It's a Dog's Life
Chapter 1

Hi my name is Candice but all my friends call me candy. I've just turned 18 and have started college, but its not cheap here its one of the best colleges in the country and my parents cant afford to pay for it so I have to find a way to make ends meet so this is my story hope you like.

So I live in a dorm with two other girls Sophia and Charlotte, I asked them how do the pay their fees and they said; "well for us girls to make money, first you can find a sugar daddy to fund you, or if you see Martin the science geek his always looking for people to take part in his experiments, he pays well as his parents are mega rich."

Well I wasn't keen on finding a sugar daddy as I did not want to whore myself off, so I thought I would go see Martin.

I walked to the dorms where Martin stays and turned up at his door, I knocked on. He answers the door. "What can I do for you?" he says. "hey I a candy I am new round here but my dorm friends said that you maybe looking for people to take part in your experiments." He says "yea I am looking for someone at the moment, if you come to the science department tomorrow I will tell you everything then okay?" I said "okay I will see you tomorrow."

Tomorrow comes I go to the science department, Martin is there waiting for me. He says "hey candy so you want to know what you will have to do and how much I will pay you?"

"Yes please." I replied

He said "well I am seeing how people responded under hypnosis, by teaching them different things. At the moment I am doing dog training, by seeing if in two years I can change a human in to thinking they are a dog."

I was a bit took back but also slightly curious to what I had to do and how much I would get so I asked Martin these questions. He said; "I am on a two year course here and this is going to be my end of year project, as for the money for the first year I will pay you 10k and for the second year 20k, you will get you first payment in six months then your second payment at the end of the year." now I was really interested I said "I am on a course for a year and cant miss lessons, then I am leaving but I want to help you out with this, plus with that kind of money I can pay my fees and have some money left for myself." He said "don't worry this year you come when you have finished or don't have lessons and the second year you can stay at my parent's house. So do we have a deal? If so sign this contract and we can begin."

I looked over the contract and was happy with everything so I signed it and martin said "so you got any lessons today if not we can get started?" I said "no I have a free day today." He said "okay follow me." I followed him in to this small room. Where he said; "now you sit down and I want you to focus on my watch swaying back and forth, you will feel your eyes getting sleepy don't fight it just rest your eyes and listen to my voice."

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