Chapter 1

"Jesus Tony, when's the Shire going to get rid of that piece of shit they call a street cleaner?"

"Don't tell me something else has stuffed up Ed?"

"Yeah, the drive shaft to the brushes this time; Christ, the bloody thing spends more time being repaired than on the road. Why the hell they had to buy a Chinese machine when there's a good Aussie one available, beats me."

"Price Ed, price. The Shire considered the Chink one a better proposition on cost. There's a Shire meeting next week, I'll raise the matter then."

I'm Tony Watson, I run a small engineering company that services the local area; one of our customers is the Binbillic Shire, of which I'm the member for the East ward. When the purchase of the cleaner came up before the acquisition meeting I was strongly against it's purchase, I reasoned that by buying Australian, we were not only keeping Aussies employed but we had a better chance of any warranty claims. In this case the latter proved to be correct, the supplier had closed up shop and the claims for repairs were unable to be met. The CEO had put up a strong case on price and the other members accepted her argument.

The CEO was Helen Strong, a woman who lived up to her name, also behind her back she was called Madam Lash. An excellent CEO, perhaps a little too forceful, she tended to go full on to any opposition to her ideas and was a hard task master to those under her control. We had more than a few clashes in the past, some quite fiery with wins and losses both sides.


The following week I raised the matter of the need for continual maintenance on the machine. "I think it's time to reconsider the economic feasibility of the machine. The down time is beyond a joke, I'm getting orders to make new parts on just about a weekly basis; last week the drive shaft to the brushes needed to be replaced, it was worn out ... the cause was substandard material which seems to be the case in most of the other equipment failures.

"It would seem that buying the cheaper option is costing us more in the long run and I think it's time to replace it with an Australian made product." I could see Helen was getting that 'blood in her eye' look as she girded her loins for battle.

"YOU were the only one opposed to the purchase and are just trying to make it look like 'I' made the wrong decision to buy it. YOU are the only one complaining about it and I think it's only sour grapes. The Australian machine was half as much again compared to the Chinese one; money is the big reason we went that way. Anyway what are you whining about, your crappy little machine shop is getting the benefit of the repairs."

"Thank YOU Madam Lash, it's reprehensible for a CEO to try and cover up her mistakes, this is costing the ratepayers of this Shire money that could be spent on more pressing projects. I would be deemed irresponsible if I didn't raise this matter, yes my 'crappy little machine shop' as you put it, is making a profit from the repairs. That's NOT the point, the point is the machine needs to be replaced, YOU can see that but are too damned pigheaded to admit it."

"YOU WIMPY DICKED OLD FOSSIL, how dare you call me pigheaded, I run this Shire on a very tight budget and I think I know more about finances than you do." Things were about to turn nasty, time to pull her chain.

"YOU DRIED UP OLD PRUNE, you couldn't run a chook raffle."

"OLD PRUNE! you wimpy dicked old fart, you couldn't get it up if you tried."

Just the opening I was waiting for, I stood up and fished out my wallet, removing five one hundred dollar notes I threw them on the table, "I can get it up alright you old bat, here's five hundred that say's I can keep it up longer than you can ride it. You're probably too dried up to even get it in."

I must have hit a sore point because she screamed "You're on wimpy dick, my place after the meeting."

"Order please, order." The mayor banged his gavel on the table, "Please let's have some decorum here. I'll instruct the secretary not to enter that tirade into the minutes. I think we should investigate the cost effectiveness of keeping the machine as opposed to replacing it. Next item of business secretary?"

I think Helen realised she had been bluffed but was too proud to back down, I wonder how long it would take her to capitulate. When I made the challenge I had an ace up my sleeve, several years back I sustained a lower back injury; one of the side effects was veinal leakage in my old fellah. Viagra worked to a point but severely restricted my sex life, in frustration I had a penile implant. I'll explain for those of you that don't know how the implant works. The prothesis consists of two balloons that placed in the penis, these are connected through plastic tubes to a reservoir of saline solution inserted behind the pelvic bone, a further tube runs to the scrotum where there is a small pump. To achieve an erection, the pump is depressed several times forcing the saline solution into the balloons, to deflate, one depresses the pump and squeezes the penis forcing the saline solution back into the reservoir.

After the meeting finished Helen glared at me, "My place NOW" she hissed. Hmm seems like she ain't going to back down after all. Ah well this could be interesting.

