten together with two elder member Sisters, Dolcy and Erin, for some girl-on-girl practice a couple of times each during first semester. She had surprisingly spent a somewhat celibate holiday break, just enjoying being around her family. She was back on campus now, and ready to pursue her studies toward becoming--as she called it somewhat proudly--a 'Professional Slut.'

Brooke Cavanaugh had been seeing Trevor Stiles the previous semester, after he had dropped out of the Sigma Lambda Tau Society, and they had been working on trying to be a couple. Apart from her rotating male roommates and sexual training activities within the Society, and that one time with Kyle--with Dee present--and her continued experimentation on the girl-sex side with Dee, Brooke and Trevor remained determined to make it as a couple in the same open-relationship manner as Dee and Kyle.

Brooke had said she did not mind if Trevor wanted to have sex with other girls on campus, or even some of the other Sigma Lambda Tau ladies. But Trevor had demurred so far, indicating a full student load, and stating quite honestly in his mind that Brooke was quite the sufficient woman for him right now--as a girlfriend, companion, and sex partner. Needless to say, Brooke was thrilled emotionally with Trevor's assessment of her, even to the point of a twinge of guilt afterwards, every now and then, at her enjoyment of sex with others as part of her Sigma Lambda Tau education and experience.

Jeremy Winter and his long-term girlfriend from high school, Tricia (currently at Dartmouth, a little over an hour's drive away, in Hanover, New Hampshire) had tried to connect occasionally by phone and email and Jeremy had even been over there once to Hanover, while she had come over once to visit Middlebury College early in the fall semester. But they both knew it would be too difficult to try to be exclusive with the distance involved and the academic and social demands of their respective schools.

Jeremy had gotten together with Tricia over the Thanksgiving Weekend at home once and they had had a pleasant time, but no sex. Over the winter holidays, during the semester break, they had dated three times and had had sex twice. Tricia was thrilled at Jeremy's very-well-developing sexual skills; but, despite the great sex, they both knew that it was not going to develop into anything permanent for them, as the distance was just too much for them. So they had decided they would just stay in touch, visit and date occasionally, and fuck like minks whenever they could. But they would not be exclusive.

Aaron Shankles had dated a couple of girls at Middlebury, and had had sex a couple of times with one freshman girl in particular, but it was not going anywhere. She was showing too much interest in the details of his being in Sigma Lambda Tau, and Aaron sort of felt duty-bound to keep the Society's secrets away from the eyes and ears of outsiders. Aaron had broken it off with her before the Winter Holidays in order to avoid an embarrassing conversation about just what the Sigma Lambda Tau Society was REALLY all about.

Over the Winter Holidays, Aaron's brother, Dave, and sister-in-law, Jamie, had set Aaron up a couple of times with Tina Stimson, Jamie's younger sister, to include a New Year's Eve date. Tina was a high school senior who had been set up one other time with a date with Aaron for a Sigma Lambda Tau open party here at Middlebury College back in September, coinciding with her campus visit to assess possibly applying for admission herself the following year.

Tina's family was also from Salisbury, where Aaron's family had moved right before Aaron's senior year of high school. Aaron's dad had moved his family from Williston due to his job change. Aaron's brother, Dave, was already a senior at UVM by the time of the move, and was set to marry Tina's older sister, Jamie Stimson, also a student at UVM, right after graduation. After they married, Dave and Jamie had move to Rutland, just twenty-five miles down the road from Salisbury, where they both found jobs right out of college.

Thus, when Aaron had started his last year in a new high school that fall following the move, he had already become acquainted with Tina, a high school junior at the time, from the wedding and family gatherings. He had not associated with her in school, as they ran with different crowds and she had had a boyfriend already.

Aaron and Tina had also not clicked initially because of her high-school-drama-queen approach to things at the time. Now that he was in college and had seen her a few times this past semester and during the recent holiday break, Aaron had noted that she had gotten a little more mature in her approach to life as her high school years were coming to an end.

Tina was now on her way to Middlebury College next fall, having already been accepted. She was following in the footsteps of Jamie and Tina's mother, Anne-Marie Stimson who had graduated from Middlebury just 23 years earlier. Aaron had met Mrs. Stimson--"Call me Anne-Marie, please, Aaron; after all, you and your brother are part of the family, now that he's married to Jamie"--only a few times, noting admirably that she still was very attractive at age 46, and still kept up her smiling demeanor, despite having lost her husband, and Tina and Jamie's father, to prostate cancer just about a year before.

During the several dates they had shared together, Tina had asked Aaron a few questions about the Sigma Lambda Tau Society, but did not go overboard in the curiosity that she exhibited to him. She had been intrigued with what she had seen of their social gathering during her campus visit to Middlebury College in September, and the niceness of the people there (and the hotness of all the guys, including Aaron). She still seemed to know nothing of the sexual nature and purpose of the Society.

