Submissive Neighbor
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I deliver more than a casserole to my next door neighbor. Codes added as they happen.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Enema  

Gail was a twenty something divorcee that lived next door to me and my mom. Her husband had left her recently because, according to my nosy mother, he liked boys more than his pretty young wife.

My mom and she became fast friends after Gail's husband abandoned her. She did get the small ranch house in the divorce but had to work two jobs to pay the mortgage and maintain the house. My mother was divorced from my Dad so I guess they had plenty to talk about.

Although I had hardly talked to Gail at all, I mowed her lawn for free as a favor to my mother. Sometimes I would see her at the kitchen window watching as I maintained her smallish yard. Gail was very pretty with her blonde hair mostly in a long ponytail. She had smallish breasts usually hidden by loose fitting blouses and dresses. She was short, about five foot four inches with slender blemish free legs.

I hadn't talked to her much but I had enjoyed seeing her slim body as she walked to her car many a morning. Her tight little bottom swaying as she walked, I had only seen her in pants one time and was amazed at how the cotton material had shown off her nicely rounded ass, creeping into the valley between her cheeks. That had made me hard. After all I was still a teenager and Gail was only four or five years my senior.

I never would have guessed at the demure young divorcee's secret if my mom hadn't sent me over one Saturday morning with an extra casserole she had made. Mom often doubled up on her recipes when making dinner to include a meal for Gail. My mom thought because of the money bind that Gail was in she never ate a proper meal.

Usually my mom took her food dishes to Gail herself and stayed for coffee but this particular late Saturday morning she had committed to meet one of her friends for lunch.

"Ryan, I would appreciate it if you would take this casserole over to Gail's house for me. Tell her I will see her tomorrow morning for coffee."

"Sure Mom. I'd be happy to do it." I said as I really was happy to run this errand. Like I've said before I rarely got to talk to Gail. I was a little smitten with my next door neighbor and hoped she would invite me in for coffee so I could get to know her better.

I went to her back door which led to the small kitchen. I rapped on the door. Her car was still in her driveway so I figured she hadn't heard my knock so I rapped on the door harder and louder. Still no Gail.

I had just about given up and was ready to leave the casserole at the back door when I caught a movement through the curtains covering the back door window. The door opened to reveal Gail dressed in a fluffy white robe with a towel wrapped around her hair still wet from her shower.

She saw the dish in my hand then looked at my face quickly before looking down again. "Hi Ryan. Thanks for bringing the food over." She said very softly.

I made an obvious sniffing sound saying. "That coffee smells good."

She took the hint blushing slightly. "Would you like to come in for a cup Ryan?"

She moved back giving me room to enter the kitchen. I sat at her kirchen table as she poured two big mugs of coffee. She sat opposite of me after depositing my coffee cup, sugar and cream in front of me.

I took a long swallow of the aromatic liquid noticing that Gail's eyes were focused on the table about halfway to where I was sitting. Bashfull?

I tried to make small talk but was not very adept at it. "Caught you in the shower I see."

She blushed again as she nodded her head. Gail pulled the towel fron her head and vigorously began drying her long blonde damp hair with it. Unknown to her the gyrations she was using to dry her hair had opened up the front of her robe just enough to give me an unobstructed look at her left breast.

It was only the size of an orange, well rounded with an erect nipple at the center. I had been semi hard since I entered the kitchen but at the sight of Gail's beautiful tit my cock became rock hard as only a teenage cock could.

She finished toweling her air, threw the damp towel across the back of another chair and took a sip of her coffee, still not looking me in the eyes. It was then that she realized that one of her breasts was exposed to me. She blushed crimson and reached for her robe to close it.

"Don't!" I said even surprising myself. She looked up at me, this time directly into my eyes. Her eyes were gleeming with shame? Embarrassment? Or was it lust? "Let me see them both." I demanded in a rougher voice than normal.

I wasn't sure what I was doing but Gail looked back down at the table top as she opened her robe far enough for both of her tits to be on display for her teen neighbor.

"Take off your robe and stand up." I ordered. Imediately obeying my command she dropped the robe onto her chair and stood up next to the table. Her eyes were on the floor now as she stood completely naked in front of me. I had read on the internet about submissive women but I never expected to have one living right next door to me. This should be fun!

