Different Gyms Do Train the Body Better!
Chapter 1: Susan

Caution: This Cheating Revenge Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Revenge, White Male, Oriental Female, Lactation, Teacher/Student, Violent, School,

Desc: Cheating Revenge Story: Chapter 1: Susan - A classical revenge story with the "mandatory" 4 parts 1. The past of the pair. 2. The discovering of the cheating. 3. The main (cruel) revenge part 4. Panorama epilog with romantic revenge situations, here are 4 romantic revenge situations. In the story there are 2 modern Figaro type revenge situations as well. As a puzzle magazine I ask my readers to find the 7 (seven) revenge weapons in the story. The benefit is good entertainment.

My name is Burt Watson. I was born in a medium sized mid-western city. I grew up an only child in a typical all-American family. This is my story.

I was an athlete in high school, playing varsity team handball. Not a real popular sport in most parts of the country, but it was where I grew up. A fanatic coach from Eastern Europe organized this sport in our school.

I was a good athlete, tall and lean, but was drawn to team handball mainly because I liked pretty girls. Did I mention that the girls' team practiced on the court next to the one the boy's practiced on? Did I mention that those girls were beautiful? Our coach was pretty smart to have us practicing next to them every day; it certainly brought a lot of the school's best athletes to the team. Quite the honey-trap. With the motivation to practice, I eventually became the best scorer on the team.

A girl in my grade named Melinda Brolin was on the girls team. She was a beautiful, tall, blond girl with stunning gray eyes. Melinda and I became friends during our senior year of high school. Melinda was excellent in math and I was good with computers, so we had some things in common besides team handball. She found me handsome and funny, and we became an item. We lost our virginity with each other the summer after graduating from high school. We were lovers all summer, but after some weeks Melinda told me that because we would be going to college in different states it would be better for us to break up, rather than try to maintain a long-distance relationship. I was upset at the time, and we broke up then and there. I was single for the last month of summer.

It was after my break-up with Melinda that my neighbor, Tim Waskala hired me to help him build a swimming pool in his back yard. He offered me some cash and the free use of his swimming pool after we completed it. I needed some money to get my old car fixed, so it worked out perfectly. Tim took a couple of weeks off work and I helped him build the pool. His wife, Susan, would always bring us something to drink while we worked, and would prepare lunch for us. I would always ask for low-fat milk rather than soft drinks or beer. The first time I requested this she looked at me a little funny, but brought me milk. We finished the pool in less than two weeks, and Tim paid me more than promised. After we were done, he went back to work. I found myself at his swimming pool a lot for the rest of the summer.

Tim and Susan had two younger sons, aged six and eight. I liked the two boys and I played a lot with them out at the pool. Susan liked that I entertained her sons. I used the swimming pool nearly every day in August, and I began to notice Susan frequently looking at me with some interest. I have to admit that I looked at her with some interest too, as she was a beautiful twentynine year old woman with big tits and legs that went on for days. I especially liked when she was in her bikini and would hang out in the pool with us. She was originally from Eastern Europe and had a killer accent that never failed to put lead in my pencil.

One day, I was at the pool, and was getting ready to leave. The boys were in their rooms playing video games. I mentioned to Susan that I had to get some stuff for my college dorm. She told me that she knew of all kinds of sales and would help me with my shopping. She told me to go with her the next day that her sons would be busy with sports so we could have the whole day to spend together.

She then sauntered up to me, pushing her amazing breasts into my chest and ran her finger down my face.

She moved in close and whispered to me, her lips brushing ever so lightly against my ear, "You know, Burt, in my home country they have an expression. It translates to 'different gyms train the body better!'"

My hormones were raging, and my dick rose to the occasion, so I barely stammered out, "Wha, what does that m-mean?"

"It means, Burt," she said as she slowly pulled away to look me in the eyes with a look that said I was a piece of meat and she was a starving dog, "that a different lover would be most exciting for me."

I was frozen in place, "I'll see you tomorrow, Burt," she said with a twinkle in her eye. I stumbled home in a lustful daze.

