Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A very innocent young girl is taken advantage of and ultimately rescued by a widowed aunt and a young man with a persistent belief in himself.

Julie lay back on her bed, her legs dangling over the side. She was looking at her old High School Yearbook, 1999, the year she graduated. She remembered her grad dance. She looked at the nearly four year old picture and it seemed as if it was a different person. Her blonde, medium length hair hadn't changed, but there was no way in hell that she would ever be able to fit into that lovely, sexy dress again. That was fifteen pounds ago.

She lay on the bed in her pink, terrycloth housecoat. She had arrived home from work at her usual time, four o'clock. Robbie would be home in an hour or two, depending. She thought about her life since that graduation picture had been taken. She was never the most popular girl in school, but she had her share of dates. None of them "cranked her starter," but at least some of the guys wanted to date her.

Or maybe, they just wanted to get their hands on her tits, she thought. That was her prime asset, her bit tits. Big, sensitive tits. Just letting a guy touch her nipples or even her areolas would set her off. It was hard to be a virgin and still crave the touch of a man's hand on her breasts. She knew that was why she had so many offers for dates. The boys had only one thing on their mind, "cop a feel." She wondered idly if there was a contest with points for how many boys got a touch, and extra points for the ones who tweaked or even sucked them.

Her mind drifted back to that grad dance again. She had caused a mild sensation when she walked in. A warm May night, there was no need for a coat or sweater, so the sexy yellow dress was on its own. She had used all her powers of persuasion to convince her mother to buy the yellow dress. He mother was convinced it was too revealing. She was right, of course.

It was cut low in the front, allowing the maximum display of cleavage. Its hem was just above the knee, but a slit up the right side of the skirt traveled dangerously high. As she strolled across the dance floor to the tables on the far side, she felt the boys' eyes on her. She smiled inwardly, continuing to walk to one of the dance floor-side tables. She stopped, turned to survey the room, and sat down. It took less than one minute for the first of the boys to move in.

"Hey, Julie, you look super tonight. Nice dress,"

Ronnie Smythe was a basketball player, mediocre student, and self-styled stud. At least he wasn't drooling, Julie thought.

"Thanks, Ronnie. Did you come with someone?" she asked pointedly.

"Nah, you know me, I like to play the field, Julie," he bragged.

Within a few seconds, Bill Farnham and Jane Simmons, two more or her classmates appeared.

"Hi Julie," Jane exclaimed. "Wow! You look fabulous. Where did you get that dress? It's ... so ... sexy!"

It went on like that for almost two hours. Guys and girls who wouldn't normally spend five seconds of their time to say hello, were suddenly dropping by to say Hi! Guys who she could barely remember their names asked her to dance. Of course, they all seemed to have one mission, look down the front of her dress.

She enjoyed the attention. When she danced, it was amazing how many of them tried to slip their hands inside the slit in her dress. She spent as much time pushing their hands away as she did trying to ignore their erections pushed against her abdomen.

"Ah well," she thought, "the price of fame!"

It was fun. It was even more surprising when Mike Tulkman invited her to an "after party." She didn't have to think about it for long, she was happy to accept. Mike was a big, powerful young guy who played on the football team. He was very popular with the girls. She was thrilled to be asked to a private party by him. They left together just before midnight.

At the party, she circulated with a drink Mike had given her, some kind of fruit punch. She talked to some her classmates and noticed a few people there she didn't recognize. Her drink tasted strong, so she sipped it slowly. It must have been an hour later when Mike walked up to her.

"How're making out Julie?" he asked. Without waiting for a reply he said, "Here, let me freshen your drink."

"Thanks," she said as he took her glass. Julie was feeling very light and happy. It was the most pleasant feeling she had experienced in a long time. Mike was back in a minute with another glass of punch, and she took it from him, thanking him again.

This time, Mike stayed with her and they made small talk about the dance and graduation and what they planned for the future after high school. Mike was going to a local university to study medicine, he told her. Julie didn't have a plan. She didn't see herself in a big university. She wanted to get into public relations or promotional work. She was thinking of the local junior college that might have the courses she needed.

Julie noticed she was feeling a bit tipsy and she put the drink down on a nearby table. She started to head for the bathroom to freshen up when Mike caught up to her and held her arm.

"Are you all right?" he asked, looking at her carefully.

"I don't know," she said, trying to focus on his face. "I feel woozy. I need to go to the bathroom."

