Sorority Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Science Fiction, FemaleDom, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, School, Sci-fi Female Domination

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jennifer is a college girl and a Pledge with the Phi Kappa Beta sorority, but she begins to worry when told that she has to bring her virgin boyfriend with her to the initiation. Will her new sisters pull a train on the innocent young man? Or is it one final challenge to test the bonds of trust?

"I don't know, Mom. I'm not sure I have what it takes, you know?" I sighed and listened to my mother talk some more.

Two thousand miles doesn't seem so far on the telephone, but when you hang up it seems like forever. I took strength from that, trying to explain my reluctance to join a sorority despite her constant insistence. If Mom had been there, facing me, this conversation would have been over long ago.

"I know, I know ... Meet people. It's not who you are, it's who you know ... Yayaya..." She hates it when I say that.

It's not who you fuck, it's who you suck; isn't that what you really mean, Mother? I was dying to say that, just to get some real attention. This sorority thing had become another excuse for our monthly woman to woman chat. On the telephone. Right. It would probably give me an Oedipus Complex if we weren't careful.

I watched the TV out of the corner of my eye. I found myself wishing Big Bird was on, right then it would have been just ... Perfect. Like I'd never left home at all.

Later, after I'd long forgotten the conversation with my mom, I had another one.

"I don't know, Susan. Maybe I don't have what it takes, ya know?" I sighed with a strange sense of déjà vu and listened to my roommate yell at me from the bathroom. Her voice echoed down the short hallway into the kitchen and made me wince.

"What? What do you mean, Jen? Of course you have what it takes! Don't be such a dick." I'd never had a big sister, but I was reasonably sure that was what one sounded like.

I looked at the cup-a-soup on the table in front of me and dropped my fork into it, pushing it away. I wasn't hungry anymore, not like that was a whole lot of food anyway.

"Look," Susan said, padding across the carpet with her wet feet, knotting one of my towels around her waist. "You're almost in anyway, right? I mean, you have like one thing left to do and that's it, you're home free."

"Yeah, I know," I nodded.

She tilted her head to one side and gave me a funny, crooked smile while she rubbed stiff fingers back and forth through her short blonde hair. The wet strands separated liked the quills of a porcupine, giving her hair a puffy, spiky kind of look before Susan combed it straight back.

A junior and a member of the sorority, Susan was also my sponsor, which sort of explained why we roomed together. Once I'd accepted the invitation to apply, my campus housing assignment had suddenly changed. I wondered if I failed the final test, whatever it turned out to be, if I'd be moving again.

"Then what's the problem?" She put her hands on her hips.

"I like the guy. I don't know," I shrugged. "I don't want to hurt him."

"We're not gonna hurt him. Look, being in the Beta Kappa isn't like joining the Girl Scouts, Jen. You gotta prove yourself. Everyone in the sorority did it." She gave me a slap on the shoulder. "Are you gonna eat that?"

"Everyone?" I looked at her and waved my hand, giving Susan my noodles.

"Yep!" she said, slurping noisily. "I had a boyfriend. A cute one too."

"What happened?" I asked, sitting back a little, turning my chair so I could face her as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

"I'm not supposed to tell you." She grinned at the look on my face. "Ah, fuck it. I brought him to the initiation, just like they told me to."

"Yeah, but what happened at the initiation?" I asked impatiently.

"Nah! you gotta go through it." She stabbed the fork in my direction. "Nobody can tell you that."

I sighed. "I really like him, you know? I mean, I don't know if I'd marry him, but..."

"But what?" Susan laughed. "He's a virgin, right? If you aren't gonna marry him, who cares if he loses his cherry?"

"What about his feelings?" I asked, not wanting to sound like a dick, but...

"He'll get over it, believe me." Susan drained the Styrofoam cup. "It's us or him, that's the deal. I gotta get to the gym."

Susan had a serious body, but she'd gotten into college on a wrestling scholarship anyway, so what would you expect? She must have been like 5'10 and 160 pounds, quick too, with strong hands and thick thighs. I'd been intimidated by her at first, being only slightly taller at six feet, but at least ten pounds lighter and not very muscular at all. Not even particularly athletic, although I didn't mind the occasional pickup game of basketball. I wasn't particularly great at it, but I didn't suck either.

I needed to get to the library before it closed. I ran a comb through my short brown hair, grabbed a clean t-shirt out of my dresser and pulled it on. It was tight and pulled my breasts flat, making my nipples standout a little, but that was okay. A girl could get away with that, especially in a college town; boys were the ones who had to keep their modesty, as much as most of us wished otherwise. I waited for Susan, grabbing my backpack as she returned from her bedroom with her gym bag over her shoulder.