Helen is an extremely good looking woman, slim, well dressed in her 'power suit' she would turn heads in any company. Her no nonsense attitude let's you know who's the boss, she doesn't accept fools easily and is the master of put downs ... she has balls as one councillor put it.

I followed her twitching arse out to the car park where she climbed into a shiny black BMW Toorak tractor. A power machine for a power driven woman. I drove behind her to her unit, getting out she totally ignored me as she opened the door and went in.

"Right, let's get this sorted, five hundred bucks is mine," she snarled. I fished out the five notes and put them on the table.

"Ok Madam Lash, let's see what you've got," I said starting to strip.

"Jesus, you're a pathetic old fart, looking at that body it's a wonder you're still living." I could see what her tactics were, by trying to demean me she hoped to prevent my erection, fat chance sweetie.

"You're not much to look at either you old prune."

I must of hit a weak spot with that jibe. By this time we were both naked, sweet Jesus she was gorgeous, her breasts were beautiful and firm, not overly large but well suited to her trim frame.

"Ok let's get this started wimpy dick." Still trying to demean me.

"Before we start lady, the rules of engagement. My challenge was I could keep it up longer than you could ride it, agreed?"

"IF, you can get it up."

"I suppose you will be happy with the 'Woman superior' position?"

"That's the way it should be too."

I lay on the bed, the old fellah was in his resting mode, she sneered, "Looks like I was right after all."

"Don't be so sure sweetie, I think by the time I get that dried up old fanny of yours wet, the old fellah will be more than ready."

"So you want to suck my pussy do you, I might as well get something out of this charade." With that she knee walked up my body and pushed her shaven pussy in my face. Sheer ambrosia, I ran my tongue through her slot to meet her clit. Holy mother of Moses, her clit was like a small cock, if I hadn't licked her slot I would have been looking for a pair of balls. I now knew why she was a testosterone driven woman.

I stayed clear of her clit and teased her lips but she wasn't having any of it, "Suck my clit you bastard" she whined. I sucked it between my lips and laved it with my tongue, while she was distracted I reached around and pumped up my dick. She must have realised that my ministrations were weakening her chances of victory, as she suddenly pulled away, shuffling back down my body.

"Right wimpy dick, did you get that pathetic little weenie hard yet?" She felt behind her and I heard he suck in her breath. Although I'm not built like a horse I think what I have is quite adequate. She obviously thought so too, rubbing the head through her slot she positioned it at her centre and slowly sunk down on it. I lay back, just going along for the ride so as to speak.

I reached up and fondled her breasts, "Make the most of it little man, this is the only chance you will get" she sneered.

She started a rocking motion, just like the girls in the pony club do when the are urging their mounts on, although I think they might be getting their jollies at the same time. Very soon she was covered in a light sheen of perspiration, ladies don't sweat do they?

I decide to up the ante a bit, when she canted forwards I raised my hips to meet her, causing my pelvic bone to bump her clit. After a while it was having the desired effect, she was heading for an orgasm. When she came I could feel her clamping down on my cock, she trembled then gave a low moan; I wondered if she was multi orgasmic, she was, soon she was back in her stride using my dick like a dildo, grunting with each down stroke. Very soon she was rising to her peak again, throwing her head around and shuddering. Her last come had taken the vinegar out of her, she was now very uncoordinated with her strokes.

"Come, damn you come. Why don't you come?"

"Like I told you Helen, I can keep it up longer than you can ride it. I could keep this up all day, you're doing all the work." She continued to ride me but her heart was not in it, finally she capitulated.

"Ok, you win."

"Lay flat on top of me Helen, that position must be murder on your hips." I held her waist while she stretched out on top of me.

"Don't you ever come Tony?" she breathed in my ear.

"I sure do love, when you get your second wind I'll show you, just rest up a while."

While we were laying there I was stroking her back and squeezing her arse cheeks, very soon she started to clench and unclench her cunt, sending little tremors through my dick.

"Are you ready for the grand finale Helen?" I asked as I rolled over on top.

"I don't believe it, you're still hard." I commenced to long stroke in and out, soon she was twitching around like her arse was on an ant's nest. Each inward stroke I made sure my pelvic bridge mashed against her clit. I could feel the signs of my impending orgasm and Helen was matching my pace. Like an electric discharge we came together, I continued to stroke in and out even though the feeling was intense, finally, Helen came down from her high.

"Wow, that was something else, I guess I misjudged you wimpy dick" she said with a snicker.

"Lady, you were amazing, I can honestly say 'that' was the best ever."

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