"Why don't you come with me?" he said, opening a door at the end of the hallway. "Here, Julie, lie down on this bed and rest a while. I'm sure you'll feel better soon." He pushed her down on the bed and lifted her legs up and onto the bedspread.

Julie laid her head back and closed her eyes. She was drifting and couldn't seem to concentrate on anything. She felt lightheaded. Dizzy, but not nauseous.

"Let me loosen your clothes, Julie. You'll be more comfortable that way," she heard Mike's voice in the distance.

It sounded funny, like a cartoon. She felt his hands undoing her dress and then pulling at her panties. She thought she was yelling "No! No! No! Stop it! Stop it!" but she wasn't sure.

There was a hand over her mouth and she tried to scream. Then she felt something poking at her vagina. It was pushing at her, then she felt a sharp pain. Then a finger pushed its way past her resistant thighs and into her. It was probing and poking her. Then the other thing was back and she felt it driving into her.

She opened her eyes and saw Mike looking at her. His face was very close and he had a horrible look in his eyes. He was grunting and pushing into her and she felt another sharp stab of pain, and then another, and another.

She also felt his hand holding both her wrists and his body on top of her. He was too heavy, she thought, he'll crush me. Her head was swirling and Mike's face moved away and she heard him groan and grunt. She felt something new inside her, like a warm liquid, but she was powerless to do anything about it.

Finally he got off her and off the bed. She opened her eyes and Mike was standing there, grinning at her. He said something, but she couldn't understand him. Something about "not so bad, was it," but she couldn't be sure.

A moment later, someone else was climbing over her. She tried to scream, but a hand was over her mouth and she couldn't hear anything. She felt like she was spinning, her face was in the bedspread. She thought she heard Mike's voice.

"Rip the bitch a new one Arnie! Atta boy!"

She felt a pain in her anus and then again and again and she cried and pleaded for him to stop. After a while, he did and the other body was gone. She lay face down on the bed, unable to move. Her vagina and anus felt as if they were on fire. She was crying and she wanted to go home but she couldn't move.

She tried to lift her head and it felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. She heard voices again and tried to call for help, but the door was closed and now two men were there. Who are they she wondered as she looked at them.

It wasn't Mike or anyone else she recognized, but they were talking to her. One of them opened his pants and took out his penis. It was big and purple and it was looking right at her. Then he climbed on her and once again the pain of penetration was back. She lost consciousness, her only blessing. She did not feel the entry of the other man.

They were gone when she slowly came back to consciousness. The light in the bedroom has been turned out and the door was closed. She was barely aware of sounds coming from the other side of the door. Her head was clearing slightly. She lay on the bed and her hands went to her groin and she felt a sticky wetness. With great effort, she pulled her elbows back and propped herself up.

The pain in her vagina was continuous and now she felt sharp pains in her rectum. She tried to look down at herself, but in the darkness, she could see nothing. Just that one movement took all the effort she could muster. She lay back and tried to think. With her right arm outstretched, she felt the night table top and then the small lamp.

With all of her concentration, she willed her hand to find the switch and when she did, pushed it with all her might. The blaze of light almost blinded her. She had blue spots with orange halos floating in front of her eyes. Gradually they diminished and she realized her ability to focus had returned. She could see the ceiling light and the closet doors and the standing mirror to her right. She tried again to prop herself up on her elbows and look down at herself. When she finally managed it, she saw the blood and the torn dress and she fainted.

She couldn't hear the door open and the laughter of the girls as they entered. Their screams, however, were heard all over the house, and probably at the neighbors. Others came running down the hall and pushed into the small bedroom.

"Oh my god," said one. "What happened?" said another. A cool male voice spoke. "It looks like she's been raped. Call 911 and get an ambulance."

"No!" one of the girls shouted. "We'll get in trouble."

"We'll be in a lot more trouble if she bleeds to death," the cool male voice responded angrily.

"Make the call or I will," he commanded. Julie became aware of someone kneeling beside the bed. She felt a cool hand gently on her face. "Can you hear me Julie?" he asked quietly. "Can you speak? If you can't, just move your head or nod."

Julie could hear the detached, cool, calm voice. She felt safer. She moved her head toward the voice and saw Sam, one of her classmates. "Sam to the rescue," she thought, and then began to slip back into unconsciousness.