"You should come around the house later," Susan told me as I climbed onto the back of her motorcycle. "It's Brenda's birthday today. I think they got her a stripper."

"A stripper?" I laughed. "Okay, sure." If nothing else I could have a few beers and hang out with the girls.

About half the Phi Beta Kappa membership lived at the sorority itself, a large house up near Beacon Hill. The rest of the members were scattered around campus, most of them rooming with pledges like me. The House, as we called it, seemed to have a party going on almost every night and while that sounds like a lot of fun, it isn't. Not when you're going to college on an academic scholarship and grades meant money. I needed a room at the library, that's what I needed.

Or maybe not.

"Hey there." I walked up to the reference desk, smiling and willing my heart to slow down.

"Hi, Jennifer." William smiled back, brushing an imaginary strand of long blonde hair from his eyes.

He had to be just about the cutest boy on campus. Not that I had a whole lot of experience as a brand new freshman, but I knew I wasn't the only girl with that opinion. William stood just a hair over five feet tall, with golden hair falling past his slender shoulders. He had a delicate face, but beautiful all the same, with big blue eyes and a small, slightly upturned nose. His body formed a tight V with wide shoulders and a narrow waist to complement his hips. A nice round ass and the sexy swell in front, hmmmm ... I could have eaten William alive, he looked so good just standing there.

"Is that a new outfit?" I asked, not really caring, but always remembering my mom's good advice that guys like that sort of attention.

"Oh! This?" He smiled and looked down at his pink sweater, unbuttoned over his white blouse and the linen pants he wore. They were just tight enough to show off the bulge between his thighs and still leave a lot to the imagination.

He leaned across the desk, lowering his voice. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah. I like it a lot," I nodded, scenting his cologne. "You smell nice too." I reached up, touching his hair, loving the way it felt so soft and silky. I always liked boys' hair for some reason, especially the blondes.

"You're going to get me in trouble." He licked his lips, painted faintly red. William leaned over his desk, tilting his head and striking a little pose just for me.

"And that's a bad thing?" I teased him. "You wanna help me find some old newspapers?"

He giggled and stood-up straight. "I get off in two hours. I have to work."

"But I can get you off right now," I whispered with a grin and William blushed, looking around nervously in case someone might have heard me.

"Be nice," he said finally and turned away, but he was smiling and I rolled my eyes. That's the problem with virgins like William; he just wanted to tease me, probably all the way to the altar. But I hadn't come to college to meet a husband.

William was dying to lose his virginity anyway; he just wanted to fight it for awhile. That's why he found me an hour later, pushing a little cart of books and pretending to ignore me. He kept looking over his shoulder though and gave me a tiny come-hither smile before disappearing around the corner into the one of the older, disused aisles of the library. There weren't a lot of people in the place anyway and this wasn't the first time we'd fooled around between stacks of dusty books.

I closed my notebooks, tidied up my books on the table, and followed him a half-minute later. I should have kept on studying, but I'd gotten a good hour in and that was a bit more than I'd actually planned on anyway.

Old and austere, the university library possessed a gothic quality with high ceilings and towering bookcases of ancient oak that divided the place into a poorly lit maze of corridors. It wasn't so bad during the day, when sunlight from Baran and Alde flooded through the grim latticework of over-sized windows, but the suns had both set hours before.

I approached William from behind and he knew I was there, but he still gave a small jerk of surprise when I put my arms around his waist, pulling his back against me. I kissed his neck while he fidgeted, gasping softly and telling me to stop without really meaning it. I let him twist around, keeping my arms around the man and looking down into his pretty blue eyes.

"I thought you weren't gonna fool around," I said softly.

"Who's fooling around?" he teased me with an impish smile.

"You are." I kissed his lips quickly and then again, running the tip of my tongue between them.

William responded eagerly, the way he always did, parting his lips and taking my tongue into his sweet, warm mouth. He nursed on it gently and wrapped his arms around my neck. He always complained that we were going to get caught, but I think that was part of the thrill for him. William was always hot for it in the library and then after work he'd cool off, which could be more than a little frustrating for me.

I slid my hands down to squeeze his ass, pulling him against me so I could feel the lump of his cock against my thigh. That was the excitement for me, or part of it anyway, knowing I had a virgin in my arms. And not some hag that no girl would touch either, but a serious hottie. William was 21 years old, a senior in his final year of college, and that's another reason I had to be careful. A boy like that would be looking for marriage, looking to set himself up before he had to go back to the real world and meet other girls, start the game all over from scratch.

