Kissing Booth Surprise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When a black college coed meets the white man of her dreams, it's bound to create quite a sensation in Kylie's conservative family. When it turns out that her seventeen-year-old sister has a white boyfriend of her own, however, that's when things really get crazy!

"Hey Kylie," Madison greeted me as I sat on the campus lawn between classes, eating a little yogurt and trying to study.

"Hi." I looked up at her, shielding my eyes from the too bright sun. "Whassup?"

"Can I join you?" she wondered, as if I had a choice. Madison liked to ask, but she didn't really expect a reply.

"Yeah, course you can," I nodded.

Madison lived in my dorm and I knew her, not real well, but enough. She was one of those active girls, always busy and part of something. You know the kind, president of a dozen clubs, organizing student rallies, petitions, debates, and I don't know what all else. One of those hyperactive people that drive us all a little crazy. I was just at the university to get a boyfriend.

"Hey, you know we're doing a little fundraiser for the dorm right?" she asked and I rolled my eyes, but only cause I knew Madison wouldn't notice.

"Yeah, I heard that," I replied, nodding slowly. "You need me to bake something?"

I was smiling because I was joking. This dorm fundraiser was just Madison's idea to get all the girls involved in something together. We didn't need any money for anything; I was already paying for my room. Not a lot, but it was still money, you know? If she wanted to get us friendly and involved and all that, Madison should have been organizing a party. Invite some frat boys over, finagle some kegs maybe, turn the music up and the lights down ... Shoot, I needed a boyfriend bad! I was nineteen and all kinds of innocent.

"Baking?" she laughed, but the twenty year old freshman was just being polite. "That's funny."

"I heard it on Leno," I said.

"Oh." That confused her. "Anyway, no. What I was thinking was, see, we're going to have a kissing booth. See, we're having a bikini car wash, you know? And so we have like thirty girls and so, some of them, well, you know which ones, right? They're going to be doing other stuff, selling pop and hot dogs and stuff. See, we'll have a little barbecue going and..."

"Bikini carwash, huh?" I smiled at Madison because I look good in a bikini, I know that, and she knew it too. I figured I knew where this was going.

My body is a nice one, five foot eight, a hundred twenty pounds of black beauty with great tits and a curvalicious ass. Not a big one, mind you, but shaped nice and firm. Long legs and a smooth tummy. I even had a brand new bikini, a red one, and it was a thong no less. And I was dying to show off a little, believe me. This Indian summer we were having was almost over and something like that little number, well, I couldn't wear it at home. My mom would kill me!

" ... What? Yeah, anyway," Madison blew my interest off completely, "we're going to have a kissing booth too, cause a couple girls are kinda hot for that. You know which ones, right? See, but then we started thinking probably like some black guys might show up. I mean, there aren't a lot of them around, but you know, they could come by and if they did, well..."

"Hmmm..." I nodded politely and I wasn't too sure about a kissing booth. I'd never even had a real boyfriend.

" ... Tabitha said she wouldn't ever kiss a nig ... Black guy, and Loni, she said she wasn't even going to be in the kissing booth if a black guy was gonna be there! See? So I said, Hey! Let's have two kissing booths, and we can get Kylie to be in the other one! See? Isn't that great? That way you can kiss all the nig ... Sorry, you can kiss all the black guys and Tabitha and Loni can make out, I mean kiss, all the white guys, and everybody's happy!"

Madison wasn't even out of breath when she was finished and I just sort of stared at her.

"Well? What do you think?" She bobbled her auburn head happily and I blinked.

"Are you on drugs?" I shook my head slowly.

"Uh, no." She shook her head too.

"You can't segregate kissing booths!" I laughed.

"Why not?" Madison frowned.

"Because it's against the law to segregate anything on campus based purely on race." I rolled my eyes and this time I made sure she saw it. "You want Louis Farrakhan kicking down the dean's door?"

"Uh, no." Madison swallowed hard. "That's the guy with the bow tie, right?"

"Yeah and that's what you're going to get if you have a white's only kissing booth next to a black's only kissing booth," I said. "You got that Wong girl in an oriental kissing booth?"

"What?" Madison shook her head. "No, Tab and Loni said Asian guys were okay, just not nig ... Black guys."

"Well, I'm not going to set myself up as a poster girl for the rebirth of racism, you know what I mean? Be like the anti-Rosa Parks or something." I told her, "I'll do a kissing booth, that's cool for me, but just make one big booth and let us sort it out, customer by customer, you know?"

"Oh. Well, yeah," Madison said uneasily. "That was my other idea."

"I bet." I pursed my lips doubtfully.

"So!" She put her bestest brightest smile back on. "You're going to do it? Right, Kylie?"

"Sure, yeah," I agreed, but only because what could possibly be wrong with kissing guys all day? I was bound to get some phone numbers!

"Great!" Madison lifted her shoulders like a marionette and I watched her leave, thinking that girl was going to get her ass seriously kicked one of these days.

