Learning Curve
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rough, Group Sex, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alena finds herself broke and her so-called Bf mistreats her more than usual then throws her out. Determined to remain in school, she places an ad offering her services for money. This takes her to men and places she never dreamed off.

Alena hurriedly tore open the letter from home, hoping that her father had sent the check she needed to pay this month's rent. Things hadn't been going well at home. Her mother's cancer had worsened, and her father had lost his job at the plant. Now he made do with part time work and what he called under the table deals to make ends meet.

The second paragraph froze Alena to the words on the page. Her father had had a heart attack. He was home, resting, but there was no money. There had been no money for a while and the bank was foreclosing on the house. They were moving in with her Aunt Tillie (his sister) until things picked up. Alena worriedly ran a hand through her red hair, and continued reading. Mother was the same, but with all the medical bills there was no check to help Alena out. He didn't want her leaving school since the tuition was paid, could she make do by getting a job to help her with the rent and such?

Alena was crying as she folded the letter up after reading it a second time, and then put it away with the other letters from home.

There was some instant coffee left over from the night before, and she heated it up in the battered microwave, and sipped at it as she dressed for class. Nick would be pissed. She hadn't given him anything last month in hopes that a hefty check from her father would cover that and a few other expenses. Now she was going to be two months behind. Had she paid the electric bill? That was her other share in covering the expense of having the off campus apartment. It was in fact $40 a month cheaper to rent the shabby apartment than the cost of a dormitory room. And she got to share it with a guy and not a girl who spent all her time worrying about boys and not studies.

Of course, rooming with Nick meant she could have sex whenever and not have to spend hours hanging out looking for a guy she considered 'safe' at the local café or bar. Sharing the expenses with Nick meant plenty of study time, and it had paid off. She had all 'A's this semester, and was proud of her efforts in that area.

After she had another cry, Alena washed her face and went out to walk the boulevard looking for a shop that had a 'Help Wanted' sign in the window. A half mile from her apartment she found a small shop that sold cheap necklaces and other jewelry. Alena walked in and met with the proprietor, a woman in her forties. Things were going well with the interview until Alena mentioned that she was a student.

"No, I'm sorry," the woman said, cutting Alena off in mid-sentence. "No students, I'm sorry."

"Why?' Alena asked.

"Those silly schedules you keep with classes at all hours. I need someone who'll be here when they're supposed to be; not someone who can work one morning but not the next. It's too much trouble to keep rescheduling hours. I've tried it and it didn't work. I'm sorry, maybe someone else will take you on."

And that was that. Alena tried three more shops and got similar results, although one shop owner seemed a good possibility, that is, until he rubbed her ass in a friendlier than usual manner and Alena left before he could offer her a job with benefits. That kind of benefits she didn't need. She decided she would look again the following day, and trudged back to the apartment.

Nick was waiting for her, and pulled her into his arms and kissed her while kicking the door closed. Alena squealed delightedly as he licked her lips before nibbling on her lower lip. When she felt his tongue on her lips she opened her mouth to greet it with her own. And as his leg forged between hers, she sucked on his tongue hungrily, and made him groan with want.

They broke apart and stared at each other for a moment. "The bed's not made. We can't mess it up," she said huskily.

"Good, the couch can't stand another stain," he said, making her laugh. Alena realized it was the first time she'd laughed all day.

With an arm around her waist, Nick turned the stereo down low, and then shuffled the two of them over to the kitchen where he managed to pour them each a glass of cheap red wine.

They drank wine and danced for a while, rubbing against each other sensuously, until they couldn't stand the mounting tension between any longer.

Alena gave Nick a long, soft kiss, and began undoing the buttons on his shirt. Nick was very well built, but thin and wiry, not at all bulky. He had soft dark hair on his chest that tapered to a thin sexy line as it dipped into his waistband. She kissed his chest, found his flat nipples with her tongue and licked them, knowing it drove him wild.

When he groaned, Alena's hands started rubbing his chest, arms and back. While Nick's fingers entwined themselves in her hair and he kept his mouth against hers, all the while telling her with sexy words how much he liked it.

Swept away with lust, Alena slowly unbuttoned his trousers, dragging them down both his legs, taking his briefs with them. When his erection sprang out, she gripped it in one hand and dropped to her knees, leaning against his thigh to closely examine his penis.

