The Slave Girl, the Geek Boy and the Body Snatcher
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sci-Fi Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Desc: Sci-Fi Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Someone in the TransMerge force managed to mess up Josh Adams latest mission. Now he had to find a way of completing his task.

I felt my heart rate increase rapidly as my eyes jerked open, I wasn't fully aware yet, but I knew that the loud bang had come from very close by.

"Mr Williams, I'm sorry did I wake you up?" the voice asked. As my awareness increased, I managed to look up, and saw a gray haired man looming above me. I knew immediately that something was wrong. The information in my mind was still jumbled, but I could tell that it just wasn't right.

A few seconds later, the information in my mind started to organize itself properly. This man was Professor Blayard and he was one of the lectures at the college. What was I doing at college though? I had no time for college today. Something had really gone wrong, but I still had a mission to complete, and that was what I intended to do. At least I seemed to have control of my body, that was always something to be thankful for, after things had been messed up this badly.

"Well actually you did," I replied back to the Professor. "I don't know what the world is coming to, when someone can't get a bit of sleep in peace. I just guess I'll go somewhere else and sleep."

With those words, I stood up and walked out of the room. Ignoring all the gasps and giggles.

Leaning against the wall in the hallway, I tried to collect my thoughts. How was I going to complete my mission now?

"That was so cool," a new voice laughed, as the door that I had just came out of, opened again and a blond haired girl stepped out.

"What?" I mumbled. I really needed to work out a plan, not waste time providing entertainment to the other college inmates.

"I never thought you had it in you, to talk to Blayard like that and then to just walk out," she continued.

"Yeah well I feel like a new me today," I told her, before turning away.

"So what are we going to do?" she asked. What was it with this girl? Didn't she get it that I wanted to be left alone.

"Well I have things that I need to do. So you are going to walk your pretty little butt back into the class room and learn whatever your little brain can soak up," I ordered.

"Wow! Insulting and forceful as well. How come I never saw any of this in you before? We could have been having so much fun," she laughed

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. What was it going to take for her to realize that I wanted her to leave me alone. I didn't have time to waste like this, I had limited time to complete the mission in. I had never failed in a mission yet, and this wasn't going to be my first time.

"Look, I have a lot to do, and really don't have time to have fun today. So could you please just go back into the classroom. I'm sorry if I was insulting," I tired.

"Ah Eric, and just when you were doing so well, and then you have to go and be nice. You still have potential though, so I think I'll tag along with you. Don't think Blayard will let me back in, anyway."

"Well can't you tag along somewhere else with someone else," I shouted.

"See I knew that you could do it," the girl grinned back at me.

"Is there a problem out here?" I heard that other voice from earlier call out, as the classroom door opened once more.

"Well apart from everyone disturbing me, and asking stupid questions, I don't think there are any problems," I answered back and then walked off once more. I knew that I really should have been nicer to these people, but I just wasn't in a good mood. I was never in a good mood when they messed up a mission like this.

"Too cool," the girl called out to me as she ran to catch up me.

What was it going to take for this girl to get the message that I wanted to be alone, I wondered. I then decided that as long as she kept quiet then it wouldn't hurt for her to tag along for now. She might even end up being useful. She was cute as well, with the amount that she had been laughing and grinning at me, I couldn't have avoided noticing the twinkle in her blue eyes or the small dimples that formed in her cheeks. She looked as if she was about 18 or 19, which was a few years younger than myself. The memories told me that her name was Julia.

"Okay, you can come with me for now, but you have to keep quiet unless I say that you can speak," I said in one of my more forceful voices.

"Sure," she grinned back at me. "Do I have to call you Master? And if I want to talk, do I have to say 'Please Master, can this girl talk'?" she continued with the laughter clearly displayed on her face.

I couldn't stop myself from letting out a groan, as I realized that she was one of those girls. Why did those type of girls always seem to be so common in these places. Why did I have to meet one today? They could be lots of fun if I had the time to spare, but I had no time to spare. I knew that I had a better chance of getting rid of her, if I was nice to her, but I just wasn't in the mood to be nice today.

"What have I done to deserve you?" I groaned again and then continued, "How about you just don't say anything, unless I tell you to."

"Well I really didn't feel like taking classes today, so was looking for some excuse to skip them, and well I have always thought you were cute, but you just seemed too much of a mommy's boy for me. But I'm seeing a different side of you today, one that... ," she replied and then stopped when she noticed the stern look on my face, at which point her face broke into another grin. "Sorry Master! I will try better from now on. No talking without your permission."