I would too if I wasn't careful. A kissing booth? That was a pretty far out idea with my upbringing. I could laugh about it, you know, collecting phone numbers or whatever, but the truth was I hadn't kissed a whole lot of guys. I'd only had one boyfriend in high school, a black boy of course. I wasn't allowed to date white guys, believe me. My parents would be more than happy with a segregated kissing booth, assuming they'd even let me near one, which they wouldn't.

So why was I doing it? Why had I agreed so easily, despite the awkward and insulting way I'd been asked? It's simple ... I was a college girl and my parents were a long ways away! Almost half an hour by bus. I probably wouldn't get to kiss a lot of guys anyway, just the black ones and there weren't that many of those around, actually. The University of Minnesota isn't hugely diverse ethnically, let's face it, and how many white boys would want to kiss me?


"Hi." I blinked at Tabitha and Loni who were standing in my doorway when I answered their combined and annoying knock-knock-knocking.

"Hi Kylie," Loni said and they looked like twins.

Both of them with long blonde hair, Loni's a little more gold, Tab's a little more platinum maybe, blue eyes and pretty faces. They were very cute, seriously cute and they knew it. They could play the dumb blonde stereotype to the hilt too, when they felt like it, but they were sneaky smart and out to marry the richest guys they could find. College was just a way to meet the lonely fathers of spoiled college brats. They were also seriously stuck up, being as ridiculously cute as they were.

"So, you're going to be in our kissing booth?" Tabitha sniffed.

"Yeah," I nodded slowly. "Is that alright with you guys?"

"Oh, of course it is," Loni smiled at me. "We just wanted to make sure you're going to follow all the rules."

"There's rules?" I laughed.

"Well of course there are!" Loni giggled.

"She means rules about who's kissing who," Tabitha said seriously.

"Oh." I nodded.

"Like if it's a white man? Then we'll kiss him." Loni looked at Tabitha for agreement.

"One of us will." Tabitha looked back at Loni and they nodded in unison.

"What if he wants to kiss me?" I asked.

"Why on earth would a white man want to kiss a nigger?" Tabitha asked. "I mean a black girl, sorry."

"She didn't mean to say nigger," Loni smiled sweetly. "It slipped out."

"Sorry," Tabitha giggled.

"Now if a black boy shows up, that's when you do the kissing," Loni said.

"What if it's a black man?" I wondered.

"What?" Loni blinked at me.

"You said a black boy, what if he's a man? We're at college, not high school," I said.

"Well, duh!" Tabitha rolled her eyes. "Black man, black boy, it's just a figure of speech. Either way, you kiss him."

"I see," I nodded.

"Now if a lesbian shows up, you kiss her too," Loni said and Tabitha nodded vigorously.

"Even if she's white?" I asked.

"I don't care. They're all going to hell anyway," Loni shrugged.

"It wouldn't be any worse than kissing a nigger," Tabitha agreed. "Oops ... I did it again, didn't I?"

She looked at Loni who just shrugged.

"Can I give white men blow jobs?" I asked.

"Excuse me?" Tabitha stared at me.

"Can I suck their dicks if they want me to?" I smiled. "Or, I dunno, what if they want to have sex? Is it okay for me to fuck a white guy as long as I don't actually kiss him?"

"We better go." Loni looked at her watch.

"You know how bad I want a white baby, right?" I sighed theatrically. "I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself. Hey, can you guys cash a welfare check for me?"

"We're running a little late for our New Republicans meeting." Tabitha smiled. "Bye Kylie!"

"Bye Kylie!" Loni echoed and I slammed the door on them.


We were set up in the parking lot across from the Student Union, which was a good spot. Right in the middle of everything. The weather was cooperating too, which was nice. Minnesota does have some nice Indian summers, thank goodness. Autumn, when it finally arrives, is pretty miserable.

On this particular Saturday the sun was bright and warm, the birds were singing, and the girls were wearing bikinis. Some of them. I was wearing mine, which was way cool. A bright red one with small triangular cups to hold my firm round tits, a little triangle to cover my freshly shaved sex, and nothing but strings everywhere else. It was almost obscene, especially if viewed from the back, but I didn't care. I have a pretty terrific body and I liked putting it next to Tabitha and Loni. They needed a little affirmative action in my humble opinion.

They were wearing bikinis too, a little less daring than mine perhaps, but showing an awful lot of skin anyway. The blondes still had their summer tans, of course, but standing next to me they looked positively pale, which made them frown at first. I guess it's tough being white, you know, and spending hours in the sun just to get brown, trying not to burn, and all that. Then having to stand next to a real live black girl who looked like she was sculpted from rich dark chocolate ... Ouch! I tried not to gloat, but it was hard not to when I spread some cocoa butter over the tops of my tits, explaining to them that I wasn't worried about the sun, I just liked the smell.

"You should like, cover yourself up or something." Loni frowned at me, or more specifically, she was scowling at my ass, since I was putting cocoa butter there too.

"Why?" I asked, smiling and innocent, massaging my cheeks and making a point of showing the girl my little brown butt hole as that thong tried in vain to cover it.

"You look like a stripper," Tabitha answered for her friend.

"It's a kissing booth," I said. "Guys like this kind of thing."