We'd talked around it. We'd talked about everything over the six months we'd been dating, everything but marriage. And that's what I had to decide on, and soon, because either I asked William to marry me or I invited him to my sorority initiation. And while I wasn't exactly sure what was waiting for us down either of those two paths, it seemed fairly obvious that one would make William the happiest man in the world, and the other would be ... something less than that.

All I knew about the initiation was that all the women being initiated had to bring a man with them, a virgin man, and he would lose his cherry. I didn't know how, I didn't even know why really, except it was some stupid sorority thing, like drinking contests and dorm raids. And of course it would be just a bit more serious than those, especially for the men.

"Mmmm..." William sighed, moving a hand to my chest and finding my smallish breasts, playing with the left one, massaging me through my t-shirt until my nipple grew hard. "Let me kiss it..." he whispered and I looked around.

"What if someone sees?" I asked.

"Shhh..." He smiled up at me, tugging my shirt up and dipping his head slightly so he could find my suddenly exposed left breast, kissing my nipple gently before taking it between his soft lips.

Some guys don't like female breasts, because they're so weird probably, so out of place on the feminine form. William didn't mind though and he had a genuine breast fetish or something. When we'd first started dating his interest in my tits had made me feel a little uncomfortable, like maybe he was a lesbian, you know? But I was pretty sure by then that my sexy boyfriend was a raging hetero, and his mouth did feel so good working on my nipple the way it did.

"Yeah..." I sighed, urging him on to find the other one. He kissed and licked his way to my right breast, chewing my nipple lightly until it grew hard and burning with desire.

I kept my hands on his back, sliding up and down, occasionally reaching as far as his ass. I'd give him a squeeze as he worked my turgid nipples with his tongue and teeth. My clit thrummed eagerly and I could feel my sex getting greasy in my briefs. Once in awhile I could get William to give me head, but never in the library. It would be too messy, he always protested, and I had to admit that I did cum a lot. But that boy's mouth on my body drove me crazy and I pushed him down, urging William to his knees, to do it for me just this once.

"Suck me, William..." I whispered.

"Do you want me too?" He smiled up at me, teasing me with his smile.

"Oh! God, yes ... Please, boy ... Lick my pussy..."

"Move the cart," he whispered after a second's hesitation and my stomach knotted with anticipation.

He'd grown a little red faced and glanced around nervously as I pulled the cart into a better position. It wasn't overly large, but enough so that nobody walking past the aisle would see him immediately and know what we were doing. The look on my face would probably give us away though, but still...

This was crazy, I knew, getting a suckjob from my boyfriend in the library, but it was exciting too and I could finally understand the thrill William got from fooling around there. Public sex had never really gotten my attention before, even when we'd kissed and petted a little on numerous occasions previously. But this crossed the line and my heart was pounding in my chest as William unzipped my jeans, pulling them and my underwear down just far enough so that he could use his mouth on my humid cunt.

I hitched a sharp breath when I felt his tongue touching my skin, playing with me through the soft curling pubic hair that covered my sex. He lapped at my clit, holding my thighs and bringing my small bud of female desire to full attention. I wasn't as big down there as some girls maybe, but I didn't have anything to be ashamed of either. William liked my clit well enough and soon I felt him take me between his lips, flicking his tongue across my clitoris until I arched my back with pleasure.

"Oh yeah, baby..." I whispered, trying to remain quiet, " ... suck it ... suck my clit..."

William blew my pussy good, giving his shining blue eyes while he worked his stiff tongue inside me. His chin pressed between my spread thighs and William kept face tilted upward. I loved watching the boy's eyes as he wriggled his long pink tongue between my labia for a few moments and then pulled away, going back to my clit and teasing me there. He swallowed my juices as they really began to flow and we were both panting for air. His lipstick was smeared, just a little, and his flushed cheeks were wet and shiny with spit and my own precum.

I was close to cumming and we both knew it. I tried to hold him close, forgetting everything else but my selfish desire to finish in William's mouth. He resisted me though, knowing he still had another half hour at least before the library closed and he'd get off work. It would have been more than a little embarrassing to walk around with my cum all over his face and hair.

"Don't ... stop ... now..." I pleaded between breaths, digging my fingers in his hair with little more than lust in my heart. I wanted to paint the boy and see him stained with my arousal. To mark him forever as mine ... or at least until he could take a hot bath.

"After work, okay?" William licked his lips, rubbing his hands up and down my bare thighs. I was so hot for him I could hardly think straight and I slid my hands down to his shoulders, only reluctantly letting him go.

"Okay," I breathed, smiling weakly. "But after work..." I lifted my eyebrows suggestively, forcing myself to relax, " ... you can't leave me like this, baby."

"We'll talk about it," he said with a giggle and I knew he was teasing me. The boy had brought me right to the edge and I'd gotten very wet for him even without having an orgasm.