Nick groaned and said, "I have to taste you, baby!" Then he shimmied her on top of him until her pussy was level with his mouth. "Oh, these fuckin' panties are in the way," he moaned and viciously tore them off her, leaving her wearing only her well worn brassiere.

He slurped away at her until Alena threw back her head and came, and then he rolled out from under her and knelt above her holding his pulsing cock.

"My turn, Alena," he crowed.

He made his cock jerk, and she shrieked with joy. A moment later she took a tentative lick at the head of his swollen member.

Nick closed his eyes in bliss when Alena ran her tongue up and down the length of him, while her hands wandered to his balls. Finally, unable to wait any longer, she took a deep breath, and slid him into her mouth. She had a bit of trouble because of his size, but she had practiced the so-called art of blowjobs with Karen, her best friend in high school, graduating to Rudy and Georgie in the backseat of Rudy's Dodge station wagon, late in her senior year. As she grew comfortable with Nick's appendage in her throat, Alena wondered who Karen was seeing and blowing these days.

Alena looked up at Nick, watching him as he watched her mouth sucking on him. She discovered that this turned her on even more and she gasped out, "Fuck my mouth, Nick. Fuck it!"

The request appeared to confuse Nick, so Alena explained what she wanted. "Take my head in your hands, hold it still. Then, do whatever feels good."

Nick nodded in understanding and held her face in both hands as he plunged in and out, staring at her mouth the whole time.

Alena's hands were busy on his balls and ass, and it wasn't very long before Nick shuddered and came in her mouth. He kept watching, even as Alena swallowed his hot semen, and then licked him clean. He lay sprawled across the unmade bed while Alena got up and poured them each another glass of wine.

"Did you get the rent money, Alena?"

His words sent a chill down her spine.

"Um, no. My father had a heart attack, he can't work."

"That's too bad. You know I need your share of the rent money. I can't afford it on my own. This is the second month now, Alena. I like you ... you know that ... but..."

"I'm looking for a job."

"You have a job. You're looking for a second job, then?"

"Yes, or one that pays enough to cover all my expenses."

"Alena, the way things are going you won't be back next semester."

"I will! I just got my mid-term grades. All 'A's."

He laughed and pulled his briefs back on, using his hand, he settled his package within the briefs and sat down then picked up his wine.

They were silent for a while, and then he broke the quiet, saying, "Look for another place, Alena. I'll find a roomie who has some money to spare. I'll give you a week. Is that fair?"

Alena was stunned. A week! What could she accomplish in a week? No one paid you the first week anyway. She sobbed and left the bedroom to sit on a kitchen stool, crying until she couldn't cry anymore.

Nick was sleeping when Alena left the apartment. She walked for hours until her hunger pangs forced her back to the apartment. He was still sleeping as she foraged for some scraps of left-over's, but found none. Finally in desperation, she opened a can of cat food the woman downstairs had left with her for those times Alena took care of her cat, Kinka, while the woman visited her sister in an adjacent city.

The following day was filled with classes, so Alena was unable to look for a job until most shops were closed, or closing. She wandered into the college library, reluctant to return to the apartment knowing Nick would want a piece of ass. She had learned that her liking for him and his supple body had changed overnight. Now she despised him for taking advantage of her, knowing he was going to throw her out.

She found an empty study table, and sat down, opened her laptop and let her fingers fly over the keyboard.

Suddenly she had a thought. Craigslist!

She called the site up and selected a city about ten miles from the college. Then she began scanning the ads.

WM who loves to satisfy ladies orally and has roses for your garden ... fit, fun, clean, DDF ... no reciprocation required but not refused ... you need this!

"Yeech!" Alena gulped and moved on the next advertisement.

Ladies, you ever want to be handcuffed, blindfold and dominated in certain ways, tell me the ways you want to be dominated and maybe i can help you out, and pay you a small fee for your time well spent, weekdays, late night

Handcuffs! Not on your life, Alena thought and moved on again.

Recently out of a long term relationship, and i just need to feel the touch of a woman. I am 49 6 foot 170 pounds, above average looks. Would be willing to compensate the right one $$ Put massage in subject ... Thanks Is there anyone real out there?

Hmmm, he's managed to have a relationship, sounds nice ... and mentions compensation and massage. I wonder ... massage is okay. No problem there ... but what else? She made a note of that ad and moved on to check the next.