"Hmph." Loni turned away because that was exactly what she didn't like about it, or rather it was what she didn't like about me.

She didn't have to worry though, Loni and Tabitha both looked good. We all did, being without doubt the three hottest girls in the dorm. The other girls, the ones who looked good in wet t-shirts and bikini bottoms, were going to be washing cars. The rest, those who looked good only in their daddies' eyes, would be selling snacks, sodas, and hot dogs. I was kinda glad I wasn't doing that.

Our kissing booth was really just a couple long tables that we'd swiped from the commons, you know, the kind with folding legs. We put a couple cute table clothes over them, bed sheets actually, white with little red hearts printed all over them. I'm not sure where those came from, but they were perfect. That's why Madison was in charge, she was good at stuff like that. A couple hand lettered signs that said 'Kisses Three Dollars' and 'Two for Five Dollars' were propped up nearby.

That had been hotly debated, my own opinion being that a dollar a kiss was reasonable and probably expected. But Madison argued something about adjusting for inflation and then Loni had brought up the rising cost of cherry flavored lip balm, and then Tabitha said...

"I'm not kissing anybody for a measly dollar!"

"What's wrong with a dollar?" I wondered. "The car wash is only what? Three dollars?"

"Kissing me is worth as much as washing a stupid car," Loni decided, siding with her best friend, of course.

"Nobody's gonna pay three dollars for a kiss," I said, meaning all of us, but I guess she didn't take it that way.

"We're talking about me and Tabs, not you!" Loni said.

"Kylie would do it for food stamps, probably," Tabitha giggled.

"What?" I stared at her.

"It's just a joke." Tabitha rolled her big blue eyes. "God!"

"Sensitive!" Loni agreed.

"All right, so we'll charge three dollars then, okay?" Madison smiled. "And, well, for the bargain hunters we can say two for five dollars, how does that sound?"

"Same girl, or different girls?" Tabitha wondered.

"Does it matter?" I asked.

"Well, you're the only black girl!" Loni said, pointing out the obvious, but I still missed the connection.


"So, duh! If it's a black guy and he pays five dollars, he's gotta kiss the same girl!" Tabitha explained.

"Cause were not kissing a nig ... Black guy, are we?" Loni looked to Tabitha and her friend nodded.

"No," Tabitha said. "And we don't want sloppy seconds either."

"What does that mean?" I frowned.

"I'm not putting my lips where yours have been!" Tabitha shook her head.

"Oh gross!" Loni agreed. "Nigger lips!"

"Oops!" her friend giggled. "You said it this time!"

"Sorry!" Loni shrugged at me. "I mean black lips."

"So, the same girl then," Madison was nodding, taking notes and oblivious to all of it.

"Unless he's a hot white guy," Tabitha said. "Right?"

"Oh yeah, definitely," Loni agreed. "Hot white guys can kiss both of us for five dollars."

"Definitely," Tabitha smiled at me. "But not Kylie."

"Thanks." I smiled back.


"Hi," a man's voice said and we'd just opened for business.

"Hey there!" Tabitha smiled, wearing her little blue bikini and tilting her hips invitingly.

He was a good looking young man, white as snow and smiling at all three of us, but mostly at me, actually. I smiled back, being the sort of girl who enjoys sharing a smile, and I'll confess that I'd never kissed a white man in my life. I hadn't even thought about it really, not until right then, seeing that handsome young white man standing in front of us. That's when the possibility hit me that I just might really have to kiss a white person.

I was suddenly very nervous.

"Three dollars, huh?" The guy nodded and he was tall, with broad shoulders and short brown hair. A nice face too, clean shaven with a strong jaw and pleasant features. He was the kind of man I'd often noticed, but quickly dismissed with a wistful sigh while in high school, knowing they were off limits to a girl like me. My parents had seen to that.

"Or two for five," Loni giggled, standing close to Tabitha and they posed together so he'd get the idea. They looked like they belonged in a chewing gum commercial.

"Is that a real kiss?" He lifted his eyebrows at me. "Or just a little ... Peck?"

"It's a real one!" Loni promised, trying to draw his attention away from me and back to them where it belonged.

"We have a little timer, see?" Tabitha grinned, holding up a little hourglass that only lasted thirty seconds. It came out of some game at the dorm, Pictionary, or Password, maybe.

"Oh." The guy glanced at them and nodded. He was seriously cute.

"Thirty seconds," Loni promised. "How real is that?"

"So, I get a whole minute for five dollars?" he chuckled and he was looking at me again.

"Uh..." Tabitha frowned, looking at Loni who was deep in thought as she tried to wrap her mind around the math.

"Yeah." I swallowed hard, hoping my mother never found out about this. "You get sixty seconds."

"Okay," he nodded, reaching into his pocket. "I've always wanted to kiss a beautiful black girl."

"Really?" I flirted with my lips, biting the bottom one for just a second. "I've always wanted to kiss a handsome white boy."

"Then it's our lucky day, isn't it?" he asked, putting a five dollar bill on the table.

"Could be," I replied softly, taking his money slowly and putting it in our little impromptu cigar box - cash register.