"Look at me." I told her. She looked up, her blush darkening some more. "You like to be told what to do, don't you Gail?"

She nodded affirmative as I continued to stare at my first live naked woman. Her pubic hair was only a shade or two darker than her beautiful blonde hair, surrounding her slit which I noticed was opening slightly like a blossoming flower.

My cock was hard and trying to burst the front of my pants. I knew I was in charge and was going to get my first piece of ass soon. Technically I wasn't a virgin but my only time was in the back seat of my mom's car with my current girlfriend Nadia and that didn't turn out well. I had spurted as soon as the head of my cock entered her pussy causing her to push me away so that I dumped my load all over the outside of her making a mess of her pubes and belly.

Even the long awaited blow job Nadia had given me the prior week sucked, no pun intended. Her over exuberent use of her teeth on my cock made an orgasm hard to achieve. I was afraid to tell her that she wasn't making me feel good. Finally Nadia's jaw was getting sore and she let me out of her mouth and brought me to my orgasm with her hand. My cock had been sore for days.

Gail remained standing in front of me in the middle of her kitchen her gaze still averted from me while I enjoyed looking at her nude body."Are you going to do everything I say Gail?" I asked, expecting her to agree.

"Yes Ryan." She wispered.

"So if I tell you to get on your knees and give me a blow job, you will?"

I could see how her blush deepened yet again as she nodded yes to my question. This is what dreams are made of. I thought. I was going to get blown by an experienced twenty five year old divorced woman in her kitchen. I touched my hard prick through the material of my trousers hardly believing my good fortune.

"On your knees!" I ordered my cute blonde neighbor. As she dropped obediently to the floor I couldn't help but notice how taught her body was, the muscles of her legs and buttocks tightening beneath her pale skin.

I walked close to her reaching for my belt when she murmered, "Let me." She reached up to undo my belt. Then she unzipped my pants, pulling them and my briefs down to my ankles. My six inch erection jumped out to bob in front of her face. She still wasn't looking at me but she was staring directly at my hard cock, only inches from her soft lips, the pea hole dripping with my precum.

"Please Ryan. Tell me what to do. Order me to suck you. Please."

So that's how she wants it. "Put it in your mouth Gail. Suck my cock good. I want to shoot my cream down your throat." I was making it up as I went along and from the way Gail shuddered I was doing it right.

I had never experienced anything as erotic before watching my erect cock sliding into Gail's mouth inch by inch until her lips were touching my pubic hairs. She let my cock out until her lips were pressed against my cock head then slowly sucked my cock in again. She did this techniques several more times before my cock and I could take it no longer. I began controlling the rythem of my cock's penetration of her warm mouth, increasing the speed until I was rapidly fucking her mouth.

She never let me out of her mouth as my thrusts became savage as I tried to achieve an orgasm. When my cock finally exploded Gail grabbed my ass cheeks with both of her hands and held me close as I spurted stream after stream of my teenage sperm down her throat. Now THAT was a blow job!

I was still hard as I disrobed, still standing in front of the kneeling nude woman. I knew that I wanted my cock in her pussy soon. The bedroom would have to wait. "Get up!" I told her.

As she stood I pushed her down, face first, on the kitchen table turning over one of the half drunk cups of coffee, the brown liquid running along the formica table top to seep off the edge and onto the linoleum below.

I stepped up behind Gail simultanously stuffing two fingers directly into her pussy, finding it sopping wet with her juices. Good! She was enjoying this.

My cock met no resistence as I plundered her pussy with my stiff member. She was now moaning, softly but still audible. As I increased the tempo of my thrusts she finally spoke. "Fuck me Ryan. Fuck my bad girl cunt hard. Make me cry!."

Without much thought I slapped her firm bottom once, twice, three times while I pumped my teenage cum deep inside her pussy.

I dressed and left Gail still sprawled on her kitchen table. "I WILL see you later Gail. Always be ready for me. You won't be needing your underwear either. Your pussy needs to be available whenever I need it."

Gail didn't answer or even look in my direction but I knew she would obey.

When I entered the back door of my own house my mother was sitting at the kitchen table sipping a coffee. "I thought you were having lunch with a friend today."

"I changed my mind." She said, then added. "Did you enjoy yourself today Ryan?"

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