The Clothes Drive
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hunter decides to organize a used-clothing drive in which participants will have the option to participate in The Program for a full year. When participation isn't as enthusiastic as he'd hoped, Hunter starts to get creative. Note: It's best to read Hunter, Jeff, and Zach Naked in School before you read this.

Hunter Weems, Wednesday, September 21, 2005

After school ended, I headed to the classroom where the Katrina Relief Club was meeting. I was one of the first people there, so I grabbed a soda and some chips and waited while the rest of the club filed in. Most of us were naked. I had agreed to stay in The Program all semester, as had the rest of the swim team. My brother Quint was doing an unofficial third week in The Program. Zach Assad and I had stolen all his clothes after his official week, and we'd never gotten around to giving them back. To be honest, I don't think he really minded. If my plan worked, he'd be joining us the rest of the semester.

I called the meeting to order. "Alright everybody, here's the deal. I talked to the Red Cross last week, and they said that what they really need is clothes. A lot of people just have what they were wearing when the storm came, and they seem to have passed up the opportunity to spread The Program." At that, a fair number of people laughed. "So here's my idea. I've talked this over with my mom and she thinks the school would go for it. We get people to donate all their clothes to us, and then sign up to be in The Program the rest of the year. We can use the school's machines to wash the clothes, and then send them on to the Red Cross."

Tammy Kidman raised her hand "Why can't they just sign up to do it for the rest of the semester? Most people will probably get new clothes for Christmas."

"This way, I have an excuse to go naked the rest of the year. Plus, no one wants clothes for Christmas." Everybody chuckled at that. We ended up deciding unanimously to do the fundraiser, and spent the rest of the meeting planning for the concert that was scheduled for October 1st. When I got home, I typed up a formal proposal and emailed it to Principal Martin. I then hurriedly got dressed for youth group.

I met Jeff in front of the church. His family had started coming to our church after he came out. We kicked our shoes off and joined the rest of the group for volleyball. It was a lot of fun until a sudden rain shower drove us inside.

By the time we made it inside our clothes were all soaked.

"Do you guys mind if I get naked?" I asked

No one did, so I stripped off and laid my clothes on a table to dry. Jeff did likewise, followed by Len, our youth pastor, and a few other people.

"I could get used to that view," Mae said.

"You might have to," I responded, and explained my plan to the group.

"That sounds like a great idea," Len said, "you know we could do something similar."

"Yeah, that would be awesome!" I responded, thinking of some of the other guys from church who I'd like to see naked.

"I'll talk to Reverend Connor," Len said, "We can have people leave their church clothes after the service."

"How is everybody going to get home?" Mae asked.

"I hadn't thought of that. This would be so much easier if it weren't for the city."

"You could tell people to bring a bathing suit or something to change into," Khac said.

After getting dinner, we headed to the youth chapel for the Bible lesson. Oddly enough, it related to my plan. Len talked about Job's friends, and how bad things happening to people provided an opportunity to show them love or something. I wasn't really paying attention, because Aaron Headrick was sitting next to me, and it was the first time I had ever seen him naked. With any luck, he'd sign up for the clothes drive.

By the time youth group ended, I was fully erect, and I jerked off as soon as I got home.

The next day, Principal Martin took me aside in the hallway as I was on my way to get undressed. "I've looked over your proposal. It looks alright, but you'll need to have the parents sign a permission slip. We'll send it out on Friday."

I hurried to the locker room to tell everyone the good news. Zach was so excited that he offered to give me a blowjob, which I gladly accepted. When we'd both finished undressing, I sat down on the bench as he took my dick into his mouth and sucked until I was fully hard. Then he kissed the head before running his tongue up and down my shaft. He returned to sucking, taking my cock deep into his throat. Finally, I couldn't take any more. "I'm cumming!" I yelled. Zach pulled off just in time for my cum to splatter his face. He went to go wash up, while I proceeded to class.

When I got home, Mom called me into the living room.

"What's going on?" I asked her.

"Your father has something he needs to discuss as a family," Mom explained.

When Quint and Logan had gotten downstairs, Dad stood up and started talking.

"I guess you all have noticed that our family has gotten a lot of attention since Hunter started doing The Program and I started building Apertus. I've been talking with some people in the state legislature, and they want me to run for Governor next year."

"Are you going to do it?" Logan asked.

"Well, that kind of depends on you guys. This would be a big change for our family and I want to get your input."

"Would we have to move?" I asked.

"No, the most likely thing is that I would stay in Tallahassee while the legislature's in session and come home on the weekends."

"What are your chances of winning?"

"Pretty good, apparently. That's why they asked me to run. Nate Johnson's probably going to be the Republican nominee."

I rolled my eyes. Ever since my participation in The Program wound up on the news thanks to a certain easily offended preacher, Congressman Johnson had been loudly calling for an absolute ban on public nudity anywhere in the state, perhaps to distract people from a series of ethics investigations.

Dad continued: "In polls a lot of people who usually vote Republican have said they think legalizing public nudity would boost tourism, and the Democratic Party thinks that they can get their support if the election is a referendum on that issue."

"So why does it have to be you?" Quint asked.

"One, I can donate an unlimited amount of money to my own campaign. Two, thanks to the commercials I've been running for Apertus I'm the most well-known advocate of nudity in the nation."

"So if you don't run Johnson will win?"


"Then you should definitely run."

"I thought you'd say that. I'll call some people and tell them it's a go. In the meantime, be thinking of ideas for the campaign, some people from the legislature and consultants will probably want to meet with us later this week."

I went upstairs and called Jeff with the news. We ended up on the phone for over an hour without realizing it.

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