Although Tina had been seeing one guy in her high school that was planning to go to West Point the following year, the two were not to the point of being formally exclusive or even long-term special friends. Tina may have liked to be exclusive; but the guy did not want to get deeper into the relationship, since he wanted to focus on what he would be doing at the Academy for the next four years after high school. And, by law, he could not be married until he graduated. Thus Tina was looking, but not aggressively, for someone new with whom to seek out a relationship.

Aaron had actually enjoyed dating Tina over the Winter Break, despite her still being in high school. With her mother now out of the house more frequently--having returned to the business world as an independent consultant following a period of grieving for her lost husband--Aaron had ended up in Tina's bed on two occasions and had had her flying high with his sexual prowess and his lovemaking skills, including that night of New Year's Eve. Needless to say, Aaron's brother, Dave, and Tina's sister, Jamie, had been grinning knowingly at the two of them the next morning, New Year's Day, when they had seen Tina and Aaron come downstairs together for breakfast. Evidently, the two sisters still shared information about almost everything in their lives.

Aaron and Tina had promised to keep in touch via Facebook and telephone and see if life in general, and the demands of college life for him and high school life for her, would allow them to get together any time before her graduation from high school.

Tina had gotten accepted for a summer abroad program for after high school graduation and she was going to Ecuador for most of the summer. So she and Aaron would only be able to stay in touch by email or snail mail then. By the time Tina was expected to show up at Middlebury College in the fall, Aaron would be firmly established as a college sophomore and she would simply be a new freshman, with her whole college life ahead of her.

Irina called for the group's attention and the conversations all over the room died down. "Well," she began. "I am glad you all made it back safely. We have much to cover this semester. I am also glad to see," she got a sly look on her face, "that grade reports on all of you for first semester were very satisfactory."

Lee could not help but grin and shake his head. Naturally, he thought, she has some 'In' with the administration in order to get reports on their academic records. I wonder who she blew--or fucked--or which elder member Sister she sent in to blow or fuck--in order to get THAT information, he chuckled to himself.

Irina went on to encourage the freshmen to continue their studies in the Sigma Lambda Tau disciplines while maintaining their good standing as students--'Students first, sluts second, ' was her smiling admonition--and the guys took to being called 'Sluts' simply as part of being in the Society, now that they were well along in the program. Irina then reviewed briefly what they had learned during fall semester and generally what they would cover during the Spring Term.

They had already covered dressing for success, flirting, body language, physical training--to include stripper pole dancing for the ladies--and erotic conversational stimulation so far last term. Irina reminded them that there would always be reinforcement training in psychological and emotional preparation and responses, as well as safety; especially safety.

For the upcoming term, they would dig deeper into visual stimulation for sex, as well as touching, kissing, and--believe it or not--sexual etiquette. Also, they would continue their practices in normal societal manners and dance. Advanced topics like sexual endurance for men, toys, sexual aids, and fetishes would wait until subsequent semesters over the next couple of years.

"Now," Irina continued, "I want to remind you of what I mentioned during your induction ceremony to the Society about what to expect during this second semester. Later during the Spring Term, you will begin preparations for your first special assignations that we call 'engagements, ' during which you will serve as apprentices to some of the elder members.

"These engagements serve to give our student Society members continued practical experience and training in what the military would call 'field experience.' They are also miniature scenarios for you to gain experience with serving paramour clients before graduation and later involvement in the more long-term engagements into which you will enter as part of the Society's charter, and its expectations of you, after your graduation.

"You will each be assigned, along with an individual partner, or as a couple, to an elder member or couple as part of a team. Packets describing your engagements will be distributed sufficiently in advance to allow you to do research and to ask questions.

"You will actually begin your engagements with introductory meetings with most of your paramour clients for the engagements some time very shortly before or at the beginning of Spring Break. Your Spring Break week will be spent almost exclusively with these paramour clients."

This brought groans from a couple of the freshmen who had envisioned being able to relax and simply 'vej out' after studying hard during the short-daylight-period days and the cold times of winter. Irina frowned only briefly and continued.

"After Spring Break, depending on the client, you may be required to do follow-up activities or reports in order to conclude the engagement successfully." Taking a deep breath, and lifting her chin and looking at each of them in the face as she continued, Irina said, "These engagements are very important to your continued growth within the Society. But they are also very important to the Society as a whole.

"We are compensated quite well and quite imaginatively by our clients. The clients will benefit practically and/or financially--and in the obvious physical and emotional ways from our members' presence and participation--and we will benefit financially in the long run as well."

As Irina continued to look among the listening faces, she said, "And you benefit personally in all of this. Not only from your continued learning as part of the Society, but in practical life experiences as well. It also does not hurt," she said now smiling slightly, "that you each will benefit somewhat financially, but that comes later, as you will see." She did not elucidate any further on the money aspect, leaving the freshmen wondering.