Respectful gentleman hopes to meet a young, pretty female college or grad student for rewarding friendship. Please be intelligent, pretty and caring and we should get along together fine. Bonus points if you are pretty ... A pic would be most appreciated. I will treat you with the utmost respect, i only ask that you do likewise.

Well now ... hopes to meet college student ... that's a positive. Mentions respect a couple times. I like that. Wants a pic. No problem there.

Alena dug into her picture file for a recent picture she'd had taken with Nick and then edited his face out of the picture. Next she tried composing a response to the first ad: 'Recently out of long-term relationship... ' put 'Massage' in the subject box and wrote, I'm interested in your advertisement ... Have given friends massages and told I'm good at it. Willing to meet to discuss details such as compensation, etc. Pic enclosed. Please respond to: Alena@gmail.com.

Breathing a sigh of relief, at having answered an ad, she turned to the second selection, studied it again and began composing a reply. Saw your ad requesting rewarding friendship. Pic enclosed. Please provide more details as to what is expected of me. Alena@gmail.com. Pressed send and sat back with a silly grin on her face.

Both respondents replied the next day.

Number 1: Your picture more than satisfactory. As long as it IS you. Suggest we meet tonight at Howard's Grill on 8th Street, say 9:00?


Number 2: I seek companionship. I am 51 years of age, married and hold a responsible governmental position. Am willing to pay accordingly for level of companionship provided. If you look like your picture I will go to great lengths to keep you happy in our relationship. As I mentioned earlier, am married, but not happily. Hope you understand and don't hold against me. Can we meet tomorrow? You pick the place. I am flexible if after 4 pm. My pic attached.


Alena only had two decent outfits to choose from and selected a black skirt with a white top. She debated wearing a bra and decided the top wouldn't be all that provocative if she went without, basically because her bra was a little ratty on the worn side and was the only one she owned.

She left the apartment earlier than planned on because Nick brought a blonde named Rita over, telling her that Alena was moving out within the week and then showed her the apartment while Alena stood there too embarrassed to say a word.

It took her forty minutes to walk to 8th Street and she stood across the street hoping to spot Martin as he arrived. The clock in the church tower a block away struck nine and she crossed her fingers and headed toward Howard's Grill.

On entering, she stood in the doorway and looked around, but saw no one looking for her. That isn't quite right, there were about twenty men in the place and they all looked at Alena. It was just that no one signaled to her to join him, so she stood there, feeling stupid and wondering if she'd been had.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her arm and she flinched.

"Alena?" A stocky unshaven man said as he dropped his hand to his side.

"Martin?" Alena said nervously, "I thought..."

"I'd be seated waiting for you? I did that once and was cruelly misled. But I'm here and you're here, so let's have a seat and talk about things of interest."

There was a booth in the corner and he led the way, waited until she was seated and then sat across from her.

Despite his unkempt manner, Alena was relieved that he'd shown up and that he waited like a gentleman for her to sit before he did. Mentally she reviewed his advertisement. He was nowhere close to six foot tall; he might actually be 49 years of age; he weighed at least twenty pounds more than claimed. Still, he seemed decent enough...

"Um, Martin ... you mentioned compensation for a massage. What did you have in mind?"

"Listen, err, Alena ... I had no idea you were going to look so pretty. I ... I um, what I had in mind was you giving me a nice ... sensual rub, you know, with a happy ending."

"Um, Martin, I have no idea what you mean when you say, 'Happy ending.'"

He began to sweat and was clearly uncomfortable. "Err, listen, err Alena, don't jump up and start screaming if you don't like what I'm gonna tell ya. I mean, you asked and all..."

"I won't scream, Martin. If I don't like your proposal I'll get up and leave. Is that fair?"

"Yeah, sure. Okay, what I want is a massage, you know what that is, right?'

"Yes, I know what it is."

"Okay ... well then, I want kind of a sexy rub, no need to knead every muscle, you know?"

Alena nodded and waited.

"And about the Happy ending ... um, that's kinda where you get me off, you know?"

He wants me to jerk him off?

"And for that I'll pay you a hundred bucks."

A hundred bucks! Alena thought, but said, "How often would you be requiring this service, Martin?"

"What? Why once. I mean, I'm not made of money."

I can do this, she thought, but it's only once, I need a regular source of income. I could find other guys like him ... where, on the internet? It's probably not that safe. I need the money, but I'm turning him down.