I was finally starting to form some kind of plan in my mind, so I continued out of the college. I was going to have to find a way to make contact with our tool. We called the person who had been recruited to help us complete our mission, the tool. Of course, he wasn't going to be expecting me to contact him in the way that I was going to have to.

"Wow, what's happening," the voice in my head shouted as we made our way to the subway station.

This was just what I needed. I had expected him to remain asleep for at least another hour or two. I knew from experience that he wouldn't just shut up, but talking to him would just make things a whole lot worse.

"I can't control my body! What is happening?" he continued to shout, which then turned into a whimper.

"Just shut up. You aren't real. You are just part of my imagination," I told him, thinking it was worth a try as sometimes it did work.

"What? Who are you? Give me my body back."

"I'm me," I told him. "It's not your body, it's mine."

"Get out of my body," he shouted once more. I could already tell that this approach wasn't going to work, but I decided to continue trying it for a bit longer.

"It is not your body. My shrink has already told me that I shouldn't talk to you, so just be quiet," I shouted back in a firm voice.

"No it's my body," he cried, "and I've never seen a psychiatrist."

"Just shut up," I shouted back at him, once again.

"You can't steal my..." he cried back. His voice was already starting to break up before he was interrupted by the girl's voice.

"Sorry Master?" she said, and then as I turned to look at her, she continued, "I didn't say anything. Or at least I don't think that I said anything,"

I quickly realized that I had shouted that last sentence out loud.

"Okay, well make sure you don't," I ordered her, quickly covering for myself.

"Masssteeer?" the voice is my head whispered. "What is she doing here, and why is she calling you master?"

"She is my slave. If you start doing as you are told, then maybe I will share her with you," I told him.

"Slave? Julia would never be anyone's slave. Especially not mine."

From the way his voice had gone all shy and nervous, since he had first heard Julia's voice, I decided that a new approach might be worth a try.

"Well she is my slave now. I decided that I needed a slave, so I took her as one. Now as I said if you start being quiet and not bothering me, then I might share her with you. But if you keep annoying me, then you will put me in an even worse mood than I already am. If my mood gets too much worse, who knows what I might end up doing to her."

"You can't just kidnap someone to be your slave," he whispered.

"Yeah I know, just like I can't steal someone's body. Now shut up, or do you really want her to pay the price that your whimpering and moaning will cost her?"

Finally I got some peace, and neither of my two tormentors said another word until we arrived outside of the Hutchinson corporation's building.

I knew that I wasn't going to be able to walk in the front door and ask to talk to Evan Jackson; the man who was my tool. So I scanned the area, looking for somewhere that we could wait until lunch time without drawing too much attention to ourselves.

As I grabbed Julia's hand and walked swiftly off towards the small park that was opposite the entrance to the building, I hadn't even noticed that I might have been a bit too forceful with her. However whimpering boy, certainly wasn't going to let it pass.

"Hey ... don't you hurt her," he whimpered.

"I told you to keep quiet. But just what are you going to do about it, if I did hurt her?"

"I won't let you hurt her," he said, with actually more force in his voice than I had expected. Maybe there was hope for him after all.

"Oh come on, even if you was in a different body and standing next to me, you wouldn't do anything. You eat lunch together in the same group every day and you hardly say more than a few words to her. You're too scared of your own shadow. If you were standing next to us, you would run off, rather than face having to have a full conversation with her," I teased back.

By now, we had reached the park, so as I settled onto one of the benches, I gently but firmly pulled Julia onto my lap and into a kiss.

As we broke from the kiss, she looked at me with a smirk on her face, and then raised a hand while wiggling her index finger.

I couldn't help but smile back as I said, "you may speak."

"You are full of surprises aren't Eric?"

"More than you know," I answered as I gently ran my finger up her back. "More than you will ever know."

"Hmm, that's nice. But what are we doing here?" she then asked as her face took on a more serious expression.

"I have to meet someone, but that won't be until he takes his lunch. So we have a bit of time to kill," I explained. "Although I'm not sure you deserve anything more that is nice, as you have now forgot to call me Master twice."

With the grin now firmly back on her face, she quickly started looking around the area, before turning back towards me and replying. "Sorry Master. I've been a naughty girl. Maybe you should spank me as a punishment."

