The Not So Innocent Girl Scout
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Food, Exhibitionism, Teacher/Student, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Scout leader learns the hard way how quickly girls these days grow up, as one of his Girl Scouts decides to take initiative! Codes will be added to match as the story is posted.

Several years ago I was Scout Leader for a group of wonderful young people of various ages. Back then I was just 22 myself, so I still felt "young" enough to have fun and play with the young kids.

Although membership was ever-changing, there were obviously some that stuck in your head, and Stacy was definitely one of those. Stacy was a sweet and innocent looking young girl of 14 with long blonde hair. However, she was definitely getting curves in all the right places despite her young age. There wasn't all that much there yet, but what was there told you she was only going to look even more stunning as she matured and filled out. She always dressed nice - perhaps too nice for many of the activities, but she managed ok anyway.

In the clear vision of hindsight, Stacy probably flirted with me a lot, by I was oblivious at the time, since I didn't think of her or any of the kids in that way - you know as sexual beings. They were just a bunch of great kids.

But every time there was an activity in which we sat down she'd make sure to sit next to me, and really quite close to me so we'd accidentally touch now and then, but I just figured it to be a normal kid-thing, with her looking for security and trusting me. In my position you really became a kind of role model and pseudo-parent rolled into one to the kids you spent so much time with. But she'd also always manage to make it onto my team in any activity that divided us into two or more teams, and if we were walking in the woods - there she'd be right at my side taking my hand or arm occasionally, but then so did all the kids - only not even nearly as much as Stacy did now that I look back.

But Stacy was just incredibly sweet, kind and helpful. It didn't matter if a rope needed fetching, the dishes of 40 kids needed washing or any other task, she'd always be the first to volunteer - of course again looking back this might be because as leader I'd also almost always be involved in these tasks. But she really was kind to other kids and everyone around her really. I witnessed time and again how she comforted and helped new members whether they were scared, confused or just needed a sympathetic ear.

Of course since I'm writing this story something obviously happened to change my perception of Stacy...

It all started at a Scout meeting Thursday evening, where we were sitting pretty tightly packed around a large round table listening to another of the Scout Leaders reading a story for the kids that they'd then use in the evenings further activities. Of course it should be to no one's surprise at this point that sitting to my right was none other than Stacy.

About 10 minutes into the story I feel something touching my right thigh. At first I just figured Stacy's leg had grazed mine as she moved on her seat as we all did occasionally to keep blood circulation going, so I didn't give it much thought. However, I quickly realized that it was highly unlikely to be her leg unless she was quite exceptionally limber since she was now touching the inside of my thigh. I immediately realized it had to be her hand, and there was really no way it would "accidentally" get on the inside of my thigh.

I was unsure how to react and looked over at Stacy, but it seemed like she was giving her full attention to the storyteller, and wasn't even glancing in my direction. Still her hand stayed on my inner thigh. I decided to try to do the same, and just look casual and normal and pay attention to the reading, even if it was getting hard to do, given that I could feel her hand against my thigh like it was burning.

After a minute or two of this I felt her hand start to move, but it wasn't moving away - no it was moving slowly and tantalizing up my thigh towards my crotch! I was rapidly getting hard, and Stacy's hand didn't stop until it was so very, very close to touching to growing bulge in my pants. I don't know how well I managed to look normal, but all I know is I was concentrating so very, very hard on looking like everything was completely normal, but inside my head thoughts were flying around in dizzying patterns and high speed and I was at a loss as to what to do.

I obviously knew that the right thing to do would be to move away and get Stacy's hand off my thigh and especially away from my crotch, but I was a young guy with a rapidly growing hardon and the tiny head was doing an increasing amount of my thinking. So after what was really seconds, but seemed like hours of internal debate, I stayed sitting still, like nothing was happening, but with Stacy's hand so very close to my now fully hard prick.

For a few minutes nothing else happened, and I was just starting to breathe a little easier, and my prick was starting to droop ever so slightly when suddenly I nearly flew up as Stacy's thumb start tracing the outline of my dick through my jeans. Obviously it immediately grows back to full size, and her next move was to let her whole hand wander up and start to caress and fondle my dick through my jeans.

I knew it was so very wrong, but it felt very, very good, so again I did nothing to stop her. I felt certain that everyone around the table just had to know something was going on, but it was just my guilt trying to trick me. Everyone around me was raptly paying attention to the story being told.

I felt certain that this was the extent of what was going to happen, but I was wrong. Stacy's little hand started to unzip me slowly and carefully under the table, and silently she sneaked her hand inside my pants. She quickly and deftly got her hand up and into my boxers as well so her tiny hand was now fondling my dick directly. It felt like it grew to twice its size at her touch, obviously that's impossible but it certainly grew to its very biggest and moved in her hand.

I glanced at her again, but she still seemed completely focused on the story and not acknowledging me in any way. Slowly and carefully her fingers started to play with my prick, sliding up and down and playing with the tip before sliding down and cupping and fondling my balls. I felt like I could come at any moment - normally I could control the feeling almost indefinitely, but the sheer audacity and taboo of this illicit act was so arousing it was all I could do to keep from coating my boxers and pants in my come as she kept fondling and caressing my dick.

Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - my heavenly experience was interrupted as the story came to its conclusion and the other Leader told the kids to get on with the day's activity. Like lightning her hand snaked back out of both boxers and pants and seemingly vanished in thin air. It had even quickly zipped me back up again, so I stayed at the table for a while to give my prick a chance to shrink some since everyone in the room would know I had a giant boner if I got up right away.

All the children got started on the day's activity, and I wandered around the room, helping different kids if they needed it until the evening started getting to a close. About 15 minutes before it was time to clean up and send the kids home, I noticed while busy helping a few other kids that Stacy asked the other leader if she could go to the bathroom, which she was obviously allowed. When she came back out I was sitting in my earlier spot at the table and she walked up to the table with decisive steps and sat down next to me. I soon felt her hand on my thigh, but she just slipped her hand into my pocket, before quickly pulling it back out and standing up, while moving over to another table.

I didn't quite understand what she was up to, and I was very curious about my pocket, but I could hardly look at it in the current circumstances without someone noticing what I was doing, so I had to impatiently wait for the last 10 minutes to pass which felt like several long days to me.

Finally the kids were sent home, and all that remained was for the other leader and me to clean the last few things up and lock the place up for the night. She told me she really wanted to go home to her children, and I told her to just go, and I'd finish and close up. As soon as she left I yanked whatever was in my pocket out, my patience at an end, and realized that it was a pair of small red panties. I wasn't sure if they'd be classified as G-string given that they were still kid's panties, but they certainly wouldn't cover much. I noticed that something had been scribbled on them with a ball pen, and strained my eyes to make it out. It was a message from Stacy saying: "Mm you have a large and nice cock. Is it for me?" I was so horny by now I had to go the bathroom right there and jack off. It was probably the best orgasm I've ever gotten from playing with myself.

I finished locking up the place and left for home. I spent the entire next week fantasizing about what had happened, and what might still happen, as I waited impatiently for the next Thursday to come around. When it was finally time for the next meeting, I left already excited and, frankly, horny, and I was very curious what Stacy might do. However, throughout the meeting nothing at all happened - in fact it seemed like Stacy was actively trying to avoid me, so I started wondering if she had regretted the events of past week or were embarrassed by them. That evening I left for home very disappointed without even exchanging a single word with Stacy, and I decided during the following week that was had happened was a one-time experience, and I resigned myself to this. I did spend a lot of time jacking off to mental images of Stacy and what I wished we could have done, but I accepted that it wasn't going to happen.

Next Thursday eventually came around, and another scout meeting was scheduled. As usual I arrived early to prepare, and as I did so the other leader and the kids started showing up. It was almost time to start, and Stacy hadn't yet showed up even though she was usually one of the first kids to arrive. But just as I started to talk to start the meeting there was a knock and in walked Stacy. However, there was a difference. She was wearing cure little sandals and an extremely short skirt, leaving her long beautiful legs fully visible and barely covering the well-shaped ass of a young teenage girl growing in all the right places. She was obviously wearing her uniform, but she seemed to have "forgotten" to do all the buttons, having only buttoned it in the middle, showing off her small - but to me delicious looking - cleavage as well as her cute belly button and well-toned stomach. Special attention seemed to have been paid to her lovely blonde hair making it frame her angelic face in just the right way. I noticed for the first time how extraordinarily beautiful she really was. It wasn't that she had been sloppy about her looks before, but she had been a kid you know. Now she looked like a woman - a very, very young woman, but still...

The meeting started with the usual song, and while we were singing Stacy looked over at me with a cute little smile, and seemed a little embarrassed to find me looking at her already. As the song came to an end we all sat down at the table like usual, and Stacy came over and took her usual seat right next to me. I sat quietly, trying hard not to stare at her, but I apparently failed as she leaned a little closer and whispered that I seemed to be staring a lot today, and then gave a little giggle that was cute and sexy as all hell. I sat up straight and tried harder to focus on the instructions the other leader was giving the kids, which seemed to help keeping me from staring at Stacy for a few minutes.

Then I felt her little hand grab mine under the table, and pulling it over towards her. I let her guide my hand willingly feeling very curious about her intentions. She carefully placed it on her shapely thigh just barely below her miniskirt. It felt great having my hand on the softest and shapeliest leg I could imagine as she kept her hand on top of mine. She started sliding my hand a little up and down her thigh, and just this simple action made me instantly hard and willing to do anything she wanted. After about 5 minutes of doing this she put my hand back on my own thigh and then asked aloud if she could go to the bathroom, which the other leader agreed to. While she was gone I tried to keep my mind on what was said at the table, but it seemed impossible. My mind - and my dick - had only Stacy on their minds.