Alena slowly got to her feet. "I'm not going to scream, Martin. But I am leaving. Please remain here while I go. Happy endings are not what I want to do, or give. The money's nice enough, but I have to live with myself. Hopefully there's another woman out there who'll answer your ad"

To her surprise, Martin nodded, and said, "There is. I meet her here at ten. It's too bad; you're a looker, a real good looker. I might have gone higher, but ... well; it's plain to see we ain't got a happy ending to our meeting. Good night, Elaine."

Walking out the door of the grill without looking back, Alena fought to keep a straight face. Elaine! For god's sake he couldn't remember my fucking name! And ... and he's got a ten o'clock ready to take my place. I've got half a mind to hang out across the street just to see what walks in the grill at ten.

Reality set in as she realized it was a forty minute walk back to the apartment. Gritting her teeth, Alena set out, hoping the bimbo would be gone when she got there. God forbid she's sleeping in my bed, or worse, she thought and hurried her pace.


The next afternoon Alena set out for her appointment with Eric, wearing the same outfit she'd worn the night before. She had e-mailed him earlier and agreed to meet him at a decent restaurant only seven blocks from her apartment.

Companionship ... he's willing to pay for companionship. He's not bad-looking. Old maybe, but passable. On the plus side, he admits he's married and reasonably honest when he says he's willing to pay based on the level of companionship I provide. Okay, girl, how much are you willing to provide?

Alena had no idea what the answer would be, and because of that her knees where shaking as she walked into the restaurant and spied Eric sitting at what was probably the best table in the house waiting for her.

"Alena! You're on time. I appreciate that in a woman."

She found herself laughing and allowed him to kiss her hand, the nervousness vanished, Alena felt comfortable with him already.

They made small talk while they ate, and Alena ate heartily, for she hadn't had a real meal in several days.

Eric paused before placing a piece of beef in his mouth. "Alena, I have to tell you, you're better looking in person than the photo, and the photo is very flattering."

Blushing from head to toe, Alena managed to return the compliment, "I could say the same of you too, Eric. But let's talk about the proposal. You mentioned you're married. Care to clear that up before we go any further?"

"But of course. We've been married twenty-two years. There is a boy and a girl, both married, and our marriage has grown cold. We care for one another, but the love, as you would consider love, faded long ago. We ... tolerate each other. We're comfortable with one another, but I need, I yearn for companionship ... but you know that. I mentioned it in our correspondence."

Alena wiped her mouth with a napkin before replying. "Eric, I have to tell you I've ... I've never done this, or even considered doing anything like this before. Quite frankly, I need the money. I really do. So please be candid with me. Just what do you expect of me?"

"Eric didn't hesitate before answering. "As I stated in my ad, I'm willing to pay for companionship. I like the look of you and will be generous in paying for your services. I also stated that I would pay accordingly. You're a college girl, I'm sure you understand what that means."

A long silence followed his words; words that hung in the air until Alena cleared her throat to say, "How much are we talking about?"

"Basic companionship, $300 each time we meet. I would like to meet with you once a week; preferably on a Thursday, say around eight. I'd keep you no later than ten, maybe eleven on occasion."

Three hundred! My God what will I have to do? There was no question in Alena's mind of refusing that kind of money, and on a weekly basis at that.

She took a small swallow of water and said, "This is Wednesday, would you want me to start tomorrow?"

Eric beamed at her. "Yes, I would. I most certainly would. Do you know the Hotel Delaware?"

"Yes, it's on 23rd and Main, isn't it?"

"Main and 25th actually. I will be in room 422 at eight. Please knock three times. Would you like some spirits waiting?"

"Vodka would be nice. With some orange juice if possible," she said, surprising herself at the ease with which she was conducting herself.

"Vodka and orange juice it is." He stood up, "I hate to leave so abruptly. Please finish your meal, order a decadent desert for yourself. I've already settled the bill. I do have to get home tonight, we play bridge with neighbors. I look forward to seeing you ... all of you, tomorrow."

And he was gone. Alena took him at his word and ordered a desert, finishing half and feeling guilty about that, although her stomach had shrunk with the small amount of food she'd consumed the last several days.

Walking back to the apartment, Alena made up her mind that she could do whatever Eric asked of her. He was a gentleman after all. And she would look for a new apartment on Friday, and further, Nick and his overdue rent be damned, let his new whore pay her way.