She awoke on a gurney in a hospital corridor. There were several people around her and she could tell she was moving somewhere. Doors banged open and she was in what looked like an operating room. She saw a face hovering over her. It was Chinese or Japanese and female. She had a hospital green cap and gown, and there was a mask around her neck.

"Can you hear me miss?" the woman asked. Julie tried to talk, but couldn't seem to get anything out. She nodded instead.

"Were going to do an examination and see what's happened to you. Do you understand?" Julie nodded again.

"Good! I can't give you an anesthetic because you've had some kind of drug or drugs and alcohol in you. Do you understand that?"

Again, Julie nodded and tried to answer. It came out as a squawk. Her throat felt raw and it hurt to talk.

"You're going to be able to feel me poking around inside you. Just try and relax as best you can. I'll try to be quick and out of there in no time." the nurse said reassuringly.

Julie steeled herself for the invasion. She felt the warmth of the surgically gloved fingers open the lips of her labia and the cold metal of the instruments shocked her as they entered. The pain was still there and her muscles convulsed as the probing steel touched the damaged canal.

The doctor gently rolled her over and probed with her gloved fingers between the cheeks of her buttocks. Her anus was incredibly sore and she could feel pain inside as well. In a few minutes, it was over. Julie exhaled and realized she had been able to think more clearly again.

"My parents!" she called out in a raspy voice.

"Easy girl," one of the nurses said soothingly. "They've been called. They should be here when we get you to your room."

Julie's head dropped back on the gurney and she began to weep. She held her hands over her eyes and let the emotions she had held back pour out of her. She was wracked with her sobs, struggling to breath and unable to stop crying.

The realization of what had happened overwhelmed her. She had been raped and she felt shame and anger and sorrow to add to the pain.

"How did I let this happen to me?" she asked herself as they wheeled her down a corridor and into an elevator.

I few seconds later the elevator stopped and the doors opened. She was wheeled along another corridor, past a nursing station and finally into a room.

"We'll help you get into the bed, Miss," one of the attendants said. They were careful to make sure they supported her on the three foot trip from the gurney to the bed. Julie felt more pain in her vagina and rectum, but was grateful for the softness of the bed and the pillow under her head.

She looked around as they left and realized she was alone. Tears came to her eyes again.

"How will I ever face my parents and my friends?" she wondered.

In a matter of minutes her mother and father entered the room. Her mother had been crying and tears streamed down her face as she hurried to Julie's side and hugged her.

"Oh, Julie, I'm so sorry. Are you alright? I mean... ," her voice trailed off.

Julie's face was wet with both their tears.

"They raped me mom, they raped me and ... and ... I couldn't stop them," she cried in her scratchy voice.

She looked at her father and could see his face had become very red. He was very angry and Julie though he might be angry with her.

"Daddy, I'm sorry. I couldn't stop them. I really couldn't," she cried hoarsely.

"I know Julie, I know. I'm not mad at you," he said, realizing her worry. "But I'm very, very mad at them. They will pay for this ... I promise you! They will pay for this."

His voice was low and quiet, but there was no mistaking the venom in his promise.

Her parents sat on the edge of her bed for a while, saying little, trying to soother her, and reassure her of their unconditional love and support. They were finally interrupted when a uniformed figure appeared in the door way.

"Miss Payton?" she asked. "Miss Julie Payton?" The Paytons recognized the uniform of the RCMP.

"Yes?" Julie replied.

"I'm Corporal Janet Mayne, from the local detachment," she said in an even, quiet voice. "I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you think you are up to it. May I?"

"Yes, I guess so," Julie said a little hesitantly.

"Are you the parents?" she said, turning to them.

"Yes, yes we are," her father replied. "Is this necessary now?"

"I wish this weren't necessary, sir, but we need to get Julie's story as clearly as she can remember it. We want to get moving on this case," she said reassuringly.

"I'll need to talk to Julie alone, folks." she said apologetically.

"Yes, of course," her father replied.

John and Evelyn Payton walked slowly out of the room, John's arm protectively around his wife's shoulder. They sat in the chairs against the wall across the hallway and watched as Corporal Mayne closed the door behind them.

"Well, Julie, you've had a pretty horrible night, haven't you," she said sympathetically. Julie just nodded in response, looking at the policewoman's face.

"Can you tell me what happened?" she asked quietly. "Just start at the beginning and tell me what you remember." She pulled a notebook from a leather pouch on her belt and a pen from her vest pocket.