"Now," Irina turned and looked to Melanie and Jack. "Unless there are more details to cover by mentors here, that is all I have." Catherine noted with a smile that Irina's Ukrainian accent had suddenly thickened again. The woman so obviously put it on deliberately for effect.

Jack deferred to Melanie, who announced, "Okay. We will continue to rotate the roommate pairings through the rest of January and into February. Sometime around mid-to-late February, we will have gotten you acquainted with the upcoming engagement assignments. At that time, we will stabilize each of your roommate pairings with your engagement team partner. From that point on, you will stay paired with him or her either until completion of the engagement assignment or unless we detect a relationship difficulty with the two of you."

Looking back down at a card she held, Melanie continued, "Here are the roommate pairings for this week. Brooke and Jay in Suite 2A, Catherine and Aaron in Suite 2B, Dee and Lee in Suite 2D, and Tylea and Jeremy in Suite 2E. As before, you may use either Suite 2C or Suite 2F for community gatherings; just try not to mess them up while doing so.

"So," Melanie smiled at them all. "Let's all get upstairs and get naked."

Tylea grinned to herself as she took Jeremy's proffered arm and they headed toward the stairs. Only a few months ago, she had been terrified at the idea of being naked in front of someone; or multiple someones; especially all of these white folks. Now, it was just normal here in the house and living under the house rules. Mentally, she reminded herself of Rules One through Five.

Rule One: Whenever in the house above the ground floor, everyone must be naked except for footwear.

Rule Two: No one in the house is permitted to use clinical terms or euphemisms for sexual acts or body parts, such as 'making love, ' 'fellatio, ' 'penis, ' or 'vagina.' Instead, they must use common street terms like 'fucking, ' 'cocksucking, ' 'cock, ' 'dick, ' 'tits, ' 'ass, ' 'cunt, ' and 'pussy.'

Rule Three: Girls' under arms, legs, and pussies, along with other areas of their groins and around their asses, must be perfectly and completely shaved at all times--basically from the neck down. Girls are not permitted to have any stubble or other imperfections associated with body hair. Men must groom their pubic hair, and they may trim it, but are not to shave it off.

Rule Four: Girls' hair and makeup must be perfect at all times. Their lipstick and nails are always to be fresh, and must be perfectly maintained. Men must maintain nice hair styles, along with manicure and pedicure. Everyone must bathe at least daily and after exercise, including sexual exercise.

Rule Five: Girls are never, EVER to wear a bra, panties, pantyhose, other types of underwear, or any type of pants, unless directed to by the elder member Brothers and Sisters or unless done as part of the training regimen, even when they leave the house. Girls may wear only dresses or skirts and blouses. The only women's hosiery allowed at all is thigh-high stockings. Of course, with the coming of winter, this rule had been modified for the ladies to allow for certain styles of pants and easily-removed leggings, since the winter weather can be very brutal in Vermont.

Jeremy lay still, spooned naked behind the equally naked coffee-toned beauty with whom he shared the king-size bed this week, Tylea. Although he was looking out the doorway to their suite--which had no door; a feature in common with all the suites on the second floor of the house--he was not really seeing anything except mental images of the past few months; he was also thinking about the coming weeks.

"What cha thinking about, Baby?" asked Tylea. She was still the enjoying the afterglow of the good fucking they had shared after dinner. They had refrained from sexual activities earlier, as they had just settled into the room; getting their things in place--like toiletries, laptops, school books, and other things.

Tylea and Jeremy had already roomed together on at least three other occasions during the previous semester's weekly rotations. It was nothing new to them to settle in with a new roommate of the opposite sex now; but it did take a few hours to get completely comfortable, especially since they had just returned from 'the world, ' where everything was 'normal.'

Jeremy kissed the back of Tylea's neck and smiled as they both heard the sound of Dee crying out in orgasmic ecstasy from down the hall with Lee--Dee had the reputation of being the loudest woman in the new freshman group when it came to enjoying the culmination of sex. He said, "I'm just wondering about the types of so-called engagements we will all be involved in.

"I mean," Jeremy continued, "all this training here in the Sigma Lambda Tau house to be experts in sex is exciting and all. But so far, it has been sort of like living in Fantasyland. Once we go out on these engagements, it will suddenly be very real. I just hope we can handle it."

Tylea sighed and pressed Jeremy's left hand tighter to her left breast, where he had been cupping it and tweaking her nipple gently. "Well, I guess we can handle it. I mean; look at all the elder member Brothers and Sisters here. They seem to have handled it, as have others before them, and for well over twenty years now, if you remember what Irina said when we first got here.

"I guess they continue to do so, and that means that things should go well for us." She turned her head so that she could give Jeremy a quick kiss on the lips as he held his head over hers while she was speaking. "I'm sure we'll be okay."

Jeremy rolled back slightly so that his head was on the pillow now. There was no more conversation and they both fell asleep within minutes.

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