Alena woke up at ten, but had been lying in bed half asleep since eight when Nick had gotten up, farted inches from her face and gone into the bathroom to take a shit with such a foul odor that Alena pulled the covers over her head.

God, let this thing work out tonight, she prayed before drifting off when the apartment quieted down.

She rolled out of bed, ( a mattress on the floor with a flimsy curtain in front of it providing no privacy, but so old that no one even considered touching it for fear it would fall apart in their hands.) and started shivering, for all she had on was a pair of panties. It was a typical fall morning, about 56 degrees at the moment, with an eventual high of 72 in the mid-afternoon. It took Alena a minute to figure out why it was so cold in the apartment; but she spied the half-opened window by the kitchen sink and knew that Nick, bastard that he was, had opened it before leaving for his first class.

She stumbled over dirty clothing and paraphernalia that had lain strewn about the room since she'd moved in with Nick at the beginning of the semester.

The water in the shower was cold, and so Alena made fast work of washing, thinking the water would be warmer after classes and before her date with Eric, when she needed it most. She dried herself off and tossed the towel aside where it landed next to the toilet. She would later regret the fact, but it failed to register with her just then and she brushed her teeth, spat twice after rinsing and pulled on a pair of jeans and sweater, no bra, and went out to see if she could find someone who might buy her breakfast.

A girl named Claire bought her a coffee, but declined a request for a bagel, saying she didn't have enough money. The coffee and some water from a fountain at the campus was all Alena had that day. Her stomach rumbled with hunger pangs throughout the day's classes, but no one seemed to notice.

Alena walked briskly toward her first class in International Relations, cut through a drive behind the student center, and before walking up the four flights of stairs to the classroom, spied several peanuts strewn against the wall next to a vending machine. They're probably clean enough to eat, she thought, but quickly reconsidered when another student came up the stairs behind her and passed her on the way to their class further down the corridor. But what if someone saw me picking them up. I couldn't claim they were mine, I have no package. I'd be mortified. No, I'll go without.

Just then a reed thin, acne-faced boy passed by, with a generous offer of a good morning.

Returning his greeting, Alena followed him into the classroom and dropped her text books on the floor with a heavy thump. She looked around the sunlit room at the various students among the massive assemblage of wood tables and chairs, and wondered if any of them had problems similar to her own.

The professor entered the room with a booming "Good Morning Everyone," and the class got underway.

At 4:10 Alena walked back to the apartment only to be confronted by a surly Nick demanding the month's rent.

"I get a check tomorrow," she said not meeting his eyes. "I'll pay you something then."

"I want you out. I don't want something toward the rent. I want the rent when it's due, not in a dollar here a dollar there, shit." He rubbed his dick, and glanced at her chest. "Maybe I'll reconsider, give you another day or so."

"Really?" Alena said, hopefully.

"How about a fast fuck?"


He grinned and said, "So is a blowjob out of question?"

"Fuck you, Nick! Tomorrow! I'll pay you back tomorrow!"

"Naw, don't bother. Clean your shit out tonight. Be out of here tomorrow. I've got me a new roomie. She gives much better head than you, you wanna know."

He knew enough to leave after that. There was no sense in having her destroy what meager belongs were still intact. Besides, there were several knives in the kitchen, he knew that if properly incited, Alena might just take after him with one. He didn't need that, and so he left, laughing merrily while the tears streamed down Alena's mascara smeared face.

Before leaving the apartment, Alena had showered for almost forty minutes, telling herself it was because she had run out of douching materials, and wanting to make sure that any blood, mucus, semen or vaginal discharge was cleansed away. She had an innate fear that Eric would complain that she smelled down there. She knew she had an odor, and always used scented tampons, pads and sprays to cover or eliminate the odor. But had none of the needed applicants on hand, and so she kept the shower nozzle aimed at her pussy, stretching it open to allow the pulsing water to purge her inner labia of any odor causing agents. But ironically, at least half that time was spent with the nozzle pressed against her clit, bringing her to two rousing orgasms. She would have tried for a third, but Nick came back, and she hurried out of the shower, barely taking enough time to dry herself with the damp, dirty towel she'd tossed aside earlier that morning.

Damn it, when I get my own place, I swear I'll do my laundry faithfully once a week, she promised herself while pulling on her best pair of panties. And I'll keep a supply of douching material on hand no matter what. And in that frame of mind, she stormed out of the apartment.

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