The Ept Test: Aftermath
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Shannon tells her side of the story and what happened after the divorce. This is a stand alone story.

I'm Shannon and I cheated on my husband and paid a much higher price than you could ever imagine. It wasn't really planned, no matter what you think. I was mad at Gary for not going to my Christmas party and drank a little too much. I was hit on by a number of men and I do have to say it made me feel sexy.

I received a number of comments about how good I looked and that no husband in his right mind would let a woman who looked as sexy as I did go to a party alone. It made me feel good about myself and more angry with my husband who chose to go to work instead of coming with me.

I'll admit I flirted but felt it was harmless. One of the partners in the firm was spending more time with me and I felt good that I was still able to attract a good looking man. The only problem was Ed was a married man. He had two kids and his wife was pregnant with his third child. She didn't want to attend the party.

I came to the party with my friend Anna and we were to share a room. She met up with Ryan, a man she liked. They were both divorced and decided to hook up for the night. So after the party I got up to go to my room but was a bit wobbly. Ed laughed and told me he would walk me to my room.

When I let him in my room I knew it was wrong but I was also mad at my husband for not coming to the party. This is when Gary and I would have made love but he wasn't there.

Ed kept telling me how nice I looked; I was drunk and took it all in. He said he loved his wife and family but hadn't made love to her in weeks due to her pregnancy. I don't know why I did it but I let him kiss me. It was nothing like kissing Gary. It was just a kiss but he went further and rubbed my boobs.

I told him, "No" that I was married but I didn't stop him. He continued to rub me and put his hand on my leg and pushed it up my thigh and on to my pussy. I knew it was wrong but it did feel good. I convinced myself that it was Gary's fault for not being there.

I let Ed have sex with me. All I thought about was getting even with Gary for not being there. There was no love between Ed and I, it really was just sex and not all that good either. When we finished Ed apologized profusely, saying how sorry he was and wished it hadn't happened.

I told him to just leave and it would be our secret but it would never happen again. That's when it really hit me what I had done. For the only time in our marriage I had sex with another man other than my husband. I didn't love the man and I guess it was some sort of revenge against Gary.

I fell asleep thinking about what I had done. I cried and promised myself that it would never happen again. I would always be faithful to my husband. I wasn't worried about Ed saying anything since he was also ashamed as well as married with a pregnant wife and two kids at the time. What would happen if someone found out he had sex with one of his employees? I wasn't worried about him ever telling anyone.

I met my friends Anna and Ryan the next morning. They asked me how I slept and I lied and told them I fell right to sleep. I asked them how they slept and they both smiled; enough said.

I felt the mistake I made was over and done and promised myself to put it out of my mind. When I got home, Gary and the kids weren't there yet. He left me a note that he went to pick them up the kids at my Mom's. I was kind of glad because I had to try and act normal and wasn't sure if I could do it when I first saw Gary.

The kids came in the door first and yelled, "Mommy!" I hugged them and gave them kisses. I then looked at Gary. He did ask me how the party went and I told him it was fine although I got tired of explaining to everyone why my husband hadn't come.

Again he apologized but I tried to get it out of my mind. If he knew the truth I should be on my knees begging his forgiveness for what I had done.

When he asked me about dancing I told him I had a lot of dance partners and really enjoyed myself. He asked me if I drank too much and I told him I limited my drinking since he wasn't there to protect me and I had to drive home this morning.

That was all he asked about the party. The next couple of days were hard for me. When I saw Ed at work he called me into his office and apologized again. He said we both had too much to drink and made a mistake. He was very sorry and hoped that I would be discreet about it.

I told him I was sorry it happened and we both agreed it would never happen again. I left his office hoping it was all behind us. On Wednesday night I waited up for Gary to come home.

I decided to initiate making love to my husband. After he got out of the shower and into bed I began to rub his cock through his briefs. I pulled down his briefs and began to give him oral sex. This wasn't something I did very often but knew Gary loved it. Usually it didn't happen unless I had drunk too much. After getting him very hard I sat up and pulled up my nightgown; I wasn't wearing any panties.