"Ohhhh..." I had to smile.

"I have to go powder my nose," he decided, wiping at his cheeks and pouting at his glistening fingers.

He needed to wash his face more like, but William always enjoyed playing the stereotypical guy. I didn't mind; I thought it was pretty cute. I pulled up my pants, frowning at the wetness between my legs. I should have brought a tampon, I told myself, which are marketed as female hygiene products, but everyone knows they're just cum absorbers. The first time I'd bought a package, I'd been only barely 17 and blushing furiously for the young man behind the cash register, but back then I'd been pretty shy anyway.

I was still shy, sort of. Or not really outgoing is probably a better description. How I'd hooked up with William I still wasn't sure. We'd just happened to meet and he'd done most of the talking until I finally asked him to have lunch with me. I'd had boyfriends before, but this was college and William being a senior and me being a brand new freshman ... I think the experience had made me grow up fast, like overnight practically. My mom was proud of me anyway, so long as I didn't knock the boy up or anything.

William's ass moved nicely as he walked away from me, pushing his cart and heading towards the restrooms. He'd always confused me a little, mostly since I figured any boy who would make out with a girl, and especially give a girl a blowjob, would put out some dick too. I mean, virgins weren't supposed to be hot little sex puppies, were they? William acted like he wanted to be, sometimes, but he wouldn't let me in his panties though. I'd played with his cock a few times, gotten him hard and drooling precum, but he'd always stopped us before anything serious could happen.

And me, being the nice girl that I was, hadn't complained. I'd let him get me off with his mouth, or his long delicate fingers, or if he didn't, I'd go back to my room and jerk off. Usually I'd cum thinking about his big hard cock and how his cherry had felt, that hard little knot of flesh right at the base of his penis, just above his balls. William had a great pair of balls too, large and heavy and full of sperm. He let me play with them once in awhile, when I managed to get him really worked up, but usually he was afraid I'd break his cherry and he'd push me away after a couple minutes.

It could be more than a little frustrating.

I waited outside while William finished up whatever he had to do when the library closed. He'd been working there a long time and really liked it, even though he didn't look like a librarian at all. He was getting his degree in English Literature, so I suppose being a librarian made sense, but he really wanted to be a teacher. I just hoped he'd teach like first graders and not high school, because if I'd ever had a teacher that looked like him when I was going through puberty? Fuck! I'd have failed every class.

"Hi." William smiled at me, coming down the steps with his purse over his shoulder and some books clutched to his chest.

"Hey," I smiled back, pushing myself off the steps. "Let me carry those."

"No, it's okay." He shook his pretty blonde head and I just wanted to throw him down and...

I pushed those thoughts out of my mind as we started walking towards the dorms. The warm day had turned into a warm evening, a nice one with Baran just below the horizon giving the sky a soft yellow glow to the east. To the west the sky was darker and we could see the stars, thousands of them, millions maybe, twinkling carelessly.

"Full moons tonight," William said, looking towards the south and small Endymion had just started to rise above the distant hills. Narcissus would show himself later, dominating his little brother as they traveled the night.

"Is your roommate home?" I asked, slipping my arm around William's waist.

"Yeah. Probably," he nodded and then glanced up at me, "Is yours?"

"I doubt it. I think she's going to be spending the night up at the House."

"The House?" William said it with a roll of his eyes. "That sorority thing?"

"Yeah, that's it," I shrugged, knowing my boyfriend thought sororities were a waste of time, at least the non-academic ones like the Kappa Beta.

"Are you still joining those girls?" He'd been trying to change my mind for a month, not too hard, but dropping hints like I could do better.

"I guess so." I shrugged again. "My mom was a Phi Kappa Beta, so..." What more did I need to say?

"Phi Kappa Beta," William giggled. "It sounds like a song or something."

"Oh, come on! Be nice," I said patiently.

"I am being nice. All those girls do is party and try to get into boys' panties."

"Well, yeah..." I laughed. "But they have a lot of members and I'm not going to be in college forever. Knowing the right people can help me out later." I sounded just like my mom and I hated that.

"The right people, huh?" William clucked his tongue. "You don't think you'll be successful without them?"

"No, I didn't say that." I narrowed my eyes a little. "I just think it's easier, you know? I mean, why not meet people who can help me when I need a job or whatever?"

"It's up to you, Jen," he sighed, and that meant he thought I was so wrong it wasn't even worth discussing any longer. Guys could be so frustrating sometimes.

"My initiation is next week," I said, despite the fact that I should have just dropped the subject altogether.

"Hmph!" he made a little noise of disinterest.

