Three to Get Off of Despair

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Introduction - I couple married unsatisfactory marrieage and the search for incentives to keep thir marriage working. They explore group sex, swinging, and finally a threesome with a small surprise. There is lesbian sex and the wife's change of mind about her sexuality.

We were each working in our computers I was on the den-office and she, as usual after dinner, in our bedroom tucked in bed semi upright with her head and back supported in pillows and with her lap-top on her knees. We don't have children and when after six years of marriage we consulted with several specialist and tests were made to both of us we were surprised by the results, neither of us could have children.

We were bereaved, six years making love almost every night trying to get her pregnant and all for naught. But, what the hell I'm saying? How can I say that it was all for nothing? And the pleasure we had? And the exploring of our sexual whims, everything we learned about ourselves, everything that made us fly? Yes that's right, everything is truth. We used to fly together when making love or fucking but after that day in the last clinic we weren't the same.

Oh yes we still make love, sometimes, we still love each other but with the passing of time. we have been married for twelve years now and no possibility of bearing children, our horniness for the other has abated somewhat; we make love once, twice a week, thrice every two weeks it depends, on what? You may ask. Oh, it depends on "Sorry, I'm very tired today", or "oh I have a terrible headache". Traditional, isn't it? Now, don't get me wrong most of the times are me the tired one and she who has the headache. So she it's not the only to blame, it's a fifty-fifty.

For a time we talked and we considered adopting one or two children; after long and heated conversations, that no discussions, we decided we were to comfy living alone and children, not being ours, would interfere with our lives, personal, professional and others things such as voyages and vacations. For a time seeing the results it would had been better if we had adopted, at least we would had continued to have interests in common.

Now every day except weekends we see only once a day in what might be called a food modality; at dinnertime we see the news on TV with a little talk about our day on the side, and after we go to our computer to surf the net, work or whatever. Everything recounted doesn't mean we are quarreling or upset with the other, we love each other, but less passionate, more calm; our marriage today is like a good pair of shoes, used but still in good shape and very comfy to use without even thinking of discarding them.

That's why many times, when I'm in the den, I go to the bedroom just to kiss her and then go back to my computer, or maybe I prepare a cup of tea and take it to her, things like that. Another think we have in common is the confidence in each other and the respect for our privacy. I never ever log in her computer to see what's in her files or folders and she does the same with mine; so the first time I went to the bedroom, I don't remember why and saw, paying no greater attention, what she was looking I didn't give it any significance. She was looking a page with the picture of a well breast-developed woman.

A gossip page I told myself and left the room. Things went thus for months I saw my wife several times looking very interested to pages with women, not usual in her, at least that's what I thought, showing how little we men know the loved ones with whom we live. She had, most of the time, been only interested in the advances in her profession on trials and new laws the net brings to her and reading mostly such stuff.

One day particularly hard for her at work she came home late in the evening looking very tired and defeated so I told her to take a hot bath and go to bed that I was going to bring dinner to her in bed. She did and I cooked an Italian risotto with dried tomatoes and mushrooms. Hydrate the tomatoes and mushrooms take a while so I went to the bathroom and told her dinner would take around forty-five minutes; she told me "its ok love I'll wait in bed."

So I went to the kitchen to my pans and pots and in forty minutes I had an exquisite "risotto a la italiana" I put everything on a tray including a glass of white wine and went into the bedroom with her dinner. She was fast asleep still reclining on the cushions with her laptop open on the side. I said we respect profoundly the privacy of the other and I do. But what was in the monitor made open my eyes as big as the pans I had been cooking.

In the monitor was running a video but not any kind of video, it was a lesbian porno show in which at that moment two women were sixty-nining. I went back to the bedroom door and kicked to the open door with my foot as by accident and saying, "Here my love dinner is ready"; she woke up with a start and seeing me by the door looked quickly at the monitor and blushing deeply closed the laptop before, she supposed, I could see what was in display. And that's when I thought something was wrong.

"Here dear let me pamper you I see you are very tired" I said as nonchalantly as I could.

"Yes, thank you love I'm very tired, it's been a hard day." She answered not certain if I had seen anything on the laptop.

"Yes my love you eat and drink I brought you a glass of wine, so you could go back to sleep, I'll take care of everything." Saying that before her apprehensive glance I put the tray beside her on the bed and took her laptop and put it on the dresser knowing it wasn't logged out but feigning absolute disinterest.

Later in the den, before I went to bed I could hear her, the springs of the mattress telling me she had gotten up; go to the dresser log out the laptop and returning to bed; all with the stealth of a thief or a person doing something that does not want others to find out.

Next day after my wife had gone to work and before I did the same I committed a sin I never thought I would be able to; I went to the dresser in our bedroom and careful not to disturb anything on my wife's laptop I opened it and logged-in betraying my wife trust on me and violating her privacy. I could not resist I had to know why she had slammed the lap shut at my presence and what was she looking at.

I took a look at the history record and I only could find the usual pages and links associated with her work and general interest. I did not want to keep poking in her carpets so she wouldn't notice my trespassing, I logged out and went to work. That day I couldn't work as usual thinking in a way to get information about her new interest in women bodies and specifically in porno.

And it wasn't the last time I saw her seeing women scantily dressed bodies on the net. From the day I saw her laptop with lesbian porno I tried to spy on her without her noticing trying to ensure that what I had seen was not accidental, it wasn't just the curiosity of one-time thing.

No it wasn't. Definitively she was interested in women bodies. But only beautiful women bodies. My next thought was how could I learn if she was lesbian inclined. If she watched porno and that was the cause of our diminishing sexual activity as a couple. I knew I was exposing my marriage to end in disaster if she found out I was violating her trust and her privacy. On the other hand she was being dishonest with me if she had those inclinations and kept them a secret.

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