I got up and lowered myself onto his cock. Damn! It felt so good. As I rode his cock he reached up and slid his hands under my nightgown and rubbed my tits. He lasted all of five minutes before coming hard and shooting his load deep into my pussy. I was having an orgasm as well as I felt my pussy pulsating around his cock.

After we both came I lay on his chest. He asked me what brought that on? He said he wasn't complaining and that it was a great surprise. I told him that I felt that I was a little hard on him for the past week. That I understood he worked hard to provide for the family. It was my way of saying, "I'm sorry". The thing is I truly was sorry. Not for going to the party but for cheating on my wonderful husband.

Life was rather normal for the next couple of months. We made it through the holidays. For New Year's we went to my sister Beth's house. She was having a party. My mom agreed to watch the kids again.

I was drinking but wasn't afraid seeing it was all family and Gary said he would only drink a few beers knowing he had to drive home afterwards. Gary didn't mind me drinking because he knew it lowered my resolve and we would be having some good sex afterwards.

After arriving home Gary took the lead and started by eating my pussy. He always told me how pretty my pussy was. He spread my pussy lips and shoved his tongue in as deep as he could. His whole face was against my pussy, busy licking and sucking for all he was worth. I had an orgasm and felt my juices flowing.

By then he was as hard as a rock. I spread my legs and he pushed his cock to the hilt into my pussy. "Oh God, I love it," I was saying. "Fuck me Honey, fuck me hard and deep. It feels so good."

After he came and pulled his cock out of me, I kissed him and told him how much I loved him and meant it. We both turned over and went to sleep.

It was now February and we talked about going out for Valentine's Day. He said we could celebrate it on Saturday. I was happy about it and we decided to ask another couple to go with us. We found out a long time ago that it was more fun and gave us someone else to talk with.

I asked Anna if she wanted to go out with us. We had become close friends and Anna recently began dating Ryan who she met at a Christmas party. He worked in the actuarial department at the office.

Anna got back to me a couple of days later and said she and Ryan would love to go. They left the plans up to Gary since he told me he wanted to plan the whole evening. I gave him Ryan's phone number to coordinate any plans he may have.

Gary really did it up big which I found out later. We would be going to the Sheraton Inn. Gary did contact Ryan and made sure he wouldn't mind spending the extra money for a room. He said Ryan really liked Anna and was hoping there might be a future for them.

When Gary gets excited he sometimes has trouble holding a secret so he told me some of his plans. We would be having dinner and drinks. They also had a lounge where dancing was permitted. He even told me that all he could think about is getting me a little drunk and having his way with me. It made me laugh. I really loved him.

Gary went all out for Valentine's Day. As I found out later he ordered flowers and candy which would both be placed in our hotel rooms to surprise us girls.

As of late I was feeling a bit nervous. I hadn't had my period for the last two months. On the Thursday before we were to go out, I stopped at the drugstore on the way home and bought an early pregnancy test. I was shaking as I took the first test. I waited a minute and it came up positive.

I began to cry and took the second one hoping the first was in error. It showed positive also. I sat there and cried, my mind thinking a thousand different thoughts. What am I going to do! Right then I wanted to die. I knew I had to calm down and try to think logically.

Gary had a vasectomy after our son was born. I knew this pregnancy came from the one stupid moment I had with Ed. God must have been punishing me, I thought. I knew I couldn't have this baby. Much as I didn't want to do it, I knew I had to have an abortion.

I knew my husband well enough to know he would divorce me if he knew about the one time mistake. If I had told him about the my stupidity after it happened we might have been able to work through it. Now it was much too late and I had to keep it from him.

My mom dropped the kids off and I made supper. Gary called shortly after and said he was working over which he did quite often. I told him I would take out the trash so he could sleep in in the morning. I buried the test strips in the trash and set the bags out.