"Maybe I should," I grinned back. "But I don't think we would get away with that here."

"Surely no one could complain about a Master punishing his slave girl," she whispered back. Sounding as if it was half a joke and half pleading for me to do it.

"What have you done to her, to make her behave like that. You have taken control of her body as well, haven't you?" the voice in my mind accused me.

"No I haven't," I replied back. "This is the real her, you have just been too afraid to ever get to know her properly."

"Well you aren't going to punish her, or hurt her in any way," he shouted back, just before I started going dizzy.

The fuzziness started to build in my mind, and I felt my upper body falling sidewards. I quickly realized what was happening, and I knew that I just had to compose myself to be able to stop his attack. A less experienced agent, might have not been able to resist his mind over matter attack, but with my years of experience, I was able to slowly regain control of the body.

"Don't you ever try that again," I shouted at the voice in my mind. "Now she is going to pay for your stupidity."

"Eric... , Eric, are you alright? Talk to me," I suddenly heard Julia's voice crying out. I realized that I had been so angry and busy shouting at him, that I hadn't even noticed that I was still slumped on my side across the bench, with Julia kneeling on the ground beside me; as I had slumped sidewards, she had fallen from my lap and on to the ground.

"I'm fine, I just went dizzy for a moment. But am fine now," I replied in a calm voice.

"We need to get you to hospital, you shouldn't just collapse like that."

"No, I said I'm fine," I replied a bit more firmly. "It won't happen again. I can assure you of that," I added, as much for his benefit as for hers.

I knew that she wasn't convinced, but she didn't press the subject any more, as we both sat on the bench holding hands and waiting for my tool to appear. I could clearly see the concern in her eyes, and it made me realize that she must have had some kind of feelings for me, or rather Eric for quite some time. He was just too shy for him to notice or to act. I couldn't stop the feeling of happiness increase, as I realized how she felt. Not that she had any feelings for me, but it was almost impossible to separate memories and emotions that belonged to my host from my own. It was one of the areas that took so long for a new agent to deal with. Just trying to function normally when you have memories and emotions from two different people merged together, takes a lot of practice. It was even harder if the host was fully conscious as well. Luckily hosts didn't have to deal with the merged memories or emotions, they just had to deal with the feeling that someone else had taken over their body.

"Quick, we have to hurry," I said, as the sight of my tool leaving the building, refocused my attention. As I stood, I pulled Julia up with me, and ran towards the building.

We had only reached half way across the busy road when I started cursing to myself, as I watched my tool get into a taxi. If I hadn't been too caught up in those thoughts and feelings, then I would have been paying more attention and would have reacted quicker.

Having no time to actually kick myself now though, I quickly changed our direction and dragged Julia towards a taxi that was a few cars back in the stopped traffic.

It had been one of those days already, so I knew that there wasn't anything else I could say to the taxi driver, other than, "Follow that taxi."

A really quick reaction from the taxi driver, impressed me and quickly had us doing a u-turn and following the other taxi.

I couldn't help but let out another groan, as I watched the other taxi pull up outside the mall. Turning to Julia, I wondered if she had realized where we were yet.

It was obvious that she hadn't realized straight away, but it didn't take long for the grin to reappear on her face, and for her to turn to look at me.

"What are we doing here?" she asked.

"Well what better place is there for a Master to take his slave?" I said, as I smiled back.

"You can't take her in there. That is full of ... Well it's full of... ," the voice gasped. I hadn't actually heard from him since he had attempted to retake control of his body, and had been hoping that I had heard the last of him.

"It's full of?" I teased back. "You mean it is full of sex toys? Well I would expect it to have a lot of those types of things, as it is a BDSM themed mall. So what better place is there to get some toys to spank my slave with?"

"You will not touch her."

"It is really about time that you realized that you can't stop me doing anything. But maybe you would enjoy it more, if I find some furniture designed to help restrain someone for a spanking and fasten myself into it, and then give you back full control while she whips you?"

I didn't get any reply from him, as Julia tried to drag me into the mall. I didn't have any choice but to go along with her, as I needed to catch up with my tool, but I couldn't stop myself from wondering if I really wanted to take these two into this place. However then I decided that we would fit in perfectly here, what better place for the slave girl, the virgin boy and the body snatcher. Of course we wouldn't have much time for fun, as I was here to make contact with my tool.

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