"Hey!" Loni was blinking at us.

"What's he doing?" Tabitha wondered.

"Are you gonna start the timer?" the guy asked, standing as close to me as he could, the edge of the table pressing against the top of his strong thighs.

"Kylie!" Tabitha whined.

"You're only supposed to kiss the black guys!" Loni harmonized.

"Start timing us girls," I giggled, leaning forward slightly, keeping my big brown eyes on his, which were sort of a forest green color and very sexy, I thought. I'd never seen eyes like that before and I liked them a lot.

"Do we have to do it with the table between us?" the guy whispered.

"I don't know," I shrugged. "You're my first customer."

"Hmmm..." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of skin, the soap and cocoa butter I used. My shampoo and maybe just ... me.

"Kylie!" Loni pouted and then Tabitha joined in. "He's a white guy!"

"What would I have to pay to be your only customer?" the man asked gently, reaching up to touch my face with his fingertips and I didn't pull away from him at all.

"You think you can afford me?" I asked playfully.

"Not a prayer," he sighed wistfully. "Ready?"

"Yeah," I said, tilting my head slightly to rub my cheek against his smooth palm.

My heart was thumping and my knees wanted to shake, but I was controlling it, just barely. My nipples were popping though and I couldn't help that. I didn't need to look down to know they were stiff and all too plain through the thin red of my bikini top. The guy wasn't looking there anyway, thank goodness; his eyes were wide open and all over mine. A white man was touching my face and then I felt his lips.

"He's gonna kiss her?" Loni asked no one in particular.

He was tender at first, so light that I barely felt him, and then the tip of his tongue moved along the crease of my smile. He opened me like a ripe fruit and I moaned, or I imagined I did. Some part of me I didn't even know existed was whimpering with pleasure. The man's tongue entered my mouth and my hands came up of their own accord. I felt the sides of his warm body, the soft flesh and his hard ribs beneath, muscles too and he was so firm all over, and I realized that both of his hands now touched my face.

"God! Look at them!" Tabitha breathed.

The man held me gently to our kiss, that devilish tongue of his exploring my mouth patiently, as if we had all the time in the world and I was moving my own upon it. I felt his fingers in my hair and his thumbs on my cheeks. Our heads turned, sealing our open lips tightly so that nothing could escape our passionate union. My tummy trembled and a shiver ran up my spine. I felt my virgin sex throbbing with an empty ache, a sudden desire to be filled, and I had no experience with such things. I was feverish and overwhelmed completely.

"Thirty seconds," Loni said and it seemed to me that we'd only just started.

He was letting go of me now, but not completely. We were still kissing and I was acutely aware of the man's hands finding my smooth brown shoulders, caressing me for just a moment before traveling slowly down my back. I gave a weak muffled groan of agreement, leaning forward and standing on my tip-toes as his fingers traveled to my waist. He held me there for a brief eternity while my own arms encircled his neck.

"Jesus! That is so wrong!" Tabitha said unhappily.

Our tongues moved from my mouth to his and I thrust myself inside him as the man's hands moved to my hips and finally my ass. I worked my tongue across his, tasting every part of him I could reach. He was holding me now, holding my bare ass in that thong I was wearing. His hands squeezing my firm round flesh, his fingers working into the buttery crevasse between my dark brown cheeks. One long finger pressed all the way inside, to play across my barely covered anus and he pushed inward as if to penetrate me there. I gasped into his mouth and tightened my embrace, clenching my ass against him with unexpected pleasure.

"Time's up!" Loni announced, somewhat happily to my ears, but not terribly.

"Mmmphhh..." I pulled away reluctantly, like it was the most difficult thing I'd ever done in my life.

The man let me go as well and I felt myself burning hotly, the blood rushing to my face as I licked my bruised lips and panted for air. He was smiling, nodding his head and dragging deep breaths of cool air into his lungs. I giggled nervously and brushed my long black hair out of my eyes, looking down and away and then back at him, drawn helplessly to his sweet green gaze. I could barely stand and I glanced down to see my top had fallen askew, my left nipple exposed and pointed outward in the brilliant afternoon sun.

"That was..." the man widened his eyes, " ... Wow!"

"Yeah, way ... Yeah," I giggled breathlessly, feeling wow all over while I fixed my bikini. I wondered if my heart would ever slow down again.

"Can I call you sometime?" he asked me and I nodded dumbly.

"You can call me tonight," I said. "I'm Kylie."

"I'm Steve." He smiled, patting his t-shirt and then his jeans. "Do you have a pen?"

"No." I frowned, looking around, but I hadn't even brought my purse, just a little clutch with a hairbrush, breath mints, junk like that in it.

"I have one in my room," Steve said. "Um..."

"You do?" I smiled back at him, feeling my tummy full of butterflies.

"Hey, check it out!"... "Kissing booth!"... "Get some of that, hell yeah!"

I heard a man's voice, several men actually, and I glanced to my left and saw four big black guys, wearing university letter jackets and I recognized a couple of them. They were most of the starting front line for the Gophers football team, all of them like six foot six and three hundred pounds, and black as coal.