After a few minutes Stacy got back from the bathroom and sat back down next to me. She seemed to slouch and slide a little lower under the table and soon her hand came over to find mine again. She once more pulled it towards her and placed it on her thigh as she started moving it in small circles getting ever closer to the hem of her skirt. I was so horny I was ready to blow and most of all I wanted to throw Stacy on the heavy oak table and fuck her senseless right then and there, but I restrained myself by telling myself again and again that not only would doing so be inappropriate, it would most certainly get me sent to jail.

Suddenly Stacy slid my hand all the way up under her skirt and pushed it flat against her pubic area. I was so shocked and surprised that it took me a few seconds to register what my hand was telling me. Smooth. Totally smooth and warm and definitely no panties! That's what she went to the bathroom for - removing her panties. She spread her legs ever so slightly and pushed my hand against her young pussy. It felt wonderful and I could feel a slight moistness escaping from her tight little slit, and just a few soft downy little hairs. She gave me a quick little smile and removed her hand from mine, and the message was clear: I was in control now. I was still shocked and surprised, but my mind was starting to work again, so I had a few ideas.

I let a finger glide up and down the outside of her little slit a few times, feeling the moistness increase before I slipped it slightly inside and resumed the sliding up and down just between her lips as I felt her get wetter and wetter. After a bit of this I let my finger slide all the way up to her little nub and grazed it ever so gently with my fingertip. She let out the tiniest and cutest little moan that only I could hear. I started paying increasing attention to her clit as I kept caressing her, and I could sense her pleasure increasing until I wondered if I should stop before she came, which could very well lead to discovery. However, Stacy preempted any decision I could make by taking my hand and quite insistently aiming my finger right at her tight little hole, and starting to push me inside her.

How could I not oblige? I slowly slid my finger up inside her. If she was a virgin, she must have done something to get rid of her hymen, for I felt no obstacle as I pushed my finger in, but she was tight, oh so very, very tight. After sliding a finger in and out for a little while I felt confident enough to insert a second finger, even if I had to go very slow due to her tightness. Just as I was really starting to fuck her with two fingers the other leader started wrapping up the days instructions, and I had to quickly pull my fingers out, and my hand back to myself. Stacy stood to walk away from the table, and as she did so she let her lips graze my ear and whispered a quick thank you, and that it had been wonderful. I myself had to stay at the table for a while as my hardon would have been instantly recognizable if I stood up. I noticed Stacy rushing to the bathroom - presumably to put her panties back on.

The rest of the evening passed quickly with the assigned activity, and there was no further chance for me and Stacy to talk as I helped various kids with the tasks. Then about 10 minutes before it was time to go home, Stacy came up to me and asked if she could borrow my cell phone to call her mom, and tell her she was going to a friend's house, and to pick her up there later. Apparently her own was out of battery. So I lent her my phone and she went into the other room to make the call. A few minutes later she returned and with a quick "thank you" gave me back my phone. Then it was time to clean up and send the kids home. After closing the place down, the other leader and I went home as well.

As I got home I hurried to the bathroom to deal with my rampant hornyness. Just as I had pulled my pants down and was about to start my phone rang, and I cursed bad timing as I ran out the bathroom, while pulling up my pants and trying not to trip as I rushed to the phone. However, before I got there the caller had hung up and I went into the list of recent calls to find out who had called me. It turned out to be my mom, but I felt no desire to talk to my mom at this very moment, while feeling extremely horny for Stacy. I was just putting the phone down when I realized something odd. There were no outgoing calls in the last few hours. Since Stacy had ostensibly borrowed my phone to call her mom this struck me as more than a little strange.

I checked my inbox, outbox and sent messages, in case she had sent a text message, but found nothing. As I started rifling through my contacts with little hope of finding anything, but now determined to check everything, I found a new contact that hadn't been there before. The name said: "Thank you for tonight, check your picture gallery :)" Suddenly there was no need to fondle myself to get hard, my dick was now hard as steel. My thoughts were a jumbled mess as my fingers nearly entangled themselves in each other trying to get to the picture gallery. As I finally got there I could see from the overview that there were at least 10 new pictures.

I opened the first of the new pictures, and found a close-up of Stacy's smiling face. As I moved to the next it showed Stacy with one more button in her uniform undone letting me see her small but perfect boobs better. Excited and horny I started playing with myself with one hand while going through the pictures with the other. First there were pictures of her uniform with more and more buttons undone, until up came a picture of her with all the buttons undone, and I could see her perfect little boobs in all their glory. They were perfectly shaped like half oranges, except a good deal smaller sitting perfectly proportioned on her chest, and with little chocolate colored nipples that seemed hard to me.

On the following picture she was lifting her right boob and pushing it up towards her face as she leaned down and touched the dark nipple with her pink tongue and I lost it. I hammered away on my dick with my fist as I devoured every detail of the picture and then I exploded in a wonderful orgasm. For a few minutes I could do nothing, but then I resumed looking through the pictures. There were a few more of Stacy coyly covering her boobs with her hands and arm, and posing for me, and then a final picture where she had written on a piece of paper: "There will be more another time..."

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