"They said, uh..." I hesitated, not sure of where I was going with this. "They said I can bring you along, if I want." I cleared my throat. "I mean, if you want to come."

"And what? Watch a bunch of women in robes spank your butt with a paddle?" He giggled and shook his head. "No thanks."

"Well, I don't think they do that," I said defensively, but in truth I had no idea what they were planning to do to us pledges.

"Whatever they do, you can tell me all about it." He looked up at me, frowning a little. "But I don't want to see it."

We walked for awhile in silence. William didn't want to talk to me and I couldn't think of anything to say. It felt very lonely like that, even though I still had my arm around him. I felt separated from the boy and I didn't like it very much. I liked it even less when William pulled me to the right, towards his dorm, when my place was still a few blocks straight ahead of us.

"I thought we were going to my place?" I said, stopping and tightening my grip on his waist so he'd know I didn't want to let him go.

"I'm kind of tired." William looked at me. "I think I'm just going to go back to my room."

"Oh." I pursed my lips at that, searching for the right words to change his mind.

"I'll see you later okay?" He gave me a smile, sort of a sad one that really felt like a swift kick in the cunt.

"I'll, uh ... I'll walk you," I offered, but he was already slipping away from me.

"No, that's okay." He shook his head. "Good night, Jennifer."

"Night." I just stood there, wishing I wasn't such a dick all the time.

Being with William gave me a lot of confidence, but he could take it away with just a look and a word anytime he felt like it. It was one of those weird powers that men hold over women and I don't think any girl ever really understood it. I know I didn't. Once in awhile we'd get in these little arguments, not fights or anything, just finding ourselves at odds with each other, and I always came out the loser for it. Standing there by myself, watching him walk away, and knowing there was nothing I could do about it.

"Shit," I muttered, turning around and heading home.

I'd still been worked up from that little suckjob in the library too. My pussy still throbbed, just a little, but definitely throbbing, and now I wasn't getting anything except maybe some fresh blisters on my fingers. William had gotten me all hot and then cut me off, just like that, and while the sex wasn't the most important thing, not getting any didn't help much either.

About halfway up the block I started thinking I should just go to bed. But I knew I'd be on the phone as soon as I got through the door, calling William and apologizing like the cock-whipped girl I was. It didn't matter that I hadn't done anything wrong; I'd be the one apologizing because I was the woman. I'd seen my own dad do the same thing to my mom, not a lot, but sometimes. Like if she'd stay out too late playing poker with the girls, Mom would be waking up on the couch. It had seemed kind of funny when I'd been younger, but I wasn't laughing now.

I turned toward Beacon Hill, and the Kappa Beta House, not for any real good reason, but just because I'd had a little surge of womanly pride and I didn't want to make that phone call. William could call me this time, I decided, and maybe then I'd find out what he was really thinking. Besides, Susan had said something about Brenda's birthday, so there'd be a party for sure. Plenty of beer to drown my sorrows and who knows? Maybe they really had gotten the girl a stripper.

"Yo! Jennifer!" Sarah waved a beer at me, laughing with some of the other girls from the second floor balcony.

They had the music turned up loud enough that I'd heard it from two blocks away. Every light in the old mansion had been turned on and there were Tiki torches burning along the cracked walkway leading towards the front steps. Yeah, I was in the right place.

"Hey, Pledge!" Mary pushed a beer into my hand as soon as I walked through the wide open door. "You were sposed to help set everything up."

"I was?" I looked around and the house looked just like it always did - a mess. "Sorry."

"Yeah, it's cool, sis. Don't worry about it," Susan said, pushing her way between Mary and me. "I forgot to tell you about it."

They were all pretty buzzed already and the house was full of people, girls mostly, a couple guys looking out of place, clutching their girlfriend's arms. It reminded me of that old Animal House movie, except maybe not quite so bad as that. The House was nice, with decent furniture, a big screen TV, killer stereo, a pool table in another room, even a little study room, but nobody ever used it. Mostly the place just looked seriously lived in by a dozen college girls, which it was.

"You ready for the big day?" Mary asked me with a grin, leaning close and speaking too loudly.

I just nodded. "Yeah. I guess so."

"Guess so?" Mary took a big swallow of beer. She was like 6'3" and 180 pounds, really buff too, with a shaved head and an earring in her left ear. She played safety on the football team.

Most of the sorority members were at school for sports and so it might be a little hard understanding why they'd want me for a member. I was a legacy pledge, since my mom had been a Kappa Beta, and she'd made some calls. That didn't mean they had to accept me, but they did have to give me a chance. William had suggested that maybe they just wanted a member or two with brains to help them pass their classes, do their term papers or something, and that almost seemed likely, but I hoped not. I had a heavy enough course load as it was, taking pre-law and wanting to be done with it quickly.

