Hindsight 20/20 Book 2

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Time Travel Sex Story: Preface - A continuation of Book one after Britt has graduated college. Book two picks up at the beginning of his new career.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Rags To Riches   DoOver   Time Travel   Spanking  

Hindsight 20/20 Book One introduced us to William Britton, (Britt), a man that leaped back in time into his boyhood body while retaining the memories of his past life. Book One covered the time starting when he attended intermediate, and high school and ended with the completion of his college career. Along the way, with this second chance at life, he made decisions about the changes he wanted to make during this new opportunity.

He felt that during his first time through he lived to please everyone else but not himself. This included his parents, his friends, his wife and his family. He made mistakes and found himself buried in middle-class mediocrity. The second chance provided him an opportunity to live life for himself. He set his own goals and created his own path.

The new Britt was also more confident and used that confidence to attract a different group of friends including women that were looking for a strong man in their lives. He helped and cared for his friends but ultimately decided to stay on the path that he had created which was to establish a goal and strive to achieve it. With this newly created plan, his first step was to graduate from college.

Book Two picks up after college as he steps out of his known history and tries to change history with his new and improved model for business success.

If you have not read Book One, I would recommend that you do so because that is where I introduced and developed the main characters and the initial plot for this continuing story. Britt will meet new friends and acquaintances in Book Two but I will make many references to characters and events that happened in Book One. I hope you enjoy Book Two.

Characters from Book One that play a part in Book Two:

Britt –William Britton: Main Character and time traveler.

April Parson – College lover and golf partner.

Darcy – College lover and slave.

Marshal Peterson – (wife Peggy, son John) Successful businessman from Orlando and business partner with Britt.

John and Beth Overstreet – John is Britt's attorney and Beth is his wife. Beth has been a strong influence in Britt's life and has acted as both a mother and lover role

Karen and Michelle – Lesbian lovers and good friends from his college days.

Dani and Reggie –Brother and sister from college. Dani ran track, and fixes chicken and waffles for Britt. Reggie graduated with a law degree and now works for Marshal in Orlando.

Doug Hennessey – Childhood best friend.

Cathy and Cindy – Britt's stepsisters from his mom's second husband Bill.

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