The Babysitter
Part 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - Hey guys I reposted part 1 My parents had planned a one-month get away for themselves. It was the first vacation that they'd taken in two years. The last time was just after I turned fifteen

My parents had planned a one-month get away for themselves. It was the first vacation that they'd taken in two years. The last time was just after I turned fifteen. Three days after they left I took Dad's car for a spin and rolled it into a ditch. Another time I set the couch on fire with my homemade flamethrower. I didn't think those little lighters could shoot flames that far. Then, there was the time when I watched a Youtube video, called the no spin throw, and hit the neighbors cat Mittens with a butter knife. You get the picture. Since then, they've never left me alone for longer then four hours. For anything more, they'd call Emily.

Emily Roads is in my grade. Hell, she's in some of my high school classes. She's a vision, about 5'5, slender, with 36C breast's. I know cause once I 'accidentally' spilled my soda on her as an attempt to get her to leave, but instead she washed her clothes and took a shower. I know because I slipped into the laundry room and checked.

My parents must pay her a small fortune because I cannot get rid of her, and I tried. She was the only person my parents could get to help.

Besides her breasts, there is her ass. It's high, tight, and round. Her body has been the focus of my recent fantasies.

Here's how it worked when she came over. We mostly ignored each other. I'd play videogames. She would watch TV or whatever girls do when they're bored. and would look in on me every twenty minutes or so to ensure I hadn't started something my parents define as "dangerous". They had made a list.

When she arrived this time, she was dressed in a white button down shirt and a short plaid skirt, that screamed naughty school girl to me. I noticed she'd started dressing sexier in recent weeks. There was a rumor going around that she finally got a boyfriend. But no facts had yet to turn up.

This one month trip was going to give me the chance I'd been waiting for. This time I'm actually going to do it. I'm ether going to sleep with my babysitter or go to jail trying. Not really. I'm not that obsessive -- I don't think.

My parents left early in the morning and Emily showed up around noon with a bag in her hand. She went directly to the guest bedroom and dropped her bag on the bed.

I spent the rest of the day putting my plan into action.

Phase 1 getting her Attention

I started by brushing my body against hers every chance I got. You know, squeezing by in the narrow hallway, insuring my entire body rubbed against hers, and then quickly moving on. Having my hand just barely brush her arm as she walked by, all while looking none the wiser.

My plan was for that going on for the next couple days slowly escalating so when ever she was close I would 'absentmindedly' touch her. I figured, she'd be so used to it, she'd never notice what I doing until it was too late.

But something happened that accelerated things. The entertainment room, or more precisely my game room, was an add-on by the previous owners. Since the floor was four inches lower than the rest of the house, we jokingly called it the downstairs cause of the step. It had a big sliding glass door that did really well cutting down the sound from the room to the rest of the house and vice versa.

I had paused my video game to get something to drink from the kitchen. As I approached the step, Emily was coming towards me when her foot caught the door rail it caused her to fall right on top of me.

I fell flat on my back, my arms pulling her body tight against mine to protect her from the fall. I smacked the back of my head against the linoleum floor and I saw stars. As my vision cleared I looked down my body to see Emily's dark eyes staring up into mine, and got lost in them.

Even though she's 5'5 and I'm 6'2, I'm sure if I had reacted faster I could have stopped it entirely. But that being said, I'm glad I didn't. Her pelvis rested on top of my groin and her breasts were smashed into my chest. They felt wonderful there. I felt myself harden and her hips push tighter into my growing erection.

But as fast as I felt her hips push down, they lifted up and off of me. She got off me and we both stood up ignoring the bulge in my pants. We stood there silence until Emily finally broke it say, "Thanks for catching me."

"My pleasure," I said. She blushed and my face heated at my words.

I moved past her rubbing my right arm against her left breast even though there was clearly enough room for me to go around her. She didn't say a thing.

In the kitchen I pulled a Dr. Pepper out of the fridge and chugged half as my racing heartbeat slowed down. I replayed everything in my head down to the last detail in slow motion.

Okay, so her foot tripped on the rail.

She fell forward and hit my chest.

My left arm wraps around her back and pulling her chest tight against mine. I reveled in the memory of those glorious orbs pressed into my chest.

My right arm wraps around her lower body and pulls her hips to mine. I remember my right hand touching skin. Thinking about it, I realized my hand was on her bare butt with my pinky finger in the crease of her ass, resting on top of her thong panties. THONG! Did I feel that right?

Aaaand my pulse skyrocketed again. I looked at my right hands thinking, this hand touched Emily Roads' Ass.

My first thought was to cut my hand off and put it in a sealed glass case, label it the 'Hand that Touched Emily Roads' Ass', and charge the guys at school five bucks to look at it. I quickly dismissed that thought because: A. No one would believe it and B. I had a better use for that hand than to cut it off.

Lastly of course, was her mound pressing into my penis. What a thrill that was. I reveled in the memories of that fall as I finished my soda and calmed down. I went back to my game and shut it off, I couldn't focus enough to play at the moment anyways.

Emily was nowhere in sight when I entered the gaming room to turn off the TV and console.

I went to the living room to watch some TV and found her sitting on the love seat.