I was somewhat numb on Friday but went through the motions. On Saturday when I looked at Gary I felt he could see right through me. He would stare at me but not really say anything. It was like he wanted to say something but didn't. He dropped the kids at my mom's while I was getting a shower and dressed to go out.

When he got back home I had just gotten out of the shower and had put on my red panties. He came up to me and put his arms around me and even rubbed my belly. It was like he knew something. My mind was thinking overtime.

"Honey, we can't do this now," I said, thinking he wanted to make love. "There'll be plenty of time for that tonight."

I put on this beautiful low cut red dress that I had bought for the occasion. I wanted to look sexy for my husband. Earlier I had made an appointment to have my hair done.

He kept staring at me as he got dressed. There was no way he could know anything. I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked, "Gary, what's the matter? Something has been bothering you all morning."

He reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out the test strips. "I found these in the garbage yesterday. What are they doing in our garbage? Are you pregnant?" he asked loudly.

"Why would you even go in the garbage anyway?" I asked.

"The damn dogs went in our trash. All I did was clean up the mess and came across your test results; I can't believe you did this to our marriage."

I knew I had to say something so I lied again. "It isn't mine. The strips belong to Anna. Thursday night after work she stopped by and we talked about the dinner. Then, she told me she missed two periods. She had bought the test kit and it was in her car. I mentioned for her to go get it and take the test here. At least she would know."

"So, Anna's pregnant. Why two tests?" asked Gary.

"They come two in a package so a woman can be sure. After the first positive reading Anna went and took it a second time and then she threw the test strips in the trash."

"Please don't tell her I told you. I promised her I would keep it a secret. I don't want to embarrass her. She's not positive if Ryan is the father. She's trying to figure it out. I don't want to mess up their relationship."

Gary said, "I promise not to say anything. I wish you would have told me though, yesterday and today would have been much easier on me."

"I didn't tell you because there wasn't any reason to. It isn't our business and I had no idea you found them in the trash. If you would have mentioned it then I would have told you just like I did. Now let's get going. I don't want to be late for dinner."

I hated so much having to lie to him but felt our marriage depended on it. We met Ryan and Anna at the restaurant. I formally introduced Gary to Ryan. We all talked for awhile and I needed to talk to Anna. I got up and said I was going to the ladies room and Anna said she would come with me.

When we went into the restroom I told her I'd made a big mistake and needed her help. I hung my head down and told her I was pregnant She smiled at first and then I told her Gary had a vasectomy.

"What! What are you going to do?" she asked. "How can I help?"

I told her that Gary found the test strips and I lied and told him they belonged to her. She was mad at first but asked how that would solve anything. That's when I told her I was going to the clinic to end the pregnancy. She asked me who the father was, but I didn't tell her. I told her it was a one time, big mistake and that I loved Gary.

Reluctantly she agreed to go along with me. I did tell her that Gary wasn't going to say anything to Ryan and I apologized for making her part of my lie. After we calmed down we went back out and joined our men for dinner.

Dinner went well but I did notice that Gary kept looking at Anna. We did go to the lounge and had drinks and danced a little. Afterwards we went to our rooms. That's when I saw the beautiful flowers and box of chocolates Gary had bought me. Inside I hated myself more and more for what I had done. I decided I was going to give him all the sex he wanted that night. It was one of our best nights of sex ever.

He ate me out and I gave him oral sex also. I even let him have my ass, which was a real rarity. I hate anal sex but if Gary wanted it, he got it. I even talked dirty to him which I rarely did. There was nothing I wasn't going to do for him.

In the morning we got up and I called Anna's room. I told her I needed to talk to her. When I got there she told Ryan that she would meet him downstairs. I thanked her for helping me and asked one more favor of her. I asked her if she would go to the clinic with me. I would be telling Gary that I was going with her for the abortion.

She was mad and aggravated with me but told me this was the last time she would do anything like this for me again. She told me she loved Ryan and they were planning on being together and she didn't want to ruin it.