"Kylie, you got customers!" Tabitha giggled and she was happy again.

"You want to go to my room and help me look for it?" Steve asked me and I was nodding slowly.

"Yeah, I do." I swallowed hard, wondering if I was actually falling in love with a white man.

"Five bucks for two kisses huh? I got a twenty ... How many is that?" One of the black guys laughed with a low rumbling sound from deep in his enormous body.

"That's, uh, a lot," Loni said uncertainly. "Kylie ... Stop foolin' around!"

"Shit, I'll blow twenty on these fine ass bitches," another black guy said.

"I ain't never kissed a white girl before!" one of them chuckled.

"Kylie!" Tabitha whined.

"I'm sorry, we don't kiss nig ... I mean, black guys," Loni said apologetically, looking very small just then.

"We should go," Steve said softly and I nodded.

"You're gonna be kissing me in a minute baby!" the fourth football player said. "Mr. Jackson says I got eight kisses coming!"

"Kylie! Help!" Tabitha stared at me and I shrugged.

"Hey, baby, where you going?" One of the black guys grinned at me. "Like to bring some of you home to meet my mama!"

"Sorry fellas." I smiled at them. "I only kiss white guys."

I put my arm around Steve's waist, letting my new boyfriend hold me close, and I giggled as I felt his hand sliding down to play with my ass while we walked away.

"You only kiss white guys?" he asked me with a grin and I nodded.

"From now on, yeah." I smiled up at him.

"Cool." Steve bent his lips to mine. "I only kiss black girls from now on."


"Ummmm ... Oh God!" I moaned happily and then gasped as I felt Steve's tongue working against my tight little asshole.

"Mmmphhh..." He agreed and his thumbs were digging into the firm black globes of my ass, prying my horny butt wide open for his kisses.

Steve had me arched over two pillows, my face resting on the mattress, my arms stretched out so I could grab fistfuls of bed sheet. My legs were spread and my ass was more than a little inviting with those pillows bunched up under my hips and tummy. That was just the way my new boyfriend liked me too. He had a serious thing for my ass.

"Yeah, eat my black ass, white boy!" I sighed, smiling and rolling my eyes with pleasure while Steve's handsome face buried itself in my hot flesh.

"I love your ass, Kylie!" Steve pulled his mouth away just long enough to tell me the obvious.

"Shhh..." I laughed lightly, twisting my body so I could reach behind me, grabbing him by the short black hair on his head and pulling his mouth back to where it belonged.

I'd never thought of my butt as an erogenous zone, but it was, believe me. The way Steve worked it with his mouth, I could even cum, I swear. We'd only been dating for a month, but it had been a good one, full of nothing but steamy white in black sex. I'd never had a white boyfriend before and now I wasn't ever going to want anything else, not if they were all like Steve!

I sighed contentedly, closing my eyes as I felt the man's tongue going back to work. He licked me slowly at first, long sexy licks all the way from my humid cunt, across the bit of smooth flesh just behind my slit, and then across my asshole and up. All the way along the crack of my ass. It was teasing and wonderful and Steve did that until I was humping the pillows beneath me, begging him for more than just a good licking.

He put the tip of his tongue on my sphincter then, tickling me with it, flicking his tongue lightly over my anus like a wet butterfly. All the while he was holding my black nineteen year old ass in his big strong hands, massaging my butt like there was nothing else in the world. I loved Steve's fingers and the way they pressed deep into my ripe young flesh. He'd push and pull my ass one way and the other, making me giggle and groan and whisper soft words of encouragement to get his tongue inside me.

Steve loved my ass deeply, as he liked to say, and he loved that silly pun. I think he wanted to get it printed on a t-shirt, but I was a little shy around campus. We did everything else though, the things I wouldn't have imagined just a month or two previously. Holding hands as we walked around in public, kissing casually and even not so casually, like making out in the library. That had been fun, although we'd gotten caught and asked to take our affections elsewhere. Librarians weren't known for their sense of humor.

I'd always imagined that me being a black girl and Steve being a white boy would cause a little more of a sensation, but nobody looked twice at us. Or if they did, it was only because we made such a nice couple. Me being rather attractive and Steve being a serious hunk of a man, in my expert opinion, we were perfect for each other and a lot of other people thought so too. It was an eye opening experience after growing up with my parents, believe me.

Getting my ass seriously eaten by a white boy who knew how to do it was pretty eye opening as well! I wriggled my butt uncontrollably, feeling my empty pussy spasm with jealous delight when Steve pushed the tip of his tongue past my sphincter. He had a strong tongue, like a small pink cock, and he stabbed it into my relaxed asshole repeatedly, coaxing me to open up so he could really make me squirm. He worked his tongue inside my ass, which seemed both incredibly nasty and insanely erotic to me and I urged him on with my breathless voice begging for more.

"Fuck, Steve! Tongue fuck me ... Oh please! Put it in my ass, you bastard!" I whined, pushing my ass back to meet his mouth as best I could.

"Like this?" Steve breathed and he was suddenly pushing a finger against my hole, twisting it and screwing his thick digit inside the hot confines of my rectum.