I laid out on the couch next to the love seat and watched the discovery channel with her. We didn't speak for an hour.

After an hour or so Emily got up and left to do something else. By then the sexual tension between us had disappeared

It was close to ten when Emily came back into the room and told me it was time for bed. I glanced at the clock before saying, "I have another hour before bed." She replied, "Your mother said your bedtime was ten." We argued for about a minute before she grabbed my arm and dragged me to my room. It wasn't the first time we did this particular dance.

Emily shut the door behind us trapping me in. "Now get into your pj's," Emily ordered. I was about to argue when she give me a stern look, so I shut my mouth. This is interesting, I thought, as she didn't make a move to leave.

Emily turned her back as I started to remove my clothes but she sneaked peeks over her shoulder. I thought that was a good sign and I hadn't even gotten to Phase 2 of my plan yet. I put on a pair of tight fitting briefs that really showed off my package.

Emily was a little startled by my choice in sleepwear but she ignored the tingling feeling in her body and helped me turn down the bed.

As I lay in the center of the bed, my excitement was obvious in my briefs. She was about to leave when I asked, "Aren't you going to tuck me in." Emily paused a moment to insure I hadn't just said 'fuck me in' before she pulled up the covers and turned off the light. Again not the first time I've done that. Before Emily passed through the door I stopped her again.

"Will you stay with me until I fall asleep," I said in an innocent voice, hiding my true intent. Maybe I skipped a couple steps in my plan but if all worked out I wasn't going to complain.

Looking back on all the things I've done trying to get her to leave, these requests don't even make the top twenty. I didn't know it then, but I was prepping for this plan a long time ago.

Emily sighed and closed the door. She came over using the light that was showing through the window to walk back to my bed. Then she lay on top of the covers next to me. It wasn't the first time I'd made a request like that. She knew I did it to annoy her but figured it was the easiest way for her to be able to get to sleep in her own room so didn't argue against it.

I was lying on my back and could feel Emily against my right side. I could feel her warm breath on my neck. it sent shivers down my spine.

She had an arm on my chest and a leg hooked over my lower body. I could feel her thigh right above my erection, which moved lightly on it. God! That felt good.

Here's where I enter new waters. I had tried before yes but it had never worked. It was time I got Emily Roads under the covers with me.

I complained about my bed being cold and asked her to help warm it up. After some prodding on my part Emily reluctantly lifted the covers and slid in next to me. I tried to lie facing her, but she quickly turned me around and pulled my back against her. I sighed, feeling her breasts against my back and her bare arms around my chest. It was heavenly.

I fidgeted in her arms, purposely rubbing her in all the right places. I could feel her nipples harden on my back through the layers of her clothing, our legs as they brushed against each other, her hand grabbing my nipple, god that was hot.

I rolled over to face Emily looking into her dark brown eyes and slipped a leg between hers. Her legs locked around mine and she slowly started rubbing her crotch against my thigh and her chest against mine.

Her wetness coated my thigh; I could have cum right then.

Before Emily knew it, my hands were in her shirt squeezing her breasts. She moaned and I knew I wanted her bra out of the way. After a moment or so I had worked her shirt off. Once it was gone I fumbled with the hooks until she groaned in frustration, stayed my hands, and did it herself.

Emily was panting as I pushed my thigh hard into her crotch. Her legs clamped harder around mine.

With the bra gone I feasted on her breasts; Grabbing, squeezing, licking, nibbling, and sucking every part of them. She pulled me to her mouth for some passionate kisses.

Feeling my briefs covered cock pressing into Emily's panty clad pussy drove us both mad.

Emily pushed my head down between her legs, where I kissed, nibbled and licked her pussy through her drenched panties before she ordered me to take them off. I pulled her panties from under her skirt and down her legs, my nose pressed to her wetness, enjoying the aroma.

Once the panties were off I moved back and opened Emily's southern lips with my fingers, causing her to moan. I licked her mound all over before thrusting my tongue in deep, swirling it all around before replacing it with my finger. Emily moaned even louder.

I tongued her clit a few times then started sucking it. Her legs locked around my head not letting it move, so I curled my finger inside of her until I heard her start screaming.

Emily's pussy tried to pull my finger in deeper as I rubbed her special spot. I sucked harder until she came all over my face.

I lapped up as much as I could before she pulled me away from her over sensitive nerves. Emily pulled me up her body panting, "Fuck Me baby, Fuck Me!"

Emily shoved my briefs down and pulled my raging erection into her hot inviting pussy.

"OHHH YESS," she moaned as I slid fully into her

She wrapped she legs around me and started rotating her hips. I grabbed her thighs and thrust in hard, then in and out, in and out.

"Yes, yes," she screamed

Our passion moved us, faster and faster, harder and harder, Emily clawed my back as I pounded her into the bed. My hands left her thighs to squeeze her nipples.

"Yes, I'm almost there. Almost there. I'm Cuuummming!!!" She cried. Emily pulled me in deeper as she started to cum, convulsing around me.

"Yeah baby, I'm cumming," I yelled as I started shooting my seed into her pussy.

There was an audible pop as my cock slid out of her pussy. "That was amazing Em."

I looked at Emily for a reply but found she was asleep we fell asleep with our bodies entwined.

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