I promised her that this was it. It would be all over and never mentioned again. We went downstairs for breakfast with the guys. I just ate a roll and coffee, I wasn't feeling the best. We thanked them for going out with us. After they left Gary and I headed for home also. Once in the car I told Gary I needed to tell him something. It was about Anna's baby.

"Gary, Anna told me yesterday that the baby isn't Ryan's. This morning she said she really cared for Ryan and wasn't going to tell him. She is going to have an abortion."

"Doesn't Ryan deserve to know his girlfriend is about to have an abortion. I know I would want to know if it was me."

"It's not our decision to make. Ryan has two kids from a previous marriage and had told Anna he wasn't interested in more kids. She doesn't want to lose him. I believe she loves him." This was really true. Ryan really didn't want more kids.

"If she loves him then she should tell him the truth. Hiding this from him isn't right. Especially if it happened before they were together as a couple," replied Gary.

"It happened a few days before they were together at the Christmas party. It was with her ex-husband and she doesn't want the baby. She admits it was a mistake and wants to put it all behind her."

"So why are you telling me all of this? Did you tell her you told me?"

"I told her I've always told you the truth and I don't lie to you. All she asks is that you don't mention it to Ryan."

"Is that it?" Gary asked.

"There's more. Next Friday she wants me to go to the Planned Parenthood Clinic with her. We will go Friday, spend the night at a motel and come back Saturday. I told her I would go with her. Gary, she's my friend and I have to stand by her decision."

"Who's going to watch the kids? I have to work Friday and maybe Saturday."

"I'll tell Mom that Anna and I have to attend a one day seminar in Cleveland; she'll understand."

"Just so you know, I'm against this but I won't mention it to Ryan. I'm not for ending the life of a kid." I wondered if he would feel the same if he knew the truth. I had to hold back crying.

On Thursday night after coming home from work Gary wanted to initiate sex but I told him I wasn't feeling that well. Besides I had to get up early and take Anna to Cleveland.

I was nervous, sick and tired all rolled up into one. I kissed Gary and told him I would see him the next day. Anna and I arrived early in Cleveland at the health center. I was taken in and prepped while Anna stayed in the waiting room. I felt so awful and just wanted it over with.

After the procedure I was lead to the waiting room to meet Anna. As I got close to the door I heard what seemed to be arguing. Oh my God! Gary was here arguing with Anna. I stayed back before walking through the door.

"She loves you Gary. She's loves you more than anyone. She made a mistake and didn't want it to ruin your marriage," I heard Anna say.

"A little late for that. Tell her I was here and I'm now going home and getting a lawyer," replied Gary.

"You can't do that to her; she loves you!" cried Anna.

"She should have thought about that before fucking some guy and then our marriage," I could tell Gary was furious.

Anna kept pleading with him; it was then that I walked through the door; I really felt sick and started crying.

"Oh God no! Gary, I'm so sorry. I made a mistake, that's all it was. Please believe me, I love you."

"You lied to me, time and time again. If you would have told me when you made your so called mistake, we may have been able to work it out. I'm not saying we would have but I will tell you there is no way in hell I can forgive you now.

"I'm leaving to go home and see a lawyer. This marriage is over." He turned and walked out the door.

I cried and Anna held me. Gary walked out the door got in his car and never looked back. I sat down for a few minutes. After I got a little energy, Anna walked me to the car. I was told that I shouldn't drive any long distance for a day. That is why we got a room for the night.

Anna and I talked about how I screwed up my life and had more than likely

lost Gary. I cried myself to sleep knowing I had to face Gary the following day.

When Anna dropped me off at the house Gary was waiting for me. Our little talk began. "What can I do or say that could change your mind? I made a huge, no a gigantic mistake and don't know how to make up for it. I will do anything for you, please, don't leave me."

"Who was the father?" he asked. "Did it happen at the Christmas party?"

"I can't tell you. It was a one time thing and I totally regret it. I would give anything for it not to have happened. Gary, no one knows about the pregnancy except for you and Anna; it's done and over with. No one needs to know, I'll do anything and everything to make it up to you. Please let's get past this."