"I don't know where to start," Julie said despairingly.

"Why not start at the grad dance. Who did you go to the dance with?" she asked.

Julie began to tell the officer her story. She had gone to the dance with a couple of girl friends in their car and had danced with a number of the boys. She told the officer how Mike had asked her if she wanted to go with him to a house party afterward. She asked him where and whose house and he mentioned the name Mandy, one of the girls in her class.

About eleven thirty, Mike came over to her and said he wanted to get out of there and go over to Mandy's place, she remembered. There were four of them in the car, Mike, herself, Mike's friend Arnie and his date, Wendy.

When they got to the house, the party was already going strong. She described the drink Mike had brought her and how she slowly drank it. Then she told the Corporal about the second drink, and how she began to feel 'funny' just after that.

"Julie, are you sure you just had those two drinks?" the policewoman asked pointedly.

"Yes, I'm very sure about that. I didn't really like it very much. It was too sweet and it tasted very strong. I don't drink, except a glass of wine with my folks at Christmas or New Years. I took it pretty slow. I don't think I had more than a couple of sips out of the second one when I started to feel woozy. I was going to go to the bathroom, but Mike took me to the bedroom and made me lie down."

"Do you remember where you put the drink down?" she asked.

"Yes, on the table beside the stereo, just before the hallway. I'm sure of that!" she said emphatically.

"Will you excuse me for a minute?" Corporal Mayne got up and walked to the far corner of the room. She pulled her police radio microphone from her shoulder and Julie heard the squawk as she contacted her office. She spoke into the phone and listened to the replies, then signed off. Julie couldn't hear much of the conversation.

"Who were you calling?" Julie asked.

"Our investigation team is still at the house. I've asked them to look and see if they can find that drink you left on the table. It could produce some evidence." she replied matter-of-factly.

"Oh. Do you think there was something in that drink?" she asked with a wrinkled brow.

"That's what we want to find out." she replied. "Can you go on with the story now Julie? Why don't you pick up when you started to feel odd," she suggested.

Julie began again, but more haltingly than before. She was clearly uncertain of some of the events and the timing of them, but she tried to put them the order she remembered them. She spoke of Mike unbuttoning her dress and taking her belt and panties off.

She started to weep when she recalled seeing his face on top of her and feeling the poking at her vagina. She told the policewoman of the pain and the feeling of helplessness as he pushed himself inside her. She thought it was over and then Arnie's face was looking at her and he was rough and he hurt her insides and then he was gone.

"Rip the bitch a new one, Arnie," Julie suddenly exclaimed, her eye's widening in horror.

"I remember, I remember ... it was Mike! He was laughing when Arnie was on top of me. He was still there, with Arnie," she cried, tears streaming down her face.

"Take it easy Julie. Are you sure it was Mike Tulkman and Arnold Baynes?" she asked directly. "Were they the ones who said that?"

"It was Mike. He looked ... crazy or something. I remember his eyes. He looked crazy!" she exclaimed.

"Was Arnie there too?" she continued.

"Yes, he was on top of me," she responded.

"OK, Julie. What happened then?" the officer asked quietly.

"I'm not sure. I must have fainted or something. I just remember seeing two guys I didn't know in the room. One of them took his pants down and pulled out his ... you know ... thing," she said uncertainly.

"Do you mean his penis?" she asked quietly.

"Yes. It was big and ugly and ... and I don't remember any more until Sam came," she said softly.

"Can you describe these ... men?" Corporal Mayne asked.

Julie thought for a moment. "I don't think so. It was so murky and I couldn't focus my eyes or anything. They looked older than the other guys. I might remember if I saw them again, but I can't be sure. I'm sorry," she cried again. "I just want to go home. I just want to die," she wailed.

"Julie, who is Sam?" she asked.

"Sam? You mean Sam Collishaw?" she sniffed

"I don't know. You said Sam was at your side when you started to wake up. Is that who it was?" the Corporal asked.

"Yes, I think so. Yes, I'm pretty sure," she said more confidently.

The officer looked at her notebook and slowly closed it.

"That's all I need for now, Julie. If you can think of anything else that might help us, here's my card. If you can remember anything else, I want you to call me. If I'm not there, leave a message that it's urgent, and a number where I can call you back. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am," she said. "Do you think you'll catch them?" she asked quietly. "I mean the other two guys," she added.