"Oh, yeah!" I groaned, spreading my legs a little wider, lifting my butt and nodding.

"Beautiful fucking ass, Kylie!" Steve kissed my left cheek and then bit it softly. "I love fucking your black ass!"

"Gooood..." I blew out a long breath. " ... Uh-huh! Fuck me, Steve! Stick your cock inside me!"

"Not yet, slut!" he chuckled, moving his mouth to my right butt cheek and biting me there as well. "Gotta get you ready first!"

"I am ready! Ahhh!" I gasped as he pumped my tight asshole with his finger hard, curling the tip of it like he was tickling the soft walls of my rectum, but I wasn't laughing.

"Almost, baby ... Almost... ' Steve whispered in agreement and then he pulled his finger free, sucking it wetly and then jamming it once more into my eager ass.

"Oh fuck ... Get the oil ... Lube me up ... I need it ... Oh fuck!" I was panting, rolling my hips and seriously in need of a hard white cock inside my tight black body. I didn't care where he put it, so long as it was in me!

"Uh-huh ... Oh, that's it, Kylie! Work that black ass around my finger ... Jesus, you're hot inside!" Steve teased me. "You want me to fuck that ass?"

"Uhhh yeah, fuck me ... Fuck my black ass..." I whimpered.

"Nigger?" Steve sighed. "Now you're just asking for a spanking."

"Oh God!" I gasped. "Just do ... Something!"

"Here we go..." Steve chuckled softly and then I felt him pouring cocoa butter on my ass. " ... Get you all buttered up for my big white cock!"

"Ummm ... Please!" I moaned as the smell of that lotion hit my nose and I have to admit, something about cocoa butter just drives me a little crazy.

It wasn't exactly the best lube in the world for anal sex, it was maybe even a little unhealthy, I'm not sure, but we didn't use it that often anyway, just on special occasions. The rich smell of it, the warmth as it flowed over my ebony skin, making my ass glisten with a ripe mahogany glow, the feeling of it all slippery wet ... I loved that stuff and Steve knew it. He was pouring it over my butt and making a real mess on his pillows and bed, but we didn't care. We fucked at his place and slept at mine. All of my boyfriend's linen was pretty stained and I always giggled when I saw his bed, trying to remember every little discoloration and when we'd made it.

Steve worked that cocoa butter all over my ass and hips and thighs, my back too, taking the opportunity to give me a serious rubdown that had me melting under his strong white hands. I was so relaxed by then, so ready for his fat cock I could barely stand it. I was on cloud nine, having an out of body experience. My mind was feverish and every little touch the man gave me sent off sparklers of pleasure behind my tightly shut eyes.

"I'm going fuck your ass good now, baby." Steve promised, moving his body so he could kneel behind me, his cock doubtlessly well covered with cocoa butter now.

"God yeah!" I giggled almost sleepily, but I was wide awake, just helpless in my ecstasy. "Put your cock in my ass ... I need it so bad..."

"Love your sweet black ass, Kylie!" Steve whispered and I could feel the swollen head of his prick as he brought it to my asshole.

"Put it in." I nodded slowly. "Put that white motherfucker in my black ass!"

"I don't know about that dirty fucking mouth though!" Steve laughed lightly and then he was pushing with a low soft grunt.

"Ahhhh ... Ohhhh ... Yessss..." I breathed, feeling my little brown anus stretching around him, the man's cock so much larger than his finger could ever hope to be.

"Tell me what I'm doing, slut!" Steve slapped my butt playfully and I giggled.

"You're ... Ugh! Fucking my ... Ass!" I groaned, digging my fingers into the sheets as I felt his cock stretching my butthole with a familiar discomfort that I loved.

"Yeah ... Fucking that tight little ass, Kylie!" Steve agreed, grabbing my hips and I knew the big one was coming and I sighed happily because I knew it was going to hurt, for just a second, and then feel nothing but good.

"Ohhhh!" I tensed instinctively, my ass clenching as if I might keep him out, but Steve was giving me a real push now, shoving his cock hard into the hot depths of my ass.

"Tight!" he grunted, pushing a good eight inches of hard white cock into my rectum with one long thrust and then it was over. I let out the breath I was holding, feeling that sudden wave of giddy euphoria envelope me.

He was balls deep in my asshole ... Again. Steve was buried in my rectum with his big dick stretching me in every possible direction. Jesus! I loved that feeling and when he started to move, pulling back and pushing back in. I was in total ass slut heaven! That's what I was too, no doubt about it. I was Steve's little black ass slut and he knew it. It had taken a month, and in the beginning I'll admit I hadn't been too keen on the idea, but now I wanted him to fuck my butt even more than I wanted him inside my pussy. I got off on it totally now and I was working my ass around him, wanting to make it as good as I could for my boyfriend.

"I love your cock in my ass!" I whispered breathlessly, squeezing my asshole around him, milking his dick with my rectum for his cum.

"Your ass loves my cock, baby," Steve agreed, drawing a deep breath as he pulled back, letting his cockhead pause just inside the tight ring of my sphincter.