"You can't tell me or won't tell me?" he asked.

"Will you promise me we can try and work this out if I tell you? He's married, we were both drunk. I'm sure he regrets it also. I'm not going to ruin his marriage over one mistake. I was just so mad that you didn't come with me to the party. I drank too much and made a big mistake which I'll always regret."

"So, you fuck some guy and get pregnant and you try to blame me. Does your lover know he made a baby with you?"

"He's not my lover and no he doesn't know and never will," I cried.

"You even told me it's your friend who was pregnant. I don't think I can ever get past all the lying. The fact that you lied to me over and over, I know I could never believe or trust you every again."

"Please answer me Gary. If I tell you who it was, can we try and work through this?" I begged.

"No! No fucking way in hell can I stay with you. Shit, I don't know if I love you or I hate you or both, but one thing I do know is that I can never trust you again."

Gary moved into the basement till he found another place to live. It was hard to explain to the kids. I told them that their father and I weren't getting along but that we both loved them and would always be there for them.

I lied to my family telling them that Gary and I had some problems we couldn't get past. It was the truth but I didn't tell them it was solely my fault, that I was a cheating wife. When I asked Gary what I should tell everyone he said he didn't give a shit, but I was the mother of his kids and he didn't want to hurt them anymore than we already had.

Gary did go to a lawyer and started divorce proceedings. He used irreconcilable differences to protect the kids and I hoped to save what little self respect I had left. We lived in a fifty/fifty split state so that would take care of the assets.

We applied for the divorced. Gary let me have the house since I would have the kids most of the time and my parents helped with the down payment. Gary received most of the saving account and got a nice apartment so he could have the kids over. He moved a block away from the house. We each kept our own vehicles.

We are still on somewhat friendly terms. I do my best never to argue with him. We have a decent relationship because of the kids. Our families had a hard time accepting our breakup. My family loves him and still invite him over for family occasions.

My one sister Beth kept bugging me about the divorce. She said she wanted the particulars or she would go ask Gary for the truth.

I told her that I was flirting with a guy and had dinner with him. Gary found out and I ended the relationship. I told her that I never had sex with him but that Gary didn't believe me; I know I lied again but I just couldn't seem to get out from under the mess I had made apart from telling more lies.

I did find out that she asked Gary later but don't know what he said to her. Gary switched to the day shift so he could see the kids more often. I did wonder why he hadn't switched to days years ago but never brought it up.

I never dated after Gary left. I worked, took care of my kids and went to all the school functions. I did go out with the girls at work once a week. I danced with a few guys but never any more than that. I didn't even flirt.

Other than business conversation I didn't even talk to Ed. My life was full but I did have an empty spot. It was Gary missing from my life. I was happy to see him at the school functions, and other family activities. He kept his promise and was there for the kids. I didn't know if he started dating and really didn't want to know. I just hoped some day maybe, just maybe we could be a couple again.

The day after our divorce went through I called Gary. I told him that one of my bosses was beaten unconscious in the company parking lot the night before. According to the police the assailant wore a black hood and beat him with a bat to within an inch of his life.

They had no idea who it was but the police believe it was some kind of revenge beating because the assailant didn't take anything. They had no other clues as to who it might be.

Gary replied, "Shit happens, maybe he did something that warranted a beating. What was his name?"

"Ed Davis, he was a company partner. He has a wife and three kids ... Gary, how did you find out?" I asked in a quiet voice, as I realized he must have found out and then deliberately attacked Ed on the day we were divorced. I finally understood then just how much I had hurt my husband for him to do something so out of character.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I have to go; time to take out the garbage," he coldly replied.

"I still love you Gary and I always will; I just want you to know that. I need for you to know that it was the only time in my life that I ever cheated on you and I truly regret it. I hope that someday you will find it in your heart to forgive me." I said sadly as I felt my eyes tearing up and a lump forming in my throat.

He replied saying, "Shannon, I have to go. I'll talk to you later, I can't talk now." His voice sounded sad as I heard the click of his phone hanging up.

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