"Too early to tell, Julie, but we'll be trying very hard, I promise you that."

With that, she got up, said goodbye and left the room. She walked across the hall to Julie's parents and sat down in a chair beside them.

"She's had a terrible experience," she began. "She remembers enough of it to help us find at least two of the perpetrators, but maybe not all of them."

"My god, there were more than two?" exclaimed her father.

"I think so. We'll know better when we get the lab reports, but she recalls at least two more guys. Guys she didn't know, apparently.

"She has given us all the information she can remember right now, but she may recall some other information when she starts to recover. I've given her my card and I'll give you one too. Don't hesitate to call and have me paged. These investigations don't get better with age.

"Don't try and judge your daughter, either. There's a possibility she didn't do anything wrong except maybe accept a drink at a party. Let us do our job and I'm reasonably confident we'll get a proper result. OK?"

"Yes, of course officer," Julie's mother said. "And thank you for your consideration."

"We'll keep our fingers crossed that you catch these bastards quickly," John said emphatically.

Corporal Janet Mayne turned and walked down the hall toward the elevator.

"Another fuckin' date rape," she thought to herself. "How many of these am I going to have to do this year? The poor kids don't even know what's happening." After a while, they just become statistics, but she wondered how many more of these interviews she could take before she asked for a transfer.

The emotional toll was getting to be too much. She begged the detachment chief to bring in a couple more officers capable handling the role, but nothing had happened. The other women in the detachment had neither the stomach nor the compassion necessary to play the role.

None of the men would touch it with a barge pole, so it all fell to her. If she left, she shuddered to think of what would happen to the victims them. She walked out of the hospital, got into her car and drove home. It was three a.m. and she needed to try and get some sleep, even if it likely wouldn't come.

Mike and Arnie were charged with sexual assault. Mike tried to imply that Julie had been a willing participant, but his story fell apart when Arnie lost his nerve, thinking that he was headed for prison. He spilled his guts and not only implicated Mike, but named the other two participants.

Mike's parents had hired a well known lawyer in an attempt to get him off. When the DNA tests came back, all four of them were identified. Only Mike and Julie's fingerprints were found on the drugged drink glass. Mike's plea was changed to guilty.

Julie never had to testify and both she and her parents were greatly relieved. Since she, Mike and Arnie were all under eighteen, their names were never released. However, the entire school knew who the main participants were.

The other two males were twenty and twenty-two. They were named, charged, and sentenced. They each were given two years in prison.

Mike and Arnie should have received even more time for initiating the rapes, participating in the rapes, counseling others to participate in the rape of a minor, spiking Julies drink, possession of an illegal substance (Ecstasy), contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and serving alcohol to a minor.

If the police could have thought of any more charges, they would have placed them. Regrettably, the judge undid the good work of the RCMP and gave them two years less a day plus two years probation on release. Julie's mother and father were furious and said so to the media. All the fuss and fury came to nothing when the Crown's appeal of the sentences was turned away.

Corporal Mayne told Julie and her parents that the blood tests done on Julie indicated that she had little alcohol in her system but a potentially dangerous amount of the date rape drug, Rohypnol. It was their good luck that she had very little of that drink and that the second glass of punch was still on the table in the Living Room where Julie had left it.

The analysis and fingerprints on the sample were conclusive. Based on the fact that she had not felt much if any effect on the first drink, they concluded that the first drink must have contained a smaller amount of the drug.

The policewoman told the parents that Julie's assault was the first of five occurrences featuring the two drugs. One instance had ended even more tragically with the death of a young woman. The Corporal was relieved that the detachment had hired another rape specialist, and perhaps a third one may be on the way. And that was that.

The damage to Julie was both physical and mental. She had been raped, both vaginally and anally. Both cavities were damaged with tears to the walls in the vagina and her rectal cavity. She spent almost two weeks in the hospital and her recovery at home was long and slow.

The damage to her psyche was extensive as well. She was having nightmares, and had been seeing a psychiatrist to try and come to terms with the aftermath of the crime. She attended group therapy sessions, talking with other girls and women who had also experienced rape.

All of these helped to some degree, but it was her self esteem that was the slowest to recover. She alternately blamed herself and Mike for the rapes. Her anger would appear at the most unexpected times.