I told my dad that I want to go to with Susan to shop for college supplies. My dad's brain worked quickly and got the whole story from me with a little prompting. He told me to consider that if I had an affair with Susan, she could lose her husband. He asked me if Tim divorced Susan would I leave college and marry Susan and raise and her children? I told him that I didn't love her, and didn't want to marry her. He told me to consider that while Tim was a nice guy, he was also a big, strong man, and would not stand for me sleeping with his wife. He told me to consider that Tim was a man, and would likely beat my ass if he found out that I had fucked his wife. He told me that while he and Mom would visit me in the hospital if I survived, but they wouldn't feel too badly for what would happen to me if Tim got a hold of me. That gave me another pause for thought. He also informed me that if Tim beat the hell out of me, he would go to prison. If that happened, would I leave college and would I help Susan and her children? By the end of our talk, I felt embarrassed. My dad persuaded me and I cancelled this adventure with Susan. I guess I had never thought of adultery before my talk with my dad, but he gave me a lot to think about. I realized that adultery was not something to condone or engage in. Everybody loses.

Needless to say, I didn't go over to Tim and Susan's pool anymore after that, and I did not speak to Susan for a long time. I went to college and I lived the usual student life. I dated several girls, and even slept with a few, but I did not find 'the one.' I was not too wild, but I partied some and drank my share of beers. Interestingly, except for at parties, milk remained my drink of choice. After graduation I came home.

I got a job at a medium-sized firm, working in the IT department. Not long after I started, I happened to run into Melinda. She told me she had been hired to teach math at a local high school. She was single, I was single, so we began to date. Soon, we were in love. A few months into our renewed relationship, she became pregnant. I asked her to be my wife (I was going to anyway, honest), and she accepted my proposal.

We were married shortly thereafter, and settled into a happy married life. Our son was born four months after our marriage. Our daughter was born two years later. Melinda stayed at home with our children; we planned for her to do that until they were both of school age, at least. Our sex life was probably similar to that of most young married couples with small children, 3-4 times weekly (down from our bunny-like habits before our son was born).

My mom's parents had died and left me with a little money (I was their only grandchild), which I used for a down payment on a nice suburban house. That windfall, plus my pretty good salary, allowed us to live comfortably with just me working. However, we didn't do too many extravagant things.

Our typical recreation and holidays were spent with my family or Melinda's family. My dad's parents lived in an old farmhouse on a lake about fifty miles from us; and we would visit them a lot. They had a big, empty house, and loved to have us visit. We would fish, play in the water, and just have a great time as a family. My granddad was a hunter and I went with him to hunt frequently. We brought home the game and my grandma and my wife cooked them. My dad was always more of a fisherman, so hunting was a thing my granddad and I shared together, just the two of us. My dad had the habit of taking my son out fishing, so maybe that would be a special granddad and grandson tradition for the two of them some day.

My granddad liked hunting with shotgun for birds. Once he told me on a hunting trip that he had once put the fear of God into a guy who was making unwanted advances on grandma by changing the buckshot from a shell and replacing it with fine salt. Apparently, hitting a guy with that would give a good dose of pain for days. Plus, it would scare the shit out of whoever was on the receiving end.

He died when the kids were still small, and Grandma moved to our city. We kept the old farmhouse, and my father kept the weapons and the cartridges. My wife was adamant about not wanting them in our house with the kids and all. Sometimes all the logic in the world cannot sway a woman's opinion, so it's just not worth the fight. When I wanted to go up hunting to my grandparent's property, I would just stop over at my parent's house and grab the guns.

During the summers, we often would go to my parents' or Melinda's parents' house for the day. Frequently when we did, we would go over to Tim and Susan's pool. They liked our children same as I had liked their children earlier. It had been some years since Susan's indecent proposal to me, so there was no weirdness between us. In fact, she seemed like the model wife and mother. I chalked her behavior with me up as a one-time thing. In fact, Susan became like a true aunt for our children.

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