"Ahhh ... Harder! Fucker!" I gasped as he let that breath go, driving his cock suddenly inside me once again, lunging into me until I jerked with the pleasant sensation of his dick touching bottom.

He fucked me hard and fast after that, getting above me as I lay hunched over the soggy pillows on his bed. He was driving his cock almost straight down, tearing into my well-stretched asshole like it was a cunt now. It was a little uncomfortable, but not much. Mostly it just felt wickedly wonderful. I was being seriously reamed by that big white dick, fucked in the nastiest way possible, and that was a huge turn on for me. My nipples burned as my tits were flattened against the mattress. My clitoris was stiff and aching, buzzing with the pleasant sensation of being rubbed raw against the pillow beneath me.

I was gonna cum hard and I couldn't have stopped it if I wanted to. Steve had his hands on my shoulders now, pushing me down hard. I was into that too, being helpless and vulnerable. I was impaled on his thick white cock and yielding the way a woman should be with the man she loves. I wanted him to take me and I adored him for it when he did. I didn't want to be on top, no way. I was Steve's black bottom bitch and that was the t-shirt I wanted.

"Fuck you, Kylie! God I'm cumming!" Steve groaned and he was unhappy, like he usually was when he fucked my ass like that.

"Uhhhh Me ... Too!" I sobbed and I'd been cumming, actually. A lot!

My boyfriend was unhappy because he always came too fast, like within minutes after he started, and that was plenty for me. Steve gave me so much good foreplay that all I needed was five minutes of fucking to be well and truly satisfied. But poor Steve, he just wanted to live in my ass, fucking me for hours, I think, and it would have made me giggle if I wasn't so busy cumming all over his pillows. My cunt was on fire, clasping around the emptiness inside and spurting my girl goo like I was a little boy or something. I swear, I was ejaculating right then, spraying my pleasure while my ass contracted around Steve's cock like a vise, a hot slippery vise all covered with cocoa butter.

He didn't stand a chance. Poor Steve. I smiled happily, feeling the rush of good hormones, all that adrenalin and endorphins and God only knows what else. The best high in the world as my orgasm swept through me and then Steve was there too, jamming his aching prick as far inside my asshole as he could get and suddenly flooding my bowels with his creamy load. He came a lot, like always and it was a warm greasy sensation, not really specific, but it was there. I could feel it and I loved it.

"Oh God ... Fuck..." He was panting above me, his cock jerking with every rapid beat of his heart.

Steve's balls tightened and released over and over as his semen poured out in heavy jets to fill my rectum to overflowing. It was good for us, for both of us, and I wished he could stay in my ass like that forever, just pumping his cum into my body while I floated away on the pleasure of it.

"I made you cum." I turned my head and giggled at him, seeing my boyfriend's face all pink and damp with sweat.

"Oh yeah," he chuckled, moving his hips just slightly, working his cock back in forth in the hot gooey mess he'd made inside me.

"I love you," I whispered and Steve lowered himself to me, giving me all of his weight so he could kiss me and I didn't mind.

"I love you too, Kylie," he said and then his tongue filled my mouth and that kiss after was the very best part of it for me.


"I can't believe I fell in love with the first white boy I ever kissed!" I laughed lightly.

"It was fate." Steve grinned at me and Natalie sighed, leaning on her elbow, smiling at us.

"It's kind of romantic," the girl decided.

"Yeah it is." I smiled back at my seventeen year old sister. "You have a boyfriend yet?"

"Me?" Natalie rolled her eyes. "Figure the odds. There's three black boys in my school and they're all total geeks."

"Heh!" I laughed at that. "I had the same problem."

"Hey did you see my new web page?" Natalie asked. "Nothing on it yet though."

"Where is it?" I rolled my eyes because my sister had a new one every other week.

"Friendster. Just look for madly.natalie," she said and smiled at Steve. "You can check it out too, if you want. Hook me up with some college guys."

Steve grinned at her and I shook my head.

"Nobody's gonna be hooking you up with any college guys, Nat," I said and nodded at Steve. "Right?"

"Uh, right. Yeah. Sure, Kylie." He shrugged and rolled his eyes at Natalie.

"Yeah, unless they're black?" Natalie gave me a look.

"You should just find a boy you like," Steve suggested. "Who cares what color he is?"

"You don't know our parents!" Natalie laughed at him. "They're gonna freak out when they see you."

"Oh yeah?" Steve made a little face and looked at me.

"They're kinda..." I shrugged, " ... prejudiced."

"More than kinda," Natalie sighed. "This guy at school, Jared? He's totally cool and he's always like asking me out? But if my parents even saw me talking to him they'd like ground me for a month."

"That sucks," Steve decided and he had no idea how bad.

"No kidding," Natalie nodded. "Kylie knows. She was the hottest girl in school and she couldn't even get a date to the prom."

"Nat!" I frowned because that was a little embarrassing.

"What?" My sister played with the short Afro she sported above her pretty heart shaped face. "It's true anyway."

"Really?" Steve was looking at me again.

"The guys who asked me were white," I sighed. "I asked my mom and dad, but ... you know."