Frustrated with her slow recovery and her fits of depression and anger, her mother and father suggested she spend some time with her Aunt Eleanor in Toronto. In fact, it had been Eleanor's idea. She and Julie were close. Julie always felt she could tell her aunt things she couldn't tell her mother. They were more like good friends than relatives.

It turned out to be the right prescription. Eleanor Thompson, Evelyn's sister, was the perfect combination of sympathy, attentive listening, support, and "get a grip on yourself" counseling. It was like being in therapy full time.

In the six months since the rape had taken place, Julie had gained weight. She called it "eating therapy," but in fact, it was compulsive when she encountered any kind of stress. She had gone from being a pretty, reasonably slim young debutant, to an overweight, unemployed, frumpy looking young woman with no sense of direction and no ambition to go anywhere.

Eleanor put up with her "act" for about a week and then let her have what she described as the "facts of life." She marched her into the bedroom and told her to get undressed and stand in front of the mirror.

"Now," she said in a no-nonsense voice. "Tell me what you see!"

"What do you mean? It's me," she said petulantly.

"Really!" she spat. "You used to be the beauty in this family, you know. You had it all and then something horrible happened to you. It wasn't your fault but you blame yourself. You're making a career out of it. Fat, lazy and no fun. You've got to snap out of it girl. You've got a whole life ahead of you and it won't be any fun if you weigh two hundred pounds, live in a trailer park, and never find a guy!"

Eleanor was working up a full head of steam, and Julie was beginning to show signs of tears.

"Oh, snap out of it for Christ's sake Julie! Get a grip on yourself or so help me, I'll ship you off to ... to ... I don't know where. Some trailer park," she bellowed angrily.

They looked at each other and Eleanor began to laugh. It was contagious and Julie soon was giggling and then laughing along with her.

"I'm sorry, kid, I'm not unsympathetic, but we need to get you back in the groove again."

"We've got to get you repaired, girl." Eleanor continued emphatically. "And ... you have got to lose some weight! I want you looking pretty again. You're bad for the family image like this," she said semi-seriously.

Julie listened, resigned to this new imperium. Eleanor was a no-nonsense woman, a completely different personality from her sister, Julie's mother. She was tall, slim and elegant. Her hair had grayed, but her face was deceptively youthful. Almost unlined, it featured high cheekbones, an aquiline nose, thin lips, and pale blue eyes. Julie was not surprised that she would have a man in her life.

The aftermath of the outburst settled the matter between them. From that point on, Julie would be taking orders, and there wouldn't be any backtalk. It was the turning point for her. She stayed with her Aunt for almost a year and made dramatic progress.

Her third night in the apartment, she and Eleanor were sitting in the living room talking about their plans for the next few weeks. Eleanor had made an innocent comment about getting Julie in shape to go "man-hunting" as she called it.

"Oh, no!" Julie exclaimed. "I can't do that. I can't be with a man. Just the thought of it makes me shake."

She looked genuinely fearful, Eleanor thought.

"What is it that makes you frightened?" her aunt asked seriously.

"I couldn't have ... I mean ... just the thought of a man on top of me or inside me," she answered with a look of horror on her face.

"You've got to get past this Julie. Not all men are mean, or cruel, or hurtful. You can't judge them all by a couple of drugged-up punks. Making love with a special man is something to celebrate. It's a beautiful thing. Trust me," Eleanor said pleading.

"I couldn't, I just know I couldn't. I'd keep seeing those boys and it would ruin everything. I'll never have a man in that way, never in my life," she said forcefully.

"I hope you're wrong, Julie. I really do hope you're wrong," Eleanor said sadly. "You'll miss out on one of the most beautiful things two humans can share."

The conversation was ended but Eleanor knew she had a special project in the next weeks. She had to get Julie to accept that a relationship with a man, one special man, was possible for her. Until she could accept that, making any progress with the rest of her young life was going to be a very difficult, if not impossible task.

That Friday evening, they were watching a particularly graphic art movie on one of the cable channels late in the evening. Eleanor noticed that Julie, in her usual position on the couch; curled up at one end with her feet tucked under her, was squirming somewhat.

On the screen, a young couple was simulating sexual intercourse and Julie appeared to be mesmerized by the scene. Her hands were tucked into her crotch and the older woman thought she might have seen Julie's hands pressing tightly against her pubic bone.