"You invite your boyfriend?" Susan asked. "What's-his-name?"

"Uh..." I dipped my head, smiling sheepishly. "I mentioned it to him, yeah."

"So?" Susan laughed, waving her arm and spilling some beer from the plastic cup she held.

"So, he's ... thinking about it," I nodded, like that was the honest truth.

"Oh fuck!" Mary chuckled. "Don't let him think about it, Jen. Drag his sweet cock in here!"

"Who's gotta sweet cock?" Kylie had wandered over, the vice-president of the chapter.

"Jen's boyfriend." Susan grinned. "He's hot."

"Ahhhh ... Come on..." I started to protest, not really wanting to hear their views on my boyfriend or his cock.

"William? From the library, right?" Kylie nodded. "Have to bring him around so we can meet him."

"So he can meet us, you mean!" Mary laughed drunkenly, the double entendre painfully obvious.

I smiled, nodding, trying to be one of the girls, but I felt out of place. William had seen to it that I would, his absence making me see them as he did, like a bunch of drunken idiots. There was a cure for that though and I drained my beer in four large swallows, determined to spite my boyfriend's opinion.

"Whoa, slow down!" Susan laughed. "Save yourself for later. You got a number yet?"

"A number?" I looked down as someone dropped a full cup into my empty one.

"You look empty, sis!" Wendy laughed.

She carried a little stack of her own; a good half-dozen empties slid one into another with a full cup on top. I wondered how she could drink out of it without spilling, but maybe Wendy couldn't. Her t-shirt was soaked through and I could see her dark nipples standing out hard. I looked away quickly, not wanting to look like I was a fag or anything.

"Yeah," Susan replied to something Mary said, and then she looked around. "Hey! Julie, get over here!" she yelled, and then turned back to me. "Julie's got the numbers."

"Oh, okay." I had no idea what Susan was talking about so I just drank more beer. "I thought you said there was gonna be a stripper?"

"What? Oh..." Susan started, but Julie had arrived, weaving between people with a grin.

"You need a number?" Julie's deep voice always surprised me, like she was chewing gravel or something. She didn't wait for an answer, but pressed a slip of paper into my hand. "You're number 7 ... Lucky seven!" She laughed, slapping me on the shoulder so my beer sloshed around.

" ... couldn't make it so we got a replacement," Susan said, still talking about the stripper or something.

"Huh?" I looked at her. "What's the number for?"

"For the replacement, dumbass!" Mary had wandered away and now wandered back.

"They're on number..." Susan stood up on her toes, looking between me and Mary, " ... five, so you got about half an hour then you better get in line."

"In line?" I laughed, like was anyone gonna explain this?

"Hey, I gotta go see a woman about a horse." Susan left us to find a bathroom and I found myself drifting through the house, saying hello to my soon-to-be sorority sisters, and feeling out of place.

I couldn't help but wonder what William was doing, if he'd really gone to sleep or if he was sitting there, watching TV or reading a book, just waiting for me to call. I missed him suddenly and it had nothing to do with sex. I mean, I really missed him, just being with him, and it felt like I had a hole inside me. I remember the first boy I'd ever had a crush on, way back as a kid, and this felt the same way, except a hundred times worse. Was that love? I thought maybe it was and had more beer, wanting the feeling to go away.

"Oh, shit ... Check that out!" I heard voices, laughing and cheering. "Look at that guy! ... Julie H. Christ..."

The laughter came from the den, or what passed for a den anyway, with the big television mounted against one wall and an old worn sofa and some stuffed chairs arranged around it. Four girls were sitting there, grinning intently at the TV as I walked in.

"What the hell is that?" I gasped.

"Hey Jen! Pull up a chair, girl, you gotta see this shit!" Vicky waved at me, circling her arm to draw me closer.

"It's fuckin' bukake, girl," she said. "This Japanese dude..."

" ... takes like a hundred chicks on his face!" someone else finished with a laugh.

"Those Japs are out there!" another girl told us with a chuckle, drinking her beer and rolling her eyes.

I sat down on the sofa, staring at the huge screen as the Japanese guy, who looked like a drowned rat more than anything else, knelt on a sheet of plastic, his face tilted up as a woman rubbed her cunt hard over his head. He'd already been drenched with girl goo, just smothered with it, giving him a thin, milky sheen. Cum was mostly colorless really, but I guess taking a few dozen loads gave it some color anyway. His long black hair seemed plastered against his wet face and neck. He wore some kind of uniform, like an airline steward or something, and that was soaked through as well.