"They wouldn't let you go to the prom," Steve almost smiled, "because your date was a white guy?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "Pretty lame, huh?"

"I'm gonna die if that happens to me," Natalie said. "I'll run away! I swear. It's not like I wanna marry a white guy, I just want to be normal!"

"I wanna marry a white guy," I giggled.

"Oh yeah?" Steve grinned at me.

"Someday," I teased him. "If I ever meet the right one."

"You two are getting married?" Natalie's big brown eyes got even bigger and I laughed.

"No! Come on," I said. "We've only been dating a couple months."

"Nothing like a little pressure," Steve said with a rolled his green eyes.

"Heh!" Natalie smiled at him and she was so cute sitting there. My sister really needed a boyfriend and I bet she was breaking some hearts at school. "It would be awesome if you guys did," she decided. "Teach mom and dad a lesson anyway."

She looks a lot like me, but she was still growing too, or so she hoped. Natalie was a couple inches shorter maybe, and a bit thinner with smallish breasts and a tight little butt. Nice legs though, like mine, and Nat liked to show them off. She was wearing a short skirt that day at the mall, too short probably, and I wondered how she'd gotten out of the house wearing it. Our mom was pretty notorious for making us change our clothes three or four times before leaving the house and I wish I was kidding about that, believe me.

"You guys are doing it too, huh?" Natalie grinned at me the way she does, showing us the tip of her little pink tongue.

"Huh?" I blinked at her.

"You and Steve." My sister looked at my boyfriend, like really gave him a look. "You guys do it all the time, I bet."

"Uh, well." Steve turned just a little red, but he was smiling. "Every chance we get."

"Steve!" I gasped and I was still trying to figure out how to answer my sister. We'd never had enough serious boyfriends to talk about them like other sisters probably do.

"God, I just wanna have sex," Natalie sighed.

"Natalie!" I stared at her, a little shocked actually.

"What?" She shrugged. "Come on ... I'm seventeen already and I've hardly even been kissed!"

"I thought you just wanted a boyfriend?" I smiled despite myself.

"Well, yeah!" Natalie giggled. "That's sorta the point, right? So you can have sex?"

"No," I said, the same time Steve said, "Yeah."

"Steve! You're not helping." I frowned at him and I don't know why this was freaking me out, but it did. I guess I just felt protective, you know. I'd never imagined my little sister having sex, but now ... She was sitting right there in the Mall of America telling me about how badly she wanted it.

"See?" Natalie wiggled her eyebrows at Steve. "He's not afraid to admit it."

"He's a boy," I sniffed. "His opinion doesn't count."

"What?" Steve laughed. "Thanks a lot."

"Well, it's easy for you to say it, Kylie," Natalie told me seriously. "You got a boyfriend. I don't."

"You can't just sneak out or something?" Steve wondered. "You know, meet your boyfriend around the corner, go someplace and hang out?"

"Sneak out?" Natalie rolled her eyes. "I tried that twice already, both times I came back home and got grounded for a week."

"Ouch." Steve nodded sympathetically.

"I wasn't even doing anything either," Natalie sighed. "I was just going with some girlfriends from school."

"I snuck out once," I said. "My mom drove me back and forth to school for two weeks."

"What?" Steve laughed. "God, you make it sound like you grew up in a prison."

"Heh!" Natalie grinned. "No doubt. They're gonna ground Kylie when they meet you."

"Yeah, right." I waved her away.

"What? You think dad's gonna keep paying for college so you can have a white boyfriend?" Natalie asked me and she had a point.

"Ummm ... Hmmm..." I frowned.

"He's got some guy he wants you to meet, by the way." Natalie cleared her throat, glancing at Steve. "A black guy."

"Oh! He's not setting me up again, is he?" I whined and this had been a new thing since I'd started college, my mom and dad playing matchmaker for me.

"I'm not supposed to tell you, but next weekend, when you come home for their anniversary..."

"Oh God," I frowned.

"What?" Steve wondered. "You're supposed to meet someone?"

"They're always trying to hook me up with a nice young black man," I said with a shrug. "This is like the fourth time. It never works."

"His name is Rodney," Natalie said. "Dad likes him a lot."

"Great," I sighed. "You met him?"

"Rodney?" Steve was a little unhappy maybe and I knew better than to talk about other boys in front of a boyfriend, even if the other boy was totally meaningless.

"Yeah," Natalie nodded at my question. "Dad gave him a job."

"He did?" I blinked at that.

"Yep!" Natalie popped her P with a nod of her head.

"What's that mean?" Steve wondered.

"It means Daddy likes him a lot," I laughed. "I don't care. I don't date black boys anymore."

"Yeah right," Natalie giggled. "You don't like black guys at all?"

"Not anymore." I stuck my tongue out at Steve. "White boys only!"

"I'm going to get it on a t-shirt for her," Steve grinned at Natalie.

"God!" Natalie gasped happily. "That would put mom in the hospital!"

"I'll get you one too," Steve told my sister.

"Oh yeah?" Natalie giggled at him. "Promises promises."

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