She smiled inwardly. There's some life in the young lady still. Now, how to take advantage of what she had just learned? When the scene ended and a commercial came on, Eleanor couldn't resist:

"God, I wish I was that young again and could find myself a young, handsome stud like Jerome there!" she said in her most wistful voice.

"Aunt Eleanor, really!" Julie said in mock horror, and then giggled. "I thought you already had a boyfriend?" she taunted.

"I do dear, and he's wonderful. A very tender and thoughtful lover," she said absently.

"When do I get to meet this mystery man?" she asked innocently.

"Tomorrow, as a matter of fact. I've invited him to dinner."

"Great. Now I can get all the gossip on what you two are up to," Julie said laughing.

'You'll do no such thing, young lady. This one is mine. Go get your own guy," she said semi-seriously.

There was no protest from Julie this time. Another flicker of hope, thought Eleanor.

The next day, promptly at five, there was a soft knock at the door and Eleanor moved to greet her guest. She kissed him at the door and invited him in. Julie smiled and said hello as Eleanor introduced him. Roger Inhalt was medium height, probably five nine and Eleanor, wearing heels, was an inch or so taller, Julie noted.

Distinguished grey hair and reasonably trim, he was dressed casually in a short sleeve green golf shirt, pressed dark grey slacks and polished black loafers. He had a natural, ready smile and a smooth deep voice that immediately put people at ease.

He was obviously the same age group as Aunt Eleanor, mid fifties or so. He was at ease in the apartment, moving smoothly to the kitchen to prepare a drink for Eleanor and himself. Julie already had an iced tea and was more interested in the body language of the two older lovers. It was easy to see what her Aunt saw in him, he was easy to like and in his own way, handsome.

They engaged in small talk for a while, sitting in the living room. Roger appeared genuinely interested in Julie and what she might want to do in the future. He had a number of contacts and offered introductions and help where he could. Julie thanked him for his offer and said that when she was ready to decide on her future, she would certainly let him know of her plans.

Eleanor moved quietly in and out of the room while she prepared the dinner. Just before six thirty she came in to announce that dinner was served and Julie and Roger rose and moved to the dining area. The meal was excellent, and Eleanor was pleased to receive their compliments. They all seemed at ease and comfortable with each other and each joined in the conversation. The age difference between Julie and her elders wasn't apparent during the exchange.

For her part, Julie was studying her Aunt and Roger, trying to see what behavior or signals would tell her they were lovers. She had not contemplated that men and women of her Aunt's age would have active sex lives. She realized at her tender age of eighteen she had a lot to learn. Movies and television didn't concentrate their efforts on the sex lives of mature people very often.

She wondered about her parents and meant to ask her Aunt about them. Her parents obviously loved each other, but didn't make a big display of it. That was understood by those who knew them, and Julie took a great deal of comfort from this. The way they handled the rape and its aftermath was nothing but supportive and loving and understanding. That took a great deal of pressure off Julie and she was grateful and happy for that gift from them.

Aunt Eleanor was very different, but obviously wanted Julie to be happy, and would help her in any way she could. She felt comfortable being here with her. There were no airs, or formality. Just two women living in the same apartment.

Shortly after ten, Julie excused herself and headed off to bed. Eleanor and Roger had been listening to music and just enjoying the pleasure of each other's company. The dinner had been a big success.

Roger was pleased that Julie had been quite easy to talk to and had participated in the conversation. She was more mature than her years; more so that he expected. Perhaps the events of the past few months had forced that maturity upon her, but it still caught him by surprise.

After she had left, Roger turned to Eleanor and said, "I think she's going to be okay, Ellie."

"It's going to take a bit of work, but I'm hopeful Roger. I think the big hurdle for her is to accept the idea that she can fall in love with a man and have a normal love life, a normal relationship."

"If you think about what has happened to her," Roger said, "it's no wonder he's scared. If anyone can help her, it's you Ellie. You have that great streak of common sense that takes over in stressful situations. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't got a plan up your sleeve already."

"Ah, Roger, you know me too well. I've got the germ of an idea, but I'll have to be patient. She's only been here ten days. There's no rush," she said, smiling at him. "How about a brandy, love?"

"Heated in a snifter?" he asked.

"Please." Eleanor sighed, pushed her shoes off and curled her feet up underneath her on the couch. She was very content, happy that the evening had gone so well. "Little baby steps" she thought to herself. "We'll get the real Julie back somehow."

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