I watched the crazy scene while my friends laughed and added commentary, clapping loudly when the girl finally came and her orgasm sprayed out in a chaotic stream, washing over the guy's face and into his mouth. He swallowed quickly as another woman took her place, cumming almost immediately. I'd never seen anything like that in my life, never even heard of it really, and it seemed vaguely exciting, if not seriously perverted. I honestly didn't know what I thought about it.

"Where's the dog movie?" someone asked, "Let's see the dog shit."

"Yeah, that dog guy!"

"Dog guy?" I blinked, looking at Vicky and she laughed.

"We got all the good porn, girl. Ever seen a guy fuck a dog?" Vicky grinned. "It's crazy!"

"We even got one of a woman getting fucked by a dog, wanna see that?" One of the girls held up two old VHS tapes, looking at me like I had to decide.

"Uhhh..." I shook my head.

"Let's see the guy, come on," Vicky said, "Put it in. He's so fuckin' hot!"

"Sounds good to me," I shrugged, not having anything better to say.

Bestiality? I wasn't sure I wanted to see that, but I was kind of curious. I mean, we were just watching, right? Not like I actually had to do it myself or anything. And sure enough, when the tape started playing the screen filled with a small, dark skinned man looking decidedly hot to me. I figured he must have been Brazilian or something and not much older than eighteen or so. He had a pretty face and long kinky hair, but most surprising were his large breasts. They were dripping milk as he played with them, rubbing his wet fingers all over his swollen tits and down his flat tummy to a very nice, semi-hard cock.

"He's pregnant!" I gasped and the other girls just laughed at me.

"Maybe he's gonna have puppies!" someone offered and I could see another guy leading a large black dog into the scene. He looked seriously sexy too, but his chest was flat as a board and obviously he wasn't pregnant.

"Lesbian dog fuckers," Vicky chuckled. "That's the title."

"Oh yeah?" I stared at the screen, forgetting all about my beer.

Lesbians were always hot for some reason and real popular at the House as you can imagine. I licked my lips as the guy who'd brought in the dog got on his hands and knees, drifting out of frame for a second until the camera angle changed. We could see the pregnant guy's huge penis standing straight out from his slender body and I guessed it didn't take much to turn him on.

"Lezbo dicks," a girl grumped. "What a waste."

The guy on his knees took the cock in his mouth for a few minutes, sucking preggo's penis while we all stared. The boy was small, with a great ass and sexy body, but it was the size of his penis that really amazed me. It seemed almost ludicrous, like ten inches long at least, and combined with his large firm breasts ... Man! I'd never seen a pregnant guy having sex before, even lesbian sex, but here it was. He must have been making a lot of milk too, because it spilled over his tits and down his caramel body steadily, even when he stopped playing with them so he could touch his new friend.

"Fuckin Brazilians ... We oughta go down to Rio for Autumn Break next year, the whole bunch of us..."

"Yeah, no shit. Charter a plane or something. Find some of these dog fucking lesbian guys..."

"A lesbian is a guy who just hasn't met the right girl yet."

"The right twenty girls, you mean! That cock could do all of us! Gangbang that little fucker!"

The girls were all talking at once, laughing and drinking, and I tried to keep up, but mostly I just watched the screen, feeling my clit throbbing like crazy. I wanted to rub myself, just a little, but I couldn't with the other girls there. That would have been kind of weird. So I just squirmed a little, watching as the pregnant guy finally mounted the dog, his sexy friend guiding his cock into the bitch's canine pussy.

"Fuck..." I breathed, watching as the dog took all of the guy slowly, barely even noticing it looked like. But she must have felt good because I could see the bitch pushing back a little with her legs, the muscles underneath her black fur tightening noticeably.

"Pretty hot, huh?" Vicky laughed and slapped my shoulder.

"Yeah," I agreed, feeling somewhat embarrassed that I was getting so turned on watching a porn flick with a bunch of other girls.

"Hey, Jen! You got seven, right?" Mary stood in the doorway suddenly, interrupting the entertainment. "You better get your ass upstairs," she grinned, "or you'll lose your spot!"

"Oh, right," I nodded, still not knowing what that was about.

"Later, girl ... Have fun, Jen ... See ya..." The girls waved me off and I headed for the stairs, passing one of those electric number machines that someone had nailed to the wall. It was reading 006 and I wondered briefly where they would ever get one of those. Probably stole it from some store or something.

There were a half-dozen girls upstairs, crowded around an open door, and I saw Susan waiting for me there. "Hey, come on, you're late," she said, waving her arm as I walked down the hallway.

"Late for what?" I asked, and then I found out as Susan pushed me between a couple girls and into the bedroom.

"Hurry up! Take off your pants," Susan said. The girls around her were all saying the same thing, telling me to hurry and get ready and have fun. Stuff like that.

On the bed, one of the sorority sisters, a girl named Diane, was on top of a guy, riding his cock slowly while he groaned and moved his hips, obviously lost as he was cumming almost continuously. He looked familiar to me and I recognized him as a guy from one of my classes, and pretty good looking. He had thick, dark hair and deep brown eyes, a nice body and a pretty face. I couldn't remember his name or anything, but I'd never have expected to see him doing something like this, letting a sorority pull a train on his cock.

"Mmmm..." Diane looked over her shoulder at me, grinning happily and looking flushed. "I came like fifteen minutes ago, it's just about done. You have to get on quick, okay? Don't let him go soft..."

She was breathing hard as her vagina spasmed around the guy's penis, milking him for every drop of sperm the girl could get.

"How long has he..." I started taking off my pants, kicking off my shoes, and feeling more than a little self-conscious. After seeing those movies downstairs though, the need to cream was a little overwhelming. And if the other girls didn't care? Well, I wasn't going to be shy, not with a cute boy just waiting for me to fuck him.

"About three hours," Diane chuckled, taking a deep breath and grinding her cunt down on him hard. "Not much left in his balls, but he's nice and big ... Uh, fuck! ... Believe me ... Real big..."

I rubbed my clit while I stood there, staring at the first gang-bang I'd ever seen in my life, which was actually kind of tame, really. I might have expected a girl to sit on his face or something, maybe a couple more getting fingered, but this was just one on one. I didn't care. I'd be getting sloppy sevenths just as soon as Diane's hymen let go of the guy's prick so she could get off of him.

The guy must have been enjoying it, although it was kind of hard to tell. I mean, he was having an orgasm, the soft muscles of Diane's pussy were making sure of that, but by now all he was shooting would be seminal fluid, as fast as his body could make it. It would make for a serious ache in his balls though, as they tried to pump out non-existent sperm. This was called dry fucking and women loved it, well, most women did, but for men it was usually something they tried to avoid. Unless they had a serious submissive streak or a fetish for such things.

"That little slut won't be walking straight for a week," Susan joked and all the girls watching were sharing similar opinions. They were having a great time.

"Ohhhmmm ... There ... There ... Okay..." Diane said, breathing hard and getting my attention. "You're up, girlfriend!" She laughed, pulling herself free with a wash of fluid that seemed to pour out of her pussy, streaming around the guy's cock and balls and soaking into the mattress beneath him.

I was ready too and I didn't waste any time straddling the man, finding his cock agreeably hard and wonderfully large. Not as big as the guy in that porn flick maybe, but bigger than average anyway, and I sank down on him quickly, feeling his penis stretching my sex and reaching deep inside me. It wasn't going to take me long to cum, that was for sure, and I put my hands on his flat chest, pressing his hard little nipples under my palms as I rocked my hips, fucking him like the little boy he was.

"Ohhhh ... Please ... Ummm ... Not so ... Not too hard..." he breathed, looking up at me with his face flushed red and his brown eyes wide.

He'd stopped cumming finally, after Diane's pussy had relaxed its vise-like grip, and now I just had to keep him hard long enough to make me cum. Once I had an orgasm my own pussy would clamp down on his penis like a velvet fist, making both of us feel really, really good.

"It's okay..." I told him, " ... Just let me fuck you, baby ... You're so good ... So pretty ... Just let me cum, boy..."

I was grinding myself against him hard, mindless of the discomfort he must have been feeling after three hours of sex. Most people fucked for an hour or so, maybe 90 minutes if it was really good, just half an hour for a quickie. This guy had been going all night and somewhere behind me would be a number eight and probably a number nine as well, but that's why they called it a train.

We were groaning together when I came just a few minutes after I'd started fucking him. I felt my orgasm rushing through me, stealing my senses and just dropping me into a pit of pure pleasure. I was only dimly aware of my hymen seizing around the man's cock, gripping his shaft and locking him inside me, creating a nice, tight seal so he could fill me with sperm and make a baby for us. But that would be one chance in a billion really, not only because I was probably not ovulating, but he just didn't have that much sperm left in him.

But it was nice to imagine anyway as I wrestled with the huge orgasm that my body had been begging for ever since I'd been in the library with William several hours before. I was hot and breathless and rolling my ass, working that big cock all over inside, while my vaginal muscles began contracting around it. I would ride those happy spasms for fifteen or twenty minutes at least, like one endless cum, not as good as the big one, but not bad either. And any moment the man beneath me would start cumming again as well, groaning and jerking, thrusting with his hips uncontrollably as his body reacted instinctively.

It would be a nice long fuck for both of us, and I finally forgot all about William ... at least for the moment.

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