Mindbender: Sweethearts of Theta Tau
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age MC Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Humor, Extra Sensory Perception, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Squirting, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Slow, mc story,mc sex story

Desc: Coming of Age MC Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pete helps GeekGreeks get laid. With the help of an old friend he never expected to see again. They have some pretty juicy fun of their own while doing the job.

When I retired, I looked around for opportunities to 'give back', both in the community and my profession. The community angle shifted often as I would get bored with seeing the same old faces; and having some of them, whom I had gotten close to, die on me.

Not so my role of advisor to an engineering fraternity Theta Tau. Though I hadn't completed my own degree and certainly hadn't been in any fraternity, I'd gained a certain amount of prestige and reputation in the computer sciences. Not so much on the technical aspects but in applying them to the workplace in consideration of human nature. To be blunt, not all technologies caught on immediately. The key being how easy it is to use, and the natural-ness of using them. Think texting ... it never caught fire with adults till the 'Smartphone' and by that time it was already nearly passe due to twitter.

I had the ability to understand and predict that. And it seemed to me really common sense and I didn't understand those who did not get it. It had nothing to do with 'thumb typing', it was the extra strokes and font shifting that created the resistance. Once full keyboards were available, even seniors glommed onto texting in hand.

So why Theta Tau and not Sigma Phi, which is the larger and more popular of the two?

Because Sigma Phi didn't ask and Theta Tau was 'nerdier'. At least on my local university's campus, where it was sometimes disparagingly and sometimes lovingly known as GeekGreek. Sometimes the 'Herd o' Nerds'

At any rate, having been through the corporate wars doing both development and integration, I had something to offer fledgling engineering geeks in the way of career development and, in a broader sense, just living life.

It was actually the 'life as a techie' area where most of the guys and some girls sought me out. As true in the stereotypes a lot of these kids displayed social awkwardness to the point of outright ineptitude.

That's where my Empathic powers proved valuable

Theta Tau was actually coed but, in the local chapter, it was not very popular among females. Most of the six or seven women members would be more akin to Amy Farrah Fowler of Big Bang than either of the other two recurring women geeks' roles. Nothing wrong with that, just that those 'girls' didn't seem to care about social aspects of their careers. They would be perfectly at ease hanging with Sheldon Cooper.

So it was the guys, archetypes of Leonard and Howard who usually came to me for advice.

Sometimes, though it was just hanging around the lounge listening to geek chatter that brought about the most interesting 'teaching moments'

"Hey, look at this!" William exclaimed "the Chi's are gonna do another bikini car wash. And this time they recruited towny girls to do it ... check out these sluts!"

When his phone was passed around to me, I took a look and, sure enough, the girls were not exactly selected for beauty but for 'hotness' and how much skin they would show. The hair styles were missing, straight hair with color straight from a bottle. Mixed cutoff 'wifebeater and micro-bikini tops with non matching bikini bottoms or short shorts. And suds streaming down their boobs and bellies. The kind of shot that's more exciting than if they were nude. And the posture was obvious, 'Pooch out your bellies and jut out your butts.' In other words, the shot was certainly meant to suggest 'Car Wash Slutty.'

I just shook my head. "You guys don't like being slagged off for nerdy but you're pasting labels on these girls?"


"You don't even know them. Sure a few of 'em might be slutty but so what if they are! And maybe most of them just think it's a chance for a little fun."

And then began the 'great debate'.

Sluts are people, too!

I eyeballed the group of ten or so socially challenged 'losers' around me. There were no pocket protectors in evidence but I got the feeling that was only because the Alpha-Nerds couldn't find them in the comic book or computer stores.

"How many of you guys ever thought about 'What if I was a girl?' ... and then thought, 'I would be on my back all the time'?"

They all just displayed blank stares.

"Come on... 'fess up! It doesn't mean you're gay."

One guy raised his hand, then a couple more, and soon all but one had admitted it.

I grinned at him. "Well, what's your fantasy?"

"I ... umm ... well ... I think about bending over. Does that mean I'm gay?"

I chuckled and so did a couple of the other guys.

"Hell, I don't know. Do you think you're gay? ... not that there's anything wrong with that."

He didn't say anything in response and, on thinking about it, I thought that was probably for the best at that moment. I went on with my thoughts.

"So, guys ... if you've thought about that, meaning 'if I was a girl I'd be on my back, fucking all the time', then you've pictured yourself as a slut."

Several of them nodded, a few looked like a light bulb had gone off in their heads.

"Does that mean you aren't a good and worthwhile person in other ways? I mean would you still be who you are?"

"Sure ... I guess..."

"Would it surprise you that a lot of girls think the same way ... in other words; 'If I was a guy I'd be screwing every girl in sight'?"

Some of them looked confused, some smiled smugly. Some still were drawing a blank.

"Hell, my point is that those girls understand, at least to some extent, their gender roles. Anyone who researches Freud, Pavlov, Eastern Philosophy of 'Yin and Yang' and even the Bible can understand gender roles. It's built into our genes and can't be erased. Some of us feel it stronger than others, but it's there just the same"

"The basic instinct for you is to spread your seed. That's why you're horny all the time. Their basic instinct is to get your seed. If they acknowledge that, they are also horny all the time unless they are getting some."

"Are all girls like that?"

"Pretty much. Look, I'm not a psychologist or a sociologist, but when you get some life experience and read up, it's just common sense that the big difference is in how women are brought up. So called Middle Class morals tend to submerge it, at least for a while. For some women it doesn't surface until middle age, after they get their brood grown enough to fend for themselves. After all, females have the most to lose by releasing their inner slut, it's risky for men too, of course, but not in the same way."

I grinned at the guys.

"Trust me ... when a 40 or 50 year old single career woman and mother decides to make up for what she missed, she's a helluva lot of fun!"

"They all do... ?"

"No, some stay repressed and have to be seduced into it. They think about it but don't want to assume the emotional responsibility. But if you know what their philosophy is, you can deal with it. There's very few women who don't have the basic instinct to breed. There are also a few who just don't have any sex drive for some physical reason or another. Just like guys."

There was some nodding of heads, and a few grins.

I decided to tackle the next point.

"Any of you have pix of some classic bikini car washes?"

William piped up. "Yeah, until this year, the Chi's and the Rho's put it on together, it's probably on the local Rho web site gallery."

It took less than a minute for him to find a good pic and he passed it around.

Unlike the photo of the town girls, there were classic bikinis, hairstyle and probably some makeup evident. Not to mention the posture was more conservative with the girls' butt-thrusts being not so evident. Just typical sorority chicks having good old fashioned fun.

I pointed out to the guys the differences, as well as similarities, in how the girls presented themselves.

And that it was important that both sets of girls tucked their lower stomachs in and pooched their butts back. The townies more so, of course.

"So, Guys ... does anyone know someone in the Chi or Rho leadership?"


"Put it this way, boys ... which girls would you rather fuck?"

They looked like deer in the headlights.

"Put another way, which are most likely to want to fuck you?"

William snickered.

"None of them."

It was my turn to laugh.

"Well, you're right as things stand now ... but not when I get through with bringing you guys up to speed in the social graces."

They all laughed.

"Didn't work in high school, what makes you think it's going to work now?"

"Two reasons why ... one, you aren't in High School anymore and neither are those town girls. Two, women like confidence and authority. They don't necessarily want the old dumb jock alpha male anymore, they subconsciously want protection and security in their futures. And when we get you guys trained and prettied up, they'll see you in a different light."

"So, if you want to fuck those 'sluts' as you referred to them, you can do it. More important they will want to fuck you."

"Yeah ... right. Like 'Beer Goggles' work for those girls!"

Snickers erupted all around.

"You laugh, guys, but there's truth in that. So the first step is to get those girls away from the Chi's. I bet a few well placed suggestions to the Chi's and, especially the Rho girls, might change the plans for that car wash."

A guy, whose name I later found out was Randall, finally spoke out.

"My sister is the Vice President of the Rhos. She's a Senior."

That seemed to be news to the guys. They all gawked at Randall, apparently amazed they had a buddy with such connections. Which brought up the next question.

"How well do you two get along?"

He blushed bright red.

"At home, fine."

I had the feeling I knew what his story was, and I would use that to start changing the image these guys had of themselves